Mark and Lyle


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2006 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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          Another week finished. Another week and nothing but images from the shower and locker room burned into my hungry eyes. I was so boned that I nearly ran home to take matters in hand. Alright, briefly. I'm no exhibitionist so don't go getting any ideas. Fucking perverts are everywhere. I don't know, I'm so fucking horny and I so want to get a blow job. You might be okay. Just don't expect me to do anything to you. I mean, look at you. You're older than my grandfather, you're a hell of a lot fatter and what's with those glasses? They look like coke bottle bottoms.
          Well, read carefully and you'll know it all. I'm fifteen, well I will be on my next birthday. Okay, fucking faggot. I turned fourteen three months ago. Fucking chrome dome wants to know everything. Well I just might not tell you then what will you have to think about when you grab your little willy and beat on him? Huh? Tell me that, faggot. All you got is fantasies? Can't get no real kid to give it to you no more can ya?
          Like I said I am fourteen. At least I am in the correct age for my grade. I am a freshman at Hubert Heaver High. No, stupid. Not Herbert Hoover, Hubert Heaver. He was like some dude that gave the city all of his land and shit when he died. My dad said he was like some old queer and didn't have no kids so he gave everything to the city with the thought that the money from any sales could go to building new and modern schools. I mean how new and modern could a school be in 1911? I think that they built my school then. I saw where Adam carved a heart on the wall of a shit house stall. I think he used a sharp rock or something. He wrote, "Adam loves Eve." Only he did that little heart symbol thingy.
          Alright, alright. You are a perv aren't you? So I'm like this really good looking and very popular ninth grader that everyone can't wait to flock around. They flock around at the other end of the room and look over their shoulders at me. I don't got a friend in the world. My dad took this really neat new job and moved us to the best place we had ever lived. Except that all of my friends and all of the places I ever new are seven hundred miles away, in another town, in another state.
          So I like stand five feet and four inches tall. Yeah, I had a growth spurt this summer. My mom was so mad because she had to buy me all new clothes and she couldn't get the bargains from the little kids department no more. She would really flip if I showed her where I really growed. I mean I got this computer and I go look, every night. I am a very lucky dude, let me tell you. My dick's as big as most of those kids that I look at. Damn, I wish one of them would suck my dick for me. I might even suck them.
          I learned real quick to put like a rag or something over my keyboard. My mom spilled coffee on our old computer one day. Dad went to get a new keyboard and bought a whole new computer. He let me have the old one, with a new keyboard. Man can I find some kewl sites on it. I found this one movie of these two guys...shit man I'm telling the story. Alright, you go find your own movie. I'll tell you my story then you'll wangle the tally whacker, dribble across the back of your hand, have yourself a heart attack and die happy. Faggot.
          I like measure myself every night and last night it had grown another millimeter from the day before. I'm like sixteen centimeters long. I can pull my foreskin out from the end of my cock more than an inch. When I am soft I can pull the bag around my balls and up over my cock and...well sometimes I tape it up and leave it there as I stand and look at my smooth body in the mirror. I even stick my whole shit back between my legs and dance around. I so look like a girl when I do that and it upsets me. I am proud to be a boy. Sometimes I wrap this string around my cock and then measure it to see how long it was. It was like thirteen and a half centimeters so I got a thicker one than the dude on my favorite web site. He claims to be eighteen with a five inch around love muscle. I got him beat by three whole millimeters. YEAH!!!
          I love my blond hair. It is really curly and long. My dad gets so mad that he drags me, kicking and screaming all the way, to the barber shop. It don't do no good. It just grows back in a few weeks. I wear a ball cap all of the time. My dad is bald, like an egg bald. Like that old perv over there. Look at that tiny willy he's holding. Dad says he's like bald cause he always wore caps and it rubbed the hair off of his head. Well my hair is so thick that it will always be there.
          I ain't got much cock hair. I have a little bitty tight clump of kind of reddish hair that almost looks pink when the light hits it just right. The guys at school tease me about being the hairless wonder. Well fuck them all to hell. There are some kids there that ain't even got no dick, let alone hair. I have a bigger cock than just about any of the other ninth graders. I know, I look. I ain't seen em hard but they sure are tiny and barely come out over their balls. I told Scott Dennis that he had to bend over to watch what he's doing when he goes to take a piss. With that little thing he has buried in a super thick piece of old rug that he glued to himself he is liable to grab a hair instead of his cocklet and piss all over himself. He don't like me to much. Can't say that I care.
          So like today I am in a hurry to get home. The ball and chains don't get home til after six so I got more'n two hours to like really do it. I can get off a least three times before they get home and still have my homework nearly done and take a shower. When we moved in I carried boxes of shit from the truck into the house. I found this one box with some porn tapes and a few DVDs. I get one of them and sit on the couch and watch them. I found one DVD that was in a case that said it was from a sales meeting. I was bored so I put it into the machine for the hell of it.
          I love that DVD and I watch it every day. It is like three movies. One is these two kids about my age. They's fucking and sucking and eating each other's asses and everything. I can pace myself and I cum when they cum. I turn it off then start there the next time, after I rest a bit. They kinda look like I should know them but I'm pretty sure that I never seen 'em before.
          The second movie on there is this old man. He is maybe thirty or so and he and this kid are doing it. I think I know the man. He worked with my dad at his old job. The last movie is three boys that are fucking knockouts. I am sure that one of them is my dad's old boss's kid. I seen him so many times when dad would take us over there for dinner or something.
          Almost home. My cock as standing straight up and I can rub the head of it under my tee shirt. I can almost get off that way but I don't want to. I like to get all naked and stretch out. I want so much to get my butt eaten out. It sounds a little gross and I wouldn't do it to nobody but I think it would feel good. I like to get my finger all wet and rub it around and round my ass hole while I jack off. I think that is what it would feel like if some dude put his tongue up there. And no, I ain't never stuck my finger or anything else in my shitter. That's just plain fucking queer and nasty.

          A huge orange truck, like moved our stuff, was in front of my house. Oh shit, are we moving, again? I ran up to the truck and looked in the back. Two men came out of the truck carrying a sofa. They took it into the house across the street. Whew, somebody is moving in. I was really scared there for a minute, but then again. We have lived here three months. School started two weeks earlier and I still ain't got no friends. If we moved I wouldn't loose nothing.
          "Hi, my name's Mark." I nearly fucking shit myself. I didn't see nobody. I spun around and was eyeball to eyeball with my twin. Only his hair was straight but it was just over his collar, like mine. He had on a Stealers ball cap. I kinda like the Stealers and if this dude is a fan I will be one too. He was fucking gorgeous. I so hope he is moving in and we can be friends.
          "My name is Kyle Anderson, and if you call me Kyley you're dead where you stand." He giggled at me. I giggled back. We were holding hands. We had long quit shaking hands, we were just holding hands. I told Mark that I had to go inside and call my mom to let her know that I was home. He asked me if he could get a glass of water. He said that they couldn't even find their glasses at his house.
          I led him inside and called mom while Mark drank two big glasses of water. I told mom about Mark and the water. She said that I should get the big plastic pitcher and some glasses and take ice water over for everybody, even the movers. I told her that I would. That sounded like a good way to meet Mark's family and maybe he and I could get to be friends real quick.
          Mark helped me fix a pitcher with ice and water then he carried it across the street as I followed with six glasses. Mark is an only child. His dad works for the same company as my dad and the company had found this house for him like it had found ours for us. His name is Phil Bowers and Mark's mother is Jill. They were both very nice but they kept looking at Mark then at me. Mark told his parents that he wanted to walk around the block and see where he was going to live. He asked me if I would be his guide. Like hell yes.
