Chapter Three


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    We were up at the crack of dawn. The mountain air did something to my appetite. Jesse cooked enough food for four, but it disappeared in short order. We set about clearing brush and fallen leaves from against the house and outward in an ever growing circle. About noon time we were back from the house about fifty feet and had tackled a dead tree. The tree wasn’t all that big, maybe five inches across. The top had fallen away and a dead trunk stood upright about twenty feet into the air. I had the chain saw and had just felled the tree when a man’s voice said, “You’re mighty brave to tackle that tree with no pants on. Be careful that you don’t cut your dick off.”
    We wheeled around to look at a U. S. Forest Service Ranger in full uniform. He was talking on his radio. “Is one of you named Erickson?”
    “I’m Jesse Erickson, sir.” we were both shaking and standing there naked in front of the man didn’t help us to calm down, at all.
    “Your folks own this place?”
    “My dad does, sir.”
    “It’s okay boys. You’re not in any trouble This is a national forest and tree cutting is not allowed except by a few folks that own their own land, and even they can not cut anywhere but on their property.”
    “We’re just clearing out all of the underbrush and stuff so that we won’t get burned out if there’s another fire around here.”
    “Very wise. How far back are you going to clear?”
    Jesse explained how we were going to clear the entire forty acres. We had all summer and his dad was paying us to do the job. He told the ranger that we were going to plow a fire break all the way around the property line then he pointed to the pipes running from tree to tree up in the canopy, as he called it. The ranger was impressed. He walked with us to the property line which was marked with painted diamonds on the trees. There were big Xs on some of the trees along the property line and Jesse told the man that his dad had applied with the forest service to cut those trees out as part of the fire break.
    The ranger had the application with him and he walked the entire property line on three sides checking out each tree. He had a can of spray paint with him and he spray painted a number on nearly all of the trees. He kept looking at us and I saw his pants tent out more than once. The old boy was perving on our booty.
    It took us almost three hours to check out all of the trees and we were all thirsty. We headed for the kitchen but all we had was soda or instant tea. I am not a big fan of instant tea but sugary soda was not what I wanted either. We whipped up three glasses of tea and used the last of the ice in the cooler to cool it down. Jesse filled ice trays and put them in the refrigerator, we forgot to do that earlier.
    The ranger kept looking at us as he told us that we could cut down the trees that he had put a number on. The other trees he wanted to try to save. He thought that once we had cleared out the ones he approved then the fire hazard would be lessened. He told us that we should call and have him come back up after we cut the marked trees and he would see if we needed to cut anymore or maybe glue some of the ones we had cut down back up.
    We both looked at him with a blank look on our faces as he burst out in laughter. “Just checking to see if you were paying attention or not. You’re nice boys. Be careful and don’t get hurt.” I made a deal of scratching my balls and he didn’t miss a moment of it as his uniform pants stood out from his groin a bit. Jesse saw what I did and was trying so hard not to laugh as the Ranger hurried out to his truck and drove away.
    “You tease. You had that dude so fucking hot. What if he had jumped you?”
    “Would you have been jealous?”
    “Hell no. I was ready to help him.
    “Uh, babe, I uh…fuck you stink. I mean good like. I am so turned on. We need to talk.” He led me to the sofa and pulled me against him. “Uh, like last night…I asked you to uh…Keith, I love you so fucking much that it hurts inside.” I threw my arms around him and kissed him deep. Our tongues did a tango as our hands turned Roman.
    “I am here babe, I will always be here. I love you with all of my heart. I am yours to have and hold for as long as we both shall live.” I told him.
    “Then make me yours. Fuck me. Let’s make it official. I wanted so bad to do it last night but you fell asleep on me, you fruity fairy faggot.”
    “Me? Fruity fairy faggot? Me, and you want me to fuck you. Sounds like the shoe needs to be on someone else’s foot.” That hurt him. I was trying to tease him but he didn’t catch it that way. I had to get him back, now.
    “There will be some conditions in this relationship. I will never do to you what I won’t let you do to me. I will not be what I have heard called a top if I can’t also be a bottom. Our friendship and relationship will be built on equality from the very beginning or it will never work. I have never thought about having a dick up my ass and I know it is going to hurt like a mother fucker. But I swear to you, here and now. I won’t do you unless you promise to do me.”
