A Curious Tug of War, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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It was still dark outside when Jamie heard the text come over his phone. He had placed it by his pillow so that he would be sure to hear the alert come over, an alert that he had set to vibrate so that his mom and his little brother wouldn't hear it. Knowing that he had less than ten minutes to put himself together, the 13 year old got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. After a much needed visit to the toilet to drain his painfully full bladder, the youngster got his toothbrush down and applied a liberal amount of toothpaste to it, then he set about brushing his teeth as thoroughly as he could. After tending to his oral hygiene, the boy fixed his hair in the mirror, wishing that he had time for a shower as he untangled his messy brown locks. He ended his grooming by wiping the sleep from his eyes, then he quietly made his way back to his room, where he donned a pair of sweats and changed out of his night shirt.

After stepping into a pair of shoes, the boy tip toed out to the front door. When he pulled it open, a blast of cool air flowed into the apartment, causing the thermostat to kick in and the heater to turn on. Jamie's mom listened from her room as her son closed the front door to their apartment as quietly as he could and snuck out the door. She rolled over and looked at the alarm clock next to her bed, noting that it wasn't quite 5am. Still, at this early hour, she couldn't go back to sleep knowing that her 13 year old was outside, waiting patiently for the paper boy to arrive. Not because she was concerned that he wanted to read the newspaper, but because she knew why he was waiting for the carrier.

Right on time, Jamie saw the familiar headlights of a blue sedan coming up on his apartment. The young man in the car was tossing rolled up newspapers along the way, grinning when he saw the boy standing there. When Jamie got in his car, the 22 year old in the driver's seat tossed a paper onto the porch that belonged to 13 year old Jamie and his family, then he leaned over and offered the boy a kiss. Feeling lovestruck, the teenager eagerly accepted the kiss with a soft whimper, loving how it made him feel to kiss his older lover.

Good morning sunshine,” the man said when their lips separated.

Good morning Michael,” the youngster said with a dreamy smile, his boyish voice still laced with grogginess. “Thanks for waking me up this morning.”

With that, the boy wrapped his arms around Michael's bicep and rested his head against his shoulder as he accompanied him on the remainder of his morning paper route. With less than 20 stops to go, the route didn't take very long, and Jamie was grateful for that. He gazed up at his lover with stars in his eyes as they made their rounds, occasionally reaching down into the 22 year old's lap and squeezing his stiff package through his sweat pants. In return, Jamie was treated to sweet kisses on the lips that he reveled in. When Michael threw the last paper, he drove his young companion to a secluded spot in the apartment complex, right behind a long dumpster, and turned the engine off.

Right away, Jamie was all over his older lover, leaning in and sharing a long, tongue filled kiss while he tugged the string on the young man's sweat pants. He let loose with a soft moan when he loosened the knot and was able to reach inside and wrap his hand around the stiff dick that he was seeking. As soon as he pulled the cock from his lover's sweats, Jamie laid his head in Michael's lap, eager to wrap his lips around it. With his mouth now filled with hard dick, the youngster felt his body shiver with passion. He could feel the heat radiating off of the thick shaft, filling his mouth with goodness as he considered the load he would inevitably swallow. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the morning musk that was pouring into his young nostrils, making him crazy with lust. Michael ran his right hand up and down the boy's back, feeling the warmth of his skin through the thin fabric of his shirt. Jamie responded by purring, then he curled his legs up on the seat and raised his bottom up, inviting Michael to access it if he wanted. Picking up on the signal that his 13 year old lover was sending him, the 22 year old ran his palm all over the boy's shapely rear end, feeling its soft contours through the black cotton sweat pants that the boy was wearing. He gave his young lover a few playful pinches on the ass, prompting the young cock sucker to smile up at him appreciatively.

Do you want me to fuck you this morning?” the young man asked, and the horny boy nodded furiously without taking his cock out of his mouth. “Do you want me to shoot a load in your mouth first?”

