Chapter 71


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    I slid into my seat of Traveler Too©. My cell phone rang and I was offered more tiny bodies. Mitch wanted to talk and some of the boys wanted to swim. The girls had decided to swim at his place today. I told him to come on out. I told him that Gordo was doing a Mexican Fiesta for dinner and he and his could join us. Mitch had not seen Gordo in some time and was pleased to hear that he would be at my house. I called Gordo and told him that we could expect about twenty five guests. He told me he would take his pay in cum. Sounds like a deal to me. At present I have an abundant supply, fresh, sweet, and wholesome. Hand whipped in America by Americans. Not for export. I fired up the glow coils as a pair of arms encircled my neck from behind and a long, warm kiss caressed my cheek. I patted the side of Cory's head and put Traveler Too© in gear.
    Once back at the beach house my boys were grabbed up by the boys that had ridden with Cas. A conference was in progress, but I wasn't invited. I looked at the front of the house and its proximity to the roadway. I wished that I had the security fence and heavy gates that I have at my Tucson mountain home. It would be very easy for anyone to gain access to this house. However they could always come in from the beach. I decided that there was barely enough room for the two large RVs and a guest car or two. Fences and gates would leave me nowhere to park.
    I headed to the door only to stumble over the sleeping form of my young California beach bum that loved to suck my cock. He has the sweetest bubble butt on the west coast. He jumped up and began to stammer. I grabbed him and held him close. He broke down and began to sob, softly. I saw his duffle bag and a suitcase hidden in the bushes. I picked him up and carried him inside. That was a good trick in itself as the boy is nearly seventeen and weighed a hefty one hundred and thirty five pounds.
    I sat him on the breakfast bar as my family gathered around, all eyes on our guest. I got the boy a glass of water. Tyler was next to him talking in whispers while many hands left him devoid of clothing. The boy took the water and Tyler announced that Cas had something to say. Boys! Sometimes I think that life would be easier with a tree full of monkeys.
    "Dad, may we have the keys to the tool shed? We are going to knock down the brush that has grown up since we were here last. With all of us working we should have it done in a very short time, but we'll make sure it is done right." He looked at our guest's very large erection and smiled. All of the kids charged down the stairs and out onto the beach.
    My friend sat quietly. "I have to apologize to you my young friend. We have had sex on three different visits now and I do not know your name."
    "I am Derrick Hardwick sir," he stuck out his hand. Oh man, did that name fit him. His hard wick looked like a tall derrick standing on a plain of totally flat abdomen surrounded by a light brown forest of thick and curlies.
    I took his proffered hand and shook it and smiled at him. "I was seeking your name, not a description of your impressive boyhood, which does remind me very much of a tall derrick, Mr Hard dick, er Hardwick." Now you know what I am saying is true. When you praise a boy's pride and joy he will eat it up. Boy's love to be told that they are good looking, smart, and hung. Of course he giggled. "Now, Derrick, something is wrong. Would you tell me what it is?"
    Derrick's dad split on him. Derrick sat down with the man four weeks earlier and told him that he was gay. The father already had his suspicions about his son and his best friend, Darryl. Derrick thought things were cool until his stepmother got involved. She would not have a queer in her house. She has a ten year old son that she is trying to get custody of and she would not have him subjected to the possibility of being molested right in her own home. Derrick had listened to the two adults argue for several days then his dad was gone.
    Derrick's stepmother told him that his father wanted nothing to do with a fag son and she had no obligation to him. She told him to get his things and get out. He and Darryl had taken most of his things over to Darryl's house. His computer, gameboy, PS2, CDs. All he had with him were his clothes. He liked having sex with me and wanted to live in my house. He would do anything I asked and maybe I could teach him some things that he had read about, but could never get anybody to do. I asked him to elaborate. He blushed as he told me about wanting a golden shower. He had aimed his cock at his mouth to taste his own urine because he lost his nerve when he went to drink it from a glass. He couldn't take the smell. He had tried to make Darryl pee so that he could drink it. The two boys fought and Darryl won't have sex with him until he gets his head right.
    Derrick begged me to let him suck me. He had not had sex in nine days and with his stepmother nagging him all of the time he couldn't even take matters in hand. I told him that I would gladly lay down with him, just as soon as I took a leak. His eyes brightened and he jumped off the bar on a full speed run to my bedroom.
