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Chapter three


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Chapter three
    A new boy had transferred to our school over the summer of nineteen and fifty nine and I felt a friendly attitude toward him. Jimmy G. quickly established himself as a worthy opponent. We were both ninth grade freshmen and we had to prove ourselves, we chose to do it with our music. He was a superb horn player and he pushed me to new heights with his music. He was quickly promoted to first trumpet, first chair. My parents had been impressed enough with my playing that they had purchased a very expensive Conn coronet for me. I sat as first chair, first coronet; right next to Jim
    For those that don't know there is a very subtle difference between a trumpet and a coronet. The bell of the horns flares at a slower angle in the trumpet where the coronet begins a rapid flare for a deeper and richer tone. A good trumpet player can break glass in another state with his high notes, but I learned that I could do the same with my coronet.

    Around the end of October or the first of November Jim became very ill as we were leaving first hour band class. Our director came up to us and told him to go to the nurse, but I knew that she was off campus that morning because one of the boys had fallen and hurt himself before school started. Jimmy told the director that he wanted to go home and he asked me to help him, then he fainted.
    I had buffed up over a summer of working on my grandfather's farm. Also I had a pickup truck, all my own. I picked Jim up off of the floor, bodily, and carried him out to my truck then drove him home. He came to as I carried him and he wrapped his arms around my neck. I knew that he was only hanging on for dear life, but it made me feel tingly and funny inside. Okay, inside my pants, but I didn't want to go there, that was queer.
    I could not hold Jim and get my key out of my pocket so I stood him beside the truck door. As I held the door open for him to get inside he put his arms around my neck. He pretended that he was unsteady on his feet, but I knew better. He brushed his mouth against my ear and told me "Thanks, for helping me." I had to think about what I think that he did, but again my little man tingled.

    Our school sits in the middle of several different types of neighborhoods. To the east of the school, across the eight lane wide boulevard, is a very upscale area of large, stately homes. To the north is a high medium income area and to the west a lower income populace abides.
    To the south of the school is a lower middle class neighborhood of mostly rental houses. Most of those houses there were built in the twenties. They are frame with garage apartments over their wooden garage. There are four and six unit apartments closer around the school, but the farther one goes to the south the poorer the surroundings appear. Before my tenure in high school would end I found that most of the really good friends that I have live in that neighborhood.
    Jim lived about six blocks south of the school, on the third floor of an old frame house with a very rickety looking staircase up the outside of the building. The stairs were not attached to the building, but stood apart, supported by very fragile looking four by four wooden posts.
    Jim had fallen asleep on our drive over and I could not awaken him. I decided to carry him again, only this time I had a very steep and scary path to trod. I bent over and put him over my shoulder in the classic fireman's carry and began my trek upward. I am not sure how much of my shaking was from my fear or from the stairs, that I was sure would break through and go tumbling down at any moment.
    At last my feet acquired the upper platform and we were at Jimmy's door. I started to put him down so that he could unlock the door, but he told me that the door was open and that his mother would be asleep so I should be quiet as I carried him to his bed. I was finally sure that he was putting me on.
    I virtually dropped him onto his bed and made a show of feeling of his forehead, he was burning up. Suddenly his eyes widened and he jumped from the bed to run to the toilet. I could hear him heaving his guts into the commode. I conquered my gag reflex and stepped in behind him. I spotted a stack of clean towels and wash cloths to I took one and held it under the hot water faucet.
    I handed Jim the hot rag as I helped him back to his bed. He had a mess on the front of his shirt. First things first, I removed his shoes and placed his legs on the bed. I unbuttoned his shirt as I held my breath and tried to avoid adding to the mess that was already there. I rolled the shirt together in a ball then took the wash cloth from him and returned to the bathroom.
    I tossed his shirt into the bath tub and turned to wash my hands and face. With the wash rag rinsed and warm again I returned to my friend. He had pushed his jeans and underwear down to his knees and lay on his bed with a monster erection, that I quickly learned was five and three quarter inches long. I sat on the edge of his bed and washed his face, he was still hot.
    He asked me to help get his pants off. I had never undressed anyone before and I was excited. John and I got naked and did our thing, but we never removed the clothing of the other. I had such a hard on that my brain began to shut down and my eyes locked on a sweet cut cock that I wanted to suck on very badly. To that point I had never seen an uncut, hard cock, but the hard cut cocks that John and Jim had were perfect for my sex starved little brain.
