Jayson Outed
Chapter 32


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2706 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

We left off last time with:
          The boys were finding their way to bed as Chris stepped out to talk with JB about his young son, Mike. Chris agreed with the man and told him to send the boy on down. The next morning Mike dragged his foot locker up to the door. Four boys were up and at em as they helped their new roomy settle in. He sat with Chris and talked quietly for awhile then Chris had to go take care of business. Pete stayed behind to get to know his new brothers. They didn't know what Chris had planned for them but Pete shares everything with Chris and was able to answer some of their questions. The boys were glad to get to know their new mommy.

      Jay had just about enough of the wolf whistles and cat calls every time he walked down the halls of his highschool. Brad didn't like it but he tried to help Jay blow it off. Brad had a long talk with Lou and he understood where she was coming from. She really wanted a baby and...well she liked him and he would give her baby certain traits that could be worth while. She had promised absolutely no recrimination toward Brad. She and her girlfriend had talked it over and this was their decision. Brad did ask for the right to see his own child. He told Lou that he really thought that he would want to stay with Jay for the rest of their lives but he wanted to be a father also. She giggled at the super hunk and gave a big kiss as her promise to always let him be in her and their babies lives.
      Jay considered himself raped and humiliated in the worst possible way. He refused to go near Renee. He avoided her house and family. He would blow up and yell at Brad when he tried to get him to talk about it. The real kicker blew the lid off of his life forever on Wednesday the third week of school. As usual Brad and Jay came into the school by the south doors from the student parking lot. The usual crowd of jocks and social clingers were hanging around doing the usual nothing.
      When the mighty duo entered the hall the cat calls started. Jay had a really rough night and was in no mood for their shit. When someone shouted out about his sweet lover not being with him he snapped. He spun on his heels and grabbed Brad. He threw his arms around the hunky senior and laid a kiss of passion on the boy all the while groping Brad's package as obviously as possible, with his hand inside of Brad's tight jeans. "This is my lover. He and I have been lovers for three years now and no prissy assed little twat is going to come between us. Brad is all man and the only lover this boy needs." He walked away to a hall full of stunned highschool students. There was not a sound in the entire hallway as word of what he had said traveled before them.
      At the front door Brad grabbed Jay's arm and jerked him out of the building. "What the fuck do you think you are doing? You just fucking outed us to the whole school in there."
      "I am tired of living a lie. I love you and I don't want to pretend anymore. I want to love you openly and let the world see that I care nothing about them or their shit rules. I am a fucking queer boy in love with the best looking hunk this school has ever had walk its halls and I don't care who knows it."
      Brad was dumbstruck. He stood staring at Jay. Jay's face was red with his anger. Sweat was on his brow. His temple was throbbing with the coursing of blood through his dilated system. Suddenly Jay's eyes rolled back in his head and he stumbled. Brad caught him. He was out cold. Brad picked him up. He started for the nurse but he saw hundreds of eyes peering from within the building. He turned and carried his love to his truck.
      As he sat Jay in his seat Jay's cell phone rang. It was the special ring they had for Chris Dickson. "What could Chris be calling Jay for?" Brad wondered. He reached up and took the phone off of Jay's belt and answered it. Chris had a crisis going at the Academy and was calling for an emergency board meeting. He wanted to know if the boys could make it. Brad told him that as things were the two of them were free, forever. He told Chris that he would explain later. Chris told him to go to the airport where a chartered helicopter awaited their arrival. Brad called his dad to pick up his truck at the airport as he sped along the road.
      Jay was just coming around as Brad pulled off of the highway and turned toward the airport. He asked Brad where they were. Brad told him that there was a lynching party chasing them and he was trying to get away. With that he pulled up to the helicopter company's office door and jumped out of the truck. He ran around and dragged Jay inside. Jay was protesting to deaf ears as the two were hustled to a waiting chopper and whisked away. Brad sat in his seat holding a weeping and shaking Jay in his arms. Brad quietly told Jay about the phone call from Chris but he was wise enough to have his hands locked together as his arms encircled the hot headed sweet thing in his lap. Jay did manage to bite Brad on the end of the nose and leave it red and sore.
      An armed security guard in a black uniform met the chopper and whisked the boys to a large building in the center of a huge complex not to far from the Academy. They had spotted the lake as they came in and had located the school as they made their final approach. They had no idea that this base was here. The runways and buildings screamed out military but there was nothing indicating its ever being here and Brad had been coming to this lake retreat all of his life.
      The security guard pulled the electric cart to a stop in front of a huge set of double doors deep inside the large building. As Jay and Brad stepped from the cart the twin doors opened electrically. The boys stepped through the doors and saw that Luke and Gerald were seated on the top row of seats in some sort of arena. Chris and JB were in a quiet conversation at the steps leading up to the top. Chris rushed over to greet the boys with a tight hug. Not satisfied, Jay laid a kiss on the man which was happily returned. He turned to welcome Brad who just pulled him in for his own kiss. With a squeeze on their tight buns Chris sent them up to the top row to join their friends. On their seats were long black masks. The kind that cover the eyes like the Lone Ranger wore but with extra cloth that hung down over their noses and most of their faces.
      No one said a word as JB sat on one side of the boys and Chris sat on the other. The two men donned their masks and the lights went down to extra dim. Four other people came in and sat down. A lone light shone on a chair in the center of the arena floor. A door opened and a woman entered. I am forbidden to tell you what was said from this point. One by one people entered and pictures of them in every kind of perversion you can imagine were shown on a huge LCD screen on the wall in front of the chair. The weeping person told their stories and was led from the room.
      The lights came on. Chris removed his mask and told the group that lunch was ready. The six men retired to a quiet office with plush chairs. A buffett was laid out for them. They discussed what they had learned as they ate. It was obvious that everyone was shaken by what he had seen and heard. The two sets of boys were together, Jay in Brad's lap and Gerald in Luke's. Chris told them that he had a place for them. He led each couple to a super plush bedroom and showed them how to lock the doors. He guaranteed their privacy. When they were ready to rejoin the world they could push one button which would unlock their doors and turn on the phones.

