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This story is taken from notes and blurbs that I wrote down over the years so it may seem a bit choppy. I believe that all of the important parts are here so please read and enjoy the truth about My Life.

Chapter six
    Well, all of that brings us back to my trip home for the holidays. I arrived home Christmas eve. I spent time with my two brothers and their families. I contacted my class secretary and she told me of an impromptu gathering of classmates at one of the old hangouts. In our day it was a drug store with a soda fountain. We would gather for after school snacks daily. It was now a bar. The building still looked much the same. We had a good visit as forty three of our classmates showed up.
    My heart broke when I heard that Jimmy G. had been killed in the line of duty. He was a city police officer, a captain in the gangs and drug unit. He was shot by a youngster after a high speed chase.
    John's brother was there. It's funny, even the deebs grow up. He wasn't as geeky as he had been thirty nine years ago. We talked for a long time and I found out that John lived about thirty miles east of my hotel. His brother gave me his phone number and I called him right then. John asked me to come down. He really would like to see me. I had plans for a good old fashioned barbeque dinner with my two brothers for the evening, but told John I would be down before noon the next day.
    I asked John's brother about Donny and Danny. He had been on the drum line with Donny and they had been friends of a sort. I learned that Danny was killed in Vietnam and that Donny was in prison for armed robbery. What a life my buddy's had lived. I was anxious to see the rest of my old bunch.
    The next morning I awakened to a winter wonderland. I remembered why I had moved to Arizona, I hate cold weather. I bundled up in what clothing I had and ran for the car, a convertible, of course. The heater worked well and I was off on the slick freeways to the next town east. John met me at a truck stop at an exit near his home. Thank goodness for cell phones, I was able to call from the highway.
    I was shocked to see John. He hadn't aged well at all. He was six foot four, but walked with a bit of a stoop. He was only fifty three, but he looked at least ten years older than me. He had another man with him that appeared to be about thirty. The two of them led me to a nice home in a clean neighborhood. I parked near the door and rushed inside to get out of the cold.
    John took me into a warm embrace. I had feelings for him, but after this many years I was a little uncomfortable. He introduced me to his life partner, Eric. I had to sit down. John came to terms with his sexuality the year after I left. He struggled throughout his next two years of highschool. He couldn't find my sister. She had married before I left for the Army and moved out of state. He didn't know that I had married. He didn't know my dad so he never came around. He was afraid of what my brothers would say so he never thought to ask them of me.
    He went to work for the telephone company where, a few years later where he met an older man. The man was going through a divorce and he and his young son were trying to start over. John and the man hit it off. More than that the man's son, Eric, loved John. Eric was his lover's five year old son. Eric's dad died in an accident at work when Eric was fourteen. He continued to live with John. They had become lover's when the boy was twelve, with his father's blessing. John and Eric had been together as lovers for twenty six years.
    John wanted Eric to see the first dick he ever sucked and the first man he ever loved. We talked for hours, but we never got around to taking off our clothes. There was just something that wasn't quite right about this whole thing for me. I am so glad that I got to see John. I really like him, as a friend, but I am not into renewing our sexual life. I told them that my brother's had plans for me for the evening so I really had to get back to my motel and change. So I lied. I stay in touch with John now and I value the memories.

    I returned to Arizona and took stock of my life. My head was filled with memories of my teenage exploits and I began to live in the past in my mind. I decided that this was not a good thing so I directed my thoughts to something that could be a bit more productive; I began to write pornographic homosexual stories and post them on-line. One lazy afternoon in the fall of 1999 I had written a short story entitled Roby and the Cowboy. I felt that my balls were big enough that I posted the story on-line for the world to read.
    I felt good about that story so I penned a story that was based on a lot of fact. It was the story of my neighbor boy that was very cute and very curious about sex. Phillip was not his name, but the overnight sleep over sex is a real story. Phillip's mother did try to murder him for being gay and she and her boyfriend are in prison. His mother is scheduled for a one way trip to the gas chamber next year for poisoning her first husband with arsenic.
    That began a career of writing that has brought me to my favorite series, Traveler. Many of the stories about the boys in that saga are based on the true life events of boys that I have met and bedded throughout my life. Yes, I became a little bit of a slut, even though I was married. The story of Albert as told in Phillip is an actual event that occurred during my six years in the service of my country's army.
    I served three years as an enlisted man and I had more sex with my buddies than the Army will ever admit. I attended OCS—Officer's Candidate School—and received a commission then served another two years as an officer in Vietnam. I avoided all sex with anything other than the prostitutes that frequent soldiers in war time. I did have one steady prostitute that lived in my house and had my baby boy.