    I washed Jim's chest and I could feel the heat coming off of him. I asked him if he had a thermometer and he told me that there was one in the medicine cabinet of the bathroom I retrieved it and saw that it was a rectal thermometer. I told him that I should call his mother. He told me that she didn't get off of work until seven in the morning and that they always had breakfast together before he left for school and she went to bed. He told me that I should not awaken her.
    He pulled his legs back and spread his buns for me to insert the little glass tube. I have never really looked at anyone's asshole before. I had spent a wild night with Tommy almost a year earlier, but I didn't spend much time looking at what I was up in several times. Somehow Jim's looked a bit larger than I thought that it should. I almost forgot to tell you about Jim's body.
    He is a typical fourteen year old kid that stands about five foot four or so. He is a little on the thin side, but not shockingly so. His hair is pure black and his eyes are a deep blue. The thing that stands out about Jim is that he is bowlegged. Not bad, probably not rickets, but he looks as if he just got off of his horse. I was staring between those bowed knees at his balls and his asshole and I was hungry.
    I was having feelings that were so foreign to me. I had sucked John's cock and he had sucked mine. I had a wild night with Tommy, but that was the extent of my sexual contact, or desire with another boy. Actually that was the extent of any activity with my cock at that point because my piss boy encounter didn't reach a sexual climax. I had a steady girlfriend that I fingered and she would rub me, through my jeans. That too was about to change.
    I removed the thermometer and it showed a fever of one hundred. As a doctor's son that reads his dad's books for my worldly knowledge I knew that I had to get his temperature down. I began with the rag and a pan of water, but he was so feverish that he was mumbling in his sleep. I wanted his mother, I wanted my dad. Jim and his mother did not have a telephone and she was asleep, it was all up to me.
    I went back to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Next I carried Jim across the hall, both of us were stark naked. I knew that he could not stand under the water on his own, but that was what he needed so I would have to get into the shower with him and hold him up.
    I started with warm water and gradually turned the hot water down until the water was on the cool side. Jim held himself up with his arms around my neck and as he began to revive he stiffened. He slowly ground himself against me and I stiffened against his movements, no matter how cold the water was.
    He pulled his head back and stared into my eyes and let a huge smile cross his face. He pushed away from me and knelt before me then took my cock into his mouth. John could get me off, but that was all. Jim was getting me more excited than I had ever been.
    He left me hanging. I wanted to paint his tonsils white, but he stood up and wrapped his arms around me again. "Carry me back to bed, my handsome prince. Make love to me as only you can do." I was bowled over by those words, but I was so horny that I would have carried him into his mother's room if he would continue the best blow job of my life.
    I placed him on his bed and he lay back and raised his right leg high in the air. He grabbed his cock and balls around the base and waved them at me. "I want you, more than you can ever know. I want that big cock of yours in me in anyway that you will give it to me." He reached for me and I moved my hand toward his. I let him drag me closer as he raised himself up to hold my balls and slide my cock into his mouth.
    I had no sense of any kind, common or otherwise. I let him do as he wanted and I could do nothing but yield to him. He pulled me to the bed and I sat down with my ass close to his face. Every bit of energy that existed in my body seemed to be moving toward his sucking mouth through my cock that was in it.
    I lowered myself to the bed and lay back as he moved his hands across my abs and through my pubic bush. All of my will power was gone. At least it was until he raised his body up so that he could get his face over my crotch and began to bob his head at super sonic speed. I looked to my left and saw his lonely looking cock and wrapped my arm around his butt, pulling him over on top of me.
    Everything that John and I had ever done was a fading memory as I learned what real sex between two boys could be. I had no idea that our time together was only just beginning. Jim began to pound my face as he fucked his cock in and out of my mouth even faster than he was fucking his own mouth with my cock. I was rapidly moving to a world class climax that would go down in the history books as the best cum ever.
    I only barely felt his sweet ball juice as it entered into my hungry cock hole because my own batter was firing long range shots far down field. I wrapped my arms around his butt and pulled him into me as I felt his arms embrace me. We each were swallowing hair as the cocks had already gone deep into territory where no man had gone before. Neither of us were ready to end our union and we continued to suckle through the most intense pain that I had ever felt in my sensitive cock.
    Jim rolled to his side, but continued to suckle me as he dragged me to my side to meet him. I awakened to a renewed vigor as he began to pump for more oil from my deepest recesses. I wanted him back on top of me, but I did not want him to miss a beat. We stayed on our sides and in moments he filled me up with a taste that I quickly learned to crave.
