Chapter 5


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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     About the time I think I have my life figured out somebody goes and changes things on me. My computer consulting business got a major boost in the butt when a friend of Chris Dickson called me to come in for an interview. Well that insulted me because I don't interview, I consult. I learned that I didn't know shit about computers. I have been working on toys all of these years. Sure, I can work on mainframes and home personal computers. There is not much difference in a MAC or a PC as far as how they work and they use pretty much the same software titles anymore. Sure the software won't work from one platform to the other without a translation program in between but most of the big titles are making their software for both machines.
     The architecture of the two machines is the big difference but my business centers on the software end so I don't have a problem. I have worked on systems from hand helds all the way up to RISC architecture, yes even the massive CRAY super computer. I thought that nothing could ever be more than that. I sat facing Andy Foss as he rambled. I was getting bored and wanted to get home to my boys.
     My boyfriend's son, Jules, is barely thirteen years old, and a horndog, just like his old man. I don't know how much like his old man he is going to be but he has all the makings of a master cocksman. Bobby and I marvel at the horny youngster, he likes to sit around and jack off constantly. Britt, my eldest, is now nine and he likes to dive down on Jules when the milk cums out. I guess I shouldn't be upset about that but damn it, he is so young and Bart, now seven, is catching on. I think that he might suck Jules sometimes. I know that he and Britt love to sixty nine like daddy and unca Bobby.
     Britt is infatuated with Chris' son, Rodney. The boys met after Chris returned from the big gay bash in Las Vegas in March. We gathered all of the Blues group together and had our annual father son party. That is what got me to this meeting, sitting in front of Andy Foss. He and Chris were excited about something but I had not heard anything to keep my attention and was about to excuse myself.
     Suddenly the door opened and Chris rushed in red faced. I have known Chris for most of my life. He lived next door to Randy and Robby when he was little and he always went to my schools. He was older than me, well I guess he still is but I saw him and I always wanted to be just like that dude. I still remember the first time he shoved that huge cock of his up my ass. I was sure that I would never be able to hold my shit again but after just a few moments I didn't much care. I still love to be fucked by him.
     Bobby and I think that we might let Jules spend an evening with him. Jules is a little pushy and possessive. I feel that if Chris were to straighten him out, just one time, he would be a changed boy. I know that he wants one of Chris' golden pole pins. Bobby and I had to let him watch, along with the rest of the family as we got ours. I mean we have been fucking with Chris since highschool but his family has a rule about having to witness the act before they will reward a pin. I felt sorry for Bobby. I like to keep him shaved and smooth while he likes for me to have neatly trimmed pubes. Bobby didn't have any hair to hook the pin too so they tattooed it to his groin. One of the boys there told us that they pierced his foreskin with his pin. I saw the hole where he wears the pin sometimes. He thinks of it as his medal of honor.
     Chris was plugging a computer keyboard and a LCD monitor into a small box that he had brought in. He pulled out a power pack the same size as a transformer for just about anything electrical these days and plugged it in to his little box. Nothing happened. I know Chris but I had so many other things on my mind that I almost didn't hear what he said but then it hit me. "Did you say 300THZ, as in Tetra Hertz? 300 thousand, thousand, million cycles per second? Nothing is that fast, is it?" I looked at Andy who was all smiles.
     Chris handed me a flash memory card like I use in my digital camera but somehow this one looked a little different. I looked it over and then I realized that the pins were on the side, not on the end like my memory cards. I looked at it closely and saw that it was a little thicker and maybe a little larger.
     "You are holding a complete computer in your hand. That little card has more computing power than all of the computers that you have ever worked on, combined." I looked at him in total disbelief. "For example, I listened to you last week end when you made the broad statement that the Cray model XMT, which is based on the X1 platform, is the fastest computer on the planet. Ryan, don't make such broad statements, there is always somebody waiting to prove such a statement false.
     "We have asked you here, not to show off and prove that we know of something faster. We would like to ask you to work with us. You have developed software that, with very little work, could make this baby sing in eighty four part harmony." He laughed at his little joke but I could tell that he was serious. I forgot whatever it was that I needed to go do, Chris had my attention.
     "First of all, the Cray X1 uses a 1.2 nano second clock cycle, that is roughly 800 MHZ. It uses anywhere from 64 to a theoretical maximum of 4096 processors in a liquid cooled system. The Cray is very large and needs enough air conditioning to cool the city convention center to sub-zero temperatures. The newly revealed X2 has an improved clock speed and has a maximal processor capability of over 8000, with maximum memory up to 128 TB." He held up the box that had the keyboard, mouse, and monitor plugged into it.
