Jayson Outed
Chapter 30


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2706 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
           The door of their room opened and Jace walked in. He asked if he should come back but Frankie begged him to come in. Frankie had to know what had happened to him. It was really beginning to get to him, mentally. After he found out he wished that he had not awakened. He wished that he didn't know. He wished that he had never....he wished a lot of things but we cannot go back.

      The trial had loomed ahead. Frankie wanted it all to be over. He was released from the hospital into the custody of the county Sheriff's office. His court appointed attorney was waiting for him as he was brought into the Sheriff's office with his shoes tied together by their laces and hanging around his neck with him in handcuffs like an ordinary juvenile criminal.
      Another man had been sitting in the Sheriff's office for a half an hour before Frankie arrived. He observed with keen interest as the court appointed attorney stressed his point to the county attorney who had been assigned the case. A nice thing about a small precinct is the fact that there are very few offices available for these types of confrontations so a casual observer gets himself a ring side seat.
      The public defender was well armed and knew his law. He had the prosecutor on the phone to his office asking for directions. After three phone calls Frankie was released with no charges being filed against him. The public defender told the boy that he was lucky, if he had been three weeks older he could be looking at twenty five years in prison. Frankie had no idea what all of that meant at that time. His only concern was how was he going to get to wherever he was going to go.
      One thing Frankie knew well was that he was not going to stay where he was. When everyone else left so did he. Once out of the building he decided that he had no choice but to try the two foot express and maybe go to his house and see if his car was there.
      He turned toward the street when the man from inside the office stepped through the door and spoke to him. "Franklin Rothsfeld, I have come to take you to Mr. Jason Weller, sir. My car is over here." Franklin turned and looked at the man. Where had he seen this man before? He knew that he should know this man. He felt safe as he walked over and got into the large Cadillac sedan.
      Franklin was taken to the Garcia cabin on the lake where he had last seen Jason and his friends. He got out of the car and saw Jace running toward him, stark naked, with everything swinging in the breeze. Frank, as he now would be known, turned to speak to the man but he was already pulling out of the driveway and gone.
      Jace grabbed his friend and hugged him whispering the name Frankie over and over as he kissed and held on to his friend with all of his strength. Frank winced, he was still very tender. His dad had broken twelve of the boy's ribs and it was a miracle that none of them had punctured anything internal. Most often a lung will get a rib shoved into it but in Frank's case his father was jumping up and down on his prone body. He could easily have been injured much worse than he had. As it was his poor little pride and joy had been severally injured by the man's heavy footed actions.

      The two deputies that stood by and watched the father take his wrath out on his faggot son are the ones that this reporter wants to see hamstrung. Aw well, something I seem to be hearing more and more of lately, "Let Chris handle it." The man is a marvel I will admit that. I wonder when young Franklin will realize who picked him up at the Sheriff's office. It is all right if he doesn't figure it out but I really wish he would get a clue. Ah well, they say kids now days are clueless, sometimes I have to agree.
      Jace took Frank to a room in the Garcia cabin. Jayson and Brad had returned to Albany for the new school year and school had already started here as well. Frank would not do well at his old school. For the last two weeks there had been a massive smear campaign throughout the entire community by the Dubois family and their supporters. J.W. Dubois is a very powerful mortgage banker in the area and holds the keys to many peoples futures, literally.
      Frank couldn't believe that everything he held dear and near was in the bedroom where Jace had taken him. Jace smiled at him and kissed the tip of his nose. Frank grabbed him and kissed a little harder. He told him that he was as fragile as a light bulb. He could take a lot of heat but he could be broken. Jace wanted to know if he plugged in would he get all bright. Both boys giggled.
      Frank picked up his most favorite thing in the world. His Gibson guitar. It was a copy of an old classic but oh how the boy did love to play and play he could. He was upset because he couldn't form some of the words without his three missing front teeth. Jace teased him with an, "All the better to suck cock, my dear." That got him a swift hit upside of the head then a long kiss. Frank picked up his guitar and began to play again. We were entertained until young Eric came down to tell them that it was almost time for dinner. Frank was unsure about removing his clothes. Well he was a guest but he had a lot of bruising and well to tell the truth he had just never ever been naked around others before. Well, we finally got that out of him. It's okay to be shy, guy. Come on, just let it all hang out. We all love you.
