Mitch and Carroll


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Hi, my name is Tim. Carl and I are dusting off many of his old stories, he has taught me how to convert them to post on-line so that he can keep turning out more fine stories for his favorite people, you.
This story will introduce characters that Cory and Chrisy Dickson meet as they tour America's highways for their rite of passage in the upcoming chapter of Road Trip to be posted shortly.
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"You're such a fag hag. You want the queer son of a bitch you got him but leave me alone. Don't fuckin call, nothin. I want nothin to do wit edder er ya." The man slammed the rolling door of the u-haul truck down and climbed in the cab. I never knew a rental truck could lay rubber but he squeaked the tires as he sped away from the curb.
          A woman was sitting on the porch across the street amidst boxes and furniture just piled around. A face looked out of the front bedroom window, staring down the tree lined street at the disappearing rental truck.
          It was probably not a good move on my part but I can't stand to see a woman cry and the face in the window intrigued me. I walked across the street and up the leaf strewn sidewalk to where the woman sat, her face buried in her hands as she continued to cry. I sat down beside her and put my arm around her. For the first time she noticed me. She turned to look at me with her tear stained face. She managed a hint of a smile. For an old woman she was nice looking. I figured she must be at least thirty.
          "Mitchell, there's someone here to see you." She called out. The face appeared at the window. "Go on in, he's in his bedroom." I squeezed her shoulder again and felt her relax. I arose and walked into the house. The house was an exact mirror image of my own, what is called a craft style house built in the fifties. The hardwood floors, the living-dinning area divided by a pair of glass front bookcases.
          The glass french doors to my right would lead into the front bedroom. I had been in this house so many times. In that bedroom as much as in mine. Cameron was my best friend and my lover. He had moved to the west coast with his widowed father about two months before. My cock was so lonely.
          I'm Carroll, say a fucking word and you're dead where you stand. I have heard how some great grandfather was a giant of industry and a civic leader and he wanted an heir named after himself, conceited bastard. I guess it wasn't all that bad, he left me a trust fund of over six million dollars in cash and properties. Course I couldn't spend it until I turn twenty five and produce a male heir of my own. Always the strings. I do get a nice allowance and I spend it lavishing gifts on my boyfriend and buying anything I want.
          I opened the glass doors. A figure stood behind a stack of boxes. "What do you want? Come to see the queer that moved into the neighborhood?" He stepped forward, "well here I am. I suck cock and my old man hates me. So now you know. Now get the fuck out."
          I walked over to him and grabbed him. I pulled him to me and kissed him, hard and long, right on the lips. I pushed my tongue at his closed mouth. He relented and let me in. His hands closed around me as he moaned softly in my mouth. I pulled back and stared at him. He was fucking cute as all hell. My cock fell in love with him first as the two of us looked over a really tight body on a kid of about fifteen. He stood five six or so, just a tad shorter than me, at least my eyes were in the middle of his forehead. I figured he had to weigh about one fifteen, one twenty. He was barefoot, that would account for the height difference, but his feet were so fucking cute. I stood and stared at his long slender appendages with the almost finger like toes that seemed to beckon my undying attention. Strange, I have never been a foot person. I can't ever remember paying attention to anyone's feet, but I wanted these two wrap around my cock.
          I caught a movement in his thin cotton shorts. He had a nice boner going and it seemed to be reaching out to me so I took hold of it. "I am so glad that you are queer. My boyfriend just moved out of this house and I am so lonesome. I need someone to love." He threw himself into my arms and the damn burst as tears flooded his face. His kisses were never ending as he soaked my face, my neck, my chest, everywhere he could reach with tears and kisses.
          His mother cleared her throat. I spun around to face her. She was a nice looking woman as far as women go. "My name is Sharon, that's Mitchell that's slobbering on you. We are going to have to make a go of it on our own here. I don't know much about this sort of thing but Mitch is my son and I love him. I don't love what he does or particularly what he is but I love the boy inside. I will try to overlook what I see here for my own sanity as long as Mitch is happy."
          I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. "Thanks mom, it is mom isn't it?"
          She sucked in a massive amount of air as she held me close to her. "Mom would be great." I helped Mitch clear some boxes and we set up his bed. I grabbed him and pulled his shorts down to reveal a sweet six inch bone with a hood. Cam had a hood and I loved it. I liked the taste of his day that he kept stored under there. I have gone with other's that had been cut, like me, but that skin...and I love to dock.
          With no preliminaries or talking I took Mitch in my mouth and pulled him down on top of me. He began to hump my mouth which is my favorite thing. I felt him struggle with my belt as he kept up his assault. Not wanting him to stop I opened my pants for him. He fished in and pulled out my seven inch cut wonder and sank his body into mine as he anchored himself on my meat stick. He continued to fuck me as he worked magic on my throbbing cock. I raised up and pushed my pants down. He grabbed my balls and began to fondle them. I put a finger to his back door. Meeting no resistence I pushed it inside only to be met with a soft, deep moan.
          He worked my pants further down my legs and bent my legs at the knees. His arms went around my legs with one hand going to my balls and the other to my ass. He shoved a finger up my butt and went straight for my prostate. I burst forth with a copious load into his sucking mouth. He never missed a stroke. He kept fucking my mouth as his finger kept up its assault on my butt nut. My cock never went soft as I found myself ready for another orgasm. This time we arrived simultaneously, each pumping gallons of sweet ball juice into the eager cum sucker of the other.
          "Fuck me. Can you go again? Fuck me, hard and long." I shook my wilted cock as I moved between the sweetest thighs I have ever looked upon. I spread them open to see an enlarged ass hole. Mitch had been fucked before and often from the looks of it. He was in heat and needed my entry. I have had that hunger before and I knew what he needed. I had to get myself up to the task before me.
          I bent forward and locked my lips at his nether hole. He gasped as he shoved his ass into my face. I let my tongue do the walking as I moved it into Mitch's quivering opening. His whole body relaxed as I began to tongue fuck the sweetest tasting ass hole on the face of the planet earth. I could almost imagine eating more from this opening if it was that sweet. I gagged at the thought and concentrated on what I was doing as I felt a rise between my thighs.