     "This interface is my baby. In the bottom of this unit is a 300 TByte hard drive, with a 500 MB buffer, 2K transfer rate, at a snail pace of 28K RPMs. The box needs to be bulky for the heat sinks that keep 1.5THZ of 1400MHZ DDR2 memory cool. There are two 1.5v fans moving air through the unit. The power supply has to be external because of heat dissipation so we are using this ganged transformer array. Notice the plug is six pronged for the different voltages needed by the system.
     "The processor chip plugs in on the opposite side from the memory heat sink," he showed me where the chip I held slipped into place then began again. "The internal processor speeds exceed 0.0006 nns. If you don't have it on the tip of your nose that is roughly four times the speed of light. That speed is only possible because of the super small size of the main board. There are five hundred four layer processors on the mother board, along with all of the associated gates and logic circuits needed to make the system self contained. Because everything is so tiny it operates with even less than a milli volt. Over clocking this puppy will fry it because the fiber filament between components is about one one billionth of the size of a super fine new born baby's hair. Voltages to the core processors is less than .25µv—micro volts—, or about a nano volt, if you are thinking that way. Anyway there isn't enough voltage to shock a flea's balls.
     "The rest of this six by eight inch box is wiring and boosters or step down circuitry for the I/O systems. The mouse and keyboard need a higher voltage to make the connection across the keys but that has to be stepped down before it hits the interface or we cook the system. By the same token, the output to the monitor has to be high enough that the monitor can see the signal. You know enough to wear a wrist band hooked to your case ground when working on components, that is an imperative with this bad boy." He slipped a conductive band around his wrist and plugged the cord from it into a ground jack on the four inch thick box. Very carefully he took the small card out of its plastic envelope and plugged it into the I/O box then he turned on the power. The monitor simply flashed and it was booted and working.
     "So how fast is this chip" It operates at three hundred tetra hertz (300 THZ). That is as in three hundred thousand, thousand, million. One thousand thousand is a million. One thousand million is a billion, one thousand billion is a trillion. Got it? So if a million million is a trillion what is a million times that? I don't have data here for you to test what I say, the only way to test a system like this is to crunch numbers. This puppy can add up all of the world bank's totals and the national debt, factor APR and amortorize a thirty year balance before you can wipe the smile off of your face.
     "I guess by now you are wondering why we asked you here. Our problem has been software. Everything we have is like fueling a race car engine with crude oil. Crude oil won't flow through the fuel lines and will never be able to atomize to burn in an engine. Inputting data with the software of today will not work. We can't get our data out any faster than the ordinary off the shelf systems.
     "Our research team has cracked the code. We have an algorithm that accepts the data as fast as it is input. Now we need to refine it. Ryan, everything we have talked about up to now is classified and I am sure that you will respect that. Now I am going to share something with you that is part of our nation's security and is so secret that if you ever breathe a hint of it we will have to castrate you in front of your boys.
     "Andy is a prodigy when it comes to computer architecture. As a young man he developed an encryption chip which Foss International owns and will never sell or license. We lease computers with that chip in it to friendly countries and large corporations all over the world. Basically the chip rides piggy back on the north bridge and it scrambles every piece of data that passes through it by calling for MAP 57 processes. Only a computer equipped with the same chip can unscramble that data. If we can tie that encryption chip to this algorithm not only will we have the fastest computer chip in the world but it will be absolutely secure."—for a brief explanation of how this chip works see the introduction to Traveler chapter 55.
     "We would like to ask you to come on board with us. Our work is sensitive and all consuming. This leaves only twenty to twenty two hours a day for sex and meals. You only have one reliable employee working for you and it was like trying to fuck an old maid to get in his pants but I have turned him into a cock jockey and his background check is clean. I believe that he is trustworthy. You can do one of two things. You can bring him with you or you can let him run your company. He is capable but needs experience before he can make a profit as the head of your company. You only have fifty solid clients but they spend less than three hundred thousand dollars a year with you. That is about a third of what we would start you out at if you work for us."
     "Are you telling me that you made Kerry Jones gay?"
     "Ryan, you know better than that. You have known Kerry since junior high school. He has always had the hots for you but his family and spiritual life have over ruled his desires to the point of sheer frustration. He was completely virgin in every way until a little more than a month ago. Even his fantasies were G-rated. He is a good looking guy, a bit old for me but once I broke him I found him a boy friend. It was somebody that he had been watching for sometime. Cayden is eighteen and very cute. He wanted a daddy that could love him the way he wants to be loved. You won't believe what a loving daddy Kerry has turned out to be."
     "I knew that something had changed in Kerry. I have known him for nearly twenty years, he used to tutor me and he always liked to spend the night with me. He would stare at my underwear but he always wore pajamas and we never talked sex of any kind. I think that he was kind of hurt when Cindy left me and I let Bobby move in. That was his first clue that I might be gay. He lives in his own world and can only see computer code and numbers. He was the best kid in math in the entire school.
