Chapter Fifty three


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    "Hi thereTeddy, how's little Larry this morning." I said with a sneer.
    "I am The High Reverend Theodore Jakes, Father Jakes to you."
    "You're not my father. You have your collar on backwards and a little high for a molester of eight year old boys. I met Sean. His family blames you for him being gay. You first raped him when he was what eight, nine? Larry came to us this morning. He has had it with your tobacco breath and your fat greasy sweat on his little body. You claim to be a man of God, but these boys that you are molesting don't like the God you show them." That got me a blow to the head with the gun from the man behind me.
    "Look, you think that the Academy is hurting your slavery business and you want to shut it down. I can understand. You four guys make millions each year trafficking in human flesh and your source of boys is in jeopardy. Tsk tsk. I really feel for you." My head hurt. I wanted to bounce whomever hit me around the room for awhile, but I could only see the very large hole located under the front site of a handgun that was kept very close to my right temple.
    "I think that it would be best if you not talk anymore," the faceless voice said from behind me.
    The door opened and a commanding voice spoke out, "Federal Marshall, we have a search warrant. Everybody remain where you are." The room was filled with men in blue wind breakers with the word Marshall or the letters FBI in large gold embossed characters on the back. "We have a gun here!" The large hole disappeared and the back of a man's head appeared on the floor beside me. It had a very large foot against it holding it to the floor. I wanted to put my foot there too. Agents swept through the room and into the back offices.
    "Are you okay sir?" One of the men addressed Andy. Andy told him we were. Andy pointed as he spoke to the young man. He claimed our briefcases and returned them to us as he guided me over to a chair. Somebody was tending to a wound on the side of my head.
    "That was cutting it close, my friend," I said to Andy.
    "I swear, I didn't know they were going to raid today. I just sent them the data three hours ago. They must have been sitting on these guys."
    Rothsfeld and Dubois were handcuffed and seated near us. Hildebrand was profiling as was the priest. I opened my brief case and shoved a paper at Rothsfeld. Andy turned his laptop toward the man. The DNA evidence was clear. Frank and Branden were brothers of his blood line, but not his sons. A report of his missing sister caused Rothsfeld to turn away. Dubois sneered at him.
    Howie was dirty. He had been falsifying court documents for years. Rothsfeld was deep into Dubois, the leader and brains of the outfit. Rothsfeld was so deep into Dubois's pocket that he had sold his own pregnant sister into slavery, after she gave him two blond haired boys for his stock supply. He had kept her older son, an eighteen month old infant when he sent his sister overseas to never be seen again. The boys were Hildebrand's sons, conceived as inventory. Wilson Weller was the front contact man with offices in Turkey where he spent several months a year with a sweet little harem of girls and boys. So far DNA evidence had not proven young Jayson Weller's lineage.
    The priest used his power to root out runaways, families in trouble, whatever, to find fair, good looking youngsters, male and female, to give a better life to. Then sent them off to a world of indenture to slavery and misery unknown in their young worlds.
    My friend, the judge, whom I'll not name because he is a victim, was set up with a street boy and had been sending down bench judgements to assist these men in their scheme. The poor charismatic pastor and his flock were pawns who had been duped into playing these people's games. As the investigation continued the names of people involved stretched all the way down the eastern seaboard to D.C. itself.
    I love boys. I really believe that I am helping my boys by giving them a life. I have seen to it that they have money to start out on their own. Yes, I dread the day that they will move on with their lives, but I hope that when they do they will have a much better chance at the world, much the same as I did because of an old fag named Charley.
    One thing I'll swear. Branden, his twenty three month older brother Frank, and Jace will get everything that the three men that used them ever had or ever will have. I will see to it that those boys get the finest that should have been their's to begin with. Yes, they had been raised in opulence and knew nothing of the truth behind their seemingly high society life style. They will continue in that society for as long as they wish.

    I needed my boys. I had them spread their naked bodies all over me as I hugged, squeezed, and nursed on everyone of them for the rest of the afternoon. They had no idea what was going on. They're kids, let them have their innocence, I wish I could have some of it too. Brad and Jay were with us. They had spent some time alone as guests in one of Andy's private suites. Something was going on with those two, but right then I wanted everybody to kick back and relax and let the love flow. I had Branden and Kyle brought over for a few hours with the promise that they would be resting. By the time they returned to their hospital beds they were soooo relaxed, their tiny little nuts were shriveled away to near nothing, but boy were they relaxed.

