Jayson Outed
Chapter 26


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2606 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
           Eric and Borne became somewhat of an item. As small as Eric was he was walking with a funny gait. It was quite obvious what was going on. Some found it funny. Some found it cute. Some lusted for a piece of either of them. JB saw and he called the two to his office. They were up front and honest with the man. They made a request which he granted. He knew of plans for Eric that would require him to be trained. He allowed the non-student and the senior to share a room. By the time school was due to start Eric could ride the pony with Borne several times a day and he could swallow the long sword then fall asleep as he continued to nurse.

      Sunday morning Jay was telling Gerald all about his night in the cabin. Brad was beating on him as he told his boyfriend that this was a private matter. It was all in good fun and they were enjoying themselves after a big breakfast at the school's mess hall. When they stepped out side the boys noticed a long black Lincoln over at the admin. building. Jay's heart jumped as he walked over that way to see who was here. A man that he remembered from the previous summer stood talking to someone in the car. He heard the boys coming up behind him.
      He turned to look at them and with a horrible scowl on his face he said, "You're the sorry assed faggots who turned my son queer." Jason Weller got out of the car and tried to get his father to shut his mouth. "You shut up you fucking piece of shit. I allowed you to attend here last year hoping that this life style would revolt you but you come home talking about finding a boyfriend. You're no son of mine.
      "It was you two, wasn't it. You turned him queer. What'd you do to him? I ought....."
      "You can't turn anybody gay or straight, Wilson," JB stepped around the boys. "It is now proven, in study after study, that the orientation of an individual is determined by the chromosomal make up of the brain. You probably gave him one of your family's gay DNA genes."
      "I didn't give the faggot nothing."
      "That's obvious, but if he is gay it was inborn in him and he can't change it. He can choose to live against his natural desire and get married, have children and appear straight. He might just be going through a childhood experimental stage, which I doubt now that he is fifteen and here for a second year.
      "Why don't you get your gear and let your old friends help you to your room Jace. Your dad and I need to talk."
      This is just the sort of thing that Chris had warned JB about. The man was a diplomat and he had to soothe Wilson Weller down. The man was very powerful in these parts and if the school were to continue they needed the likes of this leader to at least be tolerant of them.
      Jace had a serious cock hunger. He had been at home with his homophobic old man since school had let out last June 3. It had been ten weeks of listening to the bastard's dribble. Oh, he never made any outright comments like he had today. He was more subtle. "Do they have classes on bobbing up there? Do you learn how to move your teeth? What kind of exercise to they have for stretching the throat? I can see it, a room full of fags with rows of beakers in front of them, jizz rating 101. How to unpack fudge. Do you get so stretched out that you have to wear Tampons®?" He thinks he's funny. Well, Jace was glad to be back amongst the sane and he was in serious need of cum, and lots of it.
      As Brad and Jay led him to the cabin, Jace spotted Luke and Jerry. Jace wanted Luke's huge cock so bad. His little boy had grown, as he had. Now fifteen year old Jason Weller was sporting his very own six and a half inch cut cock of which he was very proud. He had learned much from the other boys at the school last year and was able to self fellate himself at his leisure. A painful endeavor at the beginning, but one with so many rewards later.
      Jace knew that he would have a long, dry summer so he learned from his agile roommate, a fifteen year old skinny kid with a seven inch cock as skinny as he was. Jace loved having the long thin rod in his ass but his main desire was to get his abs in shape so to be able to bend over to suck himself. Clifford had taught him how to fuck him while bending over sucking on the skinny pole that he had to offer. Jace did in fact like be able to fuck and suck at the same time and he was really hoping that he could get Jay to fuck him, while he fucked and sucked Brad. What a treat that would be.
      His daydream was shattered by the sound of a very loud car engine coming up the woods covered roadway. He could just hear his dad now. "Fucking kids today take a tiny rice burner and add a megaphone on it to make it loud. It's still not tuff. Why in my day the roar of a mighty V-8 struck terror in the hearts of the faint."
      "Yeah and dollar signs into the eyes of the oil companies," Jace always wanted to say but knew better.
      A poorly painted, gray primered, Honda skidded to a stop. The tiny car roared through its magnified exhaust system as the driver backed it up then pulled into the Garcia property. A cocky and very self assured teen swaggered out of the car. "Hey, fags. I'd ask how it's hangin but I can see."
      Brad was across the drive before anyone saw him move. The kid was on his ass rubbing his jaw. "One more fucking word out of you and I'll show you fag, ass hole." Brad was livid.
