Chapter 55


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I awakened in a huge poster bed with light colored silk sheets on it. French doors on two walls were open letting a fresh sea breeze blow the sheer curtains around. A small face was beside me with its little eyes locked on mine. Suddenly a shrill voice yelled out, "he's awake." I may be, I may not be. I felt like shit. I was so weak, I was hungry. Hundreds of running feet stampeded toward my room then stopped at the door. Cory entered quietly, he lifted Kenny down and patted his butt with a thank you and a well done. The boy scampered to the door. Cullen came to the other side of the bed. He fluffed two big pillows and slipped them behind my shoulders as Cory held me, more or less, upright. My stomach growled.
    "Do you need the loo?" Cullen asked me. My head was a fog, then I knew what he meant. He reached under the bed and produced a porcelain chamber pot. I tried to laugh, but I was weak and dizzy. The two boys dragged my feet to the edge of the bed and held the pot in place. Cory kneaded my cock as he kissed me. He pulled back with a face.
    "You should taste it from this side I quipped at him." Morning breath is not usual with me. I guess all of that cum cleans the pallet. The pot was lowered as the last drop was shaken from my cock and I was helped back to my semi-sitting position. Pete walked in with a tray. He first held the straw from a glass of water to my lips. I sucked up warm water. I protested, but was told to shut up, they were the doctors today and if I didn't listen to them they could very easily restrain me. A thermal mug with a straw was held to my lips. I sucked up hot chicken broth. It really did make me feel better. The boys were quietly entering the room and taking seats on the floor on either side of the bed so that they could see me. There was not a sound made or a word spoken.
    The soup was gone, I wanted more, I was told later. I needed to get my strength back slowly. I had the dry heaves for two days then I went into a coma. I have been out for a whole week. The boys were taking turns spoon feeding me warm broth and holding the chamber pot. I can't describe how I felt. Warm fuzzies are as a chill on a cold night compared to my feelings at that point. I so much wanted to hold each of my boys. Tony made thirty six of them at last count, unless I have dreamed all of this.
    Pete returned from taking away the tray. He shut the door and sat down on my bed. He had the file folder in his hand. The tears were the largest I have ever seen. Pete never cries. He was racked with his sobs as he ran his hand up and down my thigh. Every boy in the room had tears on his face. "So what are we going to do?" I just looked at him. I was thinking about how much I loved him, but he read something else into it.
    "I'm sorry. You were so sick and you were clutching this. I took it from you and saw it was top secret so I put it away. When you didn't wake up I called Andy. He told me to read this." he ran his hand over the folder. "Andy told me too. I thought it would be okay."
    "Oh course it is babe. I'm not upset, I am in love with you. I can't believe how much I love you guys. I am laying here looking at your beauty and praising God above for bringing us together. Pete you did right. I'm glad."
    "So, what are we going to do?"
    "Well, I suppose I can ship all of you off to some of my boy loving friends around the world and beat that old bastard to the punch. Then I can go into seclusion and live a life of fear and suspicion. Do you have any ideas?"
    "No, but we're really scared, dad." And here I am being flippant. These boys have never encountered anything like this. Hell, neither had I.
    "Give me a kiss. I'll hold my breath." He giggled and moved to me. It was a closed mouth kiss, but he knew I was with him. I held him in my right arm as I grabbed Cory with my left and pulled him to me. "I really wish I had thirty four more arms." I looked at each of the boys. "Okay, let me up." Carefully I slid to the edge of the bed. I was a little light headed, but I pushed through it. Once on my feet I felt a bit better. I looked around and all of the boys were in uniform. I looked at Cullen. "How about your folks. Isn't this a bit disrespectful?"
    "I told them that this is who we are and they were fine with it. Mum told me that she and dad often sat out in the sun nude. They had talked about a membership at an altogether club, but didn't think a Lord should be seen really showing his arse." Yeah, that got me. I saw my name box on the dresser across the room You remember it, the box with everybody's name in it for me to draw out for something special. I told Kenny to draw two names. He was shown how and pulled out Tim and Jeff. I told them I needed a shit and a shower, which one did they wish to help me with. They got me to the toilet and made me take over on my own. Then they came back and gave me a wonderful cleaning.
