Chapter four


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    We arrived back at the camp site early Sunday morning. Paula and Kenneth were enjoying a cup of hot coffee. They asked me to join them in one, but I declined, choosing rather to just hold a cup of my own. I really didn't think that we could all get into one cup, especially as small as their cups were.
   About nine Paula asked the boys to accompany her to the trading post so that they could stock up on snacks for the long drive home. Kenneth had been acting funny all morning so I knew something was up. "Fuck me." He said.
   "Why? What did you do?"
   "No, really, fuck me, please. I have not been fucked since my cousin and I did it when I was sixteen. George left and I spent the summer with my grandmother. My raunchy cousin found out that I liked to fuck and he fucked me three or four times a day for five weeks. I wanted to suck him, but he said that was what queers do. I tried to argue with the bastard, but he beat me up and fucked me. He was eighteen. He left home then and has never come back.
   "Paula and I have talked about it all weekend. I really need an old itch scratched. It's been almost fourteen years since I have had any guy sex and I need it, please."
   "How old are you now?"
   "I am thirty. I know Alec is fourteen. We are up here celebrating his and my birthdays. He was born two days after my sixteenth birthday. It took a lot of encouraging from Paula to go straight. I loved George and if his dad hadn't sent him away we would still be together."
   "Have you seen him since?"
   "Oh yeah. I see him all of the time now. He came home during the holidays when we were juniors in high school. He found out that I had a baby and Paula and I were together. He told me that he had a new boyfriend that lived next door to his grandmother. I have met Phillip. They are life partners and neither of them seem to want to talk to me."
   "It must be rough on you. You still love him don't you?" He had tears in his eyes as he looked at the ground and nodded. I led him into Traveler© and to the bed. He pulled off his shorts and got on his knees on the bed. I asked him if that was the way he wanted it. He told me he just needed a fuck.
   "Kenneth, listen to me." I looked him in the eye. "I don't fuck. You are a nice guy. I am not into men much. I had a man for fifteen years. He is gone now. If you want me to be with you then it will be with you not do you. Does that make sense? I don't want to fuck you. I want to give you the love that one man can give another. Are you up to making love with me?"
   He reached out and hugged me. I caressed his hard body. I had not held a man in my arms in some time. I had to readjust my emotions. I was here as a friend, but I wanted this friend to feel good, not used. I pushed him back to the bed and we lay together. I took my time in foreplay. He was a bit nervous about the kids coming back. I asked him if it would be bad if they found out that he was enjoying sex with another man. He was afraid that they would use it against him when it came time for authority. I could see that. I made short play of our foreplay. I had to get the man open. After fourteen years of discharge only his rectal muscles had lost any memory of being parted from the outside.
   He was tight. It took a bit of doing to get my fingers in him. I just couldn't go the rim routine. I am so not in to man smells. He was soapy clean and fresh, but there is still that smell of man. I wondered what would happen if I stayed with the Youngmans. Would Tyler begin to stink like a man and turn me off in the years to come? I thought about his lover of the last four years and could see where he was coming from by wanting a new boy.
   Kenneth was ready. I had his cock in my mouth and three fingers up his ass. He had all of my cock down his throat. He had never been with an adult himself, but he was doing a good job of faking it. He might be enjoying himself, but I wasn't here to evaluate his mental condition, I was here to scratch his back, so to speak. At least his lower backside. I turned around and began to do just that. It took time to get it all together. He was really tighter than some of the teenage virgins I had broken over the last fifteen years. When I finally got it all in he was in tears, but smiling.
   I took my time with him and stayed upright on my knees. We were connected with my anchor deep in his sea of lust as we waited and stared into each other's eyes. His face softened and his body relaxed. I withdrew about seven inches of manroot from his poop chute. Then I returned to the bottom of his valley. I took my time to go with long, slow, sensuous strokes. He began to fuck back and moan. I hastened my pace and matched his lust factor with an equal fuck factor. He was beginning to enjoy himself as I began to really get down to the business at hand.
   I lowered myself onto him and entwined my arms about him as we made passionate love. We were kissing each other on the cheek, neck and forehead and breathing heavy as our lust built up making us a pair of rutting animals. He fired a decent load of very thick cock snot onto his belly which caused his rectal muscles to spasm having the ultimate effect of squeezing off my load. I filled his ass with five good sized shots before I dribbled to a finish.
   I rolled aside and looked up into eight hungry eyes as four naked boys stood looking down at us. Kenneth gasped as he saw his two boys. Suddenly my bed became very crowded as the four sex pots jumped in amongst us. My cock disappeared into Alec's mouth. Kenneth's legs rose to the ceiling as Trevor felched my load from his uncle. My two traveling companions took over our mouths as Turner locked lips with me and Tyler kissed Kenneth.
