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This story is taken from notes and blurbs that I wrote down over the years so it may seem a bit choppy. I believe that all of the important parts are here so please read and enjoy the truth about My Life.

Chapter five
    I suppose that I need to tell the rest of Tommy's and my history, but I have to tell you that this part is going to skip around quite a bit. Our relationship was on and off again before it really began then, as you just read, we got back together. Let me begin where it more or less ended and work back and forth. If you are not completely confused by this segment then you have been paying more attention then I.
    At the beginning of our senior year the coach was at the locker room door. "Gym clothes today, ladies. Shorts and tees. Yes, jocks, socks, and shoes, Anson."
    We grouped together in the bleachers. Coach made everyone move down to the front and close in, tight. Something was going on. It was sixth period, we should have been out on the practice field. I know it was only Monday, but our homecoming game is Friday and the stupid plays we made last Friday…If we hadn't played the worst fucking school in the whole conference we would have been toast. I guess we deserve an ass chewing, at least a few did.
    I didn't really understand coach pulling us all in like this. He would normally lay down on the five assholes that played their own game during our time. Oh well, he's coach, I'm scum. I'm a running back. I scored all three TDs last game. We won by fifteen points. I guess that's not good enough. Coach walked over to the side of the gym and called out to someone then he walked back and sat down on the bench in front of us.
    Tommy walked out on the floor flanked by two men in white doctor type coats. Tommy looked like shit. His eyes were dark and blood shot, his face was drawn, he was shaking. He walked up close to the front row and began to speak very softly. "I have asked the school to let me talk. I thank coach for this time. What I have to say is not going to be easy."
    "Speak up, we can't hear you," somebody behind me yelled out.
    "What I have to say is not easy. It's not going to be easy for you to hear and it dang sure ain't easy for me to say," he was shaking so hard that I thought that he was going to fall. One of the doctor types reached for him. Tommy put his hand on the man's shoulder as the man said something to him.
    "No. I'm okay. I have to do this. You said I could do it, please." The man stood there and let Tommy hold on to him for support.
    "Guy's, …I'm queer." Murmurs and shuffling of feet moved around the class of sixty teenage boys ranging from fourteen to eighteen. "Some of you already knew this. Some of you have had sex with me. One of you has been the best thing I ever had in my life." Dead silence as every one looked at each other.
    "I have been so stupid. I didn't know what a real friend was. I used him. Just like I used all of you. You have been a means to an end for me. I was chosen as the quarterback for this team as a freshman. I was picked for this team when I was only in the eighth grade. I was groomed to be the best quarterback this school has ever had. I stand a good chance at a free ride to any of several universities because of football. Coach has busted my butt for five years and he has made me a champion. I made myself the asshole that I am. Sorry coach, I just have to say it like it is." The school has a very strict no cussing code. That one word could get him expelled for the remainder of the year.
    "I have treated my boyfriend like shit. I have hidden behind the skirts of every girl I could find. I used them to hide what I am, a dick eating, take it up the butt, queer."
    That really made the class squirm. Come on man some things just needn't be spelled out. It may be nineteen sixty two, but homosexuals are still the scum of the earth, he was signing his own death warrant.
    "I let my boyfriend chase around, I date every weekend and a few week days, but I always go to his bed after I take the girls home and let him make the most passionate love that can ever be imagined to me." That one made the coach squirm.
    "Look, I'm not here as an advocate for queers, okay. I am here to apologize to all of you that I have used as my sex toys and I am here to apologize to the greatest man the world has ever known and beg him to forgive me for what I have done. I am going to explain these two men with me and why I haven't been in school today. This is part of my therapy, so bear with me. Last Friday night my boyfriend made me feel him deep inside of me. Yes, he was doing it to me, I love it. Sorry guys, he is by far the best lay of all of you and many of you have done me and I have done more than a few of you.
    "We lay together afterwards and I compared his kisses to a broad—old time word for girl—that was the wrong thing to do. He was hurt and rightfully so. He wants me to be with him. I have used him since the eighth grade. We became lovers during the tenth grade. Many of you wanted to get together with me again and I blew you off. I am afraid I was rude and a little dicky when I did it. I am sorry. Now you know why I was like that. I wouldn't cheat on him with a guy, but I was all over the girls because it was good for my rep and to keep the rest of you from beating me up for being a fag. I did get with some of you from time to time because I like what we do together. Sometimes I did it for spite because he would piss me off. I pissed him off Friday night.
    "We were laying there talking and I let my mouth overload my ass. He told me to shut up, but I kept on. We argued. He told me we were through. He was tired of my mind games. He is very sensitive and he is strictly a one man guy. Or one person, I have seen him with a girl and he is just as passionate with her as he is with me. I even double dated with him just so I could watch him fuck. That man has the moves. My date thought I should take lessons. I went to his bed after our date and asked him to teach me, well. He tried, I just wouldn't listen. I love to receive and wasn't all that interested in being the top. He wants me to top so that I can be a whole man, I can't do that. He is my man, I am his, whatever." Some of the team members were wanting to leave. Coach told them to shut up and sit down.
    This was going to be bad for Tommy if he ever came back to school. They would beat the shit out of him. Oh, it would be all over the school that he was a fag, no doubt about that, but he would also have to face the fag haters, and there were a bunch of those.