          At the next corner from our houses is this city park. Alright, you saw it coming. Heaver Park. It's only two blocks long and two blocks wide. There are three softball diamonds with signs everywhere that say no baseball games or batting practice is allowed. I guess people don't like to have their windows broke out by a baseball.
          There are four covered picnic areas, what they call Ramadas. There is a phone number to call if you want to reserve one. There are restrooms by the ball diamonds and by the picnic area. I have been down to read the graffiti. There are a couple that sound interesting and I did sit at the far end of the park one day to see if any one came for a blow job at four thirty. Nobody showed up.
          Mark looked at me and his eyes looked wet. He told me that he wanted to tell me something. He led me to a picnic table and sat across from me. "Kyle, I don't know how to say this. I am just going to come right out with it. I am gay." He sat there and just stared at me. A long time passed.
          "So? Is that all you can say? I mean like I just met you fifteen minutes ago and I out myself to you. Aren't you going to hit me, or call me names, then walk off and never talk to me again? You can tell all of the kids at your school that a fag has moved in and that they better keep there cocks locked up."
          "Mark, why would I want to do that?"
          "Because everybody hates fags." He was crying, softly.
          "Mark, I think that I like you even better because you are honest and you wanted to start our friendship with no ugly secrets." Mark sat and looked at me. He wiped his tears.
          "So, like, are we okay? I mean, will you ever talk to me again?"
          "Mark, I never did sex before but I think about doing stuff with guys. I might be gay. I don't know."
          "Do you want to find out?" He laughed so hard that he got me going. But yeah I did want to find out.
          We walked back to his house. The truck was gone and his parents were trying to find boxes of dishes so that they could sit up their kitchen first. I was helping them when I saw dad's car come home early. He came over and talked to Phil. They knew each other, although they worked in different towns. Dad told them that dinner was on him. I walked over and looked him over real close. He smacked me on the back of the head. "I'm buying dinner, flake boy, not wearing it."
          "Oh, I thought you said..." Everybody was laughing at me. Dad took us to this all you can eat place and all of us were able to get whatever we wanted and lots of it. I looked at Mark. He seemed to kind of shy back from me. "Mom, Dad, the Bowers don't got their beds or nothing ready yet. Could Mark spend the night with me?" Mark's eyes got huge and his smile filled his face with bright white teeth. His parents looked at him then at me. He nodded to them. They smiled and said it would be okay. They thought that they would put one more night on the company credit card and go to a motel for the night. Dad and mom both thought that would be perfect.
          Two things that I really like about my room. One, it is over in the older part of the house. Somebody had remodeled and took what had been three bedrooms and made two big bedrooms out of them and they put a bathroom in for each room Mom and dad have this huge bedroom on the other side of the house and kind of out back from where the house used to end. Their room is big enough to ride my skateboard in, cept they got too much furniture in the way.
          The other thing I like about my bedroom. It's got a dead bolt lock on it. Not just some puny little lock like at my old house but a full sized dead bolt and I got the only key, I think. Man, I can get in my room and rock my tunes and don't nobody say nothing to me cause they can't hear shit clear out there where they sleep.
          I dragged Mark to my room and his eyes got all big around and everything. I mean our houses look exactly the same from out front but the insides is all different. He looked at my bed then around the room. "Just one bed?" He asked.
          "I can't sleep in but one, dude." He laughed at me. I don't know why but I like to hear him laugh. I tried to think about it and I think I liked him before I knew he was gay. I really hope that I don't like him because he is gay, I mean I really want a friend and if I only like him cause he's like gay and everything that would kind of suck. Hehehe, I made a funny.
          "No dude, I mean like where do I sleep."
          "Shit man, that's a king sized bed. How much room do you need?"
          "Well, I don't own any pajamas. I, ah, in my underwear."
          "You lying, faggot. I see yer face. You sleep bare assed naked, just like I do." We fell back on my bed laughing at each other. I am so starting to really like this guy. "Sides that, if we were to sleep with anything on we would just have to take it off before we can see if I'm gay or not." He stared into my eyes. He seemed to be studying me. "What do you do? I mean as a gay dude, what do...Well, I mean I see and I read online and I know what they say but what do guys really do?"
          "I don't know. I have never done anything before."
          "You mean like ya'll a virgin or something?"
          "Or something. You talk funny. Where are you from?"
          "Houston. You talk all proper and everything. My teachers was always naggin at me. They say I talk like a country hick. Fuck 'em. That's what I says." Mark grabbed me and kissed me. He pulled away and looked scared. "Well Houston. We got ignition. One missile, upright on launch pad and ready to go." I squeezed my hard dick through my jeans as Mark stared at me. I grabbed him and rolled on top of him as I got my first real kiss. Or gave my first real kiss I guess I should say, but anyway we loved it and we weren't ready to ever quit.
          "Oh fuck man, that was sweet. You have me so hard that I am about to poke a hole in my pants." I had a solution for that. I popped his buttons and fished out the biggest cock on the planet earth. That thing was bigger then the Saturn Five on display at the museum in Houston. I stood and looked up at that thing one time and I swear that Mark's cock was even taller. I couldn't help myself. I just put my hand around it and pushed his skin back and started sucking.
          Mark was moaning and thrashing his arms on the bed as he fucked his hips up and into my mouth. I didn't even think about what I was doing. It just tasted so fucking good and tasted so much better than I ever thought that it would. I just kept sucking. In a few minutes his hair was tickling my nose as I had the whole thing in my mouth. I was going up and down on it like the guys on the web and suddenly my mouth was all hot inside. I felt like I had a mouth full of spit and I had to swallow it.
          I pulled off of his cock and I could taste his cum. He had cum in my mouth. I was so happy that I wanted to cry but I swallowed and started sucking him again. He pushed me away. His cock was too sensitive to be touched. He looked at me as he took long deep breaths. "Awesome, dude. That was totally awesome. I have to do that to you." He raised up and reached for my jeans buttons. I jumped up and stood beside the bed as I got naked. He picked up on it and did the same. I got back up on the bed and he started to lay down but I turned around so that his cock was in my face. He was like all hard again and it looked better than Christmas dinner at grandma's house.
          My cock disappeared into the absolute best place in the world as my body slipped away to another place. I pulled closer to him and started back on his mighty morsel. He was going up and down on my cock and making me feel so good but I wanted more of his cum. That had to be the best stuff I have ever had in my mouth.
          In seconds it was over. I wanted it to last so much longer. I just lay there and licked and kissed all around his soft cock and he was doing the same thing to me. I heard him speak in a very soft voice, "Oh, hi." I heard a giggle and it wasn't Mark. I jumped up and looked behind me at my dad sitting on my dresser with a big shit eatin grin on his mug.
          "I have two things to say to you Kyle. One, you have a lock on your door. I would suggest that you use it. Your mother might not understand if she were to see what I just saw. Two, when you finish watching my porn stash you should take it out of the player and put it away. I don't care if you watch it. You have been into it ever since you found it when we moved in but imagine what your mother would think had she turned on the TV to see, well to see the fucking going on."
          My mind went into gear and my mouth started to follow. "I know that man, and those boys that is Jeffery with that kid...that one dude in the front office, his kid." Then it hit me like a brick upside the head. "The man.." I looked at Mark.
