Chapter 63


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Seven o'clock Monday morning came damn early. We were all suffering from jet lag and had not gotten our internal clocks back to our normal times. Plus after the previous evening we were, well fuck it, we were just plain fagged out. Cory and I got in bed together and did some kissy face until we fell asleep around two. The rest of the boys had no excuse to be tired, or so I teased them. "All right. I want you in the showers. I want a very quick BBC&P. You will put on jumpsuits to cover your sweet naked asses, but no underwear or socks, slip on shoes are a must. Then get your ass over to breakfast. We will be on the road before eight. I pulled Toby aside and told him that if they were going to be a part of my family then I needed to do a blood work up on them. He took Ken to the dispensary. The two came to breakfast wearing their badges of courage which consisted of a bandage around the crook of their left elbows.
    There were a lot of gripes about not leaving until Tuesday and…well just typical morning boy chatter. There are two creatures on the face of this planet that can be most exasperating. One of course is a sleepy teenage boy. Those I can deal with. The other I hope to never have to contend with, a mother-in-law.
    As the boys filed from the mess hall with their bellies full they saw six buses lined up. The first bus had its door opened and I was standing there hustling them onboard. They could not see into the blacked out windows of the other busses. With my head count double counted and verified by mommy the bus door was shut. I got into the back seat of the lead SUV with Andy. Our motorcycle escort took off with sirens blaring and onto the highway we went. We had just over two hours to make an eighty mile trip. We were pushing it.
    Traffic was cleared all the way through We were taken underground into the dark caverns of the city's convention center. The boys had not seen the ten black vehicles bringing up the rear until the black uniformed, armed men took their positions to protect the boys as we got off of the buses and filed inside the huge auditorium. My boys were thrilled to see the boys of Bradford Academy getting off of the other buses.
    The boys were guided into the orchestra seating, first twelve rows. The rest of the auditorium was totally empty except for the armed guards wandering about. The lighting crews had guards posted beside them as they worked. The stage hands were kept away from the front of the stage. The camera booth had been vacated and the catwalks had guards all over them to make sure no one could get close to take pictures of or do injury to any of the boys.
    Once inside and seated the lights came down almost at once as the master of ceremonies came on stage.
    "Welcome gentlemen. We are most pleased and honored to do this command performance for a young man that the world has feared dead this past week. Your Royal Highness we understand why you will not rise and identify yourself, but we salute you."
    The curtains opened as the buff and cut Chippendales danced to the boys' delight. The firm muscles of the men had the boys in a lather. Jumpsuits came off quickly. I hoped that the dancers were not offended although I had told them that such a thing was a possibility. I had not told them who the audience consisted of other than that two hundred and fifty young homosexual males would like to watch their show. Their agent was not especially anxious to do a command performance although he had been following the plight and flight of the young Prince and was excited to hear that he was in fact alive. Money is the only thing that talks to these people and a half a million dollars to their favorite charity made them decide to dance for a hall full of naked, masturbating teenage boys. I would like to have pictures of the boys. It was wild.
    Cullen came to me about mid-show and asked me if he couldn't just go up and shake their cocks in appreciation of such a grand show. I had hoped for this response and was prepared for him. During the second encore a clothed Prince Cullen walked on stage with me. He walked in such a regal way no one would doubt his training and position. He walked to the center of the stage toward the man from which most of the troop had seemed to take direction and held out his hand.
    The man bowed low as Cullen simply held out his hand until the man shook it. Cullen thanked him on behalf of all of his gay brothers the world over for showing them that the body is where "it's at." He emphasized his grammatical error with his usual boyish giggle. The entire cast came forth and bowed then shook his hand. He talked to each one of them. He told them that he was aware that they had an evening performance in just a few hours, but he wondered if some of them could come down to be, "Groped and ogled by my friends, the fags in the audience." His honesty and humor got him his desire as the entire cast mingled with the boys for fifteen minutes before I blew a whistle and told them to load up. I told them that these men had another show to do and we were in the way.
    JB came to me with a boy by the name of Bones. He was tall and thin, about seventeen and very clean cut. It took me a minute or two as both of them stared at me then I got it. "Ah, got you. New York, summer 2002. Computer expert at thirteen. I sent you to JB in April 2004. You're the man behind the school's web-site. Fantastic work, son, fantastic." I turned and introduced him to Andy. We would want to talk to this boy, another time another place.
    We had to hurry out of the building so that the crews could clean it before the next performance. I know they were going to be washing boy juices off of the backs of the seats after this show. "I have wanted to thank in you person for your help, sir." Bones was running alongside of me. I let him ride on my bus so we could talk on the ride back.
    The way I look at it I just spent two thousand dollars apiece for two hundred and fifty or so fag boys to get their kicks by getting to feel up some very cut men. Not only did they get to watch a private, Command Performance, but most of them got to slip their hands into some very private areas, hopefully unseen by any one else. They oft times forget that the men Andy hires are not the kind that miss anything. And moi? When have you ever known me not to see?
    I was enjoying young Bones. The boy/man knew his stuff when it came to web-coding. He has sent me URLs to various sites he has done and I am always amazed. "Bones? It is you man. What are you doing here." Brad was leaning over me to shake hands with what, appeared to be an old friend.
