Chapter ten


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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
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    I kept on going east to seek my future and maybe a travel mate. I found nothing so I continued on to the next beach then the next. I made it on over to Mobil, Alabama by late afternoon. I wanted a quiet night so I pulled into a large truck stop and drove around to where there were several RVs stove up for the night. I slipped into a narrow space between two big diesel pushers and set my automatic levelers. I thought that I would go and soak up some joe and listen to road conditions. A massive hurricane named Charley was on course toward the US. It was still two weeks out to sea, but the powers that be put it on course for the east coast of Florida I didn't want to be in that.
    I was crossing the parking lot when I spotted a boy curled up between two storage sheds. He had a bundle of clothing gathered around him and he was crying. Hey the perfect scenario for a boy loving pedophile. I did the only thing I could do. I approached him. Victory, I had found what I was seeking, a fourteen year old, alone, hungry, and frightened runaway. He was small, he could be thirteen. He looked up at me, I went into instant lust. The kid had the cutest face I had seen in a long time. Smooth as a baby's butt, blemish free, with crystal clear blue eyes under a shock of light brown hair.
    "You look frightened. I would like to help you."
    "I'm fine," cracked a young pubescent voice. My lust factor broke thru the upper ranges.
    "I heard that this place has way too much food. They are trying to find somebody to come and eat it all up for them. I am going in to do what I can to help. I hate to eat alone, but if you would consent to join me I would love the company."
    "I got all this…" he indicated his clothing gathered about his small body.
    "I can open the door of Traveler© and you can lay it inside. When we finish eating you can get it out."
    He looked at the big RV with the word Traveler© emblazoned across the front. He gathered a handful of clothes and stood up. I bent over and gathered the rest and pushed my remote to open the door. I lay my load on the inside floor as he climbed up on the step and dropped what he had on top of it.
    "Why traveler?"
    "Cause that's what we do, we travel."
    I headed back to the restaurant. I felt a small trembling hand slip into mine. I squeezed it and kept on walking. The place had a buffet with carved beef, ham, and turkey. My young friend piled a plate much higher than I would have dared to try. He was famished, I had to tell him to slow down that I was not going to leave him, he could enjoy his meal. What he said next floored me.
    "She did."
    "She left me. She threw my clothes out and left me."
    "Your mother?"
    "Step bitch. She and her new husband."
    It takes time to pick a story out of a kid. After gaining a modicum of trust they will release bits and pieces. They are not good story tellers and one gets a very choppy story, but with patience the pieces all fall into place. His name is Jim, he is fourteen. His dad was murdered for his bill fold at a truck stop. He had gone to have their RV serviced. He handed the mechanic his credit card and stood by his rig with his billfold in hand. Two sixteen year old punks were hanging around all day looking for drug money. They stuck a gun in the man's face. He wouldn't give it up so they put two bullets in his head, grabbed the bill fold and ran. A sheriff's deputy was pulling into the driveway of the service station and witnessed the whole thing. He chased the kids down and arrested them.
    Jim was left an orphan with a step mother who hated him. She got the house, the insurance money and the RV. She remarried some jerk who mistreated Jim, badly. That morning Jim had awakened in a teenage aroused state. He was taking matters in hand when his step mother stepped out of the back bedroom. She threw him out and his clothes followed. The new husband leered at the boy and he felt he was better off here than anywhere with him. He watched as the RV, his RV, the last vestige of his father's memory grew smaller as it moved down the highway. He gathered his things and found a place to sit. He had been there since just after dawn.
    I asked him if he had anyplace to go. He was sure he didn't. I asked about grandparents. He had a grandmother in Pensacola, Florida. Of course I had my laptop in a bag over my shoulder, always prepared. We were in a WiFi spot so I logged on. I pulled up the Pensacola phone book and found his grandmother, Eva Watkins. I whipped out my cell phone and called her. I handed the phone to Jim. He cried so hard that she couldn't understand what he was saying. I took the phone and told her his tale of woe.
    She was on her way out the door to go up to Atlanta and wouldn't be home for days. I assured her that he would be safe from me. NO! Strike that. Safe with me. I told her I was just headed along the coast, site seeing. We could be in Pensacola by Friday and I would bring him to her house. She was grateful and thanked me. I didn't tell her that I was calling from less than a hundred miles away. Now I had six days with the little guy. Boner time. I hope I am reading this kid right, I don't want him crying rape.
    I took Jim back out to Traveler©. He was in much better spirits.
    As we crossed the parking lot I saw the busboy and another kid kissing each other over by the dumpster. Normally I would not disturb them, but I saw a bunch of cardboard boxes that the busboy had been crushing and throwing away. I walked over to them as they were locked in a sweet embrace. They appeared to be about sixteen, since that is the minimum working age it was a good guess.
    "You guys are fucking hot." They jerked apart and stared at me wide eyed like a deer in my headlights. "Don't worry, dudes, I'm gay too." They relaxed.
    "Hey man, can I ask you something?" I nodded my head. "What do gays really do together?"
    "Well, what do you like to do?"
    "All we have done is kiss. Sometimes we can get alone somewhere and suck each other, but we don't have no privacy."
    "I see. Well, it is different with each couple. Some just like to be together, with no sex. Some like to do what you do, kiss and suck. Some like to fuck. Some just like to get naked and lay on top of each other as they rub their dicks together and cum all over each other. Then there are those that just jack off together. It's really just what turns you on. There are no rules except one, don't get caught."
    They both blushed. "I want to get fucked, but we are afraid it will hurt."
    "You're damn straight it will." I was giving it to them straight. Too many kids don't know what they are in for and it can ruin them for a lifetime of pleasure. "First of all you have to have a partner who cares about you and doesn't just want to get himself off. He needs to prepare you, to open you up and get you ready. He has to take it slow, then it can be good for both of you."
    "Man I wish you could show us." The busboy hit him. My lust level broke through the upper limits.
    "I'm not pulling out until tomorrow. See that big blue boy over there that says Traveler©? That's me, come by."
    "I get off in an hour." The busboy said.
    "Gee, you need to jack off less or see a doctor. An hour to get off…"
    His boy friend slapped his leg and spun around in his laughter. The busboy blushed crimson, really accenting his golden hair and fair face.
    I looked behind me and saw Jim standing there. "Hey the reason I came over, can I have a couple of these boxes, I really need them."
    With boxes in hand and a promise from both boys to stop by in an hour or so I headed back to Jim and Traveler©. We climbed over his clothes and I sat the boxes on the floor, I put my lap top case on the table, and toed off my shoes. I dropped my pants, I hardly ever wear underwear, Free balling is the way you'll find me.
    All I had on was a tee shirt that only came down to the top of my pubes. Jim was starring at my six inch soft cock hanging there with the foreskin formed into a little flower over the head.
    "Wow, that is fucking huge." He blushed then he realized he had said that out loud.
    I rubbed his hair and bent down to pick up his clothes. I folded them and placed them in the boxes. Jim got down to help me. We had them all in boxes in minutes when he looked into my eyes. "Do you want to suck my dick."
    "I would be honored to do that if that is what you want me to."
    "I do."
    "Have you ever had a blow job before?"
    "No. I ah…did suck this one guy."
    "Tell me about it."

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