Dream Comes True

We all dream of what could be, what we want to be. But what do we do when our dreams start becoming reality?


A. Richard Hunter

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Chapter Seven

By the following morning, Lee had already started his promised campaign to get Trent and I together - as a couple. It was obvious because, when I picked them up on the way to school, Lee looked at me, then at his brother, and blurted out, “C’mon guys! Don’t just stare at each other. Give a little kiss!” Then he smiled.

Naturally, Trent and I each flushed a bright red which only entertained Lee and Pauley all the more and kept them casting little romantic barbs at us the entire drive to school. Thankfully, it was a short drive, but it seemed much longer than normal. But I did take note that Trent seemed to be watching me out of the corner of his eye, which caused a reaction in my pants. He seemed to watch that, as well.

When Trent’s brothers had scattered in their different directions, Trent and I just walked casually, and unusually quietly, toward the cafeteria where our group always assembled each morning before the first bell. I was dying to blurt out that I loved him and, honestly, I sensed he wanted to do the same thing, but neither of us had the nerve to out ourselves to the other in spite of knowledge or suspicion that we felt the same way.

The day went on as usual - completely boring - until the final bell rang and I could anticipate seeing Trent once more. The suspense was killing me, wondering what plans Lee had for finally getting his brother to open up to me. I couldn’t imagine it happening because I knew how difficult it would be for me in the same circumstances, and I’d already been told for certain how Trent felt. I doubted that Lee had outed me to his brother because he would have a devil of a time explaining how he knew.

I thought we would all just meet at the car and head off home but apparently Lee’s plan was now in motion. Pauley caught up to me as I was exiting the building toward the student parking lot and told me that we were all supposed to meet at the pool for Lee’s time trials. I hadn’t heard anything about it - it was only a week ago that Lee had time trials after our massage encounter but I had no idea how often they had trials - so I just followed Pauley and admired his cute little ass. I was amazed at the way he was swinging his hips ever so slightly as if trying to entice me or get my engines revving. And it was working. Being the only one of the brothers that I hadn’t seen naked or had a wonderful encounter with, and knowing he wanted to, made his sexy movements like steak to a hungry man, and my jets were at full bore.

As we entered the pool building, I saw Trent sitting near the door to the locker room and headed toward him, Pauley completely forgotten, for now. Trent smiled as I approached.

“Sorry about this, Michael. I didn’t know about it either. Lee just sprung this on me ten minutes ago. Were you waiting at the car for long?”

“No. I was just leaving the building when Pauley stopped me and brought me here.” I looked over at Pauley as if confirming that he had brought me here and saw a suspiciously large grin on his face, and then noticed the front of his pants tenting out obviously. I blushed and swiveled my head back around to face Trent.

Trent was appearing a little nervous and I saw him glancing surreptitiously at his youngest brother’s crotch and then quickly away. The look on his face told me that he was completely confused by Pauley’s very brazen display and afraid of saying anything for fear of what might come out of Pauley’s very outspoken and unrestrained mouth.

“We’re supposed to meet Lee in the locker room.” Lee had that mischievous grin again and started past Trent and I toward the door. Not knowing what else to do, we followed.

Inside the locker room, which was all to wonderfully familiar to me, it seemed no one was around. If there were supposed to be time trials, I would have expected that the room would be full of the guys on the swim team getting changed into their swimsuits. I thought perhaps we were a bit early so didn’t make too much of it.

Lee came around the corner of a row of lockers and my jaw dropped with what must have been a loud thud. He was completely, gloriously, stark naked, with no towel around him, over his shoulders or even carried in his hands. His dick was at about half mast and I could feel mine beginning to climb. For a moment or two, I felt weak in the knees, the lust factor taking over my brain, then panic set in as I was certain that my rising hardon was going to give me away any second if Trent glanced over at me.

Having thought that, I glanced over at Trent, who was staring at his younger brother, and I noticed that his pants were a bit tented as well. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had the hots for his brother, since Lee had told me quite bluntly that they all messed around with each other, but I shook off the image because it was making me harder still. I couldn’t imagine a hotter scene than watching these three gorgeous brothers in the throes of an orgy.

Lee walked up and stood right in front of me and just started with some small talk. ‘Thanks for coming’, ‘how’s the weather outside’, and then the bombshell. “Do you think I look sexy, Michael? My boyfriend, David thinks I am but when I look at myself like this in the mirror I’m not sure.”

My mouth went instantly dry and all I could get out was a squeak and a whisper. I had figured that it would be Trent that would get outed, not me, but it was beginning to look like I was way wrong. While I was trying my damnedest to think of something to say and get my mouth moistened so I could speak, Lee was moving in closer to me until his dick, which was now sticking straight out, was within a couple of inches of poking my tented trousers.

I heard a rustle to my left and, relieved at having a reason to look away from Lee, looked over only to feel my knees practically buckle as I watched Pauley slipping his own pants down his legs, his white briefs bulging obscenely. I looked quickly to the right, catching Trent off guard, and saw that he was rubbing the front of his pants, which he quickly stopped when he realized I was watching. Clearly, I wasn’t going to be saved by him.

