My Gift
Chapter 2


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

A strongly worded suggestion has resulted in this statement.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Thus said, this story is copyrighted, ©2006 It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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The Players

          What a year this has been. All the family is due for the holidays this week and Luke and I have been busy getting the house ready. I don't for the life of me know how granny has done all of this work by herself for all of these years. There are fourteen beds to be aired and made up. All seven guest rooms have to be cleaned. I had no idea so much dust existed in one house. Bedding was taken out and hung up to air in the clean air and sunshine. Then of course all of the extras that the brats in the attic would need. I guess that's not fair, I was one of them for so many years. I do know that I have a whole new appreciation of my granny and all that she is and all that she does.
          She is slowing down. Even Luke can see it and he has not known her but one year. Neither of us says a word to her, we just step in and take up where she is and hand her a cup of coffee or tea. She gets to talking about something from the past and sits down as we do whatever chore she was about. She lives with her memories now. I kind of like it because I am learning things about my family that I never knew.
          She knew about Mac and Pappa. She was okay with it. She called Mac the old fool. It had been her idea to add the shack onto the house for him to live in. He had been sleeping in the barn's tack room since before he left highschool. He never left the farm or the immediate community. One day she said that the old fool never brought some silly girl with a baby home. He loved pappa and was loyal to the very end. Granny thought that his demise may have contributed to pappa's death. She said he just wasn't the same after that old fool died. He worked himself to death. He had it in his mind that he could buck bales into the loft by himself. He was seventy three years old. "For crying out loud, didn't he know his heart couldn't take that much strain." I hear that lament from her so often.
          Pappa sat with his old friend and refused to leave him even in death. "He sat on the hill by the old fool's grave for days after the funeral. He let his health go. He lingered for two years and put on a brave face when the boys were home but some of the older ones knew, they knew their father was morning his true love."
          I asked her about their love. She told us that she loved the idiot, a name she had used for him since I could remember. He tolerated her because she was good help and gave him lots of pretty sons. She wondered how many of her sons had sex with the idiot. She knew the old man and how much he loved boys. He was always getting some neighbor boy to help with this job or that and she would hear about how he had sent the boy home bow legged and balls dry.

