Chapter 5


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
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     Okay, so like you wanna know. You been writing to me begging to know more bout Gary and me. Like you are such a fucking perv. You're getting off all over your keyboard while you read bout me and him. I don't mind telling you cause I get off when I remember it. Fuck we're hot.
     Yeah, we really are. School just started and we're tenth grade sophomores with bodies that drive others wild. I can't get over the first day of school. We were in the locker room dressing out. Gary and I were facing each other as we got naked.. We looked around and we had such and audience and guess what, there were four full hard ons, erections Gary says. There were about eight or nine semi stiffies but every dude had his eyes glued on our bods. I guess you need to know why the stares so I gotta tell you bout our summer.

     Gary and me had everything that we could ever want. I mean our dads loved to buy for us. They never spent no time with us so I guess they had to make up for it. I don't care why I just care what. That's not right. I love my dad. I can't believe that I actually know my dad. It is so cool. He lets me sit in his lap and he just wraps his arms around me and makes me feel almost as safe as I feel in Gary's arms. I guess Gary is right, I'm a baby but I never had no love from no guy in all my life. Mom hugged me and held me if I was hurt or something but I always wanted to crawl up in a man's lap.
     My dad smells so good. He is not like daddy Byrd, he hates me to call him that. He is kind of hairy and he has a strong odor. Dad says he smells like a man. It is kinda good but... well my dad smells better but Gary smells best. We have had a lot of fun just trying to find out what to call our two dads. They tell us that Gary and I have the same voice and they can't tell who is talking without looking at us. I said that we could replace the first letter of dad with the first letter of our last names. That didn't fly. Cause then it would be Wad and Bad. I want Gary's wad not a wad for a dad. Nobody likes pop or pappa. Pap didn't do. Hey you sounded pretty good but we needed two names. So we are just going to leave it alone for now.
     So like there we were all curled up with our dads sitting side by side and us in their laps. Our knees touched and we kept running our hands over the parts of the other that we could reach while our dads smiled and watched us. They could turn to each other and kiss every once in awhile. That was so awesome. Gary and I leaned forward and watched as tongues lapped at lips. We turned to each other and did our own lip lapping.
     The dads asked us if we had anything special that we would like to do for the summer vacation about to start. Gary asked about going camping. I never had a dad to take me camping but it sounds like so much fun. I wanted to go camping. They told us that they were thinking about taking a whole month and go to this one place where we could have more fun than we could handle. Then Gary's dad goes like, "And you can shoot off fireworks there. It's legal to do." That did it. It is even illegal to have sparklers in Arizona. I had this friend who brought some firecrackers to school one time. We had so much fun watching them blow up. I was ready to go.
     I think our dad's were ready to pack us into boxes and put us in the closet. We asked them everyday when we could go camping. They told us that plans were being made for us to spend the fourth of July on an Indian reservation with real Indian boys to play with. They both giggled real funny like. I didn't know what the fuck was going on but hey, real Indians and fireworks had possibilities.
     Finally the big day came. We had sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, and tons of food in the van. We went to breakfast at this one all-you-can-eat. Dads told us to fill up cause they weren't stopping till we got to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Gary asked if that's where the Indians were. The dads laughed and told us that is where the gas station was. We would need to buy gasoline there.
     They missed their guess. We had to stop at Lordsburg first. That was about half way to Las Cruces but we were almost out of gas and I didn't want to push the van. Plus I had to pee. Gary and I had been sucking each other off and I always have to pee so bad after I cum. I was shaking. Dads said that I should learn to control myself. I would like to do some control on them, after I pee.
     We drove and drove and drove then we ate and drove for awhile. I ain't never been nowhere so I didn't know about driving. It is boring. I was glad I had Gary to hold and suck on. It would have been the shits without him there. Finally we got to Oklahoma and I got real scared. I looked out one window while Gary looked out the other window. We wanted to see the Indians before they could sneak up on us. I told Gary that his bush was getting so thick that the Indians would take two scalps from him. Our dads laughed at me. Sometimes I think that they just don't get it.
     Dads pulled us into a motel and told us that we were going to sleep there. We had driven a thousand miles and it was after ten o'clock at night. I was ready for bed. I wanted to see the Indians in the daylight. I was afraid to drive at night cause they can sneak up on you in the dark. Gary and I watched my dad go get us a room key or something. An Indian woman was talking to him. He was pointing at us. I got real scared.
     Dad came back to the van and Gary's dad was laughing. He told dad that I was afraid of the Indian woman at the desk. Dad turned around and looked at me all serious like. "I signed a peace treaty with her. She is going to keep her red brothers away from us so that we can sleep. She said that white boys talk too much and make noise that disturbs the spirits. She said that if the spirits hear any talking from our room then her red brothers will come and scalp us. So I want you to be very quiet and go take a shower then get in bed."
     I did too. I didn't say a word. I sat with my pillow against the back of the bed and I watched for Indians while everybody else slept. I guess I slept too but I was sitting up so the Indians musta thought I was on guard for them and they left us alone. I was glad to get out of there.
     We got in the van and drove down to this big cowboy restaurant for breakfast. I was so glad to see a bunch of cowboys inside. I didn't see no horses but Gary's dad said they use pickup trucks now days so that they can carry more men with guns and get away faster.
     We drove about six more hours then dad said we had covered twelve hundred miles. He said that we should just about be there. Then Gary's dad saw a sign so we knew we were there. We drove another hour then pulled off on this long dirt road. I saw a whole bunch of naked Indian boys riding horses. They rode up along side of us and bent over so that they could see in.
     Dad called out that we were looking for Cory and Chris. The boys on horses took off to lead us down this other road to a big wide field with all kinds of big tents and little tents and people everywhere. There was a river with water in it. I wanted to see that. I only see water in the river after it rains real hard. This river had clear water and there was grass and trees growing along side of its banks. Dad told me not to fall in cause the fish would eat me. I looked in the water and I could see fishes. There were great big ones and little bitty ones. I don't want them to eat me, I want to eat them. Dads told us that we could go fishing after we got settled down.
     A man that I think I know came over and hugged dad then they kissed. He was naked. I stared at his cock then a naked kid bout my age came up to him and he bent over to talk him. He called the kid Jules and told him to show us our tent. I remembered who the man was then. That was Bobby. He is Jules' dad. Jules Feldman. I know him. As we walked to the tent two more naked dudes ran up two us. Man did I get a hard on. Hamm Bone has the longest soft cock I ever saw on a fifteen year old kid. It was swinging side to side and his balls were flopping around. Oklahoma has some great scenery.
     The other kid was Billy Pitt. He is sixteen and yummy looking too. Billy and Hamm Bone live in Tucson and they come over to the house sometimes. I let them both suck me when they come over and I suck them too. They grabbed some more gear from the van and helped us to get everything inside. I kept looking off into the trees. Gary told them that I was watching for Indians. Billy sat down on the edge of a bunk and pulled me over to him. "We have a friend, you know him, Chris. He is Cory's dad."
     "Oh yeah, Turner's dad. He has more sons. He just dopted Donny and Ricky is in my class. He came from New York."
     "That's the dude. He owns all of this land and he is part Indian. He made a treaty with the Indians. They are afraid that so many white men being here might try to kill their wives and children in their sleep. To prove that we don't have any weapons to hurt them with we have to stay naked, all of the time. If you are not naked they will think that you came to hurt them and they will burn you at the stake." Billy told me.
     "Nuh uh. Indians don't burn nobody. They scalp you and tie you to an ant hill." I know what Indians do. They're not going to tease me. But I got naked. I don't want no ants crawling all over my balls. They're really big now. Bigger than Gary's.
     A whole bunch of naked boys ran with us down to the edge of the river. Dr. Will came over to talk to us. He is Hamm Bone's dad. "Boys the water is not too cold and I know you will have fun but there are some rules. Mr. Dickson has had those big poles stuck down in the bottom of the river. There are big nets tied across between those poles on the south end. The water is not bad up here against the shore and you will have a lot of room to swim and play. That platform out there is for you to dive off of.
     "The water there is about eight feet deep. It gets shallow as you come to the bank. On the other side of the platform the water is really swift. You will have to swim really hard to get out of the current or you will be carried down stream. That is what the nets are for. If you get caught in the current you will be carried into the nets and be safe. I do want to warn you though. There is a chance that you could get your arm or your foot caught in the net and be held under water so it is no place to play. If you get caught in the current yell out so that someone will be with you to help you get out of the net.
     "I will say this loud and clear and I want everyone of you to hear me. The net is not there as a toy. You are to stay out of the deep water. Accidents happen so the net is there for your safety otherwise stay away from it. Do I make myself clear?"
     "Tell 'em 'bout the whipping post, dad." Will was pointing at me. He had something in his eye cause he kept winking as he tried to get it out. "Tell how the Indians make you whip the boys that don't mind or else they'll scalp us."
     "Well, you seem to have all of the facts so why don't you tell them." I like Dr. Will. He always laughs a lot. He was laughing so hard as he walked up to my dad and put his arm around him. My dad has a lot of friends. I saw him laughing and he and Dr. Will waved at me. I am going to have fun no matter if there are a bunch of red Indians waiting to scalp me. Chris is part Indian? I know him. He don't look like no Indian.