    He lit up like a Christmas tree as he grabbed me and kissed me. We fell to the floor and rolled back and forth. He had me so worked up I could have shoved my cock through the two inch thick front door in one push. He twisted his body so that he could look me in the eye. I was drawn to return his look. Something between us was calling me and I felt so comfortable and safe as he talked quietly. His eyes smiled at me as I felt love pour out from him.

    I learned that I had nothing to learn. Jesse took control of my soul as our passion built to a level that I was sure was going to cause us to burst open. Jesse was on top of me and had his eyes locked deep into the back of mine. I swear that I could see little wheels and gears inside of his head, but I know that it was the light playing across the wet surface of h is eyes.
    He pushed himself up and let his knees rest firmly on the floor to each side of my hips. Never before had I ever seen a look like I saw on his face. Since that day I have never been with anyone else so I don’t know if everybody looks like that when they are in love. I didn’t know that it was the look of love at the time, but as Jesse and I spend more time together I have come to know that look, and the pounding of his heart that goes along with.
    I watched his Adam’s apple move up and down, which I learned was him swallowing the lump that he had in his throat. When he told me about it I knew that it was the same with me. Those eyes…just telling you about it makes me want to cry with happiness. For the first time in my selfish life I knew the love of another as I loved another. There was, and is, nothing that I would not do were he only to ask it of me.
    A shudder of fear swept through my body. We had talked about it and I trust him, but… Okay, I did…well, I tried, but it hurt too much. I don’t know what I was thinking, I was just horny and it was about the right size around and I had to know, didn’t I? What did I know about lube and shit, I just wanted something in my ass and an old shovel handle was all that I saw. Fuck that hurt.
    Jesse said that he did it with Russ and he wants to do it again and he said that I would really like it…sooo.
    “You are so great, babe. I love you more than anything. Even more than a triple cherry sundae with six inches of whipped cream on top.” Now that had to be love. I was staring at his hard cock as I compared it to the thickness of the shovel handle. I was only fourteen when I did that and I have grown a lot??
    Jesse reached around behind himself and wrapped his hand around my cock. His eyes sort of crossed and a shadow moved across his face then I felt it. He wasn’t going up in me, he was sitting on my cock. I felt as if I was pushing my cock through the front door as nothing moved, then…It was like breaking the surface of the water after a super high dive. My cock was swimming in the best place that it had ever been. Every bit of me could feel his insides grip and squeeze my cock from the base to the tip as wave after wave of warmth filled me with more love than I had already felt. Now I was sure that I was going to burst out of my body.
    “Ooohhhh, Babe you are so big.” He moved forward again and stretched out on top of me. He was squeezing his ass around my cock and making me feel special. His kisses began at the end of my nose and moved to every part of my face as he slowly slid back and forth across the top of me.
    He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my head and shoulders as he drew me up to bury his tongue deep inside my throat. “I am ready. Hold on tight and let’s roll over.” His legs went straight down beside mine as he pulled me. I pushed and together we rolled over with him on bottom and me on top. My cock had almost slipped out and he grabbed me, “Keep it in me. Move your knees up and push your cock all inta me.”
    His legs went wide and I just kinda fell deep into him. He kept at me to pull my knees up against his thighs and when I did my dick just sort of took over and I knew that I was a fucker. My feelings were so strong for him that I wanted to hold onto him forever and never let anybody ever hut him. He put his arms around my neck and pulled himself up so that we could kiss. That did something to my fuck muscles and I began to pound into him so hard that I could hear our skin slapping together.
    “Fuck me baby. Oh shit, that feels so good, just fuck me all night long. Keith, Keith, oh fuck Keith. Oh that feels good. I am going to cum like a volcano, babe. Fuck me faster, harder babe, go for it, do it. Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck my fucking ass you big mother…fuck meeee.” I shot of cum fired up from between us and landed right on the end of his nose then dripped down into his open mouth. I guess that I should say inta him like he says it.
    “Don’t stop, keep going. You ride like the devil, man. Stay the course and ride…” Fuck yeah, I was going to ride. I had no intention of stopping as my dick took on a life of its own and dragged my body along for the ride of my life. I would have never believed that anything could feel as wonderful as my dick was making me feel as it slid back and forth through the velvety soft heat of Jesse’s deepness.
    His ass massaged and kneaded my dick in the way that I had tried to do for myself using the inferior muscles of my hands. I have squeezed my cock so tight that my hands hurt, but the roughness of my palms will never hold a flicker of a spark in comparison to the fiery depths of love that enveloped me.