          I had to laugh but I knew that she was right. Last Christmas we had a great time but after lunch Luke and I were included with our uncles in the smoker. The smoker was a holiday tradition at our family gatherings. The little kids played in the ball room with all of their new toys. The girls invaded every bathroom in the house to shampoo each other's hair and fix their nails and whatever else girls do. The women all gathered around in the kitchen to gossip about anyone and everyone.
          The men shut themselves in the parlor, the big living room. This was one of the few times I had ever been in this room. I felt so grown up when my oldest uncle came to me and led me into the male kingdom. Luke followed and we were seated amidst the men that I admire most, my dad and his eleven brothers. I learned all of the family secrets that day. It seems that my family had an initiation or right of passage tradition that had been carried out every Christmas day since the first of my uncles reached his coming of age.
          The boy who had turned fourteen that year was brought into the parlor and stood naked for all of his brother's and, in those days their uncles, to inspect his growth. The boy was fondled to climax where his load was judged for amount and thickness. A watery load meant that he had spent to much time beating off or immature development. The family looked for a thick milky load full of sperm to bring about the next generation. I also learned that every one of my uncles had paired off with another of his brothers to take care of each other's needs. It was also an accepted fact that many of the boys on the surrounding farms were coupled with, especially those without brothers to service them.
          Something I had already noticed, but was not duly concerned about, was the lack of girls in my school. There were girls there but not many. I had only been going to school for three weeks at that time but I had noticed that there were only three girls in my grade. For some reason the number of girls born in this county was only about one to every six to eight boys. No wonder all of the boys sucked cock. I wondered how many of my class mates would go down.
          The uncles were on a roll and having a good time. A bottle of whiskey was making its way around the room as Luke was asked to strip and see if he would fit into our family. I was so jealous as he was made to walk around the room and each of my uncles handled his goods. I was on the verge of tears when I heard my oldest uncle ask Mike if he wanted the honor of breaking the boy.
          It seems that pappa broke the boy of the year as part of the tradition. None of the younger boys were included but once a boy had been initiated he could attend the following year. Hence cousins, uncles, and close neighbor friends witnessed the fourteen year old take his first cock up his ass as pappa deflowered him. It was the job of the boy's father, not just pappa. If a cousin was fourteen he was initiated by his father during the ritual. The same for a neighbor boy of age. This was often the only sex between father and son, done only in the interest of a rite.
          Pappa, on the other hand did have oral sex with several of his sons, Mike included. Not all of the boys were open to this exchange and pappa handled it according to the boys desires. My uncles were now asking Mike to carry on their tradition by entering Luke.
          "Guys, I don't like to break from tradition but we have a different situation this year. First of all, as you all know, Luke is my step son. He is of no blood relation to any of us here. I do not have the right to penetrate him. I have already told him and Mark that I will not have sex with either of them. I had the very distinct honor of performing oral sex on Mark yesterday and I am standing here to tell you that there is only one man in this room. If anyone is to be penetrated he is the only one qualified to do the job." With that he sat down. All eyes were on him as they waited to find out who the man was.
          After an eternity of dead silence dad stood up. "Thank you, Mike. You have no idea how much your statement means to me. Brother's, I love each and every one of you, dearly. I have always held by our tradition and have been a willing participant in its execution for six of you and numerous cousins and neighbors. However, I have to agree with Mike. When a boy comes along that is more of man than I could ever hope to be I must bow in acknowledgment to my better.
          "Mark, it is your turn to be examined by the family. Remove your clothes, son." I thought I knew what dad was thinking. I did a provocative strip tease without being too obvious. I slowly removed my clothing without the bumps and grinds. I sat on the floor and untied my shoes then removed each one taking time to put it to my nose and inhale deeply.
          Each sock came off and I smelled of it and chewed on it making sure that everyone was aware that I was getting all of the perspiration from the cotton material it was willing to release into my mouth. I stood and removed my shirt, wiping it across my torso and under my arm pits. I used the shirt as one would use a towel dragging it back and forth across my back as if drying myself from a shower. I flexed my body to show off my developing musculature to the sounds of many gasps and heavy breathing men who were obviously enjoying my display. I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and let them expose my tight fitting briefs ever so slowly. Four of my uncles had their pants around their ankles as I saw what I had only guessed was a problem. The longest dick in the four was barely six inches long and of not much thickness.
          I kept moving so as not to reveal my erection encased in my briefs. I fell to the floor pulling my legs over my head and began to stroke my legs. I rubbed my bare feet across my face and licked and sucked on my toes. From what I could see everybody's pants were down. Luke was sitting close to my head, still naked as he slow stroked his cock. I made eye contact with him and he understood my message to go slow and to not get off.
          The coup de grace. Lying flat on my back I put my feet over my shoulders and let my toes rest on the floor above me. I slowly peeled my briefs down holding my cock between my legs. I moved my body slightly so that most of my uncles could look straight up into my ass hole. I raised my head and pushed the head of my cock into my mouth. I wiggled around until I had as much of it as I could get into my mouth and settled back on the floor and began to fuck my own face while I played my fingers around my tight pucker in their full view.
          The breathing was getting labored so I quickly ended my floor show and stood up showing my nearly eight inch uncut cock to the family. All hands ceased their movement and all breathing in the room stopped as all eyes locked on my body. My dad said, "may I present the next generation of man to the Evans family."
          "Dad, I have not passed my rite of passage." I turned and knelt in front of him. He stammered. I looked over my shoulder, "listen to me old man, you said yesterday that you would never have sex with me. This is not sex from what I have heard today, it is the families acceptance of me as a man member of this family. However, if you are embarrassed by me being a fag..." My dad was behind me in an instant trying to get his half hard cock up and into my ass. He was only six inches long and maybe five inches around. I hardly felt him enter me but he quickly found my prostate and made me sing. Luke scooted under me and sucked my cock. I pulled him over and took him into my mouth as dad initiated me in a variance of family tradition.
          "Uncle Mike, if tradition marks a man into this family I think that it should be continued. I agree that you are not blood but I am his lover and if all of you agree, I would like to welcome Luke as a full fledged member of our family." Everyone nodded. Mike tapped Luke on his shoulder. Luke smiled and spread out on the floor flat on his back with his head toward the uncles. I slid between his legs and pushed my cock into his ass. I fucked my boy silly and let him make all of the noise, sighs, and moans, that I could hump out of him. I filled him with my love juice as twelve hard cocks around us sprayed our bodies with the related seed that comprised my body. I told them that all of the family seed on Luke and in him made him family. Everyone agreed.