          "That's enough for now. We'll talk tomorrow. Just be sure to put your toys away when you finish playing with them. Now you two play nice and come lock your door." I couldn't believe it. My dad just caught me having sex with another boy and he is worried about me leaving his porn in the player. I looked at Mark. He looked like he was about to cry. I put my arms around him and held him. We lay there a minute or two then he whispered at me to go lock the door.
          When I got back to the bed he was under the covers. I slipped in on my side of the bed and he scooted up close to me. He put his bent leg across my thigh and pushed his soft dick against my leg. He laid his head on my shoulder and he kissed my cheek. "I think I might be in love." He fell asleep. There is nothing that could make me fall asleep. I was so high right then.
          A knock on my door made me sit straight up. "Breakfast in fifteen minutes love birds, my dad said through the door. I heard him chuckle as he walked away. I looked at my clock. It was nine thirty already. The overhead light and the beside lamp were still on. Neither Mark nor I had moved all night long. He looked at me with sleep heavy eyes.
          "What time is it. Oh, fuck. I have to take a huge piss." He jumped out of bed and followed this school bus across the room to the bathroom. I had to see more so I ran in behind him. He was trying to push it down to start his piss but he was just too hard.
          "When I get like that I just get in the shower. The water makes me get soft and I can piss." He giggled at me and told me he did the same thing but he didn't want to pee in my shower without permission. I told him he had it as I grabbed his hand and pulled him in after me. I turned and he started to piss on my cock so I just let go and pissed back on him. We were both full to the very top as we peed for the longest time. I know that it sounds sick but I kind of liked the feel of his hot water running down my legs and...well we just smiled at each other and peed until we had no more in us.
          We washed each other under the hot water. Another good feature. No water heater tank. Point of use water heater, heats all of the water you need as you need it. Never run out. His hands on my body felt almost as good as his body felt on my hands. Then he poured shampoo into my hair and began to work it around. My knees got all weak and I just kind of melted into him. He washed the soap out of my hair and rinsed my body. He took my hand held shower thingy and began to slowly work it over me as he knelt down in front of me. He raised my balls and aimed the spray under there then pushed my skin back and rinsed the soap then he did a taste test to see if he got all of the soap off of my dick. I was holding on to the side of the shower as my whole body focused on his hot sucking mouth. He was working a finger all around my poop chute and let me tell you it was so fucking fine. I let him have cream for breakfast then he stood up and held me. "Yep, I am in love." He pulled me to him and we kissed. I started down to do him but he stopped me. "Later, I have something else planned."
          We headed for the kitchen. On the cabinet I saw the FedEx box. Grandpa had done sent up another of his overnight shipments. I looked at Mark. I wondered how he would take it. My dad is from Boston. Well up north of there along the coast somewhere. His dad is a fisherman. He sends us this box of really fresh shit that he's caught that day. It's all packed in dry ice and shit and it gets here as fresh as if we just pulled it out of the water, cept we ain't gotta clean ir or nothin.
          I looked at dad then eyed across to Mark. Dad smiled at me. "Morning boys. How's it hanging?" We both fucking blushed. My dad is such a bastard. "Well, I got just the thing that will keep you up and ready." Does he never shut up? I wanted to clobber him with something. "Do you like oysters, Mark?"
          Mark kind of wiggled his nose and looked into the skillet. Dad had a whole bunch of oysters swimming around in a pan full of scrambled up eggs and shit. I mean they look just like they taste, like little boogers. All right it sounds sick but oysters? Fuck they are so sick.
          "I never had any. I don't know." Mark told him.
          "Well, Mark, oysters are said to be good for a man's sex drive. Keeps a guy up and helps him last a long time." Dad leered at us. I have got to find a hole to crawl into, just as soon as I choke my dad to death. I was so embarrassed but fucking Mark. Man I looked at that dude and he was staring at me then he broke out in laughter.
          "Dude, you are so red. You look like a stop light. Chill!! May I try one Mr. Anderson."
          Dad was silent. He turned and looked at me. "He's asked you a question, son." I looked at him with a blank, huh? "He asked Mr. Anderson if he could try an oyster. I'm Paul so he must be talking to you." I got it. Mark got it. We laughed at the old man's stupid joke.
          I had one for them. "Okay, dudes, what do you get if FedEx and UPS get it on together?" They looked at me then Mark's eyes got big.
          "FedUp, faggot." I thought my dad would get a hernia or something he laughed so hard.
          He plucked a slimy oyster out of the bowl on the stove and held over his upturned mouth. He made a big thing out of sucking it down his mug. "Oysters are really best raw. Do you want to try one?" Mark reached out to take one off of the spoon dad held out. I almost gagged. Damn, I hate those things. Dad knows that so he cooks them up in all kinds of shit. His favorite and one that I can handle is cooked in scrambled eggs with a half a bottle of ketchup poured over it. You'll never see a fly land on that shit. No self respecting maggot'd get near it. I wished I had some food stashed when he cooks up his oyster pie with saltine cracker crust. YECH!!!!
          Mark crinkled up his nose. He is so cute. I wanted to hug him. "Taste's just like a booger, don't it?" I asked. I got my face sprayed with half chewed up oyster and spit as Mark burst out in a huge laugh while his mouth was full.
          His eyes got huge and he looked terrified as he grabbed a dish towel off of the cabinet and began to wipe my face off. He was going on and on about how sorry he was and all that shit. I just grabbed his booty and pulled him to me and planted a big kiss on the lugs mug.
          "Well, now I would say that they have become close friends." My mom just had to come into the kitchen right then. My dad was holding on to the refrigerator as he tried his best to stand up in his laughter. He tried to talk to mom but he was totally out of it.
          "You would have to have seen the whole thing, dear. It was priceless."
          Mom walked over to me. "What is in your hair here, darling?" She grabbed a towel and began to wipe at my face and hair. Dad broke up again. Mark turned beet red and I was looking for that hole.
          Mom was all dressed up nice like. She don't usually wear nothin on Saturday cept some baggy pants and a loose fittin shirt. Saturday is a work day and we all clean house, inside and out. I try to cut the grass in the early morning while it's still cool out but it is cool later in the day here. I am afraid of the winter. I ain't never seen no snow and I really hate the cold.
          "Where you going, mom?"
          "Hi there." Phil and Jill walked in. Jill was all dressed up too.
          "Breakfast is ready. Let's eat while it's hot."
          "I have to go to Raleigh for the week dear. Some new glitch in one of the circuits that we designed. Jill is going too. Can we trust you four guys to be nice while we are gone?" She looked at dad and Phil. Phil was going to stay in our guest room so he wouldn't have to unpack the house by himself.
          "Kyley I want you to help Marky unpack his clothes and put his room together so that he will have everything he needs for school Monday."
          "Don't call me Kyley!!!"
          "And I'm Mark," my boyfriend said. My boyfriend. Wow. I had goose bumps all over me. I guess he is my boyfriend. I mean I sucked his cock, twice. And he sucked me, twice. And we drank each other's cum and I want more cum right now. I was getting a hard on while I sat at the table in front of my mom and Mark's 'rents and everything. I looked at Mark. He smiled and I boned super max.
          "Honey, I'm your mom. You will always be my little baby boy but I'll try not to embarrass you in front of your young friends again. I'm sorry." Young friends? Mom, get a clue. I'm in love here. Course I couldn't say that now could I?
          The oysters were swallowed and I had survived. Our dads were going to take our moms to the airport. They asked if we wanted to go but of course they knew the answer. We kissed our moms good bye and both of us turned the obligatory shade of red. How do you like that word? I just heard this week. I made my obligatory use of the word just for you. You still got a hard on? I'm surprised, at your age even. How do you manage?