With a hot, almost animalistic moan, Jamie nodded again, this time while he ran his fingers through his lover's pubic bush with his left hand and fondled his balls with his right hand. Satisfied with the boy's answer, Michael continued to grope the supple bottom through his sweats, earning him yet another smile from the 13 year old.

Michael knew that Jamie was hot for it this morning. He'd been unable to take the time to fuck his willing young lover all week long. He was in his final semester of college, then he would be heading to graduate school the following year. Just like Jamie, the young man had to get to class in the morning, so he ran his paper route, then he would go home and get ready. Unfortunately for Michael, he had a hard deadline to meet at school and needed to spend as much time as he could working toward meeting that deadline. So he and Jamie compromised, with the horny boy giving him car head each morning while Michael finished throwing his papers. After sitting up and swallowing a load, Jamie was dropped off in front of his apartment while Michael drove straight home and got to work. This arrangement worked well for Jamie for the first two days. He's always hot to suck some dick for his lover, and the warm loads stayed with him well into his day. But then the boy started to feel antsy for some back door action in the morning, and he employed a familiar but somewhat curious method for quelling that need.


“Honey, have you been in my night stand again?” Mrs. Stevenson asked her son, who had curled up beside her on Wednesday morning. Jamie looked up at his mom with a sleepy expression and nodded, then he rested his head on her shoulder while she wrapped her arm around him for warmth. The youngster had been getting in early from his hookups with Michael and going back to bed, so when he emerged from his room at 6:30 in the morning, he was dressed in his night shirt and his plain white undies. She gently cupped his head and planted a kiss on the top, then she told him, “You know, that's mommy's toy, honey. If you want to use it, that's fine, but I want you to ask first.”

I'm sorry,” the slight 13 year old said through a yawn, then he stretched his legs out and let his joints crack. Satisfied with his stretch, Jamie curled his legs back up and wrapped his arms around his mom's neck before he continued. “I'm going to wash it before I give it back, mom.”

I'm glad you plan to wash it, sweetie, but that's not the point,” she said, using a soft but firm tone. “You need to ask me first. Sometimes mama wants to use it, too.”

That's gross,” Jamie muttered, prompting his mom to give him a playful swat on his underwear clad behind.

It's gross when I want to use it, but not when you want to stick it up your butt?” she asked incredulously, earning her a wry smile from her boy.

It's different,” Jamie said shyly, then he looked down at the couch cushion while his mom rubbed his back.

I see,” she told him. “I'm starting to think that maybe it's time for us to invest in some toys that you can keep in your room, honey.”

Really?” Jamie asked, his eyes lighting up with excitement. “Can I pick them out, mom?”

Sweetie I'd love to let you do that,” she told him with a sympathetic smile. “But I'm afraid I can't just take a young boy into the sex shop with me. They might not like that.”

Oh,” Jamie said, feeling a little crestfallen, then his mom ran her fingers through his messy hair and kissed his cheek.

How about if we look online tonight when I get home from work,” she suggested. “You can pick out a few things that you'd like to try, and I'll see what I can find when I go to the sex shop, okay?”

I love you, mom,” Jamie said, planting a kiss on his mom's cheek.

I love you too, honey,” the doting Mrs. Stevenson said. “Hopefully when you have your own toys, we can stop fighting over mine.”

For all intents and purposes, Jamie Stevenson was out of the closet at home and at school. His penchant for ogling cute boys was established in the first month of the 6th grade, when he was still learning about his sexuality. As he traversed the campus of his middle school, he found himself boy watching all day long, grinning through his newly installed braces and blushing deeply when a cute boy made eye contact.

As his sexuality started to come to light, the boy found himself being bullied at first, then a group of three 8th graders invited him to hang out one day. When Jamie arrived at the house where he was to meet his new friends, he discovered that there were no adults present.