    Wearing only our underwear Jim led me to his kitchen an threw the fixings for sandwiches at me to place on the table. He opened two large cans of chicken noodle soup and poured the contents in a pan to be heated on the stove top. What we wouldn't have given for a microwave oven in those days. He told me that we had to drink milk to keep up our strength for what was about to come and I laughed at him as he pressed his bulging crotch into my face. I did not have the heart to tell him that I didn't normally eat the lunch meats that he laid out, I figured that I could make a cheese sandwich and not make waves on our first date.
    Jim sat as close to me as he could get until I scooted over to the edge of my chair and asked him to join me. I enjoyed being as close to the guy as I could be. I don't know if it was the novelty of it or if it was because it was my first real experience, but I never wanted to be away from him again. I finished my soup and sandwich and moved to the sink to do the dishes while Jim put the remaining food away and wiped the table down. We were back in his bedroom in seconds and he did a sexy striptease for me that had me as hard as he was.
    "There is something that I have to do. Will you kiss me?" I had wanted to do that all morning. I had loved kissing John, but I loved Jim I mean my heart was pounding as I took in his beauty and I wanted as much of him as he was willing to share with me. I didn't even mind pieces of his lunch in his mouth as we tried our best to clean between the other's toes through an oral invasion. Jim was moaning and moving against me in ways that made my knees sag.
    Once on his bed again he broke our kiss and looked me in the eye, "He said that you were one good kisser. I never figured him for that, but he actually kissed me yesterday before we did it." I looked at him in puzzlement and he smiled at me. "John is in love with you, but he doesn't know it. He comes over for lunch sometimes so that I can suck his dick for him. He won't return the favor, but I don't care too much, he is a good guy. He told me all about how big you are and how you can kiss and he told me that he has watched you fuck your girlfriend and that you have the moves."
    I was a little taken by what he was saying. I have known John for a few years and I know that he likes to talk. He is a great kid and doesn't need to build himself up by putting other people down. I also know that he cannot keep a secret so I wondered how much he had told Jim.
    Jim picked up the rectal thermometer and looked at it then at me. "I want you to take my temperature." I felt of his head and he was no longer warm. "No, doof. I mean it, only I want you to use your own thermometer." I was confused then. He kissed me and told me that he wanted me to fuck him. That caused me to move back and look at him. "You know how to do it, John saw you do it and I like it."
    "But you are a boy…"
    "So what, I have a hole."
    "Does John do that to you?" I had a million questions at that point.
    "Sometimes, we don't always have time and sometimes my mother is awake. She knows that I do that, but I don't like to do it when I know that she might hear me." I was dumbstruck.
    Jim lay back then rolled his body back so that his knees were on his chest and his ass was wide open to my view. I have to admit that I had never seen anything that looked better to me than that smooth little ass iris did at that moment. Jim told me to spit in his hole and rub the head of my cock around it for a minute. When I did that I could see that he actually opened up for me.
    I spit in the opening twice again and worked my cock around, slowly letting my glans spread it wider. Finally Jim told me to push, hard. My cock broke free from its earthly bonds and entered a whole new universe. I will be honest with you and tell you that pussy is tighter, it is made for a cock., but the feel of his ass around my monster was wonderful. I think that it all had to do with my feelings toward him. When I had tried fucking a girl I didn't have anything on my mind, but my lust. With Jim the only thing on my mind was my love. Yeah, I did love him.
    Once mated nature took over my body and I began to make the proper moves of love making. Jim was moaning and carrying on as I had never heard anyone do before, he was turning me on with his vocalizations. He told me that he loved me more than anybody else in the whole wide world. He told me that he wanted us to never separate. Then he started telling me to fuck him harder, faster, deeper. Suddenly his ass squeezed my cock to a toothpick and I watched a long line of cum shoot across his chest to land on his lips and chin.
    He licked his lips and begged me to keep going. I was not about to stop because his tightened anus was doing a number on my cock that was better than the two times I had been up inside a girl. When another volley of cum shot across his chin I turned loose my water cannon and filled his ass with so much cum that I was sure that my body was about to turn inside out.
    I forced myself to continue on until I had pumped out six hard shots. I was watching Jim's cock and he was pumping, but nothing was cumming out. Suddenly my cock told me to give it a rest and I pulled back and fell to the bad in a breathless heap.
    Both of us were drenched in sweat, but we still needed to hold one another. Jim moved to me and I opened my arms to pull him against me before sleep overcame both of us. I awakened to the sound of a radio playing and a woman singing. The window by Jim's bed was open and we were covered by a sheet. Jim opened his eyes and leaned forward to kiss me.
