Jayson Outed
Chapter 25


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2506 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
           Sunday morning Chris was no nonsense as he hustled everybody about. He had the boys and all of their gear loaded into Traveler and turned the vehicle to the road and disappeared. Luke and Jerry consoled Brad and Jay. They would be leaving in a few days to move to Arizona. Brad and Jay would seriously miss this wild and crazy man with his very own harem of hot and cold running boys.

      Luke and Jerry wanted to go for a walk as this was to be their last chance to roam the woods for a long time.
     Jay clung to Brad as the two of them made their way into the cabin. The place was spotlessly clean. Chris's boys had spit polished the entire house. They had washed and folded all of the sheets and towels. The mattresses had all been left outside to air and now placed back on their respective beds and made up with fresh linen.
      The kitchen had not looked as clean in...forever. The refrigerator was fully stocked and the boys had plenty of soda and juices in stock. Everything that had been used had been replaced and with extra.
      Brad led Jay to the same couch where just a year ago the two boys had watched the Garcia brother's fuck each other when they thought Brad was in bed. Jay stretched out and put his legs up in the same position as he had seen Ric,
     Brad's father, laying while Brad's Tio Carlos plowed his older brother's ass with a cock that any man would envy.
      Brad stretched out on top of his young lover and the two spent the next hour sucking the face off of his lover. Jay so much needed Brad to enter him. Brad looked at the black and blue ass hole of his precious love and winced. He licked a finger and ran it around Jay's exposed anus. Jay jerked in reaction to the touch. He was still very sore. Now he did start to cry. Brad was trying with all of might to console his sixteen year old lover.
      Jay finally let it all out. He was missing Chris. He apologized over and over to Brad as he tried to explain that he was in love with this mysterious pied piper. Brad had to confess that he too had fallen head over heals in love with the man. Neither boy could figure what was happening to them but they felt that they really needed Chris in their lives.
      Chris had only been there a total of twenty one days and a few extra hours on both ends of coming and leaving. Yet the impact that he had made...And what about that trip up to the top of the Empire State Building. Not only had Chris made them big time corporate executives of a multi-million dollar enterprise he had been investing money in them for several months and they had never heard of him.
      Chris had set down with each boy by themselves and gone over the investments made in their behalf Each of them held sixteen percent of the voting stock in the school. JB and Chris each had twenty five percent. Jay is sharp with math and he had quickly asked about the other eighteen percent. Chris showed him that Luke and Jerry were each board members and had nine percent of the voting stock, each. No one person, nor even two, could control the school. The boys could band together but they did not have a majority even then. The boys would have to agree with eighter JB or Chris to be able to pass any motion. A fifty one percent vote, in any direction, decided an issue.
      Chris had been very shrewd when he divided the stock as he had done. Even he did not have absolute say so in the school's policies. Because each stock holder was also a board member there was to be no proxy rights except in extreme situations approved by the board before the vote was to be taken. No one could control the school without the say so of some of the boys. Jay felt like he was very important. If he knew Chris's heart he would have realized how much the man truly loved him.
      Jay loved to sit and stare at his very own Platinum Visa® Card. He had over three quarters of a million dollars in the his investment account with nearly a hundred thousand dollars in the bank from interest and dividends which were being deposited regularly. Chris had worked with his mother to transfer the funds that he had accumulated from the clearing of the land at the lake and from the sale of the firewood. That was over ten thousand dollars that was going to be invested for him. He had money, lots and lots of money. He could buy anything he wanted. Secretly he wanted a plane ticket to Chris's house.
      Brad laughed at his little lover but he too was overwhelmed by what this man had done for him. The big thing was that he had done it months before they ever met. Brad didn't even know the guy existed but here he was out there making money for the boys. A lump came to Brad's throat and a tear to his eye. His ass hole puckered a bit as he thought of his time in the cabin across the lake with the man. Brad ran to find Jay. "Want to go fishing?"
      Jay took a moment to comprehend what Brad was asking but the wagging eye brows told him to grab his pole. The two boys took their big boat and roared across the lake, the twin Johnson's wide open. The tiny cabin was just as it had been when Brad and Chris had left it two days before. It was sparkling clean and that was the way it would be left when the boys were through.
