Jordan and Ellis
Chapter four


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
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    This time I stubbed my toe. I am constantly barefooted and I stubbed my toe on the sidewalk taking all of the skin off of the top of it. Within four days it turned black and smelled really bad. I had contacted MRSA. don't ask me what that stands for, it is the flesh eating disease. My toe was litterally eaten off of my body in four weeks. I had to have it cut off, but the infection was up in my foot. Our VA hospital here is rated as the number two VA hospital in the nation, we have some fine doctors. I was hooked up to a machine and fed massive doses of anti-boitics for eight weeks. The swelling is down in my foot and it is looking healthy again so I was released to return home today. My constant thoughts were of you, my readers. It is now five o'clock in the morning and I am doing a final read through of this chapter and will post it this morning. I hope that you are enjoing the story and that you will continue to read.
    Love to all and thank you for your understaning, Carl Dickson
Chapter four
    We did a good clean up of each other's major parts then washed each other's back and hair. We didn't play around in the shower, in fact neither of achieved a full erection. Jordy loaned me some of his Levis and a shirt. I almost didn't get the pants on. I had wanted in his pants for so long and when I actually found myself pulling a pair of his worn jeans on my cock stiffened up and wouldn't go down enough for me to button up. Jordy wears a size smaller than I do, but I could get myself into them. I wear clothes that are a little looser on my body. It was just that hard cock that made things difficult. Jordy giggled at me and told me that I would have to handle it because we didn't have time for him to help me with my dilemma.
    Once everything was softened we rushed down the stairs to the kitchen. Jordy's dad sat at the breakfast room table with a cup of coffee in his hand as he scanned a stack of papers to read through. The housekeeper was at the stove cooking. The table was set for three, but two of the settings were side by side to Mr. Medvescek's right. There were glasses of milk and orange juice sitting at the place settings.
    Jordan walked over to his dad and planted a kiss on the man's cheek. His father smiled at him and kissed his son. He turned to me and held out his hand. "I am Reggie."
    "My name is Ellis, sir."
    "I am happy to meet you. I will let the sir pass this time. It is nice to know that you are a polite boy. Jory needs someone to teach him a few social manners. In the future you may call me Reggie or Reg."
    The cook entered and placed three plates with the thickest omelets that I had ever seen before us. I looked at it so the cook must have thought that I might not like. "It is a plain cheese omelet, sir. I can prepare something else for you, if you prefer."
    "Oh, no, it's perfect. I have just never seen such a large omelet. I looks fluffy, not thick, but it is so large." She smiled at me and turned away. "It is thick," I said as I cut into it and took a taste, "but it is light and fluffy."
    Jordy turned to look at me with a mouth full of eggs. He smiled and I could see food. I giggled. I wondered if I should think of him as Jory, as his father had referred to him. I had not spoken the name Jordy aloud, I had only thought the name in my head. Somehow Jory felt better. I took a deep breath and smiled back at him as my heart beat increased a few hundred points.
    I was hungry so I dug into the food. One thing I know, if I hung around Jory's house I was going to get fat. The food there was great. Then I remembered that his dad was seated at the table with us and that he had seen us naked in bed with erect cocks and our bodies entwined with one another. My heart rate really increased then.
    "Jory, I am pleased that you have finally had the opportunity to sleep with Ellis. The way you were holding each other this morning makes me believe that you have found what you have been seeking.
    "Ellis, I don't want to embarrass you, but my son has told me of his crush on you. He has pointed you out to me on several occasions when we have seen you at school factions. You are welcome in my house as often as you wish to visit. However I guess that Jory won't be living here."
    We both turned to look at each other then turned back to look at his dad. "I received a message that a representative of Bradford Academy wants to interview you this afternoon, after school. I am happy that you have chosen that school. It is my first choice. Actually it is my only choice, but the decision is your." Jory jumped from his seat and hugged his father's neck.
    "I love you dad, you are the greatest. Uh, I like what I have read about that school, but now I sorta want to stay near Ellis. We don't know if he can attend there."
    "Why don't you meet with Mr. Dickson after school today. Let him talk to both of you then you can take the tour of the school and see if it is what you want. After that let things work out as they will. Don't worry about things yet unseen or untried, son."
