Stuart's Insatiable Itch, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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I was in my den, working at my desk on a proposal when I spotted my son Stuart open the gate to our backyard and walk across the grass with his backpack slung over his left shoulder. It was full of books, and it looked almost too heavy for his 4' 11” frame to handle, though he showed no signs of struggling with it. He had a spring in his step, and he was smiling widely. His shiny, dark brown hair was shimmering in the October sun light, and he had a glow on his cherubic face. Looking at the time in the right corner of my lap top, I realized that the afternoon had gotten away from me. I moved to save my work before the inevitable disruption that I knew was coming, then I heard my wife's voice in the living room.

Did you have a good day at school, honey?”

Yeah, mom, it was really good,” I heard my boy answer in a sweet tone, then I heard the smack of his lips against his mom's cheek. At 13 years old, he still loves giving his mom kisses when he leaves for school or comes home. My wife eats it up, knowing that some day, her lovable little guy will grow out of his affectionate ways.

You're running a little behind today, honey,” she observed, then I heard her take a deep whiff and she went on. “Have you been feasting again?”

Yeah,” he admitted in a small voice, and I smiled to myself because I knew that my little ass eater had been in an insatiable mood lately. “I saw Jarred and Dylan before I came home.”

I see,” she said in a knowing voice. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Uh huh,” he said. “Is daddy home?”

He's working in his den, honey,” she said. “Do you have a lot of homework?”

I didn't hear his answer, but I assumed he was nodding because I heard him let go of a long, disappointed sigh. I heard the unmistakable sound of my wife planting a kiss on his face, then I heard her go on.

I can tell you had a really tasty feast, sweetheart,” she said in a warm tone. “Did you do anything else with your little friends?”

Yeah,” I heard my boy say, patting his tummy. “I swallowed three big loads.”

Is that all?” she asked, then I heard him let out a dreamy sigh.

They both took a ride inside of me,” he said in a tone that gave away his satisfaction. “I really want to see daddy before I do my homework.”

Okay, honey, but as soon as you're done, I want you to get started on your homework,” she said firmly. “Give me your backpack, son. Do you want mama to make you something to snack on while you're visiting daddy in the den?”

Yes please,” he said politely, then my wife walked off with his backpack and I heard the sound of his footsteps coming toward the den. I heard the door to my den open, but I stayed busy at my desk, looking my proposal over as he made his way over. I felt him wrap his skinny arms around my neck from behind, then he rested his head on my shoulder and gave me a long hug.

Hey partner,” I said, reaching back with my right hand and running it through his short head of hair. “Did you have a good day at school today?”

Yeah, but I missed you,” he said quietly, watching as I inserted a table into the proposal.

I missed you too, buddy,” I told him, then I craned my neck and planted a kiss on his dimpled right cheek. “Tell daddy what you did today while he finishes his proposal.”

Okay,” he said with a contented sigh. “I went to Jarred's house after school.”

Oh yeah?” I said, and he nodded. “Were you all alone with him?”

No, Dylan came over, too,” he told me. “They played Call of Duty.”

What did you do while they were gaming?” I asked knowingly, and he let go of a soft moan.

I ate them out, daddy,” he admitted, then I felt his cheek rubbing against the top of my shoulder. “I've been wanting to give a rim job ever since I got to school this morning.”

You've been in the mood for it lately, haven't you?” I observed, and he nodded his answer. “Did you enjoy your feast?”

It was delicious,” he said quietly, then he planted a kiss on my stubbled cheek. “I was kinda hoping for another one, daddy.”

I think we can work something out, baby boy,” I told him, then I felt him tighten his grip around my torso. “Daddy's almost finished, buddy. Why don't you tell me what else happened while you were with Dylan and Jarred.”

I gave them both blow jobs,” he told me as I put the finishing touches on my proposal. “They both gave me nice loads to swallow.”

Did you get kisses?” I asked, and he nodded again as I closed the document.

They both started kissing me as soon as we got to Jarred's house,” he said, lifting his head from my shoulder so that I could pull my chair back from the desk. “They gave me kisses the whole time we were there.”

I smiled at my son, watching his expressive brown eyes light up when I turned my attention his way. He leaned into my side and I wrapped my right arm around his slender body, then I let my hand travel down to his plump rear end and gave it a firm squeeze.

Did they take care of this for you, too?” I asked knowingly, and he nodded eagerly.

They both took good care of it for me, daddy,” he said with a grin, then he looked deep into my eyes and puckered his lips. Entertaining my son's needs, I puckered up and he planted a kiss on my mouth, then he slipped his tongue into my mouth with a moan. As our kiss deepened, he settled in my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck, panting with passion the entire time. When our lips parted, he smiled naughtily at me.

Are those the kinds of kisses you shared with Jarred and Dylan?” I asked, and he nodded. “You love those kinds of kisses, don't you son?”

Yes daddy,” he said in a near whisper, then he rested his head on my shoulder while I ran my hand over his plump bottom. “Jarred and Dylan gave me a lot of those kisses.”

Did they kiss you while they were servicing your tight rear end?” I asked, and he nodded through a moan of desire. “Would you like to have daddy service your rear end next?”

Yes,” he whimpered, then he lifted his head and we shared another deep kiss. His smile was evident as he cupped my cheeks and probed my mouth with his tongue.

