Chapter seven


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    We awakened without the clock going off at moments before seven thirty. We showered together making sure that no one had any Excess Cum. We had no time for toddling about, just a quick group suck and an assembly line wash down. Everyone was stunning in his three piece suit, we looked like a family as we walked into the judge's outer offices with seven minutes to spare. Bull ran in the door with two minutes left, he went straight in, the boys and I waited.
    A lady directed us to enter the judges chambers at exactly eight thirty. Bull was at a table with two chairs for the boys to sit next to him. JC was in a chair on the other side of the room, there was a chair for me in the corner. A stenographer sat to the side of the judge with her machine loaded and ready. "Let this hearing come to order," The judge started, "We are here to determine the custody of Turner Steven Youngman, a minor." He droned on and on as he filled the record with the details of the case.
    Several minutes into the case he directed his remarks at Turner. "Mr. Youngman, tell us what you want this court to do."
    Turner proceeded to tell the judge how he had been separated from his brother, the death of his dad, the death of his mother, his search for his brother and his desire to live with his brother as a family and to attend school at the same school he had been attending, while living in his and his brother's own home which they owned, free and clear. The judge seemed unfazed and showed no emotions whatsoever.
    He turned to Tyler. "Sir, would you tell the court what you want this court to do." Tyler began with his being thrown out of his home and the separation from his younger brother. He told how he had found shelter and a job and wanted to attend the local university.
    Judge Thoms took out a piece of paper and introduced it. "Tyler, do you know a Mr. _____?"
    "Yes sir."
    "Tell the court how you know this man."
    "He was my supervisor at Disneyland in California, your honor."
    "Does it surprise you that this man has sent a letter to this court?"
    "Yes sir."
    "Mr._____, has written to this court to testify as to your character. He wants this court to know what kind of man you are. I won't read this, let there be a copy entered into the record. The high points of his letter state that you came to work for him at the age of fifteen. He worked you on a reduced schedule until your sixteenth birthday when you were put on a full time student schedule. Mr._____, says that you were an excellent worker and a leader. He tells us that he promoted you after only thirty days as a permanent employee and that you were made a crew chief after six months.
    "His letter goes on to tell that you were always ready to preform the task at hand and to train those in need. He tells us that you were well liked by your co-workers and those under you. He sums up his letter with his glowing recommendations to anyone wishing to employ you and states that you will always have a job with Disneyland, if you choose to return.
    "I will give you this letter. You may want to include it with any resumé that you remit. I would like ask you about your job status. Are you actively seeking work?"
    "No sir, I am trying to be accepted as a freshman at the university."
    "How will you pay for an education as well as support yourself and anyone in your care?"
    "I have my savings as well as a small scholarship that should cover tuition and books. My parents left us a home that is paid for so our living expenses will be limited to annual taxes and monthly utilities. There was a large amount of insurance money paid to my brother and me. Our financial advisor and close friend has helped us to invest this money and is seeking programs that we can invest in to provide a monthly income until both my brother and I are through school."
    "Tyler, would you tell this court why you left home."
    "My mother caught me with another boy having sex with each other, your honor."
    "Thank you for your honesty, sir. Mr. Dickson." I stood up and approached his desk. "You may sit down. How are you connected to this family, sir?"
    "I met young Turner on the highway outside of Yuma, Arizona, your honor. He was hitchhiking to Anaheim, California to find his brother. He told me his story and I decided to take him to Disneyland. When the brothers got together I found it difficult to just let them find their own way home. I live here also so I offered to bring them home."
    "Did you in fact bring them straight home?"
    "No sir. They had a lot of catching up to do as brothers, neither one has seen much of anything outside of Arizona. Since I was on a vacation I offered them the choice of traveling with me or returning home. I offered to put them on a bus or a plane, I offered to pay the fare for them. They asked me if they could go with me, I took them up through the national parks for a ten day trip then we came home."