With no adult supervision, the boys took advantage of the cute 11 year old. They showed him gay porn on the computer and studied his reaction. While he was watching twink after twink take it in the ass, usually while sucking a cock, his young body sizzled with desire. Seeing that the boy was aroused, his new friends asked him leading questions about if he thought they were cute, and whose dick he would suck. With a feeling of carnal lust filling his young body, Jamie pointed to the cutest boy of the bunch and promised to give him head in exchange for a kiss on the lips.

By the end of the hour, the previously inexperienced 6th grader had sucked off all three boys, his technique improving with every blow job that he gave. By the end of the next hour, Jamie had taken all three of their loads again, and he was openly fingering his ass in hopes of getting as lucky as the twinks on the PC had. When the boy with the smallest dick crawled between his opened legs, Jamie did what he saw the twinks in the films do; he lifted his legs and rested them on the boy's shoulder, then he bit his lower lip and accepted his cute lover's cock with a whimper. When he felt the young cock in his ass, Jamie immediately enjoyed a sensation that he never knew before. He loved having a hard dick inside of him, and he felt a special warmth spreading through his chest as he sighed up at his top.

After a fast first lay on the bed, his lover pulled out and Jamie quickly offered to let the other two boys have a turn. In quick order, the 6th grader was mounted and fucked by both boys, taking them in order of their cock sizes. When the boy with the biggest dick entered him, Jamie felt electric and wished that they could stay that way forever. Unfortunately for the youngster, his hot, tight bottom was a ride that none of the boys could stay on very long, and they all finished quickly inside of him. But the promise of taking their cocks the next day was enough to sate the now deflowered boy, who took nothing but pleasure in sucking all three of his lovers clean while they sat on the side of the bed and played video games.

When he arrived home later in the day, he was glowing with sexual contentment that his mother could see right away. Mrs. Stevenson was no fool, either. She knew her son better than he knew himself, and had picked up on his affinity for boys long before he ever entered middle school. When he came inside, he was sporting a little boner in his pants and his rear end was switching from side to side. His lips were slightly swollen, and she thought that she could detect a slight lisp in his speech. What struck her as the most telling item of evidence that her son had been getting lucky somewhere was the unmistakable odor of sex that was rolling off of him. It was a spicy aroma, a mixture of cum and ass juice that hit her nose like a punch, but that he seemed oblivious to.

As time went on, the horny boy got more and more involved with his growing circle of lovers from school. He was making regular plans to see them, usually after school and almost always on the weekends. Soon, there were boys outside of that circle that he wanted to be with, and he was sure to give them the signal that he was willing to have sex with them. One of those people had been Michael, the paper carrier who showed up to collect one evening. Mrs. Stevenson answered the door and was in the process of writing a check when then 12 year old Jamie came home from a long afternoon of passion with a 16 year old boy from a nearby apartment complex. Still horny from the sex he had been enjoying all afternoon, Jamie was floating on a cloud when he walked home. The cute boy he was with planted three large loads deep in his boy pussy, affording Jamie the opportunity to walk home with a rear end that was brimming with hot cum.

As a final act of devotion, Jamie spent a half hour between the boy's legs, treating him to a long, sensual blow job that both boys enjoyed. With his mouth and throat accommodating a hot, teenaged dick, Jamie smiled up at his lover and was rewarded with a creamy load that filled his mouth until it overflowed. While Jamie was swallowing the thick offering of cum in his mouth, the rest of the load was shot all over his cute, smiling face. He dutifully licked his lover's cock clean, then he made a show of using his fingers to scrape the cooling cum from his face so that he could slurp it into his mouth. After licking his braces clean, he got dressed and was treated to one last French kiss before he had to walk home. The entire way home, his cute bubble but was switching back and forth, and he felt a desire deep down inside to attract another mate for more romance.