    Fresh and sweet smelling I grabbed two boys to help me to the hallway. I grabbed two different ones to walk down the hall. I got four of the rascals to help me down the stairs. I was fine by this time, but the guys were eating it up. With a constant change of my guards I made it to a sunny patio and the fresh breeze coming up off of the water beneath the cliff.
    I asked for more soup with a straw. It was fun that way. I hate to be the only one eating and would be very self conscious lapping up soup with a spoon as seventy two eyes followed my every move. I asked if there was enough soup for the rest of them to have some. I was told that a large pot of soup was available. Kenny wanted to sit in my lap and drink some soup through a straw.
    My strength was returning. I told the boys that we serve a God of power. We can not live in fear and know God. I told them that it was life as usual and I was going swimming. I got up and walked over to the pool and was reinvigorated. This is not southern Arizona and the pool heater was not on, it had quit working the day before we arrived. I was awake.
    An hour of watching my boys at play had me ready for more food. The cook brought me a tray of cheese and bread along with another cup of broth. I ate a few pieces of bread dipped in the broth which made me feel really good. The cheese was a bit heavy yet so I set that aside. I was ready for a cup of coffee. English coffee is great, if you're English. I have a very narrow range of foods that I am willing to try. I was trying to get some caffeine from my cup. Gerald walked up and sat another cup in front of me and took the first one away. He had Andy bring four one pound cans of Folger's® Country Roast blend. I drink a lot of coffee and I probably go through a pound every six to eight days. Some of the boys are developing a taste for the bean, but for most of them it is a cup of sugar with a little coffee in it then fill it to the rim with milk.

    I got to thinking about home so I called Carl to see how the work was going on my new addition. He told me how crazy I was. The engineers had a field day, but they had it well under way now and excavation had started. I think I may have told you that Charley built the house on a huge eroded wash. It really wasn't a wash any longer. The building in the area had changed so the water ran off hundreds of feet away from my property. But at one time, in the far distant past, the water had come across this lot and run along the east side of the property leaving huge outcroppings of solid rock standing twenty to fifty feet above the bottom of the wash between my house and the old ranch east of me.
    Charley had taken an idea from the cliff house in California and had steel beams bored back into the rocks tying two of these outcroppings to the solid part of the lot. He had reinforced the area with tons of steel mesh in concrete. I wanted to build a driveway through the eastern most rocks and put in a subterranean garage while connecting the rock tops with a bridge work leading to private bedrooms with a bath. I guess the engineers were having a problem trying to make the sewage run back up hill to the sewer hook up from the house.
    Carl told me that the drive was cut and the excavation for the garage was underway. He was pretty sure that the house would not collapse before the eight inch reinforced walls could be poured to hold it up. He brought me up to date on the Anson, Jones, Farley, and Franklin business. Twenty of the child victims had been identified. I told him that I had six of them with me. He told me that the police had the whole gang. With the four men and their wives, four teachers, the post master and two day care centers they had fifteen people under indictment. They shut down fifty web sites carrying links for the films and had arrested two hundred people, world wide, in possession of the films. That lifted my spirits greatly. I had no idea that this was the last conversation that I would ever have with my old friend.

    A day or two later Gerald slipped into the chair beside me and put his arms about me. "I love you. I can't begin to tell you how much you mean to me, to all of us really, but you are a most special man in my eyes. I hope to be as well loved and thought of as you are when I come of age. Luke and I have an idea and we would like to get off alone and discuss it with you sometime today." I told him that this was a nice easy day just catch me when they were ready.
    After a fantastic lunch by Ger and El's English cook the two boys dragged me across the manicured fields of the Duke's country estate. "Back home Massachusetts has legalized gay marriage. We wanted to do this before we left, but with everything you were doing it didn't seem the proper time. Dad, we are all together and it would be the perfect time. We know the perfect place over in Chicopee. That's less than a hundred miles from Albany.
    "Dad, we would really like to have the whole family stand up with us. We haven't told anybody, not even Jay and Brad and you know that they are the ones that got us together in the first place. We are going to ask them to be our best men, if it's okay with you."
