Chapter six


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    Turner was listed as a run away from the state's child welfare system and he was taken into custody. I had my bull dog on the phone. My dear friend, and sometimes bed mate, is one of the most powerful child advocate attorneys in the state. His name is Bull Pitt. He is a partner in the leading firm in Child law in the country. The firm is famous for their work in children's issues and sex issues. They have kept many a man from the wrong side of prison bars over accusations of sexual impropriety.
    Bob Doberman, Christopher Rottweiler, Bull Pitt, and Tony Dogg are the partners in a law office of twenty two attorneys in five states. Rottweiler, Doberman, and Pitt the Doggs of the Warr. Bull told the officers that they were not to leave the property with Turner. The policeman's cell phone rang, while he answered it the radio called them. I could hear that interchange as the other officer was being told by the dispatcher that they were to remain at their location to meet the captain.
    Child Protective Services rolled up and a shrew in shoes charged into the foray. She was screaming at Turner for putting her too so much trouble, he was an orphan with no known living relatives and therefore a ward of the state. Bull was still on the phone with me, but he was in his car and on his way to us. He told me that he had a secretary going before a judge at that moment and that he would have an injunction in my hands in thirty minutes, he would be with me in ten.
    The CPS worker was screaming at everybody and demanding that Turner be placed in a car and transported to juvenile hall. I called a CPS supervisor that had come to some of Charley's parties. I was telling him what was going on and let him listen to the case worker. Bull pulled up and I told him who was on the phone and let the two of them talk. Bull whispered to me that we both owed the supervisor a blow job, but everything was being taken care of.
    The police captain arrived at the same time as Bull's secretary, she handed Bull the document, duly signed and sealed. Bull handed it to the captain who looked it over and told his men to release Turner. Another car screamed to a tire squealing halt as Jeremy Combs climbed out. Fuck Jeremy is hot, he is only twenty eight, but he is a power behind the power. He had worked himself up through the CPS system to a position of absolute power.
    His case worker ran at him and bombarded him with her diatribe. Jer shushed her and turned to me to ask what I knew of the case. I told them that I had known the family and I met Turner on the road in Yuma, a bit of a lie. I told him of our search for the legal aged brother. I told how I had brought them home and as a friend of the family, that I was, I had helped them prepare their home, that they owned free and clear, for their occupancy.
    I told JC, and those listening, of the boys' desire to continue their education and their desire to remain together as a family, supporting each other. Jer asked Tyler for identification. He studied it and looked at Ty, "Do you happen to have a birth certificate?"
    "Yes sir." Tyler ran into the house and came back with the box of legal documents that we had gathered. He pulled out the envelope that I had labeled Birth Certificates and passed his over to Jer.
    "Why isn't this young man listed in your report? He is the boy's brother and of legal age. No judge in the state will separate these boys based on anything you have reported so far. Had you done your job you would have brought the two boys together instead of putting this youngster in the clutches of the Woods family, they have raped every boy that has ever been brought to them.
    "Turner, why did you run away from there?"
    "Because all four boys raped me the first night and told me that their dad wanted me when he got home. I told Ms. Woods, but she slapped me and called me a liar. I was afraid for my life. I knew that there were letters here from Ty and I wanted to go live with him. I don't have to live in a foster home, he is eighteen."
    "You are right, he is eighteen and I will get you before a judge clearing all of this mess up. You will stay here, in your house, with your brother, and if Mr. Dickson is a friend and you can work with him I know for a fact that you will be well watched after.
    "As for the Woods family. The day you ran away another boy came to me with a similar story. I contacted two more boys that had been in their home. The Woods are under arrest for child molestation, I will need your testimony. So far I have identified seventeen boys that they have molested for the last twelve years."
    He turned to the case worker, "It is strange to me, Ms. Ackers, that you are the certifying officer for that family. I see in the records where you brought them into the system shortly after you started to work for the agency. I am as of this moment putting you on paid suspension as we investigate this matter throughly. You will need to surrender your car keys to Silvia here, she has come to pick it up and return it to the carpool. Do you have any personal belongings in the car? Go with Silvia and retrieve them."
    "Then how do I get home?" she demanded in her still blustery voice.
    "Well there are taxis and if I'm not mistaken there should be a bus stop right up the street about three blocks.
