Chapter five


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    Thursday morning had Tucson in sight through our windshield. We pulled up to the boys house at ten o'clock. The place was in need of much TLC. The weeds had taken over the yard. The paint was flaking away from the neglected wood trim of the house, trash was blowing everywhere, the utilities were off. The refrigerator looked like some mad scientist's experiment storage area, I had not seen so many green hairy things at one time in my life. I fared a little better than Tyler as I managed to keep my breakfast down. I decided that we were not up to the work that was needed.
    I sat on the front porch and ordered all of the utilities to be turned on. I even ordered a telephone for them. I then called a temporary employment agency and ordered six workers for the following morning. I had all of the family mail before me as I searched for and found their mortgage company, the house was in receivership. I dug through the files that the boys knew of and found life insurance policies.
    I contacted the insurance companies and found out that the mother had never filed a claim for her husband's death. They had been unable to locate anyone to make a settlement. Not only would the house be paid for, but there was a little over three hundred thousand dollars from the two parents. This money would get the boys through school and with the assistance I would give them, set up an income to carry them through for a very long time. The boys asked for my help. I was glad to assist them.
    Our first trip was to the bank that held the mortgage, I had to stop the foreclosure. The bank was reluctant as they had already started their procedures. I reminded them that they were dealing with minors and that they had not exhausted all avenues to locate the boys. With the pay off balance in hand and the death certificate of the father I headed to the insurance company. Two hours later we were back at the bank with checks in hand.
    The boys paid off the mortgage less the money their mother had paid each month for the last three and a half years. That was a piece of change in itself at just over twenty thousand dollars. The bank wanted interest on that money, but when I pointed out that they had not done their job at the death of the Sr. Mr. Youngman they relented. I showed them, in their own records, where they had notice of the man's death. Their records showed mortgage cancellation insurance, and the name of the provider, their people had been derelict in following through. I suggested that they might want to try to get recovery from the courts. Then I pointed out that the boys were due interest in the payments that had been made erroneously. We moved the cash into an account for the boys' daily expenses and put the rest of the insurance money into a high interest account. High interest…in 2004, the best I could wrangle through the bank was four point two per cent with a six month CD. That's okay. I could use the time to build them a portfolio.
    I took the boys up the hill to my little shanty. Their little eyes were wide in amazement as they saw all of the luxury and opulence of the place. First things first, the clothes came off, a lap or ten in the pool and then a soak in the hot tub. A bit more relaxed I took out things for sandwiches, having to raid Traveler© for bread that was less green than what I had left in the house.
    A big cup of my frozen turkey noodle soup and a turkey bacon and cheese sandwich later, the boys were ready for a nap. Yeah, you go there if you want, what fourteen or eighteen year old boy is going for a nap when he is running around naked, led by a hefty six inch erection and in the company of other willing and ready erected partner possibilities?
    I was overwhelmed that the two boys still wanted me. I would figure that they should be about learning the dos and don'ts of each other. I was well treated and serviced by two very randy youngsters. I still have an amazing capacity and am in no way disadvantaged by seven or eight ejaculations a day. This is a good thing when one has two equally horny teenagers that want your body again and again.
    We discovered that Tyler is a very happy top. He has no problem on the bottom and will gladly offer himself, but Turner is an insatiable bottom and an eager cock sucker. Cock sucking is my main forte, I can live with a stiff or soft cock in my mouth for hours at a time, as long as there is cum coming I will suck on. I took Tyler to oral task first. I wanted him drained of any ECB so that he could last a long time and slow fuck Turner the way the boy liked.
    Tyler eagerly offered up a large load of his boi juice as he learned to take all of my huge cock into his throat. He was finally getting there and I was learning to really enjoy his efforts. I let him have a load. I had thought of holding back, but he loves cum as much as the rest of us so why deprive him?
    Tyler was in recovery as Turner and I turned to each other. Actually, Turner crawled up on my panting body and took my wilted cock into his sweet mouth and nursed me back to health. I had him in my favorite position, on top with me flat on my back. I spread his tiny legs and pulled his rosy hole to my mouth. His hole was greatly enlarged over what it had been just a week before when I first ate at his fine diner. He still loved to be eaten and made all of the right moves as I probed and pushed and sucked and licked and anything else I could figure out how to do on his sweet tasting pucker. I swear this kid puts sugar in his ass, it is so sweet and he flows ass juice like a drying girl, not a big flow, but enough to keep you digging for more.
    Tyler was back to attention. He lined up and I licked and serviced the bottom of his sweet dick. He pushed at his brother's love tunnel as I took a swipe at two perfect orbs hanging on my chin. Tyler was all of the way in, I took his balls to my hungry mouth and laved them for him as he moaned and just pushed at his brother. He was not pulling out, he just kept pushing in. Turner was in heaven as his brother's cock pushed hard at the same spot within him, over and over again.
    I let go of Ty's sperm factories and took to nursing Turner's long teat. I let the boy slide all that he had as deep as he could get. I played his foreskin with my tongue as I applied all the suction that I could muster too his thickening galns in my throat. Turner gave up a load of nectar with no effort on the part of any of us.