      Well, Jace didn't use those exact words but he did get the boy naked and it was obvious that he had gone through serious trauma to his body, very recently. Eric looked on the older youth and walked over and kissed the head of Frank's soft dick which was very bruised and discolored. Frank's balls were still the size of tennis balls but he was so glad that they worked. He shouted with joy when he awakened just yesterday after having himself a wet dream. That had been the decision maker for the doctor to let him go home with the promise of daily visits for a few weeks yet. Eric looked up at Frank with a tear in his eyes, "I'm so sorry that you got hurt."
      As the boy's made their way to the mess hall Eric told Frank and Jace his story. All three boys were crying and hugging one another before they entered to get their evening meal. Every boy in the room turned and looked as Frank walked in. Eric led them through the food line and even the boys helping to serve the food had to look. Poor Frank was very self conscious and well, frankly, just plain embarrassed by all of the stares. Suddenly the dam broke and the tears flooded down his cheeks.
      Frank, never one to step back from a fight, swallowed the tears and stood up on one of the benches at a nearby table. "I was unconscious so I am not sure what happened. I am told that my father jumped up and down on his queer son's body. I fooled that bastard, I lived." He spread out his arms and turned slowly, several times so that everyone could see. As if on cue every boy in the house came over and kissed him, gently and told him that he always had a home with them.
      His home wasn't to be with them. He would have to stay at the Garcia place. Frank had only seen JB at the picnics or walking around the school He had never spoken to the man. JB came up to him at sat down across from him as the boy ate his dinner. "Frankie, first of all let me tell you how glad we are that you are gong to be okay."
      "Thank you sir, but it's Frank. After what my bastard father did to me I will never be Frankie again." Every head in ear shot nodded in agreement. Jace reached over and put his arms around his boyfriend and kissed him on the cheek, the unbruised one.
      JB reached across the table and cupped the youngster's hands in his as he bowed his head in agreement. "Frank, I am sorry, but at this time I am not allowed to enroll you at this school. A good friend is paying your bills and will keep you here until your father's trial. Your father has waived his right to a speedy trial. He is trying to get a very powerful attorney friend of his which he attended college with. That attorney can't be ready for trial until the third week of November. What this means to you is that you must sit in limbo until then. Unless of course your father should plead guilty at his arraignment
      "We have been fighting this because you have a right to attend school, but under the law you are sixteen and you can withdraw from school at that age or after you have completed the tenth grade. Eleventh and twelfth grades are not guaranteed to you.
      "Our friend has made a provision for you. If you wish, a tutor has been hired. This tutor will come here and teach you, each day, six hours a day. To make it easier for you Jason Weller will be allowed to attend the tutored classes with you so that you will not be alone. However, and I must stress this. You will not be allowed to...shall we say...mingle seed? Yeah, no seed mingling during study time." The three of them belly laughed with JB getting the best of it for his corny joke.
      "So I just sit here until my father gets what he wants. This is so not fair. 'Sides that, I only finished ninth grade. I'm going into the tenth. They have to let me go."
      "No, Frank, you're sixteen. But Frank, I thought you liked Jace here. Don't you want to go to school with him?"
      Frank took a long look at his best friend. Jace coyly batted his eyelashes and tipped his head in a coquettish manner. Frank burst out in laugher. "Careful faggot, the man said no mingling during school. I'll jump your fucking bones here."
      "Can we watch?" Was the cry heard from around the room. JB hustled all of the boys off to their classes. Many of the boys stopped by Frank's table to pledge their support and prayers for him. Frank was taken aback by this show of acceptance, and from fags at that. Who knew that homosexuals had a heart? He had always heard that all they wanted to do was to fuck little boys in the ass, like he had done to Branden. He had to be able to go to the hospital to see Branden. He asked JB is that would be okay, if he could find a way.
      "Yes, it will be more than okay for you to go see Branden. He is very lonesome right now. His therapy is coming along and he should be able to go home in a few more days. But why do you need to find a way? Don't you want to use your car in the garage at the Garcia place?"
      Frank jumped up so quickly that he pulled a muscle. He bent over in pain and happiness. His buddy had thought of everything. What Frank wouldn't find out for several months yet is that Branden had a big part in getting everything that belonged to Frank out of his parent's home.