    "It smells like shit in here. Let's go take a shower." He crawled over me and grabbed my hand then led me back across the hallway to the bathroom. Once we had washed each other he wrapped himself in a towel and ran to his room to retrieve our underwear and returned with them. He dried my back for me and knelt before me and held my briefs for me to step into. He kissed my dick and tucked me away then stood up to pull his own briefs over his beauty.
    "I love you." He pecked my cheek and opened the bathroom door then led me to the kitchen where his mother was busy at the kitchen cabinet.
    "Hi boys. Honey, I have to go to work early. I am going to work a double shift, you know how bad we need the money.
    "I have a meatloaf in the oven and the potatoes are in the pan. A salad is in the frig. Open a can of something in about an hour and the two of you sit down to eat."
    I started to protest that I needed to get home when Jim told his mother what had happened at school. She did not want him to be alone and asked me if I would stay. I told her that my folks didn't know where I was. I had left school without permission and I would be in big trouble. She told me that she would call my house and tell them where I was and see if I could stay the night with Jim, in case he got sick again. She grinned at us.
    She left the house before three Jim told me that we could get naked and have sex for the rest of the day. I knew that he had told me that his mother didn't get off work until seven in the morning so we had at least sixteen hours of unsupervised free time. I could not believe how lucky we were. Two horny fifteen year old homos alone and naked all day and all night.

    I learned that Jim knew some of the kids that knew John and one of them told John that Jim liked to suck cock. That made me mad. I like Jim and I didn't want anyone to talk about him like that. Jim told me that it was not all true, he had a cousin that had forced himself on Jim when he was only ten. The cousin was fifteen at the time and he likes to force little boys to do his will.
    The kid that told John the story is a twelve year old that Jim's cousin was using. The older boy made the twelve year old suck John. I learned that John had picked up some very unsavory friends over the previous summer and they were of the sort that I had messed up my life with two years earlier.
    I have had to suffer the humility of repeating the eighth grade because of friends like that and I had no intention of ever getting into that trap again. I was building a name and a reputation for myself and I wanted it untarnished.
    I told you earlier that I knew that John liked to talk himself up by talking others down and he had told Jim that I gave terrific head. What he didn't tell Jim was that he liked to suck my cock whenever he could. I was tempted to tell Jim about that, but then I am not one to spread tales and I was not out to hurt John. I would, however, confront John when I felt that the time was right and let him know what I thought of his tactics. Although…I knew then that it would just roll off of John's back because he thinks of himself as being better that everyone else.
    The most amazing part of Jim, to me, was that he enjoyed sitting close and cuddling. He was a great kisser and his lips hardly ever left some part of my body. Of course I had to experience his various tastes myself and placed my lips on body parts that would have revolted me before I met him. We were sitting with our arms entwined about each other when we heard someone coming up the long wooden staircase outside. Both of us jumped up and grabbed our jeans. We had just pulled them into place when there was a knock at the door.
    Jim answered the door and I heard my father ask if I was there. I stepped up to where he could see me as I asked if he had come to take me home. Jim's mother had called him from her work and explained Jim's illness and my wonderful care as his nurse. Dad came by to see his young nurse for himself.
    I explained to dad what had happened and that I had taken Jim's temperature. I told him that all that they had in their house was a rectal thermometer and he asked me if I had shaken it down after we had used it. I told him no so he wanted to look at it. When I returned with the glass appliance dad had his doctor's bag open and Jim was sitting back on the couch with a thermometer sticking out of his mouth.
    Dad asked me again what the thermometer showed. I didn't know how to read it correctly, it showed that Jim had a fever of 100.1. He had been sick after all. Well I knew that, he had thrown up and I had washed him down. I told dad that I held Jim under a cool shower then I had wrapped him in a heavy blanket and let him sweat for an hour.
    Dad smiled at me. He has admitted to me that some of my old Indian grandmother's ways are good and he asked Jim how he had liked his sweat lodge. Jim told him that I had forced him to stay wrapped up and that he was sweating so bad that he thought that he was going to drown in the blanket. Then he grinned at me and told us that when I finally let him out of his cocoon he arose a new creature. Dad tousled my hair and told me that I was a good nurse.
    Jim and I continued to go to his house each day for lunch. I even gave his mother my fifty cents that I had for lunch at school. She argued with me so I told her that I would not go to her house to eat if I could not pay my own way. I know that times were hard for the two of them. I was born into money and I was learning that not everybody had what I took for granted.
    Our sex filled lunch time continued on for the remainder of the year, but our relationship was interrupted when Jim started dating one of the drum majorettes from the marching band. The two of them married after highschool, but Jim and I only remained platonic friends over the following two years. I lost track of him after I left school and joined the Army, but I think of him often.

