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Chapter 20

FLASHES of memory flooded Charlie's mind. Memories that he never knew he had. Memories that were strangely familiar, and yet totally detached from his consciousness.

He saw Spook smiling broadly at him as he entered his room. He laughed as Spook launched himself playfully at him before he could even close the door. Then, Spook kissed him passionately.

The kiss seemed strangely familiar.

"Jay," he said under his breath.

"Yes, that's what Carlos used to call him," Prof. Tangco said. The old man's voice brought him back to his senses.

"He never let anybody else call him that," the old man continued reminiscing. "To everyone else, he was Jimmy or James. But to Carlos, he was Jay. Just Jay." The old man sighed.

"And you wouldn't believe how much joy it brought him whenever he heard Carlos calling him by that name. He would have this megawatt smile in a split second. A smile that he would only give Carlos."

"He always had a ready smile for everyone because he was very friendly and accommodating. But that smile... that particularly brilliant smile was reserved only for Carlos."

"I first met them when I accidentally entered their room," the old man continued. "It was the morning after my first night in the dorm and I was still a little disoriented. My room was right next to theirs and their room was right across the bathroom. So, naturally, I thought I was going into my room after I relieved my bladder that early morning."

The old man chuckled. "The look of surprise in their faces seeing a stranger coming into their room was priceless. I retreated abruptly after apologizing and hastily closed the door behind me. I heard them laughing behind the door as I cursed at my stupidity."

"I really didn't get a good look at both of them the first time, but I thought they were very, very attractive guys. So, naturally, I came back later that morning, after I showered and dressed properly, and I introduced myself."

"Right then I noticed how comfortable they were with each other. I thought they had known each other for quite a while. I only found out later on that they'd only met the day before and that they'd spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other. They really just hit it off."

"Pretty soon, I noticed that they were growing even closer. They would spend almost all the time together. They would steal knowing glances even if they were in a room full of people. And they started talking to each other using Hamlo Dow."

"Even the fact that Carlos eventually got a girlfriend didn't ruin their own little world. Carlos would still spend more time with James than even with his girlfriend. He would even bring James along to their dates."

"Everybody just thought that they were like twins. You wouldn't find one without the other. But I knew better. I knew how James looked at Carlos."

"It didn't take me long to figure out how much in love he was with Carlos," the old man paused and sighed again.

"But he never said it," said Charlie, almost whispering.

The old man looked at him. "I suppose not. At least not in public."

"Not even when it was just the two of them," Charlie said.

"How do you know this?" the old man asked.

Charlie look at him and said, "I don't know how. It's just... I think I..." He sighed.

"I, uh... I'd better go," said Charlie. "I have to think about this."

He stood up, gathered his things and began to walk briskly to the door.

"Charlie," the old man called out to him. Charlie stopped and looked back.

"If... if you see him again. Please tell him that I understand why he did what he did. And please tell him that I'm so sorry I couldn't do more for him," the old man looked pleadingly at Charlie. "Please tell him I loved him so much... I still do..."

Charlie looked at him for a moment. He gently nodded his head before he turned around and walked out the door.

"FUCK!" Danny cursed under his breath.

He had been stuck in traffic for over an hour. He silently prayed that Charlie was still busy with that project with Rommel rather than waiting for him in their dorm room.

He wasn't crazy about Charlie spending some time alone with Rommel, but that would be preferable than Charlie spending time alone with Spook. Somehow, the ghost felt more of a threat to his relationship with Charlie than any living person.

Charlie looked so happy when he told Danny about his talk with Rommel earlier that day.

"At least he's speaking to me again now, right?" Charlie told him.

"Yeah well... just make sure he understands that you're mine and he shouldn't try anything or I will break every bone in his body," he said.

Charlie smiled sweetly at him and kissed him. "He knows," Charlie said.

He smiled back. "Since you'll be spending the time doing that project with Rommel, maybe I should go to my study group meeting after all. You know... to kill some time."

"And you're just gonna be studying, right?" Charlie eyed him suspiciously.