When I looked back to my left, Pauley had just kicked off his briefs and was standing, legs spread, fists on hips, in what I can only describe as a Superman pose, with his six inches of hard cock jumping like a pogo stick. I felt completely lost. I couldn’t help staring at Pauley’s naked body, because it was very attractive. He lacked the definition that Lee had from his swimming but, still, Pauley was lean and tight and slender, with enough curves to reveal that he was athletically inclined. Almost as if on cue, Pauley spun slowly around showing me the tight, sculpted little ass that I had been so admiring just a few minutes earlier as he walked along in front of me.

“Do you want to have some fun, Michael. We have this place all to ourselves for a few hours and Pauley and I have wanted to mess around with you for so long. Pleaaaase? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Just let us see you naked. And maybe blow you? You’d like that. We’re a lot better at it than Trent.”

My head spun so fast toward Trent that I was almost dizzy. I instantly knew that Lee and Pauley were playing this game to force both Trent and I to come out and open up so we could find each other. The look of panic on Trent’s face was priceless and clear evidence that he was as surprised and unprepared for this little game as I.

“Trent told us about how the two of you were kidnapped and forced to do things with each other. But you don’t have to do anything except relax and let us make you feel good. We’ve made Trent feel good lots of times and we can do it for him, too, if that would make you more comfortable.” Lee had already started tugging at my belt and letting the backs of his fingers rub against the underside of my hardon that was sticking straight up in my pants.

Pauley had quietly moved around behind Trent and suddenly reached around and closed his fist around Trent’s equally hard and upward pointing cock, his fingers making it stand out at the front of Trent’s pants. He grinned at me. “See? Trent wants it. He’s certainly up for it right now. But he’s too embarrassed to admit it unless you do. C’mon. You both know you’re horny and want us to give you blow jobs.”

I looked at Trent who was looking at me. Both of our faces were virtually ashen with panic, the blood having drained out and gone to more obvious places. I could tell that Trent was not going to be the first to cave so if this was going to work, I knew it would have to be me. The biggest motivator for me was not in messing around with Lee and Pauley, but in having another chance to see Trent naked and horny and maybe, just maybe, having a chance to make out with him again, even if that was a long shot.

Just as I was opening my mouth to tell the two naked boys ‘okay’, another dark haired boy came around the lockers. He was as naked as Lee and Pauley, and equally aroused. I’d seen him around, knew he was on the swim team, but had no other idea who he was. But, obviously, he wanted in on the action.

“You guys planning to have a party without me?” He smiled big and I felt myself melting once again from the heat being generated by all these attractive boys. I knew my goose was cooked but I still didn’t know how this was going to work out, especially now that another boy that I didn’t even know had joined the circle.

Lee solved one of the problems. “This is my boyfriend, David. Isn’t he gorgeous? Can you blame me for wanting his big dick up my ass every chance I get? He wanted to be here, Michael, because he’s seen you around and thinks you’re hot, just like Pauley and I. I couldn’t deny him the chance to see you naked and touch your great body.” He paused a moment and I could see he was building up to something. “Besides, David has always wanted to have a go at my older brother so this was a chance for him to have both of you at the same time.”

Trent’s face was falling and he looked supremely uncomfortable, but I noticed that he neither took his eyes off David nor had he brushed Pauley’s hand away from where it was continuing to rub along the outline of his cock.

As if a signal had been given, I noticed Pauley unsnapping the top of Trent’s denims at the same moment that I felt Lee unbuckle and unbutton my own 501's. I gasped as Lee slid his warm hand inside my briefs and closed it around my overheated cock and then again as I saw Pauley do the same thing to Trent. I was pleased that Trent now seemed to be looking at me, or more specifically what Lee was doing to me, rather than at David. Maybe Lee had told me the truth. Maybe Trent really did like me. It was obvious he liked having sex with his brothers because he had made no attempt to deny any of the things that Lee had said.

I watched with rapt attention as Pauley slid Trent’s denims and briefs down to his ankles. His cock stood strong and proud and I loved the way it looked and the way it made me feel. I wanted it in my mouth more than food and water. The lingering memory of the flush of passion of that night not too long ago when I was able to make love to my best friend, the guy I had loved for so long and so secretively, had my head reeling. I wanted so much to go to him and touch him and take him in my mouth but I was still so deeply afraid of exposing myself, years of pretending and hiding who I was so deeply ingrained in my psyche, that I couldn’t break free of those restraining shackles.

Pauley was now stroking Trent, having guided Trent’s hips in a way that caused him to stand directly facing me. Trent was watching me, staring at my cock which was being stroked by Lee. Without realizing it, Lee and Pauley were gradually moving Trent and I closer and closer together until we were only a couple of feet apart. Then, without a word, Lee and Pauley changed places and Pauley was stroking me.

I could feel a tremble in Pauley’s hand, most likely because he was finally getting the chance to touch my cock which, according to Lee, was something he had wanted to do for a long time. I was so involved in watching what Lee was doing to Trent - or more specifically watching Trent and looking over his nakedness - that I was caught by surprise when Pauley closed his lips over my cock and began moving his tongue furiously across the overly sensitive head. I was even more surprised when I felt David close in behind me, reaching around me to run his hands over my chest and stomach, his hard cock standing tall and pressed tightly against my ass while he moved his hips in an undulating motion.

