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What Last Happened

"I tried to kill myself, when?" Brad shyly answers,"Well you tried to kill yourself 3 1/2 weeks ago, and you have been in here ever since." I say um why did I try to kill myself?" There was silence in the room, until Brad finally mustered up enough courage and stated, "I slept with your son and I am the reason why he tried to kill himself." I say in my groggy state, "What's happening, oh my go......" I remember nothing, but I see next shocks me because I have never seen something a fight like that before.............

My brother had pounced on Brad, they were fighting and I say blood, I called for the nurse and in my state of mind I had gotten out of my bed and tried to stop my fucking brother but someone was holding me back, I tried with all my might but there was no hope. I heard Jeremy stop, why, oh my gosh nurse, nurse!!

It was all a dream. The reason I was being hold down was because of I was shaking something was happening and I had no control. After about an hour, people were calming down and I had drifted into a sleep. The next couple of weeks were all a blur, I was let out of the hospital and many friends came over to see if I was getting any better, I really did not know what was going on.

I had come to after awhile and started to get back to school and it was not normal, at school, I was on suicide watch, I had more people stare at me when ever I was in my cooking class and got a hold of a knife to cut some veggies and it was so weird, you would think people might get over it but this was my second suicide attempt and it was just killing me that people knew. I had not talked to Brad or Vinnie in weeks, and my "friends" have looked at me differently now. All I was allowed to do was go to school and come home. My parents have tried to talk to me but I have shunned them.

One early day, my parents didn't know that I got out early so I was waiting for my mom to come and pick me up and anyway I had started to doing drugs and have started doing pot, and it took me off my feet, I was in a different place, so I started to wonder around town and stumbled at Brad's doorstep, so I rang the doorbell and Brad had opened the door, and took me to his room real fast.

Brad asks, "What the fuck dude are you high?" I answer coolly, "No of course not I just came to see ya why?" Brad says, "uh because you are acting funny so yea I haven't talked to you in awhile what's up?" I just say, "dude...." At that moment, his mother comes in all rudely and yells at Brad, "What the fuck is that smell Brad, are you high?" I say, "God look, its Mrs. Rain on my parade.....gosh..." Brad makes eye contact with his mother, and the expression on his face looks like he will shit his pants, and his mom says, "Brad just take Jeremy home, I'll talk to you later, " and then storms out of the room.

Brad took me home and I was to meet my fate, I walk in and my mom & brother are quietly sitting at the dining room table and ask me to join them, and I do and then my mom starts to say, "Jeremy, where have I gone wrong with. You have become a hopeless person, I know that sounds weird coming out of my mom but it is true, your grades have dropped, you are suicidal, and you are rebelling against me and it saddens me. Your brother also has some words to say." Logan shyly said, "Hey um Jeremy, you are my twin and I am so damn worried about you, I know your gay, its alright I don't care, guess what I'm Bi and so what, but I don't want you to hurt yourself, I love you, you are the bestest brother anyone could have and I don't want you to go down that road." I listen to there words and thoughts run through my mind, and I wonder why did I try to kill myself, so I say, "mom can I see a shrink?" She answers, "um sure if you think you need one, come in Dr. Miller." A man I haven't seen before walks in and introduces himself to me. I say hi and ask if we could go to a different room, he says fine.

"Doctor, I don't know what to really say but please help me." Jeremy pleads with the doc. Dr. Miller says, "Well Jeremy, my profession is in suicidal cases so I can help you there, so are you being suicidal because of your sexual preference?" I was stunned at that question because I haven't thought of that so I said in retaliation, "Well no I don't think so, but that is really no the case." Dr. Miller was pondering what I had told him, and then said with a puzzling look, "Did you have suicidal thoughts before you had convinced yourself that you were gay?" I gave him a cold stare, he then asked, "Sorry if that is too personal, but I would like to know, so I know how to help you." I still just stared at him, then I said, "I'm sorry can we just stop for now, so I can think over what we have talked about?" He had agreed but we then talked for another half hour about my social life.

After the doctor had left, my family tried to talk to me but I was in no talking mood. I had shunned them out for the night and just stayed in my room the rest of the night. I saw my brother come to bed but that was about it, he did not try to ask any questions.

I woke up the next day in a great mood and well I did all the normal morning things and ran into the kitchen so see my mom drinking some coffee and then I kissed her, "Hey Jeremy, why you so happy?" I replied happily, "I don't know, I just feel great so yea off to school bye."

I arrived at school after a short bus ride and found my friends and they all said I seem diffrent and they were right I was diffrent and I wanted everyone to know it for some reason. I was a new person, I wanted to throw most of the past away and start with a clean slate. I had arrived to my first class and even the teacher noticed and asked what's up and I replied with, "It's a new day!"

It had been a great day so far, there was no homework and I people were not looking at me diffrently for once in the last couple weeks. I was on top of the world, I had even started to talk to Vinnie and Brad again, even though it was just some small talk. This worked out for many weeks to come and I was on top of the world and I even stayed and Brad's for a couple days. Brad was somewhat distent because of our small confrontation but we were not going into old habits.

It happened one day in early October, and I had provoked it. I was at Brad's and we had started to start a relationship without the sex because of my somewhat fragile state so anyway I had seduced him up to his room and started to kiss him fiercly and he was going bananas, I then started to work on his jeans and he did not stop me. I then lowered his pants and also lowered my head onto his cock, and started sucking like I was in a rush, so he took me off his dick and kissed me and then told me, "Dude slow down, I want to have you forever." I said, "Ok Brad, sorry it has been awhile since I have had that dick inside me." His cock was so hard I spat on his dick to make nice and wet and slid my naked ass onto it and rode it like I haven't rode it before. He was panting so hard and I could tell he was really close, so as I was riding him, I played with his balls and nipples and he was panting so hard and then he came, and it was 5 blasts of hot cum in my ass and it felt so good. The color of his face was gone, and it took a good five minutes for it to come back.

I had left because I kept getting calls from my mom so I went home after that hot sex. I ran home so I wouldn't be late and so my mother won't yell at me.

The next day it was a Wednesday and I was at school and I was going to my locker and I found a little note on it. I took it and the bell was about to ring so I ran into class and throughout the day I was so anxoius because I did not want to read the letter at school. I was scheduled to meet with Dr. Miller so I was thinking of taking the letter with me but I second guessed myself and so I talked with Dr. Miller getting nowhere so I cut the appointment early and ran home, he did ask me if I was anxious but I did not answer. I got into my bedroom and found the letter and opened it and it read.....

"Get away from my fucking friend before I pound your queer ass into the ground....." I dropped the letter after that because I had started to cry and I did not want to read on.

My brother found me on my bed, all soaked in tears and asked if I was ok, and then we started to talk but I had said nothing about the letter so I wouldn't worry him.

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