    I was married and my second daughter had just been born a few months before I headed to southeast Asia. I worried about how to present my Vietnamese son to my wife, but the heartache of war…the girl and the baby were killed.
    My marriage seemed stronger after I returned to America and in short order Cheryl and I had another baby, a son. I doted on the boy as I tried to get my head around the troubles that I had lived through in war. I found myself without drive or ambition and was glad for the chance to move away and start a new life in a new town.
    At first all went well, but …well even people in love have arguments and ours became more frequent and more severe. Finally we called it quits. I had fun as I discovered that I really liked boys for sex better anyway. I had more than one little fellow in a relief giving and getting situation, but I always maintained a veil of normality. Until I…Well, it was not all me.
    I have told you the story of Ben in Andy Finds Daddy. Ben was a very friendly lad that had spent a lot of time at my house with my foster son. I had no idea that he wanted my body until one hot afternoon in June. Just like the story of Andy states, Ben told his best friend what we had done. I served nine months in state prison and am a registered sex offender for the rest of my life.
    Now that I have a past and am older I spend my time reminiscing the good times. Andy Finds Daddy was my next venture into the world of erotica as I tried to explain my life, yet make it exciting for voyeurs to want to read. I have written a lot of boy stories since then, but I really hit my stride with Jayson Outed. The story of those two boys got my juices to flowing and I had to write more.
    I have learned a lot writing these stories. I am recalling my boyhood education as I do my best to correct my spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. My early stories show the need for a lot of improvement and my recent works show that I need more help yet. Traveler has been the most fun undertaking of my life. It has allowed me to chronicle my wide travels about the globe.
    I haven't shared all of the stories of my dalliances with hard bodied boys in any other format so this story gives me a natural platform. I actually fostered one of the boys in my stories and he has grown up to be a good father of five children. You may remember my telling you of the tragic death of one of his sons when the boy was only ten years old.
    IBM and BMW are mentioned in Andy Finds Daddy. BMW is now out of the picture. She is serving nine years for child abuse and IBM has full custody of the children. He has a new wife that he is very devoted to, as she is to him.

    My dad passed away so I took a quick flight home to bury him. On the flight back to Arizona I decided that I was going to move back home. I had my son over for a long sit down. There was a tension in the air and I couldn't break the ice. I told him that I was planning to return home. The only thing I had in Arizona was him and we didn't see each other any more. I told him that I wanted to be around friends and family and not die alone. I couldn't read him, but he left me that evening with the feeling that he was resigned to my decision.
    It took another year of planning. Then I got the invitation to a class reunion. I set that as my date to move. I was loading the truck when a call came telling me that my stepmother of thirty eight years had passed on and they wanted me to make final arrangements. I told them that I would leave the next morning and would be there in two days. I left that afternoon, after calling Tommy. I was home the next evening, I had driven the one thousand miles over night.
    I attended our class's fourtieth reunion. My first reunion. They had my year book picture on the walls of the hotel ballroom with everyone else's. As the evening festivities progressed a special award for the outstanding achiever of the class of 1963 was announced. When my picture was unveiled everyone shook my hand. Somehow they had gotten a picture of me receiving a decoration from none other than General Westmoreland and Congressman George Bush, that's daddy Bush, before he became President. Nixon was still in office then. Two weeks later I was shot, again. That time it was bad enough to send me home. Tommy and his wife, one of our classmates, came up. Jimmy and his wife, also a class mate, came forward. They invited me to a boy's night out. I had other business in town. I was burying my stepmother. My dad had left me our old house after my stepmother's demise. I invited my old friends to a weekend party in my room.
    Tommy and Jimmy showed up at my place on Saturday morning. They had with them a super cute boy of about twelve that looked just like Tommy in his youth. He turned out to be Tommy's grandson Chris the third. He told me that he had named his son after me. He told his son about me and our love affair. His son named his son the same way. I was overwhelmed.
    I led my guests to the kitchen. My son Tommy and his twelve year old son had come in for the funeral. My Tom had told me Monday night that he was gay-bi. His son, Sean, was, "cool with it," he said. He had a boyfriend and was having difficulty with Sean. The boyfriend didn't want a kid to complicate his life style. Sean's mother had remarried and didn't want him. "He was a poor little queer boy that nobody wanted." His description of himself. He didn't know me. He didn't know I was a boy lover.