    My mind drifted back to the first time I ever saw this remarkable piece of boy flesh. It was September of nineteen fifty eight. I attended a combination Jr. Sr. Highschool. I lived in a very large city with eleven highschools, six of which were combined schools. As new highschools were built the old school was turned into a Jr. High. At the time only the seventh and eighth grades were considered Jr. High and it just wasn't economically sound to have a whole building for only two grades. Good for me. Now, half a century later, there is still no Jr. High in the area of my Alma Mater. Not enough kids, they say. All of the population moved out to the burbs, they say. Urban sprawl, I say.
    Tommy had stood naked in front of me trying to figure out how he was supposed to wear his cup in his jock strap. Of course I was willing to help him. I fell in lust with him instantly. He was a small fourteen year old boy, but he had that spark that set fire to my soul. To this day I think of that boy and all of the fun that we shared for five years.

    "Okay, so here is what it boils down to. The most important person in my life got up and walked out of my life in the middle of the night Friday night. I begged him not to leave. I took his clothes from him. He already had his keys in his hand so he got in his car and drove off, naked. My father heard us and what was going on. He threatened me, my mother cussed me. I got in my car and went out to kill myself, I didn't succeed, I was stopped and taken for evaluation. I have been in the hospital all weekend. I can not go home, ever again. My parents don't want to ever see me again. I have no place to live so the state is going to put me in a home. Before I go I had to tell him that it was me that fucked up. I know now how much I love him and I am so sorry." He stood and cried as he looked at each boy in the stands. No one had anything showing on his face, but revulsion.

    "Sounds like situational ethics to me, coach." Coach stood up and turned around. He looked at the class.
    "Who said that? Want to explain what you mean?"
    "Situational ethics. He's not sorry for what he's done, he's sorry that it didn't go right and now he has to pay the price." I could have said nothing that would have hurt him more. He dropped to his knees and started to bawl. I do love him. Fuck I love him with all of my heart, I can't lose him. What could I do?
    The doctors helped Tommy to his feet and were about to lead him away. "Can't you just tell me that you forgive me and still love me?" He looked around the class. As he looked at me I lowered my eye lids and put on a faint smile. He returned our signal and smiled from ear to ear. I stood up and made my way to the isle as coach yelled at me to take my seat. I jumped the railing and walked over to Tom and took him in my arms and kissed him deep and hard. I shoved my tongue down his throat. His arms went around me as his hand roamed my back. I ground my crotch into his then I backed away.
    "What's this shit about having no place to stay. You know for a fact that you can live with me. My father has told you many times that you need to put off all of your pretense and move into my bedroom. We make beautiful music together and I am not going to let you go." He was all smiles. I turned and everybody saw my boner and the exodus began. The stands became a flurry of activity as one boy after another that Tom and I had been with, some together some by ourselves, came to hug us and most of them kissed us, some even on the lips. I looked back in the stands to see only about twelve or so muscle heads still sitting there.
    Finally big old Jerry stood up. He was six foot four of all muscle and ninety percent of it in his head. He shook the stands as he stomped his two hundred and sixty pounds of flesh down the stairs and out on to the floor. He grabbed me and picked me up above his head. "You still gonna shove that nine inch dick of yours up my ass ain't you little buddy?" I nodded at him. He put me down and turned to Tom, "You better love him good or I'll finish what you couldn't do, you fucking queer." He grabbed Tom and kissed him on the lips, everybody laughed.
    Coach blew his whistle and as always he was a foot from my left ear. If I'm not deaf by graduation day it is not because coach didn't try. "Alright ladies, we got a lot to think about. I'm calling it a day. We have a very big game Friday. Central is tied with us at 8 and 0. Are we going to be a team? Think about it and be here tomorrow."