      The bed squeaked and rattled. It moved around the room as both boys closed their eyes and fantasized that they were doing Chris. They had a fantastic afternoon. They sat on the small pier and held each other in a warm and tight embrace. A tear ran down Jay's face. Brad felt it fall to his shoulder. He looked at his life's breath. That did Jay in. He began to openly cry. He had a confession to make. He told Brad of his fantasy. He loved Brad so much and he wanted to always be with him but he had dreamed that Chris was plowing his ass while he had Brad two feet up inside him. He was so ashamed.
      "Babe, when you fucked me awhile ago...damn it, Jay, you were like a different person. You fucked me like you have never done me before. It felt just as if Chris was fucking me. You did everything to me and made me feel everything that he makes me feel. Jay, babe..., I was dreaming the it was him fucking me too."
      Jay looked at Brad with as much disdain as he could put on his narrow little face. Brad lowered his eyes in remorse then both boys burst out in laughter. They hugged each other and rolled about on the narrow pier. Brad ended up on top. Jay locked his eyes on the wonderful person on top of him. He pulled his legs from under Brad and wrapped them about the boy's narrow hips. "Make love to me."
      "Am I your daddy?"
      "Fucking A." After one of the best fucks the two boys had ever shared Jay had a thought. An evil grin came across his face as Brad looked on questionably. Jay put his right elbow into the dock and pushed with all of his might. Both boys rolled off and into the water. Brad's dick slipped out of Jay's ass as they fell. Both boys hit the water and the wrestling began. After totally exhausting one another they climbed out of the water to catch their breath. Jay's stomach rumbled which set off the giggles from both boys.
      They had wanted to spend the night but food had to fit in the equations somewhere. They jumped in the speed boat and were back at the cabin before the waves quit lapping at the small pier they just left.--is that fast enough?-- They tied off the boat and made a bee line to the mess hall. Both of them were famished. Luke and Jerry just sat and stared at them. "No one eats that much that fast unless they are smoking the weed or doing the nasty on the beach," Luke chided. He got two simple bird imitations from the left hands of both of his friends as the hungry pair continued to consume mass quantities.
      Bellies full Brad told his house guests where they would be. He told them that the cabin was theirs for the night and to enjoy themselves. Jay was already in the boat with his flag pole ready to be put away for the night. Luke held Jerry as they watched the two best friends anyone could ever have disappear across the lake.
      Luke was in the mood to play bottom. Jerry does an okay job but his heart is just not in it. He loves to feel Luke fill him. He loves the hugs, the kisses, the passion that pours out between them. He also loves the man so much that he will do everything in his power to please him. Luke would turn nineteen the end of September. Jerry wondered what, if anything, Tucson would have where he could throw the boy one super big birthday bash.
      One thing that Jerry had learned from Jay was how to properly eat at the Y. He made himself comfortable as he spread Luke's dinning room doors wide and buried his face against the opening. A grand opening it was too. Luke has one extra sensitive rectum. Jerry's pushing and probing tongue made the man flow like Niagra Falls. In no time at all the dinning room door opened and Jerry felt his tongue get pulled inside. He swept around the whole area as he pushed his way farther and farther inside. Be found himself welcome so he began to relax a little and do a little dance. He knew that this drove Luke wild so he steeled himself against the assault he knew was coming.
      Luke began to buck and thrash about on the bed. Jerry's face was pummeled over and over. Once Luke smashed his nose and made tears come to his eyes it was over. Jerry sat up trying to work through the pain. His cock had wilted to a two inch nub. Luke embraced him and consoled him. Jerry, feeling a rising taking place, poked his boyfriend in the ribs and pushed him over on his back. Showing no mercy he shoved his six and a half inch cock up Luke's butt in one mighty rush.
      Luke smiled as he felt the best part of the best person in the world in his best part. Jerry was different today though. He had learned as he let Chris have his way. He was doing the circular moves. What was it Chris had called it when he made love to the man for the first time in New York last February. Oh yeah, the Wankel. He said that, "Luke screwed not up and down or round and round but he was all over the place like a Wankel Engine." Jerry had that technique down pat.
      Jerry wasn't willing that Luke should have any quarter. He had just laid the best fuck he had ever given on his soul mate when he turned over and spread his legs. Luke was not really up for the job but he and Jerry had so much contact that Jerry was easy to enter. Luke had about half as much blood in his cock as usual but he made it all the way inside easily enough. Jerry rolled his eyes back and locked his long legs behind the man in the saddle and rode. He wanted a long and everlasting ride.
