Jayson Outed
Chapter 34


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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Chapter thirty four

I have had the opportunity to accompany our young heros during the summer of 2008. I decided to share their adventures with you in an update to their story.
I have been busy with other tasks assigned to me by the author of this series, Carl Dickson. Carl invited me to accompany him to the large wedding ceremonies that took place on the beach behind Chris Dickson's cliff house in June of 2008 and it is there that I once again ran across Brad and Jay. I stayed with them through their summer and this is a report of their activities.

    Jay and Brad slipped up to Chris and began to run their fingers across his body as they made small talk to the man. Chris knew that the darling duo was up to something so he took them to his bedroom for some quiet action. Yeah, you know Jay better than to think that any action with the horny boy can be quiet. Jay has a crush on Chris that is rivaled only by his love for Brad. That is not to say that Brad does not have deep feelings for Chris as well.
    The three of them literally tore Chris's bed up before they emerged fully satisfied, physically and emotionally. The boys had a request that they needed Chris to agree to and they used all of their wiles to see to it that their request was granted.
    Brad and Jay are singled out as being the driving force between several of the strong relationships within the house of happy fairies. As readers of this series you are aware of their involvement in uniting Luke and Jerry—now called Ģerâld—and their subsequent marriage at Chicopee, Massachusetts in the spring of 2006.
    Brad and Jay had introduced Jason Weller to the unnatural world of gay sex and he wasted no time in introducing his new found activity to his long time friend, Frankie Rothsfeld. Jace has inherited over six hundred billion dollars from his natural father's estate and spares no expense when it comes to buying whatever his heart desires.
    If you are reading the Traveler series then you know that they are also more or less responsible for the teaming together of Raymond Johnson and Dean Fowler, as well as Tim O'Conner and Sandy Gozer.
    Tim was a diving champion on the highschool swim team at the school that all six of these boys attended in Albany, New York. Sandy was the young neighbor boy that idolized Tim and dreamed of being with his hero someday. Once Tim and Sandy moved to Tucson Chris discovered Tim's passion for high dives and had the large swimming pool of his childhood home modified so that the paraplegic combat veteran could swim and dive to heart's content.
    Ray and Dean also moved into the old house that was renamed βφτ house and used to house twenty six of the college aged boys that are members of Chris's ever growing house of happy fairies. A boy by the name of Pete Engblahm lived at the house and served as the house mother. His boyfriend is Eddy Dickson, the son of the late Tom Dickson. It was been learned that Pete's and Dean's lives are somewhat intertwined. Pete is the half brother of Gomeric, Dean's young cousin.
    Pete and Eddy were making plans for a June wedding while California's same sex marriage laws remained on the books. Dean and Ray had made a commitment to marry as they sat on a park bench in Paris, France during the family's trip there over the Easter season of 2007 to see the coronation of Chris's cousin, Cullen Muneday as King of Munedavia.
    Jace planned to wed Frankie in the most spectacular ceremony that he could buy.
    Tim and Sandy were also planning their wedding during the family trip to the beach. René loves Jay…well, almost too much. I don't know if that is possible, but the girl loves him with the deepest kind of love and she will grant him anything. She has never regretted placing her cousin, Brad, in bed with Jay. She knows that the two boys share a love that transcends space and time. Jay loves her, both as a person and as a woman. Their marriage is strong, yet she is content that Jay sleeps with Brad every night.
    Jay doesn't always do his duty to his wife and satisfy her needs. René's idea brought about an amazing situation for both the young couple as well as for Brad and Jay. The spin off of that idea also brought about the public joining of Chris and his boyfriend, Cory.
    René knew that the two boys wanted to be married more than anything else. Yet they both have strong feelings against divorce and wanted to remain in the lives of their children. René suggested that the two boys go through the wedding ceremony at cliff house in California without the marriage license. Brad and Jay stood before the judge that had presided over the weddings of the other family members earlier in the day and listened to them recite their vows of commitment to one another. In the mind of the boys that was as good as an official wedding and they walked away with a renewed passion for each other.
    Their commitment ceremony set things in motion for Chris and Cory as well. Their wives accompanied them to stand before the judge. Chris's sons served as attendants to the two hunky men, RD at Chris's side and Rodney at Cory's side. The two younger sons of the men served their fathers as ring bearers as two, very pregnant, women stood by in love and adoration.
    I find that the devotion that those two women have for their men is akin to the devotion that René has. I don't try to explain it, I accept it. It is a kind of love that transcends all others. I have learned from being around Chris and his boys that there is a kind of love that is beautiful and true. Jay and Brad have that kind of love and René shares it without question.

