Jayson Outed
Chapter 29


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2706 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
           Jay jumped out of bed and threw off his clothes. He ran around the bed and grabbed Brad's hand and dragged him to the bathroom where he took his time making sure that all signs of the girl was forever washed from him. Brad had wrinkled his nose when he got a whiff of Jay's cock. He took the soap and returned every stroke. Once clean and smelling like boys again Brad picked up his love and carried him back to his bed where the two made boi love for the rest of the night.

      It was already the twelfth of September. School started today for Jace but something about a boiler having to be replaced at his school meant that it would be another week before his classes would take up. After the weekend Frankie felt lost. He stayed in his bed almost all of Monday. He had a masturbation marathon. By definition a marathon is over twenty six miles. By the end of the day his hand had traveled at least that far as it had gone up and down the six inch course at blinding speed. Frankie's dick was a little sore and it felt as if someone had run twenty six miles across it. Frankie had a clear glass cup sitting on the night stand beside his bed. He was proud of it. He had managed to get every drop of his cum into the just, over half full, container all eight times that he had gotten off that day. The blue white mess with just a hint of yellow was thick in some places and kind of watery in some and the odor... there was no way that this smelled good, but somehow, in a kind of sensual way... It was cold though and he had managed no more than to be able to touch his tongue to it. He had planned to drink it down and the end of the day but now he just stared at it and put it to his nose several times. Each time he breathed deeply over it his cock stirred. He couldn't get it up anymore and the last two times he had jacked himself to completion on a soft cock. Now that felt weird.
      He ran downstairs to grab a sandwich and a coke then got back in bed and fell asleep with the TV going. Around nine the next morning he heard his dad shouting at his mother. He got up and pulled on some jeans and went down to say hi to them.
      Cold as ice is the attitude toward the youngster by his mother. Totally ignored is the treatment from his father. His mother called at him from her bedroom door, "Your father says the lawn looks nice. We can see that you have been hard at work. We're sorry that we couldn't get in touch with you. I guess you were out whenever we called." That was a lie. They had caller ID and every time the phone rang the box recorded the time and number, and if known the name, of the caller. The box had registered no calls whatsoever all week long. He was standing by the hall phone and looked down at the blank face of the box. The little red light was not even flashing, which it would be had anyone called.
      Frankie's dad walked in the front door with his suits in a clothes bag over his shoulder. He looked at Frankie as he passed through then as an afterthought he stopped and stepped back into the hallway. "Did you polish the Bentley?" Frankie nodded. "Looks nice," then he moved on. Frankie was dumbfounded. His father had not said that much to him in several years and he had never complimented him.
      Frankie went to the kitchen and whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast. He made a pot of coffee. He likes a cup of coffee once in awhile but he thought maybe his parents might want one. His father ran through to his office and Frankie called out to him that there was fresh coffee and asked him if he wanted a cup. His dad glanced at him and mumbled his version of yes.
      Frankie took a cup of the hot liquid with one teaspoon of sugar in it and sat it before the man at his desk. Again his father turned and looked at him. He felt as if he was on display as his dad let his gaze slowly take in the entire, near naked, form of his blue jean clad son. Frankie, being the kid he is, flexed his arms to show his muscles and turned a bit to show his taught bubble butt. His dad had returned to his work. Frankie walked away.
      His eggs were cooling off, quickly. He wolfed them down and rinsed his plate then put it in the dishwasher. He cleaned up the stove as he heard his father's Bentley roar up the road with its deep throated sound that made the boy's tummy feel all funny inside.
      His mother walked in and told him that the house looked nice. She was proud of how he had kept it clean and she really liked the flowers. She lay two one hundred dollar bills on the breakfast bar and told him that his dad liked the way the whole place looked. He did want to know if Frankie might be able to get the boat up on the lift and out of the water for the winter.
      She started to leave then stopped. She turned and came back to the bar and set her purse down. She opened it and fished around inside. She came up with two more hundred dollar bills and put them with the others. "That's from me for the inside of the house." She smiled one of her snobbish air smiles at him. She gave him the usual air kiss and swished from the room as if profiling for her snobbish friends instead of her own son.
      Frankie sat holding the four crisp bills as he imagined all of the things he might do with them. He so wished that Jace could join him and they would head down to Albany, or even catch a train into the city. Yeah, that would be so cool. The phone rang and scared the boy back into reality. He ran to the phone to see the name on the caller ID box, Dubois. It was Branden calling. Excitedly Frankie picked up the phone.
      The two boys shared a moment of niceties then Frankie asked him if he might be planing on coming by for a swim. Branden was so excited that his exuberance came across the phone line. He called out to his mother then told Frankie that he could be there in like twenty minutes. Frankie offered to pick the boy up and give him a ride if he preferred. He absolutely preferred.