    Jesse was flailing himself at me in a feeble attempt to attach us together at the mouth. Passion would wrack him, causing him to fall back with a loud scream for more power, more speed, more fucking. I had managed to lick a few gallons of his love from his chin and nose and I wanted more. I had a desperate need to suck his turgid meat pole deep inside my throat, but I could not get to it and there was nothing that could make me remove my thrusting dick from his deep, deep love.
    It began far away. The sound was that of an animal, a powerful animal in his battle cry, wailing out his power in conquest of his victim. My ears hurt as the sound grew more intense, then my throat began to burn. By the time that I realized that it was indeed I that was screaming the victory call I heard the like echo coming from Jesse beneath me. Both of us howled so loudly that every bit of energy within our sphere of influence was being channeled through our union and out through our vocal chords.
    My climax turned my body inside out and spewed into my love as he let that power explode between us in a climax that was every bit as intense as my own. Our feral howl faded away as our eyes focused on each other and we gasped for air to return to our lungs so that our hearts could begin to beat once again.
    I had no strength to hold myself up as I fell away and lay on my back, unseeing and not able to reason. My head was spinning as my chest burned from the lack of oxygen. My body felt as if I had indeed fought the battle of the ages, but I knew that I had been victorious.
    As the spinning of the room slowed and the ceiling came into focus I began to feel more like a man than I had ever believed that I would ever feel. I felt Jesse take my hand in his, “That was the best, babe. I only thought that I loved you. Now I know for sure, there will never be another for me, babe. You are my man, now and forever more.”

    The daylight was gone and the house was in total darkness when I awoke with Jesse drooling into my armpit. It tickled as the warm sputum formed a trail into my hairy, hollow hole. I wiggled my arm as I tried for another position. “You reek. You smell nice, but you reek.” I heard him sniff the air. “It smells like shit.”
    “It’s your shit and it don’t stink, babe. Nothing you do stinks.”
    “That shit does.” He moved away and sat up. “FUCK!!!” I could see him in light from the moon coming through the window. He was on his knees as he grabbed for the edge of a low table. Suddenly I went blind as he turned on sixteen million candle power of light from the small lamp at the end of the couch. I held my belly and roared as I watched him clench his ass cheeks and waddle across the room.
    I rose up to follow after him and I saw it. There was the biggest mess on the floor, our sweat, his shit, and who knows what all. I nearly wretched as I ran after Jesse. As I entered the bathroom he let go of the longest and loudest fart that I had ever heard. I couldn’t help giggling as I asked, “Do we have lift off?”
    “Not yet, I just hope we don’t have ignition.” I leaned over the edge of the tub to start the shower as a thick green fog permeated the room. The stench was so bad that I gagged. “And you said that my shit doesn’t stink.”
    “Your shit don’t but that fucking does. I think something crawled up inside you and died, dude.” I had to flee the room for my own continued good health. “Put some water on that, dude.” I said as I rushed by. I heard him laughing as the sound of water rushing through the bowl marked an end to the nastiest thing that I had ever smelled.

    Both of us were hungry, but we had nothing in the kitchen that sounded as good as more time together in bed. I didn’t know much about it, but I was pretty sure that we couldn’t live on cum for very long. My stomach was growling.
    Jesse was digging in the bottom of an old chest style deepfreeze and his ass was waving in the air. “Now that’s what I want to eat,” I said as I ran my hand over his firm flesh. My cock became totally stiff in an instant, but Jesse knew how to cool my ardor. He turned quickly and placed a large block of ice against my balls. Shit, that was cold.
    Jesse banged the block of ice against the front of the freezer and the frost fell away to reveal a package of frozen White Castle Burgers. By the time I dug out the chips and opened a can of beans he had the burgers nuked and we moved to the floor in front of the empty fireplace and fed each other.
    “You gonna take me slow…”
    “I, ah…Keith…are you?”
    “Baby, I told you, two way or no way. I love you so fucking much, but I know that it is going to hurt.” I didn’t know that I had tears on my cheeks until my baby moved to lick them away and kiss me with the salt on his tongue. My heart was drifting, as if on a far away cloud. Jesse carried me to places that I never knew existed. I love him so much that I was determined to take the pain, twice, if it meant having him coupled deep inside me. My ass was as hungry for his cock as my arms were hungry for his body. I wanted to hold him and try to work our bodies together into one, forever.