I felt the perspiration breaking out all over my body. Lee was now mouthing his brothers hard flesh as Pauley pistoned back and forth on my own, and the very sexy David was sending chills up and down my spine with his soft caresses and gentle kisses on my neck and shoulders. I figured this was heaven. Or this was just another of my extremely realistic dreams. But, this time I knew it was real because even my dreams had not been this real, or this good.

Pauley was bringing me close to a powerful orgasm and I was losing control. My strength was ebbing and I knew that collapse was imminent. My legs gave out almost simultaneous with my dick’s explosion and I think I actually blacked out for a second or two. When my head cleared, I was on my back, Pauley was still receiving what my body was shooting out, and David was now on his knees beside me, kissing me on the mouth and moving his hands rapidly over my body. Almost without thought, my hand moved out from my side and found, and closed around, David’s erection and began to stroke him, sending him into a more frenzied and passionate exploration of my body and a more intimate round of kissing.

It felt wonderful to have a hard cock in my hand. It had become almost the single most joyous event of my life since that night with Trent, and then with Lee. I felt like a slut because I was laying here, being sucked by Trent’s youngest brother, had made love to Trent’s middle brother, and was now masturbating Trent’s brother’s boyfriend. In front of Trent. All while telling myself I loved Trent and wanted him. And also wondering if I would have a chance to wrap my hand around Pauley’s cock. Or suck him. Or suck David. This kind of thing just didn’t happen to me. I was too shy. I was too conservative. I believed in relationships, and loyalty, and monogamy. Didn’t I? Was I just fooling myself or was it just that this was all so new to me that I couldn’t help myself.

David had stopped kissing me for a moment and had leaned back on his ankles, his head thrown back, enjoying my manipulation of his cock. I lifted my head to look over in Trent’s direction and was shocked by what I saw. Pauley had moved over beside his oldest brother once I stopped feeding him with my sex. Lee was still sucking hungrily at Trent’s beautiful cock but, it was seeing Trent, his mouth filled with Pauley’s cock, his head bobbing to and fro, that had me seeing stars. It was the hot scene I had only imagined awhile earlier, the three totally hot, totally sexy brothers going at it with each other in a three way orgy.

My dick was already rising for a second round after witnessing such a scene and I needed to fulfill a sudden urge. I rolled on my side, moved toward David, and dove between his splayed legs to impale my face on his hard meat. It was a feeling of complete satisfaction and total surrender, the hard, warm flesh, the bland taste, the texture and the feel of the spongy head and the solid shaft as my tongue swirled around. I didn’t see how life could get much better. Unless, of course, I was doing this to Trent.

When David groaned and released his passions in my mouth, I discovered that the taste was much different from the taste of Trent. That thought sent a torrent of guilt rippling through me as I suddenly allowed myself to realize that I had sucked off Lee’s boyfriend in front of both Lee and Trent. I couldn’t bring myself to look over in Trent’s direction for fear of what I would see. I expected that Lee would be casting darts at me with his eyes and that the look of sadness and betrayal on Trent’s face would spell the end of our friendship.

I lay back, not moving, barely daring to think, for what seemed like a very long time. Then Lee and Pauley were standing over me. Lee was smiling like the infamous Cheshire Cat.

“C’mon, Michael. Get up. We’re all going to the showers to clean up.”

I got to my feet and cast my eyes around. Trent was sheepishly looking at me, perhaps feeling a bit guilty as I did, while David and Lee were strolling off toward the showers hand in hand, and Pauley was wiggling his butt at me and then scampering off toward the showers. I smiled weakly at Trent, taking a moment to look at that body that I love and craved so much, and then nodded my head toward the showers and we began moving toward the sounds of three over sexed boys getting frisky under the hot water.

As Trent and I moved inside the half wall enclosure and turned a couple of faucets to start the spray, we chose to shower directly next to each other, a few poles apart from the other three. We were trying to be discreet, still not quite certain we were willing to come right out with our feelings or a declaration of who we were, yet unable to keep from letting our eyes wash over each other’s nakedness and enjoy the view that we had each craved. It had been a few years for me - wanting Trent. I suspected that Trent’s attraction or interest in me was more recent, perhaps after he had finally abandoned hope of being with one of the older guys he used to hang around with or perhaps because he was later in recognizing where his interests lay.

As if to try and get something started once again, Pauley came up to me. “Would you wash my back? I can’t reach it.”

I blushed and hesitated, not sure that I wanted to touch any part of Pauley while he was naked, and right in front of Trent, but he was persistent and I finally took the soap and worked up a lather and began washing his back with both hands. I was losing my inhibitions, I suppose, because when he asked me to wash lower, I obligingly ran my soapy hands all over his adorable ass, for far longer than was necessary, and enjoyed the feel of the firm, well rounded mounds and the dimpled cheeks. And, I realized that I was once more on the rise and, with great embarrassment, finished the task quickly and turned away from Trent to keep him from seeing my excitement at touching his youngest brother’s body.