     "This Cayden kid, who is he?" Chris had my interest, albeit from a lustful and almost jealous angle.
     "He is from New Mexico and is attending college here. Some of my boys met him at the Delta Lambda Phi house and learned that he wanted an older man. I have only had sex with the youngster twice. I had an ulterior motive and did not want to influence him in any way. I told him that I am in love with Cory and I let him go on dates with the two of us, I invited Kerry to round out our foursome for the evening and the two of them became friends the first date. I had them in bed beside Cory and me the first evening and they made love exactly as Cory and I did. Kerry is a quick study and he has the extraordinary equipment that Cayden was seeking."
     I couldn't believe it. Chris does not ever lie and I knew that Kerry had that glow of love about him. I eagerly accepted Chris' next idea. He wanted to have me invite him and Cory to come over for a barbeque and invite Cayden and Kerry to come also. Chris knew how to get Kerry to invite Cayden and come out to me. Chris even told me that he would take my boys to spend the day with his son, Rodney and a boy named Gus. He would take all five boys to a friend's house. She is the grandmother of one of the boys at Chris' house. I have met that big cocked super fuck many times in the past. He has some sort of nick name about a mighty digit or something like that.
     I asked Andy if he would like to come over also. I didn't know that he has a sixteen year old boyfriend. He told me that he would love to come and bring Kyle with him.

     Friday morning I was enjoying one more quiet session with my loving Bobby. It is hard to imagine that we would have been together after all that both of us had been through. I loved Bobby Feldman before I ever knew him. He was the object of so many of my young fantasies but that New Year's morning when we first slept together made all of my fantasies no more than dreams. However, my dreams were more than fulfilled when I found my cock tightly embedded in Bobby's hot sucking mouth and his cum... I grew to love the taste of cum and every boy in our little group was willing to give up what they had in return for my own male seed. But I have always thought that Bobby tasted better and had more juice than anyone else. Yeah, I was probably blind but I fell in love with him all over again that night.
     My own father had taken my ass as his right when I was only five years old. He made himself at home in me just about every night for the next eleven years. Bobby was the first person to ever show me how much pleasure could be received from someone who loved me. I probably shouldn't say this but I love to be with everyone of the old Blues bunch. I never knew what love was or even what it could be. I only knew that it could never be for me. Bobby changed all of that. He loved me. All of eight of us have been together as best buds and fuck buddies for eighteen years.
     Chris Dickson got up in me on New Year's Day of 1994. My father had just been killed only a few hours before and just a few hours before that I had found love in the arms of the man with whom I will share my bed until the day I die. I will go anywhere to fuck anyone of my Blues buddies but I will crawl on broken glass to be loved by Bobby or even Chris. This may sound strange to you but Chris doesn't know how to fuck and he can never be bad. It isn't just his massive cock that moves a soul, he is a lover. He makes whomever he is with know his compassion and heart felt love. I have only seen him fuck a few self righteous dudes but they begged him to be with them again.
     I will never forget Jacky Taylor. He was a year older than us and he had tried to prove how tough he was by making Chris suck his dick. Chris was fifteen and had only just discovered the joy of cock-n-mouth. I only heard the story after Chris and I got together a year and a half after this incident happened but I had seen how Jacky seemed to fawn over Chris. It was Bobby who learned the truth of the matter and told us one night when we were all together in Randy's basement.
     Jacky puffed himself up and walked up to Chris and demanded that Chris drop to his knees and do the deed. Those that saw it said that Chris told him that he was no easy slut. If Jacky wanted a blow job then he could give Chris a ride home where they could get down and do it right. The next day Jacky was all over Chris as his best friend. It wasn't until Chris made it with several of the other meat heads that the truth of their afternoon came to light.
     Chris got Jacky to his house and made him get naked. After he had gotten the wannabe bully super hard and hot Chris told him hat if he wanted his cock sucked then he had to suck cock. Chris held Jacky's small cock in his hand and worked the boy slowly until Jacky agreed to anything that Chris wanted to do. The two boys got to the bed and turned opposite of each other. Chris fed Jacky two large loads of cum while he fingered the boy's prostate to submission. Jacky was begging to be fucked and Chris obliged. Jacky made no bones about it. He would openly approach Chris and ask to meet after school. Chris let Jacky get down and speak to his lover and Jacky would drop to his knees and suck on Chris' jeans clad crotch, right in the lunch room. I actually saw that but didn't know why.
     Chris fucked nearly all of the boy's on all of the sports teams for the next three years. For the most part I believe he actually did just fuck them but they still loved his attention. He took quite a few of them up to Charley's house for some of the boy parties. I watched those dude take on some massive cocks, of course the money we made up there was not to be sneezed at either. I made enough from those parties to put myself through college and still have a lot left over.