    Tommy, on the other hand had a problem. His grandson, Chris III was gay. He was only out to his grandfather, but his dad had his suspicions. Tommy was going to take his grandson in, but was concerned because of his health. We decided that while our health held that we should have an orgy.
    The six of us headed to the third floor. It needed some major cleaning. My stepmother had not been well for sometime and the room had just been shut off. Everything was pretty much as I had left it. I had not been home in more than forty years, but they left it as I had it, in the eventuality. We set about dusting and cleaning. We got beds for everybody. Actually we agreed on two more beds as we were sure that we would be in pairs.
    We had all pretty much agreed on sleeping partners so we broke up. Tom wasn't much in to boys. He was really turned on by Jimmy. Jimmy still had his boyish charm and at fifty eight he was pretty fit. He never had been as big as his age anyway. I was impressed to see his seven inch, uncut cock standing proudly before him when he dropped his drawers. He confessed that he and Tommy still made time for each other and loved to be together. Tommy said he missed my big dick. He said that he had never found anyone that could match me, but that he really hadn't looked around too much. He said his wife and Jimmy were enough for him.
    Sean went straight to Tommy. He told him that if he had been his granddad's boyfriend in highschool then he must have been hot. He opened Tommy's pants and went down on the soft member inside bringing it to a nice full erection that I remembered from years ago. Tommy had more than a little belly in the way, but I could still see my childhood fantasy standing before me with his cock in my grandson's mouth.
    III was fumbling with my belt. I looked at him. "You are completely virgin, aren't you?" He nodded. "Don't do anything that you are not completely comfortable with."
    "I want to try. I have been wanting to try for months now. Every time I jack off I think about men's dicks."
    "Not boys from your school or neighborhood?"
    "Well just one, but mostly granddad and sometime Jimmy. I want a grown man to teach me how to do it."
    "You read a lot of stories on your computer?"
    "Every night. My dad found one of my stories that I had shut down. I always clear my history, but I was still reading this one story. It was really long about a grandfather and his grandson on a ocean trip in a sail boat. They fucked and sucked each other every day. They stayed naked all the time and had sex when either of them felt like it." He was very excited as he told his story.
    I walked him over to my bed. I sat down and pulled off my pants and shoes leaving only my boxer briefs. I was totally soft, but in a loving and cuddling mood. I looked across the room at the other two beds full of cock suckers enjoying themselves. I took III's clothes off of him and caressed his young smooth body. His little boxers revealed nothing as I cursed the current fashion trend. I pulled him onto the bed and lay him down beside me. I leaned over him and looked deep into his eyes.
    "Did you like that story?" He nodded yes. "Would you like to find yourself on that boat?"
    "I would like to find myself alone for a long time with an old man, naked and doing whatever we wanted when we wanted."
    "You want your granddad, don't you?"
    "I think so…but…"
    "You can say it."
    "I kind of want you…I'm…uhhh…"
    "May I kiss you on the lips?" He raised his head to me. His mouth was already open and his tongue was on my lips before we ever touched. His kiss was so sweet and strong. He was hungry for affection and he had a lot of affection to give. I rolled to my back, taking him with me. Our kiss became more impassioned as he moved his body all over mine, never letting our lips disengage. I slipped my hands into his boxers and grabbed his firm round buns. The heat coming from them was intense. I pushed his boxers down and felt his super hard cock press against me. I pushed his hips up and opened my fly. I took his dick and placed it in my briefs and pulled him back down on top of me. I was impressed by what I had felt. The boy had the beginnings of a good six incher with a very respectable girth. He filled my underwear with his hot cum
    He jerked away and tears came to his eyes. I grabbed him and pulled him back. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He was crying. I put his soft little tool back inside my briefs and pulled his lips back to mine. I continued to rub his back and buns as he tried to get more inside of me. He was loving the feelings he was having and he wanted more.
    Four naked people had joined us on the bed and they were stroking and caressing us. Someone had hold of my boxer briefs and was pulling them down. III felt my cock come into full contact with his and he shot another load all over us. I grabbed his butt and held him close against me. I wasn't about to let him go. "He is virgin, isn't he?" I heard Sean ask.
    "I think so." Tommy said.
    "It is so sweet. I wish I had someone make love to me like that." Sean said.
    "Sean, that is your grandfather. He made love like that to me when we were only fourteen. Jimmy and I used to come up to this room and the three of us would love each other in every way that a man can love a man. Your grandfather is the most passionate lover I have ever had. He is full of love and if you will let him he will love you just like that. And you know what? He will love you every time, just like that. He loves to make love. He always makes you feel like you are really important to him."
