Jayson Outed
Chapter 27


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2706 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
           Frank was hot putty in the hands of Jace. He had loved the boy for so long but this is one fantasy he had never dared to allow himself. He sucked the boy's cock over and over and laughed at that stupid little girl. Jace was his now and she would never know what a great lover he really was. He hoped her cunt would dry up like a great huge prune. The image of that made him laugh, deep down in his throat. That gave a neat sensation to Jace's cock which just happened to be in there. He filled Frank with more of the juice that makes mankind unique in that it is the only substance on the earth that can help to make cute boys.

      Jace had Frankie so worked up that the boy would have done anything or gone anywhere as long as the stimulation never ceased. With the swiftness and ease of a panther, Jace swung about and lined his cock up to the virgin hole and slid all of his six and a half inches inside Frankie. Frankie's eyes popped open and he stared into the face of the boy he had loved for at least six or seven years. He had secretly wanted this to happen and now his dream came true. He swallowed his pain and wrapped his legs around Jace and pulled their bodies together. Jace leaned toward Frankie's face and Frankie moved forward. They could taste their own cum in each other's mouths and for Frankie it was another fantastic turn on. Frankie had no idea how much more he could stand. He was so keyed up and at every turn he was receiving greater stimulation. He really hoped that it would never end.
      It was a brutal and tough fuck for a first time but Frankie was taking it and screaming his love for the molester of his soul. He wanted more and he wanted it harder and faster. Jace shifted his body and bent forward. He took Frankie's cock to the hairline and applied as much suction as he could. Frankie filled his best bud's mouth with another hot love offering. Jace gave Frankie all he could give for a solid fifteen minutes then he petered out and fell away in total exhaustion.
      The look on Frankie's face was one of disbelief and total relief. He could not believe that this had just happened to him. Oh, he knew that someday he would find someone who would fuck his eager ass. He had just never believed that it would be Jace that would be his first. He knew that Jace was at this fag school but would he want anything to do with him any more? Frankie had a lot of talking to do with Jace but first he hoped to get a lot more loving in case his friend decided that he was no longer his friend.
      Jace gave the boy no time to think. As soon as he had breath in his body he rolled over and took Frankie's cock back down his throat. Frankie thought himself all cumed out but the feel of Jace's hot sucking mouth on his cock, the presence of the soft, smooth body touching his own...He had to have more of his friend. He pulled him on top of himself and took all of the slime and shit covered cock that had just come out of his own ass into his mouth and nursed it like it was a teat full of milk for a nursing baby. At that point it was.
      Nearly and hour had elapsed. Brad and Jay lay in an embrace. They watched the two youngsters in their first sexual encounter with each other. The two were sated, for now. They lay back and took stock of their surroundings and spotted their audience. They giggled as they moved about so that they could see and talk to each other a little better.
      "So, how long have you two been in love with each other?" Jay asked them.
      In unison the boys answered, "Forever." They turned and looked at each other and began to laugh but ended up kissing each other. They lay and talked for most of the afternoon. They all discovered the value of deep friendship and Jace and Frankie were overwhelmed to find out that each had carried the same torch for the other that he had carried himself for so long.
      The four boys joined Luke and Gerald for dinner. Jay called Gerald Jerry several times but he was gently reminded that Gerald wanted to use the name that his mother had always called him. Each time it had come up Luke would wrap his arm around his lover and they would meld into one flesh. There is a lot of love between these two and it is plain to see that Luke will do what ever it takes to make his life's partner content.
      Frankie was sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that his father would never allow him to attend this school but he so much needed to be near Jace. Luke, always the businessman, always alert and ever thinking of the school told the boys that it was probably better not to attend together. Some of the more serious relationships amongst the students had created an atmosphere of discord when it came to the purpose of their being here; which of course is to get an education.
      School is not the place for romance. If your lover is in the classroom with you then there is a tendency to be making out with each other rather than in paying attention to the instructor. By being separate the two would have time to build a desire to be together. Frankie lived very close to the school and it should be possible for the two boys to get together quite often. "Daily!" Was the reaction of both boys but it was pointed out that Frankie would have other obligations that could keep him at his school, or at home.
      Jace could be under a burden to take on some extra responsibility that might prevent the two getting together. This is what is called life. They wouldn't like it at the time but all in all it would only strengthen their relationship and make them better people in the long run.