      Brad had to know what was happening with his boyfriend. Jay was not ready to talk. As the door shut behind Chris Jay attacked Brad. He shredded the boy's shirt and ripped at the jeans. He didn't want to wait for the belt and buttons, he just used brute force to pull the pants down. Brad was trying to kick his shoes off as the little sex pot was all but raping him. Jay grabbed his cock and began to manhandle it to erection. He swallowed it to the root as he ripped his own clothes off. He dragged Brad by the balls to the bed as he fell back with his legs wide open. He pulled Brad into position and pushed himself up forcing the enraged cock into his eager ass hole. "Oh, Brad fuck me. FUCK me. Harder, oh shit, fuck the living shit out of me. Oh, Brad fuck me. Oh, baby I love you. Oh, that's it, harder, oh harder baby. Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Oh shit, hurt me big boy, make me your boy. Harder, pound my ass into the floor. Fuck me like you never fucked before big boy. Make me hurt all over. Kiss me baby. Hold me tight and ride. Ride my ass into jelly baby. Don't ever stop."
      This went on for a good seven or eight minutes until Brad filled the tight ass of his lover with his sweet nectar. Jay was not finished. He locked his legs around Brad and pulled him down to him. He locked his heels behind the boy's back and wasn't about to let go. His kisses did their work as Brad never completely lost his rigidity. His cock filled out for more action and he began again with long hard strokes. Jay winced and asked him to love him now. He hurt. Brad wanted to stop and look Jay dug his heels into the hunk's tight globes and told him his job was to fuck without ceasing.
      Jay's cum was making squishy sounds as the two boy's bellies slapped together. Jay had pumped out three loads before Brad got his rhythm steadied out for his second shot up Jay's stern. He locked his lips against the most precious thing in the world to him as he wondered what was happening in his boy's mind. He so loved this idiot but what was that at school? He wasn't going to worry about that now. He was alone with Jay. Nothing else mattered.
      At last Jay was sated. Brad pulled back. Jay had not had time to clean himself out and the smell filled the room, quickly. There was also blood on the bedspread. Brad wanted to look but Jay told him that they better wash up first. The smell was getting to him. "Well boy, you told me to fuck the shit out of you and if nothing else I aim to please."
      "You can aim that fat ass cock at me anytime, lover. That was the best fuck we ever had. Now we need a shower and I'll let you make love to me." Jay rested his head on Brad's shoulder as they moved toward the shower.
      After thirty minutes of cleaning each other with everything they had to work with the two weak kneed boys moved back to the bed. Brad grabbed the shit and blood covered bedding and threw it across the room as he and Jay slid under the sheets together and fell asleep holding on to each other as if afraid of being torn apart.