    We remained close friends all the way through school. Tommy and Jimmy were deemed a couple when in our senior year they showed up at the prom as each other's dates. They danced the night away and kissed each other in front of the whole student body.

    I have one little piece of housekeeping to do before I end this story of my life. Remember Bob, the seventh grade cornet player that was good enough to join John and me in the highschool band? The coronet and trumpet section leaders were a tight bunch. There was Jim, who played first trumpet. I played first coronet, but it was always a tough lead as John was just as good as I and he challenged for my chair every other week, I challenged him on the other weeks.
    Bob was right in there with his challenges, but the four of us bonded through our music and that fact kept our friendship alive. The sex with Jim had only been that one year, our freshman year. The sex with John didn't survive into our sophomore year. And there was never any sex between me and Bob. I don't believe that the other two had any sexual relations with him either.
    Just after the spring break of my senior year the band went on a trip to a contest at one of the state's universities known for their music program. Jim came to me and asked to borrow the matching suitcase to my trumpet case for the trip. I thought nothing of it and gladly loaned him the suitcase. I didn't know that it would mean the end of my music career and the end of my school days.
    I suppose that the main hurt to my family and those that had supported me was that it also meant that I did not graduate, therefore I did not get to accept my appointment to The West Point Military Academy. The standards there are very strict because they are training men to be leaders of soldiers that protect our country. I had shown a weakness that could not be forgiven.
    Actually my weakness was the fact that I would not give my friends up. Bob and John had acquired two six packs of beer and they talked Jim into getting my suitcase to carry the beer onboard the bus to our contest. Since the suitcase exactly matched my trumpet case no one thought anything of it being carried in the overhead luggage rack aboard the bus.
    No one except one nasty assed chaperone. She was the mother of the biggest dweeb that ever lived. Her son was dressed in combed cotton knee pants and a white ruffled shirt from the first day that I saw him. He was a pimple faced, mousy, redheaded geek that played third clarinet, fourth chair.
    She watched the boys at the back of the bus like a vulture waiting to swoop down on its prey. Her baby had told her that the other boys picked on him and she was going to protect him all of the way.
    Jim would come to me and smile then take my suitcase down from the overhead and carry it into the small restroom at the back of the bus. John and Bob would sneak inside and they would be in there for several minutes. That was suspicious.
    I should mention here that the suitcase, and my trumpet case, had my last name in six inch tall block letters painted in white on the outside. My mother was sure that I would loose one or the other so I put my name on them so that I could spot them easily when I went on trips. I was the only one with that type of horn and that type of case, but you know mothers…
    When the three drunks exited the restroom after their third trip in there on a two hour bus ride the chaperone was waiting for them. She dashed her head into the restroom expecting to find drugs, she smelled beer. She came after me, "I got you now. Just wait till I tell the director that you are selling beer on board this bus."
    As the buses unloaded for the contest she was up in the director's face. He looked at me and shook his head. He waited until after our performance at the contest before he came to me and told me that when we returned to the school that I was to turn in my uniform.
    I guess the old biddy had it in for me and didn't think to notice who was getting the suitcase and who was in the restroom. I was the only one that was in the office with my dad sitting in front of the vice principal's desk Monday morning. There were two police detectives there as well. All of them wanted to know who bought the beer and who had taken it aboard the bus. I knew nothing and I kept my lips sealed. That sealed my fate. Because I wouldn't rat out my friends I was suspended for two weeks and removed from all of my elective classes. With less than two months to go before I would be through with high school forever I would fall short two credits that I needed to graduate.
    I hid my wounded pride and attended the prom, with no interference from the school. My date was still a student and I was her escort. I attended the graduation exercises to watch all of my friends walk across the stage and get that little piece of paper that we had all worked for for twelve years.
    I knew that the only thing that I could do was to leave town, so I joined the Army. I got my GED as soon as I left basic training and started my AIT. The first Sargent told me that my scores were very high and that I should go get my highschool diploma. He sent me over to another building where I took a series of tests and three hours later I returned with that cherished piece of paper in my hand and perfect scores on all five parts of the examination.