When our lips parted, he dutifully got up and walked to the window that faced the back yard. With a naughty smile, he shut the blinds completely, then he kicked his shoes off while he unbuttoned his pants. With his shoes no longer in the way, he hooked the waistband of his pants and underwear at the same time and slid them off of his hips, revealing his hard as steel boy boner. It stuck straight out from a tiny patch of pubic hair that was growing at its base, standing at 4 ½ inches at full mast. There was a tiny pearl of precum resting in its piss slit, telling me that he had indeed enjoyed his afternoon with his two lovers.

He stepped out of his puddled up school pants and wrapped his arms around my neck again, planting a deep kiss on my mouth while he simultaneously used his fingers to unbutton my fly. When my pants were loose, he broke our kiss and squatted between my legs, using both hands to reach into my boxers and pull my cock out, which was stiff as a board at it's full nine inches. As soon as it was out, he settled on his knees and rested his forearms in my lap while he wrapped his lips around the head of my dick and sucked. I smiled down at him, watching his expressive brown eyes fill with lust as he returned my smile with one of his own. Without taking his eyes off of me, he swallowed my cock whole and let go of a long, horny moan while his hands caressed my balls. I felt my toes curl into the floor as the tale tell signs of an orgasm started to swirl in my groin, so I reached down and ran my fingers through his dark hair.

Baby, daddy's getting really close,” I warned him, but this only brought out an even deeper moan from him and he started to bob his head up and down, letting his throat work in tandem with his tongue. I felt him use the fingers on his right hand to knead the base of my cock while he lovingly caressed my balls with his left hand, sending a strong shudder through my entire body. At the same time, he looked up at me with a needy gaze and his tongue started to swirl around the ridge of my crown in a clockwise motion that made me raise my ass up off of the chair. I knew that the train was leaving the station soon, and that unless he stopped immediately, there was no way to stop.

Sensing that a mouthful of cum was forthcoming, my horny son wrapped his fist around the base of my cock and gave it hard, fast pumps while he sucked furiously on the end. I felt a wave of climactic goodness wash over me and a powerful shivering sensation shook me to the core. My balls pulled tight and my dick started pulsating over and over again. I clenched my ass cheeks as hard as I could in one last ditch effort to stop the tornado, but it was too far gone. With a groan, I felt my aching cock explode with cum, filling Stuart's mouth with six powerful shots right in a row. I watched him shut his eyes tight as he received my load, then he began to gulp quickly, eager to take all of it down the throat and not lose any. When my cum shots started to wane, my horny little cum guzzler started pumping my cock with his fist, desperate to have every last drizzle run into his mouth.

When there was nothing left to swallow, my son let go of a long, satisfied sigh, then he used his tongue to lick up every strand of cum he could find. His scratchy tongue was running up and down my cock, then all around the bushy base of it as he sought out and licked up any traces of my load. He gave me a naughty look and slipped his mouth over the sensitive head of my dick, indulging in a few more moments of cock sucking. Through a series of moans, he bobbed his head up and down while he used his tongue to bathe the head. When he finally let it go, he used both hands to hold it up, then he smiled and started licking and sucking my balls. He had a look of transfixed pleasure on his face the entire time, and his hard dick was oozing with precum that hung from his piss slit.

When he pulled off of my nut sack, he used his hands to hang onto my thighs, then he stood up and we shared another kiss while he rested in my lap. I reached behind him and slid my middle finger into his crack, where I found his already slicked up boy pussy. He moaned when I pushed my digit through his hot entrance. I loved how tight it felt, even after three years of continuous use.

Daddy, it feels so good,” he panted in a soft but still boyish tone.

Did you get a nice load from daddy?” I asked him, and he nodded.

It was so nice,” he sighed dreamily, then he moaned again. “Thank you, daddy.”

You're welcome, baby,” I said lovingly. “Are you satisfied yet, or does daddy need to service your rear end?”

You need to service my rear end,” he said quickly, and I chuckled at his swift response.

Dylan and Jarred didn't give you enough action back there?” I asked curiously, and he shrugged.

They did, but it's not the same,” he explained, hiding his cute face in my neck. “Nobody services me like you do, daddy.”

You're my horny little cock hound, aren't you Stuart?” I asked, and he nodded his silent answer. “Did you get any other action today?”

I sucked a dick in the locker room, daddy,” he admitted. “It was Coach Smith's.”

Oh yeah?” I smiled. “How was it?”

It was nice and big,” he sighed. “Not as big as yours, though.”

I bet you're going to be sucking that dick every day from now on, aren't you?”

Yes,” he hissed, then he confessed his urgent need. “I want to eat at his back door, daddy.”

I responded by twisting my finger to and fro in his tight bottom, then I said, “Is that what you're going to do tomorrow?”

Uh huh,” he said, his voice husky with sexual passion. “Daddy?”

Yes, son.”

I want to eat at your back door right now,” he admitted, then he lifted his head from my shoulder and we shared one more kiss. I scooted him out of my lap and stood up from the chair, then I placed my hands on the back rest and knelt on the seat cushion, placing my ass at an almost perfect height for my baby boy to feast effortlessly. I felt him part my cheeks, then he bent forward and buried his face between them. I listened as he drew in a deep whiff through his nostrils, then I felt his tongue push tight against my taint while his breath tickled the hair around my pucker. With a moan, he forcefully ran his scratchy tongue all the way up my crack, pulling right across my asshole and sending a powerful shiver through me. When he got to the shallow top of my crevice, he moaned again, then he ran the bottom of his tongue all the way down my crack, leaving a moist trail of warm saliva in its wake. Satisfied with his handy work so far, the little ass muncher zeroed in on my brown eye and dug in, treating it to strong, swift licks with his scratchy tongue that had my toes curling again.

