Chapter two


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Chapter 2
    We slept inside Traveler© as he was parked by the beach until the sounds of morning traffic awakened us. It was only five in the morning, but the freeway commute was promising to be hell. I cursed myself for not going further in before stopping for the night. The morning air was too cool to play in the water so I fired Traveler's© glow coils and sought out a good breakfast joint. We traveled a good hour, in bumper to bumper traffic, before I spotted the type of café that I enjoy, a mom and pop diner that advertises the best cup of coffee in the world. I have tried these greasy spoon joints from coast to coast and their coffee always tastes institutionalized, always the same.
    We lumbered in and spent a long, leisurely time enjoying each other's company and a decent meal of congealed grease and cholesterol with slabs of unidentifiable animal products laid alongside. Around eight or so we hit the road, I meandered over to I-5 north bound and lit out north bound for Disneyland. We pulled into the park a little after ten in the morning, I got us as close to the gates as I could before we were directed into a parking area for RVs. I told the man that we were looking for an employee, not visiting the park. He directed us to a guard shack near the closest gate.
    I let Turner talk to the man at the desk who made a phone call or two, in a few minutes he spoke into his radio. Within minutes a golf cart appeared with Turner's older twin and another man inside. Turner ran to his brother and threw his arms around him as he entered the guard shack. Tyler sat down so that he could look at his brother. Turner told him that he had been trying to locate him to tell him that their mother had died, but he did not have an address. He told him that their dad died after Tyler left and their mother took sick and he was now all alone.
    The guard and the man that had accompanied Tyler out to us had heard all of this and were on the phone. As the boys hugged and cried the man that had come with Tyler approached the boys, he was Tyler's immediate supervisor, he asked Tyler what he wanted to do. Tyler told him that he needed to go and be with his brother, he guessed that he would have to go home to Tucson. The man asked Turner if he had ever been to Disneyland, Turner told him no. He asked the boys if they wanted to hold off returning home for a day or two and be the guests of the park for two days, both boys loved that idea. Turner told him that I was an old family friend that had brought him over to find Tyler, I was included in a family package for VIPs that included a room at the Disneyland Hotel and VIP status in the park.
    I had been to Disneyland many times in the past, but on this trip I saw more than I knew existed. We were taken everywhere by our own driver with a golf cart. The driver explained the workings of the park and how the rides came to be. We rode everything, we were served the finest meals and put up in a suite for the night with full VIP treatment. The boys shared a room together and spent the night just getting to know one another all over again.
    We had a visit from a big mucky muck from the park during breakfast the second morning. He expressed his condolences to the boys. He expressed his gratitude to Tyler for his fine work during the past few years. He had a report that showed Tyler to be an exemplary employee and told him that he would be welcomed back as soon as he got his personal life back on track.
    Tyler was given his final paycheck with a nice sized bonus for his work then we were escorted back to the park for another day of frivolity. We tired of the park about noon and headed back to the hotel for lunch and a relaxing swim. We went back for the electric parade at closing then retired to the boy's room for family introductions.
    I was very pleased to meat the elder of the Youngman youngsters. Tyler was a gentleman in every respect, he was cultured and conversive. The man had more going for him at eighteen then many men I have met many years his elder, he had a head on his shoulders. He had taken advantage of the education opportunities presented to him. He had been a little luckier in his exodus from home four years before than Turner had been before I met him. Tyler had met a boy lover almost at once as he determined to hitchhike to the land of golden opportunity for gay boys, California, he soon realized that this was not the place to be without someone to look after him.
    The man who had picked him up was seeking a boy for long term sex. Tyler acquiesced, he had never been with an older man, but at the time he saw no alternative. The man was well past fifty, bald headed, fat, and hairy bodied, he loved young teenaged boys and offered Tyler a home, meals, and an education at one of the finest schools in the Southern California public school system. Tyler was an honors student, taking all AP classes. He had a scholarship to the school of his choice for five thousand dollars a year. He had been trying to get accepted to the University of Arizona so that he would be close to home, but the school could get no response from his family.
