Jayson Outed
Chapter 28


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2706 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
           He told his lover that it always seemed to hurt a little as they first came together but once up in him and after he kind of moved about to get everything lined up just right then the stars came out and the bright colors lit the room as the music played. He looked at Jace and blushed as he told him that he loved to look into the beautiful eyes as they scrunched shut and his nose wrinkled. He loved it when Jace's mouth would drop open and the drool would run down his chin. Frankie knew by these signs that his lover was feeling really good. That would cause a warm fuzzy to go throughout his body and make him feel as if he were complete.
      Jace looked at him with a tear in his eye then he moved around to lock his lips to the person that he never ever wanted to be apart from for the rest of his life. He so much wanted to tell Frankie that he had a deep itch of his own and he felt that he wasn't right in always being on top. He felt as if he were trying to be the dominate side of the couple but after hearing and seeing Frankie tell him these things he knew that they were where they needed to be. He would still get Frankie to fuck him sometimes, he really needed that for himself.

      Brad pulled his truck back to the garage of his family home. He and Jay exchanged a quick kiss before they climbed down from the tall truck and began to unload their gear from their summer of fun at the family's cabin at the mountain lake property.
      Brad opened the door to the house to stand face to face with Martín (Mar-teen) Espinosa, from the big party Memorial Day weekend. Martín grabbed Brad and gave him a big hug then welcomed him home. Not sure of what they had walked into the boys entered the house to find it full of strangers.
      Em saw the boys and ran to hug them and welcome them home. A reception line formed behind her as Ric welcomed his son and inquired of their trip. It had only been a few hours since he and the family had left the lake but the boys were still very young and of course the parents worried about them. Ric wanted to introduce Brad to their new partner. Enrique Espinosa had joined them early in the summer but he had brought with him a new source of imports and the family was expanding the business out to Tucson, Arizona.
      Brad and Jay made their excuses and headed on up to their bedroom. They had been on the road for four hours and they were a bit rattled. At the time they did not feel up to meeting anyone they wanted to rest.

