Jayson Outed
Chapter 33


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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We left off last time with:
          Chris was in and out. Jay could tell that the man had a lot on his mind but he really needed the sage advice of the man. He watched for his opening and made his move the next morning as he saw Chris walking alone away from all of the buildings. He figured if he was walking away he was just walking and in no hurry to go anywhere. He walked to his friend and put out his hand to be held as they kept going nowhere.
     Jay asked if he could go somewhere private to talk for awhile. He asked if they could go back to the room he and Brad had shared two nights before. Chris put his arm around Jay and they headed that way. As they went in Luke and Gerald came out. They had spent two nights in their hideaway and they looked so refreshed. They were off to the barracks to rejoin their new family.

      Jay poured his heart out to Chris as he shared his fears that Brad would leave him for his childish out burst. If Brad had liked fucking that twat so much...that wasn't fair. Lou was trying to protect Brad the way Renee was trying to protect him. He should look at the girls as the friends that they had always been Chris smiled around the mouthful of sweet boi cock that Jay was feeding him. Jay was busy nursing on Chris's giant member himself but Chris kept asking him questions about his young fears.
      Finally Chris had Brad delivered by two near naked men carrying a very naked Brad on a huge tray perched on their shoulders. Chris examined the boy on the tray as Jay asked the waiters if we were too well done. He was told that the boy was served medium rare. He was a rare find but they did not want him to well done so that he could age slowly. That was a satisfactory answer. Chris and Jay knelt down and tipped the waiters swollen tips but they were the ones that got the creamy desert.
      Brad opened up before Chris. He had tried to talk to Jay for the last two weeks but the stubborn kid could do nothing but rant about how fucked up it was that he got raped. Brad told Jay of Lou's desire to have a baby. Lou had told Brad before of her desire and in the park she told him that there had never been a real person with a cock until Brad was born. "The dyke is a true man hater, let me tell you," Brad laughed. Brad was kind of proud to have been thus singled out and he really did want to try some pussy. He swore on bended knee that even though it had been a super great experience she did not compare to Jay. He wrapped his arms around his lover that was seated on the edge of the bed and swore his allegiance directly into the major connection that he and his young lover shared on a constant basis.
      Chris got Ric Garcia on the speaker phone and asked for permission to take the boys to Europe for a month of frolic. Their first stop would be in England at his sister's country estate. He reminded Ric that Cullen was his nephew. The next leg of their journey would only be an overnighter as they were going to fly in for the coronation of Cullen's aunt then fly back out. The boys would be home in about thirty two days.
      Ric cleared his throat and asked for permission to speak. His first statement was a very personal message to Jay. Renee was a right ready bitch with her PMS. She was on the rag and the whole world knew. The boys knew all to well how bad the girl can be every month. The sweetest lamb becomes a roaring tiger ready to pounce on anybody that she feels inclined to shred. They have seen classmates ego so destroyed that all the king's men had to put them together again.
      Ric's next message left both boys in open mouthed awe. Ric and Carlos had entered into a limited partnership in a new business with Enrique Espinosa, Martín's father. He had serious connections in Sonora, a northern border state of Mexico. He had an outlet store in Tucson where he would be able to import some of the finest Southwestern and Mexican style furniture and accessories that the brother's had ever seen. They were excited about adding this furniture to their lines at their two stores in Albany. They also had plans for a new store in Buffalo which Enrique was going to manage.
      Enrique had taken his son out of Tucson in fear for the boy's life. Martín did not know that his father knew that he was queer. Martín is very open and aggressive, as Brad can attest. When things had blown up with the kids at school Enrique confronted Martín in front of Ric and Carlos. Enrique told the men that his son had molested the thirteen year old son of a very powerful drug dealer in Tucson and they were going to kill Martín in a horrible death to show the world what they did to fags who put their pene en niños culatas
      The older brother of the thirteen year old came to the house and told Enrique, "Este cansar de muchahos es anticuado, muerto." He and Martín took a plane to New York that night. Professional movers helped his wife pack and move to join them a week later.
      Brad had to translate. A pene is a penis, culatas is butt, of course. The brother had said, "This molester of little boys is obsolete, dead."
      That scared Enrique. He had known of his son's problem for a few years. Other fathers had come to him. There were complaints from the school that Martín was sucking cock in the restrooms since he was a ten year old fifth grader. Enrique was watching his son but apparently not close enough. Ric told Brad that Enrique had cried as he sat with his son in the living room and Martín told what had happened at school. Chris suggested that Ric talk to Enrique about sending Martín to Bradford Academy. He would call JB and get the ball rolling if that was okay with the Espinsoa family. Ric agreed with Chris that it was a perfect solution.
      Renee said that all of their hard work and carefully laid plans were shot to hell. She told the three that there was a large number of students who wanted both boys impeached and the school was making plans for an election to do just that. The school board had determined that the boys did not project the type of example of wholesomeness and purity that underclassmen could look up too. They approved of and encouraged an impeachment election or they would have to take action. Sure let the kids deal with it while they keep their noses lily white.
      Ric was all to glad to allow the boys to go with Chris and he was absolutely sure that he could speak for Em Adams as well. She was totally destroyed by her son's outburst. She knew for a fact what this revelation would mean for her son. She had set down with Seth, her father-in-law, and discussed ways of sending Jay somewhere safe until all of this had time to cool down and it seemed that Chris had all of the answers, as usual.
      The fags got up in the middle of the bed as they played like cansar de muchahos and put their pene en niños culatas. Bellies full of the thick white stuff and walking stiffly the three rejoined the rest of the family.

