My Broke Straight Bois

Written By Angyl

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I was browsing the web and looking at porn, looking at my usual sites. I came across a site that got the wheels turning in my head. It was a site with straight bois who would do anything for cash, and ended up fucking and shit. After some snooping around, and sending a few email, I learned that this was a genuine site, and the guy were average guys off the street. The wheels in my head started to turn. I got an idea and was totally thinking of seeing if I could generate anything out of it. The idea of seeing two straight guys going at it was a total fucking turn on. I had money so that was not an issue and I had a couple guys who I knew were straight, and desperate for cash, and I was pretty sure they would do anything for it. I laughed to myself as I decided to see what I could get going with these two. I formulated a plan and would put it into action that night when both were at home. Oh did I mention they were both hotties?

Aaron is about 6"2 and weighs roughly 160 lbs. His hair is brown and he spikes it. I guess he has a punk style to him. So yeah he fits into my style of guy. Clayton is total opposite of Aaron. He is the same height, but weighs about 170. He has a gangster style to him. Yeah that is my style as well. Both bois work out a lot, but I think Clayton is more into it that Aaron.

Several hours later Aaron and Clayton came home. I asked how the hunt for a job was going, and both bitched that is was not going anywhere. I smiled as I knew a way for them to get the cash.

"Well I know a way for you two to make some quick cash." I said.

Both bois turned and looked at me. I just smiled.

"What did you have in mind?" Aaron asked.

Well meet me in the den after you two get settled and we will talk. I had deliberately left the computer on the site I had visited. I wondered if they would even look at it or not. I got my answer when I walked in the room.

"Is that the fucking idea you had?" Aaron asked pissed.

"Come on you know you need the money or you are fucked."

"No way, neither of us is gay!" Clayton said.

"Suit yourself." I said and turned to leave.

I knew damn well they we going to think and debate it. I left them alone and could hear them arguing. I retired to my private office to await the decision. Eventually Aaron came in the room.

"No one will ever find out about anything that happens?" He asked.

"You have my word on it man."

"Okay we will try but if uncomfortable we stop okay?"

"No problem."

I smiled as Aaron left the room. I knew I would need the cash on hand for this to work. I had gone earlier to the bank and grabbed the cash, just on the off chance. I grabbed the money and head out to the den. I found both bois sitting on the couch, opposite ends, and looking nervous.

"Well is not going to work if you two do not sit together."

Slowly the two moved to sit next to each other. I laid down the ground rules, to which both agreed. I would offer them cash to do something to each other, if they did it I would hand over the money, if they would not do it they did not get the cash. The amount would be the same for both. I got things going.

"So I will give you each 300 dollars to strip each other's clothes."

They sat there for a couple seconds. Aaron was the one to start. He reached over and undid Clayton's shirt and took it off. Clayton followed suit. They eached stripped down to boxers. I think they were nervous about going further than that.

"Come on guys, all of it."

Slowly they took off each other's boxers and sat awkwardly on the couch. I handed them each 300 dollars. Thi might be easier than I though, was the thought that came to my mind.

"100 dollars to start jerking you cock."

"Each others?" Clayton asked.

"No you own."

The bois started to play with themselves. I could see they were both getting hard. I placed another 100 dollars by them. I decided it was time to go further.

"Okay I will give each of you 500 dollar to jerk each other off."

Both looked at each other apprehensively, but again Aaron took control, and reached over and began to stroke his buddies cock. Clayton was a bit slower, but eventual he too was stroking Aaron. I watch as the bois worked their hand up and down on each other's cock. As hot as this was I wanted to see how far they would go. I place more money beside them.

"Why don't you pull the bed open and get comfortable." I suggested.

The bois got up and opened up the futon. They climbed on the bed together, and resumed jerking each other without being provoked into it. Damn what a sight to behold.

"Okay now I will give you 500 more to suck each other off."

I had the cash in hand for them to see. They looked at each other. I do not think Clayton was willing, but Aaron did not wait he slowly moved so he was down by Clayton's cock, and his was by Clayton's face. Albeit a bit awkwardly Aaron took Clayton in his mouth, he gagged a couple times as he slowly figured out what he was doing. Clayton lay there before finally succumbing and took his buddies cock in his mouth. I watched as they both began goin up and down on each other. I could hear them moaning as they worked each other. Shit this was fucking hot. I needed to release, but did not want to do anything. The bois were really into it now, who knew? Clayton had to stop and warn his friend.