    "According to the Child Protective Service report you did not drop the boys off, but continued to work with them. You assisted in getting their house cleared from foreclosure, in only one day, I might add. Very impressive. You helped them to get the house clean, the utilities turned on and stocked with food. Mr. Dickson, why would you do these things for strangers?"
    "I don't consider them strangers, your honor. I traveled with them for ten days, one extra day with Turner. I listened to their desires and ambitions. I listened to their heartaches. When I saw the condition of their home I could not just walk away. I help people with their investments. I am good at finance, that's how I earn my living. I had to help these guys. It would have been unconscionable of me not to."
    "Do you consider your job to be complete now?"
    "No, your honor. I have promised to assist them in their financial investments. I have offered my assistance as a friend with an open mind, a good ear, and a strong shoulder."
    "You want them to cry on your shoulder?"
    "Your honor. Age be damned, excuse me sir, they are adolescents. They are alone in this world with no family to turn too. There will be situations that will upset them emotionally. I am sure they will cry, whether outwardly or inwardly, at this point no one knows. However, there is a strong need for a strong authority figure to be where they can run too if needed."
    "Thank you. Well, I think that I have enough information. Mr. Dickson, if you would please take the boys out the court will recess for fifteen minutes while I make my decision." With that we left. Bull offered to buy us a coke so we walked around the corner to the snack and break area.
    "What do you think?" I asked Bull.
    Bull looked at the boys. "Did anyone coach you on what to say in there? Did Chris maybe hint at what would be said and what you should answer?" With a negative response to both questions he shook his head. "You two are amazing. You said exactly the correct thing, every time. I have never had a witness respond better. You have this judge won over, I foresee no problems."
    "Bull, things can go bad with anything. Please don't get the boy's hopes set to high."
    "You are always thinking of the other person, Chris. That is why I love you. I only wish I hadn't been so stupid in college and let you go. We would be good together."
    "We are better as close friends. We still have each other, but together would we have achieved all that we have?" He agreed. He was envious of my ability to turn shit to gold. I had offered, many times to help him invest. I know I can make him independently healthy and wealthy.
    We walked into the judge's outer office and were directed to go in. The judge called the court to order and had the boys stand. "Tyler Jacobs Youngman, the court finds you capable…" I lost it right there. I shut down and began to cry and praise the Lord for his blessings on these two boys. I came back to attention when Turner shook me. He handed me a tissue and hugged me.
    "Are you okay, Mr. Dickson?"
    "Yes, your honor, just a little emotional."
    "Well, as I said, I cannot at this time grant total custody to Tyler. Did you hear that part?"
    I sat up on the edge of my chair, fully alert now, "No sir. I…I didn't hear anything after your opening remarks to Tyler, sir. I'm sorry."
    "No need to apologize, sir. Mr. Dickson, the court is impressed with your interest in these boys. Mr. Combs of the CPS has introduced a plan to this court that we feel will satisfy all of those concerned.
    "Mr. Dickson, I am granting Tyler conditional custodial rights with you, sir, as their mentor and executor. The court will hold you to your offer of a strong shoulder and an open ear. I am going to continue this case for six months at which time we will again convene and see where we stand. Until that time you are responsible to see that these two young men can get it together. This court is adjourned." A gavel rap and it was over. I was a temporary guardian of two angels.

    I let the boys have their head and I watched them like a hawk, I kept my distance as they got their act together. Turner was back in school the following week. I went with him to his school, guess what, fifteen years later and they still had the same old secretary. She was an old biddy when I went there, she is decrepit now. I could smell the dust of her coffin, I knew she had to keep it nearby. She stuck a knurled finger in my face and said, "I remember you Mr. Dickson. You best not have taught this young man any of your smart aleckness." She was glad to have Turner back in school. He took me to meet several of his stricter teachers. I helped him explain the death of his mother and his search for his brother. Everyone of them agreed to help him try to catch up the three weeks of missed work, I promised my assistance as tutor.
