The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book III

Chapter 1
The Robinson Family

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This story is of an adult nature. It is not intended for minors nor for those whose law in their land forbids them to read this material.
This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 19 May 2671, Friday

Jacques walked out of the public transport terminal. He had had a full day of studies and he was really tired. On top of that, he had tons of homework to do.

“Is that you, Jacques?” called out his mother as he opened the front door.

“You know it’s me, Mama!” groaned Jacques. “The security systems would have informed you.”

His mother, a woman in her forties, came in. “You know I don’t pay attention to the displays.” She stretched out her hand and took Jacques’ jacket from him. “Give me this. It’s Friday and I think your jacket needs a wash.”

“Yes Mama,” said Jacques with a smile. He could never stay irritated with his doting mother for long.

“Going anywhere tonight?” asked his mother.

“No. I’ve got tons of homework to do,” he replied. He turned to go into his room.

Mrs. Geraldine Robinson shook her head. She let her son get to his work whilst she got to the kitchen to prepare a sandwich and a glass of milk. She looked into her small refrigerator and saw that there was no ham left. She went to the food dispenser and sent an order for some ham and within a minute, the ham she ordered arrived. She made a sandwich and poured out a glass of chocolate milk that she knew Jacques liked. She put these on a tray and brought it to his room. He had not closed the door and she could see him bent over his terminal doing some work.

“Jacques, I’ve got a snack for you,” Geraldine said.

“Thanks Mama,” he said as he turned. He took the tray from his mother and placed it on a table next to his terminal. He turned back to his terminal but he realised that his mother had not left the room. “Is there something you want, Mama?” he asked without turning to face her

“You’re just like your father. Always work, work, work …” Geraldine said with a hint of sadness.

Jacques sensed the sadness and immediately turned to face his mother who was on her way out. “Wait!” he called out to her.

Geraldine turned back and looked at her son.

“You’re sad, Mama. Why?”

“I’m not sad,” said Geraldine defensively.

“I heard you. What’s on your mind? I’m not too busy to listen to you,” Jacques said.

“That’s what he used …” Geraldine started and then stopped. “It was nothing, son. Go back to your work.”

“It’s about Dad, isn’t it?” said Jacques as he saw the beginning of a tear forming in his mother’s left eye and another in her right. He got up and put his arms round her. Jacques wasn’t a very big man, standing at about 1.8 metres. He still had some growing left to do but he was definitely larger than his small framed mother. “Hush, Mama. What’s the matter? You can tell me.”

“Oh Jacques. I knew that this was going to happen when I married your Dad but I thought I was strong enough,” she sniffed.

“What’s happening?” Jacques asked feeling a little panic rising in himself. He knew that his father was not often home, being immersed in his scientific work but this sounded serious.

“I’m feeling lonely, Jacques. Your father used to call every other day when he started this project. Then when he got busier and he’d call once in four days. Then the calls came only once a week. His last call was three weeks ago!”

Jacques felt an anger rising in him but he controlled himself. He knew that if he were to have an outburst, his mother would get more upset. He calmed himself down quickly before suggesting, “Come, let me try to get him.”

“No, Jacques, he’s a busy man,” his mother said.

“No, I’m going to do it. I’ve not talked to him for more than five months! I’m going to try to get him and if he doesn’t want to talk to me, I’ll just leave a message. Knowing that he is really busy and absent-minded, I’m sure he just lost track of time,” said Jacques, not really knowing what he was talking about. He just needed to say something to keep his mother from knowing that he didn’t really care for his father.

Jacques got to his terminal and started his communication programme. A few minutes later, a man in a military uniform appeared on the screen.

“Good afternoon, this is Lieutenant Derr. I’m sorry. Dr. Robinson is not available at the moment. I’ll get him to contact you as soon as he is free.”

The officer at the display was about to cut them off when Jacques called out, “Wait a minute!”

“Sorry son, is there something else?”

“Yes, Lieutenant Derr. I’m Jacques Robinson, Dr. Frank Robinson’s eldest son. I’d like him to know that my mother, my sisters and I haven’t heard from him for ages. We’d like to know if he’d like to continue to be our father and my mother’s husband …”

“Jacques! What are you saying?” his mother interrupted.

A clearly uncomfortable Lieutenant on the screen nodded his head. “Will there be anything else, Mr. Robinson?”

“Do you have a family, Lieutenant Derr?” Jacques asked.

“Yes, but I don’t see …”

“I just hope that you’ll take time to call them because my father is making his family miserable and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to become like my father. Just make sure my father gets this message. Thank you and good day!” Jacques cut off the connection. He was feeling slightly better.

“Jacques you didn’t have to …”

“Yes, Mama, I had to. The message was recorded and I’m sure he’ll sit up and take notice. If we’d just left a simple message, he’d probably forget about us altogether!”