          I raised myself up and lay my now dripping cockhead at the pulsating doorway to Nirvana. His sphincter reached out and grabbed me and pulled me inside. I have only fucked Cam and the twins next door but this dude was so different. I felt like I was in a place that was custom made for my cock. I am not any big overly hung dude. I have a very average, or a little better, seven inch cut cock of a little more than most thickness. Cam measured me as having five and three quarter inches in circumference this past summer.
          When Mitch was made his ass was tailor made to fit me like a glove. The insides of his anal canal conformed to my very shape and size. I could feel the muscles of his rectum tighten around me as the walls of his inner being conformed to enhance my pleasure. Mitch sighed as he stared into my eyes, "You belong right there. You feel good." He felt it too. I had found a home.
          I found a position and took control. I had already cum twice in less than six minutes and I was not in any hurry to go again. I wanted a ride and from the look on Mitch's face he was the ride I wanted.
          We fucked. Long, slow stokes, designed to bring out the deep sensations from both of us. My cock head was getting the stroking of its young life as I did everything I knew to return those same deep feeling to my new lover and boyfriend. Yes, I had already gone from lust to full blown love. I pulled Mitch up to meet me, our lips met and locked in the most intense kiss I had ever experienced. I had kissed Cam as we fucked but it never moved my inner being like this kiss did. I was sure that if I pulled the skin back I would find the entire inside of Mitch to just be sex. Everything in him would be made for sex.
          His hands played over my body. He gripped my head as he lavished his kisses on me. His fingers made it to my ass hole then he would bring them to our mouths as we took turns licking me from his extra long digits. I had not tasted myself in quite this way before but it was turning me on so much. Mitch pumped out a gallon of cum across his body. I scooped it up and we shared it with one another. He scooped up a large dollop and fed it to me as I did the same for him. He tasted so fucking good.
          I swear to you, I'm not lying, we fucked for forty five minutes. I would feel a rise of the powers that be and changed angles. Mitch was in no hurry. He assured me that he was having more fun than an orgy of boys up his ass. He told me to keep on. Eventually I noticed that he was getting tired, as was I. I felt that he was drying out and I knew that that would be painful so I put my cock on an angle to stroke his prostate and pummeled it as I prepared myself for launch.
          I felt the earth move as my climax overtook my body. I have never had an ejaculation that drained me so completely. I felt as though I was totally empty. Like I had given everything I am and have to this sweet, sweet young dude in my arms.
          I collapsed on top of him. He pushed me and we rolled over with him on top of me. He wiggled his butt trying to keep my deflating cock inside of him a little longer. He sat up on me and squeezed my sensitive member as his body literally sucked me back inside. He sat there with a far off look in his eyes as he stared, unseeing, at some point in the corner of his room, near the ceiling and top of his wall.
          His body gave a great shudder and his soft cock let forth the largest ejaculation of the day soaking me in cum from chin to navel. He fell to my side and gasped for air. His skin was blue as his heart pounded so hard I could see it under his thin skin and stretched rip cage. Slowly the color crept back into his body and his breathing became regular. I realized that he was asleep. I spooned up against him and joined him.
          A knock at the door awakened us. It was dark. I had no idea how long I had been here but I wasn't ready to leave. Mitch was hard. I bent over and sucked him. He ran his fingers through my hair. I took him to orgasm as Sharon quietly called us to get dressed. She was hungry and wanted to out to eat.
          Mitch and I ran naked to the bathroom down the hall. A quick shower and all of the necessary parts washed we ran back to his room and threw our clothes on. I looked across the street. No one was home yet. I told Sharon that I would like to take her to my favorite place for a good meal. She smiled at me with that look that only a parent can give, but nodded okay.
          We walked out of the door as my mother drove up. She was about to pull into our driveway when I called out to her. Dad was working late and she had come on home to see to it that I ate dinner. I told her to take our new neighbors to Little Luke's. Luke's was the best Italian restaurant in the whole county but their boy had his own ideas and had opened his own place two years before. What that guy did with pasta made the entire of country of Italy stand in line outside of his door waiting to get in and try if for themselves.
          I had Little Luke's number programmed on my cell phone. Cindy was a friend of mine and she was working the phones when I called. I asked her for a reservation for four, knowing that without a reservation we could wait for two hours or more. She giggled at me and told me that she had just hung up with a cancellation but that we had to be there within fifteen minutes. I told her that I could see the restaurant and that we would be inside in less than five.
          True to her word we were seated at once. Mario was our waiter. He was one cute dude. He had graduated from my highschool the previous year and I knew for a fact that he had eight inches of thick eyetye sausage packed under a long foreskin. He made the thickest and saltiest cream sauce I ever ate, I would always go to his Y for more.
          Mom and I recommended their special. The special was a very thick meat sauce made with veal and a mild pork sausage with meatballs and we added button mushrooms. All of us chose plain old spaghetti over the more exotic sounding pastas. I am no connoisseur of haute cuisine, I just eat what I like, period. I wondered if Mitch and Mario would whip me up a creamy salad dressing to order. I asked for the garlic toast with extra herb butter in lieu of the bread sticks. Our mother's allowed for a half bottle of Chianti wine allowing a small glass each with our entree. No one wanted anyone going to jail for providing alcohol to two fifteen year old boys but wine with this meal is a must.
          I was lauded for my recommendations. I was the hero of the day. Mitch invited me to spend the night with him and I did him one better by asking him to stay with me as I was already unpacked. He liked that idea then mom did something that I thought she would never do. I didn't even know she knew.
          "Carroll, I'm not sure that Mitch staying would be a good idea. I know what you and Cam were into. He may not be comfortable with that side of you." I died, right there in the back seat of my mom's car I gave up the ghost and died. Tears flooded my eyes. My breath caught in my throat as I felt my very being leave my body.
          Sharon was looking at me. "Uhhh, maybe I am speaking out of turn here but I just learned that Mitchell is gay. That is why we are moving in across the street from you. My husband won't tolerate anyone who thinks different than he does. Gay is very different."
