I am throughly enjoying my new friend, Ryan. The boy is so full of life. I love listening to him tell his story and he has agreed to let me share it with you. Here it is in his own words as we start with

The Dirty Old Man
Part II
Chapter 8


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     I wanted to know what kind of stories Mr. Dickson wrote. He told me that Mr. Dickson never wrote anything to his knowledge. I stared at him. He smiled at me and said, "Son, my name is Carl. Do I call you Ryan or son, Mr. Edgecomb, or what? You tell me." I sat with my mouth open til Jer told me that I looked like I was wanting to suck Carl's cock. Well I did but he still embarrassed me.
     I told Carl that I was Ryan. I reached out and shook his hand then I asked him how big his cock was. He scooted forward in his seat and laid his shoulders back a bit then pulled his huge belly up so that I could see more of his huge meat. He told me that when he didn't carry his keg around that he measured ten and a half inches at six and a half circumference.
     I asked him what keg he carried, where? What did that mean? The other boys were laughing as Jer and I looked at each other with a blank expression on our faces.
     "Well son, er, Ryan. I played football in highschool and had about the most perfect body ever. Everybody wanted a six pack to prove how manly they were. I kept my body in top shape through thirty years in the military but one thing I did wrong. I was drinking too many six packs instead of working out to keep my six pack abs. A few years after I had mustered out my six pack had turned into a pony keg for a gut but that puppy has now grown into what you see here, a full fledged keg size."
     I had to think about what he was saying until suddenly it dawned on me. He drank so much beer that he has beer gut. That made everyone laugh at me. Sometimes I feel so stupid. Am I ever going to grow up for reals?
     Kyle sat down and pulled off his boots then everyone else joined him. "Come on Ryan, let's go swimming." I wanted to sit here and talk for a bit. They still hadn't told me what Carl wrote but I know that name. They all took off to the water as I got undressed. I stood right in front of Carl and let him see all of it. I turned my back and pulled my underwear off then bent over to fold all of my clothes and neatly stack them next to my boots. I stayed bent over with my ass shining right at Carl's face as I carefully unrolled each of my socks and laid them across the tops of my boots so that they would air dry.
     I stood up and stretched, raising my arms high above my head and arching my back so that my hard cock stood out in all of its splendor. I slowly turned so that Carl could see every inch of who I was and what I had. He was staring straight at my eyes with a huge grin on his face. "Think I am hot enough to join Chris and the boys in Traveler?"
     Carl flinched. I had him pegged and he knew it. "You're pretty sharp there, young'n. How'd you know?"
     "I have read all of your stories. I loved Jayson Outed. What are Brad and Jay going to do now? Are they back in school in Tucson? Are they going to bring their wives out? Are they going to raise their babies?"
     "You do read my stories, huh?"
     "I found the Nifty web site two years ago. I bypassed the parental lock out so that I could get into that site. I read something just about every night. Jeremy likes to sit in my lap with me up...you know...and I play with him while we read aloud to each other. We try to put so much feeling into it as we read. My most favorite story was Fairy Boat. It would be so hot to run around naked on an island with three of your friends like that. I was sorry that you cut back on the sex parts in Traveler. They are so great but I guess that e-mail that you put in chapter, what was it twenty eight? of Jayson Outed kind of made you slow down. The guy that wrote that was a jerk, you know. I love getting off to a hot story and you have written some hot ones. Can I suck your dick?"
     Carl led me inside so that he could lay down on his bed with me on top. I don't know for sure who is bigger, Carl or Mark but suddenly I have a taste for huge cocks. Of course what Carl was doing to my itty bitty pucker really helped things along. His tongue is long enough to get up inside of me. He had two fingers in me also. I was fucking his mouth so hard and fast.
     I didn't want to stop when I shot my load but I was so sensitive. Carl hadn't finished yet. Jer came around calling me. I called at him to come inside and join us. He saw us in bed and his eyes popped from his head. Carl is huge, even when he is laying down. He is six foot two and weighs three hundred and four pounds. His waist is forty eight inches around. His cock was standing up like a flag pole.
     I made Jer come on over and feed Carl some boi juice while I got him off. I got between the mans huge legs. One thigh was as big a Jer so I guess it was bigger than me because Jer is a little bit bigger. You don't want to hear about that. You want to hear how I shoved my hand up in Carl's ass as I began to pound his cock into my throat. Jer was hot and ready. He was fucking at full speed. Suddenly I felt Carl's nut tighten. I began to stroke it with my whole hand. He fired off his load. He didn't shoot as much as I do but it was really sweet. He told us that he was diabetic and had a lot of sugar in his system. I could believe that. I washed my hands. Carl said he was going to take a nap. Jer and I ran down to the edge of the lake to swim with the other guys.