    "You always say that. But, dad, it is really tough to do."
    "It is tough. You are young yet. You will learn as your life experiences teach you new things. Just be patient." I thought that Reg sounded like the coolest dad on the planet. I could never imagine my dad talking like that to me.

    The school day flew past. I took Jory to school and as we pulled into the parking lot his bullring checked us out. "What's the deal, dude. Riding with the geek. Your car's got a flat tire."
    "Duh. Did you notice it or did a geek have to point it out to you?" I was not comfortable with Jory speaking that way to the jock squad. They were known to hurt people. Sure Jory was the chief hurter, but they followed his lead and sometimes acted without him being present.
    "Ellis lives near me and I asked for a ride. He has the coolest wheels of anyone in the school. Did you know that his car is a 2010 Mazda Miata MX-5 with one hundred and sixty horses and a five speed transmission. He gave me a ride yesterday that took my breath away." He looked at me and winked as I turned to walk away. His bullring was looking over my car as I punched my alarm button and the car beeped. The group backed away, but continued to look. I smiled. If only they knew the type of ride that Jory and I had given each other. My butt was a little sore, but I cherished the pain as I thought of Jory's face hovering over me with love written on his eyes.
    Jory's car was gone after school and my heart dropped in my chest. I heard my name being called and turned to see Jory running across the street toward me, his car was on the back of a tow truck. I will have to learn to believe, I suppose. It is that a romance is a new thing to me and a romance with Jordan Medvescek is a dream come true. I just hope that I don't wake up.
    I really put on the speed as we climbed the mountain road to the foothills. I almost didn't care about a ticket, I wanted to give my man a thrill. We drove up to his front door and I parked the car to one side. He dragged me into the kitchen and asked the housekeeper what she had to feed two starving and neglected teenagers. She patted his belly and shook her head then walked over to the oven and pulled out a tray of hot chocolate chip cookies.
    "Kewl," Jory said as he grabbed up a gallon of cold milk. We sat at the breakfast bar and fed each other hot, doughy cookies fresh from the oven. That is when chocolate chip cookies are best, when the dough is soft and the chocolate is melted. The only problem is when a drop of the melted chocolate lands on my chin, that's hot.
    The housekeeper told Jory that his father had given her the rest of the day off so she was going to go shopping with the extra hour and a half before she had to get home and prepare dinner for her husband and children. Jory told her that he never thought of her having a family. He apologized for making her stay so late.
    She smiled at him. "Jory, dear. I am happy to have this job. You and your dad are so great to me. With the economy the way that it is I don't think that I would be able to find any other work that I like better, and certainly not for a family that I love so much. My children are older and they have activities after school that keep them away from home until after six. My husband doesn't come in until around six or six thirty so my schedule here is perfect for me." She kissed Jory on the top of his head and rubbed his shoulder.
    As she passed me I could see a tear in her eye. I quietly wondered if she would have a job if Jory were to go away to a boarding school. A series of chimes began to echo through the house. Jory told me that it was the doorbell and ran to the front of the house calling over his shoulder for me to follow him. He opened the door and jumped back. He grabbed my hand and held me as he shook.
    "Jordan, I am not here to hurt you. I came with my friends to talk to you about Bradford Academy." Still nervous Jory led the three men into the front room and bade them take a seat.
    "Boys, I am Chris Dickson. I am the owner of Bradford Academy and I have come in response to your inquiry about the school. Mr. Tuttle and Mr. Dickerson are here at my request. We have no secrets in our school and one thing that would frighten you later would be to see Mr. Tuttle around the campus. I want you to know who he is up front and I hope that you can be friends."
    The tall, good looking man sat back as the little man that had Jory so scared stood up. He was shorter than Jory or me and he weighed less than we do. He looked older, but he looked buff. He had on a tight fitting pull over shirt that had a badge on it that said, 'FI security.'
    "First off let me state that I know that you did no wrong. You did not steal my husband's car. That car is equipped with a security device that alerted my office as soon as the wires were stripped and the car moved. I homed in on the alarm beacon within a block of my house and followed the car across town. I saw how you were involved and I testified to that in court.