“Oh, for God’s sake! You guys are too much!’

I turned to see Lee standing there, looking back and forth from Trent to me. He seemed genuinely upset, but also aroused, and Pauley and David stood beside him looking equally aroused but without the expression of annoyance on their faces. They seemed more amused than anything and Pauley was occasionally jumping as David would goose him with a stiff finger.

“We went to a lot of trouble to set this up and try and get the two of you to open up and be comfortable with yourselves and admit your feelings.” He looked at his brother. “Trent, you’re so totally ga ga over Michael that it’s all you ever talk about. You moan that you love him and wish you could find a way to let him know but even when you have this perfect opportunity to get things out in the open, you just stand and stare at his body and say nothing!”

Trent’s face was bright red and his eyes had grown to the size of small dinner plates. He was staring at his feet in extreme discomfort.

“And you! Michael. You’ve been in love with my brother for years now. You were in seventh heaven the night of the party when you and Trent were forced - if either of you were actually all that forced - to make love and have been pouting about wanting Trent to love you as much as you love him. I told you he was crazy about you but you still can’t admit it to him.”

Lee paused and looked back and forth between us. I noticed that Trent was now looking at me, while still embarrassed, with an expression of constrained joy and hopefulness. And that made me feel more alive than ever.

“So what’s the problem, guys? You both love each other. In fact you’re both so over the top crazy about each other that I can’t believe that one or the other of you hasn’t raped the other by this time. Neither one of you can pretend any longer that you’re not into guys and that your one experience together was because you were forced. You just watched each other having sex with other guys. Michael, you saw Trent sucking off Pauley. Trent, you saw Michael sucking off David - my boyfriend by the way - so there is no way either one of you can deny where your feelings lay. So what’s the hangup? You’re both gay! You both love the other! You’re in love! Start showing it or there will be more of these arranged orgy’s in both of your futures with a lot of other guys until you two hook up! Got it?

Lee, Pauley and David left the showers, leaving Trent and I standing alone, and we could hear their playful sounds in the distance and the slamming of locker doors. I just stood looking at Trent, while he stood looking at me, and finally we both burst out laughing as the tension eased and we realized just how comical the situation really was. It was just no wonder that Lee had been so annoyed with us.

Chapter Eight

“We talked it over and we’re finally a couple. Are you finally satisfied?” I stared at Lee with a big, sloppy and immensely happy grin on my face, happier than I could recall ever being in my life, after last night and finally confessing my love to Trent and hearing him tell me how much he loved me as well.

“Yea, Trent told me last night. All I can say is, it’s about time! So what did you guys do after we left?”

“Well, we got dressed and then...”

“What!? You got dressed? Did I teach you nothing?”

“Yes, we got dressed. We were kind of exhausted after the sex and the tension and all so it was not the time to mess around. Besides, we talked and decided some things and one of them was that the next time we make love will be in a private place and in a bed without onlookers. But we did spend awhile just sitting close together and touching, and holding hands......and kissing.”

“I would hope so! Then, when is the big night?”

“Tonight. My folks and little brother are away for the weekend so Trent’s going to stay over tonight and tomorrow night. But, we decided something that I’m supposed to tell you about because Trent said he was too embarrassed to admit to his little brothers.”

“Uh, oh! What?”

“We decided that while we are definitely a couple, we want to be together for a long time - our whole lives - but last night made us both realize that if we try to be monogamous right now with no other experiences....well, we’re probably setting ourselves up for failure. So, we’re going to mess around with other guys for awhile at least, but only together. We won’t have any sex with other guys on our own. So, we’re both willing to go along with any additional little surprise orgy’s that you want to arrange as long as we get to approve the guys you choose in advance. David is gorgeous. But not all of the guys on the swim team are cute.” I blushed at having to demonstrate how shallow I was.

“Like I’d ever mess around with someone less than gorgeous. But I agree to that. In fact I’m all for it and I’m sure David and Pauley will be, too. David is still bugging me about wanting to suck both you and my brother off, and Pauley was disappointed that he might never have the chance to get fucked or sucked off by you. And I’m certainly more than willing to go around again.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “You have a pool at your house. I think I’ll invite a few choice team members to a skinny dipping party for Saturday night. Should be one hell of an orgy, especially when you and Trent see the guys I’m going to invite. And when they see the two of you. Come to swim practice this afternoon - both of you - and I’ll point out my selections. See you later.”

Trent was off, almost skipping down the hall, clearly excited about his plans and the good news that I had - finally - been able to give him. I was more excited about tonight, after school, and taking Trent home with me. My boyfriend. What a wonderful sound that was. Boyfriend. My boyfriend Trent. Trent my boyfriend. Any way you said it, the sound was spectacular.

At a little past three thirty, I met Trent at the pool and we sat waiting to watch the swim team’s practice. We felt a little obvious. Apparently being the only non-team members present which could raise some suspicions as to our motives for being there, but Lee made a point of coming over to talk to us so we decided that people would just assume we were there to support Lee.

“You see the three guys standing over in the corner talking to each other? Those are the guys I’m inviting to the pool party. Do you approve?”