    The next morning Randy was in the hot seat of our inquisition center, as the conference room had come to be known. Andy had reassembled his computer lab at the base, he and his men had gone through it with a fine tooth comb. We were all very impressed with what we saw as totally different methods of finding the information that Andy and his people were looking for. Andy and Jeff knew that what I was seeing meant very little to me so they had Eddy try to explain what each segment did. I could grasp some of it. Even as ignorant as I am, I could see that this man was a genius and on the wrong side he could be the most dangerous man on the planet. We took seats at a table with Randy and talked to him, face to face.
    Before the kick off Randy grabbed the ball and made for an end play. "Mr. Dickson, I won't beat around the bush with you. When Kyle called me your information came up on my computer screens. I know who you are. Sir, right now I can download all of your e-mails for the last five years on the computer in front of you so that you can see everything you have sent or received from anybody. That is not security."
    Everyone sat with their mouth open. "Randy," I was getting angry. "I don't know what kind of game you are playing here. Kyle called you from a throw away phone that I pick at yard sales and such. I activate them with pre-paid phone cards. They are absolutely non-traceable." I looked at Andy, I had told a lie because the phone was one of his untraceable phones.
    "Son, there is no such thing as non-traceable in our country today. Our government watches everybody and has a file on everybody. You, sir, do not shit, but what it is entered in your file. Your little party last July was recorded and every person there was identified with his perversions and with whom he committed those perversions. I have all of those files in ether. I can destroy them forever and the agency that recorded them will never know what happened. I would like to take you to my lab and let you see what the world knows about you and I can explain more about how I can help you."
    I didn't think that the man knew that we were in fact the agency he referred too. Andy was busy typing instructions into his notebook. I was curious as to whether this man could in fact erase our files.
    "Well, sir, your lab is currently in boxes across the hall. Our information from Kyle was that you were in mortal danger so you were killed in a terrible gas explosion that totally destroyed your home and all of your meaningless computer equipment that had been made up mostly of bread boarding and mickey mouse wiring."
    Randy set back and smiled. He reached into a box that he had hand held since he had left home. The first folder he opened made me push back from the table and shake. There were folders from the FBI, INS, Homeland Security, CIA, everybody had a file on me. I was on everybody's radar. There was nothing damaging, but I was being looked at. I sat back.
    "I downloaded all of this last. I downloaded it just before it disappeared. None of this was ever there. There is not one computer file anywhere in the world that has anything with your name in it except for your banks, passports, IRS payments, land and property deeds and titles, etc. No investigations are in tact. Not even in their most secret back up archives. I have gone back for twenty years and removed you even from old tape drives. All of your e-mails and other WEB entries have never existed. I am good at what I do and I can hack the CIA. They never know when I'm in their system. I have been at this so long that I know every backdoor to every system in the world. I have to disappear. I need to be killed off."
    "The only reservation I have is Kyle. I am an old queer. I love boys, but I have not had a boy near me in fifteen years. Kyle loves me and I love him. Could we see each other?"
    "That is yours and Kyle's choice. We would have no problem with you two being together, if that is what you both want. It must be free will on both of your parts."
    I nodded at Andy. Every bit of the information that was in the file in my hands was shown on the large screen at the end of the room. Randy stood up with his hands on the table and stared at it, "But how? I dumped that."
    "When you pulled it up we saw you. We uploaded everything you did. We want to know your secrets, sir." Andy told him. Andy picked up the cell phone Kyle had used. "This cell phone was bought at a yard sale in Miami, Florida. The time on it was pre-paid in cash." Andy told the old man. "Chris gave me five phones like this and I returned this one to him two days ago."
    Randy just smiled, "It was activated from a satellite link highspeed internet connection from a Toshiba Lap-top computer 1805 S204, serial number 9155004PU, on the seventh of September, 2004 from coordinates that place a moving base at approximately seventeen minutes north of Chattanooga, Tennessee at 1640 hrs. The computer was using a fake IP address, but the embedded coding came back to a computer and a software package registered to Chris Dickson of Tucson, Az." Shit!! That's scary.
    "How easy is it to get that information?" Andy asked him.
    "Very easy with my system. I would venture to say, impossible for any agency that I know of at present."
    "Is your system difficult to duplicate?" Andy was on edge himself over this one.
    "A little bread boarding and some mickey mouse wiring can have it up in short order."
    "Can you be back traced?"