I felt him tilt his head back, giving him the angle he needed to push up as hard as he could into my backside with his face. Pleased with the access he now had, he changed his technique, falling into a deep French kissing of my wrinkled hole while he moaned up into it. I dug my fingertips into the back of the chair and drew in a sharp breath, knowing that this could go on indefinitely. There was a day when my son was simply an ambitious little ass licker, who would try to last but didn't have the endurance. But that was many years ago, when he was still learning how to service males the right way. Over time, he's only gained stamina in his tongue, allowing him to feast for long, glorious stretches of time. When he was ten years old, his rim jobs might have lasted five minutes, give or take a few here or there. But these days, my horny boy can keep his tongue buried up a hot ass hole for as long as it takes for him to get his fill.

After five minutes of deep rimming, Stuart pulled his tongue from my chute and bathed its surface. I felt his tongue running all over my ass cheeks, listening to his panting get more frantic, then he moved back to my pucker and resumed his deep rimming. He was moaning so loudly up into my ass that I felt compelled to reach back and run my fingers through his dark hair. At one point, my wife peaked her head into the den, wondering what was making her son moan so hotly. When she saw him with his face buried between my cheeks, she smiled and carried on, knowing that he was an insatiable ass eater.

When he pulled his tongue from my hole, he moved back down to my taint and licked it several times, anxious to lap up all of the flavors he could. Finally, he settled into a series of deep ass licks that spanned the length of my crack, over and over again. He started at the bottom and licked all the way up, once again running right across my brown eye with his scratchy tongue, then he painted a wet trail all the way down to my taint. After several moments of this, he leaned forward and planted a loving kiss on my asshole, then I felt him release my ass cheeks.

Was that a nice feast, son?” I asked, and he nodded eagerly with a wanton look on his face. He was licking his lips and pulling them into his mouth, telling me that he was still trying to savor the taste of my rear end. His hard boy rod was now sticking straight up like a banana, and there was precum drooling into his patch of pubes. He set his eyes on my hard cock, which was leaking precum like a faucet, and licked his lips again. He looked up at me with a needy smile and bit his lower lip, so I gave him a nod of approval. Without waiting another second, my horny boy turned around and bent over, placing his hands on my desk for support while letting out a soft moan of desire.

I got behind him, parting his buns and taking stock of his horny entrance. It was bright red and had traces of hot cum in its folds, telling me that its service must have happened right before he walked home. Knowing my son the way I do, I was surprised that he didn't have a bigger load of cum running from his hole. But then again, I surmised, he probably begged for his lovers to pull out and shoot their loads in his mouth. He's always so horny to take on a cock, and he loves swallowing cum, which often leads to sensual requests that his tops are eager to meet. I dropped to my knees behind him, anxious for a taste of his beautiful boy pussy. Without hesitation, I buried my face in his rear end and ate him deeply. He immediately started to call out with pleasure, so I intensified the force of my rim job until I felt his fingers pulling my hair. I pulled my tongue from his rear end and smiled up at him, meeting his tortured eyes as he panted in sheer pleasure.

Are you ready, baby boy?” I asked, and he nodded frantically.

Not wanting him to have to wait another second, I lined my dripping cock up to his hole and pushed in with one delicious thrust. As his hot, tight rear end swallowed my entire length, his boyish moans rang out, then he bit his lower lip again and gave me a pleading look. Once again, my desire to please my son took over, so I placed my hands on his shoulders and took a firm hold. He reacted to this by thrusting on his own, trying to create a fucking motion around my shaft with his boy pussy. I tightened my hold on his shoulders and took over, sliding my rod in and out of his bottom with full, firm strokes.

Right away, he started to pant and moan, placing his hands flat on the desk and using his hips to lift his rump every time I pushed in. I felt a thick glob of precum drip from the end of his hard cock onto my left shin, telling me that he was loving the ass fucking that I was giving him. For as much action as his rear end sees, it's almost surprising to me how tight it stays. I chalk that up to his youth, though, and the exercises that his mom taught him when he first started riding cocks at ten years old. It was apparent from the get go that we weren't going to be able to keep a tight leash on our little pussy boy, so his mama insisted that he learn kegel techniques to keep his bottom tight.

We've always known that we were raising a cock hound. His young lips have been wrapped around a dick every day since he was eight years old. His attraction to boys is something his mom and I have never discouraged, and even helped him explore. When he finally gave it up to a neighborhood boy at 10 years old, he did it in the comfort of his bed while my wife and I were home. The 12 year old was cute, and Stuart had taken to sucking the boy off in his room on a daily basis. So it seemed a natural progression that he would want anal sex, and when that time came, we helped him prepare.

After that first time in his room with his little lover, Stuart became an insatiable bottom with a craving for cocks that we never imagined. He was constantly seeing older boys in his room, desperate to have his seemingly insatiable itch scratched as much as possible. At night, he was in our bed, getting his itch scratched with the biggest cock he could access. But my wife and I are no dummies, and we knew that there were others. We quickly figured out that his daily bike rides were nothing more than excursions to the public park, where he would lure men into the bathroom for anal sex. When he finally fessed up to us, we were understanding of his needs, but concerned that he would wear the tread off of the tire too soon, so to speak. So his mama took the initiative, putting him on a program of weekly kegel exercise that she instructed him on.