    "Fuckin' Brad? Where's…Jay!!! You fuckin' animal. I can't believe you, dude." I let Bones by me so that he could go to the back of the bus to talk. They didn't, they stood beside me in the isle as Bones filled me in on Jay's wild streak. "Man you must have balls of Titanium Steel, the size of Texas. This dude outed himself and Brad in front of the biggest homophobe that school has ever had."
    "So what did you hear. Tell us what's happening." Jay looked worried.
    "Man, I can't believe it. Right in front of Tyrone and Winfrey. Shit, this dude shoves his hand down in Brad's pants and pulls out his hard dick. He stands there and strokes his man while they suck face, in the main quad of the school, inside the building, early in the morning while everybody is milling around, right there. He fucking gets Brad off in front of five hundred dudes and never breaks his face. Then Brad takes him outside and knocks the little dude out. He's scared about what he did so he carried Jay to his truck and burned rubber out of there. Nobody knows where they are. Brad's truck is in his dad's garage with a cover over it and all anybody will say is that the boys are gone.
    "Shit man, I never thought of your coming up here to this fag school. I guess it's got its perks though. I wish I had the balls to come out. Maybe I could come up here."
    "You're gay? Wow, dude that's great. You got a boyfriend?"
    "Yeah, but I can't out him. Remember that day when Brad outed Ryan. I was sitting with Skinny. I was scared to death that they were going to out me too because I was fucking Ryan and letting him fuck me. He taught me how to do all of that shit when he was twelve and I was thirteen."
    "Tell me that the stories about Skin and Bones aren't true." Brad looked deep into the eyes of the youngster. Tears were beginning to overflow. He hadn't even realized that he had said his boyfriend's name out loud. "Look man, chill, okay. It's not like we're gonna come back and out you. We're never coming back to that school. We're on our way to…" Brad caught my eye. I shook my head. "A school in a whole new state where we can start over. I got me a job and a place to live. We're doing fine." Brad hugged Bones and then Jay got his turn. I made the boys sit down so that they wouldn't fall while we were moving.
    The buses left the auditorium, but at the freeway entrance we headed east. Being the lead bus the boys didn't realize that the other busses weren't with us. An hour into the trip I took the driver's microphone to make an announcement. "Gentlemen, we need organized chaos." All eyes were on me as giggles filled the bus. "In the overhead you will find your suits, a shirt and your shoes. No running around. When you pull down the suit over your seat call of the name and pass the suit to him. Your clothes will be passed along the same way. It is tough to get sharp looking in these close quarters, but each of you is so good looking already that no one will notice a hair or two out of place.
    "Just remember that this is not about you. This is about our six lovely brides. Gentlemen we are in Massachusetts. We are headed to the courthouse in Chicopee where a judge is awaiting our arrival. He will be joining Luke and Gerald as a couple. Tim and Jerry are saying their vows today as are Cas and Tyler." The bus erupted in applause and whistles as everyone shouted his support for his brothers. I am so proud of my boys and their undying support of each other. Not one boy in the bunch would hesitate to step into the face of danger to protect the other and not one will miss an opportunity to share the other's joy.

    Our motorcycle escort blocked both ends of the street in front of the county courthouse. It was almost two pm and we had been told that the city mayor and two judges would be performing civil ceremonies and weddings at 2. We had alerted the city to the bus full of well wishers and the mayor agreed to do a more public wedding on the steps outside. I had a box of hats, I think they were called Fedoras in their day. I gave each boy an oversize pair of sunglasses and a hat. I told them to stand alongside the bus, that Andy's men would keep a clear view of the proceedings for them.
    A knock on the bus door startled the boys. I crossed my fingers as I turned to the driver and asked him to open the door. Eddy stepped inside, followed by Mark Demone and Jeff Howell, the former bell boys from New York City. I had e-mailed them and told them about the boys wanting to get married. They wanted to get married too. We all had a feeling that someone would try to destroy the only good thing to be done for the gay population of this country. They had driven over to Base A and took a plane up to Base B. They had to get back that evening as they were still in the midst of plans for the funeral on Friday.
    Andy's men formed a wall of men alongside the bus as thirty boys lined up by size. A few of them had donned the black wigs along with Cullen. I noted one variation with interest. Eddy was hand in hand with Pete. The boys stood quietly alongside the bus with Andy's men in front of them. A crowd of about thirty people had gathered along with a pastor and his small group, well it was Monday and most people were at work. There were four female couples with flowers in hand and two male couples in their tuxedos, that stepped out of the courthouse doors ahead of the two judges with the mayor bringing up the rear.
    The boys began to hum the wedding march as our four couples stepped off of the bus, totally regaled in their tuxedos, complete down to their shoes. Our guard opened a path and a clear line of site from the bus up the twenty feet to the foot of the stairway. One of our guards presented the paper work for Gerald and Luke and the first judge began his short ceremony. Our guards were almost ambidextrous as they maneuvered between the couples and the photographers.