          The car disappeared down the street and Mark grabbed me. "Horny?"
          "Fuck yeah. I'm a teenager in love." Mark stopped and looked at me. His eyes got all watery and he got this wain little smile on his face. I pulled him to me and planted a bit wet sloppy on him. He opened his mouth and my tongue just kind of fell into his mouth. My knees went weak and the two of us just sank to the floor. We rolled around together as we kissed like I never even seen in no movie. I was so hard that the seams of my sweat pants were pulling and Mark stabbed me with his super sword.
          "Kyle, take it into your bedroom. Bye, see you in about two hours." Dad had a suitcase in his hand and he went out of the door. Only this time he shut it behind him.
          "We gotta quit lettin him catch us like that. I have already lost ten years off of my life. One more time and I will have to crawl back up in my mom's womb....Ewww." We both rolled around on the floor as we thought about what I said.
          "You want to go over to my house or would you like to go back to bed for two hours?" Stupid question. We were naked and on my bed in record time. "I am ready. I want to do it."
          I looked at Mark. Do what? What in the world could he be talking about, I wondered. He got up and ran into the bathroom. He came back with some lotion and some Vaseline. OHMIGAW, does he want to do it? Oh, I want to do it so bad, but that's what it is going to be, bad. I don't know what to do. Mark looked deep in my eyes and told me that we would learn. He told me that he has so wanted to do this like, forever. He has put stuff up in himself before and he likes it so much. He wants my super sized cock in his butt.
          That started us off in a whole new direction as we argued over who had the bigger cock. I finally settled it. I got out my ruler and my string. He giggled at me but he was ready. I made a bet with him. I bet him that his cock was way bigger than mine and since he wanted it so bad then he could fuck me first.
          No. I didn't understand. He wanted to get fucked so if he had the bigger dick then he would get fucked first. We had to argue about that. Well really I was scared shitless and was half hoping that he would just drop it and we could just suck each other. I lost. His dick was bigger. He was seventeen centimeters long. He made me do inches so he was just a quarter of an inch longer than me at a whopping six and five eighths inches. I had him beat on the girth though. He was only thirteen centimeters around. That's about five and an eighth of an inch. I was almost a quarter of an inch thicker. He decided that I would really stretch his ass nicely. I wasn't sure.
          Mark rolled over to his back and pulled his legs back. He put his arms up over his legs and let his arm pits rest just behind his knees. He had his ass straight up with his ankles crossed behind his head. He looked so funny but his butt looked so...well, good. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I thought about all of the guys on line and how they stuck their tongues up in each other's ass. I have read lots of stories where they talk about rimming and Mark's ass tasted......good.
          Yeah, I didn't even know it. I had my face buried between his sweet cheeks and I was licking at that beautiful pink little rose bud that just lay there begging to be opened up. I moved my face and got more into what I was doing as Mark moaned and cried out. He was loving it, I think he liked it as much as I did but I don't see how that could be possible. I was never going to stop. He could do anything to me right then and I would have only loved him more.
          He handed me the lotion, "Do me. Put it in me, now!" I looked at the lotion and then at the Vaseline . That shit is nasty to get off. I know, I jacked off with it one time. One time. I don't need lotion with a long skin but I tried it too. All it did was deaden the feeling but I was able to go for a long long time.
          I opened the little spout up and squirted just a dab of the pink goo on Mark's ass hole. He flinched and said it was cold. I rubbed it so that he would feel better. He did. I put a bit more on and rubbed it around. I nearly jumped out of my skin when his ass just suddenly opened up. I could see inside. It was no bigger around than my finger but it was a lot bigger than it had been. I wanted to put my tongue back in there. I tried but the lotion tasted nasty.
          I put a little more lotion on and thought that I might need to push some inside. Shit that made my dick so hard. My finger felt where my dick was headed and it was so warm and soft. It felt like velvet up inside. I put a whole lot of lotion on him and pushed my finger as deep as it would go. I started pumping up and down and I moved my finger around a bit. I hit this bump and Mark jumped. "Oh, yeah. That's it. Right there. Oh that feels so good. Kyley, I'm about to cum."
          That didn't bother me. I liked hearing him call me Kyley. I reached over and grabbed his cock. I pulled it down between his legs and began to suck it as I kept moving my finger in his butt. "Put another finger in me, hurry. I'm am so gonna bust a nut." I was as turned on as Mark was and I wanted so much to make him feel better than he had ever felt in his whole life. I put another finger up in his butt. His ass got so tight that it was squeezing my fingers completely off. "Fuck your fingers in and out. Hard. Faster." He was bucking his back up off of the bed, shoving his cock deep into my throat. I was working my fingers so hard and fast in his ass that my wrist was getting sore. Then it happened. My dad said...
          No, I'm only kidding. Mark popped his nut. I never knew that there could be so much cum at one time. I was trying to get it all but it was dripping down onto Mark's face. He had his mouth open and was trying to catch the cum and my slobbers that were raining down on him. He was moaning as he kept bucking into my mouth. His ass was in spasms as it squeezed around my fingers. I was in heaven as warm fuzzies ran all through my body. I had made my boyfriend feel good.
          "Fuck me. Now, hurry up. Put it up in me." I got to my knees and put my cock against his ass hole. He held my cock and told me to push. It was like putting a rope through a sewing needle. I pushed as hard as I could and my dick just bent in half. "Push!!" I pushed and suddenly I was inside of him. "Ouch. Oh fuck, shit. Oh fuck that hurts. Shit it is so fucking big." I started to pull out but Mark still had hold of me and he just pushed me back up inside. "No, stay in me babe. It will get better, I think."
          Well I have read all of these stories on the web and I kind of like think that they must know something about this shit. I mean they could be just telling a story for old pervs to get off on but somehow what they said made sense so I just kind of hung there. You know, like suspended between space and time. I felt it, just like the stories say. Mark's butt just sort of opened up and my dick was not being squeezed to death.
          I looked deep into his steel blue eyes and truly at that point I fell in total love with him. I knew right then that we will never part. He is my all in all. "Fuck me faggot. Shove that monster cock up my ass and fuck like your life depended on it, cause it does. If you don't fuck me crazy I am so going to kill you."
          Who could dare argue when it is put that way. I had to get on about the business of fucking my man. My man. I never knew what love would feel like but my whole body was jelly. I was one big fucking dick as I rammed my mighty meat in and out of the best fucking place that anyone could ever imagine. I love whoever invented fucking. I want to shake his hand. This is so much better then the wheel because my head was going round and round. And with the amount of friction that I was getting on my cock I was sure we would have fire in very short order. In fact I was sure that I could smell the smoke.
          Mark was in his own world. I watched his eyes roll back to white. His mouth was hanging open. He was grunting. I knew that I was hurting him and he was loving every moment of the pain. I can't begin to imagine what he must be feeling as my cock slid in and out of his exit hole. I think that it will hurt so fucking much but I can't wait for Mark to show me. I want to have him up inside me. I want him to feel what I am feeling and I love him so much that I don't care how much it hurts. I wanted to cry I was so happy. I lifted Mark's left arm up and helped him pull his leg out and put it around behind me. Then I did the same thing with the other leg. Mark enfolded me within himself and we became one. He pulled me to him and we kissed. This kiss was so much more intense as my cock was plowing away at full bore. His hands were all over my back. He held my butt cheeks and squeezed them. Everything he did just made me want to shove more cock in him and fuck for the rest of our lives.