    "That's the rub isn't it? It has to be okay with me. Let me get all of my ducks in order here. You two have been together just about two years now. You ran your own business and owned your own home. You have proven your love for each other time and again and you have proven your concern for society around you. Yet for some unfathomable reason you feel that you need to ask my permission for the one thing that would make you elatedly happy? Well now you listen to me and you hear me good. I am overwhelmed that you would ask me. I love you both as if you had been with me for years not weeks. You mean so much to me and to have you even consider me in plans that will affect your entire future is more than I could ever have hoped for. But as for whether or not it is okay with me., in a word, YES."
    Of course I had two happy boys to contend with. That is just one of the daily problems that I face. It is a hard life when you have naked boy flesh crawling all over you in gratitude on a constant basis. "What sort of plans do you have for when we get back to Tucson? Are you going to stay there? Are you going on to school?"
    "Well we thought that we would buy a little house somewhere not too far away from you and the family. That is if we will be able to stop by from time to time. We have money to get us started and, well Ger has really been thinking about opening a restaurant to serve vegetarian meals."
    "Look, it's your lives. I will not interfere, too much. I will only tell you what to do about six or eight times, an hour, each day. Please keep this to yourselves for right now. While we have been building houses for the storm victims I have been building my house for my boys. It seems I had my timing set just right because building materials are hard to get and very expensive right now.
    "You have seen those two huge boulders east of the house. I had the road cut along there and brought a driveway in under the house right next to those boulders. A six car garage is now located under the old garage and into that old arroyo between the house and those rocks. A bridge connects the house to three one bedroom suites on top of those rocks. Each suite has a large bedroom and decent sized sitting area in it. Kind of like an efficiency apartment. There are no walls, just a little divider so that the unmade bed can't be easily seen when sitting on the couch.
    "Each unit has a large four man shower and twin lavatories. I listened to some of you perverts and installed a bidet so you can wash your ass hole without having to get into the shower. Personally I prefer the shower with my hand held shower head and then a complete shower for hygienic cleanup, but to each his own. There is a small convection oven and a microwave along with a three burner range top. A small apartment sized dishwasher means that dishes must be done after each meal or many loads, one after the other if there are too many dishes. Of course there is a full sized twenty seven cubic foot refrigerator with a bottom freezer to keep your veggies cold.
    "Now I have a surprise for you that was supposed to wait until we got there, but one bungalow is for you two, one for Cas and Tyler, and one for Tim and Jerry. Please don't tell them yet, let it be a surprise. As for the restaurant. If you would allow me to help, that is the one thing I have wanted in that town forever. There are a few places in town that have veggie plates, but no true all vegan restaurant. I have always conceived of a vegetarian buffet. One line would be strictly vegan and the other vegetarian. I would serve Soy Milk and Pero®, which would drive me insane since I have to have my coffee.
    "You can do as you two adult young men desire. These are two things that I have on my mind, congratulations to both of you, I do love you with all of my heart."
    "Weellll, there is something else. We would like to go off with you, just the three of us and let you spend the whole night teaching us what married boys should do. Kind of like you taught Jay and Brad the other day. Now there are two happy fag boys with a world full of new knowledge from the master himself." I had to laugh at them. They may be nineteen, but they are so innocent and cute. I took them out to the empty bunk house attached to El's stables and placed a sign on the door with the word that DO NOT DISTURB meant death by family tickle to any intruders.
    Now my reputation was on the line. Luke and I had spent some time in my apartment in New York ten months earlier. That boy doesn't need to learn. He has the moves, but I won't let them know that right now, we are going to get it on. Gerald seemed like the obvious choice to begin with. Now he and I have had a few quiet times and the three of us piled up in their common bed in Albany in July. The boy is too much yogurt and I plan to work on that tonight. Yogurt? Fruit on the bottom, don't you know anything? I worked on that fruit and I brought it to a screaming blob of coagulated, gelatinous, quivering, screaming, super butt fucked boy in just over thirty minutes. He was panting and shaking as if the very life had been fucked out of him and that's where I wanted him.
