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Chuck Chapter 2
    Mr. Wilson waited patiently as Chuck watched his dad's car wind up the dirt road toward the highway. "Ahem," he cleared his throat. Chuck turned to look at the camp director, the dust having settled and the sound of the car's engine now swallowed by the sounds of the river and wind rustling through the tree tops. "Let me show you to your cabin.
    "I thought I was gonna stay in a tent," Chuck said sullenly. He was sure that this was going to be a big mistake. This was no camp ground, it was a old family resort. There were a dozen clapboard cabins setting up about two feet off of the ground on piers. They were in no particular order, they just seemed to be built where the carpenter laid his tools. There were three "out-houses" a short distance from the cabins. An old well with an iron hand pump to draw the water from the underground was in the general center of the cabin area. A large three story house stood against the foot of a tall mountain on the opposite side of the road from the cabins. The lower level appeared to be a garage with old, dilapidated doors that looked like they might fall off at any moment.
    "The insects would eat you alive in a tent. You'll be in a cabin with three other boys your own age.
    "Why don't you like Frank?" Chuck asked.
    "I explained to your father my concerns and he agrees with me. As he told you, you are to avoid him and stay with a buddy at all times," Mr. Wilson said sternly. He opened the cabin door for Chuck and they went inside.
    "This is Peter Robinson," he pointed toward a pimple faced, red haired boy with his finger in his nose. "And that's Harry Crawford," a bespectacled book worm, thought Chuck. "The fourth boy for this cabin hasn't arrived yet. Choose either of the open bunks in the other room, and put your gear away, we'll have formation at 16:30 and then chow time. I know you're ready for chow, huh?
    "Sir, not two hours ago I feasted on fresh game and greens from these very woods. I'm quite sure that any "Chow" you could serve would scarcely be any comparison." Chuck turned and went into the other room of the cabin and choose the bunk on the far side of the room.
    "Cheeky bastard that one," Mr. Wilson mumbled as he left the cabin.

    "You're fat, ain't you?" Peter stood in the opening between the rooms. Still picking his nose he said, "I think fat boys are disgusting. Bet you don't get many girlfriends.
    "I can imagine the same with you. What are you looking for in your nose? Your fortune?
    Peter stuck his tongue out and walked away. Harry sat on his bed laughing. "I've been here two hours and he hasn't had that finger out of his nose the whole time. I thought maybe it grew there." He stepped around the short wall and stood in the opening, "I'm Harry. I'm twelve and a half. Be thirteen in six weeks and two days.
    "I'm Chuck. I'll be thirteen in two weeks. I thought this was supposed to be a camp out.
    "Well isn't it?
    "No, we're in cabins for land sakes. I wanted to stay in a tent and sleep on the ground. This is just like home with a bed and a roof.
    "Ain't like my home," Harry said. "We have twelve rooms with a black maid and gardener.
    Rich kid, probably spoiled rotten. He'll start crying before we get out of the area for the first hike. The nose picker might be interesting, he can show these city boys the way home with his trail of boogers.

    The door opened and Mr. Wilson led in the best looking kid Chuck had ever seen. "Hey, guys, this is Eric. Eric, there's one open bunk here by the door. You and Chuck will have this room, Peter and Harry will be out here." Each boy waved as his name was called and Eric waved back. Mr. Wilson left with another announcement of chow and said that it would be served in about forty five minutes.
    Eric placed his bags on his bunk and looked around. "I have to get out of these clothes." He sat down and untied his wing tips and then stood to drop the combed cotton slacks. The tie was the next thing off and then the long sleeved white shirt with a, button down collar. He stood there in a pair of white boxers. He looked at Chuck and dropped his underwear. "My mother makes me wear this crap, and she has the laundry starch my shorts. They chafe my balls. Look how red they are." He lifted his balls for Chuck to see the reddened skin beneath them. Chuck was already staring. He was staring at the longest, thickest cock he had ever seen. He had never seen anyone else, but his father naked and this was amazing. He just kept staring. Eric was about five six maybe one hundred and twenty pounds. He had strong looking muscles and he was doing something to Chuck that was totally new. Chuck wanted to rush over and feel this beautiful boy all over. He really wanted to touch him.
    Eric had turned his back and was opening his suitcase searching through for different clothes. He looked as good from behind as he did from the front. Chuck didn't know about erections, but he had one. All he knew was he really felt funny down there and it felt good.. Eric squatted down and grabbed an old Army pack. He opened it up and dug around the bottom until he pulled out a package of white underwear. "I got the chauffeur to buy me some bun huggers. I hate those boxers, but mother is afraid that I won't be a strong man if I cut myself off with tight underwear. Bleedin' sod. What she don't know...