      Everyone was in high spirits as they sat and talked. No one was really happy with the jump suits they had on. It was explained that we were on a military base and not in a private place. Christopher, Cory, and Alec came out of the barracks carrying a satin pillow with ten tiny gold pins laid out on it. They stood before the group and announced that it was awards time. Eric, Tony, Brad, Jay, Jace, Jeff, his brother Jay, Chad, Mark, and Evan were lined up facing the crowd. Christopher stepped forward and in his clear speaking voice informed us of the awarding of the Golden Pole Award. The golden pole award is a tiny little gold penis shaped pin that is worn on the inside flap of the fly of a pair pants. The boys created the award for anyone that can ride Chris's cock for a full fuck, with ease and regularly.
      Cory and Alec took a position on their knees. As Christopher called each boy's name they stood before one or the other to have their pin placed on their fly. It was really great fun to see them turn around with a huge erection tenting the stretch material of the dark blue jump suits. Everybody was freeballing so there was no place to hide, but these guys didn't hide anything from each other. I am most proud to tell you that each one loves the other as his very own flesh. There is nothing they would not do for their brothers, including groping their erections as the newly pinned tried to bend over to see their new award.
      Eric is the next to youngest and the next to smallest of the group now. He is four foot six, a whole half inch taller than Kenny, and at sixty nine pounds he is two pounds lighter than Kenny. But he is one major show off. Cory pinned him and he turned around to show us the pin then he backed into the crowd with his tiny butt leading the way as he stuck it up and back, patting it as he walked. He was chanting, "I did it, I did it. You're not so big, it's no big thing. I did it with my little bitty booty." He was in front of Tony when the man/boy reached out and slapped the cute little up turned ass, hard. Eric straightened up and swallowed a tear then charged at the muscled up hunk. We think we know Eric's next task.
      There was a lot of energy in the bunch after we had our evening meal so a game of kick ball was undertaken. The boys were running and shouting and having a grand old time. Suddenly Chris was up and running. A jeep was coming across the runway at top speed. Then from every direction armed soldiers in black uniforms were running at us. All of us were herded inside the barracks and the doors locked.
      Three hours later Andy Foss came in and talked to the boys he told them that Chris was on his way back and they were to check the entire area and make absolutely sure that they had everything that belonged to them. He suggested three waves, one to follow the other as they checked under beds, between mattress and springs, tops of shelves under everything. He told them to do a thorough search because they were not coming back here.
      Another hour and Chris came in with two new boys. Branden ran forward to hug his brother, Frank. Kyle was swept up in a hot kiss by Chad. JB handed a suitcase to Tony and kissed him so long then he said so long to all of the boys and told them he was looking forward to hearing all about their trip when he next saw them. Several of the boys ran up to kiss or hug the old educator. He had become a part of life for the bunch.
      Chris had a naked line up. Andy and Chris went down the line of boys with a digital camera and photographed every square inch of every boy Fingerprints and DNA swabs were made and a small sample of blood was collected. The next part created pandemonium with all thirty four boys. They lay back on the edge of their bed as a doctor and his assistant pulled their young scrotums aside, stretching the firm young skin taught. A very narrow safety razor was dragged across as small of an area as possible removing every hair in about a half inch square area. An alcohol wipe of the area was followed by a tiny needle on a syringe filled with Novocaine®. An air gun with a very large diameter needle was inserted, just under the skin. With a slight pop it was over. Each and every one had a super miniature locator just under his balls. They could now be tracked by satellite anywhere in the world for six months, before the power supply would run down.
      The boys were all dressed alike in one piece nylon jump suits that they hated because it was hard to get off for a quick get off. With that everyone was lined up and passed by Chris and Pete as Chris handed each boy his very own United States Passport with his picture in it. The boys were all proud, even the older college men. They marched out to a tent by a black airplane where each boy handed his passport to one of the two men seated at a table. The men looked at each boy then stamped his passport and handed the document to Chris who put it in his attache case.
      I stood next to Andy as we watched the plane's lights disappear into the inky blackness of the night sky. I so hope the boys have themselves a really great time. I have been so blessed to have been a part of their young lives and budding romance for the past two years.
      I almost feel lost now that this assignment is finished. I wondered back over to the Academy but it was dark and all the youngsters there had turned in for the night. I thought about going down to Albany and see.....whom? Most everyone has gone on with their lives. The cement that held this story together is on an airplane, flying across the Atlantic ocean under cover of darkness on their way to new adventure.
      I do know that I shall see them again. Actually all of them. Chris has put me in touch with a most important man. An author that I am really honored to know. This author has commissioned me to interview each and every personage of import in the story of Chris and his travels in Traveler. I am told that it will be published as an insert in the Traveler series sometime around the end of 2006 or early 2007. Gee, that's only a year from now. I best get started.
      So long to you and thank you so much for reading this story. It has really been fun being with you and I hope you don't forget to write. I do so appreciate your e-mails and those naked pics some of you naughty teenagers sent me were just too delicious. Cal, you are just too much, really, that would choke a horse. Kevin my love, I would really like to meat you in three years, two months, and four days. Arnie, Rocky, Bobby, John, love and kisses. SNIFOC.

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