      Frankie was back in his driveway in less than ten minutes with a feisty fourteen year old boy full of energy and ready for anything that would help him to release it. Frankie had an idea. "Wow, those kids over at that fag school are sure lucky. They get to run all over these woods naked as the day they were born. I sure wish I could do that."
      The look on Branden's face told Frankie that his thoughts were totally off base. He had just found out for sure that Branden was not wanting to play butt hole games. With a twisted face the little guy looked up at his all time bestest hero in the whole wide world and through trembling lips he asked, "Why do you call them fags?"
      Wait a minute. Did Frankie miss the crux of the situation? He had to tread easily with this one. "Well the name of the school is BAG, you know for fag. At least that's what my dad says. My dad put a lot of money into that school and he wants to see it go. He thinks that if they can put all of the queers in one place like that then it will make places like my school safer for me so that they won't be around to hit on me."
      "So, I guess I should go to that school," Branden sniffled.
      "Hell no. There are still enough of us fags out here that straight boys best not dare bend over or we'll be up in 'em."
      Branden's eyes shot wide open and his mouth drug the floor as he looked at his hero. "I bend over in front of you all of the time and you've never gone up in me."
      "Cause we've never been alone. Why do you think I wanted you to come over today?"
      "You mean it? Will you really stick your dick up in my ass today?"
      "Hell yes. And I hope you'll stick yours up in me. Do you want to swim for awhile or should we go some place and fuck?"
      "Can we do it in your bed?" Frankie dragged all eighty pounds of the four foot ten inch boy through his house and into his bedroom Frankie was sweaty and smelling from his morning's work but Branden told him that he loved the smell. He just wanted to see how big Frankie's dick was on hard. Branden had already dropped his cut off blue jeans and stood naked before the older boy with a near five inch rod of steel sticking straight out of a sparse little pubic bush of light golden hair.
      Frankie let the boy feast his eye's on his own near seven inch thick cut cock. Branden reached out to touch it. Frankie picked the waif up and carried him tenderly to his bed. He laid the boy down and turned around so that his cock was right in the boy's face as the boy's cock found a new play ground in his own mouth. Branden's arms went around Frankie's hips as he snuggled in, trying to get every inch of Frankie down his tiny gullet.
      As could be expected, tiny little Branden fired a load across Frankie's tonsils in extremely short order. Frankie was still trying to get a finger up in the boy's picture perfect young anus. Branden was sensitive and was trying to pull his cock from the heavy suction that Frankie had applied to his main member. Frankie was not done with the boy yet then he remembered what Brad and Jayson had done. He moved the boy down his body a bit and stuck his tongue up in the center of the youngster's universe.
      With a loud gasp for air Branden arched his back so that his ass was square against Frankie's probing tongue and Frankie's giant cock was all the way into the youngster's throat. Frankie had a live wire on the end of his tongue as the kid wiggled every which direction. It was obvious that the boy was ass hole sensitive and Frankie was ready to give the kid all of the pleasure he knew would come from a good solid butt fucking.
      Frankie tossed the boy to the bed and pushed his tiny legs back. He instructed Branden to place his hands behind his knees and hold his legs back. He then bent over and licked at the tiny puckering poop hole and left a large amount of spit at the very opening. Opening is the key word here. Frankie had no idea about opening the lad up. He never considered that he had a virgin, much smaller than himself that had an ass hole that had never let anything out larger than an earthworm and had never had anything try to go in since his mother had pulled his diaper over so she could shove a rectal thermometer up him when he was almost two.
      With narry a care for anything but his own pleasure he shoved his dick with all of his might straight up into Branden's tight ass. The resounding scream could be heard across the lake. With no compassion at all Frankie continued his assault as he relished in the tightest spot he had ever had his cock. He was so into what he was doing that he did not even hear his partner's screams of pain. Fortunately Frankie was of a short fuse and he finished in only a few minutes. He pulled his cock out and looked at the crying and terrified boy beneath him.
      He backed up so that he could sit down and he saw the blood. Not a little. A lot. Branden was in agony. Blood was gushing out of his ass. Frankie knew from health class that blood shooting out like that meant that an artery had been severed. He panicked. Suddenly he remembered to call 911. The forestry station was less than a quarter of a mile away and paramedics were on the scene in less than ten minutes after the call.
      Still naked Frankie was instructed to put his pants on then he was placed in handcuffs. He was taken outside where his father came running up to see what had happened. The Sheriff's deputy told his father that Frankie had raped a little boy and the boy might not live. Frankie passed out.