"You have been very good and followed the judge's orders by staying out of trouble. Like dad, er uh, Mr. Dickson said. I am only here to meet you so that you won't be afraid when you see me around the school."
    Did he say husband? Jory and I looked at each other. "Did you say husband?"
    The man laughed and pulled a younger man to his feet. The younger man was as tall as Jory and me, but he looked almost as young as we do. We learned that the car was a graduation gift to the younger man, whose name is Chrisy. Mr. Tuttle's name is Timmy and the two of them are legally married to each other. Jory and I thought that that was so cool.
    The other man began to tell us about the school. He asked us a lot of nosey questions about our sex life. Jory told him that I was a virgin to anything except my mind until the previous evening. But he assured him that he had taken it upon himself to educate me. I wanted to sneak off somewhere to hide. The man looked me square in the eye and asked me if I had any regrets. I quietly said no. He told me to speak up. I said no again and he got close to me and told me that if I couldn't handle my feelings sitting there amongst friends then I would be a target for homophobes forever. I almost shouted that I loved my time with Jory.
    Everyone laughed. Jory pulled me to him and kissed me in front of everybody. That embarrassed me. Timmy and Chrisy kissed each other and my dick got hard. Mr. Dickson, excuse me, he wants me to call him Chris, invited us to ride along to the school for a tour. Jory withdrew and told him that he couldn't leave his house. Chris pointed to Timmy and he picked up his cell phone and made a call. He picked up Jory's leg and pulled his pants up as he read a number off of Jory's ankle bracelet. "All set. You are off of the system until four thirty tomorrow." Jory and I looked at each other and then high fived.
    We stepped from the house and a bright yellow Porsche sat behind a vintage red Corvette. I drooled at the red 'vette. Chris stated that I would need my car to get home later. He asked me if I would be comfortable letting Timmy drive it down to the school and I could ride with him in the 'vette. Chrisy told Jory that he could ride with him in the Porsche. Jory was eager to ride in the car so I agreed. Chrisy followed us, but Chris made him chase us, that dude drives like a champion race car driver as we climbed further up the mountain and came down on a winding road that I had never driven on before.
    I did not see Timmy with my car. Chris told me not to worry. He said that Timmy took my car directly to his house because he was not familiar with it and did not want to put any scratches on it. I was relieved. I sat back and held on as I got the best ride that I had ever had in a car. I drive like that, a little, but I had never ridden with anyone that was so daring. I had never ridden with anyone in a car that could do what that 'vette could do.
    Jory told me later that he got a hard on as Chrisy hugged the curves at over sixty miles an hour. He told me that he gets a hard on when he rides with me also. I grinned. That is knowledge to be used.
    We pulled up to a church parking lot and walked through the church to get onto the school grounds. There were some of the buffest boys playing football in just shorts and shoulder pads. I looked at Jory and he looked at me with a big grin on his face. Suddenly a voice shouted out, "Medvic!"
    Jory smiled at me. "Ekvall never could get my name right." I knew Ike Ekvall by sight and I knew his name. He had gone to our school the first year that we had been there. He was a star football player, but he did not return our sophomore year. There was a rumor that he was gay, but few people believed that. Now I wondered if the rumors were true.
    We were shown around the campus by a student guide named Eric. We were shown the classrooms, and were even able to talk with two instructors that were working late on their class papers. I studied the trophy case and saw some impressive awards, but nothing prior to 2008. I was told that the school was actually established in the fall of 2007 and that there was a time that the students were not allowed to compete with other schools in the area. Eric told us that dad went to bat for the school and before long every school in the area began to fear the mighty Phoenix, the resurrected firebird of mythology.
    I asked why the Phoenix was chosen as a school mascot and a group of boys gathered behind us and told us that it is because society had given up on all of them and cast them out. They all said that the school gathered them together like the ashes of the mythical bird and built them into better men than the rest of the world was creating. My heart did a tug as I thought about that. I have seen how gay kids are treated in my school and I thought what a tolerant school could do for them.