     So there we were in Indian country with no guns nor nothing but nobody seemed too worried bout it cept me. Our dads wanted to spend the night with their friends from highschool. I membered they call themselfs the Blues Club. Gary had told me earlier that he would like to go down on Hamm Bone and I would too. There were a lot of good looking guys there that I even wanted to fuck. I kinda want some of them to fuck me too.
     We sat down with dads before they went to the other tent and talked awhile. Gary's dad got real serious and he held dad in his arms. He told Gary and I that he loved dad with all of his heart. He said that he would never leave him or hurt him. He looked real hard when he said that him and dad had grown up fucking most of these men from before when they was even younger than Gary and I. He said that him and dad was gonna go fuck and get fucked for an entire month.
     He told us that if we loved each other we would enjoy seeing our boyfriend get fucked. He said that at first it would make us feel funny and we might even get mad but if we were in love then we would let our boyfriend feel good. He told us that we would get fucked and our boyfriend would feel just like we do. I guess I could live with that. I ain't never seen Gary get it. I know he wanted to let Paul do him but he didn't cause he loves me. I will make sure that Paul and Aaron fuck both of us when we get back home.
     I had the bestest fun of my whole life that night. Hamm fucked Gary and I watched but then he and Billy did something great. They made Gary and I lay on our sides and sixty nine. We raised one leg in the air so that they could get behind us and fuck us at the same time we was sucking. The four of us lay there like that all night long. I never had no big dick like that up in me. It was huge.

     Friday morning we got the fuck sceart outta us. We heard these huge motors roaring then the sound of bugles came from everywhere. The calvary was charging at us and we was all naked and stuff and didn't have no clothes on or nothing and nowhere to go and we just ran out of the tent and looked at these big blue and gray busses coming across the field and bugles blasting.
     I looked around and everybody was jumping up and down and yelling hi and everything but I was so sceart I was crying but Billy held me and told me it was okay. He said that Chris and the boys were here and it was gonna be fun now. Then he and Gary started laughing at me cause I was peeing on Gary's leg I was so sceart.
     Three big ole busses stopped and naked boys jumped out and started running everywhere. I saw Ricky and Donny and I felt better then I say Turner and Cory and I knew most of the boys. They all go to my school. Well most of them do. I been up to Chris' house and I seen all of these boys all the way naked and fucking before so I new that the Indians wouldn't never get me now cause there were to many of us.

     Gary and me we went with some of these guys from our school and we walked along the river til we seen this big old house and people all around. They led us over there and to see their dad. It was Chris. I learnt that all of the guys call Chris dad cause he takes care of them and loves them.
     The house where they was at belongs to Cory. He is some sort of Indian Chief or something and he's married with a baby and everything. I didn't know he was married. He goes to my school but he is married, to an Indian lady. She is nice and I asked her if she was going to scalp me. She laughed and took me to her big bazoombas and pushed my face tween em. I kinda liked it but then I like Gary better.
     So Cory and Turner and Ricky and Gary and me all sat down with a whole bunch of Indian boys. I knew Cory's brother Mike and he had a new brother that just started to my school named Steven and he was there. I learnt that they was all Indians and that they didn't do no scalping no more except for concert tickets when they could get em. I caught on to that and I laughed but I got mad when Cory held me and told me that Billy and Hamm Bone been teasing me.
     I really did think that Indians would scalp us. I didn't know. They told me that I was being a kid but I told them that I would be fifteen in six more weeks. They told me that we would have a birthday party at their house in Tucson. I like that idea. We like talked for ever as they told me how Indians really live and I felt kinda silly and I told all the Indians that I was sorry and they all hugged me and rubbed my little fella and got him all stiff and stuff.
     Somebody said we should fuck awhile so we all went behind the house to the soft grass by the side of the river and had sex til someone came and told us it was supper time. I was hungry so all of us go running through the woods with nothing on but our sneaks. I like running in the woods naked. It is a lot of fun.