    As Ger and Luke were about half done the second judge wanted the next couple. We encouraged a female couple to move on ahead so we could see all of our boys' ceremony. With a hot lustful kiss the two newlyweds ran toward the bus. I stepped in front of them and pointed at Cas and Tyler as they moved before the judge. Ten minutes later Tim and Jerry showed the audience their version of kiss the bride and headed for the bus. Mark and Jeff stood by and watched then they took their turn.
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my prestigious honor to present to you Mr. and Mr. Gerald and Luke Hodges-Bingmam." Arm in arm the two mounted the bus to a symphony of hoots whistles and well wishes. "May I present to you, Mr. and Mr. Emmit and Tyler Youngman-Casper." They took their bows and ran to the bus as I presented Mr. and Mr. Tim and Jerry Thompson-Mark. Mr. and Mr. Jeff and Mark Howell-Demone took their bows and ran to one of the rear vehicles and were whisked over to a nearby heli-pad where they returned to Base B with Eddy. I had tried to get Andy to go on home with them, but he wanted to stay with the family. He really did not want to be alone in his house right now. I could understand that. I heard a faint, "Left face, forward, go!" And watched as with a military precision my family executed a sharp turn and marched stiffly onto the bus under cover of twenty men in black uniform. I had watched with joy in my heart as Pete and Eddy had engaged in a long, hot kiss. I winked at him as he stepped to the door. He blushes very nicely, I think.
    I looked back to see my old friend, the Mayor, watching the boys. He caught my look and smiled, I will make his day for him, very soon, JB had already told me that he had a youngster from Massachusetts that had showed up at the school. Without paper work the boy could not stay, but this Mayor could give the boy the kind of home and love that the boy is seeking.
    Cullen's flags were on the lead SUV as the motorcade sped out of town. I didn't like the flag business one little bit. I was not ready for the whole world to know that Cullen was still alive, most of all his great aunt, the Queen. Andy was in the lead SUV as I tore his ear off over the radio. A motorcycle cop matched speeds, eighty miles an hour, with the SUV and removed, first the left, then the right flag. He passed them through the window to Andy's outstretched hand. I would have to do something special for that rider. He put his life in extreme danger to remove those flags.

    The family wanted to see our brides get deflowered. We all giggled. We were on a forty passenger bus and there were thirty eight of us, with Bones. Well we all had bones and boners too, but I am talking about young Bones, the Web Master. Luke demanded absolute silence as he stripped Ger and lay him on the long back seat. He gave his spouse such a fucking that every seat on the bus had boi cream soaking into its cushions.
    Cas and Tyler stepped forth. Now normally these two are more private than the other family members. They have always joined family time and we have all enjoyed them, personally, but I don't ever recall seeing the two of them in an intimate moment. Maybe a quick fuck bent over the back of chair or a suck on the couch, but not intimacy. Cas proved himself a lover of lovers as he made his man proud. And more boi cream, although this time much of it made its way into a handy, hungry mouth.
    Now the show began. Tim and Jerry are still very young looking. They are just eighteen, but look more like sixteen, or less. Jerry keeps his gymnastic muscles limber and Tim has worked out with his boyfriend/husband from the day I met them and taught them how to fuck some fourteen months earlier. There was absolutely no way that any male capable of achieving erection, straight or gay, would not spring wood over what these two boys did for our amusement. I mean the boys were making love to each other, but they were aware of their audience and they played to us. I was proud as I watched them in action. Kenny had his lips locked around my cock as he pounded his own three incher into submission then he turned around and tried to back up onto me. His eyes pled with me so I laid him over a bus seat so that he could watch the two in the back and I slowly slipped all of the way inside of him.
    I have the perfect wedding gift for six sexy teenage boys. They're not into anything, but fun. Because of an error by Disney World a year before I had a one week's free pass to either Disney park with first class hotel accommodations for four. Tyler had lifetime privileges to Disneyland. I would send the boys off for a week in fun land. I would buy two more suites and throw in airline tickets and a rental car. Oh yeah, a couple of trucks full of food, they are boys, first and foremost. When I presented my gift to the boys I was told that they were still family and would prefer a threebed-room suite. We called, but could only get a four bedroom for Christmas week. They wanted to take another couple, but I reminded them that there were no more couples over eighteen. I didn't want Toby out of my sight and quietly let them know that he wasn't completely family yet, and I winked at them. No more was said.
    Luke slid in next to me a bit later and whispered in my ear. He had been thinking more along the line of Mark and Jeff. He hadn't personally had any real experience with them other than a bit of a grope on young Mark the past February, and a kiss and a grope and some quick head in July. He winked at me and put his finger to his lips as he flicked his eyes toward Gerald. The sly fox, already keeping secrets from the wife. I told him that Jeff and Mark may very well wish to go and that I would talk to them after the funeral that we had to take care of first. Luke turned sullen. He gripped my hand and slid back into his seat next to Gerald. The last time I looked he had his head on Ger's shoulder, sound asleep as Ger tenderly kneaded Luke's very ample manhood— before an audience of pubescent boys.