          Weird, huh. I have a great family. I think that my little display cleared the air for a lot of issues that had built up over the years. Dad and I talked for a long time that night. He was to ship out the next morning so it was our last time together for at least a year. Dad told me that several of his brother's, himself included, had been struggling with their homosexual fantasies for years. He thought that I might have changed a lot of lives that day.
          December 26 came on a Monday in 2005. It was a national holiday because Christmas had been on a Sunday. The mail was delivered again on Tuesday and uncle Mike got the papers that he had waited for for so long. He was shouting for joy as he called all of the family that had not yet left to gather around in the grand ball room.
          Luke stood at uncle Mike's side as he took out the contents of a very thick manilla envelope. He handed Luke a U.S. Passport. Luke just looked at it and waited. Mike looked at the boy for a minute or two then he asked him, "Aren't you going to read it?"
          Luke looked at it again and said it was just his passport. He said he had seen it hundreds of times before. Mike told him to open it up and read it. Luke's face slowly slid off of his head as tears filled his eyes. He grabbed Mike and hugged him tight as he began to cry openly and loudly. Mike opened the letter in his hand and read aloud to the entire family.
          As foreign missionaries it had taken ten years for this paper work to finally arrive. Luke's parents had arrived in Port Elizabeth, South Africa as young missionaries in 1987. They were shifted about wherever the work was most needed.
          They were in Beira, Mozambique on the east coast of Africa when Luke was born. Luke's father was sent alone to a hot spot in Sudan. He never returned. His body was recovered but he was buried at the mission cemetery. Luke's mother had a hunger for carrying the Lord's Word to this continent and remained true to the faith.
          She and Mike had met ten years earlier and had married. Mike wanted to adopt Luke and the paper work was started. That turned into an international affair. Luke is both an American Citizen and a citizen of Mozambique. The parents were assigned to a church mission in Port Elizabeth. The U.S. State Department had to approve the adoption. The government of South Africa had to approve. The church had to approve. Mozambique had to approve. That had taken the most time because of government turn overs in the area and policy changes. Everything had been on the fast track and adoption was a sure thing when Mike had needed to hurry and get Luke out of the country so that he would be able to return in time to accompany his wife and the rest of their mission party as they departed for their new work in Kenya.
          With the paper work in Mike's hand and the passport in the name of Luke Evans, Luke was an official member of the Evans family. As if anyone ever doubted that he belonged. It would just be to bad if anyone tried to take that boy away from me.
          Luke and I were treated as equals the rest of the time that the family was together. Several of my uncles came out to look at Mac's shack and Luke and I saw them huddled together the rest of the day. The holidays were at an end and Sunday afternoon the last of the family left. Granny, Luke and I sat down to a quiet dinner of soup and peace that evening. It was good to be alone again but it was lonesome also. At least now I had Luke.

          Luke learned his way around the farm during the rest of our school break. I got to teach him how to drive. How cool is that? Me, only fourteen years old teaching my fourteen year old boyfriend how to drive. How cool is it to say boyfriend. I love him. I have never felt what I feel for him. I want to hold him and kiss him and eat him up. That's what got us busted. We were stopped as I tried again to show Luke how to ease back on the clutch. We were into a clutch of our own when we heard a tap on the window.
          Looking at us were two boys from our school. They were grinning ear to ear. We weren't just kissing, we were eating each other's face. I could see Luke's face covered in my slobbers and I could feel the cold air on my wet face so I knew I was in the same condition. No use denying it. I opened the door and stepped out ready for almost anything, I thought.
          "Hey fags," The older boy grabbed me and kissed me full on as he shoved the longest tongue in the world deep into my throat. I so wanted that tongue up my ass right there. He reminded me of the man in Amsterdam that had such a long tongue.
          I was being kissed by fifteen year old Jason. His fourteen year old brother had a lip lock on Luke. Jason and Jerrod had been squirrel hunting and were on their way home when they spotted us. They asked us if we sucked. We blushed. "Good," they said. "We're having a New Years Eve party Friday night. It will be nude. A lot of sucking will be going on and some fucking but everybody has the right to say no. If anybody is violated there will be twenty guys to fuck the violator up. Who are you, by the way?"
          I told him that I was in Jerrod's class and that Luke was my lover and my cousin. They thought that was cool. They both wanted to blow us. What the fuck, we're horny teenagers. We got in the back of the truck and Jerrod took on Luke and I took Jason. We were in a sixty nine with fingers deep in each other's asses as we filled each other with hot boy jizz. Jason had never fucked but he wanted to do it. He asked if he could come over. I told him that we would be home doing our chores or teaching Luke to drive.