     I never saw so many guys in one place never before. And they was all men and boys and they was all naked. Men were kissing men and boys were kissing boys and men and boys were kissing. I saw Jules' dad and he picked me up and kissed me and so did his husband, Ryan. Gary and I met twelve year old Ryan Jr. and ten year old Bobby II. They live with their dads, Ryan and Bobby and Bobby's son Julian. We call him Jules, he is almost fourteen.
     We had the most fun all summer long. The forth of July we went down to this town along side a big lake and they had like this big fireworks show. We got to watch as the fireworks blew up over the lake and it was so nice. I really felt good. There are fireworks stands beside the road all over Oklahoma and we stopped and bought a few thousand dollars worth. I never seen no fire works and didn't know what to get but some of the Indian boys was with us and they helped us to get stuff. They told us to get the M-80s and the TNT and we got lots of packages of Black Cats.
     They showed us how to pack the TNT in mud then light the fuse and throw it in the river. The first time we did it they had a whole bunch of us stand beside each other. On the count of three we all lit our fuse and we all tossed our mud ball at the same point in the water. You should have seen the water fly but in a few seconds all of these fish floated up to the top of the water. They was all stunned and asleep or something. Boys jumped in the water and started grabbing the fish and threw them up on the river bank.
     I learned how to cut the guts out of a fish and put it on a stick over the fire. I don't like cutting the guts out but damn that fish tasted good. They told us to be careful cause the fish got all of these little bones in them and they can get stuck in your throat and cause you to choke to death. I stabbed the roof of my mouth with one of those bones and that hurt.

     At night all us boys kind of slept together. Most of the boys went up and slept with some of the men for a little while. I didn't much know about that part but they all told this story about something they call a golden pole pin. Christopher, he goes to my school and he's got the biggest dick ever on a small kid. But he had this little pin. It wasn't very big but it was made of gold and it was shaped like a little dick. I giggled until they told me how someone could get one.
     I saw their dad Chris' dick on hard and it was huge. They told us that one time of being fucked by him and we would want him to fuck us everyday for the rest of our lives. All of them told us that they had these pins and that they wear them on the inside flap of the fly of their pants. They said that they always wear them to school It is a badge that they wear to show that they had been fucked by Chris and that the family had watched it happen. Christopher let us hold the pin and I held it and I wanted one. It is so neat.