    I had known Cheryl like forever. We went to the same church. We had classes together since the eighth grade. She had always been there. We were always cordial and spoke to each other, but my fantasies lay in the line of a long hard cock shooting its nice hot creamy filling down my throat.
    When it came time for my prom I knew I had to go. That was going to be the night. I asked Cheryl and she said yes. We had a great evening and I took her home then I went to an after party. I left with a really hot guy that I had been wanting to do for years. We went to his house. He was so drunk that he didn't remember where he lived or even who he was. There was an old room in the back of his garage and he had a bed in there. I always thought of it as his jack off hide-away. We decided to sleep there so his folks wouldn't see him drunk. I got us naked and we sucked each other's dicks all night. He asked me to fuck him. After I fucked him we turned around and sucked each other some more.
    I awakened when the first bit of light lit the room. Suddenly being there didn't seem like a good thing. I awakened him and suggested that we go to my house and sober up some more. He asked me if we had sex. I looked at him, not sure what to say. He bent over and sucked my dick and I shot a load in seconds. It was getting brighter out and I was afraid his folks would head out to work and see my car there and wonder where we were. I got us dressed and into my car and took him to my mother's house. My stepdad had to leave early so mom was up. She cooked us breakfast and chastised us for drinking. I told her it was the prom, we were seniors, we were grown up. Like that explained everything.
    He was sober so I took him back to the party site to get his car. On the way he told me his ass hurt. He looked at me and told me I had fucked him in the ass. Again I was silent. He smiled and told me that he liked it. He said we had to get together again and stay sober the next time.
    The rest of the school year he shined me. We did not speak and he acted as is I didn't exist. I ended up with a six week long sexual fast. Graduation night he came up to me in the hallway. He told me that he wasn't a homo. He said that I raped him and I should be in a hospital because I was a sicko. He said if we were anywhere else he would hit me. Like yeah. That would have been the end of him. I was one tough little cocksucker and I loved to fight.