    "You have an accent. Where are you from?" Chuck asked.
    "Well really here. I was born here, so was father. Mum was born in Brighton, that's in England. I've been living there since I was two. We just came back here in May. Father wants me to learn about his roots. I think I much prefer this to stodgy old England. A house full of randy young lads, two months in the woods, Who knows what can happen?" He shook out a pair of the folded up underwear then scratched his balls again while watching Chuck drool. He knew he had a live one here. He reached down and pulled his foreskin back and ran his finger all around the head then licked his finger clean. Chuck nearly fell over his knees were so weak.
    Eric decided to really dig in and hook this obvious virgin boy. He walked over to Chuck's bunk and climbed up on it. Standing up straight he turned so his crotch was directly in the gapping boy's face. "Do you see any cuts on my balls or are they just raw?
    "Er, ah, I...uh, just great, er, raw. I don't see any blood, uh...
    "Be a pal. Get that blue jar of salve out of my valise for me." Chuck did as he was told though not wanting to take his eyes away from the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. "Come on then, put some on me." Eric was saying as he held his balls tight against his obviously hardening dick.
    Chuck opened the jar and it contained a white cream, it smelled medicinal. He scooped up a small dollop and touched it to Eric's ball sack. The two egg shaped orbs contained therein looked about the size of large pecans or small walnuts. "Go on then, rub it round. That's the lad." Chuck reached his finger back in and under the proffered scrotum and rubbed the cream all around. Hearing movement in the other room Eric jumped down and pulled his new underwear on.
    "We're going to formation and chow. Ya coming?" Peter had no couth.
    "In a minute. I had to change clothes." Eric said as he pulled on a pair of blue jeans. He got out a pair of black high top Keds™ basketball shoes. "Come on then, be a pal help me tie up." Chuck dropped to his knees and tied the boys shoe strings as soon as Eric had them on his feet. Eric pulled on a tee shirt and grabbed Chuck around the waist. "Good on ya, lad. We're gonna get on smashingly, I see." The two boys headed toward the big house where a group of boys were lining up.
    As Chuck expected chow consisted of a lot of canned food prepared with no concern for taste or content. It was so institutional that it could rank right up there with school cafeteria, or even hospital fare. It did fill the belly and several of the other boys carried on as how that was the best meal they had ever eaten. "Poor kids," thought Chuck, "they wouldn't know good food if it kicked them in the shins.
    The boys were given free time to explore until sunset, which was about two hours. They were advised that since they didn't know the area that they should not leave sight of the camp. Chuck took Eric and they headed off to the thickest part of the woods with Chuck assuring Eric that he knew this area well enough to find his way back, even in the thick of night. Out of sight of the camp Eric put his arm around Chuck. "I really like you. I think we could be good friends.
    "How, uh, old are, uh you, er ah Eric?" Chuck stammered.
    "I'll be thirteen in two weeks.
    "Oh, wow. Me too. What date?
    "June twenty fifth.
    "I beat you. June twenty third," crowed a proud Chuck.
    "Your dick growing yet?" Eric wanted to know.
    "I don't think so," pouted Chuck.
    "Go on then, let me see." He took hold of Chuck's, button front jeans and popped the, buttons open. He let the pants drop to the ground as he put his hand down the front of the boy's underwear. Chuck shivered as the first hand since his mother's touched his cock. Eric pulled the boy's pants down and went down on his knees. He lovingly fondled the trembling youth as he lifted and pulled and stroked the three inch boner in his hand. He looked up at Chuck's face which was a mix of emotion. He slowly took the small cock into his mouth. Never taking his eyes from the face above him he was pleased as he saw the gauntlet of emotions echoed there. Slowly Chuck looked down and smiled as Eric continued to nurse and suckle the pricklet in his mouth.
    "Man, that feels so good. Let me do you.
    Eric stood up and pulled his jeans and shorts down together. His dick, already hard, bounced out as Chuck got to his knees and opened his mouth as he grabbed the hard cock. Pulling it to his mouth, he stuck out his tongue and licked at it. He tasted what he had on his tongue, then licked all around it before taking the whole thing into his mouth. It tasted and felt so right he knew he would be doing this everyday for the next two months. He licked and slurped on the long skinny pole for several seconds before Eric put his hands on the back of his friend's head and started to fuck in and out. Chuck caught on real quick and took over the motions himself. In a very few minutes Eric told him he was about to cum. Chuck didn't know what he meant and kept on as usual. In a few more stokes Eric fired off volley after volley into the hot sucking mouth before him. He had always wanted to cum in someone's mouth. He had sucked many of the older boys in school in Brighton, but none had ever taken him all the way. He was in love with Chuck.