    "Chris, may I talk to you, I need to inspect the house so I will do that while I am here.
    "Oh, officers. I am sorry for ignoring you. You can clear yourselves from this case, there is not any further need of your services on this case."
    Bull retrieved his court order and let his secretary go back to the office, he walked in with Jer and me. We got in the house and headed to a bed room. JC locked the door and grabbed me for a hot kiss, then he and Bull embraced. "When are we getting together? You haven't had a party in a long time. Perhaps are these boys with us?"
    "Oh yes, they are with us. You will love the oldest boy, he likes older men. He will light up your life, the boy is top extreme."
    "Oh god, I need a young top so bad. Can we meet them now?"
    "M-e-a-t or m-e-e-t? How about you Bull?"
    "Either way or both," JC panted, he was in heat.
    "I better not yet. I think that you will want me to represent them so I better stay on the professional level at this time. But you are right, JC, they are hot, I love that little guy."
    "Bull, hold on to your heart you big old baby. Turner is a bottom and he can take all of me, all night long."
    "Oh shit. Can you get another attorney?"
    "Not as good as you, babe, no one is as good as you." We opened the door and went to the kitchen. The boys were putting the groceries away, I had them stop and introduced them around. I walked Bull out to his car then returned with more groceries, the van looked like a cornucopia there was so much food in it.
    "Tyler, I have some good news and some bad news." He stopped where he was and looked at me. "This is Jeremy Combs. He is a supervisor for the state's Child Protective Services, he is going to be your case worker."
    "I'm eighteen, I don't need a case worker, do I?" I could sense the fear in his voice and I could see the tears in his eyes, I had to let him down and fast.
    "You don't need a case worker, you need an ass worker. Jer is one very happy bottom and I have told him how you love to fuck butt. He will be your CPS representative and will be working with Turner, but only as long as it takes to establish you as his guardian with the courts. That should not take long at all. But for now how about showing him what you are good at in bed, I will help get these groceries stored away."
    "No, I will finish what I am doing, you are welcome to help. If he is a bottom he will assume the position and await me. I will make him squeal like a little girl when I am ready."
    Tyler was a master? I have never been into this but…well I was sure I could cut it off if it got too wild, I totally don't want anything to do with masochism. JC had a shock of his own, he was naked and on all fours. He crawled to Ty and licked at his jean enclad package.
    "Turn around bitch. Put your head on the floor and stick that ass up so I can see it."
    "Yes, master," JC responded.
    Man I have to get out of there, Ty saw it in my face. He came to me and embraced me. He looked me in the eye, "Come on, let's play awhile. I'm not into kink, but I like to dominate a little. I'll be nice, I promise.
    "Hey bitch, my main man has a dry ass, play nice and strip him, make him want you. Fold his clothes and put them on the bed. My brother is over dressed take care of him also. Then I want to hear nothing, but sounds of pleasure from my main man as you tend to his back door, I want it washed clean, got it?" Ty slapped the upturned ass, hard.
    "Yes, master." JC already had my shoes off and was unbuttoning my 501s. He did as he was told. He crawled to Turner and stripped him. He folded our clothes and carried them to the bedroom. In seconds he was behind me with his tongue running up and down my crack. He was spreading my legs and trying to get to my pucker. I squatted a bit so that I was open for him. He had his face buried in my ass at once. He has a nice long and talented tongue, he has rimmed me before, but somehow this was more sensual, I was moaning. I grabbed Turner as he passed close to me, I got his cock into my mouth and took him to the hilt. He filled my mouth with his sweet cum in mere seconds.
    Ty turned and dropped to his knees. He sucked my cock into his mouth as I bent over his head and continued to suck Turner. JC had better access to me and he took advantage of it. I had never been rimmed to climax, it was a whole new experience. Turner's cock was half wilted, but I had him on the rise. I filled Ty with the treat he sought. He pulled off of me and got behind Jer. He opened his new 501s and without preliminaries he shoved his cock up Jer's ass. I fell to the floor and started to eat Turner who was on all fours waving his cute little ass at me.