    "Sean, what Tommy said is absolutely true. Your grandfather and I used to make love just like that in this very room, on this very bed. I loved to come up here and be with him. Sometimes Tommy and I came together sometimes I was alone. Chris always loved me just like that and I watched him love Tommy the same way. I know that he will have you on that bed very soon and if I know him he will have your dad there with him too. I watched him at breakfast and as we cleaned this room. He loves you very much and it is more than sex. He loves you. You can take that to the bank."
    "Okay. I'm all this love and shit. Now, get the fuck off of my bed and go do your thing. I have a virgin in my bed and I want him to know what love between a man and a boy can really be about." Everybody got off of my bed and went wherever they went, laughing all the way. I took III and pushed him further up on the bed as I turned around and lay beside him. I took his semi-hard tool into my mouth. He was uncut. I was impressed. He gasped. This was the best thing that he had ever had. He took my cock to his mouth, but found it too large to get inside. He began to lick all of his cum from my pubic region.
    Sean lay down beside us with his face right next to III's. "Damn, that's a big mother of a fuck pole. Can you get it in your mouth?" III told him no. Sean told him to let him show him how. Sean took almost all of my now ten and a quarter inch cock in his mouth. He worked hard to get his mouth around it, but he had little trouble getting it all of the way down. He pulled off and was talking to III in quiet tones. I felt a mouth on the head of my dick. I heard my Tom say that he would have trouble getting that in his mouth. Tommy told him to wait until he got it up his ass. He told Tom that he was only fourteen the first time he rode me and he was never satisfied again. Jimmy whimpered then he agreed that he loved to ride my pony. He liked Tommy, but I was desert. Tommy agreed.
    III had the head and an scant inch in his little mouth. I called a halt to it. I told him that I wanted to break him in right. I thought that he and Sean should do each other for awhile and see if he even wanted to be queer. He flared at that comment, but I told him if he couldn't face that when he was sitting in a room full of cock sucking, butt fucking queers then he needed to put his clothes on and go home. It was harsh, but he saw what I was saying.
    I took Tom to the middle bed and I threw his legs back and stuck my cock at his hole. It was enlarged. He was a bottom. That sort of hurt. I wanted my son to be more. I wanted my son to be the alpha male. He was a bottom. Well, if a bottom he wanted to be I needed to be the best top he had ever given a ride to. I pushed in him and watched his eyes pop out of his head. I gave him a minute to rest as I got a kiss from Jimmy. He may be an old man now, so was I, but his kiss had the passion of that sixteen year old boy who lay in this room with me forty four years ago.
    Tom relaxed under me and I felt his rectal canal ease away. I moved side to side as I felt the soft membrane of his rectum soothe my aching cock. I found the hard little bump that was his prostate and I marked it for a full frontal assault. I pulled all of the way out and plunged back in causing him to scream out in pain. I rabbit fucked him for several minutes, but just pulling out to the rim of my glans. He was screaming for me to fuck him and ride him hard. I had not heard the sounds from any of my lovers like this before.
    I then settled in and started to make love to him. He was moaning and thrashing around on the bed. I took it slow and easy. He was a sexual wreck. He was begging for release, but he couldn't get it. Every time he reached for his cock I slapped his hand away. When I knew that he couldn't take it anymore I pulled out and took his cock in my mouth. I let him cum and get all of the release he thought he was going to get then I plunged back in for a full frontal assault, again. He had barely stopped his orgasm when he started again, this time harder and stronger. He was cuming from areas of his body that he didn't know existed. He didn't have a lot of cum, but he had one super intense orgasm. His cock and rectum were spasming with so much intensity that he was on the verge of losing consciousness. His face was beet red, his breath was nonexistent. He was totally into the hardest orgasm of his sexual life.
    I took a deep breath and bent over to blow it into his mouth and lungs. As the air filled his lungs he relaxed and his body collapsed. He started to breathe heavy as the sweat broke forth from every pour. He was suddenly soaking wet. I pulled out of him. Sean took my dick into his mouth as sucked it clean as I fell to the side trying to get my own breath and heart back in rhythm.

    I had fallen asleep. When I awoke everybody was sitting around me talking. Sean and III were playing with my dick and III was still trying to get it in his mouth. It was soft now so he was doing a good job, but even soft I am seven inches long and not much thinner than I am on hard. "Daddy. if that is what homosexual sex can be I have never had sex before. I want that all of the time, from now on. Jimmy and Tommy have told us that this is the way the three of you have always fucked. They tell me that you were hands down the best lover they ever had and I can believe that. Will you let Sean and me live with you?"