    Chuck jerked back and wiped off his mouth. He stood up, "what did you do? Did you pee in my mouth?
    Eric explained what cum was and told Chuck that he had warned him. This was, after all, only nineteen fifty six and there was no such thing as sex education; since Chuck showed no signs of puberty his dad had not found it convenient to discuss these matters with his son. Chuck was a little sick at his stomach, but then again happy. He couldn't believe that he had taken something so gross sounding into his mouth, but then again, it didn't taste bad. Eric pulled Chuck down to the ground and sucked on him again aligning himself so that they could sixty nine. Eric had never done this and he was really happy when he felt his own cock engulfed in the hot mouth of his new fuck-mate. The boys lay there and sucked until the last vestiges of light petered from the sky. Rising they hurriedly pulled up their pants and headed back to camp hand in hand. At the edge of the tree line they stopped and kissed each other. Then turned and walked back to camp as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.
    That night Eric and Chuck turned in at lights out. There was no electricity in this camp. Oil filled lamps were hung in each room and had to be lit and extinguished each evening. The boys kept very quiet until they were sure their cabin mates were sound asleep. An hour later Eric got out of bed and slipped over to Chuck's bed. Chuck was ready. He had his underwear under his pillow and was naked and waiting. He heard Eric coming and he slipped out of bed to meet the boy in the middle of the room. They hugged each other and silently lay down on the floor in opposite directions. In moments they had each other in their mouths and were enjoying a leisurely sixty nine. No hurry, just enjoying one another's body. They fell asleep several times during the night, but awakened often to suckle up a hard on into their own mouth. Just before daybreak Chuck decided they needed to finish up. He moved so that he had more of a downward angle on Eric and began to bob his head up and down. He wanted another taste of that cum. He had decided that he liked it in the woods and he wanted to try it again. Eric awakened and pulled the boy on top of him and began to suck in earnest. In no time Chuck was overcome with good feelings all over his body. He was heavy into his orgasm when he felt Eric's cock expand in his mouth and then the hot feelings as he felt his mouth fill with the warm liquid of his desire. He pulled back a little so he could get a good taste and then went back to get it all.
    When Eric got soft he pulled himself from the sucking mouth that had brought him pleasure. Chuck was still having dry orgasms so he was not aware of the sensitiveness of Eric's young cock. Finally Eric pulled away with a moan. He turned and took Chuck in his arms and the two tried their first ever French kiss. As their tongues played across each other's teeth and tongues they moaned with pleasure and humped against each other. Chuck had another, and strongest ever, orgasm. Eric was happy that he could do this for his new friend, but jealous that he couldn't experience the same for himself. He was, however, truly happy to be tasting his own cum for the first time, and in someone else's mouth. He had always wondered what it tasted like, but never had the courage to try it. He would jack off and swear, "this is the day.", but he would always chicken out.

    Eric had been in boarding school his whole life. He was in a very snooty, boys only schools and had always been on the receiving end of an older boy's ardor. He had tasted his first load of cum at eight when a thirteen year old was taunted by the upper classmen to bust his cherry. From that day on Eric had been a ready mouth for the older boys. He had given up his bum when he was ten and he found that to be exceptionally pleasurable. Now for the first time he was cumming in the mouth of a cute young thing and if he played his cards right he was gonna bust a nut in the tight ass before the week was out.

    The next morning camp started. Chuck thought it was very lame and wished he had not come here. Then he thought of Eric and decided he could put up with this load of crap that these counselors were putting out. The morning was spent with bad drawings of native plants and how to identify them. At noon they broke for another institutional style lunch of canned soup and cold cuts.
    The afternoon held promise as the boys were told to pair up and hike into the woods to identify and return with leaves from over twenty native plants. Eric and Chuck charged off in the direction they had taken the night before. In less than half an hour they not only had all twenty of the plants on the list, but also over thirty more. Chuck drew pictures of each leaf and identified it by both its Latin and English names. He had brought napkins from the dinning hall to gather poisonous leaves. He wrapped the leaves of poison Sumac, poison ivy, and poison oak in napkins then carefully cut the stem and wrapped it so the sap would not get on anything else. He explained to Eric that the sap was the poison. He told him that by just rubbing against the leaf minute amounts of sap gets onto the skin and causes blisters and the oozing puss from these blisters would cause more blisters if it touched more skin. He also told him that one person could pass this poison to another just by touching them. He said the sap from the cut stem was the most poisonous as it was concentrated so special care had to be made to prevent that sap from getting on the other leaves.
