Beats Going to Class


While I'm writing this, I'm looking at the picture I took of the boy that inspired the story. He looks pretty much like I described him. He is hot! Some but not all of what I write happened. I'll leave it to you, the reader, to figure out what did and did not.

In this story, he has a mircopenis. It's having a penis which is smaller than about seven cm or two and three-quarters inches. It occurs in about 0.6% of males. One male afflicted with one said, "My deep shame about my body makes me feel like everyone else's opinion must be right, that there is something wrong with my size. I just wish people could look past it, so I could too."

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Beats Going to Class

Goddamn! Fuck, he's cute. I'm waiting for my night class at my community college to start. I know he's not in my class, but another class next door to mine is also about to start. He must be in it. I take a surreptitious picture of him with my phone. He looks about 5'8", slender, maybe 120 pounds, with short but thick, tousled, dark brown hair and could easily pass for fifteen or sixteen, but since he's in a first-year community college course, I figure him for eighteen, not that it would matter. I like sixteen-year-olds. Despite what the law says, most sixteen-year-olds are having sex or wish they were, and I'm happy to oblige them, but even if his is eighteen, at twenty-six, I'm eight years older than he is. He's just arrived minutes before time for our classes to start and hasn't bother to sit down, standing instead, looking at his phone.

When it's time for our classes to start, he looks up from his phone and starts walking to his class. I'm sitting at nearby table watching him -- staring at him, really. I'm encouraged when he looks at me and smiles, and even though my gaydar hasn't necessarily been triggered, I think I might have a chance. His class is already out by the time mine ends so I don't see him, but I'm looking forward to seeing him before the start of class the next week.

When I come to class then, even though I'm early, he's seated at a table by himself looking at his phone. Figuring nothing ventured, nothing gained, I sit down across from him. Glancing at his phone, I see he's playing Clash Royale, a game I spend way too much time playing. After he finishes the game -- each one takes about two and a half minutes -- I say, "I waste entirely too much time playing that game. Addictive, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he says. "I'll probably fail my courses because of it and other games I play."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. This your first quarter?" Fall quarter had just started.

"Uh huh," he says. "How about you?"

"This is my last quarter actually. I started winter quarter about two years ago. What's your major?"

"CIS," he says, which is Computer Information Science.

"Yeah, me, too," I say. "Are you taking CIS 120?"

"Yeah, that's what I have now."

It is the first computer class all CIS majors have to take. "If you need any help with it, let me know. My name is Zach."

"I'm Kyle," he says.

"Glad to meet you, Kyle. Let me give you my phone number. Call or text me if you want to come over to my place." Of course, studying isn't why I want him to come over, but I'm hoping it will give him an excuse to come to my apartment. If he's still a virgin, he's not leaving with his virginity still intact.

"Do you have your own place?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Nah, I live with my parents."

"Sounds like you don't like it?"

"I don't. My parents treat me like a little kid, but I can't afford to live on my own; besides, they're paying for school. Hell, I'm just out of high school, and I've never had a job. You look older. I don't mean you look old, but you look like you've been out of high school for a while."

"Yeah, I spent a tour in the Army and took some time off before starting school."

"What was it like in the Army?"

"Good at times, but it sucked much of the time," and taking a chance, I added, "I'm gay, and when it became okay to say I was, I did, which got me some sex, but also some flak from some guys."

His eyes go wide. "You're gay?"

"Yeah, are you?"

"I -- I don't know."

"What do you mean, you don't know?"

"I've never had sex with anyone, guy or girl."

"Never jacked off with another boy? Almost all boys do at one time or the other, whether they are gay or straight." I've moved closer to him, and our heads are close together enabling us to talk without being overheard.

"No, I've never done anything."

"Which, boys or girls, do you fantasize about when you're jacking off?" I've got a raging hard-on by now, and I'm thinking he does, too."

"Guys mostly," he says.

"Then, you're probably gay."

"You think so?"

"Is your dick hard?"


"You want to find out what it's like to have sex with a guy?"

He shrugs: "With you?"

"Well, I have to admit that I think you're hot. I got hard at my first sight of you last week. I definitely want to have sex with you."