"Hey, I'd really rather spend the time in bed with you. But since you're ditching me for that classmate of yours, hanging out with my classmates certainly beats waiting for you alone in this room," he teased.

"Shut up!" Charlie said as he grabbed Danny by the waist. "You know there's nothing I'd rather do. But I really gotta get this over with."

"I know," Danny sighed as he felt Charlie's growing boner grinding against his crotch. He put his arms around Charlie's shoulders and kissed him.

Charlie broke the kiss and said, "I should get going before we both get too excited." He giggled.

"Dinner at seven?" Danny said.

"Yup," Charlie smiled naughtily. "Then I'll have you for dessert." He winked at Danny before he went out of the door.

Danny spent the next few minutes with a smile on his face. He couldn't believe how great it had been since he and Charlie had been together. He couldn't be happier.

He would've spent more time thinking about Charlie, but he really couldn't get used to spending too much time alone in their room.

He decided to go to his study group meeting. A decision that he was now regretting as he looked at the unmoving cars before him.

He sighed in frustration as he grabbed his cellphone and texted Charlie that he would be a little late because of the traffic.

He rolled down his window and strained his neck looking at how far the unmoving vehicles stretched ahead. He saw a few bystanders nearby and decided to ask them what was going on.

"A bus turned over to its side at high speed," a heavyset woman said. "Lots of dead bodies thrown all over the pavement."

"Oh my God! Are there any survivors?" he asked as he nervously touched the ring on his thumb.

"A few," the man beside the heavyset woman said. "They were already rushed to the hospital. But clearing up the road could take a while yet."

"Fuck!" he cursed silently.

CHARLIE sighed as he read Danny's message on his cellphone. He walked a little slower as he thought about the memories that were flooding his mind.

He needed to talk to someone and it was so frustrating that Danny still wasn't home. Joseph was probably on his way to his date with Lea, and he knew that Tim was spending the night with his Spirit Questor friends, so there was no one to talk to.


"Spook hasn't shown himself for a long time," he thought. "But maybe if I call him..." he sighed. "Would he still hear me?"

"Well," he concluded. "I wouldn't know unless I tried."

He walked faster as he approached the dorm entrance. He was almost running when he reached the stairs. As he opened the door to his room, he saw the familiar shape looking out over the window.

"Jay..." he said silently.

Spook turned around to face him. He had the most brilliant smile and a tear was starting to fall from his eye.

"You remember..." he said.

"I..." Charlie stuttered. "I don't understand."

Spook frowned a bit. "Don't you remember everything yet? Don't you remember who I am? Who you are? Who we are together?"

"I, uh... I don't know what to make of all this," Charlie replied. "I'm not... I'm not Carlos. I'm his grandson. I don't know why I have memories of you that didn't happen in this lifetime. I don't understand this."

"You are Carlos," said Spook. "And I'm your Jay."


"I started everything," Spook interrupted. "I fell in love with you the first time I saw you in this room. But I couldn't admit it to anyone. Not to you. Not even to myself," he said sadly.

"My father was a US Marine who fought the Japs in the second World War here in Manila. He met my mother after the war and decided to stay in Subic Bay for good," he continued. "I had always tried to be the perfect military brat. I could never be gay. I just couldn't."

"I was doing a perfect job at it, too... Keeping it all in. Making sure nobody would even get a hint that I was queer."

"And then I met you. And you turned my whole world upside down."

"I tried to keep everything on a platonic level, but I knew I was already way beyond that. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to be with you. And only with you."

"You had no idea how excruciating it was for me to be so close to you, but unable to touch you... to hold you... to kiss you... to make love to you. I tried so hard. But everyone has his limits."

"I loved staring at you while you sleep because then, I could stare all I wanted without worrying that you'd find it weird... or worrying that you'd find out about me. I could just stare at your beautiful face... watch your smooth, perfect chest while you breathed rhythmically... smile as I imagine kissing your supple lips. It got to the point when I just couldn't stand it any longer... I needed to touch you... to feel your skin on my lips... to be as close to you as two people can get. I was on the brink of insanity."