          I don't know how I lasted so long but we kept our fuck up for over ten minutes. My nut was coming. Mark sprayed our bodies with tons of cock snot and nobody even touched his dick. His spasming ass so turned me on that I could not have held back if I tried. I was shooting my jizz way up inside my blessed lover, my life, one day soon; my husband. I will be his sex slave forever. I knew it then at only fourteen. Our first time ever to make love with anyone or thing except our hands and I knew we were always to be one.
          I wasn't ready to stop. Cum was moving through my body from the furtherest recesses of my soul. I guess the word should be furthest but it was cuming from further away in me than that. From the further most parts of me the furtherest ever. Finally my willy wilted and fell out. I kept on humping with my wet sloppy dick swinging back and forth between us. I had become a fucking machine. Mark was giggling as he wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me down.
          He rolled on top of me and began to smother me with kisses. He moved down my body and kissed every square inch of flesh on his southward trek. He kissed and suckled my nipples. I never even touched those little dudes before. I had no idea that they could make my cock jump. Mark is quick on the uptake and he saw my reaction. He began to kiss and lick each little brown colored nub. He took the very tip of my nip between his teeth and bit, ever so slightly and pulled back. I felt like this guy in an old western that I saw on tv one time. The Indians hung him by his tits....that had to hurt.
          "I didn't know that you spoke brail." Huh? I looked down at him licking on my titty. "Right here, dude. These little bumps around this hard little nip. It is brail for suck here." I smacked him, which is not the thing to do when he has your nip in his teeth. I had to check to see if he got blood.
          Mark continued with his march through to the south. When he took my slime covered cock into his mouth I nearly lost it again. As tender and weakened as I was I sprung to attention. I moved and pulled Mark to me. I started by licking up the cold cum off of his hot belly. He tastes so good. I will have to keep a full day's supply of his nut juice in a jar to sip from each day in school. How will I make it through the day without being able to lay beside him naked? I had him now. I would worry about the little shit later. Right now I had his not so little shit in my mouth and he was hot and hard. I wondered if I was ready.
          We sorta rolled and Mark ended up on top of me. I really like that position. I pulled him in close and let his cock slide all the way down into my throat. I kinda tilted my head back and my throat just opened up for him to fit inside as natural as can be. He raised up a bit and looked under himself at his cock. "My gore man, you have my entire cock in your mouth. That is so kewl and it feels so fucking good." I felt him trying to take all of me inside of his mouth. He gagged a few times which kind made me chuckle a bit.
          I found out that each time I sorta laughed or made a noise with my throat his cock head kinda jumped around in my throat. I have read about hummers so I thought I would give it a go. I began to hum this old song that I heard on the oldie station. I read a story one time where the dude is staring at this good looking guy and singing that song and I thought it really fit Mark. He changed the words to go:

My penis, in blue jeans,
he's everything that I adore.
A walking talking, work of art,
he's the one who stole my heart.

My penis, in blue jeans,
Adonis doesn't look as fine
and the best part is to me,
that heeee is mine, all mine.

They say there's seven wonders in the world,
but what they say is out of date.
There's more then seven wonders in the world,
I'm sucking number eight.

My penis, in blue jeans,
he's everything that I adore.
A teen age idol from above and
heeeeeee belonggggs to mmmeeeeeee.

With apologies to Jimmy Clayton, 1962

I guess that turned Mark on as he started going like, "Oh yeah, oh fucking yes. Yeahhh." He is so much fun.
          I had my eyes shut and just enjoyed what I was dining on for the most part. I opened my eyes to a most wonderful sight. I could see his open ass hole. I got so turned on as I moved his balls to one side of my nose and looked at that thing just millimeters from my nose. I put my hands on his bony hips and pushed him up causing his cock to pop out of my mouth. I spread his legs apart and lowered him back down. I pushed him down my body a bit so that I could get my face into my work and stuck out my tongue. It hadn't registered with me that I had just fucked that sweet tasting hole only moments before but when my tongue got a taste of his ass juices something inside of me snapped. By the time I realized what I was doing I was too lost in my meal to give a big fat rat fuck. If anything it added to my dining experience. I began to attack his ass. I wanted every bit, every drop, anything that I could find from Mark's ass would be okay with me. Mark was squealing like a baby piglet and humping his cock into my chest.
          Suddenly he stopped and rolled away. I felt like a kid who had just had his candy taken away from him and I whined just as loudly. "Wait, babe. I almost lost it. I can't cum again if you want know what. If you don't you can keep on with what you were doing. That is so fantastic, damn it got me hot." I giggled at him and suckled his throbbing member to its root. I moved around so that I was on my hands and knees with my tush right at his face. I wiggled it at him. He reached up and squeezed my bunns. I reacted by pushing back at him.
          He pulled me over on top of him and looked up between my legs. Tentatively he ran his finger along the base of my cock, just under my balls. I was so ticklish there but fuck that felt good. I used everything in me not to go into hysterics as he moved his finger, in a super light touch, around this most virgin of areas on my body. His actions felt as if a fly were crawling across the region and I so wanted to shoo it away and scratch but knowing what it really was made me hang in there to see what he would do next.
          He did what we both knew he would do but I was so anxious by that point that I almost screamed at him to "get it on." Now I told you that I had taken to wetting my finger with my spit and rubbing it around my ass hole. Shit dude, that ain't nothing compared to Mark's finger running lightly around there. My goose bumps had goose bumps on the baby goose bumps of the goose bumps they had. Well how else can I describe it. I was so...there just ain't no words. I will say this though, I was so in love with Mark and I couldn't wait to feel him up inside of me.
          He wasn't ready to go there yet. First he had to copy me. I heard him sniff as he moved his face closer to the target. His target and mine. I was on edge. I waited with such eager anticipation for what I hoped was about to come and I didn't want to cum he until he took me. All of me. He owns me and I so wanted to just do his will and give him joy and pleasure.
          His tongue touched my hole and I nearly bit into his cock. "Ouch, faggot, watch the fucking teeth." I giggled around the beauty in my mouth. As much as I wanted to just fucking eat that love stick up I knew I wanted to suck on it every day and I know for a fact that I can't have my cock and eat it too. Hehehe, I'm so fucking funny, and cute too.
          I was pushing into him as I knelt above him with my ass spread wide before his attentive mouth. I could feel my cock pumping out ooze as I pushed it back and forth on his upper chest. Then it happened. Ohhhh, fuckkkkk. Ahhhhh. I was penetrated. His finger poked through the hole. For the first time since I was about six something went in my ass instead of out and believe me his finger is a lot bigger around than that thermometer but not near as cold. HE TOUCHED IT.
          Stars came out. Lights flashed. Electricity around the world dimmed as my whole universe brightened. Like a Nova, I was shining brightly. I can now tell you for a fact. All of the reading that you will ever do will not prepare you for the glorious feeling of actually having someone else touch your prostate with love.
          Hey perv, look over there. We got ourselves some youngsters that snuck in to read my story. You guys look like virgins. You're fucking cute. How big is that thing? Damn! Hey, Mr. Perv man, you should chow down on that boy. He is cute as all hell and horrrrrnnny?? wow, look at him grip that thing. I need to get a grip on my thing.
          Mark had a hand on each hemisphere of my ass. Like these big words I'm using? Sounds so mature don't it. He had his thumbs, yeah, that's plural, as in two. He had both thumbs in my ass hole and was spreading it apart. I think that he had his whole head up inside of me as his tongue swept across the back of my teeth from the backdoor. I mean that dude was way up in me. I didn't get my tongue that far up in him. I wonder how long his is.
