Pat and Me

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Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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Pat and Me 3
    Christmas was the bestest most badest ever thing ever. Me and Pat didn't have no time to ever feel sad about what dad and Shell had said. Pat never talked about is dad or nothing and I would never bring that up no more. Shell took us shopping and she bought me the sweetest computer in the whole world. Its got this screen that is bigger than my tv in my room, I can see fleas in the dog's ears on that one site where I go to look at puppies. I really wanted a puppy but now I have Pat and maybe I don't need no other thing to love or nothing.
    Yeah, I know that I love Pat. I always felt so good with him and so sad without him and now that he is with me I just don't never want to be no place without him there too. Mom never liked for me to play with toys or nothing, she said that it would make me weak so she wanted me to read adventure story about men who climbed big mountains or swam across the ocean or weird stuff like that. Since I moved away from Pat's town I never even had no cars or stuff to play with and I missed that, I missed Pat and what we did.
    I have Pat now and don't need that stuff but you should see what Santa brung to me and Pat. Dad said that we was going to have to buy the house next door to keep our toys in and I thought that was kewl. When we went to the front room on Christmas morning there was this electric train going round and round but that wasn't all of it. When Pat and me started to open all of the presents we found tons of track and thousands of train cars. This was this whole city that we could put together and it had lights and everything, even stop lights that worked. Dad sat beside us on the floor and said that the go light worked too. I didn't know bout that and I thought that dad was getting crazy, he is old you know. Then he showed me that it turned green one way when it was red the other way and that it was never red in a four ways and never green neither and I knew that it was not a red light but a traffic control device. See, I am getting smart.
    We thought that we had all of the presents in the whole world opened and that we would have to buy the house next door. That wouldn't be so bad because the old lady that lives over there is a nag, dad doesn't like for me to be like that, mom used to hit me when I told her that I didn't like Ms. Sloan, old lady bone.
    Behind the tree was this great big box that nobody even looked at and me and Pat was so happy with all of the toys we had, okay and I liked my new underwear and shirts, thanks dad, thanks Shell. So we was pushing our cars around and letting the train run into them and everything when that big box started to shake and make this weird old noise.
    Shell told us that maybe we should pull the box out of the corner and open it up and man am I glad that we did. There was bruiser. Bruiser was the puppy that we seen when we were at this mall and Shell let us go inside and look at all of the kittens and puppies and everything. She told us that we should have a goldfish to keep around the house so we each took one home in a plastic bag and then we put it in a bowl in the dinning room but nobody told me not to put it on the window sill, I guess the water got to hot and the fishies fried, they was too small to eat so Pat and me gave em a burial at see and watched them swirl around the toilet before the disappeared forever.
    So like me and Pat we had so much fun then we went back to school and Pat was in my class and everything but the teacher made him sit on the other side of the room so that we wouldn't talk so much. She don't like boys noway and she always wants to talk unless she is making us read this stuff but me and Pat have so much fun at recess and everybody wants to play with us at lunch time.
    Oh, oh, oh, I forgot, oh, I didn't not tell you bout the bikes. We got these really kewl bikes and all and they got shocks on them so that we can jump off of the mountain and not hurt our balls and everything. We was riding our bikes everywhere. There was this one kid that lived across the street from me that had gone to my school the year before, his name was José Ortega. We were riding our new bikes and he thought that they were kewl so he rode up to us and we talked and we let him see our bikes.
    José's dad was in the Navy somewhere on a great big ship sailing around in the ocean and me and Pat said that sailors got all the pretty girls, cause that is what we saw on television. So José let us ride with him everywhere and we met some of his friends from his new school. We found out that he went to a school up on this big mountain behind my house and he got to ride his bike up there every day, it was more'n a mile. I never could ride my bike a whole mile so José talked to Shell and she said that we could go and José took us up the mountain to see some of his friends.
    Pat and me found out that the school was for boys only and we met José's best friends by the name of Gus and Dezi. Dezi is the same age as me and Pat and Gus is a year older but they live in a big house that is nothing but boys. I asked dad bout that and he told me that all of the boys that lived there didn't have no parents and that they lived there with a good friend of his that he had know for many years.
    The bestest thing was that across the street from that big old house was this park with bike trails and mazes made out of hay bales and big old concrete pipes that we could play on and inside of and Gus showed us where he and his brothers all had this space ship that they were getting ready to go to some planet that he called Zorgamoof where the trees were made out of hot dogs and the rivers were chocolate pudding and you slept on beds made out of cake and drank cherry cola all day long. Me and Pat wanted to help to get the ship ready so that we could go too.
    José had this one friend that he told us was his boyfriend and we sat down and talked forever with them and did we ever learn a lot. I learned that Pat wasn't weird with what he was doing and that it was okay for me to do it to him too and I wanted too but my mom would have told me that I was sick and going to hell but Peter Joulson said that a lot of people talk like that but it is because they are stupid. And I knew that he was smart because he was fourteen and so he would know that stuff better.
    This one Saturday we had this big old birthday party for José and Dezi and Gus and Dewy and Casey and Dennis and Joshua and of course me and Pat and some other kids that José went to school with were there and we ate cake and ice cream and José got all of these kewl CDs and his dad sent him a new Ipod so that he could put all of CD collection into it and listen to it as he rode his bike to school. We had so much fun then the next day...
    Pat and me hold each other and cry when we think about what happened. José and his boyfriend, Peter, were riding their bikes to school. The road up the mountain is sorta busy and it is four lanes where we live but as you start to climb up the mountain the road narrows to two lanes. José and Peter were way over at the edge of the grass cause Peter told us that they had seen people try to get around the cars by driving in the dirt and passing on the right before. So like, that is what happened, some old drunk woman was into big of a hurry and didn't even care that there were two kids on bikes in front of her as he plowed into the back of them.
    Peter was lucky, he only got a broken arm and was in the hospital for about month to a year or so, but José got kilt. Dad took me and Pat to see Mrs. Ortega and we brought Pat home two days later so that all of us could go to the funeral together and there were all of these boys that Peter said went to their school there and everybody was crying. Shell had to take me and Pat cause dad had to surgery somebody up somewhere, I don't like when dad has to surgery somebody because he always gets so down but I wish that he could have come to see José's funeral.
    I didn't get to know him real well cause I always went to the library and stuff but last year I saw him at school and everybody sorta liked him but they started to tease him and then this year he went to that other school and I only saw him when I walked home from the library and he always said hi to me and I think that we coulda been real good friends. I know that he and Pat got off and talked about sexy stuff a lot but I don't know about Pat and that stuff. He sorta does...I ain't gonna talk about none of that.