    Turner did catch up. He was a good student and had maintained good grades before. He had good study habits, I was impressed. I was called into a parent teacher conference and listened to several of his teachers praise him. He had been sullen, but studious before, now with the news of his mother's illness they all understood his moodiness.
    What was so shocking to them was his attitude now. He was outgoing and friendly, he had become one of the most popular boys in his class and had won the respect of many upperclassmen. One story that alarmed me was that he had taken on a bully two years older and a hundred pounds heavier than he. It was discovered that the bully had been picking on a sophomore homosexual youth. When the bullying became physical Turner had stepped in and covered the other boy with his body. He had not swung, but had taken several blows aimed at the victim.
    Three teachers had witnessed the affair as they had made their way into the fray from different directions. They all agreed that Turner only shielded the other boy and never threw a punch. The bully was expelled under the schools no tolerance plan. I was thankful that Turner wasn't hurt, but surprised that he had not mentioned it to me. I found out that Tyler didn't know about it either.
    Turner then told us that he was working with a teacher who had agreed to sponsor a support group for gay and lesbian students. Tyler and I both had to think about that. The last thing we want to see is Turner hurt. The lad was dead set on seeing this through so I set about helping him to find out all that we could about such groups. The first thing we found was a youth group that met at the university. Tyler got us involved, I could not attend their meetings because most of the members were under age. Durn, what an opportunity, young gay boys, out and curious, I would love to teach them.
    The school year ended with no major problems. I spent the night with the boys on rare occasions choosing to let them have their head. I did let them come up to swim and soak up the sunshine as I perved on their naked youth. Tyler and Jer were pretty much and item and Turner had gotten with this young friend who had found out that he really was gay. The two boys were inseparable. The friend's older brother had found himself and was now in a relationship with an older man himself.
    Things were on an even keel and I wasn't getting any, I was in need, I was in a wander lust, I wanted to go. Tyler had been accepted to the university and was working full time to earn more money for their savings before school started. I had moved much of their money into high yield investments as the CDs matured. I set up accounts that I could manage online for them.
    We had a steak dinner at the same restaurant then a quiet night with just the three of us in the hot tub and my bed. I told them of my need to go. They were comfortable with that. I was so glad that neither of them asked to go with me, I would have taken them in a heart beat, but I really was horny. I am not monogamous, but I am careful. I am particular who I fuck, especially who fucks me. Anything more than a kid gets a long look and double rubbers.
    By August I was climbing the walls, I had a wander lust that was driving me crazy. I had washed and cleaned Traveler© until his paint wore thin. I stocked all of the shelves and his two huge freezers. The fuel tanks were topped off. I was ready to go. I checked on the boys, they each had a lover and a life. Back home and in their familiar they were at peace. I put my house in order as I prepared to slip out of town on the q.t.
    I called Jerrod Bradford in New York. He had great news. He had managed to get state and local support for his school. Special state legislation was passed to make his operation legal. All boys' schools are no longer allowed, but an all homosexuals only school was no problem. He was trying to get major funding arranged. Construction had already started, but he had some big plans. We talked back and forth for several hours as we looked over maps and financial forecasts, building estimates operating capital. I asked him how wide he wanted to spread his wings to bring in capitol. He told me that he was already at a danger spot.
    He was on track with me, but I wanted to hear him say it. The wider he went in search for funds the greater the odds of getting involved with someone who may have a problem with gay youth down the line. Maybe not the current investor, but the heirs of that investor. At present other than myself no single person had more than twenty five thousand dollars invested. There was no stock. At present they held a percent of a percent of the value of the overall program. I told him that I was going to send my attorney from Albany out to look him over. I also sent a personal friend of Charley's out to look at the needs of a corporation and to do a ground floor work up of his security system. We knew we had to incorporate and quickly, but I wanted a close corporation not public. I wanted to keep control to a very limited few.