    "Son, I have been playing with computers before there was such a thing. I toured an IBM office and saw a mainframe computer in nineteen fifty eight. I was overwhelmed. I was fourteen years old and my life took on the direction I still follow today. I love coding. I have kept perfect notes. I know every backdoor to every piece of software ever written. I can get through every firewall, into every software or hardware encryption program that has ever come along." Oops, that struck a cord.
    "Well there is one. It is kind of new. Langley and the big new FBI computer are using it. I can't quite get a handle on it, but I am sure that I will, sooner or later."
    "What is it?"
    "I don't really know. I have tried every algorithm I know of. I was sure that it was a five hundred and twelve bit encryption code, but the possibilities that someone has developed that are staggering."
    "Could such a code be broken?"
    "Oh, any code can be broken, but five hundred and twelve, do you have any idea what means? We're talking trillions times trillions of trillions of possibilities for a password."
    "What if it wasn't software?"
    "You mean like…like the German Enigma? Hardware based? No. Impossible."
    "Why?" Andy was on the edge of his seat. We were playing ball in his park. He owned the ball, the bat, the field and he had the key to the light switch.
    "The amount of circuitry that would take. Even with triacs…I just can't see it being mechanical."
    "If it were could it be broken."
    "Never. You would have to have the device. Such a device would change codes several times during one transmission. It would be impossible to hack. No, I think that they found themselves some little smart assed kid who sat around playing with his dick and figured out a code. I'll crack it."
    "Do you want to crack it or would you rather work with the smart assed kid while I play with my dick?" Andy smiled at the man.
    Randy looked at Andy. He scanned the room. All of us were dead pan. "You?" Andy nodded. "Sir, I would be honored."
    "I'm going to let you in on a new secret, this man that you dumped his files, well those are all dummy files that we put there to give him our identity for him. You won't find anything on him. You want to know what you are playing with Randy. This same man suggested something that should keep old men and hackers out of my encryption hardware for several lifetimes. He had me install a mechanical interface between my five hundred and twelve bit encryption chip that changes the code eight hundred times a second through the MAP processor. Still want to hack my system? If the bees aren't buzzing in your bonnet right now, let me put the queen in with them. The password can be made up of characters from one hundred and twenty five written languages." Randy sat back in his chair in a slump. He smiled at Andy then he nodded his head at the master.

    I got to know Randy a little better. I found out that he was married for a year. She couldn't handle his size and sued for divorce on grounds of sexual incompatibility. She had pictures and doctor's reports attesting to the damage he did to her. She did have a son by him just five months later. Randy was twenty eight. His son grew up thinking his dad was some kind of monster. When he was eighteen he came to see Randy to try to get to know him. They had a really heated argument until Randy stood up and pulled his pants down showing his son what a monster he was. The boy called him a faggot and walked out of his life.
    I asked him what kind of monster he had. He told me, "It is between nine and a half and ten inches, depending on how worked up I am. That's why my wife left me and why I don't have a boyfriend. Kids don't take to peckers like this one." I stood up and opened my pants. He laughed. I told him that the old man sitting next to Andy had twelve inches. Then I told him that Kyle had twelve inches. He had not seen the boy in almost two years and did not know that.
    Randy's only regret is that he has a twelve year old grandson that he had never seen. He had followed the boy's life through school records. There was some evidence in our computers that his grandson is gay. Randy had the same information. I asked him what he would like to do. He told me that he wanted to meet the boy and try to help him. I told him that Laney had run away from home and was turning tricks at the bus station. Randy lowered his head. "I so wish there was someway that I could help him. But now that I am dead and I can never go back."
    "Randy, look at me and listen. Laney and your son, his dad, had a big argument two months ago. Laney has been in the wind. We found him and had a long talk with him. He was staying at your house and was killed in the gas explosion that killed you." As I said that the door opened and a very strong and good looking boy walked in. He walked up to Randy.
    "I've seen your pictures at my grandmother's house. You're my grandfather."

    Jay slipped in by my side as I walked around the grounds in a thoughtful mood. He slipped his hand into mine then around my waist. He moved closer to me and melded his body to mine and began to cry. I asked him if he wanted to sit and talk or go somewhere private. He wanted the absolute privacy of his suite from his night of arrival two days before. I pushed my ever present radio. Andy asked me what I needed, I told him a suite for two maybe three. In mere seconds a cart was approaching across the wide space. Jay and I were taken back to the same room where he and Brad had slept. He wanted to get naked to show me his bruised ass. I wanted to know what had happened. We had to lay down first.