"One night I just kneeled before you as you slept. I touched your soft hair... your cheeks... your body. I began to kiss your ear... the side of your neck... your chest. Until my hand and my mouth reached your beautiful cock."

"It was my first time, too, and I absolutely had no idea what to do. But I loved every minute of it. I loved bringing you so much pleasure."

"You pretended you were asleep the whole time. But I knew you weren't. You pretended that nothing happened when we woke up that morning and you acted just like you did before. But I knew that nothing would be the same between us."

"Before you went off to class, you told me that we would just talk later after dinner. I thought about the worst thing that could happen... I thought I'd lost the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me... I thought I'd lost you."

"Later that night, you were solving some Math problems when I got in. You just told me that you'd be done in a couple of minutes. I just sat on my bed waiting for you... waiting for the axe to fall. Then, you sat on your bed facing me. I soon found myself looking in your eyes."

"'You forgot to mention something to me,' you said. And I couldn't hold your stare any longer. Tears began to fall from my eyes. A thousand different thoughts raced through my mind. But I knew one thing clearly... I didn't want you to hate me."

"There were a lot of things you said to me that night. All kind words. And it became apparent that you didn't want to lose me as a friend either. But you also told me never to do it again. And I promised."

"After that, you began to make new friends. You met Rosie and in less than two days, she became your girlfriend. Then, you met George and he began to convince you to join the Group."

"It broke my heart when you began spending less and less time with me. Johnny Tangco was always there to keep me company, but it was never the same without you beside me."

"He was in love with you, you know," Charlie butted in. "Still is."

"I know," replied Spook. "But I already gave my heart to you."

Spook sighed. "A few days later, one of my older cousins who was also going to school here warned me about the Group. He said that they were bad news. I hurried back here to see you and warn you about George, but I was too late. Johnny said that you had just left with George to some initiation and I knew right away that you were in deep trouble."

"They brought me to an old house in UP Village," Charlie heard himself say.

"Yes," said Spook. "It took me a couple of hours to finally find where they took you. I made sure I brought my baseball bat with me."

"They drugged me," Charlie said, as if in a daze. "I felt so weak and dizzy."

"They had already stripped you down to your underwear by the time I got through the door," added Spook. "There were six of them. I just started swinging my bat and kicking anything that comes in my way. I knew I'd gone mad with rage by then."

"Then I heard you calling my name," Spook continued. "You asked me to take you home. I got back to my senses and all I saw were bloodied men all around the room. I found your pants and helped you put it on. I couldn't find your shirt, so I just took off my jacket and wrapped it around you. And I took you back here."

"You made me promise not to tell anyone about it. So I kept it a secret from everybody."

"You took care of me," said Charlie.

"I did. You didn't want to see anybody else and you didn't want anybody else to see you," answered Spook. "I had to make up excuses for why you couldn't come out of the room for the next few days."

"I couldn't trust anybody else but you," said Charlie.

Spook smiled. "It took a while before I was able to convince you to come out of the room. I promised you I'd always take care of you. I wouldn't let anything happen to you. I told you I'd kill anyone who would try to hurt you."

"Before we came out of the room that day, you gave me a very, very tight hug. I could feel your heart beating against my chest. And then, I could hardly believe it when you cupped my face and you kissed me on my lips... with a passion that burned me to the core. My very first real kiss."

"From then on, our relationship blossomed," Spook looked deep into Charlie's eyes and he smiled. "We never did define it. We had never even really talked about what it was we had. But I was happy with whatever you were willing to give me. And you gave me everything you had. I could never ask for anything more. And even though you had a girlfriend, I believed you when you said you were mine a hundred percent."

"I was," said Charlie.

"The first time we made love was truly magical," Spook added. "And all the times we made love afterwards were simply amazing! I could never be happier. We were happy."

"Yes, we were," Charlie agreed.

"Everything was going perfectly," Spook said as his smiling face slowly turned gloomy. "Until George and his friends ruined everything."

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