Chapter 137


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I was looking at the boys' accounts and suddenly I spotted something that I did not like. Cameron had spent the night again Thursday night explaining that his first class on Friday wasn't until eleven o'clock. I had wanted to sit down with him because I had smelled alcohol on his breath when he passed by me in the hall the previous night. Now I had an urgent need to talk to him. I had Cal run up to Cam's old room to awaken him and send him to me.
    "Hey Cam, how's it hanging this morning," I asked as he stepped into my office. "I was just wondering where you are parking that BMW 335i you bought last month." Of course he had no idea what I was speaking of so I put his accounts on one of the screens over Jimmy's head so that Cam could see for himself that he had paid more than forty nine thousand dollars for a fully equipped BMW convertible, and it was delivered to him in Chicago.
    I am pretty adept at staring my boys down to the point that they will give up anything that I want from them. I learned that Cam had himself a fake ID that he had purchased almost as soon as he arrived in Tucson from L.A. I looked over the ID for a twenty two year old version of Cameron Langley. A few key clicks and I showed him that two people were using his name in separate parts of the country while he was here in Tucson. I alerted Andy's experts to find out who had stolen Cam's identity and taken him for over three hundred thousand dollars.
    Cam did not have that kind of money, but I had set up an account for him to see him through college. The ID thieves had made loans and purchases in his name and gotten away with it, so far. Their minutes on this side of the grass were numbered because when I find them I will make them wish that they had never heard of Cameron Langley.
    I sent Cam off to class, without his fake ID. I would talk to him about his drinking later, when we could be alone. I will not have him using any substances around my family, he will have to find somewhere else to live if he chooses to continue this habit. Of course I will still be nearby to assist him, but not with money or housing, until he does a complete turnaround or moves on without us (me).
    Cam was back in a half an hour. He could not get himself together to go to class. Only the high school boys were in the house with the rest of the family off to their classes, but I still wanted more privacy. I put Cam in my new Caddy and drove up the mountain. At about six thousand feet is a quiet picnic area in the tall pines. It was late November, but the weather had held and our days were still in the eighties—it was eighty one degrees on Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to take advantage of the last warm days of the year and I had not been to the mountains for quite a long time.
    Cam had been sullen all throughout our drive and as I pulled into the parking lot he broke into tears. I got out of the car and walked around to hold his door open. "You know, don't you? The drinking."
    "It is kind of obvious I believe."
    "What are you going to do?" he asked me.
    "What are you going to do?" He got down on both knees and asked me to forgive him. He swore that he was going to quit. I lifted him up and we sat down at a picnic table.
    Cameron had started drinking as a way of copping with his life at home. He was being molested daily by his father and sometimes his father's friends. He knew that he was gay, but he wanted a boyfriend his own age, not his father and not other old men. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me with a silly grin on his face, "You are not old and I will let you have any part of my body that you want, anytime that you want it."
    "Cause of who you are."
    "Not good enough. Why can I have your body when you don't want old men for sex?"
    "You're not old and I like to have sex with you, but you only did it with me once and then you didn't do that much. I don't have a pin yet."
    "Is that all you want? You want a pin so you will have sex with me. Or do you think that because I am giving you money and a place to live that you should have sex with me in payment? Do you think that you owe me something or do you think maybe that I think that your body is mine in some sort of payment?"
    "No, I mean all of the boys in the house told me that you are not like that. I have been told so often that you just want to help a boy out who needs help and is willing to abide by your rules."
    "Do you believe that they are my rules?"
    "I guess so."
    "Don't guess, Cameron. Are they my rules or not?"
    He had to think for a moment or so before he answered me. "No, I can't think of a single rule that I have heard that is not the same wherever I go. I mean, I like the rule that no means no. I like the rule that says my body is mine and nobody can use any part of me without my permission. I have no problem with the rule that we have to maintain our grades. I mean I like to fluff off, but if I do then my grades will fall and I could get kicked out of the house."
    "Would that be so bad?"
    "FUCK YEAH!!! Nothing would be worse than that, unless it would be to see you hurt because of my actions."
    "You mean that don't you?"
    "Yeah, dad, I do."
    "I am not your dad."
    "I wish you were. My dad never loved me. He made sex on me and he called that love. He always told me how he loved me when he had his cock up my ass, but that wasn't love. I have learned a lot in the short time I have been around Cory and Chrisy, sex is not love, it is lust, just plain sex.
    "Cory slept with me and he made love to me. Chrisy made love to me and made me feel so good inside. The one night that you slept with me you made me cry because I had never felt like anyone cared about me the way you did. But you did not quit caring about me the next day, you still made me feel your love even though we were not in bed or doing sex with each other.
    "When you walk up to me and hug me or just place your hand on my shoulder I feel loved by you. When you talk to me you look at me and talk to my heart. You are not superficial, you are not after something, you really care, not just about me, but about all of us. I have watched you with those boys from the state schools and all of those boys that you brought home from that Arab last month, you are in love with everyone of them, and you don't even know them yet. I have never seen anybody like you before."
    "Do I scare you?"
    "No dad, you make me feel so safe. I know that most of the boys call you dad. That is a title that you have earned and one that all of us are glad to use. When we sit around our house and talk together everyone calls you dad. Everybody loves you and wants to do whatever it takes to make you proud of us.
    "I guess I didn't do that by going out drinking did I?" I shook my head no. "I like booze, beer is okay, sometimes, but it just pours through and pisses out. Booze makes me feel warm and I forget what happened to me."
    "Cameron, do you feel bad about what other people have done to you?"
    "Well, I guess so."
    "Cameron, I am not talking about the good times, I am talking about the abuse. I have heard about your dad and I know that he belonged to a group here in town that uses little boys for their sexual pleasure. You know that I like boys for sex and I have had great sex with you, but some boys feel bad about the having sex part later. Sure, it feels good at the time and they like having an older person find them exciting, but sometime later they start to think about what they did and feel bad or even dirty for what happened. Do you feel that way, sometimes?"