    So like me and Pat got to be real good friends with Peter and he and Pat did that stuff together. They always wanted me to be with them but I wasn't all that sure and stuff but it did kind of feel good. I had to talk to my dad about what we were doing. I know that dad sorta said that boys do things but I don't know that what we was doing was right or not.
    Peter didn't have no school for a long time. He said that there was a King that went to his school and all of the students had gone over to Europe to see him get his crown, he told us that the King was only sixteen years old so we didn't believe him but one night the news came on and Peter started yelling and pointing at the TV and he said that was the King and his name was Cullen and that he went to his school.
    Shell heard him and came into the room and turned the TV up and just sat and watched. It was boring then they had this part where they was in this big church and there was this singing going on and the TV got up real close and I could see the faces of the singers, they was the boys that live with Gus and go to that school where he and Peter go.
    I saw Gus on the TV and I got real interested and got up close and I saw a bunch of kids what I know and all and they was singing some fruity song that I didn't know no words from but the TV was showing pictures of this kid that was to get this crown and I knew him. Well, I don't know him but I seen him a lot when I went up to play in that park that they got and me and Pat started telling Shell that we know him and all and Peter kept saying that his name was Cullen and he was the King of this big old country somewhere on the other side of the world and all.
    When we went back to our room Pat and Peter got naked and started to do that stuff with each other and I sorta let Peter suck on my peter cause he likes to do that while Pat sticks his peter in Peter's rump. Peter don't care, he likes it and he wants me to do it to him too and dad said that boys do that stuff but I just thought that it was so nasty and it smelled real bad. Sometimes Pat does it so fast and hard that shit gets all over the bed and stuff but Peter always puts a towel on the bed before they do it so that we don't have no dirty sheets with shit on them.
    It took a couple of weeks and stuff but Peter wanted to do that stuff to Pat and Pat wasn't sure but he told me that Peter told him how he seen some boys that go to his school do it with two guys like sucking each other while the one on top gets a peter in his rump and Pat said that he would do it if I would lay down so that he could suck on me.
    Peter likes to suck on me while Pat does that to him and he says that it feels really good to have a peter in both ends. I sorta suck on Pat's peter at night but he really likes to suck on mine and we found out that I can make those sperms and stuff and he likes that, he says that it tastes good. I tasted his shit and it ain't real bad but it is so nasty so I had to talk to dad before I would do that any more.

    One afternoon Peter was all weird and everything. He went in the house with us and Shell fixed us some snacks to eat and Peter acted like he had not eaten in forever. We found out that he and his mother was fighting and all and that he was sorta just staying away until she cooled down. Shell made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and gave him a big glass of milk and scarfed it up like a vacuum cleaner. He told Shell that she was the nicest mother that he had ever met. I really like Peter, he is fun to be with.
    I was really thinking about doing it with Pat and Peter. I have watched Pat do that stuff to Peter's rump so much and that is all that he talks about, he wants Peter to do it to him but he won't do it if I won't suck him at the same time so we was talking and all and I said that I would do it then all of these big black buses drove by. Peter got all excited and told us that he would see us later then he rode away.
    Pat and me seen those buses before, they is all black with a yellow part down the side what says school bus and below that it says Bradford Academy, José and Peter had told us that that was the name of their school that they go to. Pat and me were looking at the buses and on the back they got this big gold lettering what says f Çß but the letters kinda change from gold to red to blue and then green and it's all shiny and stuff but it is sorta pretty, if you like pretty, I'm a guy and pretty is for girls. I don't like girls but I...I like Pat, a lot.

    Dad came home for supper and I wanted to talk to him but he told us that he was going with a college of his to that school to examinate the boys that got some kinda bug when they was in France, I think that is in Paris or something from what dad said. So anyway he was gone all night and when he came home the next morning he took me and Pat aside and told us that we should write a story and tell all about us and what we like and everything so that is what I done.

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