Getting Oriented
by Ashley Hardric ©2007

    This is a work of fiction that includes ridiculously gratuitous sex.  It is not true...Didn’t happen...Wish it had...It’s a figment...No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  Author assumes no responsibility for seminal damage to keyboards.  All boys depicted in this story are 18 and older.  Don't read the story if it's illegal
where you are and the thought police will arrest you.

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It’s been a long time since I started this story, so here’s a short recap:  Our Hero, the narrator, aka moi, is attending a college orientation weekend, the first time his beloved mother has let him loose from her apron strings long enough to even have a chance at any kind of sex beyond solitaire.  He has taken full advantage of the opportunity, and in one afternoon has been introduced to the wonderful world of gay sex.  We resume the story after dinner the first night, after approximately the fourth round of orgasms.

Getting Oriented, part 3

We lay together on and in each other.  My virgin ass was history;
my sexual liberation had been awesome, now that I was finally free from my mom.  I had frequently jerked off several times in one day, but the amount of raw, uninhibited college boy sex that I’d engaged in the last several hours was beyond my wildest fantasies.  And believe me, I used to have some pretty wild fantasies.  Like blowing my English teacher in his room after school while he sat at his desk grading papers, me naked under his desk, and the hall door open, and then Jimmy comes in because he has detention, and he whips his cock out...  But I’m digressing.  That little fantasy hasn’t been played out yet.

But back to Orientation.  We lay there, three cocks in three asses, when there was a loud rap on the door and a voice announced, “Floor meeting in five minutes in the lounge.  Come as you are.  Clothing not needed.”  He left the door open and we heard him repeat the message as he went down the hall.  We separated ourselves and wiped extra cum off each other, and then went down to the lounge to join the rest of the guys.  The floor counselor was sitting on a stool in the front of the room, naked like everyone else.  It would make a good story to tell you about his chiseled muscles and the massive cock that dangled half way to the floor.  But he was pretty average too:  just another ordinary guy with an ordinary cock.  Actually, it was kind of reassuring to be with a bunch of boys who were just as average as I was, and who found each other totally hot.

“Welcome to Getting Acclimated to Yohnsbury State weekend, and to the campus headquarters of Delta Iota Kappa, which we call “DIK Head.”  You are all here because, on one of those endless forms you filled out, you requested “alternate sexual orientation" as a qualification for a roommate.  In other words, this is the gay floor.  We’re all here for the same reason.  If you think you’re here by mistake, this would be a good time for you to leave.”

No one got up to go.  As he talked, he had begun idly jacking himself, and his cock was about half hard, sticking straight out from a very small and obviously trimmed patch of blond pubic hair .  Maybe he was thinking about what was going to happen.  Who knows?  I didn’t, at the time.

“We’re going to do a couple of ice breaker games, so that you get to know each other.  Let’s do a body rub first.  Everybody stand up and take a partner, someone you don’t know yet.  OK, everybody got a partner?  Yo Dude!  You over there, c’mere; you can be my partner.  All right, the object is to rub as much of your partner’s body as you can, but without using your hands.  In fact, you have to hold each other’s hands at your sides.  While you are doing that, see how much information you can exchange about yourselves.  The pair who cums the most wins.  You have five minutes.  Go!”

He didn’t need to tell me twice!  Nor my partner, a boy I had seen but not talked to yet.  Now I found out his name was Gary, and he was from New Alexandria.  He was smaller than me, but really wiry.  He looked like a wrestler, maybe five-eight or so, and maybe 135 pounds.  Man, was he ever hard!  All over.  He pushed his hardon against mine as I pushed back, both of us rubbing for maximum body contact.  I think I remembered to tell him my name; I’m not sure.  It didn’t seem like five minutes, but time was called, and we could let go of each other’s hands and use them for some manual explorations, as well as a really tight hug.  It was great, even though we didn’t get to cum.  We sat down next to each other.

“OK, the next game is called ‘Cum Quick.’  Put your hand on the dick of the boy next to you, so that you’re each holding the other’s dick.  You can squeeze but you can’t jack.  Whenever anybody hears me say ‘come’ in any word, any context, you yell out ‘Cum Quick’ and then you can jack your partner.  The first one to cum wins the round, and we start over.  The idea is to keep your partner right on the  edge, but if you make him cum in between turns, you’re both out.  Everybody ready?”