    I sent Luke in as the second wave. A broad smile enlightened his whole being. He is a stud at six foot one inch, he is hard bodied. His red hair and the freckles of youth on his reddened cheeks give him a pixie like face. I lay alongside and gave instructions as Luke pummeled his darling boy with a solid eight inch fuck pole. I was enamored with at the redish crown that encircled the manhood The boy's hands were long and slim, an artist's hands. His legs were long and slender ending in long thin feet. My guess is that he had at least a size thirteen shoe. A twentieth birthday party was on for him tomorrow. I try to surprise the boys, but with so many boys, and so many days, they know that I never forget them.
    Gerald is five nine and a hundred and forty five pounds of solid muscle. His main muscle is a tad under the seven inch mark, but that minuscule missing bit is more than made up for by the extra thick five and three quarter inches of butt stretching boi meat that has one single eye for his lover, or his daddy. He began to pant and gasp for air as I dove for the door prize of extra fresh, homemade boi milk, hot off of the assembly line. No preservatives, or chemicals added. Nature's very own sweetness and clean wholesome living seasoned all of my boys with that down home flavor. I can always taste the difference in a new boy, but once he has been around a week or more he begins to take on the family trait, or taste.
    We spent the night fucking each other in every conceivable fashion. Even a triangle suck and triangle rim on each other's well fucked out and tender butt holes. Luke is one of the few boys that has learned how to throw a good fuck on me and I will never turn down a chance to romp with him, with or without Gerald.
    The following morning three well fucked dudes stepped into the bright October sky of west coast England and into a waiting band of party goers who were ready to celebrate Luke's birthday. By tradition the birthday boy has to blow every boy's candle out before the cake is cut. Luke was the first one to have to show his prowess on thirty five boys plus Andy, and me. He was the first one to publicly handle Kyle and Tony. He complained to Gerald of a displaced jaw so Ger, being the conscientious lover he is, kissed him and made it better.

    Cullen's dad was a blast. The man kept us all in stitches with his British humor. El told me that he was boring, but I told her it was fresh material for us and we ate it up. I did something that I never ever thought I would do, I went shopping with my sister. How cool is that? I never had a sister growing up, but here she is an ocean away and we are finding out how alike we are and how much we truly like being together. Having never known my dad in person she never tired of hearing my boyhood stories of him. She really made me miss him and regret the way I had treated him. I wonder if he and I could have been good fiends.
    El showed me places in London that no tourist would ever find or see. We found some quaint little shops with quaint little doodads at realistic prices. I went way overboard as I bought pure junk for my boys. They will never need and never use it and probably never know what the fuck it is, but I bought and bought and bought. I asked El what the hell good it was being a billionaire if I couldn't spend something on frivolities for the fun of it. The store clerk dropped her teeth on that one. I spent thirty seven hundred pounds which I found out was around eight thousand dollars. I had every purchase wrapped and shipped home for each boy. I decided that somehow I was going to let the guys have a shopping trip of their own.
    I wanted a ride on the famous Underground. I have always loved trains and I take the subway or El or Bart or whatever, in every town that I travel too that has such a thing. El thought I was out of my mind, but I reminded her that we were only children once. As we came up near where our car was parked my satellite phone rang. I said hello to Andy. I told him that I had just gone deep underground. He laughed at me and told me that he wished he was here. I told him that I would be home later to give me a call.
    That made me happy. I really did want to sit down with him and our coded call had just told me that he would be here at 20:00 hours. I told El that we were having a guest. She just rolled her eyes. I asked El if she knew of anything where love meant nothing, and fast service is not appreciated. She could think of nothing until I asked her if she would like to play tennis the following morning. I hadn't played since college, but it is a great game to get the blood up and circulating in the morning. After our set I ran with six or seven of the boys. A hundred and eighty acres is a lot of ground to cover when the boys want to zig zag about so that they can show me every blade of grass that they had discovered as I lay on my back in bed for a week. I will never get sick around these kids again. They're ruthlessly brutal barbarians.