    I walked into a very sexy strip show as Derrick covered and uncovered his tower of power with a towel and a little dance that caused matters to swing to and fro before him. I don't take long getting naked, especially with a young and hung doing a come hither before me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the shower. I grabbed my cock and began to piss. I aimed at his middle then moved higher. He went to his knees and opened his mouth. I held my flow as he tasted of it. He turned up his nose and looked up at me then lip locked on my cock. I let him have a little bit more then pulled back. I put my hands in his arm pits and raised him to his feet. I pulled him to me and finished washing him down as he began to wash me. I bent over and took a quick drink and stood up to smile at him as he drained his system. I turned on the water so that we could begin a sensual bathing of the other's body. His skin was like silk. As old as he was he had the softest features of any boy I had ever been near.
    I'm not really what you could call a foot man. The only fetish that I recognize in myself is the constant need to suck a young hard cock clean of all of the cum I can get from it. I will wear a boy's balls out and leave him with a sore dick before he can ever give me all of the throat stroking and cum that I so desperately seek. I do like playing with a boy's foot and I love to hear the giggles from them as they squirm and flop about beneath me while I suck on each toe slowly and carefully. Derrick had feet that definitely would need special attention.
    We went to my bed and swallowed each other to the pubic hair. I had his load moments before he had mine. I heard him whimper as he cleaned my cock of the last of its discharge. I asked him why the whimper. He wanted a ride. He had not wanted me to get off so that he could have a repeat of what he had gotten in April the previous year when he took a big cock up his ass for the first time. He had only been with one other boy besides Darryl and neither of them had very much in the manhood department. Derrick liked to be fucked hard and fast. Darryl really didn't like toping. He said that it made it seem like he was less of a man to have his cock inside another dude. However, he loved for Darryl to make long, slow, passionate love to him, from behind. He even wanted Derrick to sleep with his cock up inside of him. Derrick made the boy work for his favors, but he does enjoy spooning up against the muscled back of his friend. Just holding him close all night as his cock felt the heat deep inside Darryl's body made him feel good all over.
    I slipped down to lay between Derrick's legs and began to assault his boi hood. He began the wiggle dance that I so love to teach youngsters to do. His derrick was up and oil was beginning to flow from the enraged tip. I had my trusty tape measure in hand. The boy would make Darryl or any other man feel good. He was a solid eight and a half at five and seven eights inches around. He was long cut, just enough skin left to keep his glans covered when soft, but it would draw back to the edge of his cockhead when fully erect. I pulled the skin up as far as it would go and stuck my tongue between it and his sensitive glans. At the same time two fingers probed at his rectum. When I pressed against his tight prostate I had his cock shoved all the way out the back of my neck.
    I began my favorite technique as I finger fucked him to oblivion while taking every millimeter of his cock that I could get deep into my throat. Suddenly he turned on the garden hose and the cum rushed out under so much pressure that it was coming out of the corners of my mouth. As his last dribbles oozed forth I licked him clean. He took a deep breath. I knew it was time to strike. I was in position and pushed all of the way in with one mighty shove. His eyes popped open as he stared into mine. His body shook at the invasion. His rectum spasmed around my cock as the tight muscles there tried to expel the invader. Then quiet. He slumped as his body relaxed and his anus calmed down. He smiled at me. I had already began my ever so slow withdrawal. I was pulling everything out of him then I reversed directions and put it all back.
    He shifted his position so that we were better aligned and began to fuck back at me. I gave him full speed ahead as he returned to me thrust for thrust. He was screaming out in his passion begging to be fucked harder and faster. I began my twisting motion as I hit every square inch of his entire rectal cavity making sure to hit his prostate with every third stroke. His heels were banging against my ass as his legs flailed helplessly in the air. A foot sailed across my face and I grabbed it. I raked his high instep with my teeth and scraped my teeth along the entire length of his size twelves. I got his toes in my mouth and took the time to suckle each one as I continued to pummel his extraordinarily tight ass over and over with long hard strokes. He was unable to control any part of his body as his hands slapped at the air. He tried to grip my shoulders, but could not manage to close his hands. I felt him coming to his end so I aimed each thrust straight across his butt nut. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him to a, more or less, sitting position and pounded him to the end. I had our lips locked together so that he had to breathe my air and I his. I was doing my best to get fresh air through my nose, but was in a bit of a rush myself.