Geraldine looked at her eldest son. She felt so sad for him. He literally grew up without his father. Because of her younger daughter, Jacques had to go to school on his own on his first day. She thought that he had been very brave. However, she knew that it had not been easy for Jacques. After all, he was the son of a very famous scientist and many things were expected of him. Fortunately for him, he was highly intelligent. School work was no problem for him. She put her right palm on the side of her son’s face. Her eyes were wet and she was smiling.

“Sorry, Mama. I didn’t mean … Perdonami!” Jacques said as he bowed his head.

Geraldine moved her right hand under Jacques’ chin and gently lifted up his head. She seldom heard her native Italian anymore but she was glad to hear her son speak it.

“There’s nothing to forgive, caro. Ti amo sempre! (I love you always),” she said. As she looked into his eyes, she saw a sadness there too. She was thankful that Jacques had grown up without giving her any problems.

What she didn’t know was the fact that Jacques had a lot of problems at the academy. He had shut the problems in himself and pushed himself to his studies to avoid thinking about them.

The tender moment between mother and son was interrupted by a sound from the terminal. Jacques turned instinctively towards the terminal and said, “Who?!”

“Ms. Lelia and Ms. Chiara have returned.”

“What’s happened to Stef?” asked Geraldine.

“That’s also what I’d like to know,” said Jacques as he moved to the door to welcome his sisters.

They could hear the two girls giggling outside. Once they saw their mother and brother waiting at the door, their giggling stopped and the youngest Chiara said in a sing-song way, “Uh oh, Stef’s in trouble …”

“Hi, Mama. Hi Jacques,” said Lelia cautiously.

“Where’s Stef?” asked Geraldine.

“She’s outside … uh … she’ll be up shortly,” said Lelia. She pulled her sister’s sleeve to get her to go with her.

“Yeah,” said Chiara with a giggle, “she’s with a boy …”

“Shhh!” exclaimed Lelia as she pulled her sister harder. The two girls rushed into their rooms.

“A boy?” exclaimed Jacques. “She’s too young to be going out with guys?”

Geraldine smiled. “Jacques, she’s no longer a little girl. She’s sixteen going on seventeen. Why don’t you go back into your room and let me handle it.”

“I’d like to handle the face of the boy who’s …”

“I’m sure nothing happened. Just don’t overreact. I’ll handle this, okay?” Geraldine requested seriously.

“Yes Mama.”

Jacques moved back to his room. He was angry not because his sister was with a boy. He knew that she was easily one of the prettiest girls in school. He was angry because he knew the boy that Stephanie was out with. He was angry because he was jealous.

Jacques got to his room and shut off his terminal in a huff. He knew that he could study no more that day. He lay on his bed and let his memories drift to seven months before.

§~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 4 October 2670, Tuesday

“Hi! You must be Jacques Robinson,” a young man with dirty blond hair came up to Jacques and introduced himself.

Jacques was startled. He faced a very attractive boy. He didn’t believe that it was THAT boy. He had only noticed him in the middle of the year. Discreetly he asked around and found out that the boy was one year behind him which meant that he was a year older. This was because Jacques was two and a half years ahead of his age group. Jacques had quietly asked the group he hung around with and found out the information. He was afraid that the older and more worldly classmates of his might discover his interest in this blond guy. The friends that he hung out with were more interested in talking about girls and a slip from him may have been disastrous. Now this boy was taking the initiative to know him!

“Hi! Do I know you?” Jacques asked.

“I don’t think so, but I do know who you are.”

Jacques smiled. Perhaps he had a chance to befriend this boy. He was glad.

“I’m Mark Keith.”

“Hi there Mark. Very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” Mark said with nervousness in his voice. “I’ll come to the point. You’re probably wondering why I suddenly came up to you and introduced myself.”

“That thought did cross my mind,” Jacques smiled.

“I heard that you’re good in physics and I really need someone to help me with physics. Some of the guys in class offered to help me but they’re also up to their necks in work and so I thought that I could ask someone from the senior class and the name that popped up was yours.”

“Wow! You said that without stopping. You must be really nervous …” Jacques started and trailed off when he saw Mark blushing. “I didn’t mean to tease you. I’d be glad to help you out. How about lunch break? Let’s finish lunch quickly and meet here at the lockers and we’ll find a place to see what we can do.”

Mark brightened up significantly. “Thanks!”

Jacques’ day was off in a very positive direction. He had met someone he liked and it seemed that all was going well. After that first meeting, Jacques found out that Mark was actually quite good in his work. However, there were some very complicated concepts that Mark still needed help with if he wanted to do well in the exams two months later. They decided to meet every lunch break for half an hour so that Mark could make clarifications. Meeting regularly, the two became quite good friends. A week after exams, Mark turned eighteen and threw a big party. He even invited Jacques and his friends. All in all, the break provided Mark and Jacques the opportunity to know each other better.

†~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ †

Date: 28 December 2670, Wednesday

It was just a week before the new school term started. Jacques was surprised to receive a visual memo from his school a day before. He had to see the principal with his parents. His father made a special trip back to attend this meeting. The three of them were ushered into a cosy little room with comfortable chairs and a table in the centre The principal and his secretary were also in the room.