"You might not if you knew everything about me," he says.

"What could there be that would change my mind?" I ask. "You seem pleasant enough, and you are damn sure cute." He lowers his eyes, and speaks so quietly that I'm not sure I hear him, so I say, "What?"

Raising his voice slightly, he says, "I have a micro-penis."

"You have a small dick. That's no big deal. Mine's not big either."

"I don't just have a small dick," he says. "I have a micro-penis which means it is super small, mostly just head with almost no shaft. It's not two inches long hard, and since I'm circumcised, I don't even have any foreskin to make it look longer. It sucked to be naked around other boys because I always got teased about how small my dick was. I didn't think it was as big deal having a small penis until I was in the seventh grade when we started having to dress out for P.E. and take showers afterward. I remember the first time a guy looked at it and said, 'Fuck! I've never seen such a small dick. My little brother has a bigger one, and he's only five. but when my dick is soft, only the head shows. After that, my nickname was 'Tiny D', and it wasn't long before everyone, even the girls in my class, knew why I was called that."

"Kids can be mean," I say. You're circumcised?" That surprises me. I am, but I was born in Texas where most boy were. Out here on the west coast, few boys are.

"Yeah. I'm Jewish, not that I'm religious, but because we are, my parents had me circumcised. They might as well have cut it all off for all the good it will do me."

By now, the others have gone into their classes, but we continue to sit at the table by ourselves. "You jack off, don't you?" I say.

"Yeah, of course."

"Does it feel good?'

"Yeah, but no way could I ever fuck anyone, not with a dick that isn't even two inches long."

I try not to show a reaction upon hearing he doesn't even have two inches, and I wonder how he masturbates: does he just use his fingertips? "So, you won't be a top, but that doesn't mean you won't make a great bottom."


"Yeah, the guy on the bottom getting fucked."

"You ever been fucked?" he asks.

"Oh, yeah."

"You like it?"

"I like it a lot."

"But, would you want to be with a guy who couldn't fuck you?"

"Hey, I like being on top, too. If I like the guy, it doesn't much matter to me who's on top and who's on bottom. With some guys, I've been exclusively a top and with others, I've been exclusively a bottom. Since I go either way, it depends on the guy I'm with whether I'm a top or a bottom. I pretty well like both equally."

"Do you think you would like me that much?" he says.

"I'm sure I like you that much. Hey, we're already late to class. Why don't we just skip it and go to my place?"

"I -- I don't know," he says.

"What do you have to lose besides your virginity?"

He laughs: "Most guys have already lost theirs by the time they are my age."

"How old are you?" I ask.

"Seventeen, eighteen next month," he says. "Does that scare you off? I guess I'm not legal yet."

"Are you going to tell your parents or call the cops on me if we have sex?"

"No, of course not."

"Then, it doesn't scare me off," I say. If anything, it was a fucking turn-on for me. "Let's go to my place. Do you have a car?"

"No, I ride the bus."

"I have a car. We can take mine."

"I can't say too long," he says. "My parents will get worried if I'm not home too long after class is over."

"What time does your class get out?"

"Supposed to get out at 9:20, but he lets us go early."

"Then, if you get home by 10:30 or 11:00, you're okay?"


"That will give us over three hours. I'll take you home afterward. Let's go," and I stand up. He remains seated. "If you don't go, you'll regret it," I say. "I regret all my missed opportunities to have sex with someone I was attracted to. You are attracted to me, aren't you?"

"Yeah," he says, standing up and picking up his backpack.

We walk out to my car, and I open his door for him, taking his face in my hands before I let him get in, pressing my mouth against his, and kissing him, sliding my tongue into his mouth. It seems to surprise him, and I figure it's the first French kiss he's ever had, but soon, he responds, and I move my hand to his crotch. He's right: there ain't much there, but I do feel a hard knob jutting out from his groin. I grasp it through his pants: "Oh...oh...oh," he moans, and I figure he is ejaculating which isn't unexpected. It only took a touch for me to squirt during my first sexual encounter.

I let him into the car, and walk around to my side to get in. Once we were both seated, he says, "Can I see your dick?"

