Larry Matthews


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          Larry Matthews. I will always remember that name. I didn't get to know Larry for very long before we moved again. My dad has this job that makes us move, a lot. School let out after my fifth year. With an October 30th date of birth I would be a twelve year old entering the sixth grade in a new town, a new state. Hell, as far as I was concerned a new planet.
          My name is Franklin Gobbles. Yeah, you're quick there buddy. All of the kids got it too. I am known as Frankenstein the Ghoul or the Goblin. Later on in highschool I was known amongst a very select few as the gobbling boy but that's getting ahead of my story. As soon as somebody learns of my birth date it starts. I didn't have a friend in the world. I had no ties to anything. I had no grandparents, no roots, no past or future, only the present and that changed at least once a year. I really hope that the kids will be a little more mature in our new town. I am lonesome and I really hate the teasing.
          Dad pulled into the narrow two concrete ribbon driveway, with the grass growing up between the ribbons, and stopped in front of the old wooden, detached garage. Standing near the side of the garage was this really cute kid of about my height and age. He was holding a large wooden gate open that was so large compared to him that it looked like it could knock him over if the wind were to blow on it.
          He smiled to show the widest mouth in all of the world and inside it were two rows of perfectly straight and very white teeth. Mom stepped out of the car just as I climbed out of the back seat. "Hello Larry. This is Franky," she pointed at me.
          "It's Frank, dude," if I am going to survive our year here I have to assert myself now or forever go down as the wuss from the land of monster tales. Larry let the gate bang shut as he rushed over to me and grabbed me in the warmest hug I had ever gotten from anyone except my gran. That woman can hug and I would let her hug me anytime. It made me feel so warm and good inside. She died this past spring and I feel the loss more than my dad does.
nbsp;               Larry was making me feel warm and good too. I was limp in his arms as he didn't seem eager to let me go. The warm fuzzies were filling my little body with a whole new set of feelings as my circuits were reset to their new programming that would last all the rest of my life.
          It was mid-June and I already told you that I was twelve. I had not started puberty and knew nothing of my body's feelings but that hug made my penis tingle. I felt so good and I didn't want to pull away. Five or six hours later my mother laughed at us and made some stupid remark about Larry being an affectionate boy. She led me inside the new house and as we each took a glass of water she told me that Larry had lost his father and older brother in a boating accident at the lake a few years before. Larry now lived with his mother and teenage sister and was a bit of a loner.
          I have to tell you about my mother. Here we are, moving into a new house, in a new town, in a new state a half a million miles from where we were the week before and this woman knows everything about everybody that lives within a five mile circle of our house. I am quite sure that she knew everything from all of their important dates to the name of their first teenage date. She's weird.
          Larry was standing at the back door peeking in. Mom told him to come on in and go up to my room with me. Larry beamed his perfect smile and my heart just melted. I didn't know what it was that I felt but I loved to see him and his smile made me feel all silly inside. The best part was that my tiny little penis seemed to really like Larry. That was weird. Mom told me to change my clothes and put on something old then Larry and I could go play for awhile.
nbsp;               I found my new room with no problem. True to my mother's perfectionistic personality, all of my clothes and toys were in their place and I had no trouble walking to whatever I wanted without having to look around. I mean think about it. We left our old house and waved goodbye to everybody on like Wednesday. We drove forever and stayed in this really nice hotel and played at Disneyland each day Thursday and Friday.
          We got on this boat and went out into the very middle of the ocean where I could no longer see the bottom and dad taught me how to fish for the big ones. I hooked a sixty pound Marlin that would have pulled me into the water and eaten me 'cept dad had me chained into this chair. He and some other guy helped me get that big ole sucker on board. Dad took this picture of my little four foot six inch body standing beside that fish. It was hanging from its tail with his sword like nose just touching the ground. I barely came up to the big fin on the fish's back.