      "Still leading with your ass I see, Frankie." Jace laughed.
      "Don't call me Frankie. I'm.."
      "On your ass is what you are. You're always such a jerk. When are you gonna to grow up?"
      "Truce! Please? I came here to see you Jace. Can we start over?" the boy held his hand out. Jace took it and pulled him to his feet. Frankie was a cute kid that was growing faster than his features. He had a really young face with a turned up nose, freckles, blue eyes, and bangs. Yep, bangs. A mop of reddish blond hair in a bowl cut with bangs right down to the kids eyebrows. He could very well have cut his hair himself from the looks of it.
      He was an awkward size as his feet were bigger than his body. He probably had a size ten or eleven shoe on. His hands were long and thin. His body stood around five foot seven but it was obvious that it was heading into a growth spurt. He had a puffy belly with a cut chest. His arms had strong definition to them as did his legs. His butt was a sweet bubble. When everything came together in about six to eight months this was going to be one super cute kid. He wasn't bad right now.
      "I saw your old man down at the 7-11® pumping tons of money over too those rag heads. That Lincoln of his must burn up lots of bucks."
      "Do you have a purpose here or are you just going to be the same ole wise ass as always?"
      "Okay. Alright already. I came to talk to you buddy. I haven't seen you since old prissy tits outed you a couple of years ago."
      "She didn't out me."
      "She might as well have. Tellin' everyone what a small dick you have. She ought to see that puppy now. That's okay dude," Frankie was looking, no staring at, Jace's long hanging cock. "She's going around tellin' everyone how you can't keep it up and she hadda tie knots in the raincoat. She's a bitch and we all know it, but it was funny. The part I hated is that she destroyed you.
      "Jace, I was there. I saw it. I tried to call ya and your old man wouldn't let me talk to ya. He said ya's in your room with the door locked. I wanted to tell ya...." Something was amiss here. Suddenly, with a burst of new energy, "And you dude. Remember when I kissed you last month. I got the car."
      Suddenly Jay knew where he had seen the boy before. This is the Rothsfeld boy. Mr. Rothsfeld had given his son their dividend check to buy him a car with. at the last stockholders picnic on the fourth of July. The boy had been so happy he ran to Jay and kissed him in front of his parents and the whole crowd. He was one happy kid that day. If this was the piece of shit car that he had bought. "Oh well," Jay thought "it's his piece of shit." It is more than Jay had. Jay now knew that he could have any car in the world but he didn't know that a few weeks ago. He thought of Chris and his heart skipped a beat. He felt his cock twitch. He had to think of something else. This kid was weird enough without seeing Jay pop wood.
      It became apparent to all three boys that Barnum and Bailey had arrived and had set up their tent pole in Frankie's jeans. Brad told Frankie that the uniform of the day here was no clothes. He pushed at the waistband of the youngster's jeans and a very rigid tent pole had the sky blue, silk boxers stretched to the very limit of the fabric. Frankie blushed. Jace walked up to him and gave him a hug. "What's it like?"
      "Suckin cock. What's it like?" Frankie almost whispered in Jace's ear.
      "Well Jace, looks like you got a student to teach all you've learned this past year."
      "Yeah!" Jace almost shouted. Frankie looked at his friend with a wain smile on his face. Jace pulled him to himself and kissed him, tenderly. We found out that the two boys had been friends since friendship was invented. Frankie had always had a crush on Jace but Jace didn't know he was queer until last year, let alone ever consider that Frankie might be.
      The boys headed to the cool of the house in the afternoon sun. Jace had a request. He asked Brad and Jay to demonstrate for Frankie as they had done for him the previous summer. Now Brad is not really an exhibitionist, much, and Jay does not like to show his booty to just anybody...yeah, sure. The two thought about it for a micro-second or less then led the boys to a room with two queen sized beds in it.
      The show that was put on was not to be believed. Take my word for it, it was a hard experience to watch. Frankie was really up as he watched the deed for the first time in his life and of course Jace had him stick his face right into the center of the action so that he could see first hand what Jace was going to expect of him shortly.
      What's that. You mean....? Not really...You filthy dog ya. Do all of you want to know what Jay and Brad did? In the privacy of their own bedroom with only two others watching. You are that deviant. Heheheheehe, I am deviant enough to want to tell you.