      Hunger awakened them. A look at the clock revealed that it was ten o'clock at night. They had been in the room seven hours. A light blinked on a panel on the wall. It was a doorway of some sort. Jay pushed the light which was a button that opened the door to lay out like a table top. Behind the panel were trays with sandwiches and cold soda. Four two liter bottles of ice cold Coca Cola, the boy's favorite.
      They sat with Jay in Brad's lap as they fed each other their sandwiches. "Uh, Brad, about this morning."
      Brad shoved Jay's sandwich in his mouth. "I don't want to talk about it. We are here. There is nothing else. We will discuss that if we ever go back. Until then let's just be one together." Jay's tears streamed down his face as he pulled his boy friend closer so that he could lay his head on his shoulder.
      Brad had a need but he was also worried. He didn't want to go up in Jay until he could take a good look at what he might have done. But he wasn't after that anyway, he wanted, no, needed his. "Jay, babe, I really need a taste of what you had. Can you drive my liver and spleen up under my lungs for me?" Jay giggled at the dude. He so loved the way Brad asked for his turn. Jay knows how wonderful it is to feel the man he loves up in him and he knew that Brad needed that feeling for himself sometimes. Brad is satisfied with fulfilling Jay's needs but sometimes....The two went back to the bed for a long night of love making.
      We never heard another sound until mid-morning. When the two boys pushed the button the next morning Brad asked for Chris. Andy told him that Chris was in a meeting and asked how he could help them. Brad asked if they had any clothing, theirs seemed to have met with some sort of accident. Andy could hear Jay giggling in the back ground. He stifled a chuckle of his own as he told the boys that they could find jump suits in a drawer by the bathroom door. He asked if the boys had a preference for breakfast. Both boys wanted pancakes, eggs, bacon, and ham. Andy told them it would be ready by the time they arrived and that he was sending a driver for them. He sat back in his chair and roared with laughter as he could only imagine what had gone on in that room the night before. To be that hungry it must have been wild.
      The boys throughly enjoyed the food. It must be the mountain air they giggled. After their stomachs were filled their driver told them that a physical check up had been ordered. They questioned him but he only knew his orders. The boys asked the doctor who told them that he was not supposed to say anything but he knew that Chris was taking all of his boys to Europe for the big coronation in November. He had examined all of the boys and given them their shots in preparation so this may have something to do with that. He told the boys that he would not give them any shots until they talked to Chris but since they were there. he would like to do the physical. The boys agreed.
      The doctor called Andy and told him that it was confirmed. Jay had some rectal tearing and bleeding. He would be tender for a few days and needed to start a regimen of antibiotics to prevent any problems. The doctor handed Jay a jar of salve with directions to push it up as far into his rectum as possible for two or three days. Jay blushed and called Brad in so that the doctor could show him how to apply the medicine. The doctor told Jay he should take a series of shots to fight infection, from his rough housing, was the way he diplomatically put it. Again Jay turned multiple shades or red as he turned his cheek to the doctor. The doctor smiled and told him he could get this shot in the arm.
      The boys were driven over to a long one story building. They got out and thanked their driver as he drove away. Jay reached out and opened the door then bowed for Brad to enter first. Brad told him, "Of course, age before beauty. Did you know that Beauty was a horse?" Jay turned to run after the boy but the sight that met their eyes stopped them dead in their tracks.
      Before them stood twenty two naked boys with forty four eyes staring at them. Someone yelled out, "Jay, Brad" and the stampede was on. Hugs kisses gropes and the disappearance of clothing took place in seconds as the boys were led down the isle between rows of queen sized beds. A bed by the door to the latrine was open and the two were told they could put it up there. They all sat together and shared stories of their two months apart.
      Brad and Jay learned that Chris had taken them to Georgia then down to the coast. They had seen all of the area now destroyed by a bitch of a storm named Katrina. They had driven through New Orleans and had actually walked through some of the area that was now destroyed.
      They heard the stories of five new boys who were part of the family. When they heard that these boys had been sexually abused since infancy, by their own parents, they cried along with everybody else in the house. Brad was really glad to hear about them going to Mississippi and building houses. He wanted to try his hand at construction when he got out of school. Jay didn't know that.
      Cullen told them that the whole bunch was on their way to soddy old England to play at his dad's country place for a month then they would go see his aunty get her crown. Brad and Jay both wished that they could go with them but they were sure that they had to get back to school and face the music for what Jay had done.
      There was nary a breath of air to be had in the entire barracks as every boy sat with his mouth wide open and sucking in while staring at Jay. They couldn't believe the balls on the boy to do that. Kenny crawled over and picked up Jay's balls, "My brother has bigger balls than these." Everyone got a good laugh at the youngster as Eric pulled him back and explained to him what was being said.

      Chris was in and out. Jay could tell that the man had a lot on his mind but he really needed the sage advice of the man. He watched for his opening and made his move the next morning as he saw Chris walking alone away from all of the buildings. He figured if he was walking away he was just walking and in no hurry to go anywhere. He walked to his friend and put out his hand to be held as they kept going nowhere.
      Jay asked if he could go somewhere private to talk for awhile. He asked if they could go back to the room he and Brad had shared two nights before. Chris put his arm around Jay and they headed that way. As they went in Luke and Gerald came out. They had spent two nights in their hideaway and they looked so refreshed. They were off to the barracks to rejoin their new family.

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