    The boys had dreamed of spending their honeymoon in San Francisco. They had long wanted to see for themselves how gay the life actually is in the city by the bay. Brad and Jay had a helicopter on standby to ferry them to the local airstrip for a flight to San Francisco. They offered to shuttle Jace and Frankie out to Voyager Marin where they shared a quite repast before the yacht set sail and the boys had to leave for their flight to the City by the Bay.
    Upon landing in the City by the Bay the boys were met by a limousine that took them to a very fine four star hotel. It is not important where they stayed, but it is what they did while they were in the city that I wanted to tell you about. Jay is still the smaller of the two and he lets Brad play the part of the macho alpha male. This seems strange when one considers that Brad is totally submissive and is Jay's bottom almost all of the time. Jay has his needs, but he sometimes has to get rough with Brad to get his lover to take care of him in the same way.
    Brad raised the eyebrows of the older bell boy at the hotel when he lifted Jay into his arms and carried him across the threshold into the hotel suite. People who live in San Francisco are conditioned to seeing such displays yet the bell hop was still caught unawares by the action.
    Once in their room the first order of business was a hot soak in the en suite hot tub. The boys quickly undressed each other, but certain obstacles stood out that demanded immediate attention. After a day on the beach in the hot sun, then the helicopter flight out to the yacht, followed by a cozy dinner with their two best men, and finally the flight to San Francisco, the boys' hygiene was anything but pristine.
    That meant little to the two long time lovers, anything that was part of the other was loved, even their raunch. A tumble in the bed eased the immediate needs of the boys as semen was swapped to the oral delight of the recipient. Kisses were, of course, a necessity as the two boys smothered the other over every part of his body with their lips.
    An hour passed before the two made it to the hot waters of the tub where they quickly fell asleep in peaceful bliss. Upon arising they ordered a large breakfast to be brought up to their room and served on the wide balcony overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was as peaceful a day as can ever be found in the city. The boys sat naked in the morning air and enjoyed the smells coming in from the area around them.
    Smells in San Francisco can run into the extremes. When the wind comes down from the upper part of the bay it brings with it harsh sewage smells. My younger sister once said that it smelled like the cat went to the john dixie sandbox that was full of dead fish. (Side note: we were fourteen and thirteen at the time. Dixie was the brand name on the toilet in the house in which we lived—we always shit in Dixie.)
    When the wind is blowing in from the sea it brings the sweet salt air in, but it often brings in the fog. There was no fog at sea on this morning and the ground fog had burned off early. The air was clear and vision was unhindered to reveal clear blue skies and birds of many varieties darting through the air in pursuit of their own breakfast.
    The boys had ordered pancakes, eggs, hash browned potatoes, with sausage patties and bacon on the side. A large beaker of vegetable juice sat alongside a smaller carafé of orange juice. A pot of coffee rounded off their morning meal. The entertainment was provided by four or five swallows that sat on the railing begging for a morsel of food. The kitchen had sent up six slices of toast which the boys had not eaten. The birds were happy to perform tricks to gather the toast into their beaks.
    The first few crumbled pieces of bread were tossed to the floor. The birds cautiously picked them up and flew away a few feet to eat them. Once their confidence was secured they began to dive at the bread pieces as they flew through the air. This provided the boys with amusement and they began to toss the toasted bread pieces higher into the air for some spectacular aerial retrievals.