As he approached his apartment, the tall, hunky 21 year old was standing in the doorway, carrying on a friendly conversation with his mom about college and his plans for graduate school. He was immediately taken with the cute young man who smiled at him, returning his friendly gesture with a suggestive smile of his own. The young man found it a little uncomfortable to have the boy flirting with him, especially in front of his own mother, but young Jamie seemed not to care. He let his horny, cum filled bottom swing gayly from side to side and licked his deep red lips, which were swollen from the long blow job he had just given.

You're cute,” he told the man with a thick lisp.

Mrs. Stevenson swatted her son on the bottom and told him to stop it, but Jamie only grinned playfully at the young man and made silent plans to seduce him. The next morning, Jamie heard the unmistakable sound of newspapers being tossed, and he looked at his alarm clock, noting the time. The day after that, he was standing on the edge of the sidewalk when Michael pulled up. After assuring the young man that his mom was in bed, the horny 12 year old got in the car and sucked a load straight from the 22 year old's long, swollen cock. The next day, Jamie was back in the man's car, sucking lustily while he fingered his own ass, wanting his lover to know that he was an eager bottom. After swallowing a thick load of his lover's sperm, Jamie was ushered behind the dumpster. It was there that he dropped his pants and bent over, then he took a pleasure filled ride on Michael's long shaft.

With the long shaft filling his yearning bottom so deliciously, Jamie shivered hard through his hot moans. His eyes were shut tight and he was sporting a dreamy smile on his young face. He was in such a state of sheer bliss as he took thrust after inward thrust of Michael's rock hard cock that he didn't notice his mom, who was watching from a distance. The widow Mrs. Stevenson was suspicious of her son's early morning outings, and had begun to suspect that he was sneaking off to meet the young paper carrier. But when she saw the look of sheer decadence on her son's face as he rode Michael's cock, she knew that there was nothing for her to do. The moaning that she heard from 100 feet away told her that he was addicted to the young man's dick, and that he would do anything to feel it slide up his ass. The way her son was pushing back to meet Michael's deep, forward thrusts let her know that he was going to be up every morning, out the door before 5am with his bottom lubed up. His hard little cock was pointing at the ground, sticking out through a tiny patch of pubic hair that had just started to grow. But it was clear to Mrs. Stevenson that neither of them were concerned with Jamie's hard dick. It was there that Mrs. Stevenson came to the realization that her son truly was a gay bottom, just like he always told her. At that moment, she understood that he would only be sexually fulfilled if he had a cock to service.

From that day forward, Mrs. Stevenson would awaken with the sound of her little boy in the bathroom. She would listen to his morning routine, hearing his piss stream hit the water in the toilet, wishing that he would climb back into bed. She would hear him brush his teeth, then listen hopefully for the sound of the TV from his room. But instead, she heard him rushing to get himself together, then slip out the door with the intent of getting laid by his early morning lover. She would hear the car pull up, then she would hear the passenger door close and the car would pull away. She knew that her son was sucking dick in the car, and that after he was fed a hot load of cum, he would sit up and swallow. She knew that after all of that, he would get out of the car and drop his pants, eager to bend over and receive a butt fucking behind the dumpster.

It made her sad that her 12 year old was no longer the innocent little boy he once was. But seeing him take the cock of his 22 year old lover so easily, she knew that he hadn't been that innocent boy in a long, long while. So she eventually accepted the fact that her son was a cock hound, then she quietly embraced it. So when he came in on Monday after only 15 minutes, she wondered what was different. The youngster made a beeline for his room and got back in bed, then he woke up and spent the morning helping his mom in the kitchen with breakfast. Before he left for school, Jamie went back into his room and Mrs. Stevenson heard the unmistakable sound of a vibrator from behind his door, alerting her to the fact that he had been in her room. When he took off, she went back into his room and retrieved her dildo, then she took off for work. When she got home, she noticed that once again, her dildo was missing, but she didn't bring it up. Instead, she listened through the darkness as her son moaned with pleasure over the sounds of the long vibrator that belonged to her.

