Jayson Outed
Chapter 31


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2706 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
          Jace was an older fifteen near sixteen year old. His cock had grown with his body during the past year and he was extremely proud of the fact that he had himself a man sized weapon of six and a half inches. Frank was just a few months older but his cock was a full quarter of an inch or more longer. He was sure that he was going to pass the seven inch mark this summer. With the super stretching that the two boys were getting as they watched Tony cavort before them they had probably already reached their individual goals.

      Tony discovered that he was going to have much more to contend with than he had bargained for. His three little charges were much more interested in anatomy than geometry or geography. The problem being that it was his anatomy that was the object of their studious desires.
      JB sat in his office in uproarious laughter as he watched the three little sex demons tear down Tony's defenses on the closed circuit television system that Ric Garcia had allowed him to have installed for this purpose. Tony had never been around homosexual youth outside of Chris's bunch of boys this past summer. He was not aware of his orientation, what a word. Was he orientated? Are we orientated gay or straight? Hell, he knew that he was bent as fuck toward sex with JB and he would always be ready for young Jayson Adams but was he ready to have any kind of sex with these three amazing little boys?
      Tony is on the staff at the school and as such he is off limits to the boys and they are off limits to him. Any kind of...well even a touch, could be construed as molestation by the authorities. These boys were not students, per se. He had spent some time with the two older boys in the maze but Frank was only a visitor. Still he did have a position of authority over them. He had wanted to keep his clothes on today but JB had assured him that he would never get anywhere with these three boys in a private setting until he was naked. Well, he was naked and he was still not getting anywhere, unless one would consider the massive erection flowing like a river with pre-cum standing up from the middle of his lower body, as a direction.
      Tony knew he was lost when tiny little four foot six inch, sixty nine pound muscle boy, Eric bet the other's that not only could he deep throat the wonder pole on his first try but that he could take every inch of that cock up his ass, dry, in one full out push. The banter of the boys, that knew full well what Eric could do, only excited a part of Tony that was really anxious to, not only unload his boi milk inside all three of these sexy lads, but he also wanted their young cocks in his body orifices as well, several times.
      Eric removed the bands holding his long pony tail together and let his full head of blond hair cascade over his shoulders. He lay his wire rim glasses on top of his school books and bold as the sun in the sky, walked up to Tony. He wrapped his little hand around the man meat, his tiny fingers barely going half the way around. He aimed the cock at his tiny little mouth which was stretched to obscene proportions and began his descent. All the way in one mighty plunge the extra long meaty stick slid completely into the youngster. Eric's two cohorts in the ploy began to play with Tony as they felt of Eric's little throat and chest, trying to feel the huge cock inside of him. Of course the man meat was deep inside of the tiny tot's body and surrounded by his rib cage and internal organs. Tony could have in fact turned this into an anatomy lesson were he not suffering from a quickly rising lust level.
      Eric's first level achieved, he now had to get Tony on his back. He wanted the cream for a reward but he did not know Tony's abilities so he opted for caution so that the other two would be able to get some play time in with the marvelous toy that the fag boy's school had provided for their day's pleasure. With all of the problems JB had early on over BAG Boys I was glad that the word fag boys was not voiced where he heard it.
      Eric spread his legs and stood over Tony's face. What the boy was doing did not go unnoticed to the novice queer. He may not have that much experience at all of this queer shit but laying on his back and looking up between those skinny little legs at the super large ass hole exposed to his vision by the lad using his hands to hold buns the size of jelly beans open for him to look straight into did have its effect on his long, leaking cock. He was in lust as he anticipated that which was to cum, er come.
      Two solid months of daily sex play on the barely pubescent boy's system had produced voluminous hormones to feed the quickly growing youngster's body, causing growth to occur at amazing speeds. His almost non-existent marble sized nads of last July now used the weight of their new pecan size to pull the scrotum down to a lower level. As Eric walked over the top of the object of his desire. The upstanding root dragged on the bottom of the silk like purse of boyhood jewels, not unnoticed by Eric. He wiggled about a bit letting his low hangers tease the angry red glans that topped the trophy that would be his in mere moments.
      Eric spread his feet for a wide stance. This act placed the nearly two and a half inch wide head against his eager door way of pleasure. Tony felt his whole body shudder at the feel of the taught flesh. JB, Chris, and a few of Chris's boys had actually been able to take his cock up their asses but he was in such a heightened state as he watched this little lad prepare to do the unthinkable. Suddenly the tightest, snuggest, squeezingest, I can't think of anymore redundant words that mean FUCKING TIGHT, enclosed the head of his dick and moved down his entire length giving him sensations that he had only imagined as he would try to grip himself with hands held super tight during one of his masturbatory fantasies.
      Eric walked his little feet wider and wider until his hands could reach the floor and then he lowered himself the rest of the way until he sat fully on the biggest cock on campus. Eric, in a show of achievement raised his feet and hands into the air to show that he was in fact fully impaled and in no pain whatsoever. As agreed, Jace walked up to the boy and began to fuck his cock in and out of the tiny, hungry mouth. Eric began to rise and fall a full eight inches as he fucked himself. Frank bent over Tony and fed the boy his own cock as the sex play began. JB had his recorders going his pants down and his own upright situation firmly in hand.
      The rest of the day could never have taken place with participants older than those involved. Teenage boys are known for their constant aroused state and these three put on a show that would not have allowed anybody fortunate enough to watch, want to leave. Before the day was called to a close for the evening meal, lunch was passed by, each of the boys had experienced multiple orgasms with each of the other boys. Each had taken everything the other's had to offer in both ends of his own body several different times and was still eager for more. There had been double penetration of each person in the cabin. Jace had swallowed Tony while Frank and Eric stretched his butt in preparation for his first ride on Tony's cock which the lad could not get enough of. Frank had received the same preparation and Eric had let both boys fuck him at the same time just for the sheer fucking fun of it.
      A long shower with each boy making sure that there was no tell tale residue running down the backs of his classmates thighs preceded their walk to the mess hall for the evening meal. Despite all of their efforts though, Jace and Frank still had that wide legged gait that told a tale on their afternoons activities. Many of their fellow dinners were in awe as they looked upon a naked Tony for the first time and with envy and admiration for the members of his class. So many of them would have given up life itself to be a member of that class for a day or two.