   Kenneth got four randy cocks down his throat before we had to call time. We had to get on the road if we planned to get home anytime soon. We had a long talk with Trevor and Alec about their relationship with Kenneth. Sex had entered the equation between them and authority could well be the victim. I suppose that I was even more concerned than Kenneth as I tried to explain to the boys how they had to have even more respect for their father than before. He had shared an intimate moment with them and they should not take advantage of it. To do so would belie their professed love of him. I realized that I was really concerned about their loss of respect for him. I held the boys close and cried with them as they promised to love and respect the man who was their provider and protector. There was really nothing I could do so I had to get out of the middle of what was their family affair.
   It was a bit sad to see their big old Arrowstar lumber up the road and disappear into the thickness of the trees. I was so melancholy, I actually hurt. I had said goodbye to a family that I had grown intimate with. After only six days I felt an affinity to them and felt a terrible loss at their leaving. I took a cup of coffee and sat out at the picnic table staring up at the famous Yosemite Falls. They had to be the most beautiful falls I had ever seen because they were the only falls of more than two or three feet that I had ever seen.
   A pair of arms encircled me. A warm body embraced me from the back as a smooth face nuzzled over my shoulder, rubbing cheek with my cheek. I knew at once that it was young Turner. Here again I was about to say goodbye. Was I strong enough for this? I wanted to travel. I wanted to find and suck as many boys as I could find. I can live without fucking, but I can't live without hot, fresh cum shooting into my mouth, preferably daily. I could keep the boys with me and stay home. We did live in the same town. What about my wonder lust?
   "You will stay in touch with us won't you?" the sweet boy whispered in my ear. I took hold of his arm and pulled him around to sit on my lap.
   "I will stay as close as you and Tyler will allow. I think that it will do you good to be together. Both of you get back into school and get a good education. Find yourselves, but be a family to each other. I am not that far up the road from you and I am always at the other end of your telephone."
   Tyler had slipped up and was sitting behind me at the table as I sat backwards on the bench, my elbow on the table and my back leaned against it. My feet stretched out in front of me with a sweet and beautiful boy in my lap. His head against my chest, his feet stretched out on my legs. "I am so looking forward to going home. I have missed it so much. I know that it will have changed a lot. Chris, we are going to need your guidance in our lives. We have never been on our own. We have always had somebody to do for us. Besides that we both love you. Turner is in fact full blown Eros in love with you. You are his every fantasy, his very life."
   Oh my heart broke then. What have I done? Am I ready to settle down and be daddy and sugar daddy to two hot teens? I did the only thing a self respecting pedophile can do, I took the boys inside and sucked their cocks until they could cum no more.
   I had planned to drive on over to Yellow Stone National Park, but if it was this cold a Yosemite I would freeze my favorite plaything off. The boys were anxious to go home so I put Traveler© in gear and at nine o'clock Monday morning we headed home. I drove on across Yosemite on highway 120 until we turned south on 395. This kept us up in the Sierra Nevadas, but on the east slope. We had a lot of trees for several hours as I let Traveler© crawl along the narrow winding road.
   Again with the decisions. I changed plans again and avoided Death Valley. I kept on toward the south until we reached state highway 58 and turned toward Barstow and I-40. Back on the wide and straighter freeway I let Traveler© have his head as we wound back and forth to Kingman. I asked the boys about the Grand Canyon. I got a resounding affirmative so I bypassed the shortcut home and continued on to Williams.
   We slept in Traveler© but took a tour of the canyon. I get very upset when the guides try to tell people how old the canyon is. I had a very dear friend. A geologist, he died at ninety six. He has taken me and some of the other students from the University on excursions and shown us proof of how the canyon was formed in a matter of hours maybe five or six days. He has several books on the market that explain how oil, coal, and natural gas deposits are only four thousand years old and indisputable proof that his teachings are fact. The main liners and mostly non-Christians want to believe in chance as the foundation of all we know, but intelligent design is indisputable if a person knows how to look.
   I shut my ears and took my Bible the next day as we took the donkey tour to the bottom of the canyon. I read as we plodded along and ignored the rantings of an indoctrinated, evolutionist guide. The boys enjoyed themselves immensely and that was the purpose of the trip. I had more than a few tetra bytes of digital data in my computer as each of us carried a camera with us to shoot any and everything of interest. I'm thankful for digital photography. I don't worry about some minimum wage drug store clerk calling the police to tell them that there is a picture, close up, of a young man taking a shit. I can just see me in prison over that one.
   I learned a trick. I don't keep anything on my hard drive that could in anyway be construed as pornographic. That's what removal media is made for. It is easy to hide and when stored right will be destroyed in a flash if unauthorized access is attempted. All an investigator will get is a warped and corrupted media platform that will not even load into a reader of any kind. Old microwave oven magnatrons have two very powerful magnets in them. A repair man will usually have some of these magnets laying around. With proper shielding my media is safe, but try to get into the container and the shields fall away. Then open the box and the heater finishes what is left. I am so smart that I amaze myself.

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