    To add insult to injury, the man that Tyler was living with had told him that now he was a little too old. The man preferred younger teens and he had fulfilled his promise to Tyler by helping him graduate from high school. Tyler had been asked to move out so that the man could bring in a younger boy. Tyler had no problem with the man and was willing to leave, he was especially happy with the way things had worked out now that he had Turner with him.
    The boys showed me their passion for male sex, I was sucked and fucked for the entire night by two very anxious young men. They had no plans except to go back to Tucson and get their life going, but they were in no hurry to do that. I told them that I was going up to my cliff house over in Malibu so that I could scope out sexy boys on the beach then sight see my through California before going home.

    Thinking that things were worked out between us I checked us out of the hotel. I told Tyler that I would take him to his friend's house to gather his belongings and then we would see about getting them transportation home. The boys spent the time in close conversation until we had all of Tyler's personal belongings onboard. The man that he had lived with was gracious and cultured. He had been a good influence on the boy and had done right by him, I had no problem with him, but I felt that he was missing an opportunity by letting a boy go just as he entered his peak of sexuality.
    He and I talked over coffee as a sweet youngster ambled in, the boy was cute in a California beach boy way. He was a runaway that would be taking Tyler's place. I asked him if he liked having sex with the older man, he assured me that he enjoyed himself. I did get to play with his package and told the old man that I was envious, I sat the boy on the table and sucked his sweet young cock as Turner and Tyler looked on. I told them that I was a cum hound and the boy was sweet.
    Before I could get Traveler© started I was attacked by two cute brothers, they had a plan and I was part of it. They had never played on the beach and wanted to go to Malibu, why not? I loved Turner and I could very much learn to love his older brother, it was only a few miles of L.A. freeway to my place so I acquiesced.

    The cliff house was dusty and musty from being shut up for several months. We threw the windows open and let the sea breeze blow through. I was glad to have the boys with me as they pitched right in and helped me prepare the house for our short stay.
    An hour or so after our arrival I lost the boys, I looked over the balcony to the beach and saw them running bareassed along the sand to the water, waving their tiny Speedos over their heads. I stepped to a cabinet by the large window and pulled out an eight inch telescope and set it on its tripod. The scope was a graduation present from an old man that had come up to the beach house on a trip out with Charley. Charley had impressed every one with extravagant lithograph invitations, he had mailed six invitations to the homes of six of us that graduated in 1990. He invited us for a one week, all expenses paid, trip to celebrate our graduation and the beginning of a life as men. All of the parents had been impressed with the offer. Everyone was aware of Charley being a very rich and powerful retired business man and were glad that their seventeen year old sons had a benefactor such as he to guide us through life.
    Yeah, right, the man took us on a fuck trip that introduced us to a world of powerful pedophiles. Charley threw a party with old men and California boys that went 24/7 the entire week We arrived on a Friday morning and left on Monday morning, ten days later. Six teenage boys from Arizona were totally fucked over. I had met a man in his sixties, he was really into boy butt and licked my ass raw. He would only relinquish my ass for a young dude to fuck me then he would go back to work sucking all of the juices out of me, as I sucked and was sucked by anyone I could reach. I know that he had his tongue up my ass for a good ten hours. I also had my belly full of tons of cum and shriveled balls had rubbed my nose raw.
    He had the scope delivered two days after the party with a note to me to look to the stars all I wanted, but never would I find any that would compare to me and my beauty. Boy, did that turn my head. He did leave me a quarter of a million dollars in his will so I guess I had impressed him a little. With this scope I could count the hairs on the boys' balls as they frolicked in the pounding surf. Within minutes they were joined by four more young men, I must say that these boys were cock magnets. A half hour later six naked boys ran up the beach toward my house, each wearing their swim wear as headgear. exposure
    "Hey, Chris, we're hungry. Have you got anything, but a giant cock that we can eat?" That remark caught me off guard as tiny little Turner stood in the midst of four older boys that were at least a head taller than him. Granted my cock was sticking above the waistband of my skimpy little garment, but I had not expected such a brazen statement. Even in California one has to be careful about sex with kids, that state has some of the toughest sex laws on the books of any state.