      The following morning was the first day of school. The boys looked on the day with mixed emotions. They were the first and second officers of the student council. They were to be looked up too by their peers and peons for an entire year. In their best form they strutted down the halls and profiled for all assemblage to admire and grovel before. Ryan waved at them but they ignored him. Several of the girls gathered about the tall, strong looking hunks and tried their charms.
      Martín walked up and wrapped his arms around Brad with a little too much familiarity and Jay took aim. Renee was at his side and she had him in a lip lock in an instant. She knew that what Jay had intended to do would destroy him for the rest of his school career. She used her tongue as a mighty weapon as she rubbed her sweet body against his. Jay sprung wood. The boy shed tears as he pulled Renee closer to him and humped her body with his. He was as hard as he had ever been and it was because of a kiss from the only girl that he had ever loved.
      Jay felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to look down at the upturned face of Ms. Edgemire, the English teacher. "The hallways of this school is not the place for such a display. I wonder what your parents would think of the two of you being so passionate in the first place." Jay wanted to tell her that his mother would probably do hand springs but he kept his mouth shut. The warning bell rang. Brad shoved Jay and Renee along with Martín toward the front entrance. Out of sight of anybody Brad put his huge hand around Martín's throat and lifted the boy off of the floor, "You hug me or get familiar with me one more time faggot and I will out you to the entire school body and I will call your father and tell him that I am tired of your sexual attacks on my person. Do I make myself clear, queer?"
      One would have thought that Brad had hit Martín by the look on the boy's face. He cowed back and looked at Brad then quickly made his way back into the hallway and on to his first class. Brad was shaking like a leaf. Jay pushed him on outside as Renee followed. Brad told Renee that he and Martín had gotten together at an after party last spring and he guessed the confused young fag thought that they were an item now. Renee laughed at her cousin. She would take care of it. She had gotten to know Martín fairly well over the summer. Brad wanted to talk to the boy but not now and not at school.
      Just making their first class by the skin of their teeth the kids started what promised to be a most interesting school year. Across the hall in the girl's bathroom Amanda and Lacy stood staring at each other with their mouths wide open. "Do you think that they are...?"
      "I've always thought it. Ray Johnson and I were so tight last year I fucked him every time he wanted. He was always wanting me to suck his huge cock and get that shit in my mouth but I told him that is what fags do. Nice girls don't suck cocks, go find a fag to do you."
      "I do. I love to suck a boy's cock. I still see Mitchell sometimes and the first thing he wants to do is have me suck him. He gets me so hot that when he fucks me I can't hold back."
      "Face it, Lacy, you've always been a slut. You sucked Jack Thorton in the sixth grade, and everybody watched."
      "He had a big dick for a sixth grader, didn't he."
      "He should have had. The dude was like the fourth time in the sixth grade. He was thirteen. I think his dad made him join the Army or something."
      "You can't join the Army at thirteen." Amanda laughed at the other girl. They could never be friends but the possibility of bringing Brad down would give her reason to unite with the devil himself. "I have always thought that Jay Adams was a fag. That shit with Ryan was all put up. Ryan always has the cutest boys. That's how I got together with Ray. Ray wanted to know if pussy was better than Ryan's ass."
      "Did you ever let Ray fuck you in the ass? I let Mitchell do me."
      "Yeah, I did. Ray said my ass wasn't as hot as Ryan's but my pussy was a hundred times better. Do you like it with Mitchell?"
      "Yeah, I can't get pregnant in the ass. He starts off in my pussy after I suck his dick. He gets it all slick then he fucks my ass until he gets off. Sometimes he moves back and forth between the two holes as he builds himself up. That really turns me on and I get an orgasm most times."
      "So how do we get the great Mr. Garcia, Mr. Student Body President outed? I so want to destroy that bastard."
      "Let's make friends with that new kid, Martín. You can tell he's queer. He has cock sucker written all over him."
      The girls left the restroom. Louise lowered her legs back to the floor. They were hurting. She had set with her legs curled up against her on the toilet seat for nearly ten minutes as she listened. She had developed a crush on Brad even if they had only been hiding their homosexuality behind the other the previous year. Lou was willing to go all the way with Brad, and in a public place. She really wouldn't mind having his baby.
      Lou grabbed Renee at lunch. The senior girl had loads of stuff to tell her junior counterpart. Renee was pissed at what she was hearing but she thought that just maybe this was the time. Jay had not missed a chance to lock their faces together all morning. He had a woody each and every time. He had managed to get himself a heavy finger full of her private odor and had played the stupid little boy game she had seen so often as he slowly dragged his finger beneath his nose. Renee knew how deep the love ran between Jay and Brad and if she were to make this work it would have to be now.
      A large portion of the kids had planned a back to school party at the river front on the east side of the arsenal. A most perfect spot. Lou had her marching orders. She had called her girlfriend and discussed her plans. Everything was go. No one would ever again think that there was a queer bone in Brad or Jay.