    "Yeah, a lot actually."
    "I have a friend that I want you to see. Yes, he is therapist and he will talk about all of the times that people have made you do things that you really didn't want to do. You are just like every other person on this planet, you like to be liked. You felt, at the time, that if you let them do whatever they wanted then you would be liked. Did you like it when you held Darryl down and let your dad fuck him? How about when your dad made you fuck Darryl afterwards?"
    "You know about that?"
    "Of course I do. I have to know who is in my house. Darryl hated you so much for what you and your friend did to him, but he has learned to forgive. He now knows that you were being forced to do those things. You have a very good friend in Carroll and I know that the two of you used to be fuck buddies before you moved to California. He now has Mitch and the two of them are deeply in love, but that does not stop Carroll from caring about you. He worries about you. He never mentioned your drinking or your depression, but he has told me that he wants you to be happy again.
    "Your dad abused you for many, many years, you were much too young to understand what was happening to you. All you cared about was making your dad happy and then your life would be happier. I am so sorry that you had to live that way.
    "I believe that deep down inside that you may be blaming yourself for your dad's death. I want you to listen to me very carefully, son. Jails and prisons all over the world have men incarcerated that have at one time in their lives been molested by an older person. You just told me that you sometimes feel bad about what your dad did to you when you were too young to defend yourself against him. These men sit around in their cells dwelling on their past lives and all of the injustices that they have endured. Time and again they remember the abuse that they were subjected too.
    "At the time of the abuse many of these men may have gone along, or even encouraged their molester, but as they grew up they learned that such activity was wrong. Some of them go so far as to decry their abuse as a way of hiding their latent homosexual identity. We had such a boy living in this house for a time. He bullied and beat other boys up while calling them queers and faggots when all of the time he had a boyfriend and the two of them were up in each other at their every chance.
    "When a man enters jail he tries to hide his crime, but it is nearly always discovered by someone who spreads the word. A child molester or a rapist can count on a very difficult time in prison and quite a few of them end up dead, just like your dad. You did not cause his death. You did not even make it come quicker. From the jail records that I have, and the interviews that I have from other prisoners around your dad, no one even knew that you were one of his victims. Your father was killed by a nineteen year old kid that had been abused for several years by a neighborhood predator. That man is in jail, but the boy had issues with his past abuse and saw your dad as a man as vile as the one who molested him so he slit your dad's throat with a homemade knife.
    "Cam, I am working with that man. He is facing first degree murder charges, but I have hired him an attorney to try to save his life. He is a sort of hero to those who know who and why he killed, but the law wants to execute him. I am not sure how you will take to my helping this boy, but I feel that it is your right to know about it. Were I to try to hide it and then you find out later from somewhere else you might not be able to deal with my actions rationally."
    "What should my rational reaction be to your trying to help a youngster that needs help? He is not much older than I am or many of the other boys in your house and you have helped us. I think that by your helping him it just proves what kind of dude you really are, and I am proud to know you.
    "Let me say something else while I am talking here and have my courage up. I am going to quit drinking. David and I are not meant for each other and I don't want to stay down at the other house. I want to come to the main house and live with you. I will stay in the dormitory and away from the other boys so that you don't have to worry about me getting into trouble, but I want to be near you for awhile. More than anything else in the world I want to be in bed with you right this very moment. I don't want you to do anything to me, but show me your love. I have no problem with you doing me 'cause I really liked the feel of you up inside of me, you know how to use that thing so well. I want to cuddle up to you and feel your arms around me and kiss you and just feel you, everywhere."
    "You're a romantic aren't you?"
    "I never had love, in all of my life. My mother was pretty sick, but I didn't know why, then when I was ten she died of cancer. Dad cried a lot and I cried so dad let me sleep with him then it started. I don't know how long it was it just happened one night and the next day my dad was happier than he had been in a long time so I sorta looked forward to making him happy all of the time.
    "It was when I was thirteen that dad started doing my friends, all except Carroll which I thought was weird 'cause I really liked doing stuff with Carroll. I was seventeen before I learned what dad was all about and I hated myself for letting him do all of my friends all of the time. I learned from Mr. Templeton that he and my dad were involved sexually when they were boys, I guess my dad just never grew up. Dad, Chris, I am glad that he is dead. He was no fucking good. You have shown me that nobody should treat anybody the way he did, but I think that he died too easy."
    "What do you know about his death?"
    "Like you said, some nineteen year old kid knifed him in jail."
    "It is worse than that. Do you want to know the whole story?"
    "I have a right to know, don't I?"
    "Yes, but it is pretty gruesome." He nodded at me so I took both of his hands in mine and stared directly into his eyes. I can tell when a boy is about to loose control that way so I held his hands loosely in mine. "The boy walked up behind your dad and reached around to slit his throat. He didn't even face your father down. He was being controlled by members of a prison gang. That gang had other youngsters waiting and ready to do the job if he should fail in his mission.
    "A youngster in prison is a young man doing his first stretch, usually one who has never been in trouble before and is scared to death. He wants to do his time without getting beat up all of the time or without being raped by the older hard up inmates who look on a young inmate as just a piece of ass. They don't think that it is queer, to them it is just sex, just like a molester.
    "Other youngsters jumped on your dad's body and cut off his cock then stuck it into the slit that the first boy made in his throat. That is why I think that I can help to get him off, he was an unwilling pawn that did as he was directed. I put three of my own men into that cell block to learn who was involved and to what extent. I think that the boy has a good chance of coming away from this without any permanent scars."
    "Will you bring him to live with us?"
    "He is too old."
    "Is he? Is David? Is Harry? Is Timmy or Cas…"
    "Okay, I know where you are coming from. I don't know if he would want to be around a bunch of fag boys."
