The Phone Call
Part Two From Kyle's point of view


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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          I am cleaning out some old stories and getting the posted before I am no longer able to work this machine. I hope you like these little shorts. Let me know, okay?

          I won't bore you with a lot of repetition. I just want to tell you my side of all of this, okay? I have known since I was about thirteen that I liked guys. I didn't figure it out until I met Joey that I really liked older guys. I was at the urinal when Joey walked in and flopped out the biggest fucking cock in the world. I was so shook up at seeing that thing that I turned and pissed on his shoe.
          I was mortified. I was ready to lick his shoe clean if he wouldn't kill me but he just laughed at me. "I kinda get weird reactions when dudes see this puppy but no one ever pissed on me before." He stood there with his jeans unbuttoned and a huge hard on standing proud before me. I was standing there speechless. I so was in love with that thing. I just reached out and put my hand around it. Joey grabbed up the back of his pants and pushed me backwards into a toilet stall. I straddled the toilet so that he could squeeze in and shut the door behind him.
          I wasn't even thinking. I still had a solid grip on his cock. He leaned forward and kissed the end of my nose. "You can suck it, if you want." I want, I fucking A want. I just sank down to the toilet seat but my pants were in the way. Joey backed up and pushed my pants down below my knees and kissed my super hard cock. Then he just pushed me down so that I was sitting on the toilet at eye level to the most beautiful thing in the world.
          I don't know when he had pushed his pants down but his cock stuck out over two of the most amazing balls I had ever seen. I could see stubble where he had shaved his pubies to a little ring just at the base of his cock. His balls were totally hairless.
          Joey put his hand to the back of my head and moved toward me. I opened my mouth, wide. I have dreamed about sucking a cock for so long. I was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane as I felt that wonderful piece of meat pass my lips and slide into my mouth. It was so much more than I had ever dreamed it would be.
          Never before had I ever seen a hard cock. I had seen some Playgirl© magazines, which were about the only source of cock pictures I had. Every cock picture I had ever seen showed soft cocks and none of them had foreskin. That skin was a thing of beauty in itself but I was to much into just getting all of that monster in my mouth to worry about anything else.
          "I'm gonna cum, baby. Can you take it?" I didn't know but I was going to give it the old school try. I put my hands around him and held his butt cheeks. My hands burned with the excitement of holding those hot, firm globes. I pushed hard and took all of his cock deep in my throat. My nose was flat against his belly as I tried to get more of him in me.
          I could feel his cock grow larger and then it began to pulse. I realized that I couldn't breathe but I was dying super happy. Joey kinda pushed at my forehead, causing his cock to come up out of my throat then he stopped and held it there. I could feel my mouth getting all hot and full. I knew that he was still cumming. I was trying to swallow but the meat in my mouth made that hard to do.
          Joey pulled his cock out for a moment and I quickly swallowed as I got my first taste of jizz. The huge cockhead in my face flexed and the slit at the end opened wide. A huge glob of cum shot out. I hurried and opened my mouth to catch most of it but I felt it hit my nose. I started bobbing my head up and down, kind of jacking Joey off with my mouth. He was moaning and rubbing his hands over my head then he pulled back.
          He grabbed at my head and lifted me up. He looked at my face with such a look in his eyes. I never felt those emotions that passed through my body right then. I was sure that it was love. Joey smiled at me then he licked my nose and left cheek then he did it. He kissed me. He locked his lips too mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I let my tongue touch his and I could taste the cum that he had just licked off of my face. It tasted better than Sunday dinner at grandma's.