As an answer, I undo my pants and take it out, sliding my pants down to my knees. He takes my hard dick in his hand and starts stroking it. "Suck it," I say.

"I'm not sure I know how," he says.

"Have you ever watched porn?"


"Then, you know how, don't you?"

"I guess, but here in the parking lot?"

"It's dark. No one will see us; besides, as turned on as I am, it won't take long."

After hesitating an instant or two, he leans over, taking my dick into his sweet mouth. It's hot and wet, and I know I won't last long. I wonder how he'll react when I squirt into his mouth, because I damn sure intend to squirt into it. Unless, he's tasted his own cum, he's about to taste some for the first time. Grasping the back of his head and thrusting with my hips, I fuck his mouth, shoving my dick far enough into it to make him gag at times, but he doesn't pull away, and it isn't long: "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I say as I spurt into his mouth. Not pulling away, he lets me, and I shoot my whole load. Only after I have and my hard-on is ebbing, does he pull his mouth off my dick.

Looking up at me, he grins: "It doesn't taste so bad."

"You ever tasted yours?"

"Yeah," he says, "but it tastes better hot out of your dick. Did I do okay?"

"You did fantastic."

"Will you suck mine?"

"Here? Or do you want to wait until we get to my place?"

"Here," he says. "It's kind of a turn-on doing it here in the parking lot."

"Okay," I say, but let's get into the back."

"Okay," he says, and since I drive an SUV, I get into the back and put down the seats. We'll have plenty of room to do whatever we want, and my windows are tinted, so we will have little chance of being seen seen. He gets in after me, and I help him off with his clothes. He helps me off with mine, and we lie next to each other, both naked except for our socks. Just as I had expected, he had a wet spot on his underwear. I felt it when I pulled them off him. His dick is even smaller than I had imagined, not even two inches long. It sticks straight out from his crotch..

I'm not able to do a proper job of sucking his dick. If I pull my head back too far, it slides out of my mouth so I mostly lick and suck on its head. His dick has almost no shaft. It's all head, about an inch and a quarter of head, and less than a half inch of shaft behind it. Saying he has two inches would be stretching it. Still, it functions like a dick should, because it isn't long before: "Oh...Oh...I'm going to cum.", and I feel and taste his hot spunk fill my mouth. I love the taste of cum. I figure we're never making it to my place.

Sliding around, his cum still in my mouth, I lower my mouth to his, and when he opens it to allow my tongue inside, I let what I haven't swallowed slide into his mouth. "Fuck!" he says. "You asshole," but then he laughs: "Did you swallow any of it?"

"Yeah, I swallowed some."

"You better. I swallowed yours. The next time you squirt into my mouth, you're getting some of it back."

"I take it, by your saying, `The next time,' that you're liking gay sex."

"Yeah, I'm liking it," he says.

"'Bout time I showed you something else then," and without saying anything more, I spit on my hand and rub the spit on his butthole, inserting my middle finger deep inside it."

"Guess I'm getting fucked," he says.

"Yep," I say. "You're pretty tight, but I don't have the biggest dick in world, and I'll go slow. The first guy to ever fuck me had nine inches. I thought he was going to split me apart."

"But, you went back for more, huh?"

"Not to him, and I've never since been fucked by a dick as big as the one he had, but I've been fucked plenty of times since."

"You like being fucked, don't you?"

Sensing that I might have let on how much I do like being fucked, and since, with his less than two inches, he would never satisfy that urge, I say, "Hey, that's only one aspect of sex. The guy I'm having sex with is much more important to me than the size of his dick."

"Even if he's only got two inches?"

"Yeah, even if he's only got two inches." By then, I've got two fingers up his butt and have his hole loosened up enough for my dick. Since I've only got a little over five inches, and my dick is pretty slender, no one has ever complained that it was too big. I climb on top of him, and it's the head of my dick, instead of my finger, that is probing his hole. A few thrusts, and I'm inside him. "You okay?" I ask.

"It hurt a little going in, but I like how it feels now you're inside me." He drops his hand to his dick and starts stroking it with the fingertips of his thumb and forefinger.

I bat his hand away: "Just relax and let me do all the work," I say, raising his legs so I can get my dick all the way inside him.