"Fuck I am gonna cum!!" He yelled.

I did not expect Aaron to continue, but he did. I watched and Clayton released his load. Amazingly Aaron Swallowed. Clayton return to his cock, as he was milked dry. Aaron lay back and let his bud suck him. He was moaning, and from the grunting I think he was getting close.

"Oh man I am gonna shoot!!"

Clayton was about to pull off, but Aaron stopped him as he blasted his load into Clayton's mouth. Clayton had no choice but to swallow. Once he was done he sat up and has a pissed look on his face.

"What the fuck man, why did you do that shit?" He demanded.

"Well he swallowed your load only fair." I put in.


Both bois were now sitting on the bed. Subconsciously or not they were playing with themselves, and in no time were hard again. I handed the money over. I went over to a side table and pulled out some lube and a couple condoms. Both saw what I had.

"No fuck way man, I ain't gonna fuck or get fucked by a guy!!" Clayton said, as he scrambled off the bed.

"Hey we agreed it was all or nothing you chicken shit!!" Aaron yelled back.

I was surprised by this. I watched as a reluctant Clayton got back on the bed.


"Well I have 2000 left so let's get going." I said.

I instinctively handed to condoms to Aaron. Clayton lay down and lifted his legs. I was really beginning to think that Aaron was the dominant of the two. Aaron got the condom on and lubed his cock, and then put a generous amount in his friend. He did not even bother to work his friend, but began pushing in. I watched as he got his cock head in. Clayton yelped.

"Fuck get it out of me that fuck hurts!!"

"Just wait the pain will subside." I said.

Aaron waited, and as he watched his friend get used to the intrusion, he began to push in more. Eventually get himself all the way in. Clayton had a pained look on his face, but he did not fight it.

"Ow hurts."

Aaron was gonna pull out but Clayton stopped him.

"No don't just give it to me!!"

Aaron began to slowly pull out and then would ram his cock back in. Clayton's face would cringe ever time Aaron slammed home.


Clayton was enjoying it. Aaron was really giving it to him hard and fast. You could hear as his hips slapped again Clayton's ass as he slammed in. I was having a fuck of a time containing myself. The action was so hot. Aaron and Clayton were both sweaty. Aaron was grunting hard as he worked Clayton's fuck hole. Clayton's eyes rolled back in his eyes. He had taken his cock in hand and was pumping it hard.

"AHHHH!!!" He yelled.

I watched as he shot his load all over his chest and face. Aaron reached down and scooped some off and slurped it up. I moved in closer and saw his balls tighten up. He was almost growling as he slammed hard into Clayton.

"Oh fuck here it cums!!" He screamed.

He pumped a few more times, before ramming home and shooting his load. He stayed inside Clayton until he went limp. He rolled and lay next to Clayton. Both were breathing hard. I went and sat on the bed. I handed each the remaining money. It had been a satisfy venture for me and well worth the money spent. I got up to leave, but Aaron grabbed my arm.

"Hey you did not get off." He said.

"It's all good, will deal with it later." I replied.

Clayton moved and quickly had my cock out of my boxers. I lay back on the bed. Both he and Aaron took turns sucking me off, and even together licked the tip. They each would stroke my cock a bit, and back to sucking me off. Fuck this was intense. I could feel myself getting close.

"Fuck I am gonna blow!!"

Aaron jerked my cock until I shot my load. He kept pumping until I had no left in me. The both bois proceeded to lick my cum off me.

"Wow guy's that was great, but I have no cash, and technically I was not part of the deal."

"Consider it a gift to you from us." Aaron said.

The bois got dressed and took the money each had made. I had lost count, but they made well over two grand. That should keep them going for a while.

That night as I sat and wrote about it, something occurred to me. You can get a straight guy to do something sexual with another guy if he is desperate enough for money. I wondered if the bois would want to have another round. Aaron was definitely the dominant one and I was pretty sure they would be willing for it again.

The End...



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