    "Could I talk to him?" That caught me off guard. I never thought that Cameron would ask that question. When he told me that he wanted to tell the boy that he forgave him I was taken aback. Of course I would have to let him talk to the boy, but I would wait until the trial. It might go well in the trial if the son of the victim were to stand up in court and forgive his father's murderer. Kind of dramatic I know, but why not? It would be a good ace to play in the boy's defense.
    "I suppose that we should head home."
    "I wish that there was someplace private that we could go first."
    "Why?" I was sure that I knew what was coming, but I was not sure that it was a good thing until he said…
    "I want to be loved by you without anyone around to interrupt us. I want to hold you and feel you all of the way inside of me and know that you do care, that I am not just a cute as hell fuck. I want one of your finger fucks while you suck the insides out of my cock and I want to do that to you. I have never eaten anyone's ass before, but I have promised myself that if I ever get the chance to get into your bed I would eat your ass all night long."
    I didn't know whether to get a room or take him home to my room. I knew that I had to be home when the other boys arrived from school, but then why did I need to be there? I was glad when Cam told me that he needed to walk over to the restroom, as quickly as he was out of sight I called Cory.
    "Where are you dad? Have you fucked him yet?"
    "Who babe?"
    "Cam of course. He really does need you, you know. He is drinking an awful lot and he won't talk to any of us, but I know from a few things that he has slipped out that he needs your acceptance, badly."
    "So what do you recommend, Dr. Phil?"
    "Take the dude to a hotel and fuck the living shit out of him like you do to me when we get off alone. Then come get me and take me to a hotel and beg my forgiveness."
    "I could save time by taking you with us and do both of you."
    "He really does need you, dad. I am being serious now, he is on the very edge." I could see that. I think that our talk may help him, but would sex at this point really be what Cameron needs? I was going to take a long walk on some very thin ice as I let things work out between us. I would know what to do by the time I drove the twenty five miles back down the mountain to the valley below.
    It turned out that I didn't get off of the mountain all night

    "Are you hungry? Oh, excuse me, you are a teenage boy, of course you are hungry. Let's go on up to the top of the mountain." I turned right from the Hitchcock camping area to head higher up the mountain.
    "I can't get over all of this. I mean we live in the middle of the desert and we just had thirty nine consecutive days of one hundred plus degree temperature yet right here, on the same mountain where you live are all of these tall pine trees and cool air."
    "This is one o f the worst kept secrets about Tucson. People come here to visit and within days they have to drive up here to see all of this for themselves. We usually get a lot of people here in the winter to ski on these slopes."
    "Ski? They get snow up here? There are ski slopes? That is so kewl. I love to ski."
    "Well get your bippy ready freddie because if the weather works for us we usually have snow around the end of November and the slopes should be open by Christmas."
    I pulled out at a couple of the turnouts alongside the road so that Cam could look out over the vast vista below. Only a few thousand feet below us we could see the desert begin where the trees ended. Off to the north we could see the tall smoke stacks of the copper mines as they belched their smoke into the atmosphere, creating a long cloud of smoke that extended for miles toward the New Mexico state line. I wonder what our neighbor state thinks of our smoke.
    I drove all of the way up to the ski slopes and turned around in the parking lot at the base of the ski lift. A sign told us that the lift would be open on the weekend, I was mildly disappointed because I wanted to take Cam to the very top and let him look back over the city. From that vantage point one can not look down on my house, but the view across the desert floor is remarkable and on a clear day Mexico can be seen in the very far distance.
    "I remember this place, I have been up here when I was real little, let's stop." I was glad to do so, I had been amazed that he had lived here until his fourteenth or fifteenth year and had never been on Mt. Lemon. I parked the Caddy then we walked up a dirt road into the tall pines. The trees are taller and more fragrant at this altitude, I enjoy walking amongst them.
    "I want to ask about a few things. I guess all of us are upset about Edgar, I mean about the weed and shit, he didn't do that boy." That much was known, there was only one misdemeanor charge against him for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. "That boy sucked Edgar's dick while he was passed out. The police couldn't awaken Edgar because he was so stoned so they called the paramedics.
    "I guess that I am no better than he was with my booze, but I can't handle David." That hit me hard. David has not been much of an asset to the family since he returned to us the past summer. His relationship had not worked out with his older friend at the Delta Lambda Phi frat house, but David just doesn't get on well with the boys. His little brother, Donny, has mentioned several times that he wishes that David would find something or somebody and move on. I needed to get Cameron's take on it.
    David has his own drinking problem, he is old enough to drink, but he has been buying beer for Cameron to keep him quiet. David is a bottom, but he has little sexual appetite, he gives Cam a blow job then rolls over to go to sleep. On rare occasions he lays on his stomach and asks Cam to do him, but he falls asleep, Cam does his business and goes to the shower. He told me that he gets himself a beer and sits in the corner with his chin on his knees and cries as he wonders what the heck life is all about. This boy has some issues that if not addressed soon are going to cause him to snap in half

    We headed back down the road from the mountaintop for about two miles to have lunch in the little town of Summerhaven. There was a devastating forest fire on this mountain in 2005 and most of the town was destroyed, but it is making a strong comeback with new construction everywhere. Nature is flourishing and although there are tall burned out trees to be seen everywhere there is green on the forest floor as new life springs forth to renew the land.
    I took Cam into the one restaurant that was not totally destroyed by the fire. They had some damage to their property, but the main building and kitchen was intact. Most of the people that come up to the mountain are there for the view and the cool piney air so the restaurant has a very large patio, or wooden deck on which to dine, Cam and I found a table along the railing where we could see down the road through town. I let Cam take the seat with the best view because I have seen it all of my life. The waitress came, but I did not allow Cam to even look over the menu as I ordered for both of us.
    "We'll have two cheeseburger baskets with a large coke each and two pieces of hot apple pie, ala mode."