    Their gathering done the two stopped at a spring of pure water, coming from the side of a hill, and washed up. Chuck had a motel bar of soap in his pocket. He told Eric that he always hiked with a bar of soap. Not only to clean up with in the case of poison encounters, but it had other uses as well. Like getting into tight places to gather raw honey from wild bee hives. Eric was amazed at the knowledge that his buddy had and wanted to learn as much as he could.
    They saw an outcropping of rocks on top of the hill and decided to go up there and find a place to have sex. As they approached the rocks they heard voices. They went into stealth mode and slinked up to the rocks. Peering over they were shocked at what they saw. They looked at each other and jumped up over the rocks screaming as they went. Harry, the book worm, jerked upright his dick still shooting cum from its' gapping piss slit. Peter was lain out over a large boulder with cum running down the back of his legs and his ass hole still stretched open, gaping up at everyone.
    Peter started to cry and beg that he not be told on. Harry was in silent panic as tears streamed down his face. Chuck looked at the two naked boys as they looked for their clothes. Chuck and Eric were sitting on the clothes that had been laid on the rock under them. Peter had a smaller dick than Chuck did. He laughed to himself and thought that he would call him no Peter. Harry was a little better. His was about the size of a good nickle cigar. Same length and width, but he had hair over his dick This really fascinated Chuck as he had never seen hair except on his dad.
    Both boys were still begging and Eric had a sinister grin on his face. "Tell you what, faggots. We won't tell anyone that you were cornholing each other if you'll let us do you too. I'll do Harry and Peter, you can suck Chuck." Peter started to protest, but Harry cut him off. It was agreed that Eric could fuck Harry. Eric removed his clothes and Harry stared at his dick. "Is it to big for you?" Eric asked.
    "No, it's the same size as my cousins. He and I do it all the time." He bent over and Eric spit on his dick and moved forward sliding his dick up into Harry who was now bent over the same rock that Peter had been bent over.
    "Chuck, doff the duds, dude. You're gonna get a blow job."
    Chuck came to and jumped up pulling his clothes off as fast as he could. Peter looked a little put out, but he moved in. He took Chuck in his mouth and sucked for a moment then pulled back. He licked his middle finger and said, "I've never sucked one this small. He probably can't even cum." With that he did something that surprised everybody. He stuck his wet finger up Chuck's ass. "All the boys I suck with like this. They say it makes them cum more.
    He started fucking his finger in and out of Chuck's ass as he sucked the three inch dick with a fashion that showed experience. Chuck was amazed at the feelings going through his body as that finger slid back and forth in his, butt. Peter was hitting something inside his ass that was making him see stars. Electricity was shooting through his body as he had the most intense orgasm yet. Peter didn't stop. He kept working his finger, keeping time with his mouth and he brought Chuck to another, and even more, intense climax.
    Totally wasted Chuck slunk down to the ground and stared into Peter's face. "Thanks, man. That is the most awesome thing I have ever felt. You can do that anytime."
    "You'll have to do me too, next time." Peter said.
    Eric was pulling out of Harry who had cum running down his legs. There was cum running down the rock where Harry had lain. Eric had fucked him so well that he had come without touching it. All four boys lay down breathing hard. They still had over three hours to go before dinner time.

    Eric led Chuck back to the spring where they had washed up the daybefrore. "Look Chuck, I sorta like to have a big dick in my butt and you're kinda..."
    "Small? Look Eric, all of this is new to me. I have never even thought of sex before yesterday. My dad has never talked to me about it and none if the kids that I know ever talk nasty. We know that if we do that we will get our mouths washed out with lye soap.
    "I am happy that I met you and that you have shown me everything, but I want you to be happy. I am small so I can't do for you what Harry did for no Peter. Harry has a hairy peter and if you want it go for it. I might even fuck no Peter." Then under his breath he added, "Tonight you can do it to me." Eric heard what Chuck said, but he pretended that he hadn't.
    The two boys rejoined the others and spent the remainder of the afternoon in very adult sex play before they headed back to the camp for dinner. The boys walked together hand in hand as Chuck thought that maybe the camp sucked, but he was glad to learn that some of the boys reallydo.

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