    I looked at the lentil across the front doors as Eric led us into the school. "It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken men." Frederick Douglass—1818-1895. I thought that that was a great moto. From what the boys had said about the school it made sense.
    We were led to the cafeteria to join the students for dinner and I discovered that the school was much more than tolerant of the gay lifestyle that all of the boys led. We were told stories that made our hearts grow numb. Sometimes our blood boiled when we heard of abuse from the boys' own families. We heard about bigotry and hatred that we had neither one ever experienced. Then we heard about the love of one man for each of them as he found them and took them into his home and into his school to give them a safe and warm environment to grow up in, and also a good school where they could get an excellent education.
    A few boys told how they had dropped out of school in the sixth and seventh grade and had ran away from home, choosing to live on the street rather than put up with the abuse that they received at home. Some of the boys told us that their families had actually thrown them out and told them never to return. Each boy talked about dad in a loving way and I learned that Chris, that we had talked to at Jory's house, was more like a father figure to every boy in the school. I also learned that he had adopted over seventy of the boys as his own sons so that he could protect them and keep them safe from their families.
    Eric told us how he had been beaten and chased from his home when he was twelve. He told us that Chris found him hiding in a garbage bin and picked his stinky, dirty body up then carried him into the restroom and washed his face and feet for him. Next he was led to a table at the restaurant where he had been hiding and Chris gave him his own breakfast.
    Chris called Eric's step-father and threatened to have him thrown in prison. He gave Eric up and Chris adopted him and made him his son. Eric told us how proud he is to be named Eric Dickson. He told us that he will always respect the name and bring honor to it.

    The best school cafeteria dinner that I had ever eaten was over and it was time for us to see more of the school. I nearly dropped my teeth when Eric took us up the stairs to the sleeping quarters. Everywhere in the room was naked boys running about as if all were normal. Some of the boys were studying in their cubicle, some were kicking back with their TV or listening to music. Some of them were having sex where anybody walking along could see them. There were even some groups of boys having sex together. Jory and I were told that we should come back on Saturday night and see the action that goes on in what they call orgy night. I had a hard on.
    Eric directed us to the elevator and took us down. I noticed that he used a key to activate a button to take us to LL3. I have been in many tall buildings in the past so I know that LL means Lower Level and three would be the third lowest level. When the doors opened we were in a large hall way. We were directed around the hall to a large set of steel doors that looked as if they belonged in a fortress somewhere.
    The doors were massive. Each one stood twelve feet tall and was over ten feet wide. They were rolled back on a heavy track. As we passed through the doors a rush of cool air hit us in the face. The air smelled different somehow, it was not fresh, but it was not stale. It smelled moist. I don't know how to describe it, it was refreshing though.
    Chrisy pulled up in an electric golf cart and the three of us climbed aboard. Jory sat in the front next to Chrisy while Eric and I took the second seat. Chrisy was speeding along through a tunnel that opened up into the most beautiful cave that I have ever been in. I have been down in Kartchner Caverns and into Carlsbad Caverns. The cavern that we were driving through could measure up to them anytime. Chrisy slowed down so that we could look at the almost smooth floor and the high doomed ceiling.
    He asked us if we could tell what was different about this cavern. Jory said it first, "There are no stalactites or stalagmites."
    "You got it little dude. This cavern was formed by an air bubble in the cooling lava that flowed down from the volcano above us on the mountainside. Over several thousand years it sat here waiting for us to find it."
    "Did you find it?" Jory asked.
    "Not me personally. Dad, hired a contractor to dig a tunnel to connect the school with his house and when they dug through the rock this is what they found."
    "It is beautiful. How big is it?" I asked.
    Eric told me, "It extends underneath the entire school and continues on a little bit under the old farm to the west of the school where the parking lots are. It is thirty feet from the ceiling of this room to the surface up there, and it is all solid granite rock." I was impressed. I kept looking around as Chrisy sped up to get us onto our destination.
    "Can we walk around down here and explore?" Jory was thinking the same thing that I was thinking.
    "Only with dad's permission. You will have to have a guide and you will have to wear protective clothing, especially shoes. We don't want to contaminate or deface the area in any way."
    "You call him dad too. Did he adopt you?" I asked.
