Alan in Heat – A Game of Four on One, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This is part twenty four of a series of short stories.

This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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"God damn, I almost forgot how much you love to suck cock," Malcolm panted, drawing in air through clenched teeth. "Is that good, Alan?"

"Mhmm," Alan moaned with a far away look in his eyes, his lips stretched thin as they encased the long, thick cock in his mouth. In reply, the man reached down and ran his fingers through the boy's stringy mop of blonde hair.

Alan and Malcolm were in the furthest stall from the bathroom door, both naked from the waist down. Malcolm was sitting on the commode with his pants around his ankles while Alan was on his knees, making sweet love to the man's shaft with his watering mouth and his talented throat. Before getting between his lover's legs, the youngster dropped his shorts and his underwear, then he bent over and held on to the commode while Malcolm grabbed his hips and lined up to his moist, cum slicked entrance. Alan was in a state of sheer need when he led the man into the stall, his horny rear end sending him the frantic signal that it was overdue for its next major service. Knowing exactly what the boy was after, the man quickly rose to the occasion, sliding his throbbing cock deep into the hot, silky tunnel of love that Alan was offering him.

In a matter of seconds, the horny 12 year old was shaking uncontrollably as a powerful boygasm gripped his young body, taking hold and not ceasing until the man fired his load deep into the boy and pulled out. Even then, Alan's shivering didn't stop right away, and the boy had to concentrate to get control of the ecstasy that had taken him over. He felt the man's slimy cock slap him across the right butt cheek and knew that this was his chance to spend a long, luscious afterglow worshiping the dick he was so hot to suck. So with the determination of a true pussy boy, little Alan composed himself long enough to make his top comfortable on the toilet, then he dropped to his knees and took Malcolm's long, hard and cum coated shaft in his mouth.

As soon as he had his lips wrapped around the head, he felt another powerful set of shivers run through his body with reckless abandon. With another full on boygasm tearing through him, the gay youngster rolled his climaxing rear end around in a slow, sensual clock wise motion while he moaned shamelessly. When he felt his boygasm start to wane again, the horny youngster worked to swallow Malcolm's entire ten inches, feeling his lips stretch almost painfully. At the same time, his young body was explosive with carnal pleasure, his well serviced rear end still rolling around in the air while it drooled with cum. Out of nowhere, he felt a strong set of hands grab him at the waist and take control of his churning rear end, pulling him to his feet so that he was bending over, anxious not to lose a single inch of the magnificent cock that he was sucking on.

With a mouth stuffed to the brim with cock, Alan still managed to smile up at Malcolm, who smiled back at the boy quite lecherously. At the same time, Alan felt the bulbous head of a hard, thick cock pressing up against his hole. Ever the talented little cock hound, the gay youngster helped the process along by bearing down, causing his boy pussy to bloom and allowing entry. In an instant, he felt the head push past his anal ring, sending a luscious sensation through his body. Eager to hasten his double dicking, the boy used his talented ass to swallow the long shaft, taking all nine inches with a needy moan. He used his hands to hold onto Malcolm's thighs as the stranger who was now buried up his ass started thrusting into his boy pussy with long, deep thrusts.

In an instant, Alan felt his young body catch fire for the third time since entering the stall, with yet another anal orgasm consuming him.


Twenty minutes earlier, when Alan sat up and swallowed Kenneth's load, he had no idea what his mama had planned for him. He spent a pleasure filled hour with his mother's former beau, getting his fill of hard cock and taking three loads that he luxuriated in. So when the man got in the shower, the naked little boy gathered his clothes and took them to the living room so that he could present them to his mama. The loving mother gave her son a warm smile when he sauntered out of the bedroom with his cum filled rear end switching from side to side and his hard little pecker pressed tight to his hairless pubic bone.

Did you have a nice lay, baby?” she asked, and her grinning son nodded with stars in his eyes. “Why don't you tell mama all about it while she puts your clothes back on?”

She held his briefs out for him while he stepped into them, then she pulled them up over his boy boner and let the waistband go. Planting a kiss on his forehead, she urged him to turn around and sit between her legs while she rolled his shirt up and slid it over his head.