          So then we get back in the car and drove and drove and drove. We get to the new house and all of our furniture is setting here. The dishes are in the cabinets. My clothes and toys are in place. How does she do it? I knew that my bike would be in the garage so I asked Larry if he wanted to ride around and show me where everything was. He really seemed to like that idea.
          I took off my shoes then pulled my slacks off. I took my real grownups bill fold out of my pocket and a set of keys that I carried. The keys were old keys to our old houses and stuff but I did have the key for my bicycle on that ring too. Larry was sitting on my bed just staring at me. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I did what my dad always does to make me laugh. I sniffed of the arm pits and turned up my nose, "Either that shirt needs a good washing or I do." Larry just laughed at me. I always tell my dad that I think they both need washing but I liked hearing Larry laugh.
          We got on our bikes and Larry showed me the whole town in just a few minutes. There are five highschools in town and he showed me where we would go when we got older. He showed me the junior highschool just past the highschool and then we came back around to his old elementary school where some of his friends were playing base ball. I love to play baseball and they were short a good first baseman. The kid they had playing had really thick glasses and he couldn't keep them up on his nose. He missed two easy plays while we sat on our bikes and watched. Larry said something to this kid named Charlie and me and he were in the game. Larry played short stop or center field, they put him on short stop. They were down by six at the top of the fifth so we had to work but we were second to bat and at the middle of the ninth we were nine six and the other team called us faggots. Larry waved his butt at them and told them to eat him. I would. Huh? I don't know why I thought that but he looked really good.
          That night mom asked Larry to spend the night and my life totally changed forever. I told you that I was prepubescent. I mean I not only didn't have a hair down there, I didn't have a there down there. At least not one that I knew anything about. I know that it really feels good to take a pee and if I don't clean myself I get like this really smelly stuff up under my skin. Dad took me and pulled my skin back and wiped his fingers around under there. I almost died it hurt so bad. I was all red and it was so sore. Dad made me smell of his fingers and it smelled really sick. He told me that I was all cheesy and that I had to clean myself every day. He told me to pull the skin back when I take a pee pee and to dry myself off. I get a wad of toilet paper and get it wet and wash my penis each time I pee. I don't ever want to get that feeling again.
          Larry and I were upstairs in my bedroom over the front of the house, far away from my parents room at the back of the house. Eons and eons away from me and any noise I might choose to make. The stairs up to my room were narrow and steep and it would be very easy to know if anyone were to try to come up them long before they could reach my locked bedroom door. I removed my tee shirt and shoes then pulled my jeans down, again. As the last time I undressed, Larry sat on my bed staring at me. He seemed to be looking at my briefs. I had heard about boys who liked to look at other boys' naked boy stuff and...well, I kinda....well. I have never done it. I don't get around where I could do that. I look at guys when I stand at the urinal. I really like seeing old dudes when I go over to the highschool. One time I had to go to the boys' locker room and all of these old guys were naked and their stuff was just flopping around as they chased each other around and took showers and stuff. Some of them waved their big old stuff at me and I felt all funny down there again but the coach came and got me so that I could deliver the message I had for him.
          Larry was looking at me the way I did at those guys. It made me feel all funny to have him stare. It made me feel good, really good. "Hey, dude, you gonna get undressed or you gonna sleep in your clothes." I asked him. He looked at me with that killer smile and took off all of his clothes.
          Yeah, all of them. He stood there naked with this slightly larger penis than I expected on his tiny body. It was hard and standing straight out at almost three and a half inches. It was only about as big around as my finger but I was fascinated by it. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was about my height at four foot six or seven. He had to weigh more than me though cause he had muscles. I mean real muscles. His chest looked like some of those old guys in the locker room. He had this really muscled up stomach and his arms looked like he was a weight lifter. I found out that he was.
          His dad and big brother had these weights in his back yard and a few machines in his garage. His mother was letting him work out on them for thirty minutes each day. She told him he was to young and small to work too much. She thought that he would hurt his body. From what I saw he hadn't hurt anything.