    His orgasm had stirred Ty as the rectal muscles worked around his thick shaft. He began his ass assault. I moved Turner's balls to one side of my nose so that I could watch the young cock of an equally beautiful boy fuck on. Both boys were so beautiful I wanted to just eat them alive, they were identical in appearance. Tyler just had four years of growth on Turner. He had a more defined musculature, a foot of height, and seventy pounds of weight over Tyler, but it was obvious that they were brothers.
    We lay together in this same configuration for three hours. None of us wanting to take a break. I took five loads of sweet milk from Turner, he got four loads from me and we finished with me deep fucking him for my final load of the day. Or so I thought at the time. I don't know how many times Ty got off, he lay so still and just pushed when his time came, he was very interesting to watch. I know that I fell asleep during our foray, but none of us ever stopped. I am fairly certain that Turner was asleep once, I could hear his snores and the vibrations that they caused on my cock. Tyler lay so still so much of the time I am pretty sure that he slept on his brother's back. I was glad that Turner's cock was no longer than it was, I had no problem breathing around him. Another inch and I may have been unable to do what we had done.
    We enjoyed a supper of mushroom steak and salad on the patio as we sat naked and stared down at the city lights below. We had a very quiet evening with no rush to do anything, we sat together and played with each other, we kissed and let our tongues do the walking as we satisfied our lusts and desires and tried to please the recipient. Sometime after eleven we made it back to my bed. We left the drapes open so that the lights of the city below could adorn the south facing wall of glass. I had put the telescope out on the balcony so that we could look over the twinkling lights of the city. It was impressive, but not something that could hold our attention for an extended period of time.
    We aimed the scope skyward, but the daunting problem of light pollution from the city around us precluded viewing anything but the very brightest of stars. I determined to take the scope out to the desert for a night of star gazing sometime soon.
    Both boys chose to sleep with their heads to the foot of the bed. I had two cocks to nurse and two nurses for my cock. It was about six when Turner turned and took my cock into his ass then fell back to sleep. I made everybody jump through the hoops at eight o'clock. We had to get to the Youngman house to meet the workers at nine, we got there with ten minutes to spare.
    Six people from the agency showed up, The electricity company showed up at exactly nine, the water was already on, we could go to work. I put two people in the kitchen, I wanted the place sparkling. At nine thirty the gas man arrived so we had hot water by ten. The trash had been cleared from the kitchen and the workers were ready to start washing everything down.
    Two people accompanied the boys as they went room by room getting rid of things that were no longer needed. A large pile of their parents clothing was placed on the front porch to be picked up by the Salvation Army. I was in the garage working on the family car, actually a van. It was in dire need of a tuneup, I took on that task. I made a trip to the parts store to get plugs and oil for the van, and I stopped at the store for cold sodas for everyone. I was back at eleven and I called a fifteen minute break so everyone could grab a donut and soda—The breakfast of champions.
    The yard was starting to look good as the two men had cleaned out the trash and fired up the weed eater. They told me that the lawn mower wouldn't start, I found a fouled plug and old oil in it. I took the time to get the machine going. One of the kitchen workers wanted to run the mower, there was only room and work for one in the kitchen now that the heavy work had been knocked down so we moved on.
    At twelve thirty we were down to the physical hauling out of the discards, a vacuum and dusting completed our task. The back yard screamed for help and the garage was full of dust, we took a lunch break and were back at work a little after one. Two people stayed inside and the other four tackled the yard. The boys wanted to clean the garage so that they could locate all of their dad's tools. By four o'clock we had a clean and presentable house. Sheets had been washed and placed on the beds. Towels were cleaned and stacked in the closet. The only thing I could think of was food, the panty was empty and what fresh food had been there was not fresh.
    I paid the six workers and gave them a large tip, under the table. I told them that maybe they shouldn't mention the tip as the temp agency may want a cut. I had driven my Escalade and the boys had their mom's mini van, it was only three years old and in excellent condition. We drove it to the grocery store where the boys picked out every kind of junk food imaginable. I told them that they needed a keeper or they would starve to death.
    We bought the basics, I had taken them to a store that offered great bargains on groceries. They needed flour, sugar, salt, pepper, all of the spices—over twenty different kinds. They had five varieties of cold cereal and oatmeal, cornmeal, corn starch, shortening, vegetable oil, coffee and tea. Then we started on canned foods, they chose several canned meats and fish and four each of their favorite vegies. They selected several cases of soda and two gallons of milk. We shopped carefully for meats as they weren't accomplished cooks, we bought what would be easy for them to learn to fix, they could buy other varieties as they were ready. Bread and pastries rounded out our shopping spree as we headed to the check out with three large baskets.
    Well we put a dent in their new checking account. We let Turner use his ATM debit card to pay for his first shopping experience. His eyes grew ever larger as he watched the cash register tape grow longer and longer, finally a total of four hundred and seventeen dollars was claimed by the cashier. Groceries paid for and loaded into the back of the mini van we headed back to the boys' house.
    A police car awaited our arrival.

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