      Jay was taking every word to heart as he listened with rapt attention. He had serious feelings about this being his last year in school with Brad. Sure it was only August and school would not start for two more weeks yet. Then he would have more than ten whole months to be with Brad every day. Then the next summer then school...where would Brad be when he had to go back to highschool for one more year, alone? He couldn't get his mind around it and he had a whole year to go before anything would change. Kids. Don't you just love 'em. I do. Hehehehe.
      Frankie spent the night but he had to go home Friday morning. He knew he was in trouble for staying out and not calling but it would go so much worse if he did not get the grass cut and the other chores that his parents had lain out for him. Besides that, if he got his work done he would have cash money in his pocket and since school hadn't started yet then he could take Jace away from the campus and they could go to town and have some fun.

      Friday the entire Garcia family, abuela, cousins, tias, tios and parents arrived at the lake for one big summer fling. Of course Emily Adams, Jay's mother was with them. Everyone had come up for Brad's seventeenth birthday Saturday and they had a party planned for the boy. The only problem, as Brad saw it was that he was going to have to wear clothes.
      Renee stepped from her bedroom. Jay froze in his tracks as he looked at her. She had grown into a very beautiful girl. A sixteen year old junior like him but...that body...WOW!!. The two came together. He remembered that kiss. He kissed long and deep. He let his tongue probe into areas that were very private to her. He had to know. She reached down and cupped his crotch. "I would give you everything I am mi nene if you would just get a hard on for me." She kissed him on the cheek and turned to go downstairs. Deflated, Jay now knew for certain that he was, and always would be, gay. Em had her door partly open. She closed it and leaned against the door frame to cry for her son.
      Friday night everyone sat around enjoying the fresh air and the peace of the lake. Brad's family was so joyous. He always enjoyed familia and to him Emily and Jayson were a part of his family that he would never let go of. Brad was almost miserable as Jay teased him about his bloated belly. His aubela, grandmother, always cooked up a big meal when the family was together and this had been no different. Brad stuffed himself on Arroz con Pollo con frijoles e tortillas. He had four pieces of the grilled pollo con chipotle. He had dipped so many of the tiny taquitos into the extra hot salsa, picante style, made from an old family recipe that he was burping, much to Jay's delight. Now his mother was holding a large plate with fresh, hot empañadas and soapillas under his nose. A large jar of honey made him take a couple but he knew that he would be miserable for hours yet. Jay sat next to him with his head resting on his lover's shoulder making oinking noises into the older boy's ear.
      August thirteenth, 2005. Brad Garcia turned seventeen years old. He was a senior in highschool he was living with his life partner and they had more money that the entire family put together. They would never want or need for anything, yet his heart was troubled.
      Abuela called him to her side. There is just something about grandmothers. They always see the hurts and they always have an answer. Abuela Garcia was like that. She knew her poco nieto better than he knew himself. Brad sat down beside her on the large, overstuffed sofa that had once been so prominent in her own living room. She drew the boy to her and he laid his head against her bosom as she sang an old familiar melody that only the two of them could hear. She listened as he poured out his troubles to her and whispered her sage advice into his ear. Brad let the tears flow as he basked in the love of this woman. He only prayed that he would have many, many more years to sit with her like this. His one regret was that a son of his own would not ever warm her heart and hear her sweet, sweet voice.

      Frankie got home to an empty house on that Friday morning. He wasted no time at all. He cut the grass and used the edger, very carefully. He was proud of his work. He felt that he had never done a better job. He got out the hedge trimmer and carefully clipped every bush, hedge, and shrub on the huge lot. This place was so big that just a cursory trim had cost his father over two hundred dollars for a crew to come in and do it one time.
      Frankie pulled the Bentley from the garage. He washed it with the mildest of detergents and polished the black finish to a glistening sheen. He put the car back in its parking space then polished the tires where it sat. With time still on his hands he swept the large front area and the patio. He cut some fresh flowers and put them on the table for his mother. He was very proud of himself.
      He really wanted to spend some time with his little buddy Branden Dubois. Branden was fourteen but it was almost a sure bet that the kid was a fag. He came over often to swim off of Frankie's family pier. Branden lived away from the water. His family did own property and had rights to the lake but Branden had to cut across the road and walk the long walk along someone else's property to get to the water. He couldn't just do his own thing off of his own pier in his own back yard..
      What really had Frankie wondering was Branden's penchant for showing his ass hole off. He never missed a day that somehow he would get his pants down and bend over in front of Frankie so that his perfect little rose bud could be seen. Branden's hair was even lighter than Frankie's and it was non-existent on the tiny youngster's ass. Many times Frankie had his cock in his hand as he thought of that pretty pink pucker and what might be able to happen if he just had the courage to make a move on the boy. Now that he had been fucked and he had even taken the opportunity to return the favor, but only after Jace begged him, he wouldn't mind doing it with the little guy. He was sure that Branden would be one tight ass. He giggled to himself as the thoughts played over in his head.
