Phillip's Spending Habits, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Honey, you just got your allowance,” Phillip's mom said with a note of concern in her voice. “What could you have possibly spent it on so quickly?”

I bought something to eat,” the youngster said defensively, looking up at his mom with truthful eyes. “I spent it all on hot fudge.”

Why didn't you just come home and eat?” the young mother asked with a hint of frustration in her tone, reaching into her purse and taking out a pair of five dollar bills. “You need to get your spending habits under control, honey.”

I was really hungry, mom,” the little blond said with a grin, taking the money from his mom and counting it out before he folded the bills and slid them into his front pocket.

I expect this to last you for the rest of the week, honey,” she told him, watching him give her a grateful smile that melted her heart. With a warm smile of her own, she told him, “I love you, sweetie. Come give mommy a hug and a kiss.”

With that, the happy little boy wrapped his arms around his mom and hugged her tightly, then he planted a kiss on her cheek. Right away, her nose started to work by his cheek, then she was hit with a blast of his powerfully bad breath and nearly gagged.

Honey, did you have an accident?” she asked, and the youngster shook his head no, prompting her to make a face. “I want you to take a shower tonight before bedtime.”

Okay, mom, I promise,” the boy said, then he separated from his mom and said, “I'm going to go ride my bike some more.”


Three hours earlier, little Phillip Brown was riding his bike on the other side of town. With a pair of five dollar bills in his possession, the 12 year old had arranged to visit the same house he had the week before with a single goal in mind. He turned down a familiar street, letting the sweet aroma drift into his nostrils from the cypress trees that lines the yards. When he spotted the old house from a distance, he felt his mouth water with anticipation.

The boy rode up and carried his bike onto the porch, where he stood at the front door and rang the bell. He was practically shaking with excitement when the knob turned and the door opened, watching as the light from inside glowed behind the tall, obese man who answered the door.

You made it,” he said jovially, stepping to the side so that the boy could roll his bike inside, where it would be safe. “I was starting to wonder about you.”

Sorry,” the youngster said in a boyish tone, smiling shyly up at the man through his braces. “My mom took forever to give me my allowance this morning.”

Well, no harm done, kiddo,” the man said as he closed the door and set the deadbolt. “In fact, you're probably going to get a lot more this time than you would have an hour ago. I ate a pretty big breakfast.”

This brought a smile out of the boy, who dutifully followed the man into a dark hallway that led to their destination. The man opened the last door on the right, just at the end of the hall, and led Phillip into his filthy bathroom. The youngster reached into his front pocket and pulled out a pair of five dollar bills that were folded in half, then he handed them to the man with a quiet smile.

With that, the boy pulled his shirt up over his head and kicked his shoes off, then he pulled his jeans down, revealing a pair of tight, white underwear that contained his hard little dick. Without taking them down, Phillip dropped to his knees and grinned up at the man, watching as he pulled his sweat pants off of his hips, exposing his boxers. He used his fingers to hook their waistband and ease them down to his feet, then he stepped out of them, leaving him completely naked.

Knowing exactly what to do, Phillip stayed upright on his knees, waddling over to the man with a hopeful smile until he was able to reach up and part his chunky cheeks. As soon as the man's sweat filled crack opened up, a powerful stink filled the boy's nostrils, making him moan with passion. At that moment, the man's rear end started to lower, getting closer and closer as the moaning boy opened wide, eager to be fed the hearty meal that he paid for. He was longing to plant his face between the man's cheeks and feast on the smelly hole that he was gazing up at, but he knew that he would have to wait for that.

Phillip opened wide, watching as the hot, puckered hole started to expand. He placed his opened mouth as close to the hole as he could, feeling a powerful heat pour into his mouth as the crackle of a moist turd filled his ears. When the dark head of the man's first offering started to emerge, the 12 year old felt his little dick start to jump around in his undies, then it started to grow. As the tip landed on his lower lip, the boy used his tongue to lance out and get under it, causing a powerful burst of flavor to erupt in his mouth.