“I guess so.” I didn’t want to say ‘hell, yes’ because that might not be respectful of my new relationship with Trent. But it seemed that Trent felt the same way judging from the way his eyes were boring holes in them.

As Lee walked away, I felt my spirits - among other things - rising in anticipation of all that would happen this weekend. First, I would spend tonight and all day tomorrow with Trent, then we would have a pool party and, most likely some manner of orgy tomorrow night, and then I would have the rest of tomorrow night and Sunday morning with just Trent.. My life was definitely getting more interesting.

After swim practice was over, Trent and I headed out to my car and it was almost like we were retreating into our prior shyness before the previous night. We were very quiet and would blush each time we looked at each other. We knew what the night held for us and just the knowing, just the imagining, had us worked up to a nervous frenzy.

We stopped at Trent’s house so he could drop off his books and get a couple of changes of underwear and clothes for the weekend. He started to throw his swimsuit in the bag and I grabbed it out of his hand and threw it back into his closet.

“You won’t be needing that. We won’t be wearing them when we’re alone and we certainly won’t be allowed to wear them tomorrow night. Your brothers would kill us.”

Trent blushed yet again and picked up the bag of clothes and we were out the door and heading for our greatest adventure yet.

Once at my house, we stored Trent’s things in my room, deciding to go out to the pool.

“We can swim for an hour and then I’ll call and order Pizza for dinner.” I was leering like a lecherous old man at my new boyfriend, anticipating watching him undress and run around the pool naked.

“Okay. Sounds good.” But in spite of his agreement, Trent just stood stock still in the middle of my room. I knew he was debating in his mind over undressing here or at by the pool where he could quickly jump in the water and have some degree of protection from my hungry eyes.

Not wanting to cede any opportunity, I walked right up to Trent and grasped the tails of his pullover shirt and lifted it, forcing him to raise his arms, and slipped it over his head and tossed it on my bed. My next move was to undo the button on his denims and lower the zipper, revealing his breathtakingly bright red briefs, complete with the signs of his rising erection tucked snugly down over his balls. It was pure pleasure to sink to my knees in order to pull his denims down over his legs, with my face barely two inches from his expanding manhood. I helped him lift each leg so that I could pull the pants over his feet, and then stood up, nervously prepared to push his briefs down over his small hips.

Trent had other ideas and I suspect he didn’t want to be any further along in the undressing than I was as it would make him feel too exposed. He quickly began unbuttoning my button front sport shirt and slid it off my shoulders, then duplicated my actions with my own denims until we stood facing each other in nothing but bulging briefs.

I took the initiative and cupped his crotch with my right hand, rubbing him teasingly, then inserted my hand inside his briefs to tug his erection upright and wrap my fingers around it. Trent followed suit and we just stood looking at each other for a long minute, holding each others erections. Finally, almost in unison, we shoved each other’s briefs down and let them drop to our ankles. I was again struck by how beautiful and sexy Trent was and how lucky I was to be with him like this. ‘My boyfriend, Trent’ started running through my mind once more.

Emboldened by this small progress, Trent now moved closer and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly against him. Our cheeks touched and I gloried in the feel of Trent’s hands rubbing my back and caressing my ass as I did the same to him. When he spoke, it was almost a whisper and I was certain I heard his voice crack, almost like a small suppressed sob.

“I love you so much, Michael. Thank you for loving me.”

In response, I hugged Trent tighter and began kissing his neck and cheek and graduating to his mouth. I nibbled at his lower lip and then pressed my mouth tightly against his, inserting my tongue when he readily opened up to my kiss, and we spent what must have been ten minutes just kissing and caressing and looking deeply into one another’s eyes.

“I vote we go swim for just a little while, then order Pizza and have dinner, then go to bed early.” My voice was husky which revealed the extent of the passion I was feeling. As if my hard cock poking Trent’s belly wasn’t sufficient evidence.

“I vote, yes. I also think we should make this a clothing optional weekend!” Trent grinned, reflecting the increasing level of comfort and confidence we were both feeling, and our growing comfort with each other in our naked state.

We rushed out to the pool. I trailed behind wanting to watch that wonderful ass of Trent’s. Okay, I can’t help it. I admit that a small, round, firm ass is one of the eight wonders of the world for me.

Spending almost an hour in the pool, goosing each other, playing grab at every opportunity, and just enjoying the freedom of being alone together, being naked, and being unafraid to reveal our innermost thoughts and feelings to each other, was a joy we had not previously known. I mused on how difficult it was to live your life pretending to be something you’re not, afraid to get too close to a friend for fear that they will get to know you so well that they can ascertain your greatest secret. The freedom and the exhilaration of being free to just be yourself was a heady experience that delivered a rush that no drug or alcohol could ever match.

We dried off outside and left the towels and went in to call for Pizza. What a great day it was to sit next to each other, naked, unashamed and unabashed, while we waited for the Pizza to arrive, and then to sit naked at the table as we devoured the large Meat-Lover’s pizza. What other kind of pizza would two newly minted gay boys even consider?