After a minute, he says, "Oh, yeah. It feels good. I think you're hitting my prostate. Fuck! I like it."

"I'm still pretty turned-on and probably won't last long enough to get you off but after I rest a minute, we'll do it again. I want to see if I can make you cum without either of us touching your dick."

I cum too soon but rest, my dick still inside him until it's hard again, before resuming fucking him. After a few minutes, he says, "Oh fuck! I think I'm going to cum. Oh fuck! I know I'm going to cum," and as my dick slides in and out, ropes of spunk spurts from his dick, shooting up like water from a fountain. The sight of it is enough to trigger my orgasm, and I squirt a second load up his butt. After I'm finished, my dick still in him, I bend down, taking his face in my hands and kiss him, running my tongue into his mouth. He kisses me back.

"Goddamn! I love you," I say.

"Do you really, or do you just like having sex with me?" he says.

"Either - both," I say. "I do love having sex with you, and I think I'm falling in love with you, too."

"Don't say that if you don't mean it," he says. "I didn't think anyone could love me because of my little dick, and I think I could love you, too."

"I like your little dick," I say, "and I love the rest of you. You make up for any shortcomings in the dick department you might have."

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yes. I guess we don't really know each other, but what I know about you, I like a lot. If I don't already love you, I'm sure I could learn to unless you're a serial killer or something like that, and you haven't told me."

"Fuck!" he says. "I'm only seventeen. I haven't had a chance to do much of anything yet. How old are you, anyway?"

"Twenty-six. Does that bother you?"

"No. I like it that you're older. Guys my age are so immature." After hesitating for a moment, he adds, "I guess I'm pretty fucking immature, too."

"You're way more mature than any seventeen-year-old I've ever known, more mature than I was at seventeen."

"How old were you when you got fucked by that nine-inch dick?" he asks.


"Fifteen! Wow! Was it a man who fucked you?"

"Yeah, my ninth-grade algebra teacher."

"Your teacher? No shit?"


"How'd it happen?"

"Well, it's kind of a long story."

He looks at his watch: "We've still got almost three hours. Tell you what...why don't you fuck me while you tell me the story. This has got me turned on, even if you don't got a nine-inch dick."

"Sorry about that."

"Don't be sorry about it," he says. I'd give anything to have as much as you've got. Now, fuck me."

So, I rolled over on top of him, and he guides my dick to his butthole, and as well lubed as it is with my cum, my dick slides right in, and while I talk, I fuck him. God! I love being inside him.

"He and I," I say, talking about my teacher, had kind of a thing going on. I'd act up in some way in the class, and he would call me up in front of the class, have me bend over, and give me swats with this wooden paddle he kept in his desk."

"In front of everyone?"

"Yeah, I'd bend over facing the class, and he would swat my butt with the paddle."

"I didn't know teachers could do that?"

"Well, this was Texas. Things are different in Texas."

"You wanted him to paddle you?"

"Yeah, it turned me on. I even ejaculated once while he was paddling me. I always got hard when he did."

"So, when did he fuck you?"

"One day, he called me up after class and said, `Want to go to a movie Friday night?'

"'Sure,' I said."

My dad never did shit with me, so I jumped on it. Besides, like I said, we already had a thing going on with the paddling. I had already figured it turned him on as much as it did me. Well, anyway, come Friday night, he picked me up and we're driving to go to the movie. A couple of blocks from my house, I popped his transmission out of drive into neutral. He said, "Guess I have to punish you," and pulled over to the curb. Reaching over, he grabbed hold of my dick through my pants and started stroking it. I was already hard, and after about two strokes, I came. I moaned to let him know I was, so instead of to the movie, we went to his house.

Once inside it, we went straight to the bedroom, and before I knew it, he had my clothes off. I was fucking naked, and my dick was at full mast. He bent me over the bed and looking back over my shoulder, I saw him take a paddle like the one he had at school out of his dresser drawer. He hauled off and smacked my butt with it, which on my bare butt, fucking hurt. "Ow! Fuck!" I yelled, but he hit me again. Before long, I was crying, but I had also squirted onto his bedspread.