          At eight o'clock Tuesday morning I heard a big truck coming down the road. Luke and I ran to meet it. We didn't expect anybody. There were three men with tons of equipment and supplies. They had a signed contract from one of our uncles to remodel Mac's shack. Granny showed them what she wanted. She knew that the boys had wanted to do this for Luke and me to have our own place.
          Granny lost a pantry which she said was not needed now that the boys were grown and gone. A doorway was cut through the wall into the large room out back. The bathroom was destroyed and Luke and I were banned from the area for fear of us being hurt.

          Wednesday morning I was carrying the milk to the house from the barn when I saw Jason and Jarred on a tractor pulling into the yard. Luke was slopping hogs and feeding chickens. He came up with a large bucket of eggs. Granny told us to put our gatherings away and take the morning off. The four of us went to the hay loft and our Christmas Eve fort. We stripped naked and got it on. I introduced Jas to rimming while he sucked my cock, getting it wet for penetration into his virgin ass.
          Jare was reluctant until he felt Luke's tongue go up his ass. I was glad that we were surrounded by bales of hay and way off in the loft. These two boys were moaners. Jare was begging for Luke to fuck him before Luke even had two fingers in his ass.
          We continued to work on the boys as we prepared them for easy entry. We put them opposite of each other so that they could watch each other take it up the ass for the first time. Luke and I lined up and entered them at the same time. You would have thought that they were rolling in piles of hot laundry fresh from the dryer by the happy sounds that they emitted. I looked directly into Jas's eyes as he seemed to drift off on a cloud. His hips came up to meet me as he told me that he had dreamed of that moment for weeks. Jare told him that he was sorry that he had not done this for him. He told his brother that he never thought it would feel so good but if he would do him he would return the favor all the time. We created two new butt fuckers.

          Friday morning the two brothers had cum again for another ride on the cock pony. They didn't have the privacy at home to get it on and had come to look at our fort as their haven. Who were we to interfere. Luke and I stayed away and let them learn to please each other. We were all looking forward to the big New Year's blow out coming up that night.
          At about eleven granny rang the dinner bell. It was early so we ran for fear that something was wrong. She only wanted us to come to the unveiling of our new room. We were led through the new doorway directly off of the kitchen into a whole different room. The bathroom had been enlarged to include a walk in shower with room for a party of two horny boys. There was now a dual lavatory with drawers for our toiletries. There was one long mirror that ran the length of the cabinet and tall enough that we could see all of our bodies in a single glance.
          An electric heat pump had been installed so that we had heating and cooling for year round comfort. The bed had been replaced with a queen sized bed with a soft mattress. Two easy chairs sat in front of the fireplace and a thirty six inch tv with satellite, DVD, and surround sound was set so that we could sit in the chairs or lay in bed to watch it. Our uncles had chipped in and paid for the whole job and it had been completed in only four days. Life is good.