After dinner, we lounged around, naked of course, and played video games. It was torture to keep our hands to ourselves and not allow ourselves to give in to our desires to touch and feel each other. But we had agreed that this time, when we made love, it would be in a bed, and a very respectable setting, and we knew that if we allowed ourselves to start grabbing hold of important parts of each other’s bodies, we would be doomed to fail that agreement.

Finally, at seven o’clock, I couldn’t take it any longer and started stretching my arms and making very obvious and pronounced yawns. When Trent didn’t take the bait - and I was sure it was only because he wanted to torture me further - I decided to come right out with it.

“I think I’ll turn in. I’m really tired today. It’s been a kind of a stressful week. You can come to bed whenever you get tired. Just be sure to wake me up!”

I had no sooner turned down the covers on my bed when I looked up to see Trent standing in the doorway, smiling, his flagpole standing at full mast. I grinned back at him. “What took you so long?”

I climbed in and Trent got in next to me. We were laying on our sides, facing each other. It was a new experience. No one forcing us, no one telling us what they wanted us to do. It was just the two of us, alone, naked, horny and very much in love, but still a little shy and afraid. Each of us had experience with other guys, though mine was significantly more limited because of Trent’s good fortune to have two cute and gay younger brothers to mess around with on a regular basis, but it wasn’t the same. With other guys, the driving force was lust. With each other, it was love.

Trent made the first move, his hand gradually closing the distance between us and closing around my erection. The jolt that went through my balls was wild, and the sensation of having Trent holding my cock was the greatest thing I could imagine - that is, until I closed my hand around Trent’s cock. We stared into each other’s eyes as we slowly pulled on each other’s cock, our eyes ablaze with lust and our mouths open, our breathing ragged and our hearts tapping out a virtual drum beat.

I couldn’t wait any longer and leaned forward to kiss Trent. His response was immediately and before I knew it, I was on my back, Trent was laying on top of me, our cocks mashed together between our bodies with Trent’s hips thrusting in counter-time to my own, and our mouths locked together better than Schlage could accomplish. Our passion was to great and our self control too limited and in no time at all, we had each reached our peak and were flooding out our passions between our bellies.

We continued to lay together for some time after our breathing had returned to normal, just enjoying the feel of our bodies pressed tightly against one another, until we began to feel we were becoming glued together. We broke apart, laughing, grimacing at the unclean feeling, and jumped up and headed for the shower to clean ourselves. It was the first of what would be a long night of repeated lovemaking as only the bodies of two teenaged boys is capable.

Chapter Nine

We had slept in very late on Saturday morning, exhausted from our night’s activities, and had to rush around to get things ready for the pool party. Lee and Paulie were to arrive at three, to help set up, and the guys that Lee had invited were then due at five. We had all chipped in on the expenses for the party, although I felt guilty about it since it was a party at my house, but we accumulated chips and dips, soft drinks, pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs to make a decent spread for what would certainly be seven hungry teens.

When the doorbell rang at a little past three, I knew who it was and what to expect. I was wrong. I still hadn’t learned that when dealing with Lee and Pulie you should never assume anything! The two of them were standing in the alcove entrance, which effectively hid them from the street or neighbors, and they were naked and erect and grinning. I faced toward the inside of the house and yelled out, “Trent, it’s for you!”

The two boys came charging in, trying to make a sandwich of me between them, and rubbed against me and took liberties with their hands until Trent came into the room. Then, looking a little sheepish, they backed away, looked at each other, grinned, and repeated their maneuver with Trent as the new meat in their sandwich. Within ten minutes, we were all naked and in the pool and splashing around.

I had become surprisingly comfortable with nudity in the presence of these three brothers, considering how uptight I had been just a very short time ago, so it was no big embarrassment when I stood on the small diving platform at the end of the pool. Naked and hard, to the repeated wolf whistles of my friends. Paulie swam over into the part of the pool that I would normally dive into and submerged, turning over, raising his naked butt in the air and directed toward me. After a few seconds, he resurfaced and grinned at me.

“How good is your aim when you dive?”

All three of the guys hooped and hollered, greatly amused by Paulie’s wit, while I was merely more aroused than ever by that small, tight, pale set of round cheeks that had been presented to me. How things had changed!

We all played grab-ass and grab-other-things for about an hour, but we did nothing further since we were saving ourselves for the party. By four o’clock, we got out of the water and wrapped towels about our waists and set to work putting up a couple of tables on the patio and setting out the snacks and drinks we had purchased for the party. We had only just finished organizing and preparing for the party when the first guest arrived.

David was first to arrive and we quickly stripped him and fondled him until he was standing tall, so to speak. By that time, the remaining three guys had appeared at the front door, been ushered into the house and summarily stripped ready for partying.

I was like a kid in a candy store with a one hundred dollar bill. Everywhere I looked - and I looked plenty - there was something great to look at. Of course, I looked at Trent the most simply because I found no one that could compare with him on any level. They say love is blind but it wasn’t blindness or love that made me consider him the sexiest and most beautiful guy at the party. He just was, that’s all.