My boy pussy feels really good right now, mama,” the horny boy drawled, cooperating with his mother by slipping his arms into the sleeves of his shirt. “Kenneth serviced it so nice for me.”

Did you suck enough dick, baby?” she asked knowingly, and the little scamp shook his head no.

I sucked him off two times,” he whimpered. “But I still feel horny to suck dick.”

Mama's little cock hound never gets enough, does he?” she gushed, and he shook his head no. She planted a kiss on his cheek, then she placed her palm against his underwear clad bottom, checking the temperature of his boy pussy. As she suspected, an almost oven like heat wrapped itself around her hand, prompting her to pull the waistband of his briefs back and part his buns so that she could examine it closer. As soon as she spread his plump cheeks, a thrust of heat traveled up her arm and his pheromone filled her nostrils. When she set her eyes on the winking hole, which had almost retracted back to its normal size, she noticed that it was bright red and moist with cum and ass juice.

We need to get you laid again, don't we baby?” she asked softly as she pulled her hand out of his underwear and retrieved his cargo shorts. Alan responded with a soft moan and a slow nod, then he stepped into his shorts and let his mama pull them up. Finally, she scooted the boy out of her lap and told him to lay down so she could put his sandals on. When he was fully dressed, she smiled and said, “Mama has a big surprise for you.”

You do?” Alan whimpered in a small voice, and she nodded her affirmation.

How would you like to see Malcolm this morning?” she said with a grin, and the little cum slut felt a strong shudder roll through him.

I want to see him really bad,” Alan said with a hopeful smile, prompting his mama to gush again.

Tell mama what you want to do with him,” she encouraged him, reaching down and grabbing him by the shoulders so that she could help him sit up.

I want my pussy serviced,” he said with a shiver while his mama used her fingers to comb through his hair and make it presentable. “Then I want to suck his dick.”

You're such a horny little gay boy, aren't you baby?” she observed as once again, the little boy shivered with passion as thoughts of servicing Malcolm's man cock filled his young mind.

I'm a really horny gay boy, mama,” he agreed, feeling his rear end throb with horny anticipation.

Well let's go get your itch scratched, honey,” she said with a loving smile, standing up and encouraging her boy to do the same. “We'll come back to see Kenneth tomorrow, okay?”

Okay, mama,” Alan said with a slight lisp, getting up and following his doting mother out the door.

On the ride to the park, Alan and his mama continued to talk about Malcolm, getting the horny boy incredibly hot. From the driver's seat, Alan's mama could see her boy getting hornier and hornier for the big dicked black man that was waiting to service his needs. Alan's horny bottom throbbed hard as he recounted the times that Malcolm visited him in his room, servicing his boy pussy and making him cum over and over again with his long, thick shaft. His pleasured swelled when he reminisced about sucking Malcolm's 10 inch rod, taking as much as he could to the back of the throat with each up and down bob until finally, he was able to accommodate all of it. With a dreamy inflection in his voice, he reflected on swallowing load after thick load that the sexy man shot in his mouth, giving him chills of near orgasmic pleasure.

Alan was so caught up in his naughty memories of being brought off time and again by Malcolm's big dick that he didn't notice where his mama was driving him until they pulled into the park. When it dawned on the horny 12 year old that his mama arranged to have Malcolm meet Alan at this particular venue, the gay youngster let go of a hot moan. He set his eyes on the basketball court, which was still filled with tall, muscular black men, and experienced an immediate anal orgasm that swept through him like a hot knife in a stick of butter. His mama watched from her seat as the horned up little fairy panted and moaned with his back plastered to the seat and his fingers digging into the tops of his own thighs. At the same time, an almost overwhelming pheromone filled the car as his boy pussy surged with ass juice, telling the young mother that her little boy had indeed achieved his climax before ever stepping out of the car.

When Alan started to calm down, he felt a strong carnal glow wrap itself around his head and a grin spread out across his face. When his moans abated, his mama reached out and caressed his baby soft cheek, prompting the cute blond to cast his smiling gaze her way and sigh.