The next day, Jamie was up and out the door at 4:50 in the morning, only to return at 5:05 and head back to bed. She didn't want to pry, but his quick rendezvous with his lover was so unusual that she brought it up in casual conversation while her 8 year old was in the shower.

Did you go out this morning?” she asked, and Jamie nodded. “You weren't gone very long, honey.”

Yeah, it didn't take as long as it normally does,” Jamie said with a deep blush. “He's been busy with school this week.”

I see,” his mom said as she cracked an egg into the frying pan. “Well, I'm sure you'll be seeing some boys from school later, won't you?”

Yeah,” her son said with a smile, dreaming about the next cock to slide up into his incredibly horny rear end. “I might go see a boy on the way to school.”

While his mom worked on breakfast and his little brother was in the bathroom, Jamie went back into his room and took a fast ride on the vibrator. His mom could hear his moaning and the springs in his mattress creaking, and she thanked her lucky stars that her little one was in the bathroom, taking a long overdue shower before school. When Jamie heard the water stop in the bathroom, he expelled the dildo and wiped it clean, then he put it back under his pillow. When he left for school, his mom once again retrieved it and put it back in her nightstand, only to find out that night that Jamie had once again taken it for his own use when he came home from school. She listened as her 13 year old rode the long dildo for an extended amount of time, his moans echoing off of the walls for nearly 20 minutes until he collapsed with exhaustion and turned the vibrator off.

On Wednesday morning, before her son curled up at her side on the couch, Mrs. Stevenson heard him hurry out the door and get into his lover's car, only to return after 10 minutes. He got back into bed and the sound of the vibrator carried into her ears for five minutes while his mattress creaked loud and fast, then the vibrator stopped and he fell asleep.

The implied tug of war over Mrs. Stevenson's toys began long before Michael imposed a moratorium on anal sex. It began shortly after Jamie began having gay sex, but neither mother or son had brought it up. One day, when his mom and little brother were out, Jamie was home alone and feeling horny for anal sex. He tried to find a boy to hook up with, but he was still spreading his wings, so to speak, and his selection of lovers was still quite modest.

So the crafty 11 year old snuck into his mom's room and rummaged through her nightstand, where he found a long dildo that looked like a real cock. Eager to try anything, the youngster snuck it back to his room and lubed his bottom with Vaseline. When he sank himself down on the dildo, he felt a powerful burst of pleasure roll through him that he never knew he could feel, mainly because the dildo was bigger than any cock he had taken up to that point. After taking a ride that filled him to the brim with pleasure, Jamie was hooked on the dildo. A few nights later, the little boy snuck back into his mom's room, eager to procure the massive plastic phallus for the evening.

When he opened her nightstand up, he came face to face with an even longer dildo and felt a shudder run through his horny young body. When he took it back to his room, he turned a dial at the base and it started to vibrate. With the promise of an adventurous evening ahead, the horny boy lubed his ass up and climbed on, taking a 10 minute ride that made him moan hotly while his mom and his little brother watched TV in the living room. Mrs. Stevenson could hear the vibrator through the wall, mixing in with her son's moans, so she turned the volume up and prayed that her then 7 year old wouldn't hear his brother. When he emerged from his room, Jamie was glowing with pleasure and letting go of repetitive sighs of relief as he sat on the couch with his mom and his brother.

Before he went to bed, Mrs. Stevenson finally brought the matter to her son's attention. This led to the moment when they both acknowledged that Jamie enjoyed taking it in the ass. Mrs. Stevenson was sympathetic to her son's plight, but made it clear that he should be more cognizant of his little brother's prying ears.

Honey, I know that you get special feelings in your rear end,” she told him with a matter of fact tone. “But Jesse and I could hear you in there, and he's still a very little boy.”

I'm sorry mom,” the 11 year old said, prompting his mom to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I just felt like I needed to go in there and make it feel better.”