      He picked up the phone and called Branden's home. He was told that Branden was on vacation at the beach in Rhode Island and would not be home until the weekend before the start of school. Frankie was disappointed but it would only be another week and they would have a few days there that just maybe...
      Frankie's folks didn't come home all weekend. Well this had happened before, he kind of blew it off. At least now he had wheels so he cruised into town and hung with a few of his buddies. Saturday he caught the newly released Fantastic Four, Twentieth Century Fox; 2005. Frankie really identified with Johnny Storm; The Human Torch, played by Chris Evans, flying through the air on fire. All the way home that night he would imagine being able to just throw a fireball at the stupid drivers on the streets.
      Later that night he fantasized himself flying over to see Jace and having Jace blow his flame out. Sunday morning he headed over to the school to find his old time buddy. There were lots of cars around the place and lots of people. Brad waved at Frank to come on up. Jace was coming down to say goodbye as soon as all of Brad's family left to go back to their homes.
      Brad and Jay were packing up Brad's truck as they prepared to head back home for the school year. Luke and Gerald were loading up Luke's car for their trip out to Arizona. Gerald had spent a very rough night of coughing and unable to get a deep breath. His inhalers were just barely opening his lungs for the life giving oxygen to get to his body. Jace gave the nearly grown boy a big hug. He had come to love these two as part of a...well yeah, it was, a family. A strange family made up of six fag boys but that's what it was. They all cared for each other very deeply.
      Jace and Frankie hung together and shed tears as they watched the two vehicles go down the road and out of sight. The boys held hands and walked along the shore of the lake until they came to a nice grassy knoll that afforded some privacy. Frankie was cum thirsty but he had an itch and he really liked the way that Jace scratched him.
      About four they headed back toward the school, both with a bit of a wide legged gait. This was really new to them and it would take sometime before they could just take a good fucking and run about as if it were the most natural thing in the world. They had already determined that it was natural so they planned to exercise each other as often as possible.
      Frankie met JB that afternoon. He was a nice old man and Frankie thought he was sexy, in an old man sort of way. JB invited Frankie to eat dinner with Jace which excited the boy greatly. He had never been in a room full of dry naked boys. This was a lot better than the gym shower room at his school. No one was trying to hide himself. Jace grabbed hold of Frankie's super hard cock and told him they were there to eat food. They could eat meat later. Frankie was in heavy lust as he looked at the boy he knew he loved wiggling his sexy little eyebrows at him.
      Suddenly Frankie froze in place. His mouth dropped open as he stared at the walking statue that had just come in the door swinging a dick that was half way down to his knees. He had never seen anyone with so many muscles except in magazines or on-line. The guy was tall, muscled, and hung. Who could ask for anything more. The guy walked over to JB and the two locked their faces together as the boy ran his hands over the old man's back. Even through the man's black pants Jace could see that he had a huge cock of his own.
      Frankie looked around the room and just about everybody stood erect down there. Jace dragged him over to meet Tony, JB's boyfriend. Tony laughed as Frankie's eyes only made contact with his growing member. Tony still held the boy's proffered hand from their greeting. He pulled the hand over to his extra thick meat and helped the lad encircle his hand around it. Frankie stared in fascination as he realized that he could not wrap his fingers all of the way around the super cock. "I want to suck that." Those nearby chuckled as they understood what Frankie was feeling. Tony told him to seek him out after dinner and he would give him some hot cream for desert.
      Jace laughed all the way through their dinner as he watched Frankie never take his eyes off of Tony. As soon as Tony rose and put his tray in the dirty dish window Frankie was up and following. Jace caught up to him as Tony led them into the hedge maze. Tony stretched himself out on a bench and let his flagpole seek the soft caress of the clouds floating by way overhead. Frankie just walked up and knelt beside the bench and opened wide.
      It was a stretch. He really hurt as he opened his mouth as far as it would go. Jace giggled as Tony whispered in his ear. He got over the top of Tony and let the guy suck his ass hole as he began to jack off, right in Frankie's face. When he was close he told Frankie to pull back and he shot his hot cum all over Tony's erection. Jace grabbed Frankie's head and pushed him back down on Tony's cock. Jace's sweet cum made the man pole nice and slick so that almost all of it went into his mouth with the first push.