I love you, mama,” he lisped, knowing that she set this surprise up especially for him.

I love you too, sweetie,” she said softly. “I want you to go have some fun in the restroom, okay?”

I promise, mommy,” Alan drawled, biting his lower lip as he surveyed the two on two basketball game that was being played.

Malcolm's right over there, honey,” his mama told him, pointing at the same game that he was watching. “Make sure you suck a lot of cock, and get that horny little rear end of yours fucked, too.”

Alan let go of a long, needy moan as his mama's words carried into his ears, nodding his promise to her.

Alan was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he made his way across the grass toward the basketball court. Malcolm, his next cock date, was in the middle of a layup when Alan's mama pulled into the parking lot of the park. Feeling incredibly horny to suck cock, the little scamp let go of a long, involuntary moan as he made the 150 foot walk from the parking lot to the basketball court. The tall, muscular man was in the company of three other guys, making up a game of two on two that was playing out in the late morning sun. Seeing the horny boy making his approach, the man said something to the other men on the court that Alan couldn't hear. He had an idea what was said, though, because the game stopped right away and the other three men set their hungry gazes on him.

Wanting to send them all the signal that he was gay, horny and longing to suck a lot of big dicks while he took it deep in the ass, Alan let his throbbing rear end switch shamelessly from side to side. Seeing the cute 12 year old make such a blatant offer to use his body heated all four of the men, causing their cocks to swell with blood. Alan took care to give them all his most wanton gaze and lick his lips as he set his eyes on their hard packages, yearning for his chance to service each one. Knowing where this was going, Malcolm knelt down and greeted the hungry young bottom boy with a hug.

I've missed you, buddy,” he said tenderly as Alan melted into his embrace.

I've missed you too, Malcolm,” Alan said with a thick lisp that he hoped everyone would hear. “I really need to be with you today.”

Your mama says you're looking for a few big cocks to service your tight behind,” Malcolm told him, giving Alan's plump bottom a firm squeeze.

I am,” Alan lisped with a naughty pout, then he let his gaze travel up and down the bodies of the three other men watching and listening to his conversation with Malcolm. Feeling his body burn with lust as he took in their muscular frames, Alan knew that this was his chance to let them know what he was after. With his libido at a fever pitch, he made a naughty proclamation. “My rear end is extra horny, Malcolm. I really want to suck some big dicks, too.”

How about if you let me get you fixed up, buddy?” Malcolm said, his loins tingling with pleasure at the thought of butt fucking the cute 12 year old.

Okay,” Alan agreed with a thick lisp. “After you service me in the butt, I'm going to give you some head.”

That sounds great, Alan,” the hunky man said, standing up and taking the cute boy by the hand. Alan quickly took the lead, practically dragging his lover into the men's room while the other's watched his rear end swing gayly from side to side. From the basketball court, the three men listened as Alan's moans and the sounds of skin slapping skin carried into their ears. When the frantic moans of the little boy were replaced by soft moans and moist sucking sounds, they knew it was time to join the fun.


This kid hasn't stopped moaning since you brought him in here,” Alan heard the man who was fucking him exclaim. His glazed over eyes were set on Malcolm's face, watching as the man shook his head no with a knowing smile.

I'm telling you, Joe, he loves cock,” Malcolm said. “When I was dating his mama, he used to stay between my legs all day sometimes. When I wasn't there to tend to his horny backside, he would be out offering it up to guys in the trailer park he lives in. Isn't that right, Alan?”

Mhmm!” Alan moaned loudly, his young body still reeling with the force of the boygasm that had taken control of it. The sweet burn in his rear end was pouring down his legs and shooting straight up his spine, giving him a luscious feeling as the stranger's cock tore along the lining of his boy pussy with long, unforgiving strokes. Less than two minutes after his pleasure filled ride began, Alan felt his top start to ride him hard, then he felt the man's cock swell in his boy pussy. A split second later, he felt his horny bottom start to overflow with a powerful flood of sperm that filled him up quickly, then the man whose name he learned just minutes before pulled out and finished all over his ass cheeks.