     Bobby's ass clenched around my cock awakening me from my trip through the land of nostalgia. He was pumping out a load across the sheets which caused me to fill his spasming chute with thick, creamy lubricant. I love being in Bobby but given a choice I would prefer him to be in me. We take turns as we do whatever it takes to please each other. I guess that is what love is all about.
     I thought that I had heard the doorbell but I knew that the boys would be watching televison and that they would call us if we were needed. Suddenly our bedroom door flew open and three little naked twerps ran to bounce on the bed with Bobby and I still locked together. An icy cold package was dropped on our connecting point which caused both of us to jerk away from each other.
     "Looky there, I told you that they were up here fucking." Jules bent over and began to suck my cock. Britt moved over to suck Bobby while Bart wiped at Bobby's splooge streaks across the bed sheets. He was examining his fingers before putting them to his mouth.
     "Tastes different than you do Julie." I almost lost it. I don't know why, with Bobby and I fucking each other in full view of the boys from the day they moved in with us I should expect them to want....whatever they wanted. I just had a strange feeling watching my seven year old son lick up my lover's cum and comparing its taste to my lover's son's juice. I am going to have to taste what Jules has to offer for myself. I am going to have to talk to Bobby about that.
     I picked up the package from the bed. It was from a large meat packer in town and frozen solid. I pushed Jules little head away and got out of bed. I took the package to the kitchen and opened it up. Inside were ten of the biggest cuts of steak I ever saw. Each one was the size of a medium sized roast beef, two inches thick and a good eight by ten inches from side to side and end to end. There was a note from Chris, "Allow these to thaw all day and I'll bring the meat you love about five. Love you and will love you more then. Chris." Fuck that got me hard.
     Nobody had come with me so I went back to bed. I stopped dead in my tracks at the door. My boys were busy taking care of Bobby while Jules coached them. I could hardly believe that Britt was lapping my love juice from the ass of my man while my little one had an all day sucker in his hand licking at it like an ice cream cone.
     "Come on dad, you and I are going to do it."
     "Yeah, dad, daddy says we can do him and you and Julie can do it and we don't have to stop until three. When's three?" Bart asked as he held onto a cock half as big as he is. Bobby is now a full eight and a half true inches long and so thick that my butt screams with joy at just the thought of having him in me. I remember when I first saw that monster, it is nice but not quite as big as I thought it was. It was bigger than anything I had ever imagined though. Chris came along and dashed all of my childish limitations. Then I met a guy named Carl that made all of the rest of us look as if we were no bigger than Bart is now.--Read about Carl and Andy in Andy Finds Daddy
     All of us hurt for Andy when we think of Carl. Andy has carried on but I know how much he misses his lover that he called dad. I am so going to love watching him and his young boyfriend get it on tonight. I hope that Cayden and Kerry get it on too. Maybe we can do a Chris style orgy, I wouldn't even mind getting it on with Cory, that boy is so fucking cute. Bart and Britt, oh shit. I have to get them out of here before the orgy starts. Is it going to be an orgy? I hope so.

     At three thirty Bobby and I headed out the front door to take the boys down to Betty Dickerson's-- introduced in Traveler chapter 22-- house so that we could get it on without little noses being where they had no business being. Jules ran out of the door and directly into his grandfather as he came up onto the front porch. I had no idea that they were stopping by.
     They weren't stopping by, Chris had invited them to come over. There goes the orgy. Bobby stayed home to talk with them as I ran the three little ones on down to Betty's house. As I pulled up to her house Christopher was getting out of his car with two little guys. I learned that one was Chris' son by marriage. Yeah, can you believe it, Chris got married and he has a new baby boy. He also adopted his wife's nine year old son, Rodney. I had never seen the boy before but he is a cutie. Christopher and I stood and watched as Britt and Rodney sized each other up then ran to the house for cookies and kool-aid.
     I asked Christopher what his nick name was and he blushed but told me that when he was younger he called himself the midget with the mighty widget. He explained that he was very small for his age but by the age of twelve he had more meat between his legs than a lot of grow up men. I remember that, he is cute as can be now but damn, he was a knockout at fourteen or fifteen, I think. To be honest I was always looking at the humongous cock and drooling over it but very seldom looking at his face.

     I had to hurry back home and get everything ready for our cook out. When I arrived Chris had Mr. and Mrs. Feldman in my office with the door closed. Bobby told me that his parents were very anxious to talk with Chris. He told me that they were not going to stay for our party but Chris asked to meet them at our house so that he wouldn't be late. Cory came up behind me and asked me if I still had a tight ass. I told him that he could stick his tongue up it and find out for himself. He picked up a spoon and told me that if he was being invited to dine then he wanted to get his fill.