      Frank's mother was in the wind. She wanted to kill her husband for what he had done to their son. She wanted to kill her son for being just as big of a fag as his father had been all the way through highschool and most of college. Powerful lawyer indeed, Howard P. Hildebrand was her husband's secret lover. The two flew all over the country for one of their secret rendezvous, and she had video to prove it. It had been taken by one of the best security agencies in the country, Foss International.
      Eric was called by JB to accompany him as they headed back toward the classrooms. "Son, I guess it is kind of boring for you to sit here all day when all the rest of the boys are in school. I think that I may have some good news for you. The paperwork that we needed has come down. You will not be here much longer now, but in the meantime, how would you like to join Jace and Frank for private tutoring? You could help me by making sure that they don't mess around with each other during study periods."
      "I could sit 'tween 'em so if they tried to kiss they'd have to kiss me. 'Sides that, they couldn't cheat off of each other 'cause I'd be 'tween 'em." JB patted the boy on his head for his wisdom. What a shame that he is not old enough to stay here. He is a cute lad with some real possibilities.

      About three Frank heard a noise like something dragging. He looked out to see Eric coming their way dragging a footlocker that was larger than he was. He told Jace and the two of them ran up the back road connecting the two properties to meet the boy. Eric told them that he had been told to move his stuff down here that he was going to go to school with them. Very carefully Jace lifted Eric onto Frank's shoulders. When they were sure that Frank was okay Jace hoisted the footlocker onto his shoulder and the three boy's headed back to the cabin.
      They helped Eric get set up but he begged them to let him sleep with them. It was a big house and he was scared. It was agreed upon. Eric's tummy growled signaling that it was dinner time. The three laughing boys headed back to the mess hall once again. This time it was totally different. Everyone wanted to sit with them. The three were interspersed amongst a group of boys at one table.
      "Is it true that you can take Borne's ten inch cock up your ass, dude?" Every eye was on the little four foot five inch tall lad with the body of a young Greek statue. Borne Heintz walked by with his tray of food in his hand. He patted Eric on the head and said hello to his young trainee. Eric grabbed the guy and asked him to sit with him. Borne was with his friends but Eric begged him to wait a minute. Borne gave his tray to his buddy and turned to see what Eric wanted.
      Eric looked around the room to be sure that the monitor's were busy. He pulled off his glasses then swallowed the long low hanger between Borne's long muscular legs. The cock was of legendary proportions and every boy in the school coveted that piece of meat in his own bodily openings, if only once. Borne was accustomed to Eric and he sprung wood at once. Eric backed off so that everyone could see that indeed Borne was fully erect and even bigger than they imagined a cock of that size to be. Eric moved in and took the sword to the very root with no hesitation..
      Other boys had moved in between the two and the monitors as Eric hurriedly worked to finish what he had started. He knew from experience what the boys at this school thought of what they called a teaser. "Once up finish the job," he had heard over and over. Eric knew the one thing that would send Borne over the top in record time. He put his hand under Borne's balls. Borne knew where the boy was going. Eric shoved his fist into his pat of butter on the table then put it all the way up Borne's ass in one swift move. Borne shoved his cock forward filling Eric with every foot of cock meat that he could find. Eric had opened his hand as he started up inside his buddy's butt. He grabbed hold of the super hard nut full of juice and power. He rubbed it a bit then squeezed it. It was all over except the mustering of strength Borne needed to keep his knees locked and his body upright.
      Borne dropped to his knees and kissed the tiny lad. He had tears in his eyes. He really did love this little guy but he had gotten the word that Eric was going to leave the school and move to Arizona. He was truly going to miss the boy he had looked on as his little brother for the last four or five weeks. Borne did not tell Eric the reason for his tears, he had been asked not too. He just wrapped his arms around the tiny little body and held him close. He reached up behind Eric and pulled the clip off of the boy's pony tail, causing Eric's hair to cascade out to just below his shoulders in a thick beautiful blond mane. The boy was truly a work of art. His body looked like a miniature Borne with their matching narrow hips, broad shoulders, and rippling muscles.
      A monitor was heading their way so Borne duck walked around the end of the table to sit with his friends. When the monitor, a new, older, teacher arrived there was nothing to see but three boys standing in the isle talking to one another as the boys at the table laughed through their dinner. The unliked monitor continued his surveillance of the dinning students.