          Granny knew of the blow out. She sat us down and told us that there would be a lot of boy sex going on. She said she knew we were a couple and that we would be respected for that. She told us if there was any trouble that she would come to get us. She told us she did not want us to drive home because she knew that we would have to have a drink to join in but she really did not want us to get into the drugs that would probably be there. We hugged her and let her know how much we love her.
          The party was held in a well insulated and heated outbuilding at one of the neighbors farms. As we entered there were racks set up in which we could leave our clothes, if we wished. We looked around and most of the guys were nude. Some wore their boxers but only a few. Hell, I'm proud of my goods. I stripped and marched into the room as many eyes looked me over. I was groped several times and was at full mast in short order. That prompted a kid of about twelve or so to drop to his knees and suck me. I was not comfortable with a kid that young but I remembered Jas saying that everyone here would be highschool or college age. I let the kid do me. He was good. I found out that he was a late bloomer. He was almost fifteen but had a gland problem. He was going to start hormone treatments after his birthday.
          I felt bad so I grabbed him and laid him on the table and sucked his cock as I shoved my finger up his ass. He bucked and moaned as he enjoyed himself. He shot a good sized load of cock snot from his two and a half inch cocklet. I was impressed. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him. Hell yes I did. Small as he was he would have to be tight. Tight wasn't the right word for him. I was literally squeezed into a hole no bigger than my forefinger. I worked his ass with the most pleasure I could imagine as I fired a load up in him. He had his legs locked behind me and his arms around my neck as I held him in the air and fucked him silly. He was kissing me and running his tongue all over my face.
          We had an audience that cheered and jeered us on. When I began to cum I could not stand up and had to drop him back to the table. I stayed in him until I went soft then it slipped out by itself..He kissed me then got to his knees and began to suck me clean. I pulled him on top of me and sucked his ass clean to the applause of those around us.
          Jason walked up to me and the room grew deadly quiet. He kissed me then dropped to the floor and sucked my dick. He turned me around and rimmed me as the air from the room was sucked into the gapping mouths of every guy there. Jason had a rep as a homophobe. No one knew that he loved cock and when he told them that I broke his cherry that very week I became a hero.
          Before the night was over I had been asked to fuck no less than twenty guys. I had made it through five of them but there was no way I could do twenty. However rain checks were accepted. I had dates for several weekends. Luke and I outed ourselves as a couple and told the guys that we would fuck around on a limited basis and always with the knowledge and permission of the other.
          Luke really had it bad over a twenty year old big brother of one of our classmates. He was home from college for the holidays. The little brother was a bombshell but his brother was the A bomb. Beautiful? Not even close. I don't know a word that describes those two. I think that the entire earth could be searched and never find such male beauty and perfection. I felt so honored as I did get it on with the younger of the brothers, Whitey. Luke lay beside me letting the elder brother ravage his body anyway the boy wanted. Luke told me later that maybe their cum would make us beautiful. He's a nut.
          Saturday morning found most of us passed out on the floor with one boy or another. Luke and I had not touched any alcohol or drugs. I had heard that someone had some pot but I heard someone else tell them to take it outside and not come back under the influence. I think that these guys have it more together than they are given credit for. Yeah, there were at least sixty or seventy guys dancing naked and kissing each other. There was a lot of cock sucking and most of the guys took it up the ass. So they are sexy. There will be no pregnancy from this party and I would hazard a guess that there will be no STD.
          School started up that following week. Luke and I were quickly accepted. Everybody knew our family so we were right at home. The New Years party had been the ice breaker, of course. Maybe it would be better said that it was our chance to really get close to our new neighbors and classmates. Everyone had a smile and a kind word as well as a wish to get together again real soon.
          Luke and I kind of set the stage the very first day. It is not a good feeling to think of everyone knowing that you are a take it up the butt cock sucker. Whitey walked up to me in the main hallway as we entered the school. We had to go to the office and get our schedules and directions to class. Right in front of the office door, this beautiful white haired boy of barely fourteen, grabbed me. He groped me and locked his lips to mine. Hey, I'm human, okay. Well, actually more than that, I am a hormone driven teenage boy. For some unknown reason I had dressed up that morning. I nearly always dress left. I don't know, it is just something I picked up perving on older kids in Europe. If I pop wood it goes down my pants leg. It looks sexy as hell, but I can cover it with a book or something.
          Today Whitey groped me and I wooded straight up over the waist band of my low rise jeans. I had my full cock head and a couple inches of shaft airing out in public. Everybody stopped to get a look. I'm not kidding, even teachers were staring as this tiny boy, with the body sculpted by the master's hand, ran his tongue two feet down my throat.
          From out of no where Luke's voice boomed as Whitey spun around. I could see Luke's hand on the boy's shoulder and fear in his sea blue eyes. "This is my man and you didn't ask permission to kiss him." My jaw dropped to the floor. Every mouth shut and every eye stared. My cock was still sticking up like a guide on. Luke's eyes got as big as dinner plates as he realized what he had said and where he had said it. There was nothing for it now. With typical calm, Luke reached over and pulled my belt and jeans out and took a hold of my cock and tucked me in. He arranged the quickly softening meat so that it pointed down and right. He squeezed me as he locked eyes with me. A tear was about to fall.
          I pulled him close and kissed him, lightly then turned to Whitey and said, "And don't ever forget it. You want my cock up your ass you ask." It was Whitey's turn to go ashen as the blood rushed from his face. He outed me, I outed him, and all on the first day of the new semester. I put my arm around Luke as he put his around me and we stepped into the office. A man in a dark suit followed us inside.
          "I'm sorry about Whitey. He can get carried away. I would prefer that you not have any PDA in the school, boys. There are a few, very few, that still have their old fashioned hang ups.