          Mom looked at her. Sharon had tears running down her face. I had Mitch in my arms as he cried. Without another word mom drove us home. She put her arms around Sharon and drew her inside with us
          Mom guided Sharon to the sofa and the two sat side by side. I took Mitch to the love seat. I wiped his tears with my thumbs as I planted a small kiss on the end of his nose. I looked at my mother. She was looking at me. "How do you know?" I asked her.
          "I'm your mother. It is hard to hide some things and something as big as love...I have heard you boys in your room for years. I am not totally ignorant to those sounds. I didn't mean to cause any problems for you, I just didn't want an innocent boy like Mitch drawn into something that he may not be comfortable with. I guess I was out of place."
          "No, don't feel that way. I appreciate that more than you can know. You were looking out for my son. That is a truly knobble gesture and I admire that quality in a person so much. It has been hard on me today to accept what had been before my eyes for, I don't know how long. As I look back at it the signs were always there. I just chose to ignore them.
          "When my husband came back with Mitchell from the locker room last night my whole world came to an end. He was shouting out so that everyone could hear about Mitchell Evans the faggot of Temple High, sucking and fucking every swinging dick in the locker room.
          "Every eye was on us and every tongue was talking about us as he continued to beat Mitchell with his words and his fist up against the back of my son's head. When we got home he beat Mitchell so bad I thought he was going to kill him. I wanted to call the police but I knew that he would kill me if I did.
          "He has been crying so much today that you can hardly tell how swollen his left eye is. His dad hit him so hard he knocked him out. I haven't looked to see if there are any bruises on his body but I'm sure there are. But he played one hell of a rough game last night and his dad wold say that the bruises are from that so I just kept my mouth shut."
          "You played for Temple High last night? You butt wipe. They beat us in the last six seconds of the game."
          "You play for Wilson?"
          "No but I go to school there. I was a the game with some friends. The twins. I'll introduce you tomorrow, they live next door to you."
          "Well, I am going to have to really get your blood pressure up. I am the kicker for the Temple Knights. I was supposed to kick a field goal when the ball was passed to me but I saw that everyone was in play for that and I was wide open down the left hand side for a touchdown run so I went for it."
          "You made that fantastic twenty five yard run and won the game? We had you by three points. Your play beat us by three then your extra point kick. I hate you." We laughed at each other and tumbled out on the floor in a mock wrestling match.
          Mom put Sharon in the guest bedroom. There was no place for her to sleep at her house. Her bed was still standing against the wall. Her husband had set the stuff off of the truck and left without offering to help.
          I took Mitch to my room for the night. He was so impressed with all that I had. I told him that all of it was just things. I was more impressed with him. He grabbed me and kissed me and told me that I was pretty fucking impressive also and he would love to have me impress his ass like I did earlier that day. I told him that he would have to wait. I needed for him to impress me first. He cried with joy as he told me that he had never topped. I told him that I was open to teaching him to be the best he can be. He confessed to me that I was only the third boy to ever suck his dick and the first one to let him cum in my mouth.
          I asked him if that was a good thing or bad. He told me it was the best thing he could think of until I gave him the first butt love he had ever had. He had been turned on to butt fucking by a fourteen year old neighbor when he was eleven and had been servicing that boy and four of his friends for the last four years. But he had never had anyone make love to him before he met me.
          I asked him what had caused his dad to go off on him. He told me that when he had made the winning touch down everyone was patting his butt and grabbing his package. One dude that he had sucked for several months grabbed his package in the locker room and planted a kiss on him. His teammates saw this and someone said that they should make their hero happy. Before he knew it he had a cock down his throat and was being face fucked. He wasn't sure that this was a good thing but he was enjoying it when he felt a big cock go up his ass. That decided it. He was really into it. Someone crawled under him and sucked his cock and he flooded the unknown sucker with his load just as he took a load in his throat.
          He hadn't realized that the guy fucking him had cum but the cock in his ass was replaced with another. This guy was good and fucked him to another orgasm in mere minutes. Someone was there to drink that load down also and he had the fourth cock of the evening in his mouth as he worked it for its cream filled center.
          A few boys were standing around, some up on the bench he was kneeling on, jacking off and shooting their boy loads all over his body. Suddenly he heard his father yell and found himself being dragged across the floor and thrown into the shower. His dad dragged him out and someone threw him his clothes. He managed to get his pants and a shirt on but was still carrying his shoes as his dad smacked him repeatedly across the back of the head as he raved on and on about his being a butt fucking queer.
          When his father got him home he beat Mitch with his fists until he was tired. He came back after getting himself a beer and began to whip the boy with a belt. In the middle of the night he grabbed the boy and fucked the shit out of him and then shoved his cock into Mitch's mouth making him drink his cum and lick the shit off of his dick. His father raped him four more times that night then in the morning to told him to put everything he owned on the truck that he had backed up to the door.
          I wanted to say something about his getting sucked off as he was getting fucked at both ends but I figured that wasn't the time and beside that it could be that he was only thinking that was what was going on. He was after all being gang raped, he really had not control over events.

          Sunday morning Mitch and I walked over to his house to get some of his stuff put away. I saw the twins raking leaves in their back yard. I took Mitch back there and introduced them. Gary and Larry are identical in almost every way. Larry has a small quarter inch scar under his left eye from an accident when he was a toddler. That is the only way I can tell them apart.
          I told Mitch that they had identical seven inch cocks and extra sweet cum. He licked his lips and the twins invited us up to their room. We climbed up on their bed and did a four square. I sucked Larry as he sucked Mitch who sucked Gary who sucked me. Got it? Good. We each had a nice mouthful of boy nectar then turned around so Mitch and I could suck the other twin and they us. That was all we had time for but we promised to get together later for more fun.
          I told Mitch that the real fun was sixty nineing them while they fucked each other. I told him that they won't let anybody else fuck them but they fuck each other so hard that it is a show to watch. They have both fucked me many times and I knew that Mitch would like that.