    Chrisy pulled the cart to a stop and stepped out as Eric directed me to get out. Chrisy turned to me and told me that Chris had found him standing in the middle of a highway in a Kansas winter storm. He said that his mother and his step-father had abandoned him in the middle of nowhere and he would have frozen to death. He said that he was fifty miles from any town, but he had no idea where he was.
    As we turned and walked through another set of large steel doors we entered into a wide hallway. Chrisy continued to tell us his story. I could hardly believe that a mother would treat her own child that way. Chrisy and Eric both told us that there are even worse stories to be heard from other boys in their family. I turned to look at Eric, he smiled at me. "We are all one big happy family here. Dad's sister calls us the house of happy fairies. We all like that name.
    We walked across a wide room with a long window in one wall. Eric guided us over to look out and we were high above the ground looking out across the river and the city below. It was a beautiful sight to see. "This window is cut into the sheer face of a cliff that is fifty feet high at this point."
    Next we walked through a smaller tunnel that opened into the largest room that I ever saw in my life. It was bigger than a football field, all in one room. There was a massive stone pillar in the middle of the room. It had six large screen TVs mounted on it that were aimed so that everyone could see a screen from anywhere in the room.
    Boys were running around naked and some of them were making out with each other. There was even some sex going on. At one end of the large room was an arcade with every type of game that I had ever heard of in there. I watched in fascination as this one kid that looked like he was nine or ten stood on a stool playing an old pinball game. I had never actually seen a pinball machine be played. The kid was hitting the flippers and sending a steel ball back and forth as bells rang and lights flashed. I looked at his score and it was over three hundred thousand.
    "Dad had to have the machine's design changed so that it will score up to nine hundred and ninety nine thousand. Kardal is a pinball wizard." The little kid looked up and grinned at me. That was when I saw his dick. It was tiny, he was a little boy.
    Eric led us to the other end of the large room where Jory spotted exercise equipment. He rushed inside to look around. Eric removed his shirt and I almost crapped myself, he had the most beautiful body that I had ever seen. His muscles were huge. His chest was so cut that I drooled, his abs just begged for my face to run over it. I looked at Jory as he smiled at me. He could see the lust in my eyes. I felt guilty, I am in love with him, yet I was lusting over this seventeen year old high school senior. I don't know if I can trust myself at this school.
    Eric led us up a flight of stairs that had been cut out of the solid rock. That was when I realized that the large room was another cavern. I stood on the steps and looked out across the room. The walls were finished with wallboard, but the ceiling was solid stone. The room looked as if it had been cut out of the rock, not natural like the large cavern that we had ridden through.
    Eric introduced us to his current boyfriend, a hunk by the name of Ethan. The word current stuck to me, do these guys swap around? Ethan is fifteen, but damn what a body. He was stark naked with everything that he had to offer hanging out. Eric grabbed him and groped him as they had a very hot kiss that created a tightness in my pants. When the two boys pulled away Ethan had a rigid seven inch cock standing tall in the middle of his dark blond pubic hairs.
    Eric removed his clothes and passed them to Ethan. When he turned back to face us I really drooled. His entire body is that of a bodybuilder, but his cock is the object of a dream. It is uncut and is over seven inches long. Its thickness would stretch my jaw, but I salivated for it.
    Eric told us that everybody went naked in the house and on the upper floors of the dormitory. He asked us if we would be comfortable removing our clothes. I guess I blushed and moved my hand in front of my groin. He reached out and pulled me against himself. "Look, dude, we are all gay here. If you don't get hard seeing all of this fine boy meat then you may not be comfortable here. Besides that I want to see what you have in those pants." He licked his lips and grinned at me. Jory passed him his shirt.
    A small group of boys had gathered about us and I watched some of them rub their hands over Jory's body. I felt a tinge of jealousy for a moment. I dropped my pants and was instantly groped. Eric slapped the hands away. "We have one rule in the family. No means no. If you do not want anybody to do anything to you, even touching, just say no. All of us are open to anybody touching us or sucking our cock at anytime. If we are not in the mood, or holding back for some reason we just say no and we are left alone." He looked at me for a moment then reached for my goods, I leaned forward and grabbed his cock.