          Joey was moving us around then he sat down on the toilet and pulled me in to him. I felt my cock go into his mouth and it was all over. I started to cum the cum of the end. I had no idea that I could shoot so much for so long and feel so fucking ass good. He had my body smashed against his face and I realized that he had a finger up my ass. He was pushing at my insides and making me feel so great. I never wanted to stop cumming, but I did.
          Joey let my cock slip out of his mouth as he licked all around in my baby bush and sucked my balls. He was still wiggling his finger up my butt and I started to get hard again. He pulled his finger out and sucked it, "Hmmm, finger licking good." He sucked it again then put it back in my butt hole. I almost climbed over the top of him it felt so good. He pulled his finger out and sucked it again then repeated it. On the third time he held his finger up to me, "You really taste good. Wanta try it?" Without thinking I sucked his finger. I actually tasted the inside of my ass. I liked it, or I liked that it was on Joey's finger. I thought right then that I was in love with that dude.
          Joey pushed his finger back up my butt hole and started pushing on that one spot as he took my cock back into his mouth. It took a few minutes but I had another fantastic cum. Joey sat there looking up at me as I just ran my hands through his thick hair and loved the feelings going through my body.
          He bent over and pulled my pants up and slowly began to button each button. He kissed my soft cock over and over then when he got to the last button he kissed the head and pulled my skin up over the top and said good night to it. He pulled me over and kissed me, long and hard. I tasted my own cum for the first time. Every dream I had ever fantasized had just come true. I would have followed him anywhere.
          Joey reached behind me and unlatched the door and pushed be out. I was looking square into the face of my walking talking wet dream. Jamison Peters was standing there with a grin as wide as his face. I have so wanted to get into that boy's pants, and I do about three or four times before I go to sleep every night then again in the shower each morning.
          Jamey looked into the stall. Joey was stroking his huge cock real slow like. "Does he taste good?" Joey nodded and smiled. "As good as me?"
          "I don't know. Come here, let me see." I hadn't noticed that Jamey had his cock in his hand. Here is my fantasy in the flesh and I hadn't even looked down where my thoughts usually focuses when he comes to mind.
          Jamey stepped into the stall. Joey pushed his jeans down and I stood there looking at the most perfect butt in the junior class. That ass went into motion as he brutally fucked Joey's mouth. It was over in a heart beat as I watched those perfect globes tense up as he shoved hard into Joey's face. I knew he was cumming and I wanted it. I went to my knees beside him. Joey pulled back and pushed Jamey's cock into my mouth. I got the last of his juice but it was still a lot.
          Jamey backed away. Joey pulled me in for another kiss. We snowballed our individual loads of Jamey's cum back and forth between us for several minutes until Jamey told us it was time for the bell. We had been sucking cock for nearly thirty minutes.
          I stood up and Jamey pulled me to himself. We kissed, hard. He stuck his hand down in the front of my pants and felt me up. I put my hands in his pants and felt his big cock laying across his balls. We pulled away and Jamey told me that we needed to get together.
          "Not today buddy. He is going to my house after school today. I am going to suck his balls inside out. You can come too if you want."
          "Can't dude, gotta set up the stage and get ready for your sorry ass to graduate next week. Tomorrow's Saturday. We could all get together and fuck each other stupid."
          "Word, dude. Do it." With that Joey kissed my nose once again then walked out of the boy's room sucking on his stink finger.
          "I love that dude but I'll love you if you'll let me." Jamey told me. I have died and gone to heaven sometime today and didn't know it. Jamey kissed me once again but pulled away quickly as we heard the bell ring. We ran over and washed our hands. I looked in the mirror. I still had some of Joey's cum on my eye brow. I washed my face real quick. James slapped my ass and squeezed my cheeks as he walked away.