    We had a ball on Saturday. We had to wear pants to protect our balls, but the boys that had passed a proficiency test on a horse were allowed to go on a fox hunt. I had no idea that Andy could ride like he did then he reminded me that he had spent a year of his college career in England. I never saw the fox, I don't think there was one, but we had fun listening to the dogs and the horn chasing about the country side. I know that the boys will remember this day forever. Only Kenny and Eric could not ride. Their little legs just didn't reach the smallest of special saddles. But Toby and Pete doubled up with the little fellows and just totally made the day for all four.
    Saturday was also Jerry Thompson's eighteenth birthday. We had a big birthday bash for him late that afternoon. Jerry and Tim came up to me as we were enjoying the evening. "Dad, we have decided to get married. Now don't get uptight. We went to Luke because he knows the area and he and Gerald have been talking. We didn't know that they had already talked to you. We think it is so cool. Now don't think that they said anything. We went to them then they told us about their plans and well, we want to make it a double ceremony. What do you think?"
    My boys are all growing up. I took them aside for a little talk and told them about the suite. They were very happy to hear about that and the fact that they could still live with the family. Cas was looking at us off alone like that. I waved for him to come over and motioned for him to bring Tyler. I caught Luke's eye, he and Gerald joined us.
    I looked Cas in the eye as I held Tyler's hand, "How are you two doing? Are you ready to find real boyfriends yet or are there still a few miles left for the two of you to cover yet?"
    "I don't know where you're coming from, but if anybody says that we are not committed is going to need to be committed, to the hospital when I am done with him." Cas was defensive as he looked at the six of us. Andy sat back and chuckled as he wanted to see how I was going to get out of this one.
    "Nobody's said anything, you thick headed jock. We just told dad that we want to get married. I guess Luke and Ger told him the same thing a couple of days ago. So how about it? Are you as committed to each other as you said the other night. Do you really want to get married? You're both twenty years old, times not going to stop for you."
    "You don't have to talk us in to anything. That is all we talk about. Hell, yes I want to marry this dude. He is the best thing I ever had in all of my life and I want to be with him forever." Cas had his arms around Tyler and their tongues did a sensuous dance in each other's mouths.
    "We would very much like to get married, but we don't want to influence the younger boys. They all look at us for everything they do as it is." Tyler had his eyes locked on Cas.
    "Are you worried about Turner? He does kind of idolize you." I grinned at him.
    "Yeah, him and well, all of them really. They're all our little brothers. Heaven only knows where I would be if he had not been so bull headed and set out to look for me, and God sent you to rescue him and me. Dad, we owe you so much that I could never do anything that would bring disharmony into this household."
    "I think disharmony would come if you aren't true to yourselves and your own feelings. These boys are all gay, they see things that other boys their age don't see. They know the love that you six share with your partners. I hear them talk about finding the kind of love that you have for themselves. We have a few budding relationships in the family now, but they are all young. Let them get their little butts fucked for awhile yet. They may even turn to girls. As for you, be true to yourself."

    Andy and I sat back and watched the boys play. "Are you are that Massachusetts is requiring state residency for same sex marriage licensing?"
    "That will break those boys' hearts, Andy."
    "Let me work on it." I know that if it can be done Andy will do, if it can't be done he will do it another way. We sat back and enjoyed each other's company while the boys continued to play like teenage boys.
    A short time later the six young lovers came back to the small campfire where we had gathered for our birthday party. I could tell that something was up by the looks on their faces. Jerry was whispering in Jim's ear as the boy jumped up and down clapping his hands, I just knew I was in trouble. I looked at El she grabbed at the Duke and said their goodnights. The security men wondered back out to their positions around the estate.
    "Thirteen months ago, give or take a day or two, I was an innocent little virgin boy standing beside a dumpster getting rid of a load of boxes for my boss. You saw me kiss Tim and took it on yourself to offer to teach the two of us two lessons. You offered us a class on How to Fuck Your Boy Friend, 101. I have to admit that was the best class I ever attended and I have practiced what I learned there and in subsequent classes since then. However, you offered a second class which you have not yet given. I feel that that class would probably be a good one for the entire family, but I know that I have to have the class before I can get married." With that all six boys stood up, and in unison, announced their engagement for a wedding as soon as we returned to the states. It took several minutes for the cheers to die down and many kisses on certain body parts in honor of the occasion. I looked at Andy and he nodded at me, I have to trust that he can pull this one off for my boys.