As a result, his rear end has stayed tight as a vice, making it an enticing place for men and boys to bury their cocks. And Stuart loves it when men and boys bury their cocks in his rear end. Which is why he was moaning so loudly as I drove in and out, using my nine inch shaft to scratch the itch that burdens my little boy all the time. The relief that spread out across his face as I scratched his itchy boy pussy said it all, but his moans were a pretty good indicator of his pleasure, too.

And while Stuart was certainly enjoying the butt fucking that I was treating him to, I was taking a tremendous amount of pleasure in it as well. So much pleasure, in fact, that my midsection was once again swirling with the signs of an impending orgasm. My balls, which had been hanging low and swinging back and forth with my in and out thrusting, were starting to pull tight to my crotch. I could feel the cum starting to move along my shaft as a strong throb moved along its length. The head of my dick, which was sheathed so deliciously by the lining in my son's boy pussy, felt like it had currents of electricity wrapping around it. As if there were a force that was creating a magnetic pull, I could feel the thick load of cum gaining speed as it bullied its way to the tip of my dick.

Like the well practiced little pussy boy that he is, Stuart felt my cock expand and knew that he was about to receive my load. I felt him tighten the muscles in his boy pussy and watched him shut his eyes tight, then he made his final request.

Cum in my mouth, daddy!” he whined, then he started humping back on my cock with quick, frantic motions. In a moment of near panic, I grabbed hold of his hips and increased the force of our butt fucking, then I pulled out and he dropped to his knees and wrapped his lips around my dick. He immediately began sucking on it like a baby nursing on his mama's teat, then I felt his tongue run back and forth on the underside of my crown and lost it. I drew in a sharp breath and felt my toes curl, then my dick throbbed violently in his mouth and I shot my load. He had such a tight seal around my glans that his cheeks filled up, then he swallowed as a thick glob of cum escaped around my cock, which was still shooting. He quickly caught up and started gulping furiously, digging his fingertips into my thighs with hard pants and urgent moans.

As the last of my load fired into his gulping mouth, he raised his ass up into the air and rolled it around in a long, sensual circle and let out a moan that carried through the entire house. His hard little prick was standing at attention with a long strand of precum that stretched all the way from the tip to the floor, staying in tact even as he rolled his bottom around and moaned. It was his final call of passion, the one he lets go of when he's achieved total cock service. I let him stay where he was, sucking hungrily on the end of my dick while his tongue searched frantically for more cum to sop up. When he let my cock go, he stayed on his hands and knees and continued to roll his rear end around while he sucked on my balls.

Reluctantly, Stuart pulled off of my nuts, giving me a hopeful smile as I collapsed in my chair. I patted my left thigh, and with an obedient smile, he hopped up and crawled into my lap. We shared a long French kiss, then he sighed and rested his head on my shoulder.

Thank you, daddy,” he said softly as his hard cock leaked precum on my right leg. “My boy pussy feels really nice right now.”

You did a really nice job servicing daddy's cock, son,” I said proudly, rubbing his back through his blue shirt. “I want you to go to the table and get started on your homework now, okay?”

Yes daddy,” he said obediently, then he planted a kiss on my cheek. “I love you.”

I love you too, precious,” I told him in a gentle voice. “Maybe when daddy finishes up with his work, he'll come service your boy pussy again. Would you like that?”

Yes,” he hissed, so I planted a kiss on his cheek and scooted him out of my lap. He dutifully walked over to his pants and underwear and picked them up from the floor, then he smiled naughtily at me and turned around, giving me a nice view of his cute bubble butt. Finally, he folded his pants and put them over his shoulder, then he stepped into his white briefs, pulling them up over his plump bottom. As he walked out of the den, I had my sights set on his rear end, watching him make it switch from side to side in a sensual manner. His fleshy buns were bouncing up and down in the white knitted fabric that seemed to barely contain them, making my spent cock fill with blood as I thought about pleasuring my son again.


It was 7:15 in the evening when my son's bedroom door opened. I was standing at the sink, helping my wife load the dishwasher after dinner when I heard Stuart bound down the stairs. When he appeared in front of us, he had his cell phone up to his ear and a hopeful look on his face.

Can I have a boy in my room this evening?” he asked sweetly, then I heard a gasp on the other end of the call.

Are you asking your parents?” the high pitched voice of a young man asked incredulously.

It's okay, Billy,” my son said in a reassuring tone, then he turned his attention back to his mother and I. “Please?”

My wife and I shared a knowing smile, then she gave him the green light.

That's fine, honey,” she said. “But mommy and daddy want to meet him, first.”

Okay!” he said excitedly as a smile spread out across his face, then he dashed off, bounding back up the stairs to his room as he announced into the phone, “They said yes! What time will you be here?”

Fifteen minutes later, as the misses and I were sitting on the couch in the family room watching TV, Stuart came down the stairs again. He was talking on his phone, obviously giving his soon to be guest directions on how to find our house, then he opened the front door and let the boy in.

I'm glad you came over,” he said with a dreamy inflection in his voice, then my wife and I smiled as the unmistakable sound of deep French kissing carried into our ears. Stuart let out a soft moan, then he told his young guest, “My mom and dad want to meet you before we go upstairs.”