          Luke was astonished as we walked through the halls to our classroom. We only saw maybe at most ten to twelve girls in a school with nearly seven hundred students. I explained again what our dad's and uncle's had told us at the initiation about the low birthrate of females in this entire county.
          Against all odds we walked into our first class of the day to face the ugliest old woman that ever slithered across the face of the planet. I am being kind when I say that her serpentine features were her greatest asset. The woman's extraordinarily narrow face ended in a very pronounced pointed chin. Her head was actually shaped like a football set in a kicking tee. Her eyes were flat her nose was broad with wide nostrils. I truly expected a forked tongue to dart out and snag a fly.
          She was tall and gangly, I would guess her to be around five eight or so but she wore those two inch broad high heels that teachers like to wear so she towered over me. From her lofty perch she peered down at me and with a high pitched voice that nearly jerked the laughter from my body she squeaked out, "You are Mr. Evans. Hmmmm, I suppose this is your brother? Huuhhhmmmm?" Can you say GEEK?
          With her satisfied as too our identities we took seats across the isle from each other. Jarred came in and took a desk right behind me. When 'snake eyes' turned her back Jarred grabbed me and kissed me. A few boys nearby saw this and smiled. One of them turned to me and told me that I was a hero for busting Jason's straight ass. I guess Jason was one of the most sought after hunks in the school.
          I am not known for beating around the bush or being shy. As 'snake eyes' opened the class for discussion I had to ask why there was a such a notable lack of girls in the school I guess this was a favorite subject of 'snake eyes' as she set off on a thirty minute dissertation that was actually quite informative.
          I'll do my best to encapsulate what she said. It's in the water. Go figure. Seriously she believes that there is something in the soil and hence the water that kills the X chromosome in fertile males. Families move into the area with young daughters but then those daughters only produce males. It is the male sperm that determines the gender of the developing fetus but even when a girl has lived in the area for several years then leaves to marry a boy from elsewhere she only produces male offspring.
          In the tri-county area there is only one female birth for every nine males born. The class snickered as someone said, "all the more young, sweet cock to suck." Snake eyes glared at him and I swear that her pupils elongated and her eyes turned to red. I could see the fiery sparks shoot across the room. The boy that spoke grabbed at his throat and made choking sounds. Yeah, I was sufficiently frightened.