      Luke took it slow and easy. He was still in afterglow from a very fine fuck from Jerry. His mind was trying to get around the marvelous feelings he had from their encounter. He let that thought fill him as he hugged and slow fucked his very essence of existence.
      Both boys took towels with them to sit on as they headed to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and a piece of red white and blue pie. Jerry had made up a strawberry and cherry pie in a graham cracker crust with an extra rich whipped cream topping covered in blue berries. They had planned to share it with their hosts but since they were alone...Jerry is a great cook and Luke really could let himself get fat but Jerry knows what to fix to prevent that. They joke all of the time about getting old together and having a middle age spread. Luke says that by that time they will be so old that their strength will be diminished. They will just balance on each other's big bellies and rock back and forth letting gravity do all of the work.
      "Luke, I guess we are going to live with Chris?"
      "Well sure, babe. Why?"
      "From what the boys say it is going to be a little cramped and not very much privacy but I think it will be a lot of fun. They are all so young."
      "Hey, Pete, Cas, and Tyler are older than you. Pete and Cas are older than me. Cory is just a few months younger than you. We are not so old, my man. You, for one, are one hot looking boy and I love to fuck boys. I only have one regret."
      "What, babe? What could you possibly regret?"
      "That we didn't start fucking each other years before we did. God, Jerry, I have loved you since we were in grade school. I used to stand behind the meat counter when you came in to buy candy and just stare at you through the glass doors and front window. You couldn't see me and I would just stare. I would rub my hard little two inch cock through my jeans and make myself feel so good. My dad saw me sometimes. He just looked at you and smiled at me. He told me one time that he thought you were very cute himself. I think my dad knew I was gay and I was only ten years old. He never talked about it though.
      "You think I couldn't see you. I would dig in the chairs and in the sofa. I looked everywhere for change. I spread it out so that I would have enough to come to the store everyday, just hoping to get a look at you. At school I would see you staring at me and I so much wanted to run up to you and kiss you, right on the lips. Lukey. I have been in love with you since the fifth grade. The first time I ever jacked off I dreamed that it was with you. I used to run to the restroom when you would go that way. I stood close to you so I could see your cock. I wanted that skin. I don't know what I wanted to do with it, I just wanted it. I wanted you."
      "I love it when you call me Lukey, you horn dog."
      "Yeah and on that note. How about Jerry. Is he one hunk or not. He's a gymnast. Did you know? Did you know that he can deep throat his own dick. He loves to deep throat himself while someone rims him."
      "I know. I did him, twice. He is a good fuck but his big claim to fame is that he can suck me while he fucks me."
      "I didn't know that. That sounds cool. I wonder if I could do that. Oh well, what I was thinking though. His name is Jerry, my name is Jerry. Won't it get kind of confusing with two of us with the same name in the same house?"
      "I really love your full name, babe."
      "Really? I was thinking about that. My mother always called me Gerald. Dad just called me whatever came to mind and it wasn't always nice."
      "Hey, Gerald, babe, get it out of your head. They are not here. You do not have to deal with them, ever."
      "I love that."
      "You called me Gerald. It sounds so sexy coming from your sweet lips."
      "Gerald..." He didn't get to say anymore as he was attacked by a lip sucking monster who threw him to the floor and was digesting his deepest inner parts when I left to see what else was happening around the school.

      I heard voices in the maze. Now BAG Boys is, by its very name, a school full of homosexual boys--Bradford Academy for Gay Boys. To hear voices coming from the six foot high privet hedge that had been planted and trimmed to form a maze in the middle of the school's beautiful gardens made one curious as to what kind of sexcapades might be going on. Like a good reporter I had to see. What I found was picture perfect. I really would like to take a movie of the entire scene and send it to Chris. I know that he would really love it.
      Little thirteen year old Eric Stubbens was on his knees in front of seventeen year old Borne Heintz. Borne is very popular amongst the student body because of his super thick ten inch cock. Tiny little Eric had mastered it and his lips were buried in the seniors very thick pubic bush. Both boys had strong Aryan genes from their immigrant families. The finely defined bone structure and perfect symmetry of the musculature made the boys absolute stand outs in a school full of cut and ripped faggots. Sorry, I get a little carried away. There is not a boy in this school that I would not like to get in bed with. In fact I don't think there is a boy in the world that I would deny the right to fuck my throat all night and most of the next day. But back to the story.