     Carl was born in the house that used to be here. He has had this land in his family for over seventy five years so he owns the land right out into the water. He said his dad fought the state when they built the lake and would not give up his deed. Carl has almost a hundred acres under water. He said it didn't mean much but it was nice to know that his land was under there. I was sure that they couldn't just build a lake over his land. He told me that they agreed to let his dad keep their land along the edge of the lake and paid him for the land underwater. That made more sense to me.
     As we put on our clothes to go home I wondered why his house was more than five feet up above the ground. He told us that when the rains came this whole area might be three feet under water until the creek drained out. He pointed at the ruins of the old house on the hillside. He didn't like it up there so much. He liked it down here under the trees so he just raised his new house above the normal flood stage and added a couple of feet for good measure.
     I asked him how he got out of there in a flood. He told me that he couldn't anymore. If he didn't have enough warning to get up to the road he just had to stay in the house until it was over. He said that it seldom ever lasted more than two or three days. He has solar heating and his gas tank is on the hill for his propane stove and back up heater. His electricity comes in from the hill. He has circuit breakers to kill the electricity to the ground level outlets so he is safe and warm up here.
     "Besides that the fishing is pretty good toward the end of the flood," he told me. "The fish fight the fast water but when it starts to go down they are super hungry and will strike at anything, even an old shoe lace." He pointed at a mounted fish over his couch. It wasn't that big but it had a hook and an shoe lace sticking out of its mouth. "Caught that boy in '94 using my shoestrings for bait." He spins a good yarn for his Nifty stories. I wondered about this one.

     Back at the barn Kyle took the saddle off of my horse and handed me a brush and a bucket to stand on. I did what Jer did and brushed my horse down. She really seemed to like it. The hired man came in to take the horses out to pasture but Kyle said we were going out early. We put each of them into a stall then gave them a bucket of oats and other grains all mixed together and a big clump of hay apiece. Kyle let me operate the old fashioned pump handle to fill the water trough for the horses. I was almost done when Judd came over and turned on a water spigot right in front of my face and washed his hands. I glared at Kyle who was rolling on the ground with Jer as they laughed until they got sick.
     I looked around but Mark and Franny were not there then I heard the jeep drive off. Jer told me that they were going into town for a beer. We went inside for some dinner. Granny had done it again. There was food for all of us, twice.
     With stuffed bellies we played some board games. I used to love to play board games with mom and dad and Ricky. It brought back pleasant memories and a few tears. I just told them that I was so happy to be here that I couldn't control myself. Granny said that it was understandable. She said my emotions would join my body in another year or two. I wanted to sit in her lap and tell her the real reason I was crying but I was in the lead and about to win.