Why don't you climb back on my cock and take care of Joe's with that sweet mouth of yours, baby?” Malcolm said, using his thumb and forefinger to gently lift Alan's chin and encourage the gay cum slut to pull off. Reluctantly, Alan did what the man wanted, planting a long, grateful kiss on the end of his cock in the process. When he saw Malcolm's cock standing straight up at attention, he grinned at the man, then he hastily climbed on and let it sink deep into his well fucked boy pussy. With his ass once again filled with hard man cock, Alan parted his lips with a smile and accepted Joe's cock, which was frothy with cum and ass juice. With Malcolm's big cock thrusting up into him so deliciously, the gay bottom moaned continuously while he indulged in a long session of deep throated cock sucking. Joe was once again amazed that the little scamp was so talented at sucking dick, watching with interest as 12 year old Alan ran his fingers through his pubic bush and fondled his balls with a dreamy smile on his young face. His hard little cock was standing at attention, but the horny boy didn't seem to be giving it a second thought. Instead, Joe observed, the moaning little boy was deriving all of his pleasure from the cocks he had at his disposal. Out of nowhere, he saw the horny boy start to pant and shiver hard while his moaning got momentarily out of hand, then Alan's eyes shut tight and a look of sheer relief washed over his face.

Five minutes and one more boygasm later, Alan found himself on the receiving end of a thick, delicious load of cum that he savored before swallowing with a satisfied sigh. He spent another minute licking his lover's cock clean, then he watched the man walk out of the stall. Moments later, one of the other hunks from the basketball court walked into the stall, eager for his turn. When he spotted the cute boy sitting on Malcolm's lap, taking a shiver inducing ride on the man's cock, he felt incredibly hot to join in the fun. The man loosened his mesh shorts and pulled his 11 inch member out, sending a strong shiver through the moaning gay boy. Alan quickly wrapped his dick sucking lips around the man's shaft, shutting his eyes tight as yet another anal orgasm overwhelmed his senses. His young body was starting to calm down when he felt the hunk grab both sides of his head and roughly thrust his dick in and out of his throat. This triggered a powerful climax in the boy that made him moan louder than he had all day. Feeling the 11 inch cock bully its way into his cum tube with no regard for his comfort or care gave him chills of absolute delight. He could feel every vein along the thick shaft in his throat and along the top of his tongue, almost ripping his lips with its girth. At the same time, Malcolm's shaft was still rooting him deeply, giving him a luscious burn that felt out of control.

His rough ride was short lived, however, mainly due to Malcolm's warning to the man to take it easy. The cocoa complexioned man quickly heeded the warning of his older peer, letting go of Alan's head and allowing the boy to settle into a long, sensual blow job.

I'm sorry, little buddy,” the remorseful man said tenderly as he used his palm to caress Alan's soft cheek. “I wasn't trying to hurt you. I got a little out of hand.”

Alan responded to the man's gentle apology with a loving smile, batting his eyes up at the rough neck as his boygasm started to beg off. Knowing that his lover was rattled and wanting to give the maximum amount of pleasure, the horny little scamp fondled the man's balls with a hot moan, then he pulled the man's cock out of his throat and kissed the end.

It's okay,” the little pussy boy lisped thickly, still letting go of strong moans that were brought about by Malcolm's deep thrusts. “I love sucking your dick. I hope you'll service my bottom when Malcolm's finished with it.”

With that, Alan wrapped his lips back around the bulbous head of the man's shaft and swallowed it with three fluid bobs of his head.

I'd love to take that little tail of yours for a spin, baby,” the man said, his deep voice sending a strong shudder through the bottom boy. Alan responded with a naughty smile, then he used his tongue to bathe the underside of the man's shaft. He felt Malcolm's thrusting start to increase in force and speed, loving how they pushed his little body up as they drove in. Knowing that he was about to take his lover's load, Alan tightened his bottom, then he felt his top push all the way in and freeze. With a long, depraved moan, Alan felt his body shiver as his boy pussy was once again bred by a series of forceful cum shots, each one squirting deep inside of him.