    After graduation I asked Cheryl if she wanted to go to a party or two. She seemed really anxious so we left. We made about four parties and she said she really wanted to go somewhere alone. I drove out to the lake and a spot that I knew of with a grassy hillside and a small stand of trees where we could not be seen from the road. I drove down into the tree grove and parked the car. I had a big blanket in the trunk that I spread on the ground. It was a perfectly clear night with a big full moon hanging over the lake, a more romantic spot or night never existed. She didn't want to get her gown messed up so I helped her out of it and I took my slacks off. Before we got to the blanket I went back and removed my shirt and tie. Now, clad only in my bun huggers and shoes, I went to the blanket to lay down with her. She had on a silk slip that went from her chest to her knees. I helped her remove her stockings so that she wouldn't snag them and we lay down for some serious face sucking. That girl could kiss and she was aware of what she was doing to me. How could she not be, all I had on were a small pair of white brief bun huggers. I always, to this day, buy my underwear a size or two small. I like being held together. I hate flopping around unless I am freeballing in a pair of Levis.
    I never got to first base. She just raised her petty coat and pulled off her panties and told me to be gentle, home run with no hits. My briefs got the worst treatment. I practically tore them getting them off. I got between her legs and lined up. Yeah, I had to look, I wasn't all that sure of where everything was. I was as gentle as I knew how to be. I pushed in slowly and I felt a major resistence. I was barely even inside her. I almost pulled out, but nature kicked me in the butt and I pushed in all the way. "Oh, silly boy. You just busted my hymen."
    I looked at her as I thought for a moment. "You mean you are virgin? I just broke your cherry." She giggled. I was in lust. I began the age old movements that make the world go round, and round and round. My head was spinning. I had fucked a virgin ass hole just a few weeks earlier, after the prom, and now I had virgin pussy. I was doing a comparison study. I pushed all the way in and bent over to kiss her. I wasn't even moving and suddenly. Boom. Without warning. There it was. I blasted off a full load in her. She was kissing me with more passion than I knew existed in this whole world. I was terrified. I just shot my load in a virgin. What if she get's pregnant? The way she was making me feel I didn't care. I just stayed where I was.
    She raised up slipped the straps of her petticoat off of her arms. I reached behind her to unhook her bra. Three fucking hooks. They only make these things to torment horny boys. Her breasts were small. I have seen boys with bigger boobs. She had a B cup. I took them in my hand and began to knead them. She was in ecstasy. I never a knew that tits were a girls erogenous zone. She had a massive orgasm and nearly cut my dick off at the base. That got me super hard again. I started to pump in and out while I continued to massage her tits. She had another orgasm then another. This girl was fantastic. I was working my dick in and out and up and down and all around and I guess I hit her clitoris as her pussy started to spasm and squeeze my dick with the best love it had ever had. I fired off a big load that turned my toes inside out.
    We broke our kiss and I rolled over beside her. She scooted up on my arm and lay her head against my chest. I spit and blew and pushed her hair away from my face as I pulled closer into her. I worked my hands over her entire body as I explored new territory. She was complaining that she could feel my stuff running down her legs. I was so gallant. I put my hand between her legs and scooped it up. I brought my hand to my face and sniffed. Yum, cum. I licked my fingers and went back between her legs. I pushed my whole hand into her cunt lips and wiped what I could find then I stuck two fingers up inside to hunt for more. Each time I was pulling my hand to my face, carefully, to lick it clean without her seeing me and getting grossed out.
    My cock was now back to full erection and I was hitting her clit with my diving. We were ready to go again. I mounted my new found little pony and we went at it like two seventeen year olds in heat. Duh. I was only afraid that if I kissed her she would taste or smell what I had been doing. I fired off another big load and was pretty much drained, but I knew we would go to kissing when I rolled off. I thought I would perform a noble gesture. "Let me make sure that doesn't drip out and bother you again." I bent down and licked her pussy clean. I gagged several times. This had to be the most disgusting thing I had ever done in my life. I wanted cum and I needed cum, bad, but to suck it out of a pussy, with pussy juice mixed in. I gagged again. It helped if I kept my eyes closed. When I could taste more her and less me I pulled up and lay beside her.
    "That has got to be the nicest thing anyone ever did for me. I know it was sickening to you. I could hear you gag, but you did that for my comfort. I hope it doesn't taste too bad. I love you. I have never said that to a boy before, but I know deep in my heart that I love you."
    I astonished myself. I was in love with her. This wasn't just lust. I felt something inside. For the first time in my life I loved someone outside my family. I was truly in love. We slept for a few hours. When I awakened the moon was far off in the western sky. I kissed Cheryl and she opened her eyes. "It's late, my love. Maybe I should take you home." I helped her dress and I stayed naked as long as I could. She was really getting a good look at my virile body, and I could tell she liked what she saw. I walked down to the edge of the lake. I pissed on some weeds about ten feet from the shore then squatted down at the lake's edge, to wash my dick and under my foreskin. She was standing beside me watching me.
    "Was I good?" Egads, the girl thing.
    "Yes, baby. That was the greatest."
    "You do it much?" She kinda pouted.
    "No. You're the first." I was walking back to the car. I put my underwear on with a flourish as I bounced my huge balls around and made a process of getting my cock to lay just right in my drawers.
    "I heard about…"she started. That old story just wouldn't die.
    "That was a disaster. I was a scarred little kid. I had no idea what I was doing. I decided that night to save myself for someone special." I only prayed that she hadn't heard about Ann M. That story didn't travel very far afield.
    "Am I special."
    "The most special." We got in the car and drove the long way around the lake, slowly. We headed back to her house at about six thirty. When we got there I walked her to the door. Her dad opened the door and asked me in. "Oh, shit." I thought. We went to the kitchen. Cheryl's mom was cooking bacon and homemade biscuits, a serious weakness of mine. She asked me how I wanted my eggs. I asked for a cup of coffee.
    "You two been drinking?" Her dad asked.
    "No sir. We went to a few parties and they were drinking, but we didn't want to so we went for a drive. We went to the lake and watched the moon set."
    Cheryl came back in with a simple skirt and blouse on. She had combed her hair out and put a ribbon around it to pull it back. She really looked sweet. I got up and walked over to her and held her hand as I looked at her dad. "Sir, may I marry your daughter?" She threw her arms around me and kissed me right there in front of them.
    "I guess that's what she wants also," he paused as the two of them stared at us. We looked at them with eagerness on our faces. "How will you support her?"
    "Sir, I just graduated high school last night. I am seventeen years old. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. I have been working as a soda jerk at a drive in restaurant for two years so I have some money saved. I have thought about college, but…sir I love Cheryl and I can't think beyond that."
    We sat down and ate breakfast with Cheryl feeding me bacon and hot buttered biscuits. We giggled and held on to each other as if our very lives depended on it. Her parents sat across from us holding each other and smiling at us. They made comments about how we reminded them of themselves. They kissed each other and smiled at us some more. Phil, Cheryl's thirteen year old brother came in with just his pajama bottoms on and scratching at his ass. He looked at his sister then at me and in the sing song fashion of a little brother he rang out, "Cheryl's got a boyfriend."
    "Be nice," his father said. "This is your brother in law. He has my permission to whip your butt if you get out of line." Everybody smiled at each other.
    I got seriously stupid. I enlisted in the Army. Cheryl and I held off getting married until Christmas. By then everybody knew what we had been up to. She was thin so pregnancy really changed her. Our first daughter was born in February of sixty three. The Army liked me so when my second daughter was born in March of sixty seven I was in Vietnam. I collected metals. No not medals, metals. Sixty seven pieces in all. That bought me a medical discharge and a pension.

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