    "Just so that no one is left in the dark the second class that you offered was entitled, 'Lubrication With Feeling'. So up with it, old fart, teach us how to lube."
    I looked around, but could see no out. Jimmy has grown up too much for this exercise, but I know who would love it. I asked if anyone might have some KY with him. Four tubes landed at my feet. These boys are better than batteries, they are EVER RANDY. I pulled Eric to me and whispered in his ear. He was wiggling in my lap as he giggled. He was more than willing. I asked for a blanket to be spread next to the fire and for the class to be seated. I made Jerry take the place of honor, on his back on the blanket.
    Everybody was all giggles as Eric and I took our positions. I had Eric get between Jerry's legs as I pulled the long, thin zonkas (Spanish word for thin, bird like legs; chicken legs) back over his head and let his ass shine to the world in the light of the waning moon.
    I took a postion between Jerry's legs and explained how a good tongue laving would often provide all of the lubrication necessary, then I demonstrated. Jerry was having a great time and he let the boys know it. I demonstrated how to use two, then three fingers, to spread a ready rectum and how sometimes two thumbs were needed for one a bit more stubborn. I raised myself up and told the boys that some ass holes just refused to open up.
    Eric had quietly lubed his entire fist and arm, all the way up to his elbow. He stuck his tiny hand up to Jerry's pucker and began to work his way around. I was telling the boys that the well lubed lover was the more comfortable lover and when working with a novice one needed to take time to open the boy for a new experience. Toby let out with an Amen as everyone laughed. They remembered his bow legged walk that was still quite obvious after his return with Kenny that first day.
    Eric was getting moans of pure pleasure out of Jerry. I looked at Tim and told him that he needed to be sure that his partner was truly ready for penetration. He agreed with me and I winked at Eric. The boys whole hand slid out of sight as Jerry yelped in surprise. Tim helped me to hold his love bunny down as Eric closed his fist and pushed it all the way inside the helpless boy. Eric began to fuck his little arm back and forth making sure to drag the knuckles of his closed fist across Jerry's prostate.
    Jerry's cock was more than flowing, it was running a steady stream of seminal fluid which Luke gratefully accepted. Eric increased his speed and began to fuck Jerry with full speed and hard strokes. Jerry didn't know whether to scream in pain of yell for joy. He was in the middle of both and was loving it. He made me move to him so that he could suck my cock. I pointed at Luke's cock right in his face. In a broken voice he wanted me, I let him have it. I began to fuck his throat with the same speed and force that Eric was pounding his ass. I could tell that Jerry was on the edge of too much so I told Eric to grab the prostate and knead it, carefully.
    With that Eric had his arm cut off at mid-forearm. I received permanent teeth marks on my cock to show to the world forever, and Tim almost drowned from the volume of fresh boi cream that rushed out of the tortured body of his life's partner.
    I told Eric to withdraw, slowly. Jerry was still in spasms and he could be hurt, badly if we weren't careful. When Eric pulled his arm out he was inspecting it and smelling of it to see if it was nasty. Almost at once he had help with his inspection. I guess it was okay because he got a kitten bath from more than one cat.
    Jerry lay there staring up at me. I sat back and watched him. Slowly his color returned to normal and his breath slowed. "Now I hope you paid attention. The final exam for this class can be brutal." I held up Cas's massive paw to Tim's uproarious laughter. "What are you laughing at? As I remember I was to teach both of you this class." Tim's eyes got wide then he smiled and lay down beside Jerry.
    I looked around and Tim quietly said, "Art or Jan." I smiled. I looked at the other engaged couples. They studied my face for a moment then moved over and lay down Each boy laying opposite the one next to him. Art, Jan, Kenny, Jim, and Cullen were recruited. Tyler could easily take Cullen's larger fist after ten months of Cas up his ass. Tim looked at me and asked me if he could change his mind and take it from Jim. I know that these three will always hold each other in special places in their hearts. Gerald would better be able to take Jim's larger hand because of Luke's huge man hood. I would be right down there beside him with a careful eye on Jim.