      Meanwhile, in an office of the administration building, JB sat with tears of laughter running down his face as he had his young lover play the scene back on the closed circuit monitors. "That's what you have to contend with." JB told Tony as he tried to regain control. Tony MacMillan needed some serious help with his grammar but he was smart. His grades had been excellent during his school career, and he was available. JB could not enroll two of the boys in the cabin into his school but that did not mean that they should be deprived of the need to get a well rounded education. He took a look at his young lover, the first person that he had actually been in love with since his youth. That twelve inch cock would certainly be a source of study. Especially with little Eric. That boy was a natural cock sucker and from what JB had learned he could ride the best with the best. He would let the three boys have tonight to get settled in and get to know one another then they would hit the books after breakfast the next day.
      Tony was excited from watching the closed circuit monitor of the mess hall. He wanted to go to their apartment and ravage JB. Actually, and nobody knows this so keep it on the q.t. okay? Tony is a bottom. He loves the old man. He likes to hold him in his arms and let him sleep on top. Tony is a total romantic. He has a strong love for his young teacher but Jayson is under age still and he does not want to end up as some prison bitch. Tony got to the door when JB's special phone rang. Tony knew to make a hasty exit.
      JB got to his apartment a half an hour later. He was really worried about his young friend and business partner, Chris. The man seemed to have no end of situations that would drive a normal person insane. Maybe that was the clue. Chris was insane and these situations were driving him normal. JB chuckled at the thought, until he opened the door to see Tony up and ready for him. Tonight he was going to bottom. He had a great itch. He really does love eighteen year old Tony MacMillan and he hopes that the boy will remain with him for a long long time

      Nothing smells better in the morning than the aroma of coffee brewing and bacon frying, even to those who don't eat or drink these two, they still smell great. Slowly the mixture of smells moved through the cabin to the bedrooms upstairs. Three groggy, naked teenage boys followed their noses down the stairs to find the extraordinarily buff Tony at the kitchen stove frying bacon. The boys lined up at the breakfast bar and took seats on stools and watched as Tony worked his muscular back, and extra firm butt, while he went about cooking. Much to their disappointment the young man turned around to show that he was wearing a small white apron. The look on their young faces spoke volumes to Tony. He had only been around all of the perverts at this school since the end of July but he had learned that his cock was just about the most talked about object on the campus, a true fascination for pubescent young homosexuals. The fact that he also possessed the most muscular body on top of the most perfect bubble butt and the narrowest waist line of anyone near his size was another cause of fascination. Tony had been told that the number of boys actively working out in the gym daily, had tripled since his arrival.
      Tony was in a playful mood this morning. He wasn't sure why being a top to JB had turned him on so much but he had himself a wonderful night and he wanted to play this morning. He stuck his hand under the apron and scratched his balls. He closed his eyes and let his mouth hang open as he let out a contented sigh. "Ahhhh, that feels so good." He continued to move his hand causing the apron to move around. Six round eyes were zeroed in on the one square foot of white cotton fabric
     . Tony pulled his hand from under the apron and put it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, "Ummm, smells good." The apron stood away from his body much further than it had before this exercise. Tony looked down at him self and with a hint of mischief in his baritone voice he scolded, "Down, sport. You stay under there or you'll get spattered with hot bacon grease and I am the one that will have to endure the pain." With that he had taken hold of his erect cock and pushed it up right under the apron. For a brief moment the boys saw the extremely wide head of a super cock appear above the top of the apron but Tony adjusted the tiny garment so that he was totally covered under its protective shield.
      He grinned at the boys and turned his back to them as he turned the sizzling bacon in the pan. Three teenage boys were in almost excruciating pain as their young cocks stretched their covering of skin to new limits. None of boys could ever remember being this excited or this hard. Their young cocks showed extensively swollen blood vessels criss crossing the surface of their erect members that they had never seen before. Each boy had a steady stream of pre-cum running down the tops of their upwardly pointing boi cocks.
      These three had nothing at all to be ashamed of in their own right. Thirteen year old Eric was, by virtue of age, the smallest of the three but he sported himself an extremely hot cock that was getting closer to five inches long every day. As hard as the boy was at this moment he was certain that he had exceeded his own five inch desired goal.
      Jace was an older fifteen near sixteen year old. His cock had grown with his body during the past year and he was extremely proud of the fact that he had himself a man sized weapon of six and a half inches. Frank was just a few months older but his cock was a full quarter of an inch or more longer. He was sure that he was going to pass the seven inch mark this summer. With the super stretching that the two boys were getting as they watched Tony cavort before them they had probably already reached their individual goals.

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