      Eric wanted to learn to service big cocks. He had been rescued by Chris and helped to find a place at the school He was younger than the other boys here and the school did not even have an eighth grade class for him. This was totally a high school and by charter it was only open to fourteen year olds who were in the ninth grade through twelfth grade seniors under twenty. Eric was not going to be able to stay and his dream was to live with Chris, wherever he was. As he saw it Eric would have to be able to service the man's beautifully huge cock so he was getting in all of the practice that he could.
      "Well little fag boy are you ready to try again."
      Eric sat back on his heels and wiped the last few drops of cum off of his face. He grabbed Borne's mighty meat and licked it clean then lay on his back on the bench. He pulled his legs to his shoulders and locked his hands together behind his knees. Borne leered at the boy as he lined his donkey dick up with the tiny butt hole of this four and a half foot waif who wanted to be bred by the best. Borne was cocky but he was gentle. He pushed the six and a quarter inch circumference of his cock into the shaking boy.
      Eric lost all of the breath in his body as searing pain ripped though him. He had been working with every boy that he could and had managed to get the seven inch cocks of most of the older boys inside him with little problem. He found that he really did enjoy taking a big cock up his ass. He had a fourteen year old boyfriend that he simply adored but he was small and undeveloped. Eric needed more than his friend could offer.
      Borne was most attentive to his partner's needs. He knew that the school rules allowed him to be severely punished for hurting this youngster. He bided his time as he made sure that the boy wanted him to continue. Eric looked up at him and smiled. Borne released his pent up breath and slid forward a bit more. Eric grimaced he told Borne to put on more lube. Borne bent over to retrieve the tube that had been kicked under the bench. He applied a half inch long line of the jelled lube to his dick. He lightly spread it with two fingers then put those two fingers up inside Eric's upturned butt. Borne was in so much lust. The boy had just given him an amazing blow job and just the kind that he most enjoyed, deep into the boy's mouth. Borne loved anyone who could swallow his entire cock and so far only nine boys in this school could take his cock up their ass. If he could fuck this kid it would be the trophy of all times.
      Eric was fully lubed. Borne pulled his fingers back and wrapped his hand around his cock to spread the lube out. He paid extra attention to leaving a large amount of lube on the head of his dick. He placed his cock head back at the narrow opening and pushed in. His dick went in about three inches with no problem at all. Startled at the quick entry Borne stopped and looked at Eric. Eric had tears in his eyes and was biting his bottom lip. His whole body shook. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up at the gigantic boy towering over him. He smiled, "Man that feels like one massive turd wanting to get out of my ass. Make me love it." Borne was all to glad to. He pushed a couple of inches deeper inside. Eric smiled at him. With five inches in and this only their second attempt in three days, Borne was encouraged. He pushed a little more.
      He looked down to see his dick in the tiny little butt under him. He saw that Eric's dicklet was tiny and soft. It was no more than a two inch worm. The lad's tiny little balls were no bigger than marbles and he had this huge cock of his shoved up between two tiny legs that were smaller around than his forearm. The boy's anus was distorted and looked really grotesque as it was stretched way beyond anything it was ever designed to be used for. "Come on, faggot, get it in me." Borne snapped from his revery to stare into the smiling face of Eric. Smiling back he pushed all he had left into the eager lad.
      Eric huffed hard and his eyes popped open as if they would pop clean out of his head. Borne felt the boys body against his belly. Eric felt Borne's cock hairs tickle his balls. Suddenly Eric's body spasmed. He jerked and the pain of his impalement almost ripped him in half, then....As he lay back he felt nothing but absolute pleasure. Goose bumps ran throughout his little body as waves of pleasure filled his very being.
      Borne felt it too. He thought that Eric was going to rip his cock completely off when he jerked like that but as the boy lay back down his cock felt as if it was home and where it should always be. He didn't hesitate. He began to withdraw. He watched carefully as Eric closed his eyes and humped back. The two became one and a most awesome fuck took place behind the hedge of the maze in the garden at BAG Boys Academy.
      Eric and Borne became somewhat of an item. As small as Eric was he was walking with a funny gait. It was quite obvious what was going on. Some found it funny. Some found it cute. Some lusted for a piece of either of them. JB saw and he called the two to his office. They were up front and honest with the man. They made a request which he granted. He knew of plans for Eric that would require him to be trained. He allowed the non-student and the senior to share a room. By the time school was due to start Eric could ride the pony with Borne several times a day and he could swallow the long sword then fall asleep as he continued to nurse.

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