    We stood there for several seconds just holding each other. I reached back and grabbed Jory's cock, "I love you, babe. Thanks for suggesting that we come to this school."
    "You are turning into a real slut," he grinned at me.
    "But it is you that I will go home and go to bed with," he smiled at that and I felt his cock twitch in my hand.
    We looked around that house and learned that they called it granite house. There are eighty boys that live in that house and I learned that most of them came from someplace in Europe where they were held in chains in a castle to be used as sex slaves for old men that paid to fuck them. I nearly screamed at the idea. Many hands touched me and told me that dad rescued them and brought them to America. He had adopted them and they are all his sons that love him very much. I was beginning to think that Chris was some sort of saint.
    Eric opened a door from the large central room and led us outside. There were boys skating in an old swimming pool that had been remade into a skate park. I have never skated, but it looked like fun. He led us on across a patio and into another house that was teaming with naked boys. He led us to a door and knocked. We were told to enter and there sat Chris behind a large desk working on a keyboard. I didn't see his computer monitor until I turned to look in the direction that he was looking. The entire wall at the far side of his office was one huge computer monitor.
    Chris quit working and stood up to great us. He was naked and hanging the largest cock in the world. His body is beautiful and I wanted to snuggle up to him. Another guy walked in. Chris grabbed him and pulled him close for a kiss then introduced us to his husband, Cory.
    "Are there a lot of guys married that live here?" I asked.
    "We have fifteen married couples in the family. Eleven of those couples live here in this house and three live at a house near the campus so that they have better access to the university. One of our couples live on a ranch in Texas, but they are planning to return here to continue their college education."
    "Let's get married, Ellis." Jory said. I was overcome with emotions. I turned to him so that we could pull together into a tight kiss, somebody asked us if we wanted a private room.
    "Leave them alone, I want to watch," someone else said.
    "Make some room on the floor and turn down the lights."
    "Fuck that, leave the lights on, I want to take pictures." I turned to look at the person who said that and I was looking at a face that I thought that I should know. He was cute, but seemed to have a presence that almost commanded respect. He was giggling and teasing with a very cute blond boy as he told him that he wanted pictures of up close and personal parts of Jory and me.
    "Don't let his royal hinney get to you, boys. He likes to tease." Chris told us.
    "But, uncy, they're so cute. I would do them."
    "You would do anyone," his boyfriend pouted.
    "Make nice now, boys. Jory, Ellis, I would like to introduce you to my nephew, His Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday." Of course, that is why he looked familiar, I had seen his pictures in the newspapers. I remembered seeing him on TV.
    "He live here?" I blurted out without thinking.

    Jory and I learned a lot about many of the boys. There were some real sad stories that made me want to grab some of the boys and hold them. There were many happy stories from the boys. Nearly everyone concerned Chris and how he rescued them.
    We sat in a large room where many boys lounged about watching TV or played board games. Chris told us that the boys have game consoles in their rooms, but that he restricts games in the common area. He told us that we were welcome to go back down to the arcade room at anytime to play the numerous games in there.
    Jory and I sat in a wide chair together. Cory told us that dad had purchased extra-wide easy chairs that were large enough for two boy butts to sit side by side. Jory and I pushed our butts together and told him that the chair was a good fit.
    There were several boys kneeling in front a chair where two boys sat. The kneeling boy was holding the cock of one boy while he sucked the cock of the other. Sometimes someone would get up behind the kneeling boy and fuck him in the ass. Everybody seemed to like it and nobody said no.
    We learned about something called a Golden Pole Pin. Chrisy and Timmy came in and Timmy showed us his pin on the inside of his uniform pants. Chris told us that it was mainly Chrisy's idea and that he had laid down the rules to receive one. A boy wanting a pin has to spend time with Chris while at least two family members look on. Every boy around us told us that to get to spend a few hours being loved by Chris is like spending time in Nirvana. I looked at Chris's hard cock and thought how much that would hurt going in. Chris smiled at me and told me that he would not even try to do anything to me at that time. He told everyone that I was only one day away from being a virgin and that I needed to learn how to love Jory before I started messing around with anybody else.