Are they going to trip?” I heard the youngster ask nervously, but Stuart eased his mind.

No, they just want to meet you so that they know who you are,” he explained. “You can hold my hand if you want.”

Seconds later, Stuart walked into the family room hand in hand with a very cute boy, a blond with short, stringy hair. The youngster stood at about 5'2” and might have weighed 95 pounds. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and an aqua blue printed tee shirt. He gave the wife and I a nervous smile, revealing a set of braces that adorned his pearly white teeth.

Is this the boy you're taking to your room, honey?” my wife asked, and Stuart nodded with stars in his eyes.

His name is Billy,” he sighed. “He's really cute, huh?”
“He's very cute, sweetie,” my wife agreed. The boy was blushing deeply and looking down bashfully as we took stock of his cute features.

He's a really good kisser, too,” Stuart bragged. “I can't wait for him to kiss me while he does me up the butt.”

With that, the boy's eyes got huge and he looked terrified, especially when I turned my attention his way.

It's nice to meet you young man,” I said, sitting on the edge of the couch and offering him a hand shake. He politely accepted my offer, and when I took his small hand in mine, I could feel him trembling with fear.

It's nice to meet you too, sir,” he said in a shaky voice, then he turned his attention mack to my wife. “And you too, ma'am.”

How old are you, Billy?” my wife asked softly.

I'm 13, ma'am,” he answered nervously, so I decided to set his mind at ease.

There's no need to be nervous around us, Billy,” I said, firming up my grip before letting it go. “We know why our son wanted you to come over, and it's okay. Go upstairs and enjoy yourself.”

We're both going to enjoy ourselves,” Stuart announced, leaning into his lover's side and resting his head against the boy's boney shoulder. “He's got a really nice package, daddy.”

Oh yeah?” I said with a smile, turning my attention back to my horny boy.

Yeah, it's nice and juicy,” he said, and once again, Billy's face turned crimson red. “I really liked sucking it.”

Did you suck it after school, sweetheart?” my mom asked, and our little cock hound shook his head no.

I sucked it yesterday in the boy's bathroom,” he sighed contentedly. “I'm going to suck it again as soon as we go to my room.”

Well it sounds like you two need to get up there,” I said, giving Billy a wink, then I settled back on the couch and wrapped my arm around my wife. “Have fun you two.”

We will, daddy,” Stuart said, then he gazed up in his young lover's eyes and puckered his lips for a kiss. Billy gave my wife and I a nervous look, but we both nodded our approval, so he puckered up and leaned down, planting a kiss on our boy's mouth. Stuart immediately slipped his tongue into the cute blond's mouth and wrapped his arms around his neck, indulging in a deep kiss while he used his hips to roll his bubble butt around.
When they broke their kiss, Stuart took his lover by the hand and practically dragged him up the stairs, then we heard his door close. Ten minutes later, we heard Stuart's twin bed start to creak and his moans penetrated the ceiling, telling us that he was getting the back door service that he had been craving so badly. The wife and I smiled at each other and shared a kiss, then we heard his moans become muffled and knew that he was being treated to a kiss of his own.

He's in a mood tonight, isn't he?” she commented, and I nodded in agreement. “I wonder if he'll sleep in his own bed tonight.”

We'll see about that,” I said with a doubtful inflection, knowing that Stuart's libido was incredibly high that night.

After leaving me in the den to start on his homework, his sexual charge was still incredibly powerful. My wife set a snack on the table and took his trousers from him, hoping that he would calm down and get through his homework uninterrupted. Knowing that he had a lot of school work to do, I left him alone for an hour and a half and let him concentrate. But as the itch in his bottom started to get more and more persistent, I knew that he would start to have a hard time. Still, he kept at it, patiently waiting for me to close my lap top and come to the table.

Honey, I think he needs to see you,” I heard from behind me. I looked up to see my wife standing there, looking quite concerned, so I saved my work and got up with her.

At her urging, I finally made my way into the dining room. I found him sitting with his legs curled up underneath his body. Curiously, he had his left heal nestled in his crack while he unconsciously ground his boy hole into it and whimpered like a sad puppy dog. My wife had a sympathetic smile on her face as we watched our boy try desperately to tend to his own needs, then she gave my arm a squeeze and went back to the kitchen.

I walked up from behind and wrapped my arms around his warm torso, planting a kiss on his cheek and letting my hands run up his shirt.

How's your homework coming, son?” I asked, using my palms to rub his torso, bringing out a soft moan of satisfaction from him.

I have time for a break,” he offered, then he tilted his head back and engaged me in a deep kiss. “I really need my boy pussy serviced again, daddy.”

How about if we go in the bathroom, son?” I asked him, and he eagerly nodded his head. “Give daddy another kiss, first.”

With that, he planted his mouth on mine and slid his tongue into my mouth, kissing me hungrily while I pulled my hands out from under his shirt and groped his horny bottom with firm squeezes. His boy boner was sticking straight out, making the front of his white briefs tent and leaving a moist patch of precum in the pouch. He turned and wrapped his arms around my neck, so I cupped his rear end with both hands and lifted him up from the chair. He wrapped his legs around my waist and moaned into my mouth, so I made a quick beeline for the downstairs bathroom while my wife tended to supper.