          I started to giggle as Mark slurped and gulped at my ass. He sounded like a dog lapping at a bowl of water. I had to get in on the action. I have seen pictures of this so I tried it. I moved around a little bit and kind of sat my ass on Mark's face. He mumbled his approval as he let my cheeks wrap around the sides of his face. I grabbed his legs and pulled him up so that his butt came up to meet me. There it was. His ass hole was in range. I set my sites and let go of a tongue missile. Direct hit. Mark arched his back to push his butt closer to me and we ate each other's ass like in a sixty nine.
          I had my tongue in farther than I had been able to get it earlier. I guess I had stretched him open. I found a deposit that I had left up in there. I got a lot of interest with the return. Damn that tasted so fucking good. It was mine but Mark added himself to it and fuck that dude is sweet.
          "Shit man, I can't take this. I gotta cum." Mark was in full heat. "Fuck me, dude."
          "No man. It's my turn."
          "Kyle, I can't stand it. I need you in me. You don't know how good it feels."
          "No, I don't. Do I? So do me then I'll do you again. That's fair isn't it?"
          He grabbed me and kissed me. We got a taste of something we never ever considered tasting before but we couldn't get enough of each other. I don't think it would have mattered to either of us if we had been chewing on week old road kill. It was, Love The One You're With.
          I was moving around underneath Mark. He raised up to help me in position without ever breaking our lip seal. It was not easy getting my legs open and up but we managed as Mark held his cock and aimed at my dry and eager hole. Neither of us considered lube. We were too fucking horny.
          When I felt the head of his cock against my panting pucker I lost it and shot all over both of us. Mark used my orgasm to his advantage and began his full on march to Nirvana in one steady push forward. Yeah, the entry was fucking painful as hell. But I was pumping so much cum out and my body was so wracked in orgasmic bliss that it passed as nothing. By the time I registered the pain of him being in me he was deep inside and sending signals throughout every fiber of my being that spoke of love and....more love.
          I felt my whole body just fall away as waves of pleasure swept over me. I was so happy that crying seemed secondary. I grabbed at Mark and pulled him even tighter to me. He found an extra foot or two of tongue and began to work deep inside my throat. I just held on and let him control me.
          Nobody could have ever told me about what I was feeling. I have spent absolute hours online reading some of the nastiest stories that you can ever imagine. Well maybe you can. Obviously you know what to look for or you wouldn't be sitting there with juice all over your hand. Taste good?
          Mark tensed and I felt his cock expand. He stretched me out three times larger than he already had and was pounding my ass so hard that my head was banging against the wall. I held him and started talking anything sexy that I could think of. I did not want this to end. I felt his dick wilt and I began to hump up at him. My ass was a fucking machine and so hungry for his cock that it would have snatched that mighty meat right off of his body before it would let go of it.
          Mark moaned into my mouth and his dick filled out again. He kept his rhythm as nine inches of thick, hot boi cock took every wrinkle out of my colon and straightened my young ass out. I am now Mark's and Mark's alone and don't even think that you could ever get between us.
          I had both hands on Mark's face as I kissed him over and over. I wanted to eat him and let his body slide up inside my ass at the same time. Suddenly my mind filled with that image at the same instant that I began to cum the cum of a lifetime. I went into hysterical laughter and crying at the same time. I pictured what we would look like with Mark in my mouth up too his shoulders and just his feet hanging out of my ass kicking in the breeze. I cried with so much joy as I felt him once again give me his love juice and turn his body inside out within me.
          Mark collapsed on top of me and I let my body heat melt us into one flesh. I was shocked awake by dad knocking on my bedroom door. "Kyle, open the door. Let me in, right now. Wake up and open this door."
          "Wait dad, I'm not dressed."
          "Open the door, NOW!!!" Oops, I didn't like the sound of that. I held my pillow in front of my body as I ran over to the door and flipped the deadbolt back. The door opened as I ran back to the bed with the pillow over my ass. I turned as I got to the bed and dropped the pillow and my jaw.
          Mark was up on one elbow staring at the same sight that I was looking at. "Fuck, dad." Mark exclaimed.
          Phil stood next to my dad sniffing of the air and smiling. "Smells like our old bedrooms. I miss this smell." Well it wasn't what they said it was them. They were both standing in my room stark ass naked. They had their arms around each other and boners from hell pointing over the horizon.
          Phil walked up to me and wiped his hand across my belly and scooped up the cold cum drying there. He looked into my eyes and tears came to his eyes. I saw deep into his soul as he searched every part of me. He put his hand to his mouth and licked it clean. "Nice, may I?" he nodded at my belly but he never broke eye contact with me. I puffed out my belly at him. He put his right hand behind my neck and bent over. He licked every drop of jizz from me that he could find. He dug deep in my navel with his tongue the for good measure sucked my nipples.
          I was looking at Mark. He was staring wide eyed at me as my dad was licking all over his bod. Dad took Mark's soft cock in his hand and looked up at Mark. Mark nodded and my dad sucked his dick. My dad sucked my boyfriend's cock. Dad and Phil pulled back and grabbed each other's hands. They stood and started at us as they both teared up with huge smiles on their faces.
          "He looks exactly like you, babe," Dad said.
          "Him, man look at Kyle. I am back in time twenty years. Oh, babe. I can't believe this and they are chips man. Chips off of the old block. It sounds cliché but look. Boy's you are perfect."
          "This room smells so much like your room that morning when I came in and........" Phil looked at him with a strange look on his face. Dad ducked his eyes and shut up. Phil looked at me then grabbed my hand. Come with me. He led me into the bathroom and into my shower. He washed my body. Every inch of me. Nothing sexual, however he did make a thorough cleansing of my BBC*, especially my butt. He washed around the hole very carefully. I was tender and he seemed to know that but it did need serious attention. I had felt strange things running down the inside of my thighs as I had stood in my room.
          Phil wrapped me in a large towel so that I could not move my arms or nothing. He dried himself off then picked me up and carried me like a small child back to my bed and laid me down. Dad led Mark by his hand into the bathroom. I could hear the water running and Mark was giggling. In a few minutes Mark appeared in dad's arms looking like a cocoon. Dad laid him beside me then he got in the bed on the other side of Mark and the four of us stared at the ceiling for the rest of the day.
          "I guess you want some answers but I am going to start by showing Mark a movie," dad said. Dad arose and stepped over to my TV. He slipped a disk in my player and brought the remote back to bed with him. Dad and Phil lifted Mark and I up and set us against the headboard so that we could see the TV. I realized that our cocks were not covered by our towels but neither of us could move our arms.
          The disk started to play and it was my favorite jack off porn disk from dad's closet. I boned before the two naked boys on the screen finished smiling at the camera as they showed off their boi goods. I looked at Mark. His mouth was wide open. Phil looked across me and put his finger to his lips. Mark stared at him then back at the movie. I watched his cock grow as the boys began to kiss and feel each other up. When they got down to a very hot sixty nine with some very close up work by the camera Mark's cock was throbbing.
          Dad paused the disk. "Any questions?"
          Mark was breathless, "How old were....?"
          "The camera, who?"
          "Lenny, and dad, er grandpa." Phil stated.
          I didn't have a clue. I just lay there in my binding and watched the three of them as their eyes worked back and forth. Dad looked at me then pushed the remote to start the movie up again. This time the two boys were standing together as they talked to someone off camera. They turned and kissed each other. The camera was in their face showing their tongues wrestling back and forth. It was hot I almost felt like I could cum again. Hey, I can't help it. I'm a horny teenager with quick recovery capability.