Did that help, honey?” she asked, and the little boy nodded. “How long have you been having special feelings back there, honey?”

Ever since the first time I was with a boy back there,” Jamie admitted, alerting his mom to the fact that she was right about him giving it up. She knew that his daily visits with cute boys from school weren't merely social calls. She'd been suspicious for a while that these visits were booty calls for the boys and cock dates for her son. Now she had her answer, and both mother and son felt a sense of relief. Mrs. Stevenson's relief came from the fact that she knew what her son was doing, and that he was enjoying his activities. Jamie's relief came from the fact that he was officially out of the closet to his mom, and could now pursue cute boys from school without fear of punishment. His mom sealed the deal with a long hug and a kiss on the cheek, then mother and son settled in for a long, frank discussion about his craving for gay sex that left Mrs. Stevenson a little shaken.

Before Jamie went to bed that night, he peaked into his little brother's room, making sure that he was sleeping soundly, then he hurried to his own room and closed the door. Mrs. Stevenson was sitting on the couch, unable to sleep after the conversation with her son. During their talk, she received confirmation from her 11 year old that he was gay, horny and looking to take a few cocks in the ass each day. He admitted that he was sucking dicks for boys after school, and that he planned to start sucking off high school boys as well. And while he didn't exactly couch his confession using those terms, the message was clear. When Jamie gave her a hopeful look and asked for permission to have boys over after school, Mrs. Stevenson gave up the internal struggle and agreed. She took it a step further, suggesting that if her son had a special friend, he might enjoy having that friend spend the night.

She heard the vibrator start and her son's mattress creaking, then she heard him moaning with ecstasy. In the middle of the night, Jamie got up to pee, then he went back to his room and felt his horny rear end shiver at the prospect of another hot ride. Unable to resist, the boy slid the vibrator back up his ass and rode it hard, rousing his mom out of her troubled sleep and alerting her to the fact that he was once again anally masturbating with the vibrator.

The next day, she confiscated the dildo from her son, but a few days later, it was gone again. So began a long, silent back and forth between mother and son over the long, thick dildo that they both enjoyed so much. When Jamie met Michael six months later, the tug of war seemed to slow down, though it never officially ended.


Jamie was smiling at his lover from the passenger seat, where he had just sat up and swallowed a hot, thick load of cum. He felt his young body shiver as it slid down his throat and into his tummy, and he let go of a satisfied sigh as he licked his braces, pulling in the strands of cum that he had there. The young man was sitting in his seat in a prone position, his mind and body still reeling from the blow job that Jamie had given him, and the load that he shot into the boy's mouth. He took a few deep breaths and collected his thoughts, letting his gaze travel over to the passenger seat, where the cute 13 year old was gazing across at him with stars in his hopeful young eyes. Michael reached out and took Jamie's soft hand into his and lifted it to his mouth, then he planted a tender kiss and said, “Are you ready?”

Yeah,” Jamie said breathlessly, then both lovers opened their doors and got out of the car. The air was crisp, but it wasn't terribly cold this morning. In fact, Jamie felt refreshed as he stepped out of the car, which was hot with the charge of oral sex. The two lovers met at the front of the car, then they joined hands and walked behind the dumpster, where Jamie dropped his sweats and his underwear, letting them bunch up around his sneakers. He reached out and took Michael's semi hard cock in his hand, giving it a few strokes while he puckered his lips and beckoned the 22 year old to kiss him.

When he felt the young man's tongue enter his mouth, Jamie moaned hotly and continued to stroke his cock. When their lips parted, Jamie took Michael by the hips and urged him to turn around, then he parted his lovers ass cheeks and buried his smiling face between them. With his tongue buried deep in his lover's hot chute, Jamie reached around and stroked his cock back to its full stiffness. When he took his hand away, he parted Michael's cheeks and shoved his young face in deeper. He was moaning hotly into his lover's ass, knowing that soon, he'd be treated to the ride he'd been so horny for all week.