    Of all of the orgies we have ever had, I think all of us enjoyed ourselves more that night than any other time. We lay in the grass in the cool, fuck that cold, October sea breeze of England's west coast keeping close to the one next to us for body heat. The sky was getting light as we could take it no longer and ran for the house. Well, mostly limped. None of us had ever been fisted before and with the exception of Kenny everyone got a good prostate massage before the need for heat overcame the need for more sex.

    At mid-morning Andy and I got off to ourselves again. Our oil man was in the wind. He had sent an army against the school. They had plans to kidnap all of the kids. Their plans were not very secret, there were so many holes in their operation that it was doomed before it began. The boys had been kept locked in the gym. Mattresses were laid on the floor and food was served in the old kitchens. Andy's young men ran naked all over the grounds pretending to be students, thus sucking the enemy into a well laid trap.
    As the invaders moved closer to the school the state police and an Army National Guard unit closed in behind them. I realized how much lead time they had on this. A guard unit isn't activated in a few days. It takes weeks to prepare. Well they hadn't needed weeks Andy assured me, but they had ample time to do it right. When the invaders were at the road a school bell rang, a normal thing for a school. Andy's men moved to the classroom area. Some joined hands, some skipped along, like children. In a high school? I looked at Andy. He shrugged his shoulders.
    Slowly fifty foreign soldiers crept up on the school. They were facing one hundred armed men in front of them and two hundred Army and police behind them. The incident is being kept from the public. The people in the area understand that the National Guard held a training exercise in the area.
    The White House is treating it as an invasion by a foreign nation on American soil. The military has fifty military men, officers and NCOs in custody along with their uniforms, indicating rank and nationality, along with their weapons and communication devices.
    Recordings of both ends of their radio chatter is in one file along with triangulated locations of both ends of the conversation. Triangulation puts the invading force at the school, on U.S. soil. Communication to that point was from a satellite whose transponder sends a code for source of the transmission along with the signal to the recipient. This code showed latitude and longitude coordinates to be the oil man's sandy country's national capital complex. Closest triangulation is within seventy five feet of the office of the King of that country.
    The palace in which the King lives is located in the capital complex with the King's residence at one end of a two hundred foot long building. A seventy five foot radius from the main palace room has only one structure inside it, the capital complex itself. The King's palace takes up ninety five feet of the northwest end of the building which is oriented so that the end points in a straight line to a popular religious site. You do the math and determine if possibly someone in the palace was in communication with the uniformed and armed force on U.S. soil.
    Other than the threat of reduced oil supplies to the U.S. this small kingdom poses no threat to the U.S. The amount of oil purchased from this nation is minuscule at best and would not be noticed if withheld. The only true power this nation may have is if they were to influence others to withhold their oil. At the present time this kingdom is not very popular because of the attack and the nature of the attack.The underlying reason, homosexuality is a crime against God punishable by dismemberment then beheading. "I bet that would hurt. I don't like it when my member is dissed."
    Andy let off his tensions at my remark. He accused me of not having a serious bone in my body. I showed him a serious boner. We adjourned and found sweet young things to play with for awhile. Jay and Evan were tossing a frisbee, I asked them if they were up for any other games. By the time they ran over to us they were both very up. I had only taken the opportunity to give these two a quickie to this point. I was really looking forward to getting down to a few things between us.
    Jay had learned well as he watched his older brother and his friends do the dirty. The little guy was one of the most eager cock suckers I have been with in awhile. He wasn't half bad in his efforts either. But, as most of my boys, he did have an itch. All of the boys take one look at me and want to see if they can take it. They know it's going to hurt, but it is there and they have to try. I would just as soon lay with their sweet bodies up against mine and feel of their soft skin as they tell me their cute tales of daily life. I guess I am getting to old to be a cock sucker, I just want to be a boy hugger. But I still need lots and lots of boi milk. Hot and fresh from the udder down under.

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