    The bus smelled like a five ton can of used condoms when we arrived back at BAG boys at just past five pm. The cooks were expecting us so they had a wide variety of foods for my vegans to fill up on. I did see a few boys sneak a piece of the roast beef. There is no problem with that. People have the wrong idea about vegetarianism. Only a pure Vegan never eats any animal product, not even eggs, butter, or cheese. A vegetarian sometimes eats these items as well as salad dressings, gravies, and soups made with dairy products.
    An occasional piece of meat is not going to kill a person. The Bible tells us in the very first Book of Genesis that we were designed to eat herbs and fruit. Vegetables do not get introduced until after the flood along with meat. It is a known fact that meat takes years, let me say that again, meat takes years, to pass through the digestive tract. It is said that an autopsy on a very famous movie star of, mostly westerns fame, revealed a twenty five pound glob of undigested meat in the man's intestines.
    The adult human body is not equipped to deal with milk, the human body does not do well with cow's milk at any age, but in the adult it is instantly turned into a large curd, like a cheese and it can take weeks to pass through the digestive system as bits and pieces of it are assimilated as nourishment. I probably just lost all of my dairymen and cattlemen association readers, but these are verifiable facts. I chose to be vegetarian that I may lead a healthier and fuller life in the service of my Lord God Creator. Nough said.

    The boys played together for the rest of the afternoon then we headed back to Base B for our last evening. Our newly wedded couples were each given a private room for their special time as a real married couple, the rest of us went on with life as usual. Toby and I walked for a bit then I turned to him and looked him in the eye. "I want the truth." He blanched. I stared at him. He dragged his foot in the dirt. A tear formed in his eyes.
    "They'll be deported and I'll never see them again."
    "You know me better than that. They'll be deported if there is cause. I can pull a lot of strings and Andy can pull more. If they are, that doesn't mean that you can't get on a plane and go see them."
    "They're illegal. My sister and I came to this county with my uncle when I was a baby. We grew up in New Jersey and we were happy. When I was six my uncle raped my sister. He did her every night from then on. She shared the bed with me. She was only twelve. She had a baby, Kenny. We raised him together.
    "My uncle had gotten rich so he brought my mother and my father to live in America. They wanted nothing to do with my sister, she was used. My uncle bought her from them, but he did not want the baby. I took care of him. He was three by then. My mother told me that he was mine to raise. She did not want him. That was what she was saying yesterday when I told her that I was not going to stay. I told her that I was going to live with you and Pete. She told me that Kenny was my responsibility and that I had let him become a fag. Now I was a fag so she and my dad had contacted the holy leader of their group. He had been the one who ordered that the new boy be killed. I am sorry that I never knew his name. He is dead and I cannot pray for him." I will have to let him read about that one too.
    "Are you a citizen?"
    "No." That has to be wrong because I have his passport from our trip.
    "So you lied on your application to work for Andy?"
    "I never filled one out. I just showed up for work one morning and I was given a rake and sent to cleanup around your building."
    "Do you have a social security number?"
    "Yes, I have had it since I was in grade school."
    "Do you have the date and place of Kenny's birth?"
    "Yes, I have his birth certificate. I have mine too."
    "You have a birth certificate? May I see it." We went to his bed and he dug out the packet of papers that I had made him get from my attorney before we went to Europe. I kissed him and sought out Andy. We had a serious breakdown in our own security when we take a man off the street and put him to work without an application or background check. Someone would go to jail for this breech, if Andy wasn't up to it I was. I didn't know how to tell Toby that Kenny was Ibrahim's son, not his uncle's. I knew that Toby recognized Ibrahim. He kept moving to stand behind somebody else while we were near the man. I am going to watch this boy very closely. I don't believe he is a plant, but these people are shrewd and slimy.
    Much worse than that is the fact that young Jason Weller is Kenny Minor's half brother also. I really wished I had not gone boy hunting, but had stayed in Arizona and become an investment counselor to the rich and famous.
    My Arabic's not real good, but the birth certificate I held in my hand was from a U.S. held oil company compound in Saudi Arabia. The name of the father on this document is not the name I had for the man that I met and gave a home and a job to in New Jersey. This just keeps getting better and better.

    I called Kyle out to walk with me toward the main building. As we approached the doors a very excited Jimmy burst through at a dead run. He saw me and his little face lit up like the sun above. "Daddy, daddy, look. I did it. I designed it and Phillip made it for me. It works, daddy." His exuberance was all encompassing as he had Kyle jumping up and down with him. I was trying to watch the four inch square metal box that Jim held in his hand. Finally I put my hand on him to calm him down.
    "I thought of this while I was swimming amongst the coral. Oh, daddy, I wish you had gone diving with us. The water is so clear and everything is so beautiful. Can we go back?"
    "The box?" I pointed at his hand.
    "Oh yeah. Well you are always saying that we should protect our flash cards. We all know that everybody has their own porn pictures and sexy stories on their cards and we don't care, but if customs or somebody wanted to see what we have then we could be in trouble cause some of the pictures might show you, or some other adult sexing us up, so I made a box. Well, Phillip made it after I told him what to do." Trying to get anything out of this boy has always been a trip. He is so fucking cute, even now pushing sixteen he turns me on. He is just one of those boys that is forever young. I took the box away from him and turned it over and over in my hand. His perfect white toothed smile never faded as he watched me.