    "Get off me and fuck me, Chris. I need to get fucked right now." He got on his back and pulled his legs back, I lined up and pushed in. Jer moved so that he was on his back and his face was at Turner's crotch so that he could watch me pummel the boy. Tyler was now naked, he pushed Jeremy's legs back and shoved his cock back into Jer's ass. They were right at my face. Tyler and I both rode our pony jockeys and listened to their words of lust as we literally fucked the shit out of them.
    A little after four the boys and I were alone and well fucked. Jer had walked bowlegged to his car, he had to get to his office to wrap up his day's activities. I tried to tell him that Ty had tried to pack everything away as completely as possible, but he wasn't impressed at my lame attempt at humor. I wanted a soak in my hot tub, that sounded like a game plan to the boys so we climbed into my Cadillac SUV and up the hill we went. Now the Escalade is built to climb, but the paved roads to my house presented no challenge to the oversized vehicle. Sometimes I over indulge myself with things like this car, but as I always say, "If you've got it, flaunt it."
    We pulled into the garage when we got to my house, I had wanted to flaunt a little more. I pulled the Caddy in behind my vintage '61 'vette. My telephone rang, it was Jer, he had us appearing before a judge at eight thirty the following morning. "Be there!" were his only words as he hung up. What's that? Oh, well. I know that the man is a mover we would have to see what he had done in such a short time.
    I cut through the garage without showing off my other toy's. As I opened the door into the house the phone rang, this time is was Bull. "Hey we have a court date at 0830 tomorrow. Great opportunity, great judge. We are before Thoms, see you there." Judge Thoms, I knew that whatever JC had in store for these two youngsters it was going to be done. Thoms is a well known and very fair judge. He is known in some very small circles as a sympathizer of boy lovers, I have that one on first hand knowledge. I was excited.
    To the patio we went as we became three men in a tub. We took a long nap in the hot tub as I soaked all of my cares away. I awakened to a perfect late April evening, it was a little after six and I was hungry, I had no doubt that my tub mates were too. After all I had been feeding them for a little over a week and know for a fact the amount of food they can consume. I told them that I heard the chuck wagon's dinner bell ringing and hurried them into their clothes. I picked up my cell and made a quick call to make reservations.
    This time we walked through the garage into a different bay. I had to shift cars around so I had Ty pull the jeep out so I could get to the 442. Ty pulled the Jeep back inside and ran to the 442 as I lowered the top on my fully restored '67 beauty. Turner in the back, Ty up front, I pushed the remote to close the garage, and set the house alarm system as we roared down the road.
    Three hundred and seventy five turbo charged horsepower forced our bodies back into our seats as I shot my special beauty toward the main street and out to the freeway. I live on the edge. I checked my boys, I had hoped they had managed to get themselves buckled into the air craft style, cross body, seatbelt harnesses. I shot up the on ramp and caught a clearing. I pushed the Olds to a hundred miles per hour as I blended into the traffic pattern. Nothing, but open road ahead and I was at a hundred and fifty in a flash. I started breaking, quickly and just got down to seventy in time to catch my exit, I topped out the ramp at forty and shot through the green light. Another half a block and I was around in back of the steak house, completely out of sight of any passing traffic. (A little meaningless side note here, this part was inspired by an incident that had actually taken place the very afternoon that I wrote this chapter. I had a precious sixteen year old boy from my church in my car with me when I pulled this stunt, he peed his pants. What was I to do? I took him to my house and washed his clothes, he let me tongue wash him too, it was his first blow job, but not our last.)
    I heard the siren speed past the steak house as we came around the corner. I looked to the east to see a DPS car speed away. On the freeway were two other Department of Public Safety vehicles speeding along. I guess I had stirred more than a few lives as I passed them in such a threatening manner.
    I treated the boys to a very thick and juicy medium rare piece of cow meat burned over a hot Mesquite wood fire. A few trips to the salad bar and a large bowl of pinto beans accompanied by a baked potato with sour cream, chives, butter, sharp cheddar cheese with salt and pepper disappeared into our empty insides.
    A half an hour later I rolled out of our secure hidy hole and took surface streets through town with the top down and the twenty five hundred watt, thirty six speaker system creating havoc this time. Heads turned, mostly the ones the car was designed for, pubescent boys, the car is an absolute boy magnet. I have had more cum consumed in the back seat of that car than I can even begin to remember. I was asked by Charley what I wanted for my sixteenth birthday, I didn't pull punches with that man, if I wanted something I told him. June twenty third, nineteen eighty eight, I was led, blind folded to the front drive of the house that I shared with the man that I loved.