When we got to the bathroom, I closed the door and he quickly unbuttoned my pants. When he had them around my ankles, he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around my hard cock, sucking it lustily while he smiled up at me with his expressive brown eyes. While he was bobbing his head up and down on my dick, he used his fingers to hook the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down, freeing his own hard rod from their confines. He stayed on my dick for another minute or so, then he planted a long, grateful kiss right on the end. With a moan of desire, he bent over the toilet and placed his hands on the tank for balance while I grabbed his hips with both hands and pulled them up. With his hips now in my firm grasp, he looked over his shoulder with a naughty smile as I lined up to his hot hole and pushed in.

As soon as I was buried all the way up his hot, tight bottom, I started to thrust. Stuart's ass felt like a vice around my shaft, squeezing it with almost unbearable force while I gave it a series of deep, in and out strokes. As my hard rod tore across the lining of his boy pussy, Stuart moaned and shivered through pursed lips. His hard boy cock was drooling precum and the skin on his fleshy bottom was covered in goosebumps, telling me that he was loving his ride. I tightened my grip on his hips and quickened my ride, knowing that my climax was just around the corner. I could feel the head of my dick being grabbed over and over as I pushed in and out of his tight rear end. His flow of ass juice was incredibly strong this time, more so than it had been earlier, and I could tell that he was in a state of carnal bliss.

When I knew I was at the end of my road, I started to feed him more forceful thrusts. This served to heighten both of our pleasure, and as his ass sheathed my cock tightly, I gave him one final thrust and buried it all the way inside of him. With his ass squeezing my shaft, It unloaded its bounty of hot cum inside of him, shooting into his rectum with forceful squirts that made him moan in an almost animalistic fashion.

When I pulled out of him, he spun around and sat on the closed lid of the toilet, taking my cock in his mouth and sucking on it with lust filled purrs. I felt him press on my stomach with his palms, prompting me to step back while he scooted to the edge of the toilet seat, anxious to keep my dick in his mouth. As soon as he had enough room, he raised his naked, cum filled bottom from the seat and rolled it around with a loud, horny moan that said he had achieved total cock service. He kept my dick in his mouth a little longer and nursed, then he let it fall from his lips and wrapped his arms around my stomach.

I love you, daddy,” he panted as I ran my fingers through his dark head of hair.

I love you too, baby,” I told him, then I knelt down so I could wrap him in a tight hug. “Does your boy pussy feel better?”

Yes,” he whimpered, resting his head on my shoulder. “Daddy?”

Yes buddy?”

Will you service my boy pussy again before I go to sleep?”

Of course I will, precious.”

With that, I reached down and took hold of his underwear, pulling them up over his plump rear end and his hard, drooling boy cock. We shared a deep kiss, then I stood up and he dutifully pulled my boxers and pants back up before returning to the table to resume his homework.

During supper, he sat right beside me at the table, and I couldn't help but notice that his boy rod was stiff as a board. It was poking straight out, and at the very end where his undies tented out the furthest, there was a damp patch of precum. He smiled up at me when he noticed me watching, then he went back to his dinner as if nothing were the matter. So when he came to his mom and I in search of approval for an after dinner cock date, it wasn't much of a surprise to either one of us.

The creaking of his mattress started to pick up, increasing in pace for a full minute before it stopped abruptly. Stuart's moans were suddenly soft, then the smacking of lips carried into our ears. We listened as our son's soft moans carried through the wall for a couple of minutes while he sucked his lover's cock clean. Then, as if right on cue, we heard the trademark call of our boy, moaning like the pussy boy that he is while he rolled his well serviced bottom around with the satisfaction of having achieved total cock service for his top. When his moaning stopped again, there was complete silence and we resumed watching TV.

Ten minutes later, Stuart appeared in front of us, naked from the waist down with a raging hard on.

Hey buddy, did your little lover go home?” I asked, and he shook his head no.

He's asleep,” he told us with a contented smile. “We made out and cuddled after we made love, then he went to sleep.”

You wore him out, buddy,” I said, reaching out and tickling his ribs playfully. “It sounded like you got what you were after, pal.”

I did, daddy,” he sighed. “I've been wanting him to do me up the butt for a long time.”

Did you enjoy it, sweetie?” my wife asked, and he nodded, taking a seat on her knee. She planted a kiss on his cheek, then she sniffed his face and grinned. “You had a tasty feast up there, didn't you?”

Yeah, it was delicious, mom,” he said with a grin. “He's sleeping on his tummy, so when I go upstairs to wake him up, I'm going to have another feast.”

You're such a horny little butt hole eater,” she gushed, pulling him into a warm hug. “Are you planning to get your back door serviced again, too?”

He nodded his answer, eliciting proud smiles from both of us. We smothered our boy in kisses, then his mom scooted him out of her lap and he hurried back upstairs. Five minutes later, the sound of his bed creaking loudly accompanied by his moans started again. For five uninterrupted minutes, we heard our boy moaning with pleasure as his top serviced his tight rear end. When he was bred for the second time by his dreamy eighth grade lover, the two shared a long kiss and a sweet smile. After Billy pulled out, Stuart got in the doggy style position and sucked him clean while he moaned and rolled his well serviced bottom around like a true cock hound.

Before his young lover left for the evening, Stuart lured him into the downstairs bathroom and wrapped his lips around his cock. As his moans got more passionate, it became clear to my wife and I that our boy wasn't satisfied just yet. Sure enough, we heard him pull off of his lover's cock and pant, “Let me pull my pants down.”