          It was kind of fun in a small school. Everybody knew everybody and everybody did everybody or waited their turn. But I am sure that I fucked every boy butt in the school by Easter weekend and I had so much cum in my belly that I could spawn offspring by the billions. That is if I were an insect, like a bee or an ant or a termite or a.....
          Easter marked the beginning of the warm weather. School pushed the start time from 8:30 to 9:00. Farm boys with fields to plow and crops to plant left classes at either 1:00 or 2:00. Girls and non-farm boys stayed until three. Luke and I stayed. We don't know anything about farming. We were bored stupid as the last two hours were mundane classes that neither of us wanted or needed. By Friday I was ready to learn anything. Saturday morning I got my chance.
          A dirty older Chevy Suburban pulled up next to the house. A sophomore named Chester Gould got out of the front seat. Chester is one fucking hunky guy. He is fifteen and solid as a...well as a farm boy who knows hard work. His two brothers got out of the two back doors.
          Jake is fourteen and one sweet looking dude. I have had his mouth at my service and his ass around my cock. He has one sweet and enormous load in his balls then he is done for an hour or better. He likes to bottom while he recovers but his dick never hardens again until his batteries are fully recharged. I did him at the New Year's party and twice since then.
          The third boy had major possibilities. Little Josh is thirteen but looking at the head of his cock sticking up over the belt of his tighter than tight jeans I didn't think he is so little. He is a miniature Chester down to the muscled arms. The boy looks like he could throw a tractor a half a mile. He is several inches short of five feet tall but his muscles have to push his solid looking little body to a good hundred pounds. His cock had a pearl of clear juice growing at its tip. Jake wiped it with his finger then stuck his finger into Josh's mouth. Jake then tucked the boy into his pants as the two of them kissed and it was no brotherly kiss.
          Their father stepped out of the vehicle and came around to where we were. "The widow Evans, is she about here?" I nodded at him as the back door flew open and granny came out, madder than I have ever seen her.
          "Clearance, what do you want? You know that I don't want you on my place."
          "Please, Mrs. Hear me out. I came as a friend."
          "Friend my hind tail. I know what you want. You want them boys o' mine. You pert near kilt Franky and I told you then to keep away from me and mine."
          "Mrs., please. I came to make an offer. I know I did wrong, Mrs. I was jest a kid myself. I beg ya'll to listen up to whut I gotta say to ya. Ya ain't got no men to plant yer crop, Mrs. We needs alfalfa and feed corn, Mrs. We needs it bad. All 'bouts here gone put in sorghum and soy beans. They needs these money crops but the live stock ain't got no food in the ground. I and my boys here could help your boys and get crops in the ground. Now is the time to plant em, Mrs., afore the spring rains end. If you needs money your west sixty oer dere'll do right nice in soy beans or sorghum."
          "Come in a my house and sit yersef down. I got sumthin a say to ya." She held the door and waved all of us inside. This was going to be good or bad, I wasn't sure which. "Clarence, Franky was twelve years old. You was sixteen. You fucked his little ass for two hours. The boy couldn't hold his shit for a week. He cried when he walked. He was tore open. I put salve on his butt and kept him in diapers. He hurt so bad that he just lay up in dat bed with his legs up on a chair til his daddy fixed a rope in the ceiling for him to hang em in.
          I told yer pa that I'd cut yer boy thing off and make you eat it at the table with taters and gravy if you ever came near me er mine again. Franky held my hand and cried and begged me to forgive you. He told me that he wanted to do it but his brothers said he's to small yet. He knew they's right but his ass paid the price. I hated you Clearance and I still..." She put her apron to her face and sobbed. I wanted to go to her but she waved me away.
          She regained a bit of control, "Why tell ya'll wanta plant my field?"
          "Mrs. that west section, it lay fallow two years now. If'n ya don't plant it it'll go wild and be no good fer nothin. This here two fields out twixt yer house and mine here is going to dust and will blow all summer. It's good dirt, Mrs. don't let it waste. Sixty acres of alfalfa and forty acres of feed corn'll do the county good. We could feed two hundred head and then some. Nobody else put no feed inta the groun, Mrs. Ya'd git top dollar fer yer crop. Me and mine don't want nothing in return. We wanta help a widered neighbor, dat's all."
          Granny got up. She stood and looked at all of us, one at a time. She walked to the ice box and got out a big pitcher of buttermilk. She set it on the table then got glasses and plates with forks around to all of us. She told me to pour. I filled each glass as Luke passed them around the table. Granny put a huge peach cobbler on the table. I had seen it sitting on the stove cooling when I came home and my mouth so wanted to dig into it. Granny dug into it and put a large serving on the plates to be passed around. Damn, country living isn't half bad and the food is good too.
          "Clarence, my Franky begged me to fergive ya. He told me that what ya done hurt him but he warnt going to let his hurt turn to hate. He told me that someday you would know whut ya done wuz wrong. Every night that boy prayed with me at his beside side as he begged the good Lord to help me to fergive.
          "I think that yer all comin up here taday made me know thet ya'll is contrite and I fergive ya. If'n ya'll want to teach these here boys how to farm I's all fer it. Ya got yer self a field to plant and boys to teach. But one thing. Clarence I want ya'll to plant that west acreage with your money crop. You can plant sorghum, soy beans, any thin at tall. It's all yer'n. I don't need no money for it. Just keep the land together for my boys is alt I is asking of ya."
          The man wept at these words. His boys all gathered around him and hugged him and hugged granny too. Jake looked at granny and told her that they were nearly broke. He had every bit of his land planted but even with a bumper crop they would be "hard put" to make ends meet. Chester told us that they didn't have enough land to make it anymore. Markets have changed and some of his land is barren. They needed to rebuild their soil for a least two years. The crop from granny's land could keep them alive for another year then he would be out of school and would get a job to help the family as best as he could. I really like this kid. He is good to his family. I could see a lot of love between these four men and boys.