    My blind fold was pulled away so that my eyes could see this sparkling white beauty with its eight inch wide medium blue stripe running along the hood and down the trunk lid. He had chosen the compliments well. I had an old classic with current class. Every dude that ever rode in this car gave up his dick as payment for the thrill of the ride (They still do). I tried to give him a thrill as I sucked his sweet cum from him and I guess I did well because they always wanted to ride again and again, who was I to argue. However the second time I gave them my cum in return. Although reluctant everyone of them acquiesced, especially when I made my move thirty or so miles from town, somewhere on a deserted stretch of desert roadway. What's a little cum down their throat when the alternative is a long, dry walk home, in which direction? Even that never deterred any of them, they always wanted a ride, everyone of them. I had over twenty five hard cocked boys that were on my regular cum bank donation list. All of them got invitations to Charley's parties when I needed one of their special talents or looks.
    It was that time between sixteen and twenty that set me up for life. I have a long list of fuck and suck buddies that are ever ready and I don't mind calling on one or more of them when the time is right. If JC was up too what what I assumed he was up too then I thought I would contact several of the younger of those old friends and throw a party for the Youngman youngsters, to set them up in the underworld gay community of our town.

    I pulled into the boys' driveway, they had to shift things around in the garage as I put the top up on my 442. I would never consider leaving this car on the street, I would come out to a shell the following morning, there are a large number of cock hungry boys in this town, but they are out numbered two to one by thieves. Some of them were probably batting on both teams, but whichever, I was not going to make 442 a target.
    I had brought a nice medium grey three piece double breasted with me, as well as black socks and shoes and a pale blue shirt with a nice complementary tie. If I were going to have to appear in court I wanted to dress to impress. I learned that in the business world, clothes make the man. These people are so shallow, anybody can dress up and fool the masses.
    I took a tour of the boys' closets, out the door we went. Their van was much safer for a trip to the mall. It was late and we didn't have much time, I knew a clothier that would have decent suits in boy's sizes on the rack, cheap, but time was not with us. I found what I wanted very quickly, I was impressed with our fare. The suits we purchased could well have passed, at a quick glance, as copies of my own. I outfitted both of them as mirror images of myself.
    On the way home I remembered something the boys had said to me. I spotted a furniture company that was still open, they were having a mid-night madness sale, perfect. I pulled in and led the boys inside. We shopped for a bedroom set, they found one in a contemporary design that still showed some class. I liked the under bed drawers and suggested that they get the double height unit, this put the bed higher off of the floor at a comfortable sitting height of twenty five inches. Three drawers to the side and each drawer twenty four inches deep. There was a blank space in the middle of the underbed unit that could be used for storing future items, if needed.
    The boys were excited with their purchase and we made arrangements to have the bedding delivered the following week. They had selected a king size, extra firm mattress and foundation, two night stands and two six drawer chests of drawers. A single dresser with mirror was chosen just for conformity's sake. I wasn't sure if there is enough room for chairs in the room, but if so we could get those later. The boys had told me that this was now their house. They did not want to sleep in their parents bed, but wanted to share that room. Their rooms were fine when they were little, but now they had plans to move on. I was proud of the choices they were making.
    On that particular evening, though, they were going to sleep in the bed that their parents had used. They both had some serious reservations to that idea, but I soon learned their ulterior motive, they wanted me to share the bed with them. Neither of the boys had a large bed of his own, each only had a twin bed and it was difficult to share with one, let alone two. I relented, as modestly as I could. Sure, I would accept any excuse offered to be the meat in a sandwich formed by these two sweet kids.
    Surprisingly enough we did get quite a bit of sleep. We had a very torrid sexual escapade that left us drained of any energy to do anything other than sleep. We did manage to get around where we each were able sleep with a sweet substance covered cock in our mouths. Don't let the boys know, but I do have an affinity for Turner. I can't help it, I like young teens. Tyler is nice and he has a delicious cock and I really can't tell the difference in the two. They have tried the blind man test on me and I really couldn't tell who I was enjoying, even in climax. But I have a warm fuzzy when I know that I have the tiny little Turner with his oversized boi cock buried to the hairline in my throat.

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