    "Ice milk or French vanilla."
    "Look how skinny we are, we need the cholesterol, make it the French vanilla, and may I have a cup of coffee and a glass of water right away. Anything else for you, Cam?" He was happy as he took in the beauty of our surroundings.
    "Do you ski, Cam?" I had seen the picture that he had painted on the wall of his old room, but I wanted to hear his story, the more I can get him to talk about himself and his past the better I can understand what is happening in his head.
    "Yeah, me and Justin went up to Ski Valley with his dad one time. We flew up on Friday afternoon and skied all day Saturday and most of Sunday before we had to catch a plane back home. I never had so much fun in all of my life."
    "We travel a lot around Christmas time, but some of the boys drive up here at every opportunity so you will get your skiing in this year, if the snows come." My coffee came and I sat back and let the hot liquid calm my nerves. I don't know why I was shaking so much. I have bedded hundreds of boys in my life, but I felt like this was my first time and my whole body trembled with excitement. I looked across the street at the large, restored, hotel. The fire had burned the old wooden structure to the ground, but it was being rebuilt to look much as it had for the last fifty or sixty years. I was staring at the vacancy sign and had decided that I was going to sleep with Cam, in a hotel room, on the mountain.

    "Chris Dickson? Well hello there lessor, I have not seen you in a long time." I had to stretch my memory to think who this man was. "I was planning to write you a letter this week. Your cabin is vacant now, the old man that has lived there for the last nine years is too sick now so his family took him to that VA nursing home up there in Phoenix."
    My burger arrived and I invited the man to sit with us and I ordered him a cup of coffee, he had just finished his lunch and didn't want more food, but he could always have coffee with an old client. Then I remembered him. He owns a small realty company and deals exclusively with the mountain properties. Most of the land belongs to the government and is held by long term lessees, but a few of the older properties are privately owned from a time before the area became a National Forest. I vaguely remembered that Charley had a cabin somewhere up here that he brought me too when I was about nineteen or twenty. We spent a hot week buried in the deepest snow that this old desert rat had ever seen.
    "I wanted to ask you if I should get another lessee into your place?"
    "What condition is it in? Did the fire damage it?"
    "Oh, you have not been up there then? No, the fire was a quarter of a mile from your place and you didn't loose a single leaf on a single tree up there. That piece of property is the choicest parcel on the mountain. If you ever want to sell it…"
    "No, I don't want to sell and I don't want a new renter. Is there any furniture or anything in it?"
    "Yes sir, it is fully furnished. I did replace the bed after Mr. Fuller moved out, he was mighty sick there at the end. The kitchen has everything except food in it and there is no television, but I can get one if it is needed."
    "I was just thinking about spending the night there," I watched Cam react to that. He played see food with a wide smile and a mouth full of cheeseburger. "I suppose that we could stay at the hotel across the road."
    "No reflection on the hotel, but you would be a lot more comfortable at your cabin." He looked at Cam and winked at me, "If you are anything like you were at his age you need the privacy." I was remembering this man, it had been many years since I had seen him at a party, he likes boys, quite a lot.
    "I see you looking at me like you are trying to remember things. I have to tell you that I am seventy nine years old now and I don't get to many of those parties no more. I miss old Charley, he and I go way back. I knew him in Atlanta when he was but a boy himself." The old man leaned close and whispered to me, "A fine fuck, but I was young enough to do him right. He was about sixteen then, but I kept track of him and when he came into his own he always invited me to party with him. He always had such sweet boys, I remember you was one."
    I was doing the math in my head. Charley was forty five when I met him and I was fifteen. I am now thirty five so if this man met Charlie when he was sixteen and he is now telling me that he is seventy nine then he had to be had to be about twenty nine or thirty when he did my benefactor. I was almost jealous, I would like to have known Charley when he was sixteen.
    "Tell you what, if you want to stay up at your cabin you need to go over to the store there and get some food stuffs for tonight and for your breakfast. I am going to go by my office and get you some sheets and towels then I will meet you back at the store and lead you up to your place." I was glad about that because I have never driven up to the cabin and I had no idea where it was. I remember the place, just not where it is.
    Poor little Cameron was blown away by the sight. I have to admit that it is very impressive, I had not seen that vista in over fifteen years and I had forgotten how truly beautiful it really was. The cabin sits on five acres in the middle of a National Forest with tall aspen and pine trees all around. The smell of the conifers was sweet on the air and most soothing to the soul. Paul Marsh was inside putting sheets on the bed as I held Cammy in front of me with my arms wrapped around his young body. I was aroused as my lust for the boy moved throughout my very being. I kept asking myself if I was doing the right thing with this fragile soul, but one thing that I have learned is that Cory knows our family and he has never steered me wrong. I am a bit out of the loop as the father figure to more than one hundred and sixty boys, but Cory and Jimmy keep me up to date on the pulse of the family and who needs special attention. I had some very special attention to point at Cammy.
    Paul stepped out and I smiled at him, without a word he moved to his car and drove away leaving the two of us to bask in the glorious sight of pristine nature. The cabin was built of hand hewn logs in the late 1920's by a wealthy bootlegger. Charley knew the man's grandson and was able to purchase the cabin, with the surrounding acreage, at full value, keeping the private land deed in tact. The feds have tried to reclaim the private property on the mountain, but so far every case has been lost in court and the private owners have retained their land. I am not aware of any litigation being taken on this property, which is fine by me. I just wonder if I should build a dormitory up here so the boys could enjoy it. Probably not, I should keep this place as a retreat for one boy at a time as I try to calm his fears. I will have to bring Cory up as the weather gets cooler, I would love to sit naked in front of the large fireplace inside and cuddle with my boy.