     Gary and I were taken over to talk to Chris one night. Gary just came right out and told him that we wanted a fucking pin. The man's laugh makes me feel so good. I love to be near him. Every time our dads take us up to his house I want to be close to him. I was ready. I looked at his huge dick up close and I wondered how bad it was going to hurt but I wanted him. Dads looked at us and both of them said it was our ass. We had to decide then my dad blew my mind.
     "I was fifteen years old the first time Chris fucked me. He made me love it. He was a kid too and he kind of made it rough but it didn't take long before I would wait for him after school and beg him to take me someplace and fuck me. I had to have his dick in me everyday. I still like to get it up in me when I can. We are both busy so we don't see each other too often but I always want a ride when I can." Shit, my old man sounded like a real fag. I sat there and thought about it for awhile and decided that I know he is a fag. And you know what? I don't care. I love him and if he likes Chris to fuck him then I was going to do it.
     Chris' family has this rule that family members have to watch when Chris fucks you or you don't get the pin. That was kinda scary. Nobody never watched me and Gary before this trip but we had both watched a lot of guys make out and a lot of guys had watched us so I went for it.
     Never ever could I ever have imagined that sex could be so good. Chris told me when he lay down beside me that he was here for love and if I didn't feel anything but love then he was at fault. Somehow I just felt so good being near him. Suddenly it was just the two of us and I began to shake cause I wanted him so much. He held me in his arms and I moved against him. His body was so hot. I mean like yeah it looks awesome but he was hot. Like five hundred degrees. I was sure that I was going to catch fire. I began to burn inside I wanted him so bad.
     My mouth dried out. My tongue got thick. I could not breathe. My heart was pounding so fast that it hurt. Chris was looking into my eyes and I could see deep into his heart in his eyes. He moved to my face and I raised up to him. I wanted to be kissed so bad. It wasn't bad. I never been kissed like that. I never knew that there were feelings like I had. I never wanted him to let go of me. He has the longest tongue that just moved deep inside of my mouth. He tasted wonderful. I love to kiss Gary and he tastes so good but somehow this old man tasted better than Gary ever did.
     Chris kissed all the way down my body. He raised so many layers of goose bumps on me that I thought they would be there permanently. He kissed around my neck and nibbled on my ears and I almost cried it felt so wonderful. His hands were moving over my body like pieces of soft felt. He rubbed my nips ever so gently. I went wild. I wanted him to grab them and twist them and pull them but he loved them so sweetly.
     I felt like I was being carried away. I saw that one movie where this gladiator was just floating along the ground with a soft breeze blowing across him and flowers beneath him. That is the way I felt. I could feel the breeze and smell the flowers as I just floated above the ground.
     Chris had turned so that he could suck my cock. He didn't suck my cock like anybody had ever sucked my cock. He nursed it as if it was the very fountain of life itself. His mouth engulfed me in a warmth that I had never before experienced.
     There were some boys at this river with us that had some really big dicks and I had been sucking them for almost two weeks. I looked at the huge dick beside my face and I knew that come hell or high water I was going to get every bit of that in my mouth and then I would have it in my butt.
     It hurt to open my mouth so wide but I got that puppy in me and I tasted what cock should taste like. Chris tasted like Gary did the first time we did it. Gary tastes like that sometimes but not often enough. I was so horny over the taste and the feel of that huge cock that I was dizzy. I felt someone rub their hand alongside my face and he whispered in my ear, "Breathe through your nose. Relax and take a breath. It is okay to pull off of his cock and take a breath baby. It is really big and it is hard to take the first time. That's it, just breathe in and out for a moment.
     "Now if you are ready you should try to swallow as you go up and down on the little bit you have in your mouth. That's it. Go slow. Up and down and swallow as you go down. You're doing it, baby. You have over half of it in your mouth." I could feel it. It was in my throat. I love to have Gary in my throat. When he goes all the way in something in me just goes crazy and I want to swallow his whole body. Chris' cock was at that spot and I only had half of it in me.
     I opened my eyes to see his huge balls way out there at the end of his cock. I looked cross eyed at the mighty meat in me. It was as big around as Gary's arm. I remembered what the voice had said. I pulled way back and began to fuck my mouth. I was breathing on each up stroke and swallowing as I went down. I felt the huge cock head go deep in my throat where it really began to feel good. In a few more strokes I had his balls laying across my nose and I could feel my chin buried in his light brown bush. I had done it. I had his whole cock in me.
     Chris rolled over to his back while he held on to me so that I was on top of him and I could fuck my cock into his mouth and everything. I was in overdrive. Chris was doing his thing to me but his cock was driving me wild. I felt pain and pleasure waft through me as I fucked up and down on that huge pole in my mouth for all I was worth. I finally realized that Chris was finger fucking my ass hole while he just suckled on my cock. I know that if he were to bob up and down I would blow my wad at once. He was keeping me just at the edge which made me so horny. I wanted more of him. I wrapped my arms around his thighs and spread his ass cheeks open. I let my hands play in the warm crevice of his love. I was seeking his poop hole.