When he finally pulled his face out of Michael's ass, the 13 year old bent over and placed his hands up against the dumpster. When he felt Michael's cock pushing between his cheeks, he whimpered, feeling anxious for the moment that his older lover would fill his yearning ass with it. He'd taken rides on various cocks throughout the week, but they weren't Michael's cock, and that was the difference.

The day before, he had a cute 15 year old in his room after school, pumping load after hot load up his ass. When the hard dick wasn't working its magic in Jamie's tight rear end, it was being sucked on by the horny boy, who wanted to have as much sex as he could with the well endowed high schooler. He had been attracted to the boy for a long time, and when the opportunity to hook up finally presented itself, the gay youngster pounced. He lured the boy to his apartment and quickly led him to his room, where both boys disrobed. Jamie's mouth watered when he caught site of the juicy hard on that the high schooler was sporting, and quickly summoned the boy to get in his bed. With a deep kiss that made his head swim with pleasure, Jamie was eased onto his back by his willing lover. In the midst of their tongue filled kiss, Jamie spread his legs, longing to take the deep ass fucking that he knew was in store for him.

The boy was still there when Jamie's mom came home with his little brother in tow. Their lovemaking was finished and they were cuddling in bed when the front door opened. The 15 year old panicked, but Jamie was totally relaxed, and beckoned the boy to stay in his bed for a long blow job. Giving into the 13 year old's advances, the cutie soon found himself on the receiving end of some expert head, courtesy of Jamie. When the boy shot his load, Jamie sat up and swallowed, then the boys made out. Finally, the boy got dressed and left, but Jamie felt temporarily fulfilled. Because he knew that Michael's hard deadline had passed, and now the wait was over. So when Jamie felt Michael's hard shaft press up against his horny entrance, the 13 year old moaned like a whore and pressed back, just hard enough to feel his older lover's cock break past his anal ring. From then on, he let his lover take control, sliding his impressive cock all the way up his ass and sending a long, hot shiver of desire through his adolescent body. His hard little dick was at full mast, pointing straight ahead as it pressed tight against his pubic bone.

When the young man entered the moaning boy who was bending over in front of him, he felt a warm gush of romantic feelings spread out all over his body. The hot, tight orifice that he had slid his dick into was so familiar, yet still held so many secret pleasures for the 22 year old. Pleasures that young Jamie was willing to share with his lover, anytime and anyplace. He loved the fact that the dedicated young bottom was so hot to take a ride on his dick, and he appreciated how eager the boy was to swallow his load. Even when he wasn't getting the deep ass fucking that he craved so badly, he would still wake up before 5am and get in the young man's car for the chance to give a quick blow job. Even this morning, when the butt fuck that Jamie was yearning for loomed, he still stayed on Michael's dick until he had a load to keep in his tummy.

With both lovers considering the mounting feelings of lust that they felt, Michael took charge of the situation by grabbing Jamie's hips and beginning a hard ride. The 13 year old immediately began to pant and moan in time with his lover's strokes, the hot lining of his boy pussy tortured with 10 inches of hard, thick cock that felt so heavenly to him. While young Jamie was coping with the anal pleasures that were swelling inside of him, Michael was pulling air in through his clenched teeth, wondering why he didn't make the time to fuck the boy over the past five days. His cock was on fire, catching over and over again against Jamie's prostate, then pulling tight along the hot, silky lining of his horny boy pussy.

This gave Jamie pleasures untold, and he was grateful for the cock that was pleasuring him. He loved its length, its girth and the heat that poured off of it. He loved taking it to the back of his throat, and he especially loved feeling it inside of his bottom, which was burning so sweetly at the moment. He could count the veins that lined its entire length, all around its circumference, a practice he had taken to over time. As if his boy pussy was learning to read braille, Jamie soon learned where every vein was that protruded from his lover's hot dick. He also knew just where he would feel them as his boy pussy accepted long, deep strokes of cock. He knew how thick each one was, how firm each one was and how long each one was. He could sort out the veins that seemed to wind around Michael's shaft, and he could sort out the ones that ran in a diagonal line across its length, pressing into the lining of his moist love tunnel and giving him a luscious sensation every time.