    Our orgasms petered out and he was just so much protoplasm in my arms as he held on to me for support. I lay him back and stretched out beside him. The room exploded in applause and wolf whistles. I had sort of expected it. What I didn't expect was that there were twelve strangers, cocks in hand, whistling and cheering on the front row. Mitch was at the back of the crowd with a huge smile on his face. He had Justin pulled up close to him. Justin had a grip on Mitch's cock that had caused the man's glans to swell. "I told you he was a legend. Once fucked by that man a boy will never forget it," Mitch said.
    "He will compare every fuck he ever gets for the rest of his life to the one he got at the hands of the master." All of my boys agreed with Harry's assessment.
    I pulled Derrick back to the shower to wash away our forty minutes of love sweat. We took time to let the water play over us as all four shower heads played at us from different directions. "What are your plans? Where will you go now?"
    "I was kinda hoping that I could live with you." His face twisted up as he thought about his condition.
    "We will have to see if Turner wants you, Tyler is married now." His eyes popped as he thought about that.
    "Wasn't that Tyler that talked to me?"
    "Yes, he is married to Cas. Seriously, they were legally married before a judge. They have a license and certificate to prove it. So do four more of the boys here."
    "Wow. I wish I could marry you." I giggled and held him tight as I told him that he would have to stand in a very long line and would probably have to fight for me. He squeezed me tight, "I would fight heaven and earth." He kissed me.
    "Alright, break it up. We have company that wants some of your booty, daddy dearest." Cory held out two towels. He took the task of carefully drying Derrick as Cullen stepped up to dry me. I kissed both of the sweetest boys on the earth and led them all downstairs.
    "Dad, look who is here." I looked at a boy entwined in Turner's arms. I had never seen the boy naked and only dressed at a distance. He had left Tucson quite suddenly about a year earlier. Turner was holding his old boyfriend that had been his first sex partner. I looked at Adam who was all smiles. Turner and Adam had only given each other a hand job when they were in the sixth grade, about age eleven. This boy and Turner had done it all before suddenly their house was empty and there was no word. "Adam and his mother moved over here and now he lives at Mitch's house. Can he go home with us?" Oh shit.
    I looked at Mitch, but Derrick was right behind him. He was about to cry again. I eye talked to Cory who saw the boy and grabbed him for a kiss, "You sure know how to fuck, dude. And you're cute too. I fucked you last year, remember?" The boys moved off to talk together. Cory gave me a hand signal for all is covered.
    "Tell me what's going on, Adam," I led him to a seat near Mitch. Adam told us how he tried to defend his older brother whom their mother caught in a compromising position with his best friend. Adam was nearly hysterical as their mother beat on his brother and ended up outing himself and Turner in the process. Both boys packed everything the trio had into a rental trailer and were on the road out of Tucson by three thirty in the morning.
    Neither boy was allowed to contact anyone. Their mother yanked the phone from the wall when Adam went to call my house to say goodbye to Turner. The following afternoon they were at their aunt's house in Fullerton, a suburb of L.A. in Orange County. The aunt had, unknowingly, been married to a homosexual man for eight years. She questioned his lack of a normal sex drive in that he would only have anal sex with her, or have her fellate him. He told her he did not want children. When the shit hit the fan she was glad to be childless. Her husband is serving seventy two years as a guest of the state of Calif. for continued sexual molestation of nine boys, aged twelve to seventeen at the time of the arrest.
    Adam and Seth's mother and aunt were going to get these two boys straightened out or kill them trying. Adam said they actually made the boys watch pornographic movies of lesbians and straight sex, but had found someone to doctor the pictures so that no penises would be seen. They were made to read romance novels from the masculine perspective so that they could learn how to approach a girl.
    Seth managed to smuggle one of the tapes out of the house and gave it to his school counselor and told how they had to watch these films every night. The boys were put into a shelter and the two sisters brought up on charges of providing pornography to minors. During the trial Seth turned eighteen and as soon as his mother was sent to prison for two years he left town. Adam was being subjected to abuse in the group home as the other kids learned of his homosexuality. Mitch was asked if he could take the boy in. He had only been in Mitch's home for a ten days when he saw me at the brunch the day before. He did not talk to me then. He wanted to see if Mitch could help him come back to Tucson. I looked at Mitch who was admiring the ceiling as he hummed an off tune song. I had been set up.
