The Phone Call
Part Four From Jamison's point of view


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

A strongly worded suggestion has resulted in this statement.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Thus said, this story is copyrighted, ©2006 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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The Players

          I was thirteen when I first met Joseph Pierce. He was bouncing a tennis ball against theback stop at the park. All he had on was an old pair of nylon shorts that let me see all of his goods. I already had a morbid curiosity about boy goods and just sat and stared at his cock flipping back and forth in the thin material.
          I didn't even realize that I had a hard on that was standing up from the leg hole of my shorts. "That's a big cock you got there dude," Joey said to me. I blushed and tried to put it inside my shorts. "Don't do that, I want to see all of it." He sat down beside me and pushed the edge of my shorts up and felt of my balls and stroked my cock. "Wanta see me?" I nodded. He pulled his shorts up high so that his goods were bare. "You can touch it if you want."
          We sat there holding each other's cocks for the longest time. I felt so good but so strange. I loved holding his cock. I knew there was supposed to be more but I didn't know what. "Can you cum yet?" He asked me. I nodded. "Let's go somewhere and make each other cum." That excited me. We took off running to these tall bushes at the edge of the park and I followed him.
          Joey had this kind of a fort back in there. He had a big cardboard box all flattened out so we could lay down and not get dirty. He pulled my shorts down and then pulled his off. He pulled my tee shirt over my head and I stepped out of my shorts. We both stood there with nothing on but our shoes and socks and raging hard cocks. He wrapped his hand around me and started to stroke. He asked me if I minded him doing that and I said I loved it. He knelt down and sucked my cock.
          He put my cock inside of his mouth and sucked on it. I loved it. My knees wobbled. He pulled me down and kept on sucking on me. He never took his mouth off of my cock as he made me stretch out on the box. He moved around so that his cock was right in my face and then he moved up on top of me. He was sucking, making me feel so good and his cock was hanging right over my face. I was laying there staring up at it.
          He pushed down making his cock press against my lips. I just opened my mouth and let him stick his cock in my mouth. It had no taste but it tasted good. Does that make sense? I guess if you have ever done it you know what it was like. I could not ever imagine that I would not suck his cock as often as I could.
          Joey began to fuck his cock in and out of my mouth as he was going up and down on mine. I was feeling so good and knew that I was going to cum. Somehow I knew that I was going to cum in his mouth and that he was going to cum in my mouth and I was okay with that.
          He wrapped his arms around my legs and started to play in the crack of my ass as he just kept on fucking his face with my cock. I wrapped my arms around his thighs and pulled myself up so that I could move my head up and down on his cock. In just a few more minutes I was cumming. I just held on to him as I shot and shot and shot load after load of cum into his mouth and he never stopped bobbing up and down. He made me feel so good. He was humping into my mouth again and then I knew that he had cum in my mouth.
          I swallowed what he had given me and went back to sucking him. His dick was still hard but mine was tender. I winced so he pulled off of me. He turned around and knelt over me. He looked down at me and asked me if I liked that. I said, "Hell yes."
          He said, "Then you are going to love this." He lifted my legs up and pushed them back toward my head causing my butt to roll up in the air. He put his cock against my poop hole and pushed it inside. It hurt like hell but I looked at his face and he liked it so I just took it. He pushed up tight against me and stopped. He looked down at me. "Feel good?"
          I shook my head no. He told me to relax and it would. I didn't know how to relax with his big dick up my ass but I just lay quiet for a moment. All at once my body just went limp and his dick felt good inside of me. He smiled at me and said, "Let's go, babe. You are so going to like this."
          That started something that lasted for the next four years. I loved Joey and I loved to get fucked by him. He likes young teenage boys with big dicks. He never took it up the ass but he was the best cock sucker ever. I know. Between the two of us we sucked four or five different kids each year and they always came back for more. What I didn't like was when he fucked them. I wanted his cock up in me all of the time so he got them to fuck me and I started to fuck them.
          By the time I got to the ninth grade we had like eight or nine guys that we fucked pretty often. Joey took some of them home alone when I had something else that I had to do and I didn't like that cause I have to get fucked everyday. Joey always did it. He fucked me everyday, without fail. Until he got caught with Kyle.
          That day was the shits. Joey never got to fuck me again. I couldn't see him all summer cause his dad stayed at his side all of the time. I started fucking with Kyle, well Kyle was fucking me. I couldn't fuck Kyle cause he got raped and had stitches up in his ass. By the time he got well again my old man made us move away. Now I was going to a new town where I didn't know anyone who could fuck me or let me suck them. I felt awful.