You're parents are right out there, though,” Billy protested in a panicked voice, but Stuart was insistent.

It's okay,” he whimpered, sounding almost frantic with need. “I'm really horny for a quickie with you.”

With that, we heard the sounds of skin slapping against skin at a blindingly fast rate of speed and our son started to climb the mountain of sexual bliss once more. His moans were shameless and he was panting over and over, then we heard Billy let go of a suppressed moan of his own and the thrusting stopped. We heard them share a deep kiss, then Stuart dropped to his knees and sucked his lover's cock clean while he rolled his rear end around and gave off another moan of triumph. When they came out, they were holding hands and walking slowly. Stuart looked quite pleased with himself, and Billy looked like a whipped puppy. They came to the couch and Stuart addressed his mom and I.

Is it okay if Billy comes over in the morning and spends some time with me?” he asked with a dreamy sigh.

As long as you two aren't late for school, it's okay,” my wife said with a smile.

Can he spend the night if his mom and dad say it's okay?” Stuart asked hopefully, and we both nodded, bringing a smile to both boys faces. Stuart puckered up, and as if he were under a spell, Billy engaged him in another kiss.

I'll call you later, honey,” the boy said, his tone full of tenderness as he gazed lovingly into my son's brown eyes.

Okay,” Stuart said with an equal amount of tenderness in his tone. “Will you kiss me by the door?”

Billy nodded, then the two lovestruck 13 year olds strolled slowly to the front door while my wife and I watched.


I was fresh out of the shower, standing in front of the sink that my wife and I share in our room. I was shaving in the mirror when I saw my boy climb into bed and snuggle up to his mom. His head was damp and he had on a pair of Mario Cart character pajamas. I smiled when I saw my wife plant a kiss on his cheek, then they talked quietly while I finished shaving.

Did you wash your bottom really well, honey?” she asked knowingly, and he nodded up at her.

I sat in the tub and let the cum wash out of it,” he told her with a proud smile. “Then I used a washrag and scrubbed it until I felt really good.”

Good boy,” she said with a loving smile. “Are you lubed up?”

He nodded eagerly, resting his head on her shoulder with a sigh.

I wanted to be ready for daddy tonight,” he told her. “I'm really horny for him, mom.”

You've been horny all evening, baby,” she observed, and he looked up at her with a naughty smile. “I'm sure daddy's going to be up to the task, Stuart.”

Good,” he said with a grin, then he rested quietly while I rinsed my face and dried it off. I put some aftershave lotion on it, then I washed my hands, grinning in the mirror as Stuart tried to keep his excitement contained. Finally, I turned the sink off and dried my hands, prompting my boy to kiss his mom and say, Goodnight, mama.”

Goodnight, baby,” she said with a smile, watching as he crawled to the edge of the bed and stretched his arms out for me. I reached out and took him by the ribs, then I dug my fingertips into them and started tickling, making him squirm uncontrollably while he giggled. He quickly wound up on his back, trying to escape my grasp on his ribs as I stayed on the attack, tickling him unmercifully until he finally called out for me to stop.

Daddy, I'm going to pee my pants!” he pleaded through fits of giggles, so I let up and planted a kiss on his face.

Get up and go to the potty before I tuck you in, son,” I instructed him, and when he got up, he stuck his tongue out at me playfully and dashed into our bathroom while my wife and I listened. He came out without flushing the toilet, earning him a raised eyebrow from me and a demand from his mom that he go back in and flush.

When he came out the second time, he climbed back onto the bed and announced, “I left something on the seat for mommy.”

Before my wife could protest, I reached out with my hands and began tickling him again, making him squirm like a fish out of water for almost a full minute. When I let up, he was panting hard and smiling up at me playfully, so I raised his shirt up and blew a raspberry into his belly button, then I attacked his midsection with my fingertips for another minute while he begged for mercy.

When I finally stopped tickling him, I planted another kiss on his face, then I lovingly picked him up and carried him to his room while he clung to me with his arms and his legs.

Do you need to go pee again?” I asked him, and he shook his head no. “I heard you tell mommy that you were all lubed up.”

I am, daddy,” he said seductively in my ear. “I need my boy pussy to get serviced again.”

I see,” I told him as we made our way across the hall to his room. “What if daddy's tool isn't working?”

Then I'll have to suck it until it starts working again,” he told me. “Or I can lick your butt hole and make it start working that way, instead.”

Daddy's little rimmer,” I said with a proud smile, taking a seat on his bed and setting him on my lap. “I think it would be better if you give daddy some head.”

Okay,” he quickly agreed, so I laid flat on his pillow, pulling him down with me and cupping his supple rear end. I was already stiff as a board, but he played along, scooting down my body until he was face to face with my cock. With a horny moan, he wrapped his lips around it and started to suck while his own little boner pushed a tent out in the front of his blue pajama bottoms. I heard him let out a soft moan, so I ran my palm over his curvaceous bottom and spoke softly to him.

Is that good, precious?”

Mhmm,” panted, treating himself to deep swallows of my cock that he took with ease to the back of his throat.

You suck a really good dick baby,” I praised him, caressing his rear end tenderly. “I bet that tomorrow, Coach Smith is going to love feeling your sweet lips around his cock.”

With that, he let out a moan of desire and cupped my balls, running his warm hands over them.