    Cam turned to me and looked up at me. He stands a solid five foot ten, which is four inches shorter than I am, but we could still look deep into each others' eyes. I waited for him to make the first move, I didn't wait long. He reached up on his tip toes as I met him with bowed head and we shared a most passionate kiss. "Can we be seen up here?"
    "I could not see the cabin until we came around that last corner down there. I don't see anything in any direction so I think that unless a hiker happens by then we are pretty much private here."
    "Good, cause I want to get naked in the woods." I could go along with that.
    We went inside and Cam quickly removed his clothing. He toed off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head and with one hand pushed his pants down, underwear and all. "Hey buddy, that's my job. I want to unwrap my special package for tonight."
    "I know you do, but it ain't happening, pops. I know all about your special treatment and how you do a boy so that he can have a pin. Well there is nobody here to witness so I won't get a pin tonight, therefore I will do the unwrapping. I want to take your clothes off and eat your toes and ass hole. I have never done any shrimping and I only tried eating ass the other night with RD. That is kind of fun."
    "You like RD?"
    "Look dad, don't get me wrong but…well, David is just not my type. I know that he means well and all, but we are just sharing a bed so that neither of us is alone, but all we have is sex. I don't know, we just don't click. RD is always so full of life and laughter." I think that Cam is in love.
    "I can't let RD move down to the house with you college boys and if you move back to the family then you won't get your study group that you told me you wanted."
    "I sorta worked that out, I can go to the house and study in the afternoons then get a ride up the hill in time for dinner and spend the night in the dorm, maybe with RD."
    "Let me think about this, it seems that you did this great job of painting your old room with a picture that you took from a ski jump. Now nobody else has taken that room, but I happen to know that RD goes in there and lays on the bed and I am pretty sure that it is your underwear that is under the pillow. Do you think that RD wants to be with you?"
    "He says he does, but now I know why he always wants me to leave my used underwear behind. I kinda thought that maybe he was getting off on me when I wasn't there, but now I know," his grin spread from ear to ear. "We have not gotten to spend the night and so far all we have done is kiss and hold each other. We have sucked each other off, but we want to do the other, you know, stuff."
    "Yeah, you want to stuff his tight tushy."
    Cam ducked his head and looked sullen, "I've never done that."
    "You have never topped? Then am I going to be your first fuck, baby?" He looked at me with a tilted head.
    "You told me that you were going to do the unwrapping tonight. You said that you want to eat my ass, well that will require your cock to be inserted in me to soothe the itch that you will be creating inside me."
    Cam dropped to his knees and slipped my shoes from my feet as I sat down on the edge of the bed. I have to make this as easy as I can with the boy, I know his history, but I am not sure how far he can go. It was his lead, he led quite well as he massaged each foot. He knows what feels good, I suppose that he has experience. He used his thumbs to press hard against the arch and instep of my feet, he used his finger nails to rake the bottoms of my feet. By the time he leaned forward to reach for my belt my cock was so hard it was about to tear the denim of my ever present jeans. Cam kissed the head of my cock through the folds of cloth as I began to leak through, he was sucking at the growing wet spot.
    I don't know all of Cam's fears, phobias, or even desires, but the boy was making love to me in the same fashion that I try so hard to make love to boys. With deliberate movements he popped one button at a time on my jeans as he made sure that my throbbing cock head felt the presence of his continuous stimulation. Shortly he had all five buttons open and my, now soaked, tighty whities in view. I have never felt comfortable wearing boxers, I can freeball for weeks at a time, I am nearly always naked, but I feel as if I am undressed when I wear boxers. Weird? You already knew that.
    Cammy further soaked my briefs as he suckled my cock through the cotton fabric, I was about to bust a nut. It has been more than sixteen years since Charley or Athos did this work on my teenage body and I had forgotten how intense it really is. I had to cum and I had to cum right now. I told Cam that and he giggled as he kept up his torment.
    He slipped his hand under me and lifted my ass, I only barely helped him as I sensed that he needed to do everything himself. He tugged my jeans off of my ass then let me back down again while he pulled the garment down my legs. His tongue and lips touched each leg as he pulled the tight jeans from my body then, once off, he tossed them aside and quickly returned to my eager cock. I feel lucky that I have very little body hair, but even then as a man ages hair grows in places that can make a non-bear lover hesitate. Cory and I take great strides in removing unwanted hair, especially on the butt and upper thighs, that makes it much more pleasing for young eaters.
    After thirty five years I pretty much know my body and I knew that my cock head was exposed above the waistband of my briefs. Cam confirmed that when be began to lick at the frenulum, that spot where the foreskin attaches to the cock head in the V of the helmet. I almost lost it right then. Cam slowly slipped my balls from the elastic of my left leg and began to bathe each orb with his hot tongue. He tugged at my briefs to expose more of my scrotum and then took one nut after another into his mouth, he tried his best to take both, but he just could not get them into his mouth.
    Slowly he began to work his way down my left thigh. His hands worked my muscular legs in an expert fashion as he let his tongue and teeth follow through with the sensations that were driving me mad with passion. I don't know if what I was feeling is what I evoke in a boy, but if it isn't then I was learning from a master cocksman what I need to do in the future. I will have to get Cory and Cam alone and let Cam work his magic on my boy so that he can compare our actions and report to me the truth of the matter.
    I have never associated knee caps as erogenous areas, but somehow Cam made even those bony caps feel wonderful as he used the flat of his hand to move them around. All of the tension in my leg suddenly fled away and I could barely wait for him to move to my right leg and work his magic there also.
    If I had thought that his leg massage was great what he did with his mouth and hands on my feet was just too much. I wilted as he raked his teeth down the soles of my feet and lightly chewed at my Achilles tendon. I was nothing, but limp putty in the hands of a true master. Unlike my technique Cam began his climb back up my right leg without moving to the backs of my legs. When he moved my right knee cap I felt that leg turn into a slack rubber band. Then Cam moved to the back of the knee and began to massage at the taut tendons there. He moved in with his teeth and bit, just to the edge of painful, as I flopped about the bed like a fish out of water.