I did spend time looking at the other guys, however. Tim was about six feet tall with the most incredible physique. Clearly a boy who spent a lot of time swimming. His waist was close to non-existent - his stomach was virtually concave - and from any angle his torso sloped inward. From a side view, he had that perfect backwards ‘S’ shape, sloping out at the upper back, in at the waist, and back out at the ass. He was well defined, but definitely not bulky, with satiny smooth skin that he claimed to cultivate by applying a moisture lotion to his entire body after every shower. He obviously sunbathed or swam nude since his entire boy was evenly tanned. It was that gentle browning of his skin, particularly where his swim suit would cover, that made his seem especially sexy.

Tim had been the most forward, as within ten minutes of arrival he had stripped away my towel and taken hold of my manhood and worked me up to a full head of steam and then promptly dropped to his knees and administered an experienced blow job that made my toes curl. He guided me to the edge of the pool, where I sat, and then lowered himself into the water and positioned himself between my spread thighs.

I had considered Tim the most stunning of the three swimmers Lee had invited, and the most masculine, so watching his lips moving to and fro on my hard cock was a fantasy in itself, aside from the toe-curling feelings that emanated from the nexus of my body. I had positioned my foot at his crotch and was gently rubbing my toes along the length of his own hard shaft, and it was a substantial seven inches of pure solid muscle. The combination of getting a fantastic blow job, while watching Tim’s face diving and withdrawing between my thighs, and feeling his hard meat with my toes, took me over the edge in under two minutes.

As my breathing began to return, I looked around and saw that Trent and David were engaged in their own little tryst, and paying no attention to me, so I leapt into the water and went under, finding Tim’s hard cock and closing my lips around it. I had to surface shortly for air and Tim’s face bore a look of pure bliss.

“That is the most fantastic feeling. The cool water, then your warm mouth, and the alternating warmth and coolness as my cock went in and out of your mouth.”

“Well, if I could breathe underwater I’d keep it up. But since I can’t, what say you bring that beauty over to the steps where I can give it the attention it deserves.” Had I just said that? How bold I had become to say such a thing to someone I had only just met. But, I decided to hell with the analysis, this was a time to just let go and have fun.

Within a few minutes, I had brought Tim to his own release and experienced the pleasure of seeing his long pole, with a very slight curve to the left, and taken his golf-ball sized balls in my mouth, one at a time, and felt the slightly stiff, crinkly hairs of each orb against my tongue. It was a rewarding experience and I was proud of myself at having returned the favor so admirably that it took Tim a full three minutes to recover.

Now, looking around, I could see Trent sitting in a chaise lounge watching all that was going on around him. I moved toward him at sat in the chair next to him. “Was David everything you expected?”

“And more. I see why Lee is so smitten with him.” Trent paused a moment, looking thoughtful, then looked me straight in the eye. “As much fun as it was, I kept wondering whether it was right to be doing that with someone else, given that you and I are in a relationship.”

It caught me by surprise, but I realized I had had the same thought occur to me while sucking Tim. It was great fun but it lacked a certain element of satisfaction that I only felt when I was sharing myself with Trent. I told Trent of my thoughts and feelings and I could see a sense of relief and satisfaction on his face. He was so cute, and so transparent. What I couldn’t understand, however, was how someone as gorgeous as Trent, as perfect as he was, could feel even the slightest degree of insecurity. Every guy at the party wanted a chance with him. Perhaps I was the one that should feel insecure.

Doug was another of the swimmers Lee invited and he seemed to be a little too radical for me. He was gorgeous and lots of fun to look at, but we didn’t connect and I was happy about that. I had watched his blonde head going up and down on Lee and each time he dove in, he delivered a loud slap to Lee’s bare ass until it appeared almost bright red by the time he had brought Lee to climax. When he started messing around with Paulie, he had simultaneously been shoving first one, then two fingers in and out of Paulie’s ass. I decided that kind of performance was, at least for now, a little too advanced for me. I had heard Lee tell me that I was obviously a ‘top’, for whatever that implied, because I didn’t like to be on the receiving end of an ass fucking, and I equated that to include fingers as well as cocks.

By seven-thirty, the third swimmer, Kyle, had migrated toward me. He was the quiet, soft spoken, least aggressive of the three and just sat next to me and started talking. We got to know one another pretty well after talking for about twenty minutes and I learned that he had just ended a relationship with a nineteen year old friend that had gone off to college a few months ago. I felt he would not be single long as he was truly a prize catch for someone.

Kyle was about my height, had the pitch black hair and bright blue eyes that practically bore through your sole and seem to be like spotlights on a dark night. He was very lean, nicely defined but the least muscular of the three, and I couldn’t help noticing that as we spoke, his cock was rising incrementally until it was practically glued to his flat stomach. He was completely smooth all over, except for a nice round patch of black pubic hair at the base of his dick. He had shaved his legs and under his arms, he told me, but he couldn’t bring himself to remove his pubes because he thought it made a guy look less attractive. I agreed with him. A hairless crotch was something you wanted if you were into eleven or twelve year olds, which neither of us was.

At one point, while talking, Kyle leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. It was very sweet and I was touched by his overture of tenderness and responded by slowly moving my hand to his thigh and then gradually toward his pulsing erection and enclosing it in my hand.