With Jamie's horny bottom squeezing his love muscle, Michael knew that he wouldn't be able to hang on much longer. The much anticipated butt fucking that Jamie and Michael were enjoying was filling him up with horny lust, causing the fire that burned in his cock to spread down to his balls, which were hanging low and swinging back and forth as he fed the boy his full length time and again. From his vantage point, Jamie's tight rear end looked incredible as his hole seemed to wrap around the base of his dick, accommodating its length and thickness with not just ease, but with a degree of hunger that never ceased to amaze the 22 year old. This heated Michael even more, and with a moan of his own, he felt his climax start to erupt. A load of cum quickly rose up his shaft as the powerful heat in his cock and balls spread quickly down the front of his thighs and up into his midsection. He gave three more frantic thrusts in and out while Jamie's moaning got more and more urgent, then he shoved his cock all the way up the boy's ass and froze.

With the force of a cannon, Michael's hard as steel shaft heaved its bounty of baby batter straight into Jamie's pleasure filled rectum. The boy was moaning with sweet relief as shot after hot, sizzling shot squirted forcefully against the walls of his boy pussy. Knowing that he was being bred by his dreamy lover, Jamie felt his legs get weak and a powerful shiver ran down his legs. At the same time, he felt Michael's grip on his hips tighten as shots of cum continued to squirt deep inside of him, giving him a luscious feeling as he felt his core fill up with warmth. He could feel Michael's cock throbbing inside of him as it released its precious seed, then the squirts started to lose their intensity and he felt a long gush pour out of his lover's dick while it twitched deliciously inside of him. As the last of his lover's seed ran into his horny rear end, Jamie smiled gratefully over his shoulder and treated himself to several thrusts on the still hard cock. As soon as he started to work his hips, he felt a powerful shiver run up his spine, loving the sinful pleasure that he felt as Michael's cock stirred up the hot, thick cum in his ass.

When Michael could take no more stimulation around his sensitive prick, he held Jamie's hips in place and pulled out. The head of his dick emerged from the boy's tight rear end with a wet, audible plop, then he watched as cum trickled out of the hole he was just fucking. Jamie quickly spun around and squatted, eager to take his lover's cock back in his mouth so he could clean it. He was purring like a kitten as he carried on with the task of sucking his lover clean, smiling blissfully the entire time. When Michael helped him to his feet, the horny 13 year old engaged his top in a long, tongue filled kiss that filled him with passion, then he hiked his sweat pants and got back in the car.

When the youngster got home, it was after 5:45, and his mom was up. She spotted the familiar glow on her son's cherubic young face and smiled at him from the couch. The youngster took the spot beside his mom and curled up to her side, letting her hold him close while his young body recovered from the sex he'd just enjoyed.

You're cold, honey,” Mrs. Stevenson noted as she wrapped her arms around Jamie and rubbed his skin, which was covered in goosebumps.

I was spending time with Michael,” the boy sighed, resting his head on her shoulder.

I take it that the two of you went behind the dumpster,” she guessed, and her son nodded his confession. “Did you get what you were hoping for?”

Yeah,” Jamie said with a slow nod, smiling contentedly as he contemplated the deep ass fucking he took. “He gave it to me just right.”

Well, I take it that this means you won't be using mommy's vibrator this morning,” she deducted, and her son gave her a naughty smile and shook his head in disagreement.

I'm still going to use it this morning, mom,” Jamie said, then he admitted, “I'm going back to bed right now so I can have some fun before breakfast. If a boy calls me up later, I won't need it again until it's bedtime. But if I can't get lucky with a boy today, I'm going to spend the day in my room getting lucky by myself.”

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