    Cam made the entire circuit and reached for the waistband of my briefs. I wanted him to tear them from my body and ravage me, but he is ninety nine point nine nine nine percent sadist. He slowly withdrew my drawers then he raised my legs up high and moved to my ferinium. That did it, I yelled that I was going to cum, without hesitation Cam dropped my legs and swallowed my cock. I begged him to turn to me so that I could suck him, which he did. I lifted his body up and down until he caught on and began to fuck my throat in earnest. He was locked on to my cock as he fucked me with all of his power, slapping my nose and eyes time and time again with his sweet low hanging balls. I was hard pressed to wait for his juice then I was going to ravage that little ass hole of his.
    Cam had other ideas for me. He filled me with sweet boi juice then he moved away to resumé where he had left off. He was on a mission and no mere cum break was going to deter him from the culmination of his chosen job. He had my legs raised again and was looking at my ass. I wanted to make his job easier so I spread my legs and let him see all there was to see. Without hesitation he dropped to his stomach and buried his face in my ass crack. I could feel his breath as he explored this new area.
    I know that if he has done this with any of the other boys it was right after a shower so that things smelled sweet and soapy clean. Cam and I had been up for over seven hours and had spent five of those on the mountain, fully dressed. I know that there was a day's sweat and funk already gathered in my crack, I have no problem with a day's funk in a boy's ass crack, but I wasn't sure if, nearly, virgin Cam could handle it. I was impressed when he moved on in and I felt his tongue began to probe nearer and nearer to my body's center part.
    I lay back and let Cam have his way with me and in a few minutes his nose was buried in my pubic hair as he placed his finger on my prostate. He was doing a very good job at emulating Cory and it was apparent where he learned his technique. As his confidence built so did my passion, the boy had learned his lessons well and I was getting the full benefit of his teacher's efforts. I placed my hand on the back of his bobbing head and throughly enjoyed what he was doing for me and in only a few moments he had me ready to go again.
    Cammy had learned his lessons well. He worked my prostate until every drop of ejaculate was sent forth, but before my body could come down from its orgasmic bliss he was on his knees with a six and a half inch cut cock of decent thickness slipped into my open sphincter. I watched his eyes as he felt hot, tight muscle completely surround his cock for the first time in his life. I watched the tears roll down his smooth cheeks as he slapped his belly against my thighs, "I love you so much," he told me.
    "Then prove it, fuck me like you mean it. Use longer strokes and go faster, babe." It was almost as if he had changed gear as I felt him nearly withdraw all of the way then slam back into me. He picked up his rhythm as his smile grew larger across his face. He was stroking my nut in just the right way and making me feel very fine. I wondered if he would be able to get me off again, I had already gone twice in less than twenty minutes, but he had me close.
    I concentrated on his face and marveled at how I had not seen how truly beautiful he is. I began to smell his body and taking in his superb features, as well as his movements inside of me, sent me over the edge. I told him that I was cumng. He managed to get a piece of the head of my long cock into his mouth and catch most of what I had to release before he stiffened and shot his load inside of me.
    He instantly wilted and his cock slipped out of my ass. He moved up to lay down on top of me and locked his tongue to mine. My hands played across his firm teenage body as I reveled in our afterglow. I was pretty stiff in less than ten minutes, even though I had shot three loads in short order. Darryl reached behind himself and placed my cock at his tight little pucker and slid back on it. I was amazed at how easy he took me inside of himself as he worked his ass all of the way down and finally just stretched out on top of me and went to sleep.
    I was ready for a short nap myself and in no time I was awakening to a happy faced boy kissing my eyelids. "Fuck me now. I want to ride this cock in my ass like a seasoned jockey. Take me across the finish line, but do the whole eight furlongs first." I had to ask him how many furlongs he actually thought there were on a horse track and he didn't know, but he wanted to go the whole distance and back again. I lay on my back and slow stroked him as he let his eyes roll back and drooled on my chest. The boy was on a ride through the universe.
    I let Cammy continue on his own until I knew that he was ready to go. There is a point during intercourse when a man can tell that his partner, male or female, is ready for the full ride. With Cammy at that point I rolled us over so that I was on top of him. I helped him to get his legs into a comfortable position as I used long slow strokes to align his rectum to my cock. With all of the players in place I began to fuck the youngster into total submission. With his passions quickly rising he began to vocalize his love and undying adoration. I intensified my assault to full ten inch strokes which caused his eyes to widen as I reached deep into his very existence. I picked up my pace and slowly climbed to mach speed where I was pounding his ass with full strokes, my ass was a blur as I gave him no time to react to each in/out limit.

    A long hot shower together and our afternoon was complete. Sundown on the mountainside is a beautiful time as the animals are foraging for one last meal before the long night fills the forest with deep shadows and peace. Cammy and I sat out on the front deck and embraced the sounds and smells that only nature can provide. My cabin is down below the peak, on the eastward slope, of the mountain so we could not see the sunset, but the sky above us showed us what we might be able to see were we a bit higher. The clouds reflected the golden glow along their westward edges.
    A movement off to the edge of the clearing around my house drew our gaze to a nice four point buck nibbling away at a small bush. Suddenly the deer looked up then bolted out of sight. I pointed to two shadowy figures at the edge of the tree line, Cam pulled one of the chair cushions to cover his groin as I laughed at him. "You would be miserable in a nudist camp wouldn't you?"
    He looked at me, "I just never did this before, how do you know that they aren't cops or something?"
    "Well, I'm sure they're something, but it makes no difference, we are not doing anything illegal." Cam wasn't sure, but he sat back and watched the pair approach.
    "Hi there," I called out as I saw two young men that looked to be older teenagers. As they drew closer to the cabin in the quickly approaching dusk I could tell that they were only about mid-teens. "Nice evening, but you scared away that young buck."