      These two little sex pots love to perform like circus monkeys. They did a routine much like they had done for Luke and Jerry, so long ago now. They entered the bedroom. Brad pulled Jay to him and the two locked lips in a kiss of sheer passion. Brad's knees seem to be extra weak and they just don't work well when Jay has his tongue down inside his hungry throat. Brad collapsed but fortunately for them a bed was behind Brad. He landed on his back with Jay right on top of him. Their naked bodies came together as two monstrously large appendages of boy flesh dueled with each other. The boy's middle bodies seemed to have a need to grind together causing enormous amounts of seminal fluid to flow from each of the boys making each other's bodies slick and smell with the phemerones that would drive any sex crazed fag in the world mad with lust.
      That is just what was happening with Frank and Jace as Frank was on his knees trying to get as close to the action as possible. Brad spread his legs and let Jay's cock slip its full length up inside him. Jay let Brad feel the fullness of his love as he slowly ground himself back and forth, in and out of his lover. Jay was not trying for climax, he was trying for arousal. The two had played this routine out before and they knew that by the time they came together for an ending that there would be so much sexual heat in the air that the very birds in the wall paper design would be panting and begging for relief of their own.
      Sweat and passion dripped from the two hot lovers as Jay withdrew his pride and joy. No longer could this instrument of joy and pleasure be called a boi cock. It exuded man from the glistening purple head to the taught, vain popping skin as the blood engorged appendage stood out at monstrous proportions, more eager than ever before to bring sexual pain and intense loving to the one person in the world that he would give it all for, his very own Brad.
      Brad dragged the boy/man around to him as he needed that appendage and the creamy reward it carried deep inside him. As the two came in range they each took the other's cock into their sucking mouths and settled in for an amazing mutual suck fest. No sixty nine could ever describe what Frankie and I saw that afternoon. Jace had his vision blocked as he sent Frankie new pleasure heretofore unheard of. He had his face buried in his old highschool chum's ass and was doing his dead level best to push his tongue up to tickle the boy's tonsils, you know, a back door invasion.
      Frankie's most poignant sexual fantasies to date had been snippets of his peripheral visions in the boy's gymnasium locker room at his highschool. Armed with these piecemeal images, a bottle of baby oil, and a handful of tissues, Frankie would go up to his hiding place above the garage and stroke his still virgin cock, sometimes for a long as ten or fifteen minutes. Today was going to be different. Today he was going to have some real images to remember. Not quite sure what Jace was doing he really hoped that he would have a little more than a memory. If Jace had his way Frankie was going to have memories to last a lifetime.
      Jay was fucking Brad's face so fast that his ass was a blur. Frankie got in as close as he could and not interfere. Jay was fucking so hard that his balls were slapping against Brad's nose and the sound was echoing around the room. Frankie looked with excitement between Jay's legs. He watched the muscles of Jay's ass flex, causing a dimple in each cheek, just on the flat of the globe where the bubble turned to go to the thigh.
      He watched as the sweat rolled off of the taught globes of Jay's ass. He was fascinated as it pooled then ran down the crack of Jay's ass to his balls. With each hard push down Jay's balls would slap at Brad's face and the sweat would fly off in every direction. Frankie found himself holding his mouth open, catching tiny droplets of moisture as it flew through the air soaking his face and Jay's thighs. He so wanted to reach up and lick at those thighs. He could see Jay's ass hole. It did not appear as other ass holes he had seen, not that he had any real experience. It just seemed to be so much larger than Branden's. He would go see Branden later. "Jay must love to fuck," was the only thing that ran through Fred's mind as he concentrated on that sweet looking hole in the middle of the flying butt of the cutest kid he had seen in a long, long time.
      Jay's body stiffened. He seemed to shove his cock another foot or two into Brad's face. Jay made a sound all too familiar to Frankie. It was the sound of one fucking good climax. Frankie zeroed in and saw the jizz foam around Brad's locked lips. Jay relaxed a bit as Brad licked up what had seeped out then Jay let loose with another spasm. Frankie was entranced as he watched Jay's huge balls suck up close to his body and with each spasm he could see the skin of the scrotum draw tighter and tighter. Jay's ass hole had drawn closed and the boy's entire ass seemed focused on sending his seed deep into the throat of his lover extraordinaire.
      Performance extraordinaire is how I would bill it if I could only sell tickets. These two randy cock hungry teens get it on with mucho gusto. Poor Frankie was as worked up as he had ever imagined that he could be. When Brad and Jay pulled apart he wanted to climb in and take over, in either position. However he was not prepared for what did come next.
      Jay turned around to lay beside his lover on the bed. Brad rolled on top of his boyfriend and the hot, hot kissing began again. This time Brad was laying a little to the side of Jay so that Frank could see Jay's shriveled cock laying in a wilted pile of flesh on his taught belly. Frank had his closest ever look at another boy's cock and his own was so hard it was beginning to hurt.