    "Granddad, will you fuck me like that tonight? I want to feel that kind of love."
    "Sean, I don't know if I can do you like that you are kind of small yet."
    "Just like an adult," he sulked. "I am able to take it."
    "Okay, that was a copout. I should have told you the truth." I watched his little face fall. "I am an old man and I'm not sure if I have another fuck in me like that for another week or so." That got a laugh and agreements from a couple of the guys.
    I did fuck Sean later that night. It wasn't quite as intense because he was small, but the boy likes to ride the pony. I fucked Jimmy for old times sake and the following morning I had enough left in me to get up inside Tommy as he and Jimmy had a sixty nine for old times sake. It was time for them to get home to their wives so we had a shower fest and cleaned the three of them up.
    It was Sunday morning so we loaded up in two cars and went to a buffet restaurant for a big breakfast. The two little guys ate more than the four adults, but what was surprising about that? Tom, Sean and I were going back to the house to talk awhile, but we decided to drive around town and see all of the sites. I showed them my old school. I showed them Cheryl's house and we stopped to see my ex in-laws. They were overjoyed to see us, at least Tom and Sean, but they were nice to me.
    They cooked burgers and steaks for us and we spent the rest of the day and evening with them. They were pleased when they heard that I was coming back to live in my old house, but they were ecstatic when Tom told them that he was going to leave Sean here with me and he was going home to pack up and move back here too. I was just a little happy with that news myself.

    By the time for school to start rolled around we were settled in as a three man family and we couldn't be happier. I enrolled Sean in the same school from which I had graduated forty years before. He just turned thirteen and he had been advanced a grade in elementary school so he was going into the ninth grade.
    Tommy, Jimmy, and III kept in touch with us and they were thrilled that Sean was at our old alma mater.
    Tommy's health went bad fast. His wife died of food poisoning and he never recovered. They had gone on a cruise the summer after I moved home. They left III with me. III had a very bad year that year. His folks were killed in a plane crash then he lost his grandmother. When Tommy went down it was almost more than the boy could take. Tommy asked him if he wanted to live with us. He agreed. We welcomed him into our family. He looks just like his granddad did at fourteen. He likes to ride the pony, just like his granddad.
    Jimmy is widower this year and we have offered him a room in our big house. I think he might accept. I hope so, Tom needs him. The boys are a couple and I get lots of sleep, but I am never left out. There is always somebody near by. The only regret I have is, is that I can't make the stairs everyday so I have moved into my parents old room on the first floor.
    I could not sleep in the bed that my father and stepmother had shared. Not because of them, I don't think, but because I have a problem sleeping on any used bed. Weird, probably. To console myself I purchased a very comfortable king sized bed. I hope to have a visitor, or four, as often as possible and we will need playroom.
    My old room is just as it was for our parties, which we have often. Cheryl visits with her aging parents from time to time and she stops by our house to visit with Sean and Tom. I suppose that is not fair because she always sits close to me and cuddles. I have asked her about her plans, does she plan to move back home to be nearer to her extended family? She really tugged at my heartstrings as she told me that she could never leave the beautiful snow covered mountains with their tall pines, and the vast desert plains that stretch forever in every direction.
    She told me that the cold really bothered her and that she needs the desert heat. I had to agree, I miss the desert too. I have learned to overcum the cold at home though, I try to keep a warm naked body on each side of me as often as possible.
    We are blessed by the visits from many of our former classmates. We are all at the age that death is an accepted fact. I miss each and every old friend, but we sit with those that come by and talk about our times together until the late hours of evening urge us to our beds. Funny that. When I was a child I hated my eight o'clock bedtime. Now I have began to think that eight o'clock is very late. It seems that all of my classmates feel the same way so our house is empty of visitors by the very late hour of seven. John wants to come visit, but the jury is still out on that one.

    I have had six genuine loves in my life and each one is a precious and fond memory. I believe that Cheryl and Tommy were the ones that shaped my life into what I have become today. I miss Tommy, but I have the joy of seeing his grandson grow and mature before my eyes as I recall all of the times that Tommy and I shared. Jimmy is the only boy from my past that is still around. He is as old as I and he gets around very slowly.
    I cherish the times that I spend with my wife as she tries to understand what sort of a man she married and allowed to father her children. She remains my friend and confidant, but I will remain single and alone for the remainder of my days as I daily walk down memory lane.

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