Chapter three


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    The third day the weather looked even worse so we opted to close up the house I decided that I wanted to play with the telescope back home so I loaded it into its shipping container, almost like a big suitcase, and stowed it in Traveler's© belly compartment. I wanted to go up through the Sequoia National Park and then to Yosemite National Park. The boys thought that sounded like a plan so we mounted Traveler© and headed out. We wound our way through the L.A. freeway system until we got to I-5, again, and headed up to connect with state highway 99. This took us through Bakersfield. I opted to stay on it to Visalia then cut east to Sequoia. The giant redwoods were impressive. We found a place to park Traveler© and unloaded the ATVs and one trail bike.
    Now when I ordered these vehicles I had one major modification made to them. I had a real muffler added. I hate to go into pristine wilderness and have the serenity disturbed by a cacophony of excrement from some careless fool out for his own enjoyment, never considering the natural wild life or other people. I also hate the smoke from a two cycle engine of the trail bike. Oil has to be mixed with the gas to lubricate the upper cylinder, but steps can be taken so that the smoke from that burning oil is recaptured and burned. I had a turbo charger installed that reused the smoke filled exhaust. This little addition more than made up the lost horsepower of the quiet mufflers.
    I let each of the boys take one of the Honda four wheelers as I mounted a YZ80, trail bike. I would much rather have an ATV for comfort, but I don't want to chance the boys being hurt. We rode all through the park seeing sights that Traveler© could not have gotten through, such as the tree that a car can drive through.
    Our sight seeing done we returned to Traveler© for a thick cow steak dinner and a thick boy steak desert. The desert was served with a warm cream filling that filled the mouth with extraordinary pleasure and when inserted rectally excited other pleasures in lower areas.
    Sequoia could be seen in one afternoon. It was most impressive and I was able to get several gigs of digital photos for my journal. Then we headed on up toward Fresno then north on state highway 41 to Yosemite. We were going to spend a few days there so we pulled down to a nice RV parking section and set up in our assigned space. We had about the best spot in the entire National Park. The view outside Traveler's© window was fantastic. Two mid-teen boys frolicked almost nude in the parking spot next to us.
    My two lads didn't miss a lick as they drooled over the two young hunks. We grabbed up some sandwiches and a cooler of tea. The boys had made it clear that they would take turns riding as a passenger so that we could go on only the ATVs. This was a relief to me so we headed out. We made the customary small talk with the parents of the two cum factories and let our tongues hang out as we ogled their cut young bodies dressed only in the skimpiest of last years cut off blue jeans, cut so short as to show cheek. We mounted our ATVs and sought out high ground for our picnic lunch and marveled at nature's wonder below us. I had two living specimens of nature's wonder lying beside me.
    We stayed out until two hours before sunset. We met a ranger who complemented me on the vehicles and told us that he wished more people cared for the wilderness like that. He gave us a map of some camping places that were inaccessible by car. We thought that would be a great thing to do so we planned to load the sleeping bags and pop up tent and lots of food the next morning.
    Back at Traveler© we were invited to come over for a cold drink by our neighbors. As I expected the boys became instant friends. The parents were only a year or so older than me. We hit it off pretty well as we depleted their current supply of beer. I suggested that we take the ATVs down to the trading post to replenish the supply. It ended up that the bikes went too with the four boys doubling up on the ATVs and the dad and I on trail bikes. Mom held down the fort as we made a beer run.
    B double E, double R, U, N, beer run. All we need is a ten and a five, keys and car and sober driver. B double E, double R, U, N, beer run. Thought I would throw that in for you. Beer and a couple of cases of Coca Cola loaded we were on our way back to camp.
    The boys had told our neighbors of our camping plans for the next few days. The lads, Trevor and Alec, wanted to go more than anything. I felt really bad. I wish nothing had been said. Boys of that age can only see what they other's have and what they are missing. Maybe their parents had some equally interesting plans.
    The father was quietly talking to his wife and I distinctly overheard him tell her that he wished that the two of them could be alone while the boys went on an outing somewhere. Well, that is what I think I heard. I was straining so hard to listen in that I might have gotten it wrong. I had spotted a stream about a quarter of a mile down the road. I called Turner over and asked him if they might like to walk with their new friends down that way and see if there were any fish in it. The boys were off in a flash.
    I apologized to my neighbors as I told them that I had heard their whispered desire. I told them that I didn't want to suggest anything in front of the boys because they would badger us all to death until we gave in. I assured them that I could understand their misgivings and reluctance to what I was about to say. After all I was a stranger in a strange place to them. I offered to let their boys go with us on the camp out. I offered to let the dad go too, but he assured me that he had a camping place of his own in mind and he had a tent pole that he really wanted to erect. Message understood. Then he got solemn.
    "Trevor is my nephew. He is gay. His mother is a Bible beater and doesn't want the boy around his little sister. His dad, my brother, is about as mealy as a man can get. He is so pussy whipped that he will do anything she says, including throwing his own son out of his house at fourteen years of age.
    "Alec is our son and he had come out to us as being gay at the end of the last school year. We have been supportive of him and we gladly took Trevor into our home. We didn't know how the boys would react to each other and my sister-in-law says I am satan's spawn for putting two faggot, homosexual, queers together, but the boys love each other. They are only fourteen. They may outgrow what they are doing, they may not.