Phillip's head was spinning with pleasure as the man's meaty turd continued to grow in length while he guided it into his mouth with his tongue. Soon, he felt the thick log running through his lips with force. The bulbous tip hit the inside of his cheek, causing it to bulge visibly from the outside. As soon as the young turd burglar felt the skin on his cheek start to stretch, the moist turd began to conform to the contours of his mouth. With a swift turn, the brown log took the shape of a horseshoe as its girth bullied its way in and inundated every square inch of the youngster's mouth. When it pinched off, the cute boy had an impacted mouthful of shit that left him dizzy with lust. He could feel the heat that was pouring off of his meal radiate between his bulging cheeks, adding to his joy. There was brown shit smeared all over his teeth, caked between his braces so heavily that he had no idea how he would ever get them clean.

Not that he minded, though.

The boy sealed his distended lips and used his tongue to smash his brown mouthful, loving the way the dark aroma matched the flavor in every way. When he was satisfied that he had sufficiently smeared his stink laden gift against the roof of his mouth and all through his braces, the 12 year old started to chew his gift with a far away look in his eyes. The man looked over his shoulder, watching the young shit lover chew his hot mouthful with a look of transfixed pleasure. When the boy swallowed the mouthful of shit he was enjoying, the obese gentleman shook his head in wonder and spoke to the boy.

Do you want another mouthful?” the man asked, and Phillip nodded almost frantically, using his tongue to lick his lips and his braces, eager to pull as much shit from them as possible.

With a hot moan, the cute blond opened wide, angling his face just right as a second long turd emerged from the man's asshole. He watched it grow in length with fiery lust, his hunger insatiable as the taste and smell of shit filled his senses. When the dark turd came to a safe landing in his mouth, the horny young scat freak savored it with the same satisfied moans as he did with the first one. He took his time, using his tongue to smash and smear the thick shit log into his teeth and his braces, then he chewed and swallowed with a satisfied sigh.

With the main course now eaten, Phillip stayed on his knees, his mouth opened wide as the man aimed the head of his hard dick into it and started jerking off. Having just taken part of the horny scene that just passed, the man quickly started to spunk, filling Phillips needy mouth with a thick offering of cum that the boy longed for.. When he closed his mouth and swallowed, the youngster grinned up at his feeder in appreciation, licking the warm cum and smeared shit from his lips while he reached down into his undies, pulling his hard little pecker out and wrapping his fist around it. He simultaneously wrapped his lips around the man's softening prick and nodded, then he felt him let go of a modest flow of piss.

Right away, little Phillip started to swallow, eager to keep up with his feeder's flow and not lose a drop. He started to jerk off furiously, feeling the man's hot piss course through his teeth, rinsing the smeared shit from his braces so that he could swallow it all like a good toilet. As the taste and aroma of piss and shit consumed his senses, the little boy tightened his grip around his hairless pecker and shivered hard with ecstasy, reaching a fast climax as he reveled in his depravity.

The little boy spent a long, pleasure filled afterglow using his tongue to lick the man's filthy anus, pulling thick hunks of shit into his mouth with more hot moans. When his feeder's ass was clean, the young toilet got dressed and thanked the man. Seeing the horny boy to the door, the man watched as the youngster got on his bike and pedaled out of the neighborhood. He reached into his pocket and pulled his newly earned $10 out, knowing that the boy would be back in the afternoon for more.


Hey,” the little boy said, stepping into the apartment with his hands in his pockets.

Hey sexy,” the balding man said, watching the cute blond grin up at him. “Is it still $10?”

Yeah,” the horny boy nodded, watching as the man pulled his wallet out and pulled a crisp ten from it. He handed the boy the money, then he led the youngster to his bathroom. He was amazed at how willing 12 year old Phillip was to play along, and he was grateful that the boy agreed to take his shit load for only $10. When the boy stripped down to his undies, the man grinned lecherously, knowing that his little lover got a thrill from his naughty act.