    Things just seemed to go from bad to worse over the next year. My mother was constantly ragging on about how bad my dad was and how like him I was. She never let up. She was dissatisfied with her life so she made everyone else miserable. I buried myself in school and did everything I could to stay away from her as much as possible. I got back with John for awhile. He, at least, was good sex.
    That spring we hooked up with two brothers from school. One was a classmate of John's. The other a year younger, but the greatest guy I had ever met. He was so neat to be around and a hell of a lot of fun. Donny, the older one had an extra roll of body fat. He wasn't obscene, but he was pudgy. He was a nose picking, loogey spittin', ass hole. He would do anything to please, but I could not be friends with him. Danny on the other hand…The boy was stocky. He was solid with no fat on him. He was wide shouldered, narrow hipped and I knew that by the time he got into highschool he would be a kid to be dealt with.
    John and I took them on a tour of the graveyard. In the center of the graveyard was a large marble mausoleum. It was maybe fifty feet long. It was shaped like a cross. The entrance was at the top of the cross and each arm stretched out about twenty five feet. The graves inside were stacked three high making a twelve foot wall. Along the top of the wall was an eighteen inch parapet. Hey we were kids, okay? We climbed on any and everything. We had been up there. We decided that up there would be the perfect place to spend the night.
    We spent a week smuggling in canned food and sodas. We had old blankets that we had stolen from around our neighborhoods. We wanted to take nothing up there that we couldn't leave behind. I had a surprise for them. I had a friend whose brother bought us a case of beer. He drove his car in like he was a visitor and we rushed in with the beer and tossed it up on the top of the crypts.
    Our big Friday night came and we entered the mausoleum, one at a time, and climbed up on top. At sunset the caretaker came around and locked the door. We were in for the night. We started drinking beer and eating pork and beans. Three bags of potato chips disappeared and all of the candy bars. Beer and chocolate is not something I would like to recommend, but to young teenagers, drunk teenagers, it was a banquet.
    I was surprised, it was Donny who got horny. He was rubbing all over John and told him that he loved him. After an hour of this we were all making out. I knew I was acting and I am pretty sure that Danny was acting, but I know he was horny. John just wanted sex so I couldn't read him. He asked me several times to let him suck me and I just kissed Danny on the cheek and said that I was with him.
    Somewhere along the line we all ended up naked and sucking each other. I was impressed. For a thirteen year old Danny was hung. He was the same height and weight as Donny, but as I said he was solid. I enjoyed laying my head on his tight stomach. He had a nice six inch cut cock and it was so hard that it could hammer nails. I sucked him and he shot a load almost at once. He sucked me and made me cum. He told me that he liked sucking me more than his brother. My dick was much bigger and a lot harder, but my cum was the best he had ever had. Danny and I got together several times that school year. I never even looked at Donny.
    Along about mid-night John had to take a shit. The ass hole jumped down to the floor, naked. We all joined him and ran all over the place naked as the day we were born. Each crypt had a tapered, crystal bud vase in a small ring holder. John took these down and shit in several of them then put them back up. That grated on my sensibilities. I am not a prude, but there are some things that I just don't like. We all pissed up on top of the crypts so I guess that was just as gross.
    A little past seven the next morning four boys stood to either side of the doors as the caretaker unlocked them. When he turned to go back down the long stairway we charged out, each running in a different direction and joining up at John's house. It was a different adventure, but not one I am really proud of. The only good thing to come of it was that I now had sucked another dick and I really liked it.

    I was in the stage band which didn't get a regular class schedule. We met after school, on our own time. The director had been a Sgt. in Glenn Miller's Army band. He taught us an appreciation of the big band sounds which I enjoy to this day.
    There were no classes in the band room during sixth hour so those of us who could get a free period gathered to jam awhile. One particular afternoon I was really trashing my way through an old Jazz favorite on the piano. My director wanted the best from everybody. I had been in this man's class for four years and he had pushed me to a modicum of acceptability on all of the wind instruments. My instrument of choice was the Trumpet, but I was equally adept with reeds and I enjoy, very much, the tenor saxophone for jazz.
    Don, or Donny as he wished to be called—I think Donny is a bit much for a fourteen year old horse. Oh, that's not fair. He did carry twenty more pounds than he needed to, but he looked huge. "A big chunk," is what his brother called him—came in the band room. He was challenging for the drummer's position. Our drummer had a grade problem and would not be able to participate until he brought his grades up.