    “Come with me, my love.” He stood up and offered his hand to me. I had not been across the wide staircase that led to three doors upstairs. He opened first one door then the other to show me two bedrooms that were kept for his dad’s friends that like to come up to fish or ski. When we got in front of the last door he told me to hold my breath.

    The door opened into a room that was large enough to roller skate in. The biggest bed that I had ever seen sat against the east wall with large windows to each side. There was a fireplace and a small seating area to the south and the north end of the room had wide French doors with an eerie blue light that sort of danced on the ceiling shining through. Jesse led me to those doors and opened both of them wide.
    On an enclosed balcony sat a large hot tub that was filled and bubbling as steam rose into the cool mountain air. The cabin sits at just under nine thousand feet high, amongst tall pine trees, and the air was cool, even on that June evening. He had taken a long time turning the water on in his dad’s bedroom, but I didn’t know that he was preparing the best night of my life for me. I had to lean on him as my love seemed to take the strength from my legs.
    Jesse sat on the edge of the hot tub and pulled me to sit beside him. We lowered our legs down into the warm water then slid down into the tub. Jesse moved me to sit between jets that had been aimed directly at this one seat and my body just let go as every tension and fear that I had flowed from me and into the hot foam.
    Jesse spread his legs and sat down in my lap and lay his body against mine. I threw my arms about him and drew him tight against me as the never ending kisses began. Every time that I feel that Jesse and I have reached a new plateau in our love he shows me that it was just another rung in the ladder.
    My body was relaxed, but Jesse’s kisses had one part of me stiff as nails and hungry for action. We must have sat there for several hours before the thirty minute timer clicked off and the bubbles stopped. Jesse cursed because he had not set the timer correctly then he grinned at me. He jumped out of the water and ran across to reach inside his dad’s bedroom and turn the bubbles back on then returned to me.
    I was still in a dream and did not catch on to his ruse as he asked me to let him sit in front of the bubbles for a bit as I sat in his lap. Anything for Jesse. I scooted aside and quickly straddled his legs as I let him pull me into the same position that he had been in moments before. I liked the new position, Jesse’s hands were working my butt and deep into my crack. I thought a few times that he had pushed a finger into my hole, but it felt too damn good to stop and ask about.
    Jesse kept lifting me up as he would arch his back and hold my head tight against his so that our kisses never ceased. After four or five times like that Jesse just pulled me close and rubbed my back. I had never felt so great before. My whole body just yielded to him and I wanted more.
    “Should we fuck in the hot tub?”
    “That would be so special, babe. But I want your first time to be the very best and doing it in the tub could force water up in your ass and make you uncomfortable and make a mess in the tub.” I had to think about what the floor had looked like after our afternoon fuck. And when Jesse sat on that toilet…I never heard such a noise. Not just the farting, he began to drop depth charges into the bowl that sounded like they were as big as bricks.
    “You are probably right about that. I hope that shit on the floor doesn’t leave a mark.”
    “You mopped it up and I mopped it up, then I did it again with that soap shit that dad bought for the wood floors. Before I go to sleep tonight I thought that I would go over the whole area with a little wax. Mom used paste wax and that needs a few hours to dry then we can buff it out in the morning.”
    “You think of everything don’t you? Are you ready to buff me?”
    “Can’t you feel it, I am already in you, have been for ten minutes. I want to get on the bed and do it right. I want you to feel what you made me feel this afternoon.” I had to put my hands back between my legs and feel his balls up tight against my ass. His cock was all of the way inside of me and I didn’t even know it. He told me that he had heard that the hot water sometimes made it easier and since I was a pure virgin he wanted to make it nice for me. His love had already made my life nice and the little extras that he was doing made it twice as nice.
    He made me stand up slowly and I felt his cock leave me, I wanted to have it back. I told him that I felt empty, incomplete or something. He moved his butt to the edge of the tub and drew me over to sit beside him. He kissed me deep then threw his legs over and stood up, drawing me out of the tub with him. Then he took every remaining piece of my heart and put it into his own as he lifted me into his arms and carried me all the way back to his little draw bridge.
    “There is only one bad thing about my room, it don’t got a bathroom so we gotta run back over here.” He nodded to the bathroom that served the other two bedrooms at the end of the balcony. That was a bummer, if we were to come up to the cabin when someone else was there we would have to share the tub and toilet with them. His dad had his own bath in his room and there was the large bathroom downstairs where we had showered in the afternoon. Oh well, it was only the two of us then and I was more anxious to have him in me than anything that I had wanted for all of my life.