    What I held was a fairly hefty gage metal box, like I said, about four inches, cubed. At the time it was bare metal, but a coat of paint would dress it up nicely. On the bottom of the box was a pair of prongs for an electric plug, the kind that fold up to be out of the way, but can be folded down to plug the box in the wall. The box had a key sticking out of the sturdy looking lock. I started to turn it and stopped. Jimmy had designed something, what? If I turned the key something was going to happen. He told me that he was going to protect the flash memory cards that we all used. Which way do I turn the key? I handed it back to him, "I know you, you have a code built in to that key don't you?" His smile brightened another ten notches.
    The three of us were sitting in the grass as Jim held the box at eye level and showed us what he had worked out. "If you turn the key to the right any memory cards will be total toasted at once. If you turn the key to the left everything is okay unless you try to remove a card. Before you turn the key you have to push it in and turn it an eighth turn, clockwise, then push it in again and turn it clockwise until the lid opens. That discharges the electrolytic capacitor in the bottom. I put a twenty five thousand volt electrolytic capacitor in a compartment at the bottom then had all of these sockets soldered in place so that the box will hold fifty SD memory cards. If the combination is not right then the capacitor discharges across the pins of the cards with twenty five thousand volts. The lock is hooked to the circuit breaker. Push it once to reset it so that the capacitor charges. The second push and turn discharges the capacitor to ground so that it safe to open. We put our cards in it and plug it in. Push the key once and pull it out of the lock. The capacitor charges from the high voltage coil laid next to it and trips the circuit breaker. It is instantaneous. We don't leave it in the wall plug or anything. But when we go to lunch or gym or somewhere that we won't be using the card it is Secure Data." he giggled at his little joke.
    "Twenty five thousand volts across a card designed to work at five volts. Think what happens to the card and the data on them. PPPFFFFFFTTTTT!!!!" I got myself a shower of boy spit.
    "So everybody's data is destroyed, but whoever shouldn't be looking at it has nothing. We will carry a few of these to school so that there is one close by for everybody to use at a moments notice."
    "How about your data? It's gone?"
    "Daddy!! You taught me better than that. We're all on the family net, all of the time. We simply upload our card every five minutes to the net and it is backed up in our own private files. I figure you or Andy can get into our files and see what we have there, but nobody else ever will."
    I took the box away from him and laid it on the grass at his side. I lay his sweet body back and lay down on top of him and began to smother him with kisses. He was giggling and straightening out beneath me. "You are wrong on one major point my little horn toad. I can't access your files, nor can Andy or anybody else. We would have to have your password and bypass code for the thumb reader. I gave each one of you a totally secure computer that is yours and yours alone. Nobody else can use your computer unless you boot it for them and bypass your thumb reader. You know that, little buddy.
    "Now that you have told me what you have on your card we will have to spend the night with it on the big screen as we see what kind of porno turns you on. I want to love you in your most secret fantasy. I want you to know, and feel, the love I have for you, down deep inside of me. But I don't ever want you to think that I would ever pry into your stuff. You have been with me from the very beginning and you know my rules about personal privacy. Yeah, I swiped a pair of Speedos out of your drawer last spring so that Cullen could go swimming in front of his mother. And I apologized for invading your space. You fucked my ass up for several hours as you decided whether or not to forgive me then it was over. I would love to see your stuff, if you want to share it with me.
    "As for your box. It is the second best thing that you have." He looked at me cross eyed because I was laying on top of him. "You are the best thing you have and I love every foot of you." With that I bent over and sucked as pulsating cock into my mouth just in time to catch his copious load. He giggled and thrashed about on the grass. As he tried to catch his breath I grabbed a very boned Kyle and swallowed his foot long. He is more than a foot long and it takes some doing to get it all down my throat. I have not taken the time to be alone with the lad yet. If our little trip to return Les and Lance to their homes ended the way I thought it would then I would be able to spend a night alone with the boy within the week—in my own bed at home. I wanted his long slender meat making itself at home inside of me. For now I was happy to receive the gargantuan load of ball juice that he was pouring into me.
    The boys were not satisfied until I was satisfied and the two of them took to my needs. One on my balls, one on my cock, and they switched back and forth. They kept switching as they shared the load then each shotgunned what he had gleaned to the other. I sent Jimmy on his way as Kyle and I were on a mission. We entered the building and headed to the staff break room. Randy was sitting there with Laney in his lap. Their hands were all over each other as they were locked together at the lips. Kyle walked up to the man. Randy looked up to see him and he blanched. Kyle's shoulders were slumped as he walked, but I watched him as he stood before the man he had once loved so much.
    "I wanted to say goodbye to you, Randy. I am going to live with Chris and my boyfriend. I have never been as happy as I am now. I was afraid to tell you this because you and I have been together for so long." He held out his hand to Laney. No one said anything so I introduced the boys. Kyle's eyes widened when he heard me say grandson. "I know that I am doing the right thing for sure now. Laney needs to be with his family and you always did like younger boys anyway. I hope we get to see each other again sometime." He shook hands with Randy then turned and walked away.