“Good afternoon, Professor Robinson … Mrs Robinson … Jacques,” the principal said as he shook their hands. “Thank you for meeting with us, Professor and Mrs. Robinson. We received Jacques’ examination scores yesterday. We thought that you should’ve a look at them.” He handed the scores to Jacques’ father who gave a slight smile while nodding. Geraldine took a look at it and beamed with pride. Jacques was given a chance to look at his results. It was point three percentage points off the perfect score.

“I contacted the school board yesterday on receiving the results and the board and I are in agreement that if you’d approve, we’d make a special recommendation for Jacques to enter the Sol Academy. With scores like that, I’m sure that they’d gladly take Jacques in. The only problem is that Jacques is still legally a minor. We’d need your consent before making the recommendation.

“I see no problem in sending him there,” said Frank Robinson. “I was there. It’ll be a good place to develop the intellect my boy has.”

“Jacques, what do you say?” asked the principal. “Eager to go to the Academy?”

“Well …” Jacques began.

“He’ll be a fool to let this opportunity pass by!” Frank interrupted.

Jacques was about to say, “Perhaps I want to be a fool and not a genius like you!” but one look at his mother, he decided against it. He kept silent.

“Well then, if you could sign the papers, Mr. Robinson, then everything will be settled,” said the principal.

When it came to Jacques to sign the papers, he deliberately signed his name differently from his normal way. He signed only his surname. His father did not notice anything amiss, but his mother did. She kept quiet and asked him about it the next day.

“What makes he think that I’d want to go? He isn’t in most of the time anyway to take care of me. What does he know about me?” Jacques said angrily.

“Please Jacques, I know you’re upset. If he didn’t say the things he did, would you have said No?” asked his mother.

Jacques looked at his mother. He knew that his mother was right. He would have gone anyway. He was just reacting to his father’s remarks. “Sorry Mama.”

“It’s okay, Jacques. Sometimes I feel the same way, but I know that your father is working very hard to make sure we have what we have. So when I get frustrated, I remember this and my patience comes back.”

Jacques had been so upset that he told Stephanie, his sister, to play tennis with Mark. He was too angry to play. He regretted his decision and wanted to go to the courts but Mark and Stephanie had long finished playing by then. He looked out of his window and saw Mark and Stephanie laughing whilst walking up to the building. They bid each other good bye. It was then that his jealousy started.

§~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 19 May 2671, Friday

As Jacques lay on his bed, he realised that he wanted Mark for himself. The thought shocked him a little. He had never thought of himself as a homosexual. It dawned on him that he was jealous because Mark was straight and though Mark would be a great friend, he would not have what Stephanie had with Mark. The two had started seeing each other after that morning at tennis and Mark even asked Stephanie out for the school dance. Mark had called Jacques several times but Jacques had been quite cold to Mark, saying that he was busy with the new studies at the Academy. He wondered if Mark noticed anything. His question was answered when Stephanie appeared at his room.

“Jacques, can I speak to you?” Stephanie asked.

Jacques sat up and turned towards the door. “Yea, Stef?”

“Mark wanted me to tell you to give him a call. He wanted to bring you out for dinner. He’s tried for weeks to get in touch with you. It was supposed to be your birthday dinner but now I guess he just wants to catch up with you.”

Jacques had celebrated his eighteenth birthday about six weeks ago. He had hoped his father would return but he ended up going out with his new friends from the Academy. He knew most of them casually and went out with them because they had arranged something and his mother had encouraged him to do so.

“Okay,” Jacques said.

“Are you angry with me?” Stephanie asked.

“No, what makes you say that?”

“Well, you look like you want to punch someone and Mama did say that you weren’t too pleased with me talking to Mark.”

“Oh that! It was just residual anger for not being able to get Dad. I wasn’t really angry with you.”

“Dad? Does he even know we exist? At least he came back for your results. I don’t know if he’d come for mine if I’d grades like yours.”

“First,” said Jacques feeling a little angry at the mention of his father again. “I sincerely hope that you’d think carefully before doing something foolish like getting almost perfect scores. Second, Dad wasn’t interested in me, he was just interested in what my results said about him. I wasn’t allowed to speak or choose anything. He just said, he’s going and that was it. He didn’t speak to me during our journey to school nor back from school. Third, enjoy your teens. I’m missing out on the stuff that my friends in school are going through now.”

Stephanie realised she had just struck a sore nerve. She changed the subject immediately, “Call Mark. He’s expecting your call.”


Stephanie turned to go. She didn’t like to be around Jacques when he was in one of his moods.

Jacques called Mark and he agreed to meet Mark for dinner. A few other guys that they knew were also going to be there.

During dinner, Jacques discovered that Mark had fallen in love with his sister. He was very hurt inside. He also realised that it was not Mark’s fault. Mark treated him like a good friend but Jacques had expected too much. Jacques pushed back the hurt and smiled quite a bit during dinner. Mark was straight and a friend. Jacques decided that having a friend is a lot better than to be the enemy of someone who could eventually be his brother-in-law.

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