“Are you sure this is okay with Trent? I don’t want to mess anything up for you guys because what you have is really special and so important.” His thoughtfulness and sincerity was truly touching.

“We talked about it before we even planned the party. It’s okay - for tonight anyway - but we’ll have to see how we feel once this night is over. I think we both have some reservations about this being a regular kind of thing, but for tonight we’re okay with it.”

As I leaned over and brought my lips to his cock, Kyle lay back in his chair and brought his hand up to run gently through my hair and caress my back. Other than with Trent, Kyle was the most intimate encounter I had had and I could tell that he was someone who wanted a relationship, and wasn’t accustomed to anonymous or unmeaningful sexual involvements. I guess he had proved that from being in a committed and monogamous relationship for almost four years - since he was thirteen - until his now college-aged friend had wanted the freedom to explore other opportunities while away at school.

Kyle tasted so clean and the look of his hard cock was almost pristine as though it had not engaged in any sex up to this point in his life. Clearly, that was not the case, but it looked that way just the same. He was just a little short of seven inches, more slender than Tim’s cock, and his balls were drawn up tight and smooth. He was so quiet that I was startled by his loud moan as I ran my tongue around the soft, spongy head and then dragged it across that little sensitive spot just under the head where the mushroom shaped cap came together. I repeated the movement again, since it obviously pleased him, and elicited another loud moan.

Now I was aware of at least two set of feet nearby and knowing that we were being watched made me slightly self-conscious so I tried to speed up my actions and give Kyle release quickly before more onlookers arrived. I was especially sensitive to the prospect of Trent coming over to see what was going on and to see his boyfriend sucking another guy.

Kyle’s butt began lifting off his chair and his moaning, though softer, was now a constant hum in my ears. I moved my tongue rapidly over his sensitive spot several times and it was enough to push him over the edge. Once he started shooting, I began swallowing and wondering if he would ever stop. It seemed like he just went on forever and the thought occurred to me that he must have remained true to his boyfriend for the last five months until being given his walking papers. That made me feel better about giving him something special and I grinned widely as I sat up and wiped the back of my hand across my mouth.

As I looked up, I was relieved to see that we were being watched by David and Lee, and Trent was well involved in his own little affair across the patio with Tim. What goes around comes around, I guess.

By nine o’clock, we were all sexed out and had scarfed down the pizza and snacks put out for the party and everyone was just laying back, relaxing and digesting, and chatting amiably. I felt that I had made a few new friends and was pleased that I was finally emerging from my shell and enjoying some of what life had to offer. Trent and I were sharing a large, padded chaise lounge, his left side laying atop my right side, his head resting on my shoulder, and our fingers entwined. It was a wonderfully peaceful and happy feeling that permeated my entire being.

I looked forward to the end of the party and the departure of the guests so that Trent and I could be alone again, just the two of us enjoying each other’s companionship and sharing ourselves and our love with one another.

Chapter Ten

“So, what did you think about the party?” Trent was standing at the foot of my bed, still naked and now appearing to be getting aroused. I was toweling myself off after showering to remove traces of chlorine pool water and any other remembrances of the night.

“Do you want me to be completely honest with you?”

“Of course.” Trent’s face fell a little, clearly anticipating what I was going to say would be different than what he wanted to hear.

“I thought the party was great, it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed exploring my new feelings and desires with Tim and Kyle. It was also a lot of fun messing around with Lee and Paulie after the others left. But...”

Trent’s eyes opened wide, waiting for the ‘but’ and appearing hopeful that it would be a good ‘but’.

“But, I don’t think it’s something I would want to do again. I realized that sex for the sake of sex is fun but it lacks that special something that I feel when I make love with you. We have a special bond and it gives it that big extra that just can’t be achieved with anyone else. Kyle also made me realize that we have something very important that needs to be cherished and guarded. As much fun as it is to have sex with other incredibly attractive guys, it wouldn’t be worth the sacrifice if it resulted in damaging or ending what we have with each other.” I finished my speech and waited for Trent’s response, realizing I was now the anxious one hoping he would feel the same way.

Trent’s response was to practically run at me and wrap his arms about me. The forward movement caught me off guard and I fell back on the bed, taking Trent with me. His mouth was all over my face delivering wet kisses everywhere until his lips found mine and our tongues intertwined and we felt the rise of our passion, as evidenced by the rise of certain parts of our bodies.

“I’m so glad you feel that way. That’s exactly how I feel. It was fun, but now it’s over. I don’t want anyone else to ever have the privilege of seeing you naked, or touching your body, or kissing you or making love to you. Even my brothers. I just want you all for myself.”

I looked at my boyfriend with the tenderest feelings I had ever felt for anyone in my life, and clutched him tightly in my arms. “I can’t wait until we’re old enough to get our own place and be together like we were married. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Only you.”

With those sentiments shared, we gently began to make love, to share ourselves, and we each were feeling a new sense of belonging beyond anything either of us had ever hoped or expected. It was like a dream that you very rarely have, from which you awaken with a sense of such great euphoria. Only this dream had come true and the euphoria was only just beginning.

- The End -