    I know his heart was breaking. He had to feel betrayed. This confrontation was exactly what I was going to avoid with Bry and Lonesome. I really had no choice here. Kyle was not sure what he should do so I had to close one door so that he would not have to choose. Yes, I could have closed the door to Chad, but I believe that is the better way for this lad to go. Randy is not what Kyle needs. For the present he is exactly what Laney needs. Let them lean on each other, I have years of abuse to overcome with young Kyle and I know that my family of youngsters are about the best medicine he can take for now.

    Andy is doing much better. He knows what a challenge we face and he is up to the task. He has made a decision. It is a long trip, but for his own good; it is one that he needs to take. He is going with us as we swing down to Mobile and deliver our two boys. He handed me the paper work from the State Department on them. They are on the national registry of missing and exploited children. Their pictures are on bill boards and milk cartons around the country. People have stood up to take notice of this case. The idea of American children for sale in foreign nations is too alien for them to get their tiny minds around.
    I handed him the paperwork on the Minor boys along with the DNA tests from their morning's blood work. I had already called Athos and told him to keep Ibrahim hanging around awhile longer. My own lawyer was involved, we had used this man for ages—Charley brought us to him. How do these things keep falling into my lap? I am one of the good guys, aren't I? I had to keep Toby from learning anything. So far he had only been with the boys, but now I had to keep my guard up and not let him get hold of any of my equipment or computers.

    We were facing three days of traveling with thirty five boys and three adults. Well really ten. Cas, Tyler, Luke, Gerald, Tim, Jerry and Pete, are all over eighteen. It was for this reason that I had singled them out for driving lessons. While Pete and I made my trip to take the Minor boys home the other six boys spent the day on the far side of the base—out of sight of the other boys—as they learned to drive big buses with limited vision through rows of orange cones. They spent an hour on the highway navigating their way through the traffic returning to the city after a long weekend. The instructors told us that each boy was a superb driver and that they had no qualms at approving them for relief drivers for our trip.
    I only plan to use them during daylight hours, they need road experience to build their confidence. They don't know what they have trained for, but they will learn Tuesday morning. In the meantime, I am going to get some quiet sex and rest. I goosed Cory and asked him if he would like to spend the next sixteen hours trying to get things straight between us. He led me to the suite.
    Cory and I did get straight with each other. I had to let him let his heart run and it had. He was a bundle of nerves when we got in bed. He was so mixed in his feelings. I had anticipated this and asked him if he would like to talk to Sarah. That was exactly what he wanted. I excused myself and he grabbed me. He told me that he needed to lean on me while he talked to her. I told him I wouldn't be in bed with the two of them so he needed to learn to talk to her now. He made me stay.
    Cory has a different education than most boys. He spent the first sixteen years of his life running from life with a mother that was so into substances that she didn't know if it was day or night. Her drug of choice had been crack. Cheap, easy to find, totally addicting, mind destroying, and physically destructive. When I first met her I could tell what she used without being told. She had the haggard, old look that comes after just a few months of the drug and by that time she had been using for at least six years.
    Cory had been more than the woman deserved. He had turned his little bottom up to her boyfriends and let them have their way with him since he was nine years old. He needed money to feed his mother and himself. The boy is such a dear and special person to me. The night I found him hiding naked in an all night laundromat I fell in love with him. There was something so different about him. I felt a tug at my heart that I have never felt with any other boy.
    When Cory and I sat down with an old Indian that just chanced onto our path I knew that God was with us. Not only were Cory and I blood related, the old Indian man turned out to be Cory's natural grandfather and my great uncle, somewhere in there removed. The three of us were blood. We are all three Cherokee Indian. Me by my mother, who was half Cherokee by her mother and half Choctaw by her father. Cory was half Cherokee by his father, who was Chief Steve's son, and Chief Steve was just a plain old redskin. I love him so much. I have him scattered all over the nation. He wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread far and wide. He especially wanted his ashes over the ancestral lands of North Eastern Georgia and it has been done.
    I have small urns that were made for me by an old Indian woman that is some relation to me. These urns are six inch tall miniatures of a fifteen inch fired clay pot that sits in honor at the entrance of my home. One of these miniature urns sits in a permanent shrine I had built for Steve on the side of Chief Steve's mountain overlooking the valley below and over eighty miles away. Of course some of Chief Steve's ashes are scattered about the exterior of that cabin and shrine and the small little lake beside it. Hidden within that shrine, that is also a bomb proof cabin of sheet steel and bullet proof glass, is a hidden entrance to Base C, one of Andy's secret communications bases.
    The second urn sits well anchored to the dash board of Traveler. I take Steve with me every time Traveler© rolls down the road. Cory spent two months with Steve before I went out of my mind and rushed to get him and bring him to live with me. I found that I can not live without the boy near me and we discovered this past summer that Cory is the same way with me. Then I go and have Andy tell him I was dead. The poor boy is going to need couch therapy if I'm not careful. His emotions are not as strong as he is.