          After school I met Joey in the parking lot and he drove me to his house. We went into his garage where he had this fantastic hideaway. He had a bed with a small table and one chair. There was a filthy half bath where I took a quick wizz. I left my jeans open as I turned around to see Joey's smile. He grabbed me and pushed me to the bed. He got down on his knees and pulled my jeans around my ankles. He pushed his finger up my ass and my cock jerked straight up.
          I really wanted to do him first but he was down on me. Joey was fucking my ass so hard and so fast, with more than one finger. I wanted his cock up in me. That thing was huge. When I was sucking him in the boy's room at school I had looked at my hand against that huge cock. His cock was just thicker than my forearm and longer. I sat in class that afternoon and measured my forearm from wrist to elbow joint. It was just over seven inches and almost five and a half inches around. Joey's cock was bigger than that. I wondered what it was going to feel like up in my ass. I was determined to find out, today.
          I was in the middle of one more super cum as a result of Joey's actions when suddenly the garage door raised up. Somebody yelled out something about queers. You already know what happened so I won't go into it. I will just say that nothing ever hurt so much or so good in my life as that bastard raped. I had wanted to let Joey have my cherry butt. That choice was forever taken away from me.

          Jamey came to visit me in the hospital. I told him what had happened. He was so sorry. He pulled the sheets back and gave me a super blow job there in my hospital bed. I was in the hospital for a second day and Jamey came by to suck me off two more times.
          When I got home Jamey came to visit me for several hours each day and I learned how to sixty nine. My first day home he gave me his ass. He told me that he really missed Joey but he didn't want to take a chance of going over there with his old man on the rampage. He told me that he liked taking it up his ass as much as Joey liked fucking him up the ass. I know that somehow I have to have Joey fuck me.
          Jamey and I both wanted to see Joey so bad but we had each other. Jamey knew that I couldn't take it up the butt until I was completely healed. I love Jamey and I really liked fucking him but I kinda wanted to save my ass for Joey. I thought at the time that it was a dream but I held on to that hope.

          Jamey was gone with his family through the fourth of July. He came over the day they got back. He was in tears as he got naked and got me naked. He had me get on top of him and fuck him face to face. I found out that I could fuck Jamey and suck him at the same time. That was so neat. I kept it up in him and fucked him two more times before we had to quit and get cleaned up before my mother came home.
          Jamey told me that what he thought was going to be a vacation was really a trip to find a new house. His father had been transferred to another state on the other side of the country and they would be leaving at the end of July. I told him that I needed him here to be with me for the trial of my rapist in August. He cried with me as we knew that our time together was over.
          Jamey came over everyday and sometimes I got over to his house. I was only fourteen and couldn't drive but Jamey had a car and everything so he came to my house. It was okay because we were alone but my mother had an office in the same building where we lived and she could come home at any time.
          I thought that my world had ended the day I stood with my mother's arm around me and watched Jamey and his family drive out of my life forever. My mother took the wind out me when she squeezed me. "You really love him but it is not the end. You are young. He was your first love but you will find another, dear."
          My mother knew? Yeah, she's no dummy. She knew before I did. When I was raped she asked a lot of questions and found out what the police never asked and what my rapist's lawyer never mentioned in court. Mom knew about me and Joey. I poured it all out to her that afternoon. I told her how much I loved Joey. I told her that I had always thought about Jamey and never dared hope to meet him and then Joey was in my life. I told her that I had lost two boy friends that year. She held me as I cried myself to sleep.