     Bobby and I were still in stitches when his mother stepped into the kitchen to kiss him goodbye. We asked them to stay for dinner and showed them the huge steaks that Chris had sent over. Bobby had a dozen large potatoes wrapped so that he could bake them in the oven. He says they taste better than when I fix them in the micro-wave. Same same to me. Aunt Sylvia gave me a kiss and thanked us for the invitation but she said that they had other plans and if they didn't get a move on they would be late.
     Andy and Kyle came in and Chris dragged Andy off to my office. As they shut the door I heard Andy exclaim, "The Sheik?" and the door shut. Well at least I had an idea of what was going on. Kerry came in and he had a very cute kid on his arm. The boy looked at Kerry like a lover looks at his true love. I had a warm fuzzy move throughout my body as I put my arm around Bobby.
     Chris stepped out of the office and moved over to my refrigerator. He helped himself to a cold beer. He brought them so he could drink all of them he wants. Kyle and Cory came in with red faces and redder cocks. I can't imagine what they might have been doing. Andy was behind the boys and he slapped Kyle on his naked ass. Kyle and Cory blushed again.
     "Well you see it's like this. We're brothers and since Kyle moved over to Andy's house we don't get any from each other and, well look at that cock, who wouldn't want that up their ass?" Then he saw Cayden for the first time. Cayden was wide eyed as he stared at the two naked boys. It was obvious that they had been having sex and with what Cory had just said his interest was peaked.
     "Hey guys, everyone is here and everyone who is not here for the evening is gone so why do we still have our clothes on?" Chris asked.
     "We don't," Kyle pointed out.
     "So why don't you two take Cayden and show him how to change his uniform." Chris moved over to Kerry and slid his hand down the front of the man's pants then kissed him. It was a hot kiss but I know Chris, it was his "Hello, I am going to fuck you tonight," Kiss. Andy was bent over untying his shoe when Bobby walked up and humped him with their pants still on.
     "Hey, wait up. Let me get my pants off so I can enjoy myself." Bobby and I have neither one ever been with Andy. He is two or three years younger than we are, about thirty or thirty two, I think. But he is very fair with smooth skin and a light beard. His blue eyes seem to reach clear into my soul and read my heart.
     Chris took my hand and pulled me over to face Kerry who had his pants pooled around his ankles and his shirt up over his face. Chris was fondling a very big cock that I had no idea Kerry swung. "You two have the longest history of anyone here but you never let the other know how you felt. Kerry's every boyhood fantasy was about you, Ryan. The two of you spent many nights in sleep overs until you were about fifteen. You spent hours studying together and I have an idea that Ryan is where he is today because of your tutoring him Kerry.
     "Andy and I have hired Ryan and he will be closing the doors on his company forever. After I got up in your ass a few weeks ago I learned that there is more to you than a nerdy brain. Kerry, you look like a geek. You talk like a geek. You swing what I find a lot of geeks swing with that nine inch fat cock of yours, but your geeky qualities intrigue me. I have done a serious background check on you and I had you work out one of the most difficult programming problems that we could devise.
     "Kerry, Andy and I have people that are so damn smart that people who write encyclopedias ask them for information. I had them make up a worm virus that was non-destructive but all encompassing. I put that virus into the computer of one of my boys' business. We called you to come to Garcia Brother's Imports and look at a computer problem. You had no idea that you were on a job interview for the most important job offer you will ever receive. We would like to hire you.
     "If you want to talk about it we can go somewhere private. One thing I do not do is discuss a man's wages or benefits with anyone other than the man. You can talk to Andy or me. You will be working under the auspices of Andy and his software division. I am the more silent partner. But now is not the moment. The boys probably have Cayden full of cock from both ends right about now and I think that if I read that dripper on you that Ryan and Bobby should do the same for you, so why don't the three of you find a patch of soft grass and get some of each other's ass. Andy and I will start the steaks for the cooked meat part of our evening."
     I looked at Bobby who just nodded at me. I have known this geek for twenty two years, since we were twelve year old eighth graders. He was a four eyed pizza face then but he was always so nice, and very smart. He wanted to be my friend and I enjoyed having him as a friend. He was very shy and I took that as his being straight and not interested in what I thought that we might do sometimes. Now we work side by side and I have Bobby and I just never thought of him as a sexual person any longer.
     When Chris and Andy interviewed me Chris awakened a long sleeping memory of my oldest friend and Bobby just gave me the go ahead sign so I dropped to my knees and sucked his long, thick cock. Kerry was cocked for action and I no sooner got all of him in my mouth than I had a juice filled mouth. Kerry pounded my face as he pumped every last drop in him into me.