      Tony left his charges after dinner and returned to JB and his own bed and lover. JB was in a joyous mood. He said nothing about what he had seen. He would have to make some changes but for now he would let it rest. He had taken one look at the face of the lad he had come to love as he had loved no other and saw naught but contentment there and he was not about to spoil that moment. He scooped the boy into his arms and held him tight as they settled in for a quiet evening at home together.
      Three well fucked boys made their way back to the solitude of their palace of exile. With nothing else to do the boys settled on the couch for some mind numbing television. Not too far into the first program the sound of a car was heard. Ever inquisitive Eric jumped up and ran to the wide glass doors overlooking the patio and the driveway at its side. He watched as a boy, even smaller than himself climbed from the car and stared at him. The boy seemed mesmerized as he approached Eric. He bent over and took in all of Eric's naked body which by now had a nice near five inch appendage standing at attention in the middle of it.
      Eric hardly noticed as his favorite person in the whole world led another young man into the house until he heard Frank exclaim, "Now I know you. You own this school and all of this lake. Are you the one helping me?" Eric snapped from his stupor and ran to throw himself into Chris's arms. Chris held his young handful and told Frank that he was only an investor but yes he was the boy's benefactor and he had two more boys that needed help. He introduced nineteen year Toby and his little thirteen year old brother Kenny. The Minor boys were now a part of Chris's family and he was going to have them stay here for the evening.
      Pete took Eric from Chris and gave the boy a huge kiss and a pat on the butt to send him running over to greet Kenny. Chris sat the five boys down as he and Pete talked to them about what was happening. Chris asked them if they would like to go to Europe for a couple of months to a coronation for a young king. Their eyes widened and a resounding, "yes," filled the air. Chris explained, in detail, who Cullen was and what was going on. He explained to them that there were people that still wanted to kill Cullen. Kenny reacted exactly as He had figured and Chris already had Pete in position to catch the boy and bring him back down.
      Bless his little heart, Eric moved in and pushed Pete away. "I'll take care of you and not let anybody hurt you if you will be my boyfriend." Kenny looked at Eric then at Toby. He turned to Eric and let Eric seal the deal with a kiss and a grope. Kenny got his grope in too. He likes boi cock.
      Chris sent Eric and Kenny off to get Kenny's stuff put away for the night. Chris turned to Frank. Pete dragged Toby up the stairs to find themselves a bed. Chris sat down with Frank as Jace prepared a cool drink for him. "Frank, I don't know what you know about the court system that we have in this country." With that Chris informed Frank of the process that was to begin the following morning with the boy's father as he answers to the court for what he has done to his teenage son. Frank was adamant that he did not want to go to court and that he wanted nothing to do with the man he once called father, ever again.
     The boys were finding their way to bed as Chris stepped out to talk with JB about his young son, Mike. Chris agreed with the man and told him to send the boy on down. The next morning Mike dragged his foot locker up to the door. Four boys were up and at em as they helped their new roomy settle in. Eric told the boys that no one knew much about Mike, only that Chris had put him on an airplane and sent him to the school from someplace called Tulsa. Mike was quiet but everybody he met really liked him. He was smart and funny and Eric said that he had a big dick and lots of cum. They all looked at him as he sat with Chris and talked quietly for awhile then Chris had to go take care of business. Pete stayed behind to get to know his new brothers. They didn't know what Chris had planned for them but Pete shares everything with Chris and was able to answer some of their questions. The boys were glad to get to know their new mommy.

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