Chapter eleven


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    "Well, there is this one bully that always picks on me. He isn't really tough, but he singles me out all of the time. He has these two morons that hang with him. I call them Crabb and Goyle."
    "Ah, a Harry Potter fan I see."
    He nodded and continued, "I like to run. I was running in the park by my house one day about a year ago and I saw him leaning against a tree. As I got close he hollered out to me, "Where you goin' fag?" I ignored him and kept running. He stepped in front of me, blocking my path. "I'm talking to you fag." He put his hands up and shoved against my chest.
    "Don't push me cock sucker!" I figured I was gonna get my ass beat, but there were a lot of guys playing football nearby and some of them were watching us.
    "Suck my cock, fag."
    I looked at him and asked him, "here or would you like to go somewhere more private?" He put his arm around me. "You got balls, kid."
    "He walked beside me for a minute when I told him I was there to run. He ran alongside of me, but was having trouble breathing. Suddenly he said, "Here." I looked at the clump of thick bushes to which he was pointing. He was moving away. "Come on," he called over his shoulder. I don't know why, but I followed him to the back side of the bushes where he got down on his knees and crawled though a small tunnel in the hedge. I got down and crawled through after him. Inside was all open and clear. Tall bushes circled all around making a private little space into which someone had put an old twin mattress. There were beer cans and cigarette butts everywhere. "This is my private hiding space. I been comin' here four years. So do me, faggot."
    "You'll have to take off your pants."
    He looked at me for a minute and sat down to remove his shoes. I had read enough stories on line that I kind of knew what I should do and I was going to do this right before he killed me and left my body behind those bushes to rot."
    "Where are you reading stories?"
    "Let me see your computer and I'll show you." I plugged the lap top into a power source to save my batteries. I was still logged onto the truck stop's WiFi so I let him at the keyboard. His tiny fingers knew their way around the keys and in seconds he was at Nifty/Gay/Adult/Youth. I was amazed.
    "The bully…?"
    "Yeah. He stood up and dropped his pants then pulled down his boxers. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen. Well, I had never seen anybody with a hard on. I had only just turned thirteen so any cock bigger than my four inches was huge. He had six fat inches. I had to do this then die if I must. I told him to lay down, he questioned me and I told him if he wanted a blow job he should get a good one and I wanted to do it right. He smiled and rubbed my hair then lay down. I spread his legs and got on my knees between them.
    "He smelled all sweaty and stuff from the day at school, but it kind of turned me on. I bent over to look at his cock just an inch or so from my face. It really smelled, not bad, but a smell I had never had before. I wanted that cock in my mouth like I have never wanted anything in my life. A drop of something appeared on the top of his dick. I licked at it. Malfoy jerked and moaned."
    "Malfoy as in Draco Malfoy. Cute."
    "He grinned and continued, "His name is Claude, but I call him Malfoy." He was moaning and said it felt good. I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in. It tasted so good, but it felt so much better. I took more in and was really liking it. Malfoy put his hands on my head and played with my hair. The stories all say that this is done when the guy is feeling good so I kept on. I started to go up and down and in seconds my mouth was hot. His dick had gotten large and I figured he must have cum. I pulled off of him and I could taste it in my mouth. It tasted good so I swallowed it. He was laying there looking at me."
    "That was really good, Jim. Could we do that again sometime?"
    "How about now. I looked at his cock and it was still hard. He looked at me then just lay back, I moved over and did him again. I used everything I had ever learned about cock sucking from Nifty and gave him the best blow job of his life. I took the whole thing into my mouth. When I got my lips against his pubes I stopped to smell the sweetness of him. I moaned and hummed on his cock. He was moaning in pleasure. I gave him a few seconds of hum job before I went back to fucking my mouth on his cock.
    "I loved the feeling of his cock head moving back and forth in my mouth and then down into my throat. I wanted it to go deeper, but he only had what he had and I couldn't get any more down me. He began to fuck back at me I found a good height to meet him as he rose and fell beneath me really giving my mouth a good fucking.
    "He shot a huge load into my throat. This time I could feel the pulses. I moved back so that just the head was in my mouth, like Nifty says. I wanted to taste this shit, it was so good. I sucked him until he was soft, he jerked away, I sat back and watched him as he breathed heavily. He was really a good looking guy and I would like to do him all of the time.
    "I opened up my pants and pulled my tiny four incher out and began to stroke. Malfoy was up and had his underwear in his hand, he looked at me, he told me to go for it. I rolled around and lay down on the mattress and really began to pound my cock. Malfoy grabbed my shorts and jock and pulled them down to my knees. He was on his knees beside me jerkin his own cock to the same speed that I was. In a minute I felt my cum rising and could see that he was about to cum. I used my free hand and pulled his cock to my mouth just as he let loose. As soon as his cum filled my mouth I shot all over myself. I cum a lot, but that was humongous, I was awash with cum from neck to pubes. Malfoy was laughing and rubbing my cum all over me. He had his hand covered in my cum and he wiped it all over my face. He took another hand full and rubbed it all over his soft cock then another hand full over his balls. He rubbed his belly as he just sat and laughed.
    "We got up and got dressed. He turned to me and grabbed me, I thought this was the end. It was the end of fear and the beginning of a perfect friendship. He kissed me like I always dreamed of being kissed. He rubbed my back and put his hands in my shorts to rub my ass. He told me I was the best and he wanted to be with me forever.
    "We crawled through the rabbit hole in the hedge and I told him I needed to hurry, that my dad would be home and I had to be there. Malfoy went his way and I ran on around the track. I only had a few more yards to go as I was near the end of my run when we met.
    "I never saw Malfoy again. I asked his goons about him, they said that he had got kicked out of school so his old lady sent him off to live with his old man somewhere. They told me that he had told them to leave me alone, that I was okay. They said that he told them he would kill them if they touched me. I really missed him."

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