    About the best way to see many cities is on foot. A city like San Francisco lends well to this as much of the city's sites are located in a small area. Their plans were to leave their hotel and make their way up hill via the cable car. They had heard of the clubs that catered to gay men and wanted to see what lay there with their own eyes. They had no intention of entering a club or a bar, that was the reason for their early morning trek, before the business establishments opened for the day.
    They were not disappointed. The street life was very gay indeed and both boys received many offers of companionship. They had an idea of where to go, but they took advantage of those men wishing to talk to them. They learned about different areas within walking distance where the larger majority of gay life took place in the open.
    It had only been the stories spread by Ryan Simpson that had ever caused anyone to think that either boy could be gay. It was impossible to tell from their walk or their talk. Both of them came across as strictly straight heterosexual males. That fact did not enter in to their enjoyment of watching the flagrant displays of a gay and many scenes of male to male affection as they walked along an street known as the city's gay center.
    Neither of them had ever encountered a true transsexual—or is that transvestite? They had known a few boys in Chris's house that wore feminine underwear, or long hair. They had even encountered a boy wearing makeup, but none of that prepared them for a full face encounter with a young man dressed in drag. The boy was sixteen and looked more like a young girl than most of the girls that they knew.
    They had stepped down to a sidewalk café set below the street level, at the lower level entrance to a large building. The young lady had followed them down the stairs and to their table where she sat down and began to talk to them. Their soft drinks arrived just moments before a large man wearing skin tight black leather pants and a leather vest came down the stairs. He walked over to the table where the lady introduced him as her daddy.
    The daddy grabbed the lady by the hair and turned her face to his then planted a tonsil tickling kiss on his??? The boys were unsure about the relationship. The young lady rose from her seat and turned to face the man as she humped her body against the bear man.
    The man was fifty or so pounds overweight. His chest was thickly covered in black hair which the lady was rubbing and twisting around her fingers. The man ran his hands down his lover's sides and slowly pushed the tight fitting pants down, exposing a nice tight ass that turned both boys on. The lady was turned around to face the boys and a very stiff six inch, circumcised cock stuck straight out of a smoothly shaved groin. Two large testicles hung below in their silky smooth scrotum as the glans lost a large pearly drop of precum to their table's surface.
    With no further words spoke the man pushed at the boy's head and he bent over for his daddy to use him as he saw fit. The man licked his fingers and wiped them up the boy's clenched ass cheeks then he spit on his hand and wiped his enormous cock with it. From their vantage point in front of the bent over boy they estimated the man's cock to be about eight and a half to nine inches long, and very thick. They watched the boy's face as the man rammed his cock home and began a power fuck of the much smaller person under his control.
    "Thank you, daddy. I need you in me. You fill me up and make me complete.
    "Daddy loves me. He is the best thing that ever happened to me." The boys watched as the man power fucked the boy in front of them. The act didn't take as long to finish as it has taken to tell this story. They could hear when the man's cock popped from the boy's rectum. The boy turned and the two kissed as the man wiped a large amount of the boy's love juice from the table top and placed his fingers at the mouth of the boy. The boy's tongue quickly shot out and licked the fingers clean.
    The boy sat down and sucked the man's cock clean then pulled a long foreskin over the golf ball sized glans. The man tucked himself away and sat down to a cup of coffee. The boys had not seen the waiter set the coffee on the table and they knew that it had not been there before he came in. The boy moved to sit in the man's lap as he told their story.
    The boy had lived with his drunken mother in a large town in north central Texas. His father had been killed two years before and the mother lived off of the insurance settlement. She was running out of money and offered her son to her neighbor in the apartment next door for five hundred dollars a month. The man had heard the boy's cries as his mother beat him and cursed at him day and night. He was glad to take the boy for a year at a five thousand dollars lump sum payment, in advance.
    The boy and the man moved away from that apartment, but the boy stayed in touch with his mother. She drank herself to death about six months later and no one ever asked about the boy. He had his birth certificate and Social Security card, along with his school records and shot card in his possession. It was easy for him and the man to leave town and they ended up in San Francisco when the boy was thirteen.
    Jay asked him how long he had been cross dressing and the answer shocked both boys. No one knew that he was a boy. His mother allowed him to dress in girl's clothing since he was five years old. His father was not aware or was oblivious to that fact, but he never confronted his son. The boy knew that he felt safe and loved as a girl. The few times that he had tried to appear as a boy he was teased because of his soft looks and sissy manners.