          Somehow I was not embarrassed as I sat on the witness stand and told the jury what that man had done to me. I was still pretty small for my age. I turned fifteen on August fifth and I almost shit when I found out that the fifth of August was also Joey's birthday. He is exactly three years and seventeen minutes older than me.
          I sat in the court room and watched Joey tell the jury what happened to us. I fell so much more in love with him. The jury came back with a guilty verdict and it was all over until October when the bastards would be sentenced, I hope to death. Mom and I went to lunch then she had to go to work. She had a client to sell a house to. I hoped she sold it then we would have some money for a new car.
          I didn't want to go sit around the apartment by myself so I told mom that I was going to wander around awhile and would see her at home later. I had nothing on my mind. I was lonesome and horny. It was a full month before school would start so the prospects of running into someone who would suck me or let me fuck him were not all that great. I stopped at a city park to piss and some old drunk wanted to suck my dick but he smelled like piss and beer so I ran away. I saw a cop and just acted like I was jogging. I waved at him but he looked at me kind of funny. I wondered if he had been one of the cops in the garage that day.
          I had to get away from the area so I hopped on a bus that pulled up in front of me. I didn't know where it was going and I really didn't care. I just sat staring out of the window at nothing as the bus lumbered along. All at once I knew where I was. I pulled the cord and got off of the bus. I walked two blocks over and stood in front of Jamey's house. There were people working all around it. They were painting, inside and out. There were people cleaning the yard, cutting trees and trimming the grass. The sign out front said sold and all at once I got sad because I had not told me my mom so that she could have sold this house. Jamey's house belonged to someone else and he was gone, forever.
          I turned and headed back to a shopping center nearby. I would get a soda and catch the bus back home. I went to the cashier to pay for my soda when I saw Joey shake hands with the store's manager and walk outside. I almost ran to the door. I watched Joey get in his car and kind of lay his head back. I let out a sigh of relief and slowly walked up to his car. "Sup?"
          Joey jerked up and looked at me. A huge smile came over his face followed by sadness. He told me I could sit with him. He told me all of the shit that his old man had put on him all summer but when he told me that he had no place to live I got an idea. Well you read all about that from Joey's story so I won't repeat it except to tell you that I lost my cherry ass to that big fucking cock of his that very day. I measured that puppy and measured my arm.
          Okay, so I have grown a little bit in the last two months but my arm was only eight inches from my raised up wrist to my bent elbow and Joey's cock was nine and one half inches long. No shit, that thing was huge and I had taken all of it down my throat the first time I ever sucked cock and I had just taken every bit of it up my ass, twice, and I wanted more.
          I measured my wrist again and it was still five and a half inches around. Joey's cock was six and a quarter. I measured my arm up close to my elbow and it was as thick as his cock. I bent over and sucked that thing. It was still covered in my butt juice but I loved it.
          Joey pulled me to him and looked deep into my eyes. He told me that he truly loved me. He told me that he had sex with three boys besides me in his life and he had never felt about any of them the way he felt about me. He held me as he told me all about fucking Jamey and how much they both liked it but he looked deep into my eyes as he told me that it was just sex. He said that he felt good about Jamey but somehow what he felt about me was so different. He told me that he hoped that I would never leave him.
          The next words out of Joey's mouth proved to me forever that Joey was telling the absolute truth. He wanted me to take his cherry. I was overcome as I crawled on top of him to lock my body to his and cry. I told him that he had just taken my cherry. I told him that what those men did to me was nothing, it was rape. I had just given myself to him and he was the only one who had been inside of me. I told him that I had fucked Jamey everyday, several times a day. He laughed and said that sounded like Jamey. Jamey has a totally cock hungry butt.
          He asked me again if I would fuck him. I told him that I would if it was in love. Joey wrapped his arms around me and kissed me with so much passion that both of us started cumming against each other's cocks and all over our bellies. We just held to each other as we climaxed. We slept like that for about twenty minutes then I felt his hard cock pressing against me. He looked deep into me and I gave him a long kiss then raised to my knees between his legs.
          He pulled his legs back and let his ass hole shine before my face. I had seen Jamey's ass hole everyday for two months and it was open and wide. Joey's ass hole was all puckered up and tight looking. I was sure that nothing had ever been up inside that perfect orifice.
          I never ate Jamey's ass. He had eaten me a few times and told me that he was afraid to fuck me yet, which was okay with me. I had really wanted to save it for what I had just done with whom I had just done it. I knew in my heart that I had to eat that tiny, tight, pink pucker staring at me.
          Joey's ass was like his balls, hairless. He told me that he would keep me trimmed and I could do him. He said he doesn't want some young dude to get turned off sucking his cock by getting a cock hair in his teeth. I giggled at him. I wouldn't mind eating his hair. It would, after all, be Joey.
          Joey and I had been making out like crazy for a couple of hours and he had really worked up a sweat as he fucked my ass. He had not had time to shower since before going to court that morning so I wasn't sure what I was going to taste but I have sucked his dick clean each time he fucked me and it was kind of good. This would be Joey's ass, not mine.
          I bent over and rubbed his scent all over my face. I just rubbed back and forth and soaked up as much of the terrific smell as I could find. I began to lick as I rubbed and finally made my way to the center of his universe. Joey had his hands on my shoulders. He pulled me into him and pushed his ass against my face. He moaned and began to breathe heavily. I continued to lick and slowly worked my tongue into his tight hole. I kept stabbing at it and wiggling my tongue about as Joey beat on the bed with his fists and rubbed his hands through my hair. He kept telling me that he loved me so much.
          All at once the door opened and he was open for business. My tongue just slipped inside of him I pushed as deep as I could. He told me that he was about to cum. I didn't want it to end but I figured as much as we had cum already that he wouldn't quit on me so I kept it up. Joey was flopping around and told me that he couldn't hold back anymore.
          I pushed my finger in his ass and pulled his cock to my mouth. I began to finger the shit out of his ass as I put all of the suction I could muster on his cock as it slid fully into my throat. Joey was screaming his passion as I slid my finger back and pushed in with two. Suddenly his cock grew another foot long as it went so deep into my throat that I was sure it would come out my ass.
          I sped up my finger work when I felt his nut. I had learned what he was touching in me and how much I liked it but until my finger slid across that hard little lump of flesh right at the base of his hard cock I had forgotten it. I began to finger fuck his ass in earnest, making sure to pay particular attention to his tight prostate. He began to fill me up with his delectable cream.
          I was sure that I would explode from the amount of cum that just kept shooting and shooting from his precious spout but I kept sucking and taking every drop. It's funny. When I am in a good cum or when Joey, or even Jamey are cumming it feels like buckets full. I have been with Joey long enough now and we have both checked each other out. On our very best cums we get about a spoon full. We have collected it in a small glass to see how much is there and there is not near as much as it feels like, or tastes like. He have to hurry and drink it down from a glass because somehow we just don't like it when it goes cold. I guess it's from the heat of the moment. Hehehe