     Cayden came back into the kitchen about then and all I heard was, "Garwd, he has that whole meat stick in him. I can just barely do that." I heard Cory tell him that they should go back to the den because he wanted to suck him while Kyle opened his ass to a real pony ride. Cayden kind of giggled but said he wanted to try to get that cock up in him. He said that Kerry had promised him that he would let Chris fuck him tonight if it was okay with Chris. Neither of them know that it is always okay with Chris to take on any willing butt and the younger it is the better it is. Then I thought about Britt and Bart and modified that thought.
     I was a good host, I let Kerry fuck me first. I can't hardly wait for Chris to get hold of that dude and show him how to fuck. I was surprised that he was able to keep Cayden around the way he went about it. I later learned that Kerry was Cayden's bottom because Cayden said the same thing that I did, Kerry can't fuck worth a damn. The dinner discussion turned to training Kerry. Cory and Kyle both spoke up. "Dad will have to fuck Kerry first. He will show him what it feels like then he can lay beside him and Cayden and watch how it is done. We will be there to instruct him while Kyle stays up in him."
     Chris looked at Cory and told him that he knew for a fact that the boy can fuck with just as much feeling as he does so he should be doing the training. Cory told him that he and Kyle, "have already trained Cayden and he's learned his lesson well, now he wants a pin. While he gets his pin Kerry can watch you, the master fucker, fuck the boy into the most joy he has ever known while Kyle and I fuck Kerry until he learns."
     We learned that Cayden is a very eager bottom and that he is about ready to leave Kerry because he is such a bum fuck. That hurt Kerry. That is when I realized that he really was in love and this sweet faced boy was the one he is in love with. Before our evening is done I will see to it that Kerry is a fantastic lover, even if Bobby and I have to get in on the training.

     During dinner Chris seemed distant. The boys were a bit animated but I was at fault there. I had told the boys that they were staying at my house all night so they could drink a beer or two as long as they maintained control. I suppose I should have asked Chris first. Kyle is out of his house but Chris feels a strong responsibility for the boy. Andy filled me in on Kyle's history, I knew that he had a young face but his beard is obvious and his musculature is more that of a person a bit older than a one would expect from a sixteen year old. I did not know about his being force fed drugs and steroids from the age of five or six. I cried when I learned that he had been a sex object and a feature in child pornography during that time. Kyle came to me and told me that it could not be undone. He is who he is and he is getting better because Chris loved him enough to provide for him and that Andy loves him more than he deserves. I sat with the six foot four inch tall boy across my lap, his legs over one arm of my chair and his head on my shoulder. Kyle is a very loving boy that needs a lot of reassurance. I will do all I can to give it to him whenever and wherever I can.
     Chris told the boys that enough time had passed since dinner so they could swim awhile if they wanted. Bobby raced them to the water and dragged Kerry with him. Chris looked at me then at Andy. "I was going to have a conference with you later but this is a good time and I like the setting better. I could use your knowledge for a few days. I have a very serious problem that I am working on. I will tell you right now that it is most secret. Andy does not and is not to know all of the details. You will not know everything either. What I am doing is nobody's business but mine but I need information if I am to do my job correctly. Will you help me?"
     "Well, Bobby and I have to split our time up to take care of our boys so I will have to work around that schedule," I told him.
     "I am sorry, I didn't state my case correctly. I will need you to move up to my house until we finish this project. We may work very late into the night until I break this software block. I am not going to go into anymore than that here but it is very important to me. Of course I expect Bobby to come with you. If you are comfortable with your boys being surround by teenage horn dogs they should be with you. I will put you out in the bungalow where you will have bit more privacy and my two younger boys can be with your young sons as much as you would like."
     "Chris, does this have to do with the Sheik?" He jerked at that and stared at me. "I heard the name after Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Bob left. I know that he is the one that has tried to kill you and I am told that he is the one that killed Carl." I could have bitten my tongue off when I saw the reaction that my words had on Andy. I just wasn't thinking.
     Bobby came up and grabbed a towel to dry his hair and he grabbed a beer then sat down. Chris looked at him then at me then he let his breath out. His face changed as his body seemed to go slack and he relaxed into his chair. "Let's get this out and done with. We are here to fuck and have a gay time but yes, the Sheik is involved.
     "Sylvia and Bob Feldman are...well I can't say who they are and I know that you don't want any harm to come to them so neither of you will worry about it. They have been in Europe for the last four months. In February our government shared information that Andy's people have uncovered with the aide of our friends at Interpol. A massive ring of child pornographers working throughout Europe and the far east was shut down. A few thousand people have been arrested in seventy seven countries, including the United States.