     The sun wasn't even up when Kyle came in to awaken us. We staggered around trying to find our heads then our pants and boots. I was still half asleep as I walked into the kitchen and smelled coffee and bacon. I don't really like coffee but damn, that smelled good. I let granny pour just a little bit into a cup. I took a sip. Yep, that was coffee alright. I poured half of the sugar bowl into my cup then filled it up with milk. It still tasted like coffee but sweeter. I looked over at granny. Kyle was standing there with his arm around her and Judd on the other side of him. They were watching my every move. Jer had come around the other way and stepped up beside me with the coffee pot. "Would the gentleman like a refill?" He had a pot of hot coffee in his hand or I would have killed him. Everybody else just laughed at us.
     Granny sat a platter of pancakes in the center of the table that were dripping with butter. She had bowls of blueberries and strawberries. There was a big bottle of honey from her hives out back. She had home made maple syrup from the grove of trees out by the pond and homemade sorghum. I never ate sorghum molasses before. It was delicious. I put both kinds of berries on my pancakes and poured sorghum over them then pigged out.
     Jer put blueberries and peanut butter on his pancakes with some whipped cream. Kyle and Judd had theirs with sausage gravy on them. That looked good but I was stuffed. We rinsed our plates and stacked them for granny to load the dishwasher. She had her own way of doing things and all of us knew not to say anything.
     We got down to the barn to find that Franny and Mark had the horses saddled and ready to go. Kyle went over to the corner and came back with one of the pump up tanks like the bug man sprays our house with back home. He told us to button all of our buttons and hold our arms straight out. He began to spray this shit on our arms, then heavy around our waist, then all around our boots and legs. He made us squeeze our eyes shut real tight then I felt the end of the spray thing as he ran it around my shirt collar. Man it smelled awful. He told us if we thought it smelled bad we should smell it the way the bugs did. He said no bug without a death wish would come near us. I wondered if the horses would let us near them.
     The ride to the blueberry patch didn't take very long at all. It seemed that we were there in half the time as the day before. We tied the horses to a small tree where they could get to the abundant grass on top of the levy then down the hill we went. The patch was much more than I expected. The plants were almost up to my shoulders. I felt lost in there. Kyle stayed right beside me with Jer on his other side. He showed us how to pick the berries without all of the other garbage and leaves getting in our bags which we would have to pick out later.
     We moved through the blueberry patch pretty quickly and each of us had the bags over our shoulders full. Kyle and Judd helped me and Jer close our bags so that the berries wouldn't spill out. We climbed back up onto the levy and tied our bag of berries to the saddle of our horses then rode around to the creek. We got naked and washed off in the shallow water. It was not deep enough to swim in. It only came up about mid way on my calves so maybe eight or nine inches deep.
     There was some sort of long slimy thing that was oozing up my leg. Kyle yelled at us to get out of the water. He pulled it off and threw it against a tree and its blood kind of splattered everywhere. Kyle said it wasn't the bugs blood. He said that was a blood sucking leech. He and Judd told us that this was the first time in years that leech es were found in this creek. We lifted each other's balls and checked each other's crack and under the arms for ticks or other biting sucking vermin. We all agreed that if anything were to suck on us it would have two legs a dick and be cute.
     We rode naked on down to the lake so that we could really cool down and check our clothes for ticks. That was the excuse but we had each brought shorts and tennis shoes to wear back to the house. I didn't care. I kinda wanted to see Chris again.
     Chris was sitting on his porch working at his laptop when we rode up. We said hi. We didn't get down from the horses 'cause we were still gonna go to the lake for a bit. I just wanted to ask Carl about a story he had written that I really like. It is called The Cripple. I told him that there was a kid at my school that was in a wheelchair. He always looks so lonesome. I wished he had a boyfriend. Carl asked me why I didn't become his friend. I blushed as I looked at Jer and told the old man that I was already in love.
     The guys wanted to know what I was talking about. How did I know so much about Carl. I told them that I would read his stories and jack off. If Jer was there one of us would read while the other got on his knees and sucked the reader off then we would change places. Kyle called us dirty little boys.
     When we got to the computer that night we found out that they had been reading Carl's stories. Kyle's favorite was My Gift. But we all cracked up when Judd turned red faced as he said he liked Allstate Cocksucker. They both read Traveler along with the interwoven associated stories. Like Him and Blues then there's Jayson Outed and the first story of the series Andy Finds Daddy.
     The next time we saw Carl we were going to tell him how we liked the many separate stories as opposed to one long story that tried to fit all of the different characters in. Franny told us that by doing a whole story to develop one character made that character so much more alive then when he moved into the main story he wasn't just another pretty body with a hungry ass. We told Franny that we would never accuse him of being a pretty body with a hungry ass. From the way we saw him ride Mark his ass was starving.
     About that time my ass was pretty hungry itself. Kyle had been looking at me all afternoon. I don't know if I am ready to let him fuck me yet or not. We talked for awhile and Franny came up with a solution for all of us. Granny was in bed. We were in the big family room with lots of floor space. We would save our ass for our lovers but there was nothing stopping us from sucking a little cock. Kyle moved right up to me. I looked at Mark. I wanted to deep throat that huge hangin' piece of horsecock on a fat old man's body. Jer sucked Judd while he sucked Franny who sucked Kyle. We lay in a big circle and had a race to see who could get his partner to cum first. No hands only our mouth and a finger or two up the butt, if we wanted.
     Mark nearly washed me away when he fired off first. I could swim in the amount of cum that old man shot down my tiny throat. But it turned me on enough to shoot second at the very instant Jer returned to Mark half as much as Mark had given me. Before I was able to catch my breath everybody had dumped his batter into the mouth of another. We continued to lay there and nurse and play with each other until we got on the rise again. That was when we broke it up to go to bed and scratch those special places where all of had an itch.
     At breakfast the next morning Franny was a bit sad. I kept after him until he told us that Mark was total top and was still virgin. He had only wanted one person in him and that person was long gone. Franny wouldn't tell who that person was.
     We heard a car outside then in a minute the back door opened, "Ma, are you home. Ma, I need to talk." I turned to see who was yelling and locked eyes with Justin Kincade, Jeremy's father.

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