    Don stood listening to me play, he picked up his sticks and joined me. We played for several minutes when he spotted a guitar. It is not good to mess with someone else's ax without asking, but he went for it. I was glad that he did. Don was, and is, the greatest guitarist I have ever heard. Remember now that this was several years before the first synthesizer, the Moog, made its way into the world. There were very little special effects available to a kid with no money to speak of. Donny was playing a cheap acoustic guitar and making music. That guy can do things with those strings that seem inhuman. In no time I yielded the lead. I would much rather cord and fill while he plays. I can't do justice to the guy's abilities. The director heard him and inducted him into our band. He was reluctant. He wanted to play drums, and he is a damn good drummer, but we needed him on the strings.
    That was how it started. Our excursion to the cemetery was only a prelude to what began after that afternoon. I was so infatuated with his playing that I could not get enough. I started going to his house after school to jam, just the two of us most of the time. It was toward the end of my sophomore year and life was beginning to look better. My dad gave me his old car, a one year old Pontiac Catalina, four door sedan. I took Don and his kid brother, Dan, home from school so that I could hear Don play a little longer. I took my sax and trumpet with me.
    We got to Don's house and started to jam, me on the piano. Their old piano was so far out of tune it was like I was playing something else, but we had fun. I had not intended to stay very long. I had a hot date with a cold girl. I dated to keep up appearances. Yeppers, I had the tendency. I hadn't done much, but in nineteen sixty it didn't take much. Just a hint that one was bent and his whole life ended. Dan came in and asked when I was going to get the sax out. He really liked the sounds Don and I got into with the sax.
    Now I have to tell you about Dan. He was thirteen, but he looked like the eldest. He was stocky where Don was fat. I had seen Dan around his house without a shirt on and the kid had a cut bod. He was big. He wore a man's sized medium shirt. His chest was wide and firm. His pecs looked like fluffy pillows. His stomach was hard and flat. I could just make out the beginnings of a six pack on his young frame. He had the face of a very young boy, but his jaw was square and strong.
    I had the sax and we were jamming to our class's annual final exam, Muskrat Ramble. Our director made each band member play a minimum of two minutes of impromptu jazz for our grade. I was really into my solo when I looked across the room. Dan was in his bedroom naked. Not just naked, but jacking off and dancing to my playing. The kid had a good body all the way to the floor, and he was hung. I wouldn't think of a thirteen year old kid as having much in the cock department, but what that boy was stroking not ten feet away from me, was much. I lost it and blew my piece. Like a good musician I recovered, but I knew I had blown it and that bothered me.
    Danny had dressed and came up to us a little later to tell us that dinner was ready. He had cooked hamburgers and made home fried potatoes. The kid was amazing. The two boys asked me to stay the night. I told them I had a date. They told me that their mother was out of town until Monday afternoon and they didn't like to stay alone. For a chance to see more of Dan I did it. I would face what may come later. I called Karen and told her some lame story then I called home to tell my mother that I was staying at a friends. She couldn't have cared less so it was on.
    The boy's lived in an older two bedroom house with their mother. Their dad had built the place before he was killed in a work accident when they were six and seven. The boys' bedroom was large. I would venture to guess it to be about twenty by twenty. They had two beds. One twin bed and one full sized bed. Don usually slept in the big bed, but when Dan had someone sleep over Dan got the big bed.
    I wanted the smaller bed, but Don said something that got me to wonder what was afoot. It was subtle, but the intonation was there and my cock twitched. I guess it wasn't so much what was said it was the eyebrow raised leer that he gave as he said, "Dan wants to sleep on you tonight." It could have been a Freudian slip, but the air was charged.
    We stripped for bed and both boys stripped naked. "We always sleep nude. It's cooler and there are no clothes to twist and bind." Well I always sleep nude too, at home, alone, by myself, where nobody else can see. I had four eyes glaring at me. I was shaking like a leaf. I had never been the one getting molested. Now I felt what it must feel like for some little virgin boy that I am trying to get.
    I didn't want to drop my drawers because I was hard as a rock. Why, I had no idea, but I was really up. I looked at my feet and out of my peripheral vision I saw that both of them were hard. I looked at Don, "That boy is looking for lovein." He giggled as he squeezed his slight six incher. It was of medium thickness and cut very tight. He had no excess skin on it.
    I turned to look at Dan. He had a little more than his brother. A year younger and he was a full six inches with maybe a quarter inch to boot. He was thicker. I figured he had to be as thick as me. He stroked himself. He pulled a little skin about half way over his glans as a big dollop of precum oozed to the tip of his piss slit. I went for it.