      Brad moved his hand in between Jay's muscular thighs and began to prod. Frank wanted to see what was going on so he moved his face over the top of Jay's sweet looking boi meat. He almost took it in his mouth but he hadn't asked yet. Brad moved his wrist and told Frank to lift Jay's balls so that he could see. Oh FUCK, Frank almost lost it all right there. His lust factor was so high as he actually held in his very own hands the testicles of the cutest teenage boy he had ever seen. The little orbs were so warm. The skin of the scrotum was soft and silky. The aroma that assailed his nostrils and caused tears of joy to well up in his eyes.
      He looked down at Brad's hand and was amazed to see that Brad had two, no three of his fingers shoved all the of their full length into Jay's ass hole. No wonder Jay's ass had looked a little larger Brad began to shift. Frankie moved back out of the way. Jay rolled his body back bringing his knees to where they could almost touch his teenager thin shoulders. Frankie was still sitting on the edge of the bed and he was able to get a perfect look at Jay's superior equipment as it lay open to the world for inspection.
      Inspect he did. Frankie was flashing his mind's camera as he filled his brain's data storage banks with billions of gigabytes of pictures of the boy that he was praying more than anything would allow him just a taste of what he and his boyfriend were doing.
      Brad moved in between his lover's upturned thighs and pointed his cock down at the enlarged pucker at the center of Jay's young universe. Frank looked up into Brad's eyes. Brad smiled at the boy. He took hold of Jay's soft cock and pointed it at Frankie's face. Frankie is no dummy, he was quick on the uptake and he uptook that petered, out pecker of power penis of Jay's all the way to the boy's hairline at the same time Brad pushed his over sized monster of a Penis deep into Jay's tight, upturned rectum.
      Jace had managed to get Frankie up onto the bed where the two of them could be stable. As much as he wanted to suck his best friend's dick he wanted to wait. He did the best thing he knew that he could do at this juncture and dove again for that sweet anus and the pleasure that both parties were getting from his ministrations. Frankie found his head in a real vice as Jay rose forward to meet Brad for a soul searing kiss. Frankie had his face turned toward Jay's balls as he suckled on the slowly engorging cock in his mouth. He was fondling the boys hot testicles in his hand while getting a great view of Brad's thick pubic hair as it crowned around the base of the thickest cock Frankie had ever seen. His face was being pummeled by Brad's hard abs as he humped again and again into Jay's eager ass. Frankie watched as Brad's cock moved in and out of the tight rosebud of the boy he was quickly falling in love with.
      Jay's cock was at full erection and Frankie had managed to get it into his throat where it sort of moved in and out of its' own volition. Suddenly Jay began to cum. Frankie had not thought this far ahead. Could he take another guy's cum in his mouth?. Well he was doing that, but could he swallow it or would he be sick?. The answer had already been made for him. Jay's cock was all the way into Frankie's throat. Brad was crushing his head between his hard abs and Jay's. Frankie could not pull off. The hot jizz of a super hot climax shot directly down his throat and didn't even allow for much of a taste to enter Frankie's mouth.
      A few minutes passed by and Brad withdrew his cock from his favorite place for it to be. Frankie was nothing but lust by this time. He lurched forward and latched on to the quickly wilting dick of the sexy Latin boy and cleaned it of every bit of matter he could find on it. Of course Brad was sensitive and this was unexpected he giggled and pushed the cock sucker away. He told Jace that he needed to take care of his friend and get his blood pressure down.
      Jace swung around and the two boys took each other's cocks to task as Brad and Jay looked on. The two were having the best time of their young lives. This was the day of firsts for Frankie and Jace was so happy to be the one to reveal every queer move he knew to the best looking hunk at his old highschool Jace knew how worked up his friend was and didn't stop with Frankie's first volley of cum. He continued to suck the kid right on through his pain until it was hard and good to go again. He took a second and much deeper load from Frank as he shoved two fingers in and out of the virgin ass of the boy.
      Frank was hot putty in the hands of Jace. He had loved the boy for so long but this is one fantasy he had never dared to allow himself. He sucked the boy's cock over and over and laughed at that stupid little girl. Jace was his now and she would never know what a great lover he really was. He hoped her cunt would dry up like a great huge prune. The image of that made him laugh, deep down in his throat. That gave a neat sensation to Jace's cock which just happened to be in there. He filled Frank with more of the juice that makes mankind unique in that it is the only substance on the earth that can help to make cute boys.

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