    The boys ended their walk of enlightenment and took a city bus to the Golden Gate Bridge Park for a moonlight stroll. They were not being careful as they had seen what they expected to see, wide open public display of affection between same sex couples of all ages.
    Jayson Adams has maintained the looks of a fourteen year old boy. His body does not reflect the musculature of a nineteen year old man. Jay had turned nineteen on the twenty fifth of July and had celebrated his birthday alone with his wife, René, and his baby daughter, Jaybee. Their activities were under the scrutiny of a fifteen year old gay curious boy that was turned on by Jay's boyish appearance.
    Thinking Jay to be a youngster, like himself, the boy kept a close vigilance on the couple. He considered that Jay was being seduced by the older man and he had it in his little heart to rescue the boy and try to become friends with him.
    The boys were lying in the grass taking in the warm breezes blowing up from the ocean when nature did a tug at Jay's bladder. With a quick kiss to his lover Jay took off for a nearby restroom. A few moments passed and Brad decided that a nature call did have a certain urgent appeal and walked over to the brick out-building. The sight that met his eyes when he entered brought out the hot Latino blood in him.
    Jay was standing in front of the young boy with his hand on the boy's shoulder as the boy knelt before him holding onto Jay's enormous meat. Brad approached and shoved the boy backwards, causing him to land on his butt on the pee soaked floor in front of the urinals. Without a word Brad turned and walked away leaving Jay staring after him.
    I could see a replay of another time that Brad's jealousy had shown itself. Jay quickly gathered himself together and took off after his husband with the facts of what Brad had seen. Jay had to get physical with Brad and received a black eye for his efforts before he made the green eyed monster retreat back inside the boy that he loved with all of his heart and soul.
    As Jay proceeded to take care of his business the youngster had approached and told him that he did not have to give into the old man that was molesting him. With no warning the boy had quickly dropped to his knees and grabbed onto what did not belong to him. Jay put out his hand to push the boy away at the very moment that Brad entered the restroom.
    When Brad finally calmed down and heard what Jay had said to him it was too late. He had lashed out at the only person that ever loved him as he was and without condemnation or a judgmental attitude. Brad was ashamed of himself, but he could not forgive himself for jumping to an incorrect conclusion. Most of all he could not forgive himself for striking Jay.
    Love is best when the lovers are good friends. You have read it before when I have said that a friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyway. When one knows all about another it is certain that he knows the good and the bad. Jealousy is not entirely bad, at least in moderation. It is the manifestation of jealousy between friends and lovers that demonstrate the deepness of the commitment that one has for the other.
    Brad had let his jealousy go to a physical level, even to the point that he had struck Jay in anger. For that he refused to forgive himself. Jay had already forgiven Brad for the black eye that shined like an ink spot on a field of fresh fallen snow. There was nothing that Jay could say or do to make Brad put it all behind them and move on. The boys packed their suitcases and returned to Tucson.
    Their official story was that they were needed to put things in order at the Garcia family's furniture store before they would leave again to spend a month in Nice, Franççais for the family of happy fairies' annual vacation trip. René was in Albany with Jaybee. She had also taken Beejay along at Brad's request so that his family could see the baby.
    Relations were strained between the two lovers. They took care of the other's needs, but there was little soul in their actions. Chris Dickson was on his own honeymoon with his husband, Cory, so there was little desire for the darling duo to drive up to Chris's house. Seven weeks later it was time for the boys to board Chris's large jumbo jet for the trip overseas.
    Both boys knew better than to try and hide anything from Chris. Their first night with the family Chris sensed that something was amiss with the boys. He has a knack of staring a boy down until they tell everything that they know to the man. Brad celebrated his twentieth birthday on August thirteenth at a gayla birthday bash held by the family for all of the birthday boys that weekend.
    Chris seated himself on the floor before the two boys and stared at them from across the room. Brad began to fidget at once and tried to move away. Jay broke first. He grabbed Brad by the hand and led him to sit before Chris as he poured his heart out to the only grown man that he loved to make love to.
    Chris listened to the boys and let them tell their story in their own way. By the time that everything was told Brad was holding Jay in his arms and Jay had his arms around his lover. Jay looked at Chris and asked him if they could spend some time alone with him. Brad reached out his hand to Chris. Chris took the proffered hand and led the two boys off to his suite on the third floor of the large Chateau de Christophe, the home of BAF.
    Jay had not had a rider in several weeks. He had taken care of Brad, but the favor was not returned to him. Brad could not face the one that he had hurt to the point of leaving a large bruise that everyone could see. Every time he looked at Jay the guilt rose up within him. He needed Jay in him, he knew that Jay was needful of a return favor, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.
    Chris gave Jay everything that the horny boy needed that night before he turned his attention to Brad. Chris can be almost sadistic when he works with an errant boy. He made Brad cry uncle many times throughout the night. Chris made Brad make love to Jay as only the two boys could love each other. It was morning before Brad got the horn that he longed for. By that time he and Jay were locked at the lip and it is hoped that this time will forever end the jealous streak in Brad.

    Jay had news for his favorite family. He was going to be a father again. René had told him that she was two months overdue and that they could expect a baby in February or March of 2009. All of the family stood in line to taste the cock that made another baby. No one smoked so Jay saved a bundle on cigars, he was glad to allow the first fifty or so boys to slurp on his monster meat; after that it became more of a pain. By the time two hundred mouths had paid homage to him he was raw and sore. Chris called an end to the boy's torture and told the rest of the family that they could shake his hand.