          Clarence led Luke and me down to the barn. He looked over our gear. He told us that we had done a good job of keeping the metal clean and oiled. There was no rust anywhere. He liked the way we had sharpened the blades. I told him that I used to watch Papa and Mac when I came to visit and just did what they had done. I didn't know when I would learn to use the equipment but I knew that I had to take care of it.
          He had me back our tractor inside the barn as he and his boys showed us how to hook everything up. Luke and I drove around the yard as we learned how to set the plow to the ground then we pulled out into the field in front of the house. Chester, Jake, and Josh took off in the Suburban as Luke and I learned how to plow a field. Clarence made us stop and do it again, several times. He told us that too deep would bring up soil to the top that we didn't want to mess with but too shallow would be no good at all. Finally we were making pretty straight rows about ten inches apart and six inches deep.
          Luke and I took turns at the wheel as we worked the whole half mile across the field to the road by the Gould's farm. I could see his boys sitting on two tractors at the edge of the field by the road. We kept right on going until we were to the end of the row and stopped next to the boys. "Okay, now raise yer plow up and pull out to the road. This here field is okay to pull out cause there ain't no bar ditch but you can't always do this." I pulled out onto the road then he had me slip in between Chester on one tractor and Jake on the other. He had Luke get onto the tractor with Chester and Jake got on with me. Clarence drove the tractor with Josh riding along.
          Clarence started out first then Jake told me to fall in behind him. He told me to watch my plow and to keep the guide bar in the outside furrow that his dad made. I looked back and Luke was keeping his plow lined up behind me. We moved across the field cutting a swath thirty six feet wide as we went. In under two hours we had sixty acres plowed and turned then broke for the night.
          It wasn't even light outside when granny knocked on our door the next morning. She had a big breakfast fixed and on the table. I heard the truck doors slamming and boys' voices as the whole Gould family came in the door. Their mother had a big basket of hot biscuits which she sat in the middle of the table. The boys sat down and waited as granny said grace and prayed for our two families to prosper then we dug in. Mrs. Gould had a covered dish of homemade sausage that Clarence makes up. It was the best and spiciest sausage I ever ate, but damn good.
          Suddenly I had a picture in my mind of a breakfast in Amsterdam and a young friend named Kurt. I wondered how he is and where he is. Luke wiped a tear from my cheek and asked me what was wrong. I snapped too and told him that I was lost in memory lane for a minute. Granny is relentless and she nagged at me until I told her about the breakfast with a friend in a sidewalk café in a far away place. Everyone thought that this was a good memory. Luke and I were the only ones who had ever been out of the county.
          By the time we got outside the sky was an even gray. The sun would be up in minutes. We hiked across the road to where we had left the tractors the night before and checked them for water and oil. Chester and Jake topped off the gasoline tanks then we started them up and started to plow the fields. We had the whole one twenty done by ten o'clock and hooked up the rakes. Again we set off three abreast to break up the large dirt clods and settle the ground for planting.
          This chore was pretty quick and easy. We had it all done by noon. Clarence told us to stow one of his tractors and hooked up a trailer to the other one. His Three boys climbed up on the tractors and told us to head for our barn. We got there and they helped us to stow our tractor and equipment.

          Josh took off for our house in his dad's truck. He came back in a few minutes carrying Luke's and my soft shoes and shorts. Granny was with him. She had a big basket which she put in the trailer then told us to have fun but to be careful.
          Jake wanted to drive so the rest of us got into the trailer with nothing on but the skimpiest of shorts and soft shoes with no socks. Josh had his dick sticking out through the leg hole of his shorts and he was feeling around the head of it. He looked at me with a hungry look. I looked at Chester. He was looking at Luke who's cock was tenting the front of his shorts. Josh moved toward me as Chester bent over and began to suck Luke's boner. Josh and I dropped to the floor and pulled each other pants leg up so that we could get to our morning snack. We lay in the floor and sucked each other until Jake stopped.
          I sat up and looked around. We were at the river but at a place that I had not seen since I was about nine or ten. The river was real wide along here and the water was perfectly clear. We were at the edge of a long flat natural beach where I had come swimming with my dad and two of my uncles years before. Jake came to me and pulled my shorts down. He played with my dick as he told me that this was the best swimming in the whole county and it was on my land. He told me that when summer came around every boy with fifty miles would be on his knees sucking my dick so that he could swim in my crick. That sounded kind of good. Jake wanted to suck me while Luke fucked him. We could do that. I liked laying there sucking his nice sized cock while Luke slapped his balls against my forehead, time and time again.
          Jake didn't make me cum. He filled my mouth, full but he wanted me to fuck him now. He lay on his back and sucked Luke's shitty cock while I plugged away in Luke's sticky mess up inside Jake's super tight ass. We left Jake laying there as we ran to jump in the water with Clarence and Josh. We swam for about an hour when Clarence asked me if I was up to fucking him yet. He lay at the edge of the water, in the soft mud, as I fucked the living shit out of him. He had Luke move in for sloppy seconds. I pulled Josh over and told him to fuck me. His eyes were huge as he giggled and got in me. He is a good little fucker but his brothers never let him fuck them. They have no idea what they are missing.

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