    My cock went down his sweet throat, but he wasn't after sex so much as he was needing a pacifier. I have seen this in boys before. He needed the security that he found in just holding a cock deep in his mouth. He lay with me and nursed. I asked if I could have a go at him. He didn't let go of a centimeter as he turned and lay on top of me and let me swallow his tasty meat. He was keyed up. No sooner than his cock slid in my throat then he let me have his love juice, but he lay perfectly still as his balls pumped gallon after gallon of sweet, sweet nectar deep into my system rejuvenating me.
    We lay together for maybe a half an hour. His cock wilted, came to life then wilted again. All the time he kept me up and nursed. Finally his cock came to life and he rolled with me. He wanted me to get on top and fuck him deep in his throat. This is my favorite thing to have done, but I seldom get to do it to a boy. My cock is so damn long and thick that I choke the dear sweet lads. Jay was ready. He raised his chin, burying the top of his head into the bed. This opened his throat into a straight passage. He has done this before, probably with Brad. I began to fuck long strokes. I know that when I do this with a boy I want to feel every inch of his cock slide in and out of my mouth. I pulled my cock back until the ridge of the glans hit his lips then I pushed all the way in again pressing my pubic hair into his face.
    Jay wrapped his arms around me and moaned his approval. All the time I was satisfying my own needs with his cock sliding in and out of my own throat. I felt him begin to tense. I love teenagers, they just keep cuming and cuming and cuming. They are the eternal fountain of youth. I let myself go and reached my climax as closely as I could to his. I rolled aside and he rolled with me. We sucked every drop of cock snot that we could find from the other. Jay kissed the head of my dick then turned and cuddled into me. He kissed at me, but I made it real as I buried my face in his. His tongue moved over to my mouth for a long search of what he was needing.
    "I love you so much that it hurts. I love Brad with all of my heart, but I can't stand to be without you. I hate it here. I want to be with you." I held him tight. Something has happened to this boy and he will tell me when he is ready. We slept for a half an hour. His hard cock was pressing up against my belly as he dreamed the dream of a peaceful young teen. Well okay, he had just turned sixteen. He is the same age as a lot of my boys. Youth is so wasted on the young. Suddenly my tummy was awash in hot boi cream. His eyes flew open as he stared at me in horror.
    "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…"
    "Hush baby, no problem. Well maybe one. I would rather have had it in my mouth. I love your taste." He giggled and I pulled him close mashing him into his own mess. I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed him tight. I rolled to my back bringing him on top of me and let him get a good dose of his love juice as it squished between us. I let my hands play with his tight little globes. When my fingers stroked deep in his crevice he flinched. "May I ask about this?"
    "I fucked up, big time. I'm afraid that I might lose Brad. Chris, I was raped." My heart stopped. He must have felt my reaction because he jerked up and looked into my face. "No, not there. I was raped by my girlfriend." The story he told me was so cute. Jay hadn't wanted to get into a girl in that way. He had always loved her and he was so happy that she finally made him hard, but he wasn't ready. She took it on herself to do as she wanted to do and he couldn't take it.
    I could just see him and some sweet girl. I kind of remember a girl at the fourth of July gathering a year ago. She was as beautiful as the early morning dawn. I had flown in to attend the official founding of the academy. I saw Jay and his family. I had the chance to visit with Ric, his dad, and his uncle Carlos. I had no idea at that time how our lives would be so interconnected. I was rushing to take care of business and get back home for the hearing to have young Turner released from the clutches of the Child Protective Services. Turner deserved a chance at life and his brother Tyler needed his chance to be with his brother. Those two have to be one of my great successes.
    I knew what the problem was. This may be a little fag boy, but no one makes his decisions for him. This girl had taken control away from him. She had stepped on his male pride. I had a job ahead of me. When he told me about the other girl and Brad and how Brad was all proud and everything and he wanted to be a daddy and he had a puffed up head and…I had to slow Jay down before he hyperventilated. I still wanted to know about his ass. He wanted Brad to punish him for hating his cousin. The girl that he had fucked is Brad's dad's brother's daughter. Got it? Brad's cousin. Jay is full of remorse. He feels that if he lets Brad fuck him hard and often that he will forget the skirt and the two will stay together. I felt sorry for this insecure lad. My mind was racing as I set up scenarios whereby Brad could prove his love.