          We walked around to his front door as a police car pulled up to the curb. An officer asked if either of us was Mitchell Evans. Mitch stepped forward as Sharon and my mother ran across the street to join us. Sharon identified herself. The police officers asked if they could go inside. All four of us went in with them.
          "Mrs. Evans, we are here to get some information about a beating that was witnessed at a football game last Friday night. One that involves your son, I believe." Mitch and I had cleared the sofa and a couple of chairs so everyone was able to sit down.
          Two parents had taken video of Mitch's dad hitting him, repeatedly. The man was under arrest and the police officers were trying to get more information. Another officer was called out and he took Mitch into another room and had him strip. Mitch asked if I could be with him because he was scared. The police agreed.
          I had seen the bruises all over Mitch. The police looked at each one and told us that some were associated with the game but some were in areas that would have been protected by his football gear. Those were consistent with blows by a large fist. Several pictures were taken. Several belt marks that I had not seen, covered Mitch's back and butt. He was always on his back under me so I had not had a chance to see them. I giggled as this thought ran through my head. The officer looked at me and told me that child abuse was no laughing matter. I sobered up and kept my mouth shut.
          I told Mitch that he needed to tell the cop. He looked at me and shook his head no. I pleaded with my eyes and the cop looked at him. Mitch was embarrassed. He wanted the cop to know what his dad had done but he couldn't say it. He told me to tell. I told the cop that I had only heard it from Mitch but he said that his dad had raped him four times. More pictures were taken. A rape kit was brought out but I told the cop that I had made Mitch douche himself with warm salt water to make his butt feel better. The cop glared at me then I said, "'sides that it was two nights ago and he took a shit since then." The cop put his stuff away and went back to the other room where he talked to the other two cops.
          Satisfied with their information and pictures in hand the two police cars left. Sharon was holding Mitch as the two softly cried. Sharon loved her husband and Mitch loved his dad. Nothing like this had ever happened before. They did not want to see Mr. Evans go to jail but the law is such that any domestic violence is a crime against the state and the state was pressing charges. There were more than twenty witnesses that had been identified as well as the two video accounts. Several boys told what Mr. Evans had done in the locker room. Some of the ball players were facing sex charges because it was believed that Mitch was only fourteen.
          The activities in the locker room were illegal in our state. All homosexual acts are but the prosecutor declined to press charges even though some child advocates pressed for a gang rape charge. The whole matter had made the front page of the local newspapers and television news crews had splattered pictures of the Temple Knights' students all across the tv in four counties.
          Mitch knew that he could never show his face at his old school ever again.
          As all of this melodrama unfolded my mother made me sit down and out myself to my dad. Now I have no reason to be afraid of my dad but I feared him more than anything in the world as I thought about sitting before him and telling him that I was a cock sucking butt fucking faggot in love with three boys across the street.
          My dad had spanked me when I was little and I know that I had deserved it. He was never mean nor did he hurt me. My pride was shattered and my butt turned red but I lived through it and I still loved my dad, although it took me a little time to admit that sometimes. Why I was afraid of him this day I have no idea. I just knew that he would be so hurt because I was his pride and joy, his heir, his son.
          I made everyone, Sharon and Mitch included, agree to sit down to dinner together and I would tell dad after we ate. I drew that dinner out forever. My mother finally put her hands on the table and stared at me.
          "Uh, dad. I, uh need to like uh tell you something." My dad's eyes were fixed on me. "Dad, I am going to disappoint you and you are going to hate me." I was crying by now and I could not get control of myself. Everybody stayed in their chairs as this became something between father and son. I wanted to hold on to Mitch for support but knew that that would be so wrong at that time. "Dad, I'm gay."
          My dad looked at me with no change in his expression. He tilted his head to one side and I could see a thought pass before his eyes. "Okay."
          Okay? Just okay? What the fuck here dad. Hate me. Kick me. Beat the fuck out of me. Okay? "Uhh, dad...I have a boyfriend."
          "I hope it's you Mitch." my dad smiled at him. "Honey, don't listen to this." He smiled at my mother. "Carroll, I'm a man who was once a boy. I know what is going on with you. It might pass, it might not. I'm not going to get upset until you're about forty and I don't have a grandson or four."
          My mouth was hanging open.
          "Where do the rest of you stand on this?" Everybody told them what they felt and how the problem with Mitch's dad had impacted their lives. "Does everybody feel they can continue to live in the neighborhood and go to the same school."
          We told him about the news story and how that had gotten around. It would just be a matter of time until someone would connect Mitch to that story and our lives would be shit at Woodrow Wilson High School.
          Dad talked to mom about her dream of living in a temperate mountain community. They had discussed the homes in a Southern California town that we had visited two summers before. They had really liked the area and talked about liking to retire there someday. Mom was all dreamy eyed. I wondered where this conversation was going but grateful that no one was on my case about being a faggot.
          Dad laid his hand on Sharon's hand and looked her in the eye, "How do you feel about polygamy?" Sharon had a knee jerk reaction as she reeled back with a look of absolute horror on her face. Dad was laughing so hard that he was doubled over. "Just kidding. One wife is enough to take care of me. I'm a simple man with simple tastes.
          "I have something to propose to the lot of you. Honey, pour us all a cup of coffee and let's move into the living room." Mitch and I began to clear the table. "Put the dishes down. Refill your drinks and join me. We need to have a family talk, and if I am right my son in law and his mother deserve to be in on it also." I sat down in the closest chair. I was totally overcome with emotions. My dad came to me and wrapped his arms around me. He pulled Mitch in for a group hug. "I love you, son, more than life itself. Nothing you can do or say will ever diminish my love for you. I want peace and happiness for you and if this young cutey can give you that then you have my blessing."
          I did something that I had not done since I was six years old. I grabbed my dad and kissed him. I held him tight. He sat in the chair next to me and I got in his lap and let him hold me like a little boy. I love my dad with all of my heart and I let him know it, in front of everybody. The two women had a tray with coffee and soda on it as they moved to the sofa. Dad helped me up and moved to his big, comfortable chair. Mitch and I sat on the love seat with our arms around each other. I saw tears in Mitch's eyes, he loves his dad, maybe I was wrong to make a big deal out of loving my dad. I turned to him and kissed at his tears. Everyone was watching but no one said anything so I kissed him and he kissed me back then we turned toward my dad as if everything was as normal as it should be.