    I sent Adam and Turner to play. I wanted to talk to Mitch about Derrick before I made a decision about Adam. I asked my old friend if his connections could help me take this boy out of state. He voiced my first thoughts when he told me that we needed to try and locate the father before we did anything else. I told him that I had already text messaged everything I knew to my partners at FI. Mitch also wanted to get his man on it and he called Bernie Sharpes. I had checked Bernie out several months before. He had a bit of a shady past, but he seemed to be sincere as he helped Mitch, much the way Andy has done for me.
    My cell phone rang with the tone of a scrambled message from Andy. I had left the phone upstairs so I ran up to my room and kicked the door shut. Andy had really bad news. There was a warrant out for Derrick as a material witness to a murder. I sat down to think about matters for a few moments then headed back downstairs. Mitch wanted to talk, quietly. Bernie was at the police station He told Mitch that Derrick's father had been found with a deep crease in his head. The police wanted to talk to Derrick.
    I asked Mitch if he could stay with my family while I went with Derrick. He agreed, but he told me that he had asked Bernie to come out. He was sure I would go with the boy, but would prefer a car to driving the RV or taking the limo. I thanked him as I got on the phone to the L.A. branch of the Doggs of Warr, my attorneys. I asked Mitch where we needed to go. He got through to Bernie and then told me. I told the attorney to meet us there.
    I called Derrick up to the house. I took him up to my room and told him what was going on. He panicked. He is a kid. He wanted to run. I faced him and made him look me in the eye and tell me the truth. What he had already told me was all that he knew. I told him that I was there and I was not going to leave. He agreed to trust me. Bernie came in and we chatted for a minute or two as I shared the latest with Andy on the phone. Derrick's stepmother was is custody for murder. I smiled at Derrick and we left for the police station.
    I lied to the police, not wise, but I deemed it necessary. They wanted to question Derrick. I would not allow a minor to be questioned without someone being with him. I told the police that I was his uncle on his deceased mother's side and that I was over from Tucson on a short shopping break before Christmas. I listened to the prater about a small town in the desert without good stores to shop in. I choked back my thoughts in deference to Derrick.
    We were taken to a room with a large mirror, duhh. What a pretty mirror. Shall I see what is stuck between my teeth? Derrick simply told his story to the tape recorder, the stenographer, and two detectives, plus half of the county looking in through the two way mirror. I was surprised when the detectives told him that his story pretty much confirmed what they had thought. The next request was a little harder for the boy to take. He was asked if he would try to identify the body. It had been found earlier in the day after a week or more in the open desert above Derrick's home.
    The body had a very deep part in the hair. It was rounded, wide and deep. It was his father. Derrick said that he heard his dad and mom fighting and then a kind of ringing and a thud. He pulled his pillow over his head and went back to sleep. Later he heard his mom talking to someone, but it didn't really sound like his dad. Then his dad's car pulled out of the driveway and the house was quiet. The next morning Derrick saw the big stainless steel skillet in the sink and the water was reddish. He asked about it and his mom said that she started to cook a roast, but the old man took off so she just tossed the pan in the sink.
    One of the detectives made a call on his radio. He told whomever he was talking to to look for a large stainless steel skillet. We learned later that it was confirmed as the murder weapon. The wife had hit the man with the heavy skillet and split his head open. Blood spatters were all over the kitchen. She called her ex-husband to dump the body. He drove the man's own car and tossed the body over the side of the road into a ravine where kids on bicycles found it. The car was found at a mall over in Oxnard. The ex was in custody over there.
    I had everybody I could get hold of get me temporary custody of Derrick so that I could take him home. I had considered leaving him with Mitch until all things were wrapped up, but Derrick wanted no part of that and by the look on Mitch's face, he didn't need anymore trauma. Mitch has a social worker that helps him by the name of Will Daniels. He arranged for court documents for both Derrick and Adam to go home with us. Did someone suggest knocking out a wall or two for more bedrooms?

    Back at the house the fiesta was in full swing as were fifty some odd, free willies. I was famished. I pushed Derrick up to fill himself a plate of enchiladas with frijoles and taquitos. We were ready for anything after that feast. Mitch needed to get back to his house, but he had an invitation and a request. I asked for the request first. He grinned at me as his boys gathered around with big eyes, staring me down. The little lads wanted to spend the night. All of the kids had been talking about sleeping on the sand and watching the stars. I told them that Pete's cove was off limits. A few of my boys moaned until I grinned at Eddy and Pete then their faces turned to toothy leers.