    A chorus of voices rang out as they said that dad should innoculate his gimmecum virus. Jory told me that he thought that he suffered from that virus when he was around me. The boys said that dad gives the best head of anyone, ever, and that he always welcomed a new boy with a provocative blow job. I was standing tall for that idea. I really wanted to get with Chris. I would settle for a blow job as a start.
    Chris did as I had seen some of the other boys do, he knelt before our chair and sucked Jory then me for several minutes. When I started to hump his mouth he grabbed Jory's cock and held it while he did a number on me that sent me into low orbit. He had his other hand around my balls and one of his fingers was probing inside my ass. He was stroking my prostate with a light touch that was very sensual. I started to cum in moments.
    I had not regained my breath when I looked at Jory. Chris was doing the same thing to him that he had done to me. Cory told us to kiss each other. That was really wild. Jory's kiss was filled with extra passion because of the feelings that Chris was giving to his cock.

    Chris offered us a few choices. He invited us to spend the night in his house. He reminded Jory that he had to remain in his custody until time for school the following morning so he could not allow us to sleep over at the school dormitory. He told us that he had a quest room where we could spend the night alone, or we could spend the night with another couple, or even spend the night in a room with several boys making out at the same time.
    I arched my eyebrows and Jory licked his lips. We decided to be voyeuristic and spend the night with several boys. As much as I admired Eric's body, Jory was enchanted by it. Jory whispered to me that he would love to be able to feel of the hunk. Eric is a year older than we are, but he is about our size, except for his muscles. I told Jory that he should go for it. I was sure that Eric wouldn't mind.
    I heard something that made my cock stiffen as well. "But, uncy, Ellis is so cute. I want to bury my face in his body and lick every inch of him until morning. I will be safe, we are in the house."
    "I know that you will be safe, Cullen. I am thinking more of Ellis and Jory. They are a brand new couple and have no experience to this sort of life they may need a little time to themselves."
    "But look at him…fuck he is a dream. You are you know?" He was staring at me and realized that I was listening to him.
    "I would like to do things with you too. I don't know what to do to Jory, so I sure don't know what to do to a king."
    "We just have sex. We will learn what you like as we go, I like everything," he giggled at me.
    Cullen has the most infectious grin. He does giggle like a little kid. Jory and I moved to opposite sides of the large room where we had looked out of the window earlier. The room was darkened and the view from that window was remarkable. But the point that blew me away was when a steel door raised up inside the room to reveal the side of a swimming pool.
    Chris was diving and swimming with a boy that looked just like him and another boy that appeared to be about eleven or twelve. I had never seen anybody swimming from underneath a swimming pool. It was fascinating to watch as their bodies cut through the water so smoothly. They looked like dolphins at play in the sea.
    Cullen walked moved beside me and said, "That's me hunky uncy, and me hunky cousin. The little one is me step-cousin." I looked at him and he had to explain. I learned that Cullen is the son of an English Duke and Chris's sister. He was sent to live with Chris when his great grandfather wanted to have him killed so that he wouldn't sit on the old man's throne. When I told Cullen that he looked a lot like Chris he giggled again. He told me that his mom thinks that he looks just like pictures that Chris has of himself when he was fourteen.
    The older boy swimming with Chris is his son from an encounter when Chris was in highschool. He looks almost identical to Chris, except that his hair is dark. The younger boy is Chris's adopted step-son. I learned that Chris is married and that he has two baby boys living in a house near to where we were.
    Cory dove into the water and he and Chris began to rub against each other until both of them were super hard. My mouth dropped open at the sight of two huge cocks. Chris's son swam up to them and they both grabbed him and rubbed him to an erection, his cock is as big as his father's. I felt like a runt with only seven inches. Cullen was manipulating my meat as he whispered to me that he would like to feel me inside of him. That turned me on.
    Jory and Eric were off to one side of the room making out like crazy. I felt a twinge of jealousy until I looked at Cullen and his stiff erection. I wanted that in my mouth. I don't know what is becoming of me, I am lusting after other boys now. I suppose that my hormones have finally awakened in me.

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