He quickly dropped his drawers and squatted over the boy, listening as he moaned from beneath him. He looked between his legs, catching side of the youngster, who was watching with impatient eyes. His mouth was wide opened, and he sported a look of sheer need. His hard on was poking up into the front of his undies, leaving no doubt in the man's mind that the blond wanted this just as badly as he did. He gave a hard push, letting go of a loud, gassy fart that blew directly into young Phillip's smiling face. In response, the horny youngster pushed his mug into the man's rear end and sealed his lips tightly around his wrinkled sphincter.

Seeing how hot the 12 year old was for it, the man pushed hard. Right away, his load erupted into the young turd burglar's mouth, filling it to the brim with hot, moist turds that the boy moaned hotly around. His cheeks were packed tight and from the man's vantage point, his lips were pooching out with the tip of a thick shit log protruding from them. It looked and smelled overwhelming to the man, who almost wanted to gag as the sharp stink carried into his nostrils. But young Phillip was using his tongue to push through the impacted load, stirring the stink up even more as his eyes glassed over. His moans were muffled by the hefty pile of shit that he had in his mouth, but they rang out loud and clear for the man, who watched with amazement as little Phillip started to chew and swallow.

When the only thing left of the man's thick shit load were smears along his teeth and in his braces, the horny little turd muncher opened wide again, eager for more. The balding gentleman had to force a slender turd from his rectum, watching as Phillip used his tongue to guide it to the safe confines of his watering mouth. When the entire turd was chewed and swallowed, Phillip opened wide again and watched with a horny smile while his feeder jacked off over his shit smeared face. When he started to receive his feeder's seed, the boy let his mouth fill up, then he took the rest of it on his face while he swallowed with a deep sigh of satisfaction. Still craving the taste of shit, Phillip made a play for his feeder's ass, licking his shit smeared crack deeply. As he gathered up large heaps of the man's butt fudge and pulled it into his mouth, the horny boy pulled his hairless little wiener out of his underwear and beat himself off. After spending an extended amount of time dining on the left over shit in his feeder's crack, Phillip opened wide and let the man place the head of his dick between his lips. With a moan of desire, he accepted the man's hot piss load, aiming the head of his feeder's cock so that its stream flushed the smeared shit from his braces, knowing that he'd be going home to see his mother next.


You stink, Phillip,” the boy's mom told him, waving her hand in front of her nose. “Did you poop yourself?”

No, I think I stepped in dog poop,” the boy fibbed, watching his mom sniff him. He might not have gone with that story, but they were in the back yard, where the boy had just come through the side gate with his bike.

Check your shoes,” she told him, and without thinking about it, the boy lifted each foot, revealing a pair of clean sneakers that his mom could see. “I smell pee, too, honey. Are you sure you didn't poop your pants?”

I'm sure mom,” the boy said, rolling his eyes as his mom took him by the shoulders and turned him so that he was facing away from her. She pulled the waistband of his pants and underwear back so that she could examine the seat of his britches for herself. When she realized that they were clean, she leaned in and sniffed him again with a bewildered look on her face. He grinned over his shoulder, knowing that she was confused, then he felt the waistband of his trousers and briefs snap back into place.

I'm just a stinky boy,” he taunted her, intentionally blowing his shit scented breath into her face. She fanned the smell away from her nose and nodded in agreement, then she playfully swatted his bottom.

Don't forget to take a shower tonight, honey,” she told him. “Are you hungry for a little snack?”

No, I had a big lunch,” he told her, patting his satisfied tummy. “Then I had a snack after that, too.”

Did you spend your allowance money again?” she asked knowingly, and much to her surprise, her stinky son shook his head no.

I had lunch at a friend's house,” he said with a sweet smile. “Then I had a really big snack at another friend's house.”

What did you eat, honey?” she asked curiously. With a naughty smile, Phillip licked his lips and answered his mom truthfully.

They both gave me warm fudge to eat.”

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