          The two boys got down into a sixty nine with one on his hands and knees over the other. He stuck his ass up real high and this is where I nearly always loose it. I was looking real close this time because I was sure that I knew the next character.
          Sure enough, Phil stepped up behind the boys stroking his cock. He got down on his knees and moved forward. The camera was over the top of the boys and pointing down so that we could see Phil's cock go right in the boy on his knees. I looked over at Phil's cock. He was circumcised but the guy in the movie was not. This time the sound was on and we could hear the boy moan as Phil porked his ass. The camera did a close up of Phil's face, only, wasn't Phil. It looked so much like him, only this dude was a little older looking. I didn't know what I knew.
          Mark did. He screamed out, "Grandpa? You let grandpa fuck you in the ass while you are sucking on Paul? You and Paul are fucking around with each other and grandpa? Sheeeeiiiittttttttt, dude. That's fucking sick. Awesome, but so fucking sick." He was kinda laughing and kinda crying. Dad was holding him and rubbed the back of his head with his hands as he offered comfort to the boy that I so wanted to comfort.
          Mark and I were pushed forward as the end of the towels around us was loosened and we could pull them off. It was a good thing too. I was sweating from the heat of my body in the towel and the heat of everything that was going on. Phil pulled me too him and cradled me. Mark was crying on dad's shoulder.
          Twenty or thirty minutes passed or maybe it was just a few seconds, who knows? Who cares? Phil stepped out of the room for a split second. He came back with a tiny little jar in his hand and two rubber gloves. He tossed a glove to dad. Dad told me and Mark to get on our back's and pull our legs back to our shoulders.
          I don't want these guys to fuck me. They smiled at me. Phil swatted my thigh and told me to assume the position. I started to tear up and shake. Phil put his face down next to mine and kissed my cheek. "I'll be real gentle. You will like this." I almost vomited. I looked at my dad. He had that real stern look on his face that I knew meant do as I was told or their would be hell to pay and my ass would feel the fire of that hell. Dad hasn't whipped me in two years or so but I still cringe when I hear him whip his belt through the belt loops of his pants. That sound sends cold chills throughout my whole being.
          I lay before Phil with my ass open to whatever he wanted to do to me. Only he was sitting on the foot of the bed with a rubber glove on and he scooped out a very small dollop of some white cream from the jar. "Lyle, listen to me. Look at me and hear what I am telling you. This is going to burn for a few seconds then it will start to feel really good.
          "Lyle, do not touch your ass with your bare hand. Did you hear me? Don't do it. Don't touch Mark's hole either. And boy's for goodness sake, don't even think about sex for at least two hours. This shit will set your dick on fire and you can not get it off. If you touch your butt and get this stuff on your fingers then touch your dick or worse, your eyes....believe me the whole neighborhood will know. It will burn so bad that your howl will make an air raid siren sound like a baby's breath."
          As he was saying this I was staring into his eyes and didn't realize that he was rubbing that cream stuff up inside my ass. It did burn. It felt like horse liniment. I gritted my teeth and the burn passed pretty fast. Then this warmth just seemed to flow from my ass hole. I could no longer feel the soreness of Mark's hard assed fuck earlier. I felt so relaxed, as if I could fall asleep.
          I awakened with my arms around Mark and he was drooling on my right shoulder. His slobbers were all running down in my arm pit and felt really icky. I moved a bit and Mark opened his eyes. We stared at each other. "I love you."
          "I love you back."
          "I love you more."
          "Nuh uhhh. I love you this much," I shoved my hard cock against him only to be met with his hard cock. I reached down and took hold of it. "Ohhh, you got this one back."
          "When you were up in me babe, I swear that thing was twice this long and many times bigger around. I so love the feel of you up in me. I want to do it again."
          "Not now. We got that white crap in our crappers." We giggled.
          "You're right, you do. By the time we get back from a huge steak dinner you will be okay though. So get out of bed and get dressed." Phil was leaning against my doorway smiling at us.
          "Wait, Phil, dad, uhhh are we like...I mean, is everything okay? I mean with us and...well."
          "Boy's you are more than okay. We are going to tell you everything. It is going to be a lot for you to handle but no lies have ever existed in my house and I know that your dad will never lie to you about any of this. Let's go eat. I am so hungry for hot meat." Phil licked his lips and leered at us.
          Mark pulled his pillow over his cock, "Perverts." We dressed each other. I mean it is so hot to take each other's clothes off but I knelt down and put a sock on each of Mark's perfect feet. Then I slipped his jeans on his legs. He stood up. I stayed on my knees and pulled his pants up and very carefully tucked little Marky away and kissed his tiny little head as he lay down on his bed of balls then I buttoned him securely inside his little home for a few hours.
          "That is the hottest thing I ever saw. Why didn't we ever do that?" Phil asked dad.
          "I don't know. Leave it to Lyle to come up with the really good ones. I told you that you would love this kid."
          "You did and I do."
          We went to this really really cowboy style steak house. They had a big fire burning right out where you could see it when you came inside. There were huge, thick steaks cooking over the flames. My mouth watered. I told Mark that this was the second best piece of meat I had seen all day. He giggled. Dad and Phil looked at me. Dad shushed me. I guess I said it a little loud.
          It may have been a cowboy place but it was built for privacy. The hostess put us in this big round booth at the far back corner of the restaurant. Once in the booth we could not hear a sound from outside. Dad said that he liked to come hear for business lunches because they could talk business and hear each other without the outside noise and nobody outside of the booth could hear what we were saying.
          When it came time to order our food I found out that that was true. Our waitress sat down beside me. She said that she could not hear us for the noise when she stood up but sitting down then she could hear us and we could hear her. She was kind of cut for an old woman. She was just plain ancient. She told us that she was working her way through college. She had a little scholarship money but she didn't have enough money to live on. She said that she didn't really want to work but her grandfather's trust fund wouldn't be hers until she turned twenty five in three more years. Dad and Phil left her over thirty dollars that night. The flirts.
          They left Mark and I feeling good too. I never knew and I would never have guessed. My dad had been a kid once. He was just like me. He and Phil and Lenny were three inseparable kids. Lenny is their boss at work. He has a son that could be his twin. His name is Jeffery and as far as dad and Phil know the boy doesn't have a gay bone in his body. He is sixteen and a super jock. And he is super cute. But that is not what you want to know now is it?
          As nature changed three curious little boys into young horn toads the three friends turned to each other. They lived on the sea shore where their fathers worked the ocean for their lively hood as fishermen. The men would be gone for long periods at a time. The three families lived practically on top of each other. The cold winds off of the northern seas could cut through any house in the area. For the most part the boys shared one large bed together until they were in their mid-teens.
          Times were hard and it was so much easier for the three families to share one house while their men were at sea. The meager resources were pooled together and they lived at my grandpa's house. Suddenly I had a vision of his house and the house in the movies. Those movies were made in my grandpa's back yard. Was he fucking his son too? Dad told me that he would tell the story and then I could change it however I wanted. Then he laughed at me. I so hate that. I just wondered.
          Lenny entered puberty before the other boys and the genital play began with the newly enlarged equipment of the boy. Lenny's grandmother passed away the summer that the boys turned fourteen. Lenny's family was gone for over two months as they had to take care of a large estate.
          Lenny's mother had come into a very large amount of money and they would be moving away as soon as his dad could sell his boat and their house.