    I opened my Levi's and pushed them down with the underwear in one move. I bent over as I pushed everything down and untied my shoes. I stepped out of my shoes and pants together and stayed bent over as I slowly pulled one sock off after the other. I looked up and both boys were staring me down. I pulled my tee shirt over my head and then folded it and straightened out my jeans and folded them. I separated my underwear and shook them out then folded them. I stacked everything then pushed the pile under the edge of the bed and placed my shoes beside the pile. I had done all of this while still bent over at the waist with my butt sitting on the very edge of the bed. I was naked, but they had not seen anything, but my bare back.
    I started to rise and looked up at them. They both sat on the edge of the small bed with their arms crossed just watching me. I grinned at them. I put my hand between my legs and pushed my stuff up between them so that when I finally sat up there was nothing to see, but my thick, black pubic hair. I scooted back on the bed and started to make small talk.
    Two boys attacked me and pushed me backwards. It took every bit of muscle control I could muster, but I kept my cock between my legs as I rolled back. They began to tickle me. I am not ticklish. In frustration they grabbed my legs and each pulled one like a wish bone. "Did you make a wish first?" That brought on a few giggles, but it did not deter them in their mission. I relented and let the mother of monsters flop upright. As I said, I was sixteen and was getting to my final growth spurt. My cock had already reached a nice eight and a half inches. It didn't reach nine and a half inches until a month or so before my eighteenth birthday. Then it took twenty more years to get that stupid last half inch to where it is today.
    There was dead silence in the room. I looked at the two boys as they sat there open mouthed, staring at my cock. "Fuck it, Dan, I have to." Don bent over and took the head of my cock in his mouth.
    "Go for it, man. I still get to sleep with him." Dan was stroking my hard, flat stomach with one hand while the other held my extra large balls in their long hanging housing of extra soft skin. Don was doing a number on me. He couldn't get much of my thick cock in his mouth, but he was giving it his best efforts. "Donny didn't believe me when I told him how big your cock is. I never sucked no cock like that 'til we spent that night at that cemetary." I learned that I had been the boys' sole topic of their sexual fantasies since that night and both of them wanted to get me for another round.
    I rolled away from him and stretched out on the bed. When Don crawled forward to get his prize I pulled him over to me. I took his tiny dick our from under his pudgy belly and stroked on it. He moaned and took more of me in his mouth. I reached over and wrapped my hand around Dan. He pushed into my hand and did his own version of moans. I asked him if he was going to suck me. He nodded and told me that he was going to suck me all night, after I fucked him. Now there was that. I looked at him with a blank look as he smiled at me. I decided to go for it and make the best of a decent situation. I pulled Don's cock so that he scooted closer to me and I sucked him in.
    His cock was about as big as any I had ever sucked. I just felt some sort of need to put him down. I don't know if it was because he was pudgy, not fat, or what, but except for his music I found nothing about him that I liked. I know, shallow. I didn't let that show. I took his cock into my mouth and gave him the best blow job that I know how to give. I had him figured right. He was a cum and quit. As soon as he shot his load he rolled away and started panting for air. He got up and moved to the other bed. Dan took over.
    Dan got up on top of me and was doing push ups with his cock in my mouth. Dan had all of me down his throat, he pulled up, "Come on, Don. Please." Don moved back over on our bed and got on his knees above my head. I could see him as he inched forward on his knees. He lined his cock up to Dan's ass hole and pushed it inside. He was fucking his little brother right there in front of me
    I watched in fascination as Don got a rhythm going and really fucked his brother. He was ramming his cock in and out in long, fast strokes. He had just cum in my mouth five minutes before and here he was plowing like a starving farmer. Dan filled my mouth with a massive load of cum. He had me all the way to my pubes and he was sucking on me like he was trying to start a syphon on a gas tank.
    He never missed a stroke on me as his cum kept shooting out of his cock into my mouth. I had to push him up so that I could swallow. I could not breathe with so much cum in my mouth and I could not swallow with his cock so deep in my throat. I had just fallen in love with his cock. I took it back in my throat and he began his fucking again. Don was still in a power drive, back and forth, in and out. This had to be the most fascinating thing I had ever witnessed. His cock looked so much longer as he dragged it out so that I could just see the frenulum at the bottom of his cock head then he would push it back in so that his balls slapped against his brother's low hangers. All four balls were banging against my nose and dragging across my eyes. I was really getting into this.