          You know from Joey's account that I moved in with him. I know how much Joey likes young smooth boys so I started recruiting for him. I found out that a lot of boys wanted to play and when they found out they could play with a senior who had a nine inch cock they were willing to do anything. Joey's favorite is for some kid and I to take turns fucking each other while he is underneath sucking on us. I really like sucking his cock while some dude is fucking me but my real pleasure comes when I get to suck some kid while Joey fucks me. I found two guys that wanted Joey up in them. I know what Joey sees and it is a nice sight and talk about a treat. Sucking a guy's cock while he is getting his shit packed by a nine inch dick is so great.
          Joey and I fucked about six dudes through my sophomore and junior years then I met his little brother, Jason. I saw the last name and looked at the kid and knew at once that he was related. I quietly asked him if he knew a guy by the name of Joey Pierce and he brightened up to tell me that his brother's name was Joey and that he would be about twenty years old.
          I asked Jason what he thought about fags. He got tense and looked at me hard. "I don't like that word."
          "Why, cause you don't like fags or cause you are one." He got real mad at that one then I saw a tear in the corner of his eye. "It's no problemo man. I just had to know where you swung. You're safe with me. I won't out ya."
          "I ain't..."
          I put my finger to his lips and shook my head at him. "Yes you are and I am too but lets talk somewhere else." We met at lunch time. We grabbed sandwiches and sat outside, as far away from everybody that we could. We sat facing each other. I told him to watch my back and I would watch his and if anybody came our way to start talking about trying out for football.
          I quietly told Jason that Joey was my room mate. He looked at me strangely. "Do I have to spell it out for you faggot? I and your brother are lovers. He fucks me in the ass everyday. Is there a problem?"
          "Not at all," he started to cry. I told him to get control cause we don't need to answer anybody's nosy questions out here. He smiled away his tears. "How long?" He wanted to know how long we had been together. I told him that it had been a few weeks longer than three years. "Since he moved away from our house?" I nodded at him. He relaxed. He always wondered what had happened. I thought he knew and I had gone and outed Joey to this little kid sitting there. He assured me that he was okay with it and would not tell Joey that I told him. He wanted to see Joey so I gave him our phone number.
          Jason never called. He talked to me about Joey everyday but he told me not to tell Joey. I told him how much Joey loved him and he knew that Joey would do something stupid that would only get their father into it. He was afraid of his father, very afraid. There was something between the two that he wouldn't tell me about and he didn't want Joey to know any of it. I did as he asked but when Joey wrote to me at college and told me what was going on I got so mad. I still didn't tell Joey that I knew something was going on. I guess I am afraid that Joey will get mad at me cause I didn't help him protect his little brother and all of those other little boys.

          I had mixed emotions about school My dad had left me a lot of money in his will but there was a whole lot more for me if I would go to his old college. Between him and my grandparent's trust funds I had a full ride bought and paid for for as long as I needed to go to school It was hoped that I would go into law and follow in my grandfather's footsteps. My father had tried law but changed his major in his senior year for a chemical engineering degree. He was killed when the lab he was working in blew up.
          It was learned that someone had left an unshielded lead battery in an area near volatile gases. The company paid a fortune to the three surviving children of the two men killed. The person who left the battery in the wrong area went to prison for twenty years for manslaughter.

          I had to leave Joey and the best thing to ever happen to me. We promised to stay in touch but I know how these things work and besides that, Joey likes younger teens. I already could tell that he was disenfranchised with me. I have grown bulky and hairy. He loves smooth and soft. I only hoped that he and his brother Jason could work something out.

          If you will I would like for you to picture my joy. I walked into freshman orientation at the my college and who do you suppose was at the registration desk. Aww, you read ahead didn't you. Jamey got me into his dorm and with a few well placed knee sessions the two of us were roomies. Yeah, a frosh and a junior, together. Jamey changed his major so that he could stay on for my four year stay. We will see where that leads later. We are talking about flying home next summer and surprise Joey with a week long campout and fuckathon.

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