Finally, he stopped paddling me and took off his clothes. "Just stay where you are," he said, when I started to straighten up. I remained bent over the bed, but I was looking back at him and saw the biggest dick I'd ever seen. Bent over like I was, I knew I was about to get fucked, which I wanted, but his big dick scared me. I was afraid it would split me apart. The biggest thing I'd had up my butt until then was my finger. It was like I was frozen in place by my conflicting emotions of fear and desire. My dick was hard in anticipation of being fucked, but I just didn't see how his big dick could fit up my ass.

He grabbed some Vaseline off his dresser, smeared it on his dick and on my butthole, sticking his lubed-up finger in my ass. He worked it around, and then, it was his dick that was probing my ass.

"Did it hurt?" Kyle asks, as I continue to fuck him.

"Yeah, it fucking hurt. I had a virgin butthole, after all."

"Like me, huh?"

"Yeah, like you, but his dick was twice as thick as mine. I think, as far as dicks go, he must have been half horse, but the funny thing is, he was kind of a skinny guy. To look at him, you would never think he'd have a nine-inch cock. Anyway, he got it in me and gave me a good fucking."

"How many times did he cum?"

"Just once," I say, "but he was kind of an old guy."

"How old?"

"I'm not sure, somewhere between thirty-five and forty I guess, close to my father's age."

Talking to Kyle and fucking him at the same time is a different experience. I don't think either of us are in a hurry to get off. It's just that we are physically as well as emotionally connected. My dick is inside him, and at times, I'm not thrusting. I'm just lying on top of him with it inside him. Now and then, I'll lower my mouth to his and kiss him.

"Did you ever want to get fucked by your dad?" Kyle asks.

"I wanted him to pay attention to me. If that's what it would have taken for him to, it would have been okay with me."

"Did you ever see him naked?"

"One time that I recall," I say. "He was in the bathroom, and I had to go in there for some reason. When I opened the door, he was just stepping out of the shower. I couldn't take my eyes off his dick."

"What was it like?"

"Well, it wasn't hard, of course, so I don't know how big it got, but soft, it was thicker than mine when hard and almost as long as mine hard, so I'm guessing he had a good eight inches or more. I definitely didn't inherit my dick from him."

"I didn't inherit mine from anyone," Kyle says, "certainly not from my dad. I spied on him masturbating once - my mom is a cold bitch, and I don't think she gives him any. I didn't measure it of course, but I think he has a good seven inches. It's bigger and thicker than yours."

"Everyone's dick is bigger and thicker than mine."

"Not mine," he says.

"No, not yours."

"Are you sure it doesn't bother you that I don't have a decent size dick?"

"Not in the least," I say, continuing to fuck him. It was a little lie. I like dicks, and for him to be a perfect lover, he needed six or seven inches of dick, because I like being fucked almost as much as I like fucking. Still, I've never found a guy who is perfect in every way and other than his tiny dick, he's pretty well perfect. I could almost get off just looking at him: he's that cute. Besides, if he weren't so self-conscious about the size of his dick, he would probably already have a lover, and I wouldn't stand a chance with him. "So, did you see your dad spurt?"

"Yeah. It was fucking awesome. I wasn't jacking off yet, so I went into the bathroom and tried it. I was only ten and couldn't spurt, but I had my first orgasm, and even though it was a dry one, I was hooked on having them. I've jacked off four or five times a day since. Oh fuck! I think I'm going to cum," he says, clutching my butt and pulling me to him.

Wanting to cum along with him, I speed up my thrusting, and right after his dick fountains, spurting two or three inches into the air, I cum and collapse on top of him, supporting some of my weight on my elbows so as not to crush him. After my dick softens and withdraws from him, I roll off onto my back beside him. Cum from his ejaculations is smeared on his belly and on mine. His dick, no longer hard, retracts and almost disappears.

Bending over, I lick his cum off his belly and work my way down to his dick. I soon have it hard again, all two inches of it, and I'm sucking it the best I can. "Oh fuck!" he says, "I love that," and he squirts into my mouth. After he's finished, I lay back with my head next to his. He kisses me on the cheek: "Beats going to class, doesn't it?" he says.