      Frankie came too three days later. He was in a hospital bed with tubes running into the back of his hand. He tried to sit up but he was somehow unable too. Slowly his eyes became accustomed to the light of the dim room when a voice spoke. "Well, Mr. Molester, how do you feel?" It was Branden.
      The white curtain that hung from the ceiling between his bed and what Frankie assumed must be another bed was being yanked at. Suddenly the pain shot through his body like searing hot irons. Someone had turned on the overhead lights which shown directly into his eyes.
      "Well, we're awake are we. That is a good sign. Let me take a look at you." Frankie heard Branden begging the female voice to pull the curtain back so that he could see his best friend. Oh what a relief it was to hear him say that. The female voice told him that he would have to wait a minute that she needed to check his wounds first and see that everything was okay.
      Frankie watched as she shoved a thermometer into his mouth. She held his wrist as she looked at her watch. She put a big black thingy around his arm and squeezed a little ball on a tube. The thingy got real tight on his arm and he thought that it was going to squeeze his arm off. The nurse had a heart thing like doctor's wear in their ears. She was listening to his arm. He wanted to tell her that his heart was in his chest but he figured he best keep his mouth shut around the thermometer.
      Everything done the nurse pulled the sheet back. She tsk tsked as she looked down at him. He tried to raise his head and he could see what looked like a cast over the lower part of his belly. The nurse grabbed his goods. He jerked in reaction only to be overwhelmed by excruciating pain. He laid back then he realized that there was also a lot of pain in his sweet little balls. "What has happened? Why do my balls hurt?" All kinds of thoughts were going through his head.
      "You're leaking. I am going to have to remove this catheter and reinsert it. Do you want me to put you to sleep or can you stand the pain?" There was no way he wanted to back to sleep. He would endure a little pain as long as he could find out what had happened.
      He began to play back in his mind the last things he remembered. Oh yes, the cop told his father that he raped some kid that was going to die. He remembered the pain. Over and over again. Pain in his sides. His nuts hurt so bad. His head, he felt a hard blow to his head. He licked his lips. "WHAT!!" His front teeth were missing. What had happened. The nurse was back with another nurse. The first one had hold of his cock. Both women were standing there looking at his perfect man meat. They should be so lucky, that puppy belonged to Jace, and maybe Branden if he still wanted some more of it.
      "FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!! They just pulled my cock off." Frankie screamed. He heard Branden laughing before he heard the two nurses.
      "You're going to be okay. I told you that I would put you to sleep. It doesn't really hurt that much it is just a new sensation to you."
      "The fuck it doesn't hurt, bitch. You ain't got no cock to know what the fuck that feels like."
      "I'll overlook that little boy routine of yours, this time. But I'll tell you once and that's it, you will talk to me with respect and you will not cuss at me ever again or the pain you think you might have just felt will be nothing in comparison to what I can do. You think you hurt? Your boyfriend over there was hurt much worse and by this very instrument. If I had my way you would squat to pee for the rest of your life but he has pleaded for you every moment of every day since he was brought in here. Bless his little heart. He is too young to be a fag and he is way to young to have this shoved up his ass. I..." She turned and went out the door. "I'll be in the break room if you need me." The door shut behind her.
      The second nurse was an older black lady. She looked like a nice grand motherly type. She just shook her head. She held up a long skinny tube of rubber. "I'm going to put a new catheter back in now. Are you going to be a good patient or do I need to sedate you?" Frankie laid back and gripped the sheets as the worst pain he could imagine went right up the piss hole of his dick. And it just kept going, and going, and going, he was seeing fuzzy pink bunnies with bass drums as the pain just kept on and on.
      The curtain between the beds was pulled back as the nurse smiled at him. "You can relax now baby. It's all over. You'll do jest fine." Branden was up on one elbow looking at him with a smile as wide as his entire face showing every tooth in his head.
      "Branden, I'm..."
      "Shush. I wanted it. We just didn't take time to prepare. If you weren't such a horn dog. Jason has been in here everyday with another kid named Tony. They stand by your bed and pray for you as they lay their hands on you. I can tell that they really like you. You and Jason were always good friends until he went to that school.
      "Well, it looks like that's where I'll be going now. Maybe you too, huh?" Branden softly asked.
      "Branden, I don't want to seem stupid or anything but...like man, I 'm like in a hospital huh?" He looked at his friend for confirmation, "I mean, I don't know what happened. The cop said that you were going to die because I raped you, then...nothing. Just memories of intense pain." Branden began to cry.
      The door of their room opened and Jace walked in. He asked if he should come back but Frankie begged him to come in. Frankie had to know what had happened to him. It was really beginning to get to him, mentally. After he found out he wished that he had not awakened. He wished that he didn't know. He wished that he had never....he wished a lot of things but we cannot go back.

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