    JB was in total accord. I wired his bank five million dollars while we talked and he was able to verify its arrival. He was so excited that I could hear his voice crack. I wanted to find a way of buying out all of the town's folk and the other little investors, but we had to show them a good return. It was premature at this time, but given a year or so it might work.
    I told him that I was horny and with Charley gone I was on the prowl for boys. He told me that he had plenty, but I told him that was a bad idea. He was trying to rescue gay youth not create a brothel for them. We are not in Amsterdam and I don't see America ever being ready for open boy brothels. I told him if I showed up there and had sex with all of the sweet young things at this point it could all blow up in our face. I told him that I would follow along on his web-site. He told me that he didn't have anyone to build him one. I gave him a boy's name that he and I had both fucked the previous winter. The kid is a whiz at the keys and can build a web site that will look like a live production. I called the kid up and told him that I was sending a car for him that he would need to be available. He had six weeks before school started again so he was ready to go.
    I cautioned JB about having sex with any of the kids and he told me that he was clean and had gotten rid of a staff member that couldn't keep it in his jeans. I wished him well and told him we would talk, but that I would see him the next year. I slept in Traveler© that night as my hormones moaned inside me. I had to go.
    At around eleven thirty a flashlight beam shone on the ceiling over my bed. I had the levelers down so I could move about without the massive RV rocking. I slipped on a pair of shorts and grabbed my Colt .357 magnum. I opened the rear door of Traveler© to stare face too face at young Andy Foss. Andy and his sugar daddy run one of the world's most sophisticated security companies. I had not set the alarm system to show that it was me inside Traveler©. Carl Dickson stepped from behind Traveler©, seeing that it was me he holstered his weapon.
    I had both men come into the house as we made a pot of hot coffee, I had a job for them. I was amazed at how fit Carl looked. We don't know, but we might be related some where down the line. I first met Carl and Andy at one of Charley's parties in New York in nineteen ninety eight, Andy was a tiny sexpot at that time. He is still small for a man, standing only five foot seven and weighing around one hundred forty pounds. He is twenty five now and looks like a teen angel, a real twink.
    When I met Carl he weighed over four hundred pounds. He had just rescued Andy off of the streets here in Tucson and was in New York on business. He sent Andy to the finest electronics schools in the world as they developed security systems that can be compared to none other. They do billions of dollars with world governments providing sight and touch recognition systems. My house can be entered by a thumb print, if that thumb print is on file.
    Carl has slimmed down to a buff and sexy one hundred and ninety pounds. He stands six foot tall, naked, and his major claim to fame is a very hard fourteen inch cock of massive thickness. I have ridden that man meat so many times. The three of us get together on a fairly regular basis and I was really glad that they dropped by this evening.
    We got naked and fooled around as I laid out Jerrod Bradford's school upstate from Albany, New York. I asked Carl if he could go up there and check the place out. I told him that I had a multimillion dollar investment in the school and I wanted only the best from the ground up. He agreed, but he wanted to invest also. I told him that I would move a few million of his and Andy's money into the school.
    When Charley and I sat down with the two love birds back in ninety eight Andy was worth around sixty million dollars. His old man was a gambler with lots of luck and his dad, Andy's grandfather, was a major stock holder in an Oklahoma oil company. That entity alone has made Andy billions and it hasn't hurt me either. I put a lot of my clients money into that company along with mine. With the commissions and the cum that these two provide me I will never drop their accounts as I have with so many of my smaller investors. I have enough money to live on, I'm not interested in nickels and dimes any longer when I can work in millions. with little fear of loss.
    Carl's flat belly added two inches to his already huge cock and I worry about taking the whole thing down my throat. I fear it is going to get burned in my stomach acid. Andy is smaller than me and I have watched him swallow that sword to the very hilt. I really like to see Andy take it all the way up his tiny little butt as he and I suck each other.
    They had to make their rounds to reset some of their commercial systems so that workers could start their day so they left me at five o'clock. My butt was stretched and full of cum from both of them, but I felt so much better.

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