      The girls still hated the climb up into Brad's super tall truck but today they had motivation. Renee had supplied Lou with a skirt similar to the one she had donned. A table napkin in a fine restaurant has more cloth in it than these skirts. The panties were skanty panties and hid nothing from the boys as they climbed aboard making sure that all of their best parts were on display. The girls safely in the truck the boys climbed up. Renee went straight to Jay's flies and opened them wide. She drew out his very erect penis and played her thumb over it as she shoved her tongue deep into the lad's throat. Of all the things in this world that Jay truly loves, kissing is at the top of his list and suddenly he found that he had another person that could turn his body to jelly.
      Brad was getting the same attention so his driving was rather erratic. Lou wasn't kissing his mouth though, she was dragging her tongue all over the swollen glans of the massive erection sticking out of the Latin boy's jeans. At the park it appeared that only Brad and Jay were in the truck. Many of the pair's fans rushed the truck to find both boys getting head from the two girls on their knees in the floor of the truck. Brad had not wanted to go along with this part of the girl's plans but his cousin, Renee had convinced him that it was necessary to squelch a tale that was being told around the school all day long.
      As the four exhibitionists made their way over to the soda coolers they were receiving high praises from their classmates. Suddenly someone yelled out, "FAGS, fags in the bushes. Cocksuckers on the prowl." Martín and Steve Toleson had their pants around their ankles and each other's cock in his mouth.. Steve was on top with his legs spread and Martín had four fingers inside of his gapping, and obviously not virgin, ass hole.
      Steve had his own rep. He was a good guy and honor roll student he just had a hunger for a cock in the ass. He had been outed in his sophomore year and most of the guys left him alone. He was better treated than Ryan though. He did have quite a few boys that liked to give him a ride home after school or most especially after a date on a Friday or Saturday night.
      Jay looked at Renee. She blew him a kiss. Jay wondered to what depths would this girl go to protect him. Then it donned on him. That's exactly what she was doing. She was protecting him and Brad. He held her in a whole new plain of admiration.
      Kids were having a ball in the warm weather. They knew that their summer was over and that the bitter cold of this mountainous area would soon be upon them Today was a just let it out and let's play day. There was a scrimmage football game going on that took the interest of most of the students but just before dark Renee wanted to lay the third part of her plan together.
      Renee and Lou grabbed the two boys by their hands and led them along the path toward the small wooded area by the river. A lot of cat calls and good wishes followed the foursome as they walked along. Once under cover of the low bushes the two couples separated. Renee pulled a blanket out of the bushes. Jay didn't even think about how that was possible. All he knew was that she had hold of his pants and she was opening them up as she pulled him down to join her on the ground.
      With his pants around his ankles and her panties carefully lain across his face. Jay was not in his right mind. Renee was rubbing her lower body all over his as he cursed his fumbling fingers that could not get her bra undone. Jay felt a new sensation on his dick. He looked down and found himself deep inside of Renee. He tried to move back. He told her he didn't have any protection. She told him that she was safe, which she knew was a lie because she had other plans for this boy.
      She coaxed him on top of her as she opened her bra and let him take a long look at her naked form. Somehow Jay didn't like it. He was hard, he was in her, but she wasn't Brad. Renee pulled him down for an earthshattering kiss. Jay's hormones took over and he fucked her with all of his power. In nothing flat he was shooting his man seed into her fertile fields and he felt dirty for doing it. He stood up and pulled up his pants. He turned to run when he heard someone say that "the other two are over here."
      He ran from the bushes, clutching his shirt and trying to fasten his pants. Martín was pulling out of the parking lot. He ran to the boy's car and banged on the deck lid as he asked for a ride home. Martín took him to his apartment and let him out. Jay ran upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door. He had been raped and he felt so fucking dirty. He loved Renee and he had thought so many times that they might get together. He had wondered what it would be like. Well now he knew and he didn't like it at all. Right now he didn't like Renee at all.
      It was more than half an hour before Brad came pounding on his front door. Jay pulled a pillow over his head and tuned the noise out. About ten minutes passed then Jay felt Brad slide his naked body in beside him. Brad smelled like Lou. Jay raised up and looked down at the only thing in his life that had ever mattered. Brad was softly crying. He looked up into Jay's eyes with the pleading look of an errant child.
      Jay jumped out of bed and threw off his clothes. He ran around the bed and grabbed Brad's hand and dragged him to the bathroom where he took his time making sure that all signs of the girl was forever washed from him. Brad had wrinkled his nose when he got a whiff of Jay's cock. He took the soap and returned every stroke. Once clean and smelling like boys again Brad picked up his love and carried him back to his bed where the two made boi love for the rest of the night.

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