    His intellect is strong and his wisdom surpasses his age. We had Sarah on the speaker phone, but I stayed as quiet as I could so that she would feel free to talk. Steve had told us that most of the boys from our blood line preferred boys. He had told us that the women of his small band accept that. We spent that first summer finding out about our family curse from as many sources as possible. It seems that somewhere in our blood line somebody endowed the lot of us with extra long, thick man meat. Cory and I enjoyed this family trait with nine different boys that first month that we were together, before I let my wander lust take me away. Well I had set out on that trip to find and fuck boys. Now I have thirty five of them with me, Tony went across the road to be with JB.
    Sarah sounded so sweet. She had the soft feminine voice that entraps horny young males. She was smooth talking Cory while I sucked on his sweet cock. I had checked it out. I have a current letch's license and I have to protect my image so that the license doesn't get taken away from me. Cory had nine and a quarter inches of boi, no man, cock. When he had that delivered I don't know. Nothing has ever been said in the family about it. When I picked Cory up a mere fourteen months earlier he was a strapping lad of sixteen who stood five foot six inches tall. He may have weighed a hundred pounds, if he had a large rock in each pocket. His soft cock hung three and a half inches. His little frame was frail and all skin and bones. He had one claim to fame in that he had a very thick seven and a half inch dick. Now at seventeen years and eight months of age, he was already sporting over nine inches. And sweet. I know that Chief Steve was well endowed and there was no Choctaw blood in him that I know of, my grandfather called our major endowment the Choctaw curse, but I was beginning to believe that our blessing came from another source. I loved whatever was making Cory's source massive and I wasn't about to wait for him to get off of the telephone. I wanted some cream.
    He giggled. Sarah wanted to know what was funny. He told her we was thinking of their first kiss and how sweet it was. What a line. The boy is quick and smooth. He had her eating out of his hand. She came right out and asked him if he would be able to be away from me long enough to join her for a wedding. She said she understood his need to be with me. She and Sandra spent a lot of time talking and Sandra knew that she had created a terribly confused and lonesome boy. She had told Sarah not to expect Cory to be able to stay with her. Sarah told Sandra about the boy lovers in the tribe and that she had been raised with the understanding that she would probably raise her children by herself.
    Cory told her that it did not have to be that way. He told her that he had a little money that Steve had left him and he would buy them a house in Arizona where they could live together. She had not planned to leave her family. She would have to think about that. They had time. She asked him if they could have a spring wedding. By her figures she should not be due until late May or maybe into June. She would like to be married under the Redbud archway at the little chapel near her home. She told him that in early spring that was the most beautiful place on earth. Cory told her that it sounded wonderful, but that they would see each other, several times, before then and they could make solid plans for an early April wedding.
    When he hung up the phone he was totally out of his mind. He threw his legs back and yelled, "Ride me daddy. Ride me long and hard. Feed me long hot cock and make me scream for joy." I aim to please and I aimed at and hit his g-spot. We lay beside each other and talked. We had not been able to just talk to one another in months. He brought up Mike. Mike was heavy on my mind. We decided that since both of us were thinking about him he should be with us. I asked the operator to send Mike to us.

    It wasn't as late as I thought. Mike told us that the sun had just set. Cory and I looked at each other, "So how many days have we been here?" we both said at the same time. The three of us laughed. I had talked to JB and some of the staff. Some of the boys at the school had answered my questions about Mike and I had made my decision. Now I wanted to talk to the boy who bore my name along with his brother, Cory.
    Mike knew he had blown it when he faced the family. He told us that the belt had very little pain in it when he looked at the pain in my face. He told us that we could have beat him to death if he could just take back the hurt that he realized that he had caused me. He was wrapped around in a little ball, laying on top of me. I had shifted him so that he lay on both of us. Cory had his arms around the boy as he kissed his ears and licked the side of his young face. Mike told us that his step-father, Revers, beat him. "He said I's white trash. He cussed at me everyday and told me I's not worth my shit. He told me that I could prove I's a man if I'd get money from you. If not he'd beat my ma since I'd not be there for him to beat me. He says I's white trash and my pa's a Yankee blue coat. My pa's a war hero, I got his medals. Or I did have."
    "Mike, your father was truly a war hero. Do you know what medals he has?"
    "Well he had that Purple Heart with the head of a man in white in the middle of it. And he had this here star with the word Valor and, there's so many I don't remember."
    "That Purple Heart medal was given to him because he was wounded in a war zone. The star, Mike, is one of the most honored medals. It is the second highest medal that our country can give. It is the Silver Star and it was awarded for Valor, or bravery, in the face of the enemy when he knew full well that his own life was in danger. Mike your father stood up against an overwhelming force of enemy soldiers and fought as he protected two of his men who had been wounded. He saved their lives, but he was injured so badly that he died a few days later. I have the commendations that go along with those medals for you. Cory and I will frame them and hang them in your new room when we get home. We will have a ceremony with flags and fireworks to honor your father."
    I expected it, but it still overjoyed me to be attacked by the elated lad. I love boy kisses, but that was not what I was seeking as I told the boy the story of his blood father. I would never let him forget the man who had given him life. I took him from a life of hardship and unknown suffering to give him a real chance at becoming somebody. I only hope that he will take advantage of my gesture.