    Everybody at school made a big thing out of the two kids fucking, openly in the park. She had raped him where they were sure to be caught. They were. And by a very large portion of the student body of his high school. There had been rumors for years that Brad was gay. The cousin and the girl that Brad fucked had tried to dispel the stories by hanging with the duo, constantly. But a jilted gay boy who wanted in Brad's pants made an open pass at Brad. Jay, the jealous lover, had cold cocked the kid in the hall at school after the kid got a little too familiar. The kid told everybody about getting it on with Brad at the big end of school party at Luke and Gerald's house Memorial day weekend. As the cousin saw it she had to act now to save the two boys. Jay admitted to me that she was just trying to help and he was really thankful. He would have to apologize, but he had gone one step too far.
    It seems that for two weeks after the incident every kid in their school had been making remarks about his sexual prowess. His massive cock was mentioned time after time and no one would let the whole thing die. Two days earlier I had called them to come to the base to meet with the school board. I had called just as the boys had gotten out of the school after Jay had outed both of them to the entire student body. Not only did he tell everybody that he and Brad were lovers, he stuck his hand down Brad's pants as he kissed him right in the main entrance to the school moments before first bell. Oops, where is King Solomon when one needs wisdom?
    I suggested that maybe we should get Brad to come and get into bed with us and tell his side of the story. Jay was ready for that. I spoke into the air "phone Andy" Andy's voice came on a bedside speaker. I asked to have Brad and lunch delivered. Brad should be served naked on a tray the food could just walk in.
    Ten minutes later the tone of the door chimed, a quiet, small noise, not harsh or disturbing. Everything in the suite is voice activated. I spoke "door open" two men carried a naked Brad in on a tray set up on their shoulders. A third man behind them pushed a cart with our lunch on it and set the table for three. Jay and I examined Brad. Jay asked the men if they thought he was too well done. He was told that the boy was served medium rare. He was a rare find, but they did not want him too well done so that he could age slowly. That was a satisfactory answer. We decided to keep Brad. All three of us let the waiters grope us at will as we paid them a special oral tip at their tips then they left us alone.
    The two boys were locked together at the lips. Hands reached out to pull me into their circle. After a big group hug I directed the boys to our lunch. We had oat burgers with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onions. Dill pickle spears and cherry peppers on the side with a hot vegetable soup. A platter of melon balls mixed with bananas and grapes were our desert. Papaya-Pineapple juice and two large pitchers of water rounded out our lunch fare. Fully stuffed and raring to go I sat back in my chair. I didn't even get my feet stretched out in front of me before I was dragged to the bed. I had a hot boy on each side of me.
    This was not going to work. These two boys are lovers and I was between them. They both wanted to be next to me so Brad solved it by making Jay get on top of the two of us as we snuggled super close. I was glad for an air conditioned room as this could get a little sweaty. What the heck, it's boy sweat. Ain't no big thing at all. I, for one, love it. Jay wanted to apologize. Brad didn't want to hear it. He told his sweetheart that he was good with it. He agreed that it was time to quit living a lie.
    He reminded Jay of a conversation they had not to long ago about Brad wanting to come out, but not wanting to leave Jay there for a year on his own after he graduated. Jay said he would quit school when Brad graduated and they could live together. Brad and I both yelled at him. There is no way that we would either one allow him to quit school. He made a big mistake with me then. He said that he had loads of money because I had invested it for him. I threw him aside and gave him the lecture of his life. When I was done Brad took over. I don't think Jay plans to leave school.
    I called their families and told them of our plans to go to England and then to the coronation. I had written permission, their shot records, passports and temporary guardianship papers picked up by a courier an hour later. I was going to leave the boys in the love nest, but they wanted to walk with me. We found Brad another jump suit and some slip on tennies and strolled across the grounds. Many of my boys were outside and they ran to join us.
    We had an enjoyable afternoon as we sat and told stories in the waning daylight. We dined on a meal of fresh fruit and bran bars that Gerald had made up for us. He is always worried about our regularity. Well truthfully speaking, a butt fucker does like to have his fuckee clean inside. Nobody likes to be up in somebody that is full of shit. We don't pack fudge.

    My radio was screaming in my ear. A code red level one at the hospital. Without a word I ran for a jeep that was speeding toward me and was gone. Security people were running toward my boys. Pete was running after me. I yelled at him, "They kidnaped Branden. There is a running gun battle at the hospital. Get the boys inside and keep them together." By that time we were too far away for me to hear what he said. I turned in my seat to see him wave at me and then run back to his brood. He is my little mother hen, no he is mommy.

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