    The boys looked at me and the one that was the bravest grinned, "Yeah, we were thinking how horny he was, but now that I see you…"
    "There's nothing wrong with sitting on my own front porch naked. This is private land from twenty feet the other side of that tree line where you were to about forty feet inside the tree line to the north there. All the way down to the road and back up to the top of the ridge behind my cabin is private property so I don't expect to be seen."
    "I'm sorry, I guess we are trespassing, we'll go."
    "I didn't say that, I don't mind if you walk across my land, I just didn't expect to see you or I would have put on some pants and had some hot cocoa ready for you." The younger of the two was a bit unsteady on his feet and at the sound of the word 'hot cocoa' he staggered a bit. "When did you boys eat last." I hit it on the nail head.
    "Well, we had some stuff in the car…"
    "Yesterday night, the younger of the two answered."
    "Well, we are just about to have an old fashioned weenie roast in front of the fireplace inside, would you do us the honor of eating our weenies?" Both boys giggled and I feigned embarrassment, "I mean the packaged kind, I forgot that I am still naked. Please don't roast my weenie."
    "That's no weenie, mister, that thing's huge, but I bet it is good." Gaydar? I had read them correctly. They did not want Cam nor me to dress, but were anxious to get themselves undressed. They had been sleeping in their car for several days so I pointed them at the shower as I looked into the closet by the back door to see if there was still a washing machine there, it was a stack unit and I put it to work.

    The four of us sat before the fireplace with depleted packages of hot dogs wadded up on the floor, the only buns left were attached between the back bone and thighs of the four of us. A small pan with the dregs of two cans of chilli sat on the hearth next to a few pieces of chopped up onion and a large jar of mustard. We were roasting marshmallow on wire coat hangers that we had straightened out to cook our hotdogs on, and we passed around three varieties of chips as our marshmallows flamed and blackened. I had to eat a half dozen of the charred pieces of confection before I convinced Smitty to try one, after that the other two boys decided to have a taste and from then on it was blackened marshmallows only.
    My mother was not one to waste anything so at the age of five I had burned a marshmallow and was made to eat it. She knew that they are actually much tastier that way, the only precaution is to let them cool a bit so that the hot sugar does not stick to the chin or the tongue. Now I had three new converts who were wanting to go down to the store at the hotel for a case of the sweet treat.
    As the fire blazed and the food settled Cam and I listened to a sad story that seems so common. Smitty had celebrated his eighteenth birthday on November first, his birthday gift to himself was to run away with Ad. Ad was given permission to tell the couple's story so I put a large kettle of water near the fire so that I could make the boys that hot cocoa that I had promised them.
    "Smitty and I met in pre-school. Smitty was having a very hard time reading a book. As I remember, it was The Little Engine That Could. I sat down beside him and pointed at the word. "Knew," I told him. Smitty and I became good friends that day and though he is a full six months younger than I am we still hung together from then on.
    "School started for me in September and I didn't get to see Smitty until after school when I had to go back to the day care. His mother got off of work and took us home and fed both of us each day. My mother died when I was four so my dad was glad that there was a woman in my life.
    "So to make this short, Smitty and I started to have sex when I was fourteen and he was thirteen and a half. My dad had a boyfriend so I talked to him about my feelings for Smitty. I told him that, 'I am one of those.' My dad says that titles belong on books, not people. I never told him that I like sex with his boyfriend, Uncle Willy. Uncle Willy has helped me to understand who I am and what I really like.
    "As much as I enjoyed sex with Uncle Willy I love sex with Smitty. Things were fine until my dad died of AIDS a year ago. The state tried to take me away from Uncle Willy, but I lied to them and told them that he was my uncle and had never touched me or tried to hurt me. My dad had put it in his will that Uncle Willy was to be my guardian should anything happen to him so there was nothing that those ass holes at the state could do." Smitty grabbed Ad's arm and pulled him close, which calmed the boy back down. I was keyed into the boy's story because I knew who he was.
    "So like, here I was living with Uncle Willy and Smitty's mom found out that my dad was gay so she wouldn't let Smitty come around me anymore. We tried to tell her that I was still the same kid that she had always known, but she…"
    "Say it, baby, she's a fucking pig bitch. She is always right and she won't never listen to nobody. She had no friends and the people at her job hate her. Her boss thinks that she has nice legs and he is always asking me if my mom talks about him at home, I won't tell him what she calls him, but it ain't nice." The two boys had to take a kissy face break so I added three tablespoons full of powdered milk to each of four cups that had about an ounce of water in them.
    Cam helped me to stir the milk until it dissolved then we added one package of chocolate mix to each cup. I put a large pat of butter into each cup and realized that I had an audience. With the hot water added to top off the cups of hot cocoa I passed them around. The boys looked at their cups as they stirred the contents and blew on it to cool it down a little. When they finally took a drink I watched their eyes widen. This was my dad's recipe and I think that it is so much better than plain mix with water. I have tried adding milk, but there is something about the powdered milk that enhances the flavor, the butter gives it a rich taste that far surpasses marshmallows and lasts throughout the entire cup of hot liquid.
    "So Smitty turned eighteen and we took off. My Uncle is sick with AIDS now and we knew that Smitty's mom would never give us any rest so we have been staying up here in my dad's old van all week."
    "That is well and good, but it is going to get cold in a few more weeks, what will you do then?" They had no idea, "And what about Smitty's school, he has to finish school doesn't he?"
    "I ain't going back to school." I love a challenge.
    It was getting late and I wanted to play my hand slowly. I offered the boys one side of the bed, but cautioned them that Cam and I still had a lot of sex to get on with so their sleep would probably be disturbed a few times through the night. They both looked at us and grinned, I know boys and they were thinking about being a bit voyeuristic. That was fine for Cam and me; and we got to watch them try out our techniques too.