    I am a bit guarded about telling you what we did…but, well, I have told you the rest. My Jesse proved himself a loving man in every way. He almost fell as he slowly knelt to place me on his bed. I could lay down myself, but I was totally in his power.
    Jesse moved against me and kissed my body, from head to toe and back again. I am embarrassed to tell you that I am so ticklish that I almost pee myself. I won’t let anybody but my dad tickle me ‘cause he knows when to stop. I was sure that I would burst out in laughter when Jesse raised my arm and began to kiss up the underside toward my arm pit.
    I didn’t even giggle, I loved it. I wanted him to do whatever he was doing even more than he wanted to do to me. Got that? I could hardly believe that it felt so good to have someone sucking my hairy pits. Jesse knew how to use his teeth to scrape and bite at me and make goose flesh cover my body. He did not leave the other pit untouched as he worked across my chest, taking time to make me know why a guy needs nips.
    By the time that he had nibbled and licked his way down to the base of my hard cock I was no longer able to moan anything intelligible. I tried to find the power to protest when he held up my cock and bypassed it to continue lick his way down my balls and beyond.
    He spend very little time in the one place that I needed attention to make my legs happy to be attached to my body. I did not have the strength to lift my legs so he placed one at a time on his shoulder and ate on. His teeth raked across the bottoms of my extra ticklish feet and didn’t elicit a single giggle, just pleasurable moans that seemed to come from someone other than me. My leg was pushed back so that he could make the return trip back to my crotch then down the other leg.
    I could not even begin to guess what else my lover man had in store for me. If I had been asked to take a stab at what he might do I would not have been able to come up with anything. There was nothing left that he could do to me. I am going to have to rewrite my book. Jesse knows more things to do to make me feel like melted jelly than an entire encyclopedia could contain on its pages.
    Jesse pushed both of my legs to my chest and asked me to place my arms behind my knees to keep them out of his way. I braced myself for what I wanted, but feared. Jesse wasn’t ready for me to go that way quite yet. What he was ready for me to do was to rethink every description that I had for heaven no earth.
    “Hold your legs tight, babe, I need to get in here for my diner.” I was about to ask what he meant when he placed his thumbs to each cheek and spread my crack wide open. He licked my ass crack. The dirty bugger licked my…Ohmigosh!!! Oh my, I could never have imagined that. Not so much as to what he was doing, but how it made me feel. My whole body scooted down inside of me to peer out for a better look at what his tongue was doing to me.
    Tingles that redefined tingles swept me away on a seventy foot tall wave that crashed against my brain and tossed me around in a whirlpool of indescribable pleasure. He didn’t stop there, he stuck his tongue up inside my pinky pucker. Okay, I told you about the shovel handle. I have sorta, kinda, of fuck it, I stuck my finger up in my ass. You happy now? I found out that I really liked that when I super pounded my pud and Jesse and I had been sticking our fingers up inside each other’s butt hole as we sucked for the cream.
    Although his tongue wasn’t stiff and hard like his finger was he was making me love what he was doing. He was talking softly as he told me that I was opening up to him. He praised my taste and my smell. Had I not been at the very edge of the universe I would have asked about his last visit to a head shrink. That thought left me as a finger moved in beside his tongue and he continued to lick and probe at the same time.
    Jesse moved over me and continued to probe with ten or fifteen fingers in my butt hole as he bent and sucked the cum clean out of my toes and nose. Every part of my body was in that climax, but I have no idea where it came from because I was sure that I was cummed out already.
    I have come to believe that I can never run out of my man juices with Jesse. I was still shooting my wad between us as he kissed my face and told me how much he loved me while at the same time he had his fingers deep inside of me than he had them all evening. When it comes to Jesse, or is that cums to Jesse, I am slow on the uptake. He was caressing my face with both hands while he was probing my butt. He was all of the way up in me and slow stroking me to a galaxy far, far away.
    I seem to have cum reserves on standby for my man, I began the granddaddy of ejaculations that carried me so far away that I was sure only Jesse could help me find my way back to earth once again. I only hoped that he wouldn’t bring me back too quickly.
    Jesse had tried to tell me how wonderful he felt when he had cock up his ass, I need to work on his vocabulary. All of the words he used could not begin to describe what it felt like to lay there like a queer with a guy fucking the living shit out me while I loved ever second of every stroke. When my ass clenched for the final time of our coupling I think that I was dry. It made no difference because I could feel Jesse fill my insides with more than enough of his juice to carry me through another day.

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