    "My brother and sister-in-law have relinquished their parental rights and cleared the way for us to adopt Trevor. We have to be in court next week for the judge's final decision. We're sure it is going to go through and Trevor will be our son and Alec will have himself a full fledged brother.
    "Anyway, I felt that you should know this. You probably don't want your boys to associate with my two," Kenneth said.
    I told them Turner's story and his search for his gay, big brother. The two parents wept. I was asked straight out if I were gay. I told them yes. They asked if I had sex with the boys. I told them yes. They told me something that knocked my socks off. "We think that it would be great for the five of you to go off into a secluded place together. Our boys have so many questions and we don't know how to answer them or where to go to get answers. We know that Trevor has the hots for you. He told us earlier that he would love to get into your pants. Alec blushed, but he said he wouldn't mind sleeping with you himself."
    "And you are comfortable with that?" I asked in amazement.
    "Look, they are gay and they are out. They are going to get hurt if they don't get the right answers. You have told us that you are having sex with the two you are traveling with. They are normal, happy, well adjusted boys so we have to believe that you are not hurting them or lying to them. If you could and would take the time to help our boys we would be eternally thankful and grateful to you.
    "Paula rescued me from that life. When I was fourteen I developed a searing love affair with a boy. We got into the whole nine yards. At sixteen Paula had sent her hooks into me, deep, but it wasn't until Christmas break that I had to give up my true love." Paula slapped him. "Well, okay, first love. Better, darling? Anyway, George's dad had his suspicions about us and sent George to live with his grandmother. He said she was old and feeble and needed his help.
    "Of course we were devastated, but Paula took matters in hand. The first night that George was gone she invited me to her house. She fucked me raw. Her parents were at a party and she and I were in her room…
    "I won't say that I never looked at another guy, but I have never done anything. I am true to this silly fag hag and I love her dearly."
    Who am I to argue. I saw the boys coming back up the road. I took charge. "Okay, listen up…" I sent four boys scampering into Traveler's© belly. An eight man pop up tent, five down filled cold weather sleeping bags, two queen sized air mattresses with hand pump, two large ice chests, and a five gallon cooler, two lanterns, pillows, extra wool blankets, and a collapsible-folding toilet lay stacked on the ground in less than fifteen minutes.
    Another of Traveler's© under panels was raised and frozen steaks, hot dogs, loves of bread, potatoes and egg beaters were placed in the ice chests. Two boys and two coolers were dispatched to the store for ice. Two boys were dispatched inside Traveler© to load up condiments and canned goods. I depleted a week's worth of groceries in thirty minutes as I mentally made a list of everything I thought that we would need. I suddenly remembered the gasoline stove and the fuel for the stove and lanterns. Alec was back underneath digging those items out.
    I had each boy make a pile of six pairs of socks, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes, one pair of boots, six tee shirts, one sweat shirt and one pair sweat pants, one heavy weight jacket and gloves. I climbed in the cubby where the vehicles were stored and picked up rails and a pair of wheels. I dug out my tool box and twenty minutes later the four boys had a utility trailer assembled and connected to my big ATV. Fuel tanks were topped off on all four vehicles and all of the gear was wrapped and stacked into the trailer. We would pull out at first light. Four boys jumped me, kissed me and groped me.
    Paula and Kenneth had hamburgers ready for us and we all sat in a circle and ate. Paula broke the quiet with a very serious question. "Do you all have protection? You know, condoms?" The boys stared blank face at her.
    "She is correct in asking this, guys. We are strangers to each other. Who have you slept with?" I asked.
    It was the time of revelation. Trevor had a suck buddy, but Alec was his only ass hole buddy. Alec was virgin until he met Trevor. Turner was safe and clean. Tyler had been monogamous with his old man. I was the only one that they were unsure of. I told them that I had always taken precautions and had tested, for my own satisfaction, on a regular basis. Paula was visually relaxed and the subject was dropped. I got up and went into Traveler© and returned with a box of twenty five condoms and told everyone that if there was any doubt in any ones mind to cover up or don't go near the water.
    The four boys slept outside on cots. There was no sex amongst them. They were in the open and Paula could see them very clearly. At five I started a big breakfast and had the boys up at five thirty. Paula and Ken joined us for coffee, but passed on the pancakes and eggs. I thought pancakes would stick with us for a little longer as we traveled up the hills of the park. I gave Ken my cell phone number and the map of where we were going. It had all of the ranger's notes on it. I had made a copy for myself and had it in a waterproof map sleeve hanging on the zipper of my jacket. I had a good quality compass that I could shoot a true azimuth with hanging around my neck with the binoculars. The air had a chill to it. It was late April and pretty high up in the mountains. It was almost at freezing that morning and where we were going was at least one or two thousand feet higher.
    The sun broke the horizon and we set off. We spent four nights and four days exploring each other's wilderness as well as the wilds of Yosemite. We slept on high peaks for four nights as we reached the peak of each other's libido. The boys were in unusually horny condition as they tried to wear each other out. I had to check a few times to be sure that they weren't really mountain goats as they scampered up and down the slopes with relative ease. I know that they scaled some dizzying heights that left me breathless for several minutes afterwards. What a site to see to look up on top of a bald rock and find two naked fourteen year old boys fucking each other and yelling out their appreciation of the other's efforts for all the world below to see and hear. I am not sure how people who live in high altitudes can handle an active sex life. They must have lungs the size of barrels.

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