     I wanted him to feel everything that he was making me feel as I pushed two fingers into his hole. He slowly humped my mouth so I knew that he liked it. I found his prostate and begin to rub on it the way Gary likes me to rub his. That got Chris to moving. He began to finger fuck me and suck my dick harder. I knew that he was about to cum and he wanted me to cum with him. I hoped that I wouldn't embarrass myself and that I could swallow all of his juice. I wondered how much he had in those huge balls before my nose.
     I know that Chris was cumming but I was cumming in a way that I had never done before. Even in my wildest stroke times I never had the cum move throughout my whole body. It was like the wind up pitch as it moved through me gaining momentum. When I fired off I was sure that I had to blast the end of my cock off. I never came so intensely. I could feel Chris' cum rolling down my chin as it overflowed my mouth. I pulled back and swallowed then went back down for more of him. I was so weak that I could not continue. I fell aside and began to gasp for air as my body just kept shooting my cum into Chris' mouth.
     Chris raised up and looked down at me. His eyes were so soft and inviting. I wanted him. I wanted every piece of this old grownup man. I love Gary so much but I had to have more of Chris. His hands were lightly stroking my belly and my chest and I could feel my dick harden and begin to throb. Chris bent over and kissed it the he pulled me back on top of him and told me to rest, he was going to do the work.
     It may have been work for him but it was pure pleasure to me. Gary and I have tried eating each other, back there, you know. But what was happening to my poop hole was not eating. The man was having dinner. He told me that I had the best tasting boi butt ever as he shoved his tongue deep inside of me. I tried to sit up and push more of my scrawny butt in his mouth. He reached around and grabbed my cock and pulled me tight to his face as he slow stroked on just the head of my main member.
     I could not sit still. My cock head was dry and his fingers were working over it while his tongue was working up in me and I was just flat going wild. He put a hand on my back and pushed me forward so that I had to lay down again. He pulled my butt cheeks apart and really began to attack my whole crack and hole. Then I felt his finger go back in me. He wiggled it around a few minutes then he had at least eight or nine fingers in me. I was so stretched but he made it feel so good. He was sucking both of my balls as he played around my prostate then I couldn't take it no more.
     I yelled out that I was cumming and he raised me up to suck me while his fingers still stroked inside my ass. I was insane with the feelings. My whole body was shaking. I was laying on my back and staring up into his face as he smiled at me and asked me if I was okay.
     Okay? Fuck I have never been more okay. Then I felt him move deep inside me where no man has gone before. I never knew that he was up in me. He did it so smooth and with no pain at all. I felt better than anything in the world. I found where I want to be forever and ever. He pushed my legs back and caused my back to bend as it raised off of the ground. I was looking at my cock pointing directly at my mouth. I wanted to suck myself. I am skinny and agile I thought I could do it. Gary and I measure our cocks all of the time and we have grown some over the last six months. I am just at the edge of six whole inches but Gary has another quarter of an inch to go.
     Somebody had their hands on the back of my head and was helping. The same voice as before told me to let my breath out as I bent forward and to keep my mouth wide open. I did it. I had the head of my dick in my mouth. I had to lay back down to get my breath but I did it. I moved forward and the hands pushed me and I got just past the head and began to suck my own cock while I got my stretched ass royally fucked. It that ain't heaven I can't imagine how great it will be.
     I lay on my back flopping around yelling for all I was worth for Chris to fuck me harder. I know I told him that I loved him forever more. I think I called him daddy once or twice. I could feel my cum starting and I wanted to take all of it into my mouth. I have licked my hand and I have licked my cum off of Gary's face but I wanted to take it as it shot out. I waited until I was right there and I asked for help. The hands pushed against my head and I took about half of my cock into my mouth just as I started to cum.
     I locked my lips around the shaft and didn't let a single drop escape me. Chris had his arms around me and he was plowing into me like a pile driver sending steel through granite. I felt his cock enlarge and fill every fold of my gut. I felt his cock pulse as cupful after cupful of his hot juice went all the way through me and filled my mouth with more hot nut batter.
     I was almost out cause I couldn't breathe. The hands behind my head had let go but I was pulling myself up as I tried to keep my cock in my mouth until Chris was finished. He made one more mighty push and I felt more of his juice shoot up in me as my cock gave one last jerk and I got another short spurt. That did it. I fell backwards. Chris was there beside me. He pulled me on top of him and wrapped his strong arms around me and held me. He kissed my face and let me kiss him. I love him. I know that I will always love him. I am going to go and lay with my dad and tell him that I still love him but I will always love Chris too.
     Gary came and lay down beside me and I attacked his face with my kisses. I told him over and over how awesome it had been to be loved by Chris. I heard many boys and men agree with me. I told Gary that he was in for the best time of his life as soon as Chris was ready to love my man. Gary seemed scared but what the heck, I was too until I had it in me.