      Frankie began to bob his head up and down. Jace was on his knees beside his lover telling him to swallow as he the dick moved inward. In only a few more strokes Frankie felt Tony's neatly trimmed hairy bush tickling at his nose. Frankie made one massive push and the cock was all the way into his throat. Frankie stayed still as he nursed on the most wonderful meat pole he had ever seen.
      Tony spread his legs as Jace had to think for Frankie and guide the boy's fingers into the dark back door. Tony's huge balls lay on Frankie's wrist as he felt the hard butt nut and began to fondle it and short stroke his fingers against it. He pulled his head up so about half of the cock slipped out of his mouth then went back down. He didn't have to keep this rhythm up for very long before he had more cum in his mouth than he had ever had before. He was fighting with every ounce of his power to catch every drop. All too soon the fountain discontinued it's discharge and wilted somewhat. Frankie was in a feeding frenzy as he began to lick every drop of the thick creamy solution from every hair on the boys body. He could only get one of the huge testicles into his mouth at one time but he made sure that each of them was well cleaned.
      During this assault on Tony Jace had been in the saddle and he had ridden Frankie to a whole new plane. Frankie's own cum ran down Tony's leg as Jace removed his softening cock from Frankie's ass letting his own cum slime the inner thighs of his boyfriend once more that afternoon. Tony kissed the two boys and headed on to do what Tony does. Frankie and Jace rolled together on the grass and fell asleep.
      They awakened in the dark. It was cold and they were naked. Jace had to get into the barracks and to his room. He pulled Frankie through the maze. He had the thought that they would have to say goodnight when they reached the end. JB and Tony stood near the entrance.
      "Did you have a nice nap?" The boys blushed. "Frankie, you can spend the night tonight. School has not officially started yet, but don't get into the habit, okay? Good night." With renewed vigor the two boys dashed into the building. They took a long hot shower together as they pleasured every inch of each other's bodies. They snuggled up in the full sized bed, that is standard in every room in the dorm, and closed their tired eyes.
      The next morning Jace pointed Eric and Borne out to Frankie. Jace asked if they had anything special planned as he had his boyfriend with him and wanted him to see what really could be done. The four boys returned to Borne's room. Eric was on his back with his legs over his head before the door was shut and locked. Frankie was slack jawed as he witnessed the cock half as long as Eric disappear deep into the boy's bowels and listened to the contented sounds emitting from the tiny mouth.
      I really don't believe that this was what Chris had planned or if he had even foreseen such a thing when he had sent the sweet innocent virgin to the school for temporary shelter. I am curious as to his reaction when he comes to get the boy when the paper work is finished in a few more weeks.

      Frankie checked his house out daily to make sure things were in order. There was still no sign of his folks. "So much the better," he thought. Jace was with him, just killing time. Classes would start the following Monday, a full week before the public school. The two boys wanted to take full advantage of the time that they had. Frankie took Jace in his very own bed. The two boys lay naked together as they ran their hands over each other's bodies and whispered small nothings at each other. They really were falling in love.
      Frankie loved running through his house naked with his boyfriend. He sat on Jace's boi stick and fucked himself as they watched the Yankees go down in another embarrassing defeat. Frankie wasn't all that concerned he had the bat boy for himself and the kid had brought the best bat of the lot with him.
      Having learned a few things from Brad and Jay, Frankie sat on a bath towel folded on the seat of his dining room chair as the two boys stared into each other's eyes and sucked down a couple of cans of chicken noodle soup and a cold cut sandwich. Jace asked Frankie what he felt when they fucked. Frankie's face went soft and thoughtful as he told of the exquisite feelings that seemed to wash over him as they got into a serious rhythm.
      He told his lover that it always seemed to hurt a little as they first came together but once up in him and after he kind of moved about to get everything lined up just right then the stars came out and the bright colors lit the room as the music played. He looked at Jace and blushed as he told him that he loved to look into the beautiful eyes as they scrunched shut and his nose wrinkled. He loved it when Jace's mouth would drop open and the drool would run down his chin. Frankie knew by these signs that his lover was feeling really good. That would cause a warm fuzzy to go throughout his body and make him feel as if he were complete.
      Jace looked at him with a tear in his eye then he moved around to lock his lips to the person that he never ever wanted to be apart from for the rest of his life. He so much wanted to tell Frankie that he had a deep itch of his own and he felt that he wasn't right in always being on top. He felt as if he were trying to be the dominate side of the couple but after hearing and seeing Frankie tell him these things he knew that they were where they needed to be. He would still get Frankie to fuck him sometimes, he really needed that for himself.

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