     "Gentlemen, hundreds of children have been located, many of them held in slavery in child brothels. Some of them in chains like some of the boys in my household, some of them were found in filth infested dungeons. At the current time efforts are being made to repatriate those children to their countries and their families.
     Chris kept looking toward the boys. I thought that it was lust but as he kept talking I realized that he does not want them to hear what he is telling us. "I knew that...well wait a minute. I am going to share a name with you guys. We have too much time together for me not to open up and I need to get some of this out so I can hear how it sounds. In my mind everything is perfect but sometimes saying it out loud puts a different slant on it. The man's name is Sighisoara Abbas al-Hadi. He is the son of one of those poor children that was kidnaped off of the streets of her home town and bound into slavery until her husband grew tired of her and killed her in front of this man when he was but twelve years old.
     "By right of birth he is a Sheik, he is also first in line to the throne of his father's nation. I am friends with the King of that nation and he has made me swear that I will never allow this person to sit on the throne. Sighisoara is the name of the town in the mountains of Romania where his mother's family lives. She named him for her home, he was called Seigy for short. He has manipulated himself into marriage with Queen Regina, the illegitimate daughter of young Cullen's great grandfather. Regina is currently sitting on the throne that rightfully belongs to my nephew, Cullen.
     "After the King's massacre of many of his wives and children Seigy and the current King, that my family call Raven, impaled their father and ate a feast while sitting before him as he died." He looked out at the boys still playing in the pool and shuddered.
     "Sighisoara was the town where the infamous Vlad Dracul II reigned. You may remember your history, he is called Vlad Tepes (pronounced tse-pesh), which means Vlad the Impaler. He ruled an area of the Balkans called Wallachia in the mid 15th century. The town of Sighisoara is home of the Castle Corvins, also known as the Hunyadi Castle. This castle is now a museum but on the highest peak near the city Seigy has built a duplicate of that castle but with twenty first century amenities.
     "It has long been believed that Seigy was intending to restore the ages old kingdom of the Balkans called Wallachia in the mid 15th century, which was ruled by the Vlad family. In November of 2005 I captured a key player in Seigy's slave trade business when I found a young man, that lives in my house now, being led around on a dog leash. The boy was naked and being forced to perform sex acts with men on the street in order to be able to eat that day. That capture led me to Seigy's half brother, the full brother of the current King Raven. From these two men I learned that Seigy's only goal is money and greed.
     "This half brother, Ibrahim, and the man that held the dog leash, Dimitri, brought boys stolen off of the streets of America to Ibrahim's beach side villa in Crete where they are smuggled by sea up the coast to Queen Regina's nation and then moved throughout Europe.
     "This raid has Seigy running scared. He has had no contact with his partner, Ibrahim and he has no idea where he is. I have already arrested him and his henchmen, the trials have already taken place for these key partners in New York.
     "What nobody knows before now is that young Jason Weller, of my house, is the son of Sighisoara Abbas al-Hadi. Seigy thinks that his son is dead or in hiding with his mother. Young Jace knows who he is and he has met his uncle Raven several times but that is a very closely held secret in our family. He does not want to meet his blood father.
     "Seigy is scared, he is hiding in his castle where he has full immunity with the local government guarding him. I am going to put a total end to his reign. That is all I am going to say about any of this. Now, Ryan, are you willing to help me? It will be a hard for you, or I guess the word is hardship but maybe the other word is correct, to have to work in a house with eighty naked boys running about and having sex at the drop of a pin. My only advice to you would be not to bend over and pick up that pin unless you want your ass straightened out."
     "Chris, I would love to work with you to put an end to this bunch. Bobby and I have talked to several of the boys and we know a little about their story. I talked to a boy named Lester Tinsley last summer and he made me want to hold him close and hide him from the world full of sick sick people. I am fairly certain that I speak for both of us when I say that Bobby and I will move up to your house for as long as it takes to do this job. As far as living arrangements, we will discuss that." I think that even as young as Bart is I will let him live amongst Chris' boys. I don't believe that a single one of them would touch Bart but he might learn how to handle himself a bit better."
     It was not Chris' fault and I don't hold him responsible in any way. He hardly ever has young children in his house, and I can well appreciate that, so of course his boys think nothing of leaving their things sitting around. I had fun as I tried to explain the use of various sized, shapes, and colors of dildos to nine year old Britt. But dildos isn't all that my two boys found.