          Phil and dad had not been idle during Lenny's absence. They both enjoyed jacking Lenny off and they discovered that they enjoyed jacking each other off also. One thing led to another and they found out that their mouths worked a lot better than their hands in giving each other pleasure. When Lenny returned he had even more to show them. He had been at sex school with an older boy for two months. He was expert at sucking dick and he taught his friends everything that he had learned.
          He had learned the big thing. His thing had grown very big but he had grown an itch. He had both boys up in him, one after another all night his first night back home. Throughout that next winter the boys had their world opened to them. Or should that be for them? Lenny and his family moved away inland just before the big accident.
          Mark's grandfather, Phil's dad broke his leg in an accident that cost his partner his leg. Phil's dad's partner is my mother's father, my other granddad. But Phil's dad was laid up for several weeks and missed an entire season. No one is foolish enough to go on to the north sea with a leg in a cast. He would not survive the rough seas. The man was inconsolable as he sat in a chair in the upper bedroom, where the boys usually slept, day after day. The man took to drinking. Phil's mother found work to feed the family. They had to sell their house and had moved in with dad's family until they could get back on their feet.
          One night the boys were extra horny little fourteen year old boys. They had not had any quiet time together for several weeks. They would sneak off and do a quickie blow job but they needed to love each other. One night both boys had poured as much whiskey down old man Bowers as he could handle. They stripped him naked and put him into his bed then slipped over to the big bed that they had shared for most of their lives and began to make out with each other.
          Phil just can't get enough cock in his ass. I looked at him and he blushed. He told me that he had grown up and that was behind him. Somehow I don't believe that. The boys sucked on each other then Phil told dad that he could no longer wait. The two lined up and dad went to work on his best friend. They didn't even think of what they were doing as they took care of their needs.
          Dad got off but Phil was begging him to continue on. He really needed a cock. He missed Lenny because the two boys could keep him going for a long time. Mr. Bowers spoke from his bed. "Son, Ah'm so fucking horny. Ah ain't had no sex since I got busted up and ah ain't had me no boy butt in years but if you wants to come over heerah Ah'll be nice to yas."
          Phil looked at Mark and me then he said that he had an itch that just wouldn't go away. He said that his dad was so gentle and he made Phil feel so good. Phil began to let his dad do him every day. Dad wasn't too sure about what was going on and Phil said that it took him over ten minutes before he came over and slipped up where he could suck Phil's cock as he straddled his dad's body and fucked himself on the man's full sized cock.
          The next summer Lenny came to visit. He had a brand new video camera which was just appearing on the market. He was taking movies of every thing to remember where he had grown up. He wanted to take a movie of his buddies and him getting it on. Lenny learned that old man Bowers was fucking Phil and he wanted to get some man cock so he told the man that if he would let him film him fucking Phil then he would let the man fuck him everyday until he had to leave again.
          Lenny, dad and Phil ended up in college together. They had sort of outgrown the sex stuff but they liked to talk about it, a lot. Lenny had his old VHS tape of the segments burned onto a DVD for each of them and gave them to them as part of a package of business meeting materials that he gave them.

          Phil knows that Jill would grab Mark up and walk out of his life forever if she ever thought that he might have a gay thought cross his mind. He destroyed his copy. Phil had not seen that old movie until today. Dad told him that I had found it and had been watching it every day. They decided to come clean because they were sure that I would eventually figure out who the characters were. Phil was afraid of Mark seeing it because he might say something in front of his mother so they had to tell us, now.
          I asked about mom knowing. Dad looked at me and told me to think about how grandpa Joe talks about gay people. The man is brutal with his homophobia. He lost his leg and Mr. Bowers had his leg broken because they had a young faggot on his first voyage. The sixteen year old kid was jacking off when he was supposed to be on watch. He left a rope loose on the deck. When their boat hit a large swell grandpa Joe was caught up in the rope and swung high up into the rigging that was used to haul in the large fishing nets. They had to cut his leg off because it had become so mangled.
          Mr. Bowers saw his partner and ran to help him but the boat was tossing and he lost his footing. He fell at the feet of the half naked boy who still had his dripping cock in his hand as he looked up at his boss hanging upside down over his head. The boy lived in fear of making it back to shore. The whole crew was mad at him. He just needed a bit of relief but he chose the wrong time and place to take things in hand.
          Grandpa swears the kid was a faggot and he lost his leg. Mom grew up with the man's hatred. I did the math and she would have been about eleven when that happened so I guess she would get her mind set by someone full of hate. I don't want to find out. I love mom and I love my dad. I don't want nothing to happen to them, ever. Mark says that he's the same's me.
          Phil asked Mark if he wanted to tell me his story. Mark looked at dad then at me. "I have had these thoughts and one day I was in my room with a friend from school We were talking about girls and how big we were and all that shit. He had this big bump in his jeans and I reached over and rubbed my hand over it. I and looked at him in the eye. He looked at me like I killed him or something. He ran to the kitchen and told my mom that I was a faggot and that I had touched him, down there.
          "Mom made him go home and made me stay in my room until dad came home then she made me tell dad what happened at dinner that night. Dad just looked at me and I knew he hated me. He wanted to know all about what I had done and what I was thinking and everything. Mom told me that she didn't want me hurting other boys with my queerness and she told me that I would have to tell every boy that ever came to my house that I was queer or she would tell herself.
          "So when you came over she looked at me and I knew that I had to tell you. She knows your mom and she would tell her and I would never get to see you. She might tell her anyway so I might not get to see you cause your mom may not let me come near you any more." Mark started crying.
          Dad reached across the table and took Mark's and my hands. He looked at Phil who joined us. "Boys, we know about developing sex drives, very well. We love each other to this day. We have not had sex with each other since college. Lenny kind of led us on down a different road as he was the first to get married. We were just horny boys who used each other for release." Phil snapped his head and looked at dad.
          "We were head over heels in love with each other and we would still be queer today if we lived for ourselves and don't you ever try to cheapen what we had together ever again Paul Anderson or so help me I will out the two of us on national television." I think he would too. He was mad.
          "Do you really feel that way?"
          "Yes I do! I will always love you and what we had and who we were. You wanted to go straight, remember? It was the mid-eighties. The world was seeing more homosexuals but our families weren't ready to see it in their sons. We are both only children and we would have killed our mother's if they thought that we would not give them grand kids. Paul look at these two. You know how proud our mothers are of them. Almost as proud of them as we are. I wouldn't have missed being this boy's father for anything now that I know, but Paul it was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. Every time we run into each other my heart yearns for my first love. Yeah, I feel like a sheep herder on a mountain top in Wyoming." We all caught that one and laughed.
          "You two need to understand one thing and I mean you get this clear. You are beautiful and very desirable. But we will not touch you. We made sure that we would not be tempted this afternoon as we each took the other's son to work up to this confession time." It was dad's turn to talk his stuff out.
          "Where we go or what we do from here is between the two of us but you will not be involved and boys I am telling you now, that will depend a lot on you. You will have to be strong if we get weak. Like I say, you have stirred things in me that I thought were long dead. Mark, I am so sorry that I sucked your cock this afternoon. It has bothered me so much. I don't want to go there. Please forgive me. Lyle, I am sorry that I took liberties with your friend."
          We al squeezed each other's hands in a silent commitment to each other. I really kind of hope that these two guys do get it on together but I don't want to know about it. I just see love between two very close friends and it makes me feel good.
          I am going home and get my ass fucked til dawn. Then I'll get up and take a piss and eat some breakfast then I think that I will grab Mark and go get my ass fucked until lunch time.


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