          "People, I'm going to be forty years old next month. I have saved a lot of money and we can do quite well right where we are. But my lovely wife and I get to see very little of each other and when we do have anytime there is little to do in this area that we really enjoy. Oh, we like to go to the lake but that is a three hour drive and then we have to find a place to stay and...well we just don't get a whole lot of fun.
          "Two years ago we went to Santa Barbara, Ca. on vacation. We traveled all over the area. You may remember the lake we stopped at that one night. It was kind of in the mountains but just up from the sea coast. The warm winds coming in of an evening were so sweet and peaceful that I never wanted to leave. I know you were very happy there, honey and you have talked about having a house in a place like that ever since.
          "Well, there was a bait shop and grocery there with a couple of gas pumps and it had a nice pier out into the lake. I liked the look of it and thought it would be a perfect place for a marina. I would like to have a place for boats and travelers. I would like to have a nice steak house and a few motel rooms. there. I told the old man that owned it that if he ever wanted to retire that I would appreciate him letting me know Of course I never told anyone of my vision for the place.
          "Anyway, I got a letter from the man's family last week. He has fallen and cannot continue to run the place. His daughter has no interest in the secluded living and his wife can't go it on her own. She wants to move to the city to be closer to the medical help her husband will need. I told them that I would be there between Thanksgiving and Christmas so we can sit down and work out a plan.
          "How would the four of you like to live together in sunny southern California, on a lake?"
          The room was deadly silent. I was ready to go. Mom moved over and sat in dad's lap, as I have seen her do so many times in the past. "And your job here?"
          "That's it, honey, it's a job. I want something for us. It will be hard work but with two strapping young sons we can make a go of it." Dad was including Mitch and me but more than that he was accepting us as a couple. The two of us looked at Sharon.
          "I have nothing here. I have never worked. I don't have a skill. I am going in debt up to my eyeballs. I don't know how to pay the rent on that house over there next week. I have nobody here except Mitch and since he has Carroll I have not had the heart to tell him that we may have to move. I don't know how we could do it but if I can find a way to get us out there Mitch and I would love to live on a lake in southern California."
          "First of all, don't worry about the rent. I know the landlord very well. I see him every time I look in the mirror. Secondly, it would be my honor to have everything you own loaded into the same truck with our belongings as we move like one big family on our own exodus west.
          "Before we do any more planning I would like to ask all of you to pack about two weeks worth of clothes and join me for a Thanksgiving on the lake.
          "To hell with it, let's go tomorrow and have a long holiday."
          That's just what we did. We packed up. Dad had a shuttle service pick us up at midday the next day and took us to the airport. We rented a mini-van when we got to Santa Barbara and drove up to the lake. The owners had a place where we could stay. It was a two bedroom bungalow, they called it. Mitch and I had to stay in an old room that had once been part of an old motel back in the forties and fifties. That nearly broke our heart as we had to share a small full sized bed in a tiny room with its own private bathroom in it.
          It was a sexual perverts dream come true as we christened the room with more cum than any two normal boys should be able to produce in the six weeks that we ended up staying there. Dad bought the place and brought in an architect to draw up some plans. With his rough sketches in hand dad, Mitch and I made a day trip to the county planning commission. They were thrilled with dad's plans. They had long hoped for some sort of lake development to bolster tourism in the area.
          Dad saw a local farmer sitting in the shade of his tractor. He parked the mini-van and the three of us hiked out to visit with the man. I had never seen my dad in action. He was smooth and professional. He talked the old man up and made friends with him. He told him that he was buying the old grocery across the road and was going to retire here. The old man was envious. He was getting to old to work the fields and his profit margin was dwindling. He would like to retire. Dad asked him where. He said right here. He liked the area and he had built the house he wanted to live in for the rest of his life. He just didn't have the money to quit working.
          Dad played his hand well. He suggested that the old man might lease out his land to another farmer and just live on the income. That thought had crossed the old man's mind but he wanted more stability than that. Dad said that he might be able to buy the land but he wasn't really a farmer. The old man told him that he would help dad all he needed and teach him. A deal was struck and dad owned two sections, three hundred and twenty acres. A mile long stretch along the highway and a half a mile deep.
          Dad told us that he and I had just become land barons and he was going to develop a community. The next few days the three of us scouted out churches, schools, shopping, all of the things that would be needed for a community. The purchase of the land was for cash so the closing moved right along and we were the owners of the farm land in just a few weeks. Dad blew all of our minds when he put the land in Mitch's and my names as well as his. He formed a closed corporation and made all of us officers, including our moms.
          Dad told me that I was actually the owner of all of this because as executor of my trust fund he had invested my money in this venture. We had to make it go or he would have to answer to the courts about how he lost my money.
          When everything was secure and totally in our names dad went to the county again with a new proposal. He had picked up several parcels of land along the highway and had the county designate the zoning for commercial development. He had six strip shopping centers laid out. He had three very large parcels designated to be schools on the condition that the county would give him permission and zoning to build single family housing on our farm land. The counsel took a vote right then and it was approved.
          Dad deeded the two properties to the county with the understanding that a highschool would be built on the property about a mile from our new home and a mile down the road an elementary school could be built on one end and a middle school on the other of the larger parcel.
          Dad set up meetings with developers for the second week of January and ordered a large tent to be put up. He hired a caterer and entertainment. He hustled us off to a plane to pack our household belongings. We had two weeks to get packed and back out here before the real fun began.
          I had my room packed in no time. Actually dad had movers come in and professionally pack us and I got them to do my room first. I had madness in my motives. I helped carry all of Mitch and Sharon's stuff to the front of the house so that the movers could load everything with ease. We were going to be there for three days so that we could check out at school and clean out dad's office and all of the bits and pieces that had to be done. But then I suddenly realized that I had no where to sleep and neither did Mitch.