“OK, I need to cover the basic rules for the weekend, which will become the”

“Cum quick!” several boys yelled out, and a frenzy of jacking began.  My partner had very talented finger tips, and had been playing me like a skin flute during the instructions, but even being pretty close to the edge I wasn’t first.  A boy across the room was the first to erupt, squirting several streams of cum onto his chest and over his partner’s hand, and that round ended.  I told my partner to back off so that I didn’t cum out of turn.  The counselor started to talk again.

“Like I was saying, the rules for the weekend... turn into -- Ha, gotcha!  You thought I was going to say -- the magic word -- again!  The rules for the weekend turn into the rules for the whole college year up here on the DIK Head floor.  Here’s the basics:  no hurting intentionally.  This is not the place for sadism.  No forcing any guy to do anything he doesn’t want to.  We don’t do rape here.  What we do up here, stays up here.  Just like the Las Vegas co--  uh,  advertisement.  Most of the time, the door only opens to our own key cards.  First day, parent’s day, those are exceptions, and you’ll need to keep your clothes on and your dicks out of sight.  Other than that, when you come in”

“Cum Quick!” about five voices yelled, and the jacking frenzy began again.  My partner had backed off some, but I was leaking precum like crazy and in fact so was he, and we both tightened and pushed at the same time, and that was what it took for both of us to spew out cum into the air, onto our chests, over our hands.  We weren’t the only ones, either.  About half the remaining  pairs were doing the same thing, and the air was thick with the smell of cum.  The counselor started his spiel again.

“So when you enter the floor, you can ditch your clothes, but when you leave, you have to be respectable.  And also, no outing anyone without his permission.  We don’t care whether you choose to out yourself or not, but don’t do anything outside that would call attention to us.  We have a sweet deal up here, and we don’t want it messed up by any newcomers.”

“Cum Quick!” rang out from some of the remaining pairs still in the game, and a couple more guys were spurting almost immediately.

The counselor resumed.  “Condoms:  always, always, always use condoms for anal sex.  No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk.  We’re human, after all, and we make mistakes sometimes.  We keep a good assortment in here, and you pay on the honor system.  We buy in bulk, and they cost about a quarter each.  So toss a quarter in the basket whenever you take one, and we’ll be able to keep them in stock.  It’s not like it a major source of income or”

“Cum quick!”  The voices sounded almost frantic, and in fact,  three or four more boys came on the spot.  My partner had been playing flute with his fingers on my dick again, and I was getting hard again.  So was he.

“anything, we just don’t want to lose money.”  He finished his sentence almost without a pause.  “Visitors.  Be very careful about who you bring up here.  No casual hookups.  No one you don’t know really well.  You guys were all pre-screened and you have had recent  medical checkups, but after this, you have to do your own screening.  And also, no women can come”

“Cum quick!”  By this time, no one bothered to notice who was first and who was not.  Every boy in the room had cum at least once in the last half hour, and most of us were soft again.  Not to mention covered with cum.

“Definitely no women,” he went on.  You can visit your female friends in their dorms, not here.  Doors.  We maintain an open door policy on the floor.  There are no secrets up here, so no reason for closed doors.  Everybody knows what everybody does all the time. 

“So that’s the story, boys.  Have fun this weekend, and try to get some sleep tonight.  You can burn a couple hundred calories having sex, and some of you horn dogs have been going at it pretty much non-stop this afternoon.  But even guys our age need some rest.  Breakfast is from 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow in Foster Dining Hall, and you’re due at the auditorium in Stouffer at 9:30.  Don’t be late, or Dr. Dukane will have your balls.”

We headed back to our rooms, and Doug and Drew decided to stay with us rather than returning to their own room.  Doug and I agreed to take one bed and Peter and Drew the other.  We were all cummy and sweaty, so we joined most of the rest of the floor in the shower.  A couple of guys were jerking each other off under the hot water, but the rest of us were done with sex for the time being.  Back in our room, Doug and I got into bed and he pulled me against him spoonwise.  I covered his hands with mine and went to sleep fully satisfied with my first day of liberation from Mom.  I was now a fully functional, fully gay young man, and I was one happy camper.  College Orientation didn’t officially start until the morning, but my  orientation was already going just fine.


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