    Mike was a typical kid with hormones on the verge of bursting out. He wanted to play. We told him that he could rest and just enjoy his new found knowledge, but his prominent boyhood would not quit stabbing at the point of his emotions. We voted and I got my favorite position as long as reciprocal arrangements were allowed. Hey, who am I to argue. I would get two sweet cocks and watch two rear entries and not have to do anything, but suck and enjoy.
    Once all things were relaxed again and we were at rest I laid out the real test. "Mike, I know that Cory told you that I invested the boys' money for them and that they are very rich. That is true, Mike. Every boy in this house that you met last summer is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have some new boys that don't have any investments. Some of them will get a lot of money when the courts finish with the charges against the men that hurt them, but you don't have any money. You don't have any coming in. You aren't going to be rich like the rest of them."
    The little fart is just like Cory, he is quick and bright. He sat up and said, "lights on dim." I didn't tell him that everything was voice controlled. in the suite, how did he know?. Mike turned around and got on his knees between Cory and me. "Look at me. Look me in the eye, I am talking now. I know that I have one hell of a lot of shit to overcome, but I learned something just before you took me to England. I love you. You are a whole 'nother breed of man, dad. I don't think the spirits never made no man like you and it'll be a long time fore they do again. The old women is right when they say that you is like the wolf that devours its enemies and protects its young. I don't even care if you send me back to ma no more. I got a chance to know you. I just now got a chance to fuck you and dad, there ain't no man nowhere like you. Never was, never will be. I am so happy right now cause I knows you. I don't care what happens to me. I am happy. If you wants me to stay with you I'll be in heaven. The school's across the road and I told you I's stay there two years. It's all up to you. I just thank you for what I have and who I know I can be."
    "Who can you be, Michael Adam Winfrey-Dickson?"
    "I can be anybody I choose to be. I choose to be as much like you as I can be. I been with every boy in this family for two months. I heared who you is and how they love you. I want people to love me like that. All of these guys hold me and tell me that they are glad that I am with them now. They tell me how sorry they is for whipping me, but I tells em all, I needed that, I did wrong and I got showed so. I's so sorry. All I want is to be a good son to you and makes you proud of me."
    "Mike, I am very proud of you. You would not have gone with us if I didn't know what you can be. What you just said shows me that I am right about you. I want you to know this down deep in your heart, I love you. You are my number two son. Cory is my son. Eric is my son also. I had to save him and gave him my name. I have just finished the adoption process with Jace, Frank, and Branden, my newest sons. I have six more young men that don't deserve the names they have and they want to change them, but time will tell. Young Arthur is still up for grabs. If his mother will grant me permanent custody that would be best, but I have the guns to force the issue and I will adopt him if she fights me. These boys are each and every one loved and will always be my family.
    "Mike, you and Cory are blood. I was going to tell you this some other time, but now is good too. The doctor took blood from you, just like every other boy. You and I have a common female ancestor.Our great grandmother had two husbands, her first husband was the first cousin of Cory's grandfather, Chief Steve. After his death our grandmother remarried and her daughter is your grandmother. You and I are second cousins, but you are my son by adoption. Your DNA shows an even closer relationship to Cory than mine does. Someone in your blood line was related to each of you which makes you related.
    "Now, I liked your speech, but you said one thing wrong and I believe that it is something that we should rectify post haste." His eyes widened up and he steeled himself for punishment. "You said you, "got a chance to fuck me." That's not true. I fucked you, but let's make your story true." I rolled back and spread my legs before the boy. His eyes were filling his whole head as he stared into mine. Cory pushed him into position and stroked his six and three quarter inch cock to life. Like yeah, we measured him. He's family, he's long and thick, we have to know how long and how thick. That was a butt stretching five and three quarters inch thick pole of power that spread me nicely.
    Once he was erect Cory slapped his taut globes causing him to lurch forward and enter me. Cory had to stay with him as he got all the way up to me and in me then began his maneuvers. Tears poured down his face as he lay his body on mine and let nature do the work. He was good, but he was a novice. We were well into it and he was beginning to really get the hang of what he was doing when he confessed that I was his first. He had never topped before. I made him take his time as Cory taught him every trick he knew. We strung the boy out and let him go for over a half an hour. He was total jelly when he finished. As often as he had been used, abused, yes even sometimes loved, he had never imagined it to be so good to give instead of take.
    We hardly let him recover before we had him in the saddle with Cory. By morning Mike was full blown queer, top, bottom, fuck or suck, it made no difference to him. He loved it all. I sent Cory on an errand. He came back with Ken and a man pushing a cart with our breakfast on it. I told the boys that we had very little time because we were going to be on the highway in a hour.
    I told Mike that Ken had just lost his cherry the night before and Ken had a Golden Pole pin now. That made Mike's eyes round out. I asked Ken if he would like a ride on Mike before breakfast. This did my heart good. I had tried to think of the tightest ass in the family as a gift to my son to show him how much I loved him. The two boys made beautiful music togther as Cory and I sat and pigged out on scrambled eggs, ice cold sliced tomatoes, and dark dry toast, my favorite breakfast. All I needed was cream for my coffee which Cory gladly supplied.

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