     I find it hard to believe, then again I guess that fudge packing could actually result in what the phrase suggests, some of the boys suffer from constipation from time to time. Seven year old Bart watched one of the boys take a Docusate™ capsule. If you are not familiar with the laxative I will describe it for you. It is a red translucent capsule about three quarters of an inch long and maybe a quarter inch wide. It is not so much a laxative as it is a stool softener which just makes things slide out easier. Personally I don't want to do any packing with someone who might be using the capsule. yechh
     Bart is too inquisitive for his own good and he thought those candies looked neat so he ate three or four. He really doesn't remember how many but his shit was soft. The poor boy had the trots for three days, he just couldn't get that shit out of his system. I felt so sorry for him but I couldn't help but laugh as I thought about the tough lesson the boy had learned. At least this wasn't going to cause any permanent harm to him and it sure wasn't going to kill him. He did tell me that he wished he could die cause his poopy butt hurt so bad. I looked at him and he had rubbed himself raw wiping up five or six times a day. I suggested he wash up with the hand held shower instead of wiping. I told him that it was mostly water coming out so there would be no real big mess and the soap and hot water would make him be able to sit down a bit easier. I guess it worked because at dinner time he wasn't scooting around in his chair.
     I asked him how the red candies tasted and he wrinkled up his nose and told me he didn't want any more of those things, lesson learned.
     The rest of our time at Chris' home was far better than I ever expected. Chris has a young genius with code breaking and he was able to see a major glitch in my programing code. I was able to have a program ready for Chris in only six days but he told us that he wanted us to stay. I have known Chris long enough to know when he is troubled. He wanted to sequester himself away with Bobby, Cory, and me. He has a private sitting area in his bedroom where he would hold Cory close to himself as we spent the evening talking about anything that crossed our minds.
     Chris is a good father though and I got to see him and learn from him. He takes Roddy to and from school and the two of them stop somewhere to just have quality time for fifteen to thirty minutes each day. Chris takes time to listen to every boy that comes to him with a concern. With eighty boys running around he can't be with each of them as much as he would like and that is what we discuss most of all when we retire to his room.
     Bobby and I talked about how we felt and we are both pleased that he wants to have us spend time in bed with him. Somehow it makes me relive my youth as I lay under him and he treats me with all of the love that we shared in that basement so many nights during our highschool days. Cory has learned from Chris, he is almost as good as the real thing, but don't you dare tell him I said that. Cory is well hung and he knows how to use that thing.
     Sure we are allowed to go down on anybody in the house that does not say no and so far no one has said no. Bobby brought Jules to bed with us one night. Chris sat and talked to him for a long time before he sent the boy off to bring Gus to the room. Bobby and I were sent out to do whatever we wanted to do for an hour.
     Christopher came to us to tell us that his dad said we could go back to the room at our leisure. On our way upstairs we passed three other boys who only smiled at us. When we returned to the room we were greeted by two very happy boys that weren't talking. Each of them had a small gold penis shaped pin stuck in their sparse pubic hairs. Bobby and I kissed each other and congratulated the other on our son's coming of age.
     I am more the mother and I had to check Jules' butt hole. It was huge but clean. Gus pushed me away and told me he would take care of his man. I turned him up and checked his wide open anus. Jules quickly covered it with his hand and then bent over and kissed it, "to make it better." I think we have a son in law.
     The door swung open and the three tiny tots ran across the room and jumped up on the bed. Britt hugged Chris and thanked him for allowing us to stay at his house then he rushed over to me. "So now I am second in line, am I?" he giggled and put a big kiss on me. Rod wanted to sleep with his dad and I looked at Bobby. We decided that it would be fun to sleep with our boys and said goodnight to Chris. Jules told us good night, he and Gus were going to Gus' and Roddy's room next to Chris' room.

     We are back home now and we have two young house guests. Gus and Rodney, excuse me, Rod, are staying with us. Cory and Christopher have been allowed to take Traveler on a summer long trip as their right of passage. Six of the smaller fourteen year old boys are spending the summer with Jimmy Walker and Tom Byrd. I have my suspicions that Chris broke the boys up by size for their own protection.
     The rest of the family is going about business as usual with no idea where Chris is. Chris is gone, no one is supposed to know where he is but Bobby and I were told, in confidence. Chris did not even want Andy to know where he was going or what he was going to do. He told us that Andy is a sworn deputy of the United States Government and under oath to stop him if he were to have any fore knowledge of his activities. There are two more of Chris's family missing too and they are also sworn deputies, I have an idea that they went with him. Chris called us last night to tell us that it is all over and everything is fine. He told us that he is losing two of his youngsters but he could live with it.
     He blew my mind when he told me that he now has a house in Romania with two hundred boys living in it. He told us that things are going to be hectic for a few months as they get Cullen off to receive his crown and take over as the head of his family's country. I want to go tell the boy but Chris wants everything kept very quiet yet. If things went as I suspect then Chris has committed some serious crimes. I don't know how this will work out. Bobby and I will kneel with our five youngsters each night and pray for his safe return.

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