    "I anticipated your request my horny house guest and have six large pizzas and twelve two liter Cokes on the way. You will have your pants on when they arrive won't you? I don't want the pizza delivery boy thinking that we are supplying our own miniature anchovies," I pointed at his wilted cocklet. All of the boys laughed as they pulled their swim suits on, covering the objects of my desire.
    One of the boys walked up to me and took my, still hard, cock in his hand. He pulled it down as he wrapped his hand around the base. He knelt down and took my meat to the hairline letting my Speedo hook under his chin. His hands encompassed my buttocks as he nursed me to a near orgasm, he stood up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "That's what I want for desert, the rest of you can stand in line." One of the other boys grabbed him and kissed him, he made comments about how good I tasted second hand and was in a hurry to get his turn.
    The pizza arrived, but only survived for a short fifteen minute time span as six youngsters vacuumed the boxes of every crumb of edible substance within them. Somewhere during this time all of us had miraculously lost any artificial body covering as we lounged on the living room furniture naked and erect to the world while shoving slices of cheese and tomato sauce covered pie down our throats. Burps were prevalent, as one would expect from young teen boys and unlimited soda.
    True to his word the first boy took my cock in his mouth as soon as he rinsed and swallowed the last bite of pizza with a swill of cold coke. He was on me with conviction as he took what he wanted. Well, I have needs too so I grabbed him and fell to the floor, I turned him to me and took his mighty pole down my throat and sixty nined him to nice and creamy orgasm. He was full of cum and filled my needy mouth with a large volume boi jizz.
    He was quickly replaced by another boy who spread his cheeks apart so that the first boy could penetrate his young anus before my eager eyes. I moved my new cocksucker's balls to one side as I nursed on his tumescence and watched his back door swinging in and out as the mighty cock of the first boy fucked him with power and authority. I had another load of sweet baby batter, but the first boy was yet to finish his chore and carried on, my balls were about to release my pent up frustrations as I received another, and much larger load of thick man juice into my mouth. I watched in amazement as the first boy power fucked his stick hard into the ass of my cocksucker forcing him to shove his extra long and thick pole deeper into me.
    Finally fucked out the first boy pulled his dripping cock from his well fucked buddy only to have it sucked into a waiting and eager mouth of someone else.. My cocksucker lay on me, nursing my half hard cock as he regained his body control, I moved him slightly so that I could get to his well used back entry and suck it clean.
    The fourth boy was fondling the first boy's cock back to life then he took to his knees for a doggy style plowing. The first boy told him to feed me or no way, he moved over to me and shoved his cock in my mouth as he rode the meaty pony of his friend. He quickly got his release then thanked the first boy and quickly ran out to the water. He dove in to wash the evidence away then a quick wave to the house and he was gone, the other boys said he had to go to church with his mother.
    The three boys stayed until after ten that evening before they said that they had to get home or be grounded. They did not return for an encore the following day, but I had a very similar experience with the Youngman youngsters while the weather blew a strong wind and light rain against the house from the sea. I asked the boys what they would like to do. Turner was looking out through the glass wall overlooking the angry ocean, the sky was dark and cloudy, strong winds were whipping the sea into a frenzy causing huge waves to crash onto the beaches.
    He turned to me with a mischievous grin on his face, "Got lots of fire wood?"
    "You want a weenie roast?"
    "No, just a fire…"
    "A nice fire, three guys laying naked on the thick rug in front of the fire getting their weenies roasted. We could eat hot meat all afternoon." They agreed, it was a good day to lay in front of the fireplace and explore the sweet male bodies of each other. There was no place left unlicked or unkissed as we suckled each and every square inch of each other, over and over again.
    Tyler had seldom ever fucked his friend, he had a lot to learn and he learned quickly. Turner and I both offered him ourselves as he offered himself in return. I truly enjoyed Turner fucking me as I sucked his older brother. I do enjoy about any sized cock over four inches or so that can fill my mouth with hot boi cream, but I am really in my element when that cock can go around the bend, deep into my throat. The scars where my tonsils once resided get such and itch and only a thick cockhead satisfies that itch, if you know what I mean.

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