    Mitch asked us to come over to his place the following day. We would end the day with a very special challenge match for charity. Justin, Danny, and I don't recall who all, play lacrosse for their school, Valencia Hills Academy. They were state champions that year against a very strong team. The other team had challenged Valencia Hills to a rematch. The school agreed on one condition. All proceeds would go to a local shelter for women and children. A shout went up from my boys that left our visitors in wonder. We had to tell about our desire to give and about the overcoats and money from the previous year. This game for charity was right up our alley.
    The boys were chattering and someone came up with the idea of making posters and standing alongside the roadway inviting the public to stop and donate. I looked at Eric and Kenny and began to laugh. I had to explain our summer vacation and the boy's discussion on raising money for a few charities back in September. I told them how Eric and Kenny wanted to help and how they had taken crayons and paper in hand and made posters for HANDICOCK. They wanted to go to the city parks and offer old men hand jobs for cash. Somebody yelled out, "I'll give you a dollar."
    "Cheap skate, I'll give you five."
    "Ten." The bidding carried on as Mitch got a hearty laugh at the two little guys. He had to get home so he had Bernie drive him and left his limo as an added vehicle for us to use to get everybody to his house the next morning.
    It was a beautiful Southern California evening. December can be strange, but it has been my experience to enjoy mild weather when I have visited and that evening was no different. The air grew cooler as the sun went down, but we each had a warm body to cuddle against. Pete and Eddy had stayed with the family and no one else wanted to be separated in the grotto. I was asked to be with Taz and his boyfriend Lance. His persistence paid off, but Lance was grabbed up by Christopher at the last minute. I think that my boys plot against me sometimes.
    The prater going around was enjoyable. I lay with Taz cuddled close to me. "Hey, dad? Does Derrick get a Golden Pole Pin?" Cory asked me.
    "Sure, why not. He sure qualified and he had plenty of witnesses." That got lots of giggles. A discussion started as the rules of the Golden Pole Pin award were explained. Taz asked if he could try for his. I kissed him and told him that he was in for the ride of his life. The banter was still going on until Kenny announced that he had a pin. Alec had run into the house and brought out his shorts with the pin on the fly flap. Eric spoke up and said that he had one also then all of our visitors wanted one. I let them know that I was not capable of taking care of all of them, even on a good afternoon. They got a kick out of that. I told them that I might get to two or three of them before we had to leave for Tucson, but I did have to keep my energy level up for the long drive home.
    The moans of disappointment soon gave way to moans of pleasure as couples began to find out what made their partner happy. Taz was almost too anxious. I laid him back and sucked his cock clean of any build up then pulled him to his feet for a walk in the surf. This is something I had never taken advantage of before. Taking a boy still in his afterglow for a walk in ankle deep water turned out to be very nice. Taz became a second skin to me as his arms wrapped around me. His lips never left the portions of skin that he could reach.
    "I love Lance, a lot. He has stayed by me and helped me so much, but I like to be with a man sometimes. Does that sound weird? I made my way on the streets with men. I didn't like it and I got a disease that could cost me my life. But I wanted a man to really love me. I was mixed about having Lance with me tonight, but I also thought that maybe he could learn to love a little more. Don't get me wrong. He is great, but he kind of has a short fuse, if you know what I mean. I want more when I make love and I really want to go the whole way with you."
    Now I understood a little better where the boy was coming from. He just wanted a man. He was not paying back anything. I liked that. "Taz, I'm going to tell you the truth. I will be watching you all of the way. I can get very, very rough in my love making. I let the boy lead, but I have found out that a lot of boys really like to get the shit fucked out of them. Sometimes I will fuck a boy so hard that he loses all control and pees all over both of us as I continue to plow his tight little chute. I can stay with it for a half hour or more and I will make you have one orgasm after another, without stopping. Is that what you want?"
    "Oh hell yes! I would love to be fucked into the ground. I will ride your cock all night long if you'll let me." I hugged him and told him that he would welcome a long sleep when I let go of him. He wanted a kiss. I let him wrap his legs around me and lock on. My cock pressed against his pucker. He has only been able to allow Lance in him for a few weeks. Just since he was pronounced HIV free a few weeks before. His arms slackened slightly and my glans popped through his super tight sphincter. He pulled close as the pain passed. I made our way back to our bed on the sand. Several eyes followed us. Many thumbs popped up. One of those thumbs was on the left hand of Lance who lay impaled on a heavy breathing and sweaty midget's widget of mighty power.

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