    My cum was on the rise. I could not have held back if I tried. I felt my whole body turning its attention to my cock head. I saw Dan's balls draw up and his cock root swelled. I could feel his cock enlarge in my mouth as I felt the cum shooting through the piss tube. Don tensed up and I could tell that he was firing his load into his brother's well fucked ass. That was all too much for me. I let loose with everything I had as Dan sucked and lapped up every drop. Danny is a cock sucking fool and I tried to get with him often. Getting him without Donny was the problem. I met Danny all over the place as we snuck away to suck each other's cocks. The two of us managed to get together two or three times a week. Looking back at it I would never recommend some of the things that we did, but I wanted that boy's cock as much as he wanted mine.
    We swapped cum shots in the back seat of the car as we sat in a shopping center's parking lot. We found overgrown, vacant lots around town and lay out on the ground, hidden only by weeds that were less than a foot and a half tall. I did get to spend the night at their house a few times over the summer, but I could not take them to my house because my two little brothers would have had their noses in our business and I wasn't ready to increase their carnal knowledge by very much at that time.

    A week before school started my mother dropped a bomb on us. She was selling the house and we were moving to California. No argument in the world would change that situation. My sister and I went with our dad for our Friday night out. He thought that as teenagers all we wanted to do was eat Mexican food and go the wrestling matches. I hated wrestling, at least what they do at professional rings. I like highschool wrestling, but I'll tell you about that in a few minutes. Dad was sorry about us going to California, but his attorney had told him there was nothing that he could do without a court battle as mom had full custody. In those days dads had less rights than they do now.
    So off to California we went. I was miserable. My sister was miserable. We made everybody else miserable. Finally my mother snapped and came after me with a belt. Hey, I'm sixteen. I haven't been spanked since I was ten and my mother never had that right. I grabbed the belt and she lost her grip. It was my step father's big western belt with a fancy buckle on it. The buckle caught me on the side of the face and left a huge welt. I glared at my mother as she screamed at me and called me names that I never deserved. I walked over to the phone and picked it up. I told her I was calling my dad. I wanted to go home and finish school with the friends that I had grown up with.
    My step father talked to my mother and I could tell he was talking about my face. After a few minutes she came and took the telephone from me and called my father. He had airline tickets waiting for us at American Airlines the next morning. My sister and I had to go to school to un-enroll. Mom was anxious about this, but that was the school system in California. When I went into the office someone saw my face. There was a bruise with the definite imprint of a horse on my right cheek. I hid my face as my sister got the forms to get us out of there. I gabbed one of the forms she had already filled out for me and signed it. I dropped my books on the counter and the two of us headed for the door. Somebody yelled at me to wait, that the police were on the way and that I couldn't leave. I heard something about child abuse and all kinds of shit. I jumped in the car and told my step dad to go.
    Go he did. We went straight to the airport with no stops in between. We had an hour until our flight and we waited in the car until twenty minutes before take off before going inside. Mom apologized over and over for hitting me. My step father told us that California had very strict laws and mom could go to jail for leaving a bruise like that on me. I didn't want her to get in trouble. I just wanted to go home and a little bruise on my face was a free ticket out of California.

    I have to tell you this because I always thought that it was funny. Most of you won't get the reference to the old planes, but for the old timers reading this it will invoke a knowing smile.
    We flew out of San Francisco on an old DC-3. A twin propeller driven airplane that had been a work horse for the Army in WWII. We spent the most miserable and frightening night of our young lives as my sister and held on to one another through heavy turbulence that buffeted the plane about and made us feel as if we were going to fall out of the sky and to our deaths.
    We left San Francisco at about sunset and flew all night long, landing in Dallas in the daylight of the next day. We spent two hours on the ground as we located our plane for the final leg of our journey. We were relieved to board a nice new Boeing 707 jet aircraft, and even more pleased that it only took thirty minutes of flight time before we were landing at home. I always thought that it was stupid of American Airlines to use an old plane for the thousand mile flight and a jet for the two hundred mile flight. But that it the way businesses are run.

    We got back home and moved into dad's little garage apartment. It was small. The bed room was only eight by ten with a built in captain's bunk. My sister got that and I shared the pull out couch with my dad. So much for the sex life of a horny sixteen year old. The bright spot was that my car was sitting in front of his place with a for sale sign on it. I took the sign out and had wheels again.
    My dad had pictures taken of my face and left them with his attorney "for future needs," he said. My sister and I got enrolled in school and had only missed two weeks. Since I had flunked one year we were in the same grade so I easily helped her catch up. I always made sure that she kept her grades up, after all I am the big brother. I won't even begin to tell you the fights I got into protecting her over the years, but there was a side effect. She had some of the cutest boy friends and I got a couple of them. She doesn't know I'm gay to this day.

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