          When school started back up in the fall I didn't want to go but I had to. I was glad I did cause I met Billy. Damn was that boy fine. He was so good looking, even better looking than Joey. I just sat and stared at him and he smiled at me. He had almost all the same classes as me. He had advanced maths while I had study hall but the rest of the day we sat side by side until the last class of the day which was P.E. I had gone out for track. I love to run and there was Billy right beside me in the locker room. I knew I was going to blow it. At least I hoped I would blow Billy.
          Billy sat on the bench and watched me take my clothes off. I was scared. Billy was really buffed up and I knew that he could kill me with one blow of that huge right hand. He just sat and smiled at me though. I sat down to untie my shoes and he bent over to untie his. Our heads were pretty close together. "Hurry up faggot, I want to see what you got then I will show you what you been wanting to see all day." Fuck!! I was busted. I began to shake. Billy reached up and put his hand on mine and smiled at me. Somehow I felt better.
          I stepped back one step and opened the buttons on my jeans. I lowered the thick cloth from my hips. My cock was so stiff and there was a huge wet spot right at the head of it as it pushed my Hanes straight out. Billy was staring at it. He licked his lips then looked up at me. He put on this big old smile then licked his lips. He handed me my jock strap. I bent over and pulled the pants leg off of one foot then the other. "I think that yours is a big as mine. I love to cum in a tight assed crack." My legs almost gave way. I steadied myself on the lockers and stood up.
          I looked at Billy. He was still staring at my hard cock inside my briefs. I wasted no time. I just pushed them all of the way down. I let the waist band grab my cock and take it down at the same time. When my briefs cleared my cock head the stiff meat snapped upright. I watched as a big drop of juice flipped off of the head and did a very slow motion twirl through the air to land flat on Billy's left cheek. He grinned at me as he wiped it off with his finger.
          He put his wet finger to his nose and sniffed, loudly then he licked his finger off. All of the time he was still staring at my cock. I raised my foot and slipped it inside the straps of my jock. Billy stood up and began to lower his pants. I hurried and sat down. I grabbed a running shoe and put my foot up on the bench while I took my turn to stare.
          I stared at a cock that was so much bigger than Joey's. I always thought that Joey was huge but Billy was gigantic. Billy pulled this long foreskin back and showed me his big old wet purple head. I almost dove for it right there. I had to get around that cock. Billy pulled his jock up and slipped on his shorts just as the coach blew his whistle. We took off for the track.
          The coach had to talk awhile. He told the class that there were some new runners this year and that he was counting on them to show us where to run. Billy grinned at me. I had a feeling that he was going to show me a whole lot more. I was ready. We took off. There is a large forest across the street from the school and a well worn path stretched through the woods right across the road from the gate where we left the school grounds.
          We ran on a really nice, smooth, and wide path at a decent clip. Billy was a good runner. About ten minutes into our run we rounded a corner and there was an assistant coach. "Good pace boys. Keep it up."
          Billy grinned at me. "We're almost clear," he said.
          This other kid came up close behind us, "Got a new boy, Jackson?"
          "Not to worry dick face, it's always here for you. I'll never turn you down."
          "The regular place?" Billy nodded then grinned at me. We ran another hundred feet when the other kid turned off of the path and disappeared into the woods. When Billy and I got to the same spot he turned and followed the same way. I followed Billy. In a few minutes we were in this like grotto type place. There were some big rocks and the other kid was up amongst them. He was pulling his shorts and jock strap off.
          Billy ran up to the kid. He turned and looked at me. "Do you suck cock?" I blushed. "Good. I want you first. Sit up here. Get your clothes off dummy." I was shaking with excitement. I pushed my shorts and jock down in one move letting them roll down to my ankles then I stepped out of them. Billy was kissing the other kid. They were both naked except for their shoes.
          I got up on the rock which was about three feet high. Billy made me turn to face him and spread my legs. He bent over and the other kid shoved his cock up Billy's ass while Billy bent over and started to suck my cock. Fuck that was so hot. I had never watched anyone get fucked before. In no time at all the kid was nuttin up in Billy. I watched his face and knew that it was good for him. Billy asked me if I wanted to fuck him or if I wanted him to keep sucking me. I wanted to tell him to fuck me but I told him that I wanted a piece of his fine southern fried ass.
          The other kid jumped up on the rock where I had been. That dude had a dick twice the size of mine and it was still hard and dripping with the juice from Billy's ass. Billy bent over and started sucking it. I plowed into Billy. It was kind of sexy to know that I was fucking into another guy's cum. It made Billy's ass so slick and hot. I fucked like crazy. I had not done much fucking myself. I like to get fucked but doing it like this was so hot. I popped my nut and almost fainted across Billy's back.