In a flash, the horny little cum slut let the cock in his mouth go and dismounted, eager to suck Malcolm's cock clean. Knowing that his lover was right behind him, he rolled his freshly fucked rear end around, ready for more back door action. For his diligence, the 12 year old was rewarded with a deep ass fucking, courtesy of the man's 11 inch monster. While he was being treated to his reward, Alan moaned hotly around Malcolm's spent cock. With the hunger of a dedicated cum addict, the gay youngster licked and sucked away every strand of cum and ass juice he could find like a bitch in heat.

Does that feel good baby?” Malcolm asked him as he moaned uncontrollably. Alan nodded frantically, not letting the man's soft hose fall from his mouth. Instead, he nursed gently on it, loving how long and thick it was even in its flaccid state. His pleasure was building to a crescendo, and he knew that his next boygasm was fast approaching. Sensing that the little pussy boy was about to achieve his climax, Malcolm tenderly eased his soft hose from Alan's mouth and raised the boy's smiling face to his. They looked deep into each others' eyes for a moment, then the man leaned in and treated the moaning little gay boy to a deep French kiss. This added to his carnal lust, adding fuel to Alan's already burning fire and causing his young body to erupt in ecstasy all over again.

The massive cock in his ass was literally pulling the pleasure from deep inside of the boy, causing his entire body to give into the demon of sexual fulfillment. His ass was sticking straight up in the air, and the man's long shaft was driving down into it like a pile driver. To Alan's top, his hole looked impossibly stretched around his long python. To Alan, it felt like all of his desires were colliding at once, giving him one of the most powerful anal orgasms that he'd ever experienced in his life. He felt Malcolm's tongue snaking around in his mouth while his strong hand cupped the back of his head so tenderly. At the same time, the non stop thrusting of his top's cock, a top whose name he didn't know, was generating a strong force of sexual energy that seemed to be taking on a life of its own. While he was still locked in his deep kiss with Malcolm, Alan let loose with a moan that was so loud, so depraved and so filled with pleasure that anyone within 50 feet of the park restroom could hear it.

Which is why the final man on the basketball court made his way into the stall. Eager for his turn with the young pussy boy, he looked into the stall just in time to see the man who had been fucking Alan pull out and wrap his hand around his long shaft. Not wanting the boy to miss his chance, Malcolm broke his kiss with the climaxing youngster and encouraged him to suck his top's dick. With an almost feminine moan, the horny boy spun around and wrapped his lips around his lover's shaft, sucking it with fire in his eyes. Seconds later, the man felt his toes curl in his tennis shoes and he blew his load in Alan's hungry, watering mouth. He watched the horny boy swallow with urgent gulps, almost desperate to keep up and not lose any of the precious semen that he wanted to ingest.

God damn, Abe, you and Malcolm have the little guy begging for it,” exclaimed the man who had just walked in, eager for his turn.

He's really cock hungry,” Malcolm said, standing up from the toilet and hiking his shorts. “I bet he'd love another dick in his ass. Wouldn't you, buddy?”

Alan nodded his urgent reply, rolling his gaping, cum coated rear end around with hot moans while he impaled himself on his lover's cock. Realizing that the youngster was hot to stay where he was and suck dick, the man walked up from behind and grabbed Alan by his hips. Proving the man right, Alan stayed on Abe's 11 inch man cock but made his rear end available for the man by hanging his ass out. He felt the man line up to his ass, then he felt a powerful shiver roll through him as the man pushed in with one swift motion. Without losing focus on the 11 inch rod in his throat, Alan felt 10 hard inches slide up his ass and his moaning became even more passionate.

With his hard cock buried up the ass of an impossibly cute, incredibly horny 12 year old boy, the man started a forceful ride. Alan felt Malcolm run his fingers through his blond hair, prompting the little cock hound to smile appreciatively at his former beau, then he reached out and fondled the man's balls lovingly.