    I learned that Keith Adkins's van had a busted oil pan. The boys tried to get far enough off of the road that they would not be seen and dragged the pan across a large boulder hidden in the underbrush. I called for a tow truck before sunrise while I let the boys sleep in a bit longer. I called Cory to ask him if he knew Keith or his boyfriend, Smitty. He knew both of them, I was sure that I had heard the boys' names before and I knew about Daryl Adkins and William McNitt. I did not know the two men more than just in passing, but whenever the big A is in town every gay boy hears of it pretty quickly.

    The sky doesn't lighten until around six thirty at this time of the year, but I was anxious to go at the first sign of grayness. I prodded the boys from their slumber and sent them packing off to the shower, I was pleased when Cam was invited to join in for a threesome while I cleaned the kitchen and removed the bedding for Paul to worry about.
    With the boys loaded into my new SUV I drove to the hotel for breakfast, I was not up to sitting on the open deck across the road and they did not open until eight anyway. The only table available in the restaurant was near the door, with the exception of an older woman and a boy of about sixteen or seventeen we were alone there.
    My three companions were telling fag jokes and getting a little gross. I watched the woman look over at our table several times before she grabbed up her purse and coat to head for the door, "It's perverts like you that are bringing this country to ruin. God is going to deal with you so harshly and I want to be there to watch." She turned on her heel and was out of the door.
    In seconds the boy was back and headed for the restroom, he pointed in that direction and his eyes seemed to plead with someone. I looked at my boys and saw Smitty kiss Ad's cheek then run to the restroom after the other boy. "He goes to our school."
    "How do you like Wilson High?"
    "How do you know that we go there, or I did and Smitty…"
    "You know several of Cam's brothers. There is Cory and Christopher that were in your class last year, and I am sure that you know all of the big jocks on campus. Like Sean and Craig…"
    "You know all of them? They're Cam's brothers?"
    "They are my sons, I know them well. Does Smitty want to finish school?"
    "Well, sorta, but his mother won't leave him alone. She tells everybody that we are queer and that she is going to put me in a hospital somewhere for perverts."
    "Hey, I remember something, is Smitty any relation to a man by the name of Phillip Smith?"
    "Yeah, that's my grandfather," I was told as Smitty came back to the table.
    "Smitty is your nickname in honor of him? What is your full name?"
    "Phillip Edward Jacobson, but mom hates my dad so much…"
    "Because he was accused of being drunk when he ran over your little sister when she was just a baby."
    "I was three and I saw it, I remember. Sally ran from the neighbor's yard to kiss daddy goodbye, he never saw her, but mom has twisted that story up so that everybody believes her version."
    "You father is Edward Jacobson, he is an attorney in Phoenix."
    "I don't know where he is, I am not allowed to see him."
    "You are now, you are eighteen and you can see whomever you want to." The boys looked at each other as they blinded me with their perfect smiles. A man stepped inside and asked for Mr. Dickson. I raised my hand to the tow truck driver. With the boys' van on its way down the mountain I loaded them into my SUV and headed for home.

    I have come to expect astronomical results when I wave trucks loaded with money under the nose of those with whom I do business, such had been the case with my coach company. Those people are miracle workers and they proved it once again.
    I headed across town on the only direct road that would take me to my turn to go up the mountain to my home, that road also comes in from the freeway along the west side of town. I was more than two blocks from my turn when I saw three large black buses turn to head north, the same direction that I would be turning. Cam hasn't been with me long enough to realize what was before us, but I was so excited that I could barely sit still in my seat.
    I pulled up to the traffic light and shouted at some old lady sitting in front of me to make her turn on red, my windows were up so she couldn't hear me, but Cam sure looked at me funny. Once she made her turn I followed her, there was no traffic behind me for more than two blocks and nothing before us, the old lady was only being cautious, or old. I kicked the accelerator and listened to the big V8 engine whine as I sped around her and took off after the busses. Once I was up close to them Cam saw the large logo across the back, fŗĩęñďş Çłųß—the cedillas and tildes mean nothing, it is only the boys' stylized writing and the only thing that we can put into a text only document so that you can read it in glittering gold letters.
    "Is that us, is that our, er, your buses?"
    "You were correct the first time, they are our buses. You are a part of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß yourself, you know."
    "I am?"
    "Cam, you are a part of everything that goes on in our house. Sure, you are of legal age, but you still have a part in the family and we would not be able to get on well without you."
    "That is so neat, I never belonged to anything before. Least not that I want to remember." I knew that he was talking about his father and what that man had gotten him into. Cam was animated, I know for sure that Cam is going to be alright and I am proud to have him a part of my family.
    I pulled ahead of the buses as I called Cory to step out and direct them down the long driveway to the new garaging area that would soon be under the school's classrooms. I had a one hundred car parking lot added along the front of the property across from my house and a twenty foot wide driveway leads along the east fence of the school grounds for the buses to enter. There is still a lot of rock to remove to make the garage that I have in mind, but at least I had school buses.
    These buses were not anything like Travel All©, they were basic buses with a little better seat for long trips. I would not want to make a cross country trek with them, but if my football team was going to play around town I wanted the other schools to know who was coming. The sides of the bus had the long name, Bradford Academy West, in block lettering and the words, school bus, prominently displayed in large letters within a bright yellow rectangle. The requisite school bus stop sign, with flashing strobe lights, hung under the driver's window and the large flashing lights over the windshield and across the back made it clear what the bus was to be used for.

    The family gravitated about our two guests, most of them knew the boys, and they knew my family. When the family pointed at the school and told their friends that they attended there Smitty looked eager. I will do whatever I can to put him in our school and I will put Ad at the university as soon as I can. I took Smitty into my office and called his father, Phillip began to choke up when I asked him if he would like to speak with his son. I slipped from the room, but I was asked to have Ad go in.

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