          "My turn. Who gets it?" The other kid looked at me for a minute. Then he smiled.
          "You can do him Jamison. You can do me." I had to think about that but when the kid got on his hands and knees I knew what he wanted. I bent down and my wet cock slipped right up his ass. I was dry and several weeks hungry so Billy had to eat me to open me up. I didn't mind at all. Billy was a lot bigger than Joey and it hurt like a mother going in but in just seconds I knew that Billy belonged up there.
          I paced myself so that I was doing most of the moving. I pulled off of Billy to shove up into the kid. Then out of him and onto Billy. In moments I had a rhythm going and sped it up as I made myself feel really good. My body began to tense as Billy hit my g-spot over and over. I could feel it coming on. The kid under me was working his ass back and I knew that he was about to go for it. With only seconds left a face darted in underneath the kid. My nutt burst forth as I felt the kid's ass squeeze my cock into spaghetti. Billy pounded my ass like a pile driver as he fired his load up in me.
          I was totally spent. I had no strength left. Billy pulled me up. The kid raised up and this senior got up off of the ground. "Almost missed it. You guys started without me."
          "Had a new dude to do. This is Jamey." I looked at Billy. "Jamey's okay isn't it?" I grinned and nodded at him. Fuck I mean this was tight. My first day in a new school and I had three fuck buddies that loved sex even more than me. I only had the one year to go but believe me, not a day of it was wasted. All of us couldn't get it on together every day but I had at least one of them up in me two times a day. I could have had them in me more but they wanted me in them too. I guess fair is fair.
          My favorite by far was Billy. Billy and I really got it on together. We were both super excited when we both got accepted to the same college. That was really great. We were roomies and we did the dirty bump every night, morning, afternoon, during lunch, after dinner, in the shower and in a few other places where we could get caught.
          Billy found this one love nest behind some bushes. We both wanted to do it outside so bad so after dark we crept up on this spot. We were weaving our way through the bushes when we heard, "Oh baby, ohhhh, right there, oh yes. Oh fuck me, oh god baby I'm gonna blow do me... harder.... now." We started to back out when I stepped on Billy's foot. He yelped and we were busted. We stood there with a sheepish grin on our faces as the biggest, meanest looking jock type stared down at us from his six foot four height.
          We weren't looking up at him, we were looking at his ten inch pole that was still shooting all over me. He had a sophomore that he had plowed in highschool. The kid was at this school but they had no place to go. Jock boy lived in the jock frat house. The sophomore lived in the dorms. They kept a look out while we used their hideaway in exchange for letting them come to our dorm room every evening. It was all cool. We lay side by side and held hands while we got fucked. We all four liked to take it so everybody held everybody's hand.
          Before the first term was half over we were up in each other. I had a lot of fun sucking what I thought was a mere ten inches. The baby's leg was eleven and a half and over half that much around. Billy throated all of it the first time but he had to work with me and show me how to get it in me. Within ten minutes I had all of it up in me though. What a ride. I was bow legged for a week but I had me a ride every third day on that pony.
          Billy and I found a cheap ass apartment for the summer and stayed at school. We didn't want to give up what we had. We got jobs flipping burgers but it paid the rent and our dads paid our books and tuition. We studied like mad to keep our grades up. We were so low on cum that our eyes wouldn't focus well but we were addicts to daily sex. Thrice daily. We took the same apartment the following summer. We decided that we never needed to go back home.

          Jock boy crashed at our pad in late July. He had full time work and paid the rent for August and fucked us for food. He had been out of school for over a year but he thought he might take a few graduate classes. His boy didn't come back. Jock boy told us that his dad found them kissing in the backyard and sent him away to another school.
          Jock boy stole Billy from me. School was due to start for my junior year in two weeks. I volunteered to work with the incoming frosh class to keep from going out of my head. After three whole years that was my first full day without Billy and my morning sex fix. I was sitting at this long table answering asinine questions from little children fresh from mommy's house and highschool.
          I had my nose buried in the frosh manual when a shadow crossed the page and soft hair hung in my face. "Where do all of the cute boys hang out, stud?" I looked up into the eyes of Kyle. I had to do some begging but believe I would do a Monica on anybody including the current president to get Kyle and I into the same dorm.
          I changed my major so that I would have to start all over with my prerequisites. I will stay wherever that boy is for the rest of my life.

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