Would you like daddy to ease your pajama bottoms down, baby?”

Mhmm,” he panted again, this time while he nodded slowly. Knowing how hot he always is for a bedtime cock up the ass, I carefully eased his pajama bottoms down, leaving him in a pair of white cotton undies that were practically soaked in the front with precum. I gingerly pulled the waistband out at the front, bringing it down far enough so that his hard dick could spring free. With his cock and balls now free, I eased them off of his horny rear end until they were bunched around his knees with his pajama bottoms. I immediately felt a drool of precum drop from his piss slit and land on my leg, so I cupped his ass and gave it a firm squeeze while he moaned with appreciation.

Are you ready for daddy to put you down for the night?” I asked gently, and he pulled off of my cock with a loud slurp and nodded his answer. He crawled up beside me, using his feet to kick his pajama bottoms and his underwear off of his left leg, leaving them trapped around his right ankle.

Seemingly unfazed, he pulled his knees to his chest and presented his freshly lubed entrance to me while he bit his lower lip and watched with fire in his eyes. I smiled and grabbed his ankles, pressing my cock against his back door and feeling its heat wrap around the head. I took a deep breath to compose myself, then I slowly pushed in, knowing that he had washed away all of the cum loads that had been left there. Like it always does, his talented hole bloomed and I slipped past his anal ring with relative ease, then I felt the tight, hot grip of his rear end around my dick. I felt a powerful shudder pass through me just as Stuart reached out with his arms, seemingly beckoning me to lean in and kiss him. Giving into my baby boy's needs, I pushed the rest of the way in until we were face to face.

As soon as I was buried all the way inside of him, he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled my head down so that we were face to face. With a dreamy smile, he tilted his head to the right and puckered his lips for me to kiss him. As soon as our lips touched, he slipped his tongue into my mouth and I started to thrust in and out of his love tunnel. We were looking into each others' eyes the entire time, kissing hungrily as my cock ran back and forth inside of his talented boy pussy. His moans were pouring into my mouth, seemingly timed to every in and out stroke that I fed him. I could feel his body start to tense up as precum continued to pour out of his hard cock, pooling up in his tummy and running down into his pubic hair. His rear end was grabbing my cock so perfectly, sending a series of powerful shivers through me as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure started to hit me. He felt my cock swell in his tight bottom, and with the horny moans of a true pussy boy, Stuart used the muscles in his ass to tighten up and add to my pleasure. Finally, I felt my balls boil over and the pent up cum that was swirling inside of them came rushing out, giving me sweet release as I filled my son's bottom up with my seed. He moaned hotly into my mouth as he felt himself being bred, then he kissed me with even more hunger and his bottom tightened up again, squeezing my shaft so hard that it was almost scary and I stopped thrusting. As I rested inside of him, we continued to kiss until I slowly withdrew from his tight bottom. We broke our kiss, and with a lust filled smile, he puckered up and planted a wet one on my lips with no tongue.

I love you, daddy,” he sighed, still hanging onto my neck with his hands.

I love you too, precious boy,” I said softly, carefully guiding his legs to the bed. I got up and gently eased my cock into his mouth from his bedside, letting him suck the cum and ass juice away while he lovingly ran his hand through my pubic bush. When my cock went totally flaccid in his mouth, he planted a grateful kiss on the end, then he rolled over and got in the doggy style position. Unable to control his urges, he rolled his freshly fucked rear end around and moaned with satisfaction, his eyes trained on my completely drained cock the entire time.

When he finally calmed down, he laid down on his bed and I got in with him, wrapping my arm around his little frame and holding him close. He gave me a long hug, then he rested his head on the pillow with a sigh. I stayed where I was and petted his head of hair, watching his eyes get heavy as he smiled up at me. When I knew that he was about to fall asleep, I carefully eased his underwear back over his left foot, but he shook his head no.

You don't want me to put your pajamas on, buddy?” I asked him curiously, and he shook his head no.

I'm leaving them off so I can come get my itch scratched in your room tomorrow morning,” he said with a smile.

What about this, baby?” I asked as I reached out and caressed his hard cocklet with my fingers, knowing already what his answer would be. “Are you ready for someone to take care of this yet?”

With a grin, he shook his head no, and I smiled proudly at my little bottom boy.

I don't care about that, daddy,” he said with a sleepy smile. “I only care about it when I have to go pee.”

You're such a dedicated little bottom, aren't you?” I said proudly, and he nodded at me with a grin.

I never want to have my wiener taken care of,” he told me. “All I want to do is to get my butt serviced and suck dicks.”

Mommy and I are so proud of our little pussy boy,” I told him, leaning in to give him a kiss. “Are you looking forward to waking daddy up with your boy pussy in the morning?”

He nodded up at me with a warm smile, so I planted another kiss on his lips and pulled the covers up to his chest.

Tell daddy what you're going to dream about tonight.”

I'm going to dream about servicing cocks, daddy,” he told me through a yawn.

You're going to have sweet dreams, aren't you honey?”

I'm going to have really sweet dreams,” he declared. “Daddy?”

Yes sugar?”

Thank you for servicing my boy pussy.”

You're welcome, sugar,” I told him in a soft tone. “I want you to get some sleep now, okay?”

With that, he closed his eyes and sighed gently, letting dreams of cock service carry him into a deep slumber while I planted one last kiss on his forehead.

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