          He was still staring at me then he asked me if I was going to get ready for bed. I told him I was ready. I don't have pajamas and I always sleep in my underwear. He looked sad and started to pick up his underwear. I asked him what he slept in. I was shocked when he said that he had always slept naked. He could never remember anything else. I pushed his underwear from his hands and slipped my down my thighs.
          Larry smiled and we climbed up on my bed. He asked if we could leave the little light on by the bed. He wanted to look at me naked. I wanted so much to look at him too so I turned off the overhead light and lay down. Larry got up on his knees and looked at me, all over. He looked under my arms and at my feet. He made me turn over and spread my cheeks apart so that he could look at my butt hole. I was breathing so heavy and my heart was up in my throat. My head was kind of swimming. I just felt so good all over. I look back and I know that it was sexual excitement but I was so innocent and naive in those days. My naivety and innocence was only to remain with me for a few more very short minutes.
          It was my turn to look at Larry. He lay back and let me look at him the same way that he had looked at me. I got a little closer to his body than he had gotten to mine and I sniffed of his smells and dragged my fingers over every part of him. I laid my face into his tiny, smooth, hairless arm pits and felt like I was going to cry. I wrapped both hands around his super hard biceps. I couldn't quite get my hands all the way around. without this super hard beating of my heart inside my chest. The feelings marching through my body had me totally senseless. Now I know it was lust that had control of me but I just let it control and control.
          I smelled of his feet and looked between each toe. Larry lay there laughing. He was ticklish but he just held on to a handful of my bed sheets and let me touch, sniff, and feel. I looked up into his ass hole. It was all weird looking. Kind of dark around the very outside and really tight and puckered up toward the slightly lighter center. It didn't smell at all. Larry just smelled the same all over.
          He turned over to lay on his back and his penis stood straight up. That really had my eye. I so wanted....what. I don't know what I wanted. My throat was aching with this intense desire. My heart was beating so hard that I could feel it in my chest. I picked up Larry's balls. They were a bit bigger than mine, maybe about the size of small marbles. He kinda let out a small giggle and a sigh as I moved them around and felt them moving inside his silky smooth little bag. I looked at his big pole and realized what was different about him. He didn't have any skin over the head of his penis. I was staring at his cock head, a sight that I don't ever recall having seen before.
          Larry told me that he had a cock not a penis and I agreed. I asked him if it was a dick. He told me, "Damn straight it is." I had no control over my body. I just leaned forward and took him into my mouth. Larry moaned and pushed his butt up shoving his cocklet deep into my mouth. I was hooked and I would never pass on the chance to suck a cock any more. I asked him if he liked me sucking on is dick. He arched his back to shove his sweet meat into the air. I bent over and began to suck it again.
          I moved around and sucked his cock for keeps. We neither one knew shit about what we were doing so when Larry had his first ever orgasm it scared us. He made me keep going and then he told me that he really felt great. I kept on sucking him and he did it two more times. He turned off the light and told me he was going to sleep. I tried to sleep but I wanted to suck his dick some more. I turned around and laid my head on his hard tummy and sucked his cock. I awakened the next morning with his stiff morning wood still in my mouth.
          It was August of the following year that we finally moved away. Larry had entered puberty about November and began to shoot little drops of juice for my hungry mouth around Christmas time. My cock was a little more than four inches long and I never missed a chance at stroking it and getting my own juice out. I tried tasting my own peter milk and I liked it. I shot more than Larry did and mine was a little bit thicker and a lot more white than his watery droplets.
          Larry never sucked me or touched me but he let me suck him all of the time. At the very least I would suck him for an hour right after school every day. Most weekends we slept together and I would sleep with his cock in my mouth. I loved it. I was crushed when I waved goodbye to my favorite piece of meat for the last time. Well, really, he was my only piece of meat. I had never even thought about doing it to anyone else. Larry and I were together all of the time.

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