Do you think your mama's gonna get you back with a satisfied boy pussy, Alan?” Malcolm asked, and the horny little scamp let loose with a contented sigh as his lips pressed into Abe's pubic bush.

He felt Abe's hand caress his soft cheek again and rewarded the man with a dreamy smile.

You're about to get another mouthful of cum, buddy,” the man said, sending a thrill through the boy as he considered swallowing Abe's load. He moaned femininely and tightened his bottom up around the long pole that felt so deliciously wicked inside of him. He knew that another climax was about to roll through his body, so he grabbed both of Abe's hips with his hands, sucking passionately while he worked for the load he longed to swallow. With a strong series of shivers starting to rack his small frame, the boy felt the train leave the station and he knew that there was no stopping his boygasm.

At that very moment, he felt Abe's cock start to swell in his throat, and he knew what that meant. With the imminent mouthful of hot cum just seconds away, the shivers that were consuming Alan's little body were getting stronger. Then, out of nowhere, an intense heat spread out across his midsection, making his boy boner twitch on its own and his hairless little nut sack pull tight. His young body started to hum with pleasure and he let out a long, joyous moan that was suddenly gargled as his mouth filled up with cum. This only added to his feelings of naughty pleasure, sending him over the sexual cliff as he swallowed the hot mouthful that Abe presented to him. Seconds later, his mouth filled up with another puddle of cum, and once again, the gay youngster swallowed with a deep sigh of satisfaction while his boygasm made him weak at the knees.

After swallowing his lover's load, Alan stayed where he was and sucked until Abe's sensitive dick couldn't stand the stimulation. He gently pulled his little lover off, allowing Alan's moans to ring out freely for the first time since he first entered the stall with Malcolm 30 minutes earlier. He felt the man behind him tighten his grip on his hips and thrust in deeply, giving him even more pleasure until his lover pulled out. Without waiting, Alan spun around and wrapped his lips around the head of his lover's cock, impaling himself on it like a true cock whore and deepthroating it for a full minute. Finally, he was rewarded with a flood of cum that filled his mouth so quickly that he almost couldn't keep up and swallow. Being an experienced cum guzzler, though, Alan quickly regrouped and soon, the entire load was sliding into his tummy. The horny youngster spent an extended amount of time licking and sucking the man's cock and balls while the other's watched, then he reluctantly let the man put his cock away.

You're an amazing little cock hound,” the man told him as Alan licked his lips and smiled up at him gratefully. “I don't think I know anyone that sucks a dick as good as you do, little buddy.”

I love sucking big dicks,” Alan lisped sissily. “I wish I could suck all of you off everyday.”

I'd love to get a blow job from you everyday,” Joe said, and the two men who were with him nodded in agreement.

Malcolm simply knelt down and wrapped his arm around Alan's small frame and told him, “We'll see each other again, little man. Give me your cell phone number and I'll call you when I can.”

With that, the horny little boy gave all four men his number and offered to see them the next day. The three men accepted his offer, telling him what time they would be there. While Alan was making plans to come back to the park to see the trio of well hung men, Malcolm tenderly helped the cute 12 year old back into his shorts. The boy gave his former beau a deep kiss and a long hug, then he let his cum filled bottom swing gayly from side to side as he made his way back to the parking lot, where his mama was waiting for him.

Thank you mama,” Alan lisped sissily when he got back into the car, letting the young mother know that her son was feeling quite sated for the time being.

I take it that my little gay boy got what he wanted,” she said, her observation keen as always. Alan nodded his answer with a contented sigh. “Did you suck enough cock, baby?”

I sucked enough cock for now, mama,” the little gay boy said, his thick lisp very prominent. “But I'm going to need more big dicks to suck later.”

I know that, sweetie,” she said with a smile. “Are you ready for lunch yet? Or would you rather go suck some cock first?”

I want to suck some cock, mommy,” Alan admitted, feeling a surge of lust run through him.

That's what mama thought,” she said knowingly. “Come on, baby, mama's got a few more big dicks lined up for you before lunch.”

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Alan in Heat – Mother Knows Best


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