     The greatest thing was seeing an Indian wedding. Chris married this lady named Daylight. She had this kid name of Rodney who was so cute. I guess from what they said then Cory and Rodney and Steven and Mike are all like cousins to Chris and he has adopted all of them. Cory is married and now Chris married too. I don't know what he'll do with all of the boys that live with him.

     I was really sad to see the end of our month come to an end. August the first was just around the corner and school would start up again soon. I loved living in tents and running naked in the woods. My summer has been the best thing in whole long life and I just can't stand to see it go away as if it never was. Gary held me and we cried together but he told me that it did happen. He was there and he would always help me to remember that it did happen. Dads heard us one night and they held as and told us that if we should ever forget the summer we would go up the hill to Chris' house and visit with his boys. I may forget many times.

     So like here we are in the locker room and everybody is perving on us. We really looked buff. We had worked out. We spent hours water skiing and that builds big muscles and it's fun too. But what had most of the pervs talking is that we neither one had a bit of a tan line. We were deep dark tanned from head to toe. Even our arm pits were dark as well as the bottoms of our feet, though not as dark as the rest of us. When we told them that all summer in the woods with hundreds of naked men and boys they freaked. Some of them said we had to be fags. Gary got up in this one dude's face and stared him down. "I got your fag hagin bitch boy. Anytime you think you're woman enough to take it bring it on, cause I'll beat the fucking shit out of you then fuck the rest out of you until you call me daddy and follow me home for more."
     We'll see how the rest of the year goes when that word gets around.

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