          Dad is not so dumb as I give him credit for being. I know that he was the smartest man on earth until I was like ten or so but then he just didn't have a clue. At least that's the way I saw it until I pulled this shenanigan. Dad looked at me and goes, "Poor boys. I guess that you will have to sleep on the cold, hard floor. Of course you might see if you can stay with the twins. It would give you a chance to say goodbye to them." (Wink wink)
          Okay, so he's not so dumb. He knew my plan well, and it worked. I just didn't expect him to suggest what I planned to ask. The twins were glad to have us stay over. They seldom ever used the second bed in their bedroom so there was plenty of space for us. Two nights in bed with those sex fiends and we were glad to be on the road again although it was a little uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time.
          I slept with Gary the first night. Now Gary is the only one who fucks like I do. Long and hard. He taught me all I know. The twins are seventeen. They are seniors and would graduate that year so this would really be the last time I would get to see them even if I stayed here. Gary took me on a long trip to ecstacy and back. I had never even been that well fucked by him before. He put everything he had in that last evening as he was saying goodbye to a friend that he had known for nine years and fucked for the last four.
          Mitch was one happy boy with the care and treatment he got from Larry. He knew he had made a good friend and really hated to have to say good bye. The twins stayed home from school the second day so that we could spend some quality time together. We went to lunch together then we took in a movie. Of course we went to a multi screen theater and saw three movies but I won't tell if you don't.
          We got home and in bed by seven. All four in one bed. Mitch and I locked down on each other's cocks as we were both penetrated from behind. All of us lay on our sides and no one rushed the cumming of the end. We simply enjoyed sharing our bodies.
          Gary blew my mind when he offered his ass to me. I mean he and Larry have both fucked me since I was eleven year old. I love their cocks in my ass and I love to suck them and have them suck me but they have never let my cock even peek at their cute little back door. Gary got on his back and told me he wanted to show me how much my love and friendship had meant to him all of these years.
          I was overwhelmed. I got in the saddle and rode with all of the expertise I had in me. I gave the very best performance that I knew how to give and I made Gary a very happy boy. We fucked twice during the evening as he showered me with three nice big loads of his special cream and let me fill him three times. I was so happy. I have always had a very special feeling for Gary. Larry is sweet but Gary...I will miss him.
          I slept with Larry that night and made love to him. I went the extra mile to do my best but I know that he could tell that I had feelings for his brother that were not there for him.
          Morning had Mitch and I walking funny and sitting was uncomfortable. We rode with dad as the two women drove mom's car. Dad laughed at us and after a few hours he handed me a tube of cream. He told me that he wanted us to suffer for awhile but he was no sadist. He told us to pull our pants down and put the cream in our butts. He said it would be easier if we did each other.
          What ever it was it worked almost at once. He told us that this was a kind of deadening ointment that deadened the nerves around the area. He said that a lot of homosexuals use this during anal intercourse, especially when they are with someone who is new to the game. I had to ask him how he knew this stuff. He told me that my body would never be found if my mother ever learned what he was about to say.
          My dad had a college age boyfriend. He had known the boy for five years and was putting him through school. The boy was now a twenty year old junior. His major was business science. He planned to follow in my father's foot steps. My dad paid the boy's tuition for the following year and told him that business was taking him away and he wouldn't be back. He said that there were a lot of tears but the boy had made a mistake.
          He threatened my dad with outing him to my mother I if my dad didn't move in with him. Dad cut him off. I asked if he was worried about the boy getting back at him. Dad again showed that he still had some wisdom in his feeble old body. The boy didn't know his real name and the only phone number he had was a pre-paid cell phone. Dad had even shown the boy the office of a friend who was also a boy lover and told him that is where he worked.
          The boy knew nothing of who my dad really was. He had accidently run in to us one time at the mall and knew about me and mom but he didn't know where to find us. I asked dad about the boy calling the police on him. The new laws give a kid seven years to remember their molestation. Dad felt pretty confident that that wouldn't happen and if it did the kid didn't know who to turn in.
          Dad belonged to some group of guys that met in different places every two weeks. They shared boys around or helped guys hook up with boys. Dad said that there were guys in the group that liked little boys. He drew the line at that. No prepubescent boy for my dad. He wanted a boy with a big cock and lots of cum. I asked him if he wanted me.
          He got really somber. "Son, I love you too much to ever go there. The same goes with Mitch. You are both great looking kids and if I weren't so close to you I could go for you in a heart beat. But I won't. I don't even allow myself to think about you in my fantasies. If I were to even go there I might break down and do something that we would all regret at some future time."
          "Even if I wanted you to?"
          "Yes. I cannot allow that to happen. Son it is hard to explain to someone who is gay but I have my scruples. I have two friends that are totally into boys. They have seen you for years and have asked me to let them be with you. I won't do it and I promised to prosecute them if they came near you. One of them was Cameron's dad." I almost had a heart attack right there.
          "Cameron and his dad live twenty mile from where we are moving to. I have already talked to him. He is not going to buy a house until we have our development out of the ground and then he will buy out there so he and Cam can come back in our lives.
          "Son, Cameron has a boyfriend and he is very much in love with him. Don't be disappointed."
          "Dad, I have Mitch. Cam and I didn't expect to ever see each other, ever again. We had to go on with our lives. I will tell you this right here in front of Mitch. If the two of them were naked in front of me and I had to choose one or the other on the spot, I would choose Mitch. He is so much more than Cam ever was.
          "Cam was sex. We had a lot of it and it was good and it was fun. Mitch has my heart. I fell in love with him within a half an hour after I met him. We were made to be together. I don't know about having a son. I may lose my trust fund money."
          "The terms of the trust do not say that you can not adopt. California is a whole new place with whole new ideas. Homosexuals with stable life styles can adopt in that state. You might want to do that someday. Son, you are only fifteen. You have ten years to decide these things. Don't worry about what the future holds for you. Plan for your future but don't lay down rules and guidelines that can't shift as things change.
          "Carroll, you knew that friend of Cameron's that came over to the house a few times. What was his name, oh yeah, Cory and his friend Will. Did you ever go to that GLBT club over on the blvd., you know the Friend's Club?" I was shocked that dad even knew about it.
          "Yeah, Cam took me down there for lunch after school sometimes."
          "Damn good hamburgers aren't they? Some of the men that I went to highschool with put that together. I put some money in it as a tax write off. I know the principals of the club and I think that two of them are teachers at your school."
          "Yeah, Mr. Walker, the drama coach, I think he is gay, he has a live in boyfriend. I wanted to try out for that play last year but somebody told me that he likes to sit in the boy's dressing room."
          "Does he?"
          "What? Oh sit in the boy's dressing room? I don't know but I didn't want to find out. I know that he and Mr. James are the staff sponsors of that queer's club."
          "Don't you think that since you are, as you say, queer, that you are being a little harsh? Do you belong to the club?"
          "What? and announce to the whole school that I am gay? Ain't happening in this boy's lifetime."
          "Son, I am disappointed in you. When you sat at my table and told me that you were gay and that Mitch is your boyfriend I was happy. I saw a man in you Carroll, but now...I don't know."
          "Dad, I don't...." I began to feel like the shit head I was acting like.
          "Son, when I was at WWHS some of the boys founded a group called the Blues. It was a sort of club where a select membership went to suck each other's cocks after a hot date that didn't work out. Do you understand what I am saying? There was one guy in school that was the best fucker to ever pass down the halls of WWHS. I was not a member of Blues but I knew most of the boys and they got me an invitation to that boy's house. He lived with an older man that used to throw parties for men and he provided the boys.
          "I know that I may be telling you too much but you have hurt me and I want you to know how I feel. The men at those parties loved to be with big cocked boys. They loved to eat boy ass and suck boy cock and drink large amounts of young cum. They paid the boys big money to be with them. We were not whores, we were horny highschool kids with ever hard dicks and we didn't mind if some old pervert wanted to eat us. I loved getting my ass eaten while another dude sucked my cock. I made ten thousand dollars one night because I sucked some old man's cock. He loved it and he showed it.
          "The kid, Chris was his name, had the longest and thickest cock and he was known to a lot of boys as a lover. Most boys don't like to take a cock up their ass but somehow Chris made love and no one ever regretted laying with him. I am not lying when I tell you that boys from other highschools would come around asking to be hooked up with Chris. I spent the night with him many times and would let his old man partner suck me and I would suck him while Chris made love to my butt for over a half an hour or longer.
          "I know what you two have. I had it with Cameron's dad for awhile but there is no difference in the sounds coming out of his mouth as out of his ass hole and believe me he makes a lot of sounds from both. He is what you call a jerk. I couldn't be around him. When Cameron and you started to hang out he took that as his chance to get to you. I told him that I would cut his balls off and then kill him if he ever touched you. I threatened to show his wife pictures of him at some of Chris' parties with old fat men up in his ass while he sucked an even fatter man. Someday I might show you those pictures.
          "For now I want you to just be a kid and enjoy a very brief span of life that is all too fleeting. You will always remember these days and I want you to look back at them with fondness. I don't want you to get hurt. I cannot protect you all of the time, all I can do is to share my wisdom and experience with you and pray that you are very careful."
          I can't imagine when my dad found all of this wisdom. He was sounding so smart. He should have been a school teacher. He knew a lot more than any of them did. I wondered what Cam would think of Mitch. I wondered who Cam had found to replace me. We were pulling into a motel for the night when I awakened. Dad put Mitch and I in our own room away from them. He and mom took an adjoining room next to Sharon.
          Our butts were sore from the fucking the twins gave us at our going away party. Mitch and I opted for some quite cock sucking for the night and kept the noise down. The hungries attacked us about two in the morning so we went to the restaurant in front of the motel. Dad had gotten us a prime place to stay in that this was the best place to eat in the whole town and it was packed with late night dinners.
          There were a lot of kids that stopped in for breakfast before going home to bed and we saw a few guy couples making out. Some of them saw us watching and tried to shock us by putting on a show. Mitch and I got back at them as we kissed and openly groped each other. One couple of about twenty years old or so came over to talk to us. We told them that we were lovers and out to our families. We told them that we had our own room here at the motel. They looked like they didn't believe us. My dad walked in and sat down beside me. He had heard just enough as he came up.
          "So how are the little love birds. You making good use of your love nest?"
          "Well sort of. Have you got anymore of the deadening cream. My ass is still sore from all the fucking I got at the going away party last night."
          "Yeah, it's in the van. I'll get it for you when you go back to your room." The two older guys shook their heads and wished us "little dudes" good luck and left.
          Mitch and I had ordered steak and eggs. We ate as dad had a piece of cherry pie and coffee then we all headed back to bed.
          Two day later we were back in California. There was a large steel building near the owners house. Dad directed the movers to unload everything in there, by the numbers. I didn't know what that meant so I watched as the boxes and furniture came off of the truck. Dad had numbered each box for its content.
          All of my stuff was numbered four and five with some sixes. Mitch's were numbered twelve. I looked in my number four boxes and found my clothes. Number five boxes had my stuff, you know, CDs, movies, games. Sixes were TVs, stereos, computers. All of that was in one area with a six and a C on it to indicate it was my electronic shit.
          Mitch's stuff was not so organized as he had just thrown it together when he moved out of his dad's house. All of his shit was numbered twelve but he had some dishes and some of his mother's panties, which I had to tease him about. He turns such a cute shade of red. His mom was a little red when I pulled out some really flimsy lace panties and matching bra. I asked Mitch if he was going to wear them for our house warming. Sharon took them away from me and put them in another box as all of us roared in laughter.
          The owner's house was no place that any of us wanted to live. It was old and cramped. The three adults took the guest house that they had used a few weeks before while Mitch and I moved into our little bungalow.
          The next morning started at sun up. I hate getting up in the morning and this morning was especially bad as I was in a new place and didn't know what the hell I was doing. Breakfast was ready and Mitch and I were rushed through our meal so that we could get across the road to prepare for the visitors.
          I had no idea what my dad had planned but I was learning to trust the man. By seven o'clock cars and pickups started arriving. The first truck to arrive had been a large van type that had brought the caterers. Coffee and pastries were laid out as dad had us help him set up the microphones they brought out.
          We put three tables on a platform in front of a whole lot of chairs. Dad spread out piles of drawings and plans. I set up two big easels and helped carry up a big white board. Most of the people arriving had on jeans with boots and hard hats. There were a few suits and some business type women. These people made their way past the coffee and juice line then took a seat.
          At eight o'clock dad stood up and called the meeting to order. He introduced his family as his business partners and told our guests that he wanted to show them what he proposed to do with the area. He expected them to be able to come back to him with solid ideas on building. He wanted references and visits to completed sites that they had worked on.
          There were a few complaints to that and dad told them that nobody forced them to be there. If they wanted to bid on this work they would do it my way as I was the principal investor in this endeavor. That turned quite a few heads and I was shown major respect.
          Dad unfurled plans for a planned community. He showed the developers where new schools were going to be built. He pointed out a large area that was to be a public park with lake access. One of the builders got mad at that. He had been trying to buy that land for years to build houses. Dad told the group that housing around the lake was going to be very tightly governed. The lake was a local asset and over development would destroy it forever.
          The people settled down. Everyone was taking notes and seemed to understand what dad was saying. Until one man stood up and asked about power. It seems that electric power was limited for new development in this area. Dad said that I had the solution to that and he was open to discussion on it.
          He told the group that I was very interested in solar and wind power. He pointed out a hill side south of the development that was quite away from any homes or desirable areas for future homes. He had made a cursory look at the area as a possible site for a wind farm. A representative from the county commissioners office stated that the site was indeed most desirable for a wind farm. Dad asked about a rocky outcropping north of our marina as a possible site for solar collectors. Again the county engineer felt that this could solve a problem that had plagued that site for several years.
          By building our own wind and solar electric generating plants we would be more independent and much more desirable to people wanting to get away from it all. Other utilities such as telephone and cable tv would be addressed in future meetings but before any actual ground breaking. The whole purpose of this meeting was to gather people who could pull this development out of the ground.
          About half of the people left then but many of the suits stayed to visit and get more information. At noon another truck arrived and the caterers unloaded fried chicken and trimmings for a quiet lunch. Long tables were set up and everybody had questions. I was surprised at how many people wanted my input. Hey, I'm just a kid but I was loving it. Dad stayed glued to me and every time he answered a question he asked me if I had anything too add. I just nodded and told him that he was doing a good job to carry on.
          By two o'clock we had three builders who wanted to get surveys done and start drawing up plans. Dad was in deep conversation with one man when the farmer and the man who sold the bait shop to us showed up. The farmer was irate. He accused dad of lying to him and cheating him. The bait shop man said that he was hood winked by some city slicker and was going to sue. Dad told the men that they themselves had given him the idea to do what he was going to do. He told them that he would welcome a day in court with them but he told them that I had more money than all of the residents in the county combined and I could afford the very best lawyers. He told them to come with deep pockets because any lawsuit that they might file and loose was going to cost them dearly.
          I hated to see bad blood there but dad was right. We didn't come out here to become real estate moguls. We came out here to find a quiet, laid back life and we were going to have that on our side of the road. But we were also going to have a highschool and friends living nearby in a brand new community across the road.
          As I was sitting back and relaxing someone put their hands over my eyes and said, "Who's the sexiest dude you know?"
          I immediately replied, "The boy in my mirror." Cam laughed at our old joke and as I jumped up to hug him. He was all smiles as we greeted each other for the first time in months. He had his boyfriend with him and I have to say he was pretty cute but both Cam and Justin dropped their mouths open when I had Mitch come over. Cam actually drooled on himself. I smiled inwardly as I watched his face.
          Cam asked me to come stay with him for the rest of the week. Dad told me that it had already been arranged with mom and Sharon. He told me that our bags were in the back of the van, to have fun and he would see us Sunday afternoon.
          We went to Cam's house. You could see the ocean, although it was still a few miles away. It looked nice. He told us that we could go down there after school the next day and play in the water. He said tonight the playing would be in a dryer place. He asked if we were up to a foursome. Mitch and I looked at each other. We both put our fingers to our butt holes and nodded at each other. I told Cam that we had spent two nights with the twins saying good bye. He thought that we were the luckiest dogs ever.
          He was pretty lucky himself because an hour later Mitch introduced himself to Cam as I put the meat away in Justin's tight little back door. My dick is much larger than Cam's and I opened up new avenues for the fourteen year old youngster that he had never experienced before. I must say though that he took it like a trooper and begged for more. He was one fantastic cock sucker and I could tell that Cam had been working him well.
          Cam's dad came in to say good night around ten. Cam jumped up and pulled his dad's shorts down and sucked his dick. Justin got up and began to play with the man's ass then he got his turn on the extra large cock. It was the first man's cock I had ever seen and except for the hair it didn't look any different than mine. Mitch told me later that mine was a little bigger. Cam told me that after his mother died his dad came out to him. He took him to a meeting where he met other men and their boys and he learned how to make his dad happy and keep him from being horny. He said the worst thing that can happen to the kid of a recently widowed or divorced man is for the old man to get horny. It made life hell for the kid. A kid was much happier if his old man was happy and he loved his dad anyway so it was a win win situation for them.
          He said that he met Justin at such a meeting here in CA. and the two of them were keeping Justin's dad happy so they could spend more time together. I didn't like the idea and Mitch and I got off alone and decided that we didn't want any part of this stuff. I love my dad but I think he has a much better attitude about this boy loving shit than Cam or Justin's dads.

          So that's our story. Mitch and I are happy with our lives together. Houses are going up so fast that I can't remember what the vacant field looked like when I first saw it. The highschool is almost finished and I am glad. We have to take a bus to school and the ride lasts almost two hours, every morning and every evening. Dad says that a push is on to have the school finished before Christmas of 2006 so we can go to the second semester there.
          I don't see much of Cam or Justin. When we